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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  December 30, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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will join as samson is already in the region and the u.s. will head there on new year's day. in the philippines, a second air asia plane overshot a runway and got stuck in a field. 159 people were on board that plane, but there were no reports of any injuries. we turn now to singapore where katie has the latest on flight 8501. >> the next step in the search recovery and rescue process will begin again tomorrow. they will be looking for debris and bodies. but they are also holding out hope they may find survivors. they are calling this a rescue effort and they haven't moved it over to recovery quite yet. they did confirm they found quite a few bodies and debris and they belong to flight 8501. they found out about this in the worst way possible. they were watching live television when bodies were found in the water and given no warning. it bears repeating that there were 162 people and 17 of them were kids. one was a baby. just a very tough circumstance
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all-around. the family members will be given a charter flight to fly around the islands halfway between singapore and indonesia. the last known location of the plane. they will be given a chance to pray for loved ones there. when the search effort resumes, divers will be going into an area where they saw a large shadow. they hope that is where the bulk is and they hope that the black boxes are. if they are able to recover it determine, they will be taken to a lab and begin the process of trying to analyze the data of figuring out what went wrong and whether or not bad weather in the area was a factor or something else. they want to interview other pilots flying around in the same area who managed to make it without a problem. they want to know if they have insight into this matter. tomorrow they will begin the search again. five countries looking including two naval ships from the u.s. navy. >> thanks. katie is covering the story for
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us from singapore. search crews have been combing the java sea had the advantage of working in shallow water that has been different than the malaysian airliner that went missing. they face a lot of tough challenges. we turn to tom costello to find out the latest. what's the latest on this investigation? and they have this shadow on the water. once daybreak come they will be working through challenging weather, but they need to try to recover what's left of the debris and the victim it is on board this plane and try to identify the pieces of the fuselage if that's what they see on the bottom of the java sea. they will probably send down divers and maybe unmanned vehicles looking for the tail section was plane. they want to find the black
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boxes, the voice recorder and the flight data recorder located in the tail section of the plane. when they find that, they will retrieve it and bring it to the surface and hand it over. it will be french investigators who take the lead and not the ntsb. not an american plane or carrier. there american-built engines on the plane, but this is a french-built plane being an airbus 8320. the french have authorities on the scene and chances are they will take the black boxes back to france for analysis. that will give us an idea of what the pilot was going through as he was experiencing this weather. what decisionses did he or she make and how did it impact the flight and how this all came to pass with flight 8501. >> tom costello in washington. now to washington and to another
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story where the house of representatives is seeing double trouble for the gop days before the republicans assume control of congress. aides to the house majority said it was likely that he once appeared at a conference. he told them if i knew today what they were about, i wouldn't go. late last night, new york congressman announced that he will resign his seat in congress effective january 5th following a guilty plea for felony tax evasion. he may be best known for this exchange earlier this year. take a listen. >> the congressman does not want to talk about the allegations concerning his campaign finances and we wanted to get him on that, but you saw he refused to talk about that. back to you. #
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>> msnbc's casey hunt has been covering it for us. let's start with scalise here. here's what a "washington post" blogger wrote. no one is suggesting he is a racist, but his actions reflect appalling judgment and his reaction to the kopt versy is not helping matters. what is the reaction been on capitol hill? nancy pelosi called it deeply troubling. >> that are encapsulates it. the statement came from a spokesman from nancy pelosi. that illuminates a little bit of what we are seeing. people are approaching this cautiously. the pelosi statement criticized top republican leaders from four not having any comment on this. we have yet to hear from john boehner and mccarthy, the majority leader. i think that you are seeing people tread carefully around this as we wait for more information to come out about what scalise knew and his ties
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to the group at this time. >> representative grim had said that he was not going to resign and vowed to stay in office, but after meeting or speaking with the house majority leader john boehner changed his mind. what's the back story behind that? >> his conversation with the speaker made an impact. grim was defiant all the way through here and there were questions of whether or not he was going to run at all and he did that. he spoke by phone, i'm told with speaker boehner. the speaker has a lot of options when it am cans to making life difficult for a member in grim's position that can take away committee, assignments and prevent them from doing different things and expel him and say we don't know the details of the conversation. it's possible it could have got 19 far. >> two controversial stories. >> not the way they wanted to start out the year. >> thank you very much for that.
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now to the arctic blast about to hit a big chunk of the country. temperatures are set to drop some 15 to 25 degrees across the southern plains and parts of the south. a nasty storm system is expected to hit the west and the northern plains. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in las vegas and they could see snow. are they dreaming of a white new year in sin city? >> i don't know if i'm dreaming of a white new years and i'm not sure they are either. it's been a while since las vegas has seen snowfall. six years now. they never really have gotten any measurable snowfall new year's eve. this should be interesting. let me step out of the way. you can see the famous las vegas sign. hundreds of thousands. more than 300,000 tourists are expected on new year's eve and again, right now forecasters are calling for about an inch or two of snow.
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it's not clear how much will accumulate. it's part of an arctic blast taking over much of the country. record breaking temperatures. bitter cold all-around. here in vegas, no measurable snowfall ever on record here on new year's eve, but the strip is anticipating it and so is the airport. there is no deicing equipment. the airlines have to bring it in or they are waiting to see how it plays out for a city that is not used to snowfall. >> do you have any idea where those guys in shorts might be from? >> we evaporate talked to them. we just came here. we ran into an elvis impersonator and he was bundled up. las vegas draws tourists from all over the world. they are probably from michigan or something. >> brave. gabe gutierrez. thanks from las vegas. up next, more on the air asia flight search and rescue
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operation. what will the rapid growth of air traffic playing across the skies of southeast asia. stay with us. blap
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we are back with the latest on air asia flight 8501. wreckage and six bodies were discovered. family members of the 162 on board collapsed in agony when they saw the images on television screens in indonesia. among the items found, a bright blue plastic suitcase, a life jacket and emergency exit door. the u.s. military is helping, sending ship two dive teams and navy aircraft to assist search and rescue operation.
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today admiral john kirby explained how the equipment can help. >> we had one ship on station. the destroyer samson. it wasn't outfitted for search and rescue and it was doing other missions but she has a helicopter on board so she can be used for search and rescue operations and can be helped with the recovery debris as well. >> there questions today about how the families were informed and the concerns about the crowded airspace over southeast asia. john is a former member of the national transportation and safety board and a writer. good afternoon in asia ceo. they have the top priority for the company, but how did that manifest during all of this? >> despite the best efforts of the airline to have a world class family assistance act in
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place, it was turned up dead down. # and little training in the area of family assistance. they are going spend that kind of money to set up these programs if governments. as we saw today, they botched things up a little bit. # because of the actions of the government. i think that many people outside of the circle convict them for the accident. they recognize that the air asia has done an out standing job
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when it came to what happened with malaysia. >> i want to broaden the discussion and look at industry-wide trends and not something pointed out by the financial times. there has been a rapid growth of traffic in southeast asia. this has put pressure on regulators and air traffic controllers as and the ability to maintain and say industry experts. what kind of pressure does this increase in traffic put on the airlines and the industry in places like southeast asia? >> the pressure on the airlines to respond to the business is severe. and the hiring practices and the business practices. even their safety agenda. it strains it all. the biggest strain is on the government that is supposed to provide the oversight for the carriers. we have seen in the united states the events around value
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jet's expansion at the time in the 90s. # and i'm sure a good portion is going on today. >> i want to read to you an excerpt from a post in the "washington post." he said that policy makers should be demanding more from airlines. for example, gps systems and that's from going missing to step up the tracking devices on the planes. do you agree with that? >> oh, yes. the industry themselves is finally said they need to do something. >> what happened with it being so slow to roll out? >> first off, the equipment. we have between 20 and 25,000 commercial airplanes operating in the world today. just outfitting them all with a sort of a receiver and transmitter to send this data
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down is a challenge. getting the equipment manufactured and put in place. if we are going to send the signals up to the satellites and back down it's going to overwhelm our satellite capabilities. this has to be well thought out and it will take a little bit of time and a lot of thought on the part of the industry. all segments before they get the system to a point where it's going to be able to do that efficiently. >> former member of the ntsb. just ahead, what did one couple about to celebrate their wedding do to get a call from the president of the united states? >> the happy ending coming up after the break.
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you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all... but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at >> say you are just about to have your wedding at a dream location and you are ready. when you are told your location
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chosen for the event is no longer available. why? the president or in this case the golfer in chief decided to play golf there. that's what happened to one couple over the weekend who planned their wedding at a golf course in hawaii. chris jansing is traveling with the president and has the story. what happened? >> it sounds bad, but in fact it turned out well. let me you about the couple. both west point grads and met on base in germany. he's a very big golfer. so the view off the 16th tee at the course that the president uses most of the time is breathtaking. they booked it. but the night before the wedding, they are driving to the rehearsal dinner and they get a call. the president is going to be golfing and the wedding would have to move. the president said he didn't know anything about that. he called them just after they said i do to apologize.
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>> congratulations on your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. i hope the wedding went okay. >> it did. thank you very much. it was a pleszing in disguise. >> the wedding was moved to the 16th tee above that tee and natalie said it was a better view on the lawn of the base commander. we should say that anyone who books when the approximate the is in town is warned that events are subject to change. the move came together pretty quickly. i caught up with the couple the day after the wedding. take a listen. >> i'm sure his staffers didn't let him know there was a wedding. >> you were ready to yell at him? >> absolutely not. >> they did it because the call was so amazing. look at the photos from the bridal party's reaction. jaws were dropping. it was more memorable. i asked are you saying this because he's the commander in
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chief. they said no he is our boss's boss's boss's boss but it gives a better wedding story and i don't know if you had a chance to listen to the call but at one point they tried to entice the president to come to the reception by saying there was an open bar. that didn't work. >> the fact he said he could beat the president on the golf course. another like a little trash talking with your boss's boss's boss's boss. >> he has a five handicap. you can tell i'm not a golfer. i hear that is really, really good. >> very impressive. they are traveling with the president in hawaii. stay off the golf courses. just ahead, questions about who is behind the hacking of sony continues to swirl while north korea has them worried about what the next moves might be. and the glorious leader kim jung un, when we come back.
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we are following the develops news for the search for air asia flight 8501. six bodies were discovered along with plane wreckage and debris. they confirmed the wreckage is from the flight that vanished over the weekend with 162 people on board. the military is sending more help for the search and rescue operation including two dive teams to aid in the operation. what could have caused the crash? one theory has to do with weather and icing. the weather channel meteorologist carl parker has more on how weather might have affected that flight. >> one of the leading theories as to the cause of the air asia flight is super cooled water droplets of the thunderstorm cloud they flew into. here's the flight flying into the cloud. super cooled water droplets are liquid water droplets that exist
10:28 am
below freezing because they don't have ice nuke le eye to form ice. when they come in contact, they can form ice. tubes on the front. planes. they are called the peto tubes that measure the air speed of the plane. airflows into the tube and that creates a pressure and that tube that is blocked for some reason they won't get a measurement. the tubes are heated so that generally does not occur, but it is possible that it could have been not heated. there could have been a malfunction and ice could have built up. in that case they wouldn't get a measurement and know how fast they were flying and in that case they may have gone into a stall. that's a possible explanation for what happened there on the other side of the world. >> that was the weather channel's carl parker. thanks for that. now to north korea. the dictatorship set up a dedicated military task force to
10:29 am
keep copies of sony pictures the interview out of the country. the comedy portrays the death of kim jung unand is at the center of the drama between washington and pyongyang. the white house and fbi accused north korea of hacking sony but they deny it. they had new threats this week including inescapable deadly blows and a diplomatic offensive is under way south of the parallel. they offered to resume high level talks with north korea next month to ready for what it calls peaceful unification. joel is a physicaling fellow with the institute at johns hopkins schools and founder of the website 38 and traveled to the down theory many times as a state official and as a private citizen. let's talk about north korea and the rhetoric over the past week. what's the country trying to
10:30 am
achieve with this escalation? >> this is pretty much standard providing procedure for north korea. when they feel they are being threatened, the rhetoric is stepped up. the movie obviously has a lot of stuff this it that north korea doesn't like. its leaders are being assassinated. i wouldn't take this as a shocking response. it's standard operating procedure. >> it's standard operating procedure and we have seen this in the past. does it shed light into what the next moves could be? >> there a number of things they can do. it's a lost cause trying to predict what they can do next. there is going to be a speech in the january 1st speech he makes every year.
10:31 am
that may give us clues about north korea's next steps. >> we heard that the u.s. japan and south korea will step up their intelligence sharing agreement. we also heard that south korea offered to resume peace talks with the north. why all of these movements now? >> the intelligence sharing has been in the works for a while now. it's not something that just happened. it has been concluded. north korea's weapons program is about to take off. their stockpile is going to grow enormously over the next few years. secondly, why is south korea reaching out to the north at this moment in time? once again, this happens periodically. there had been some contacts between north and south a few months ago that came to nothing. now south korea i think is
10:32 am
trying to reinvigorate that process to less intentions. >> we heard and we now have seen from a growing number of cyber security experts that they don't believe north korea was behind this hack. we understand that an intelligence company, norse briefed the fbi on it and said that the hack was more likely done by a disgruntled employee. do you agree with that? >> i'm a not a cyber security expert and there has been a lot of speculation out there, but if you think about it as a crime, certainly north korea has the motive to do it. does it have the capability to do it? i would say probably yes it. does have a simple capability to do this. whether it had the opportunity or not i don't know. >> i wanted to get your take on a report we will show here from our friends here about everyday life who managed to interview a woman who defected and now lives in the south. let's watch and i will get
10:33 am
reaction afterwards. >> this is the place that korea attempts to the world. charm mixed with naked aggression. in the restaurant in seoul, we got a more personal look at one of the world's more reducive companies. the owner is among the more than 26,000 effectors of north korea who live in the south. so are many of the staff. we asked them to hide their faces still in the north. per per i was having dinner and the state security department came and hacked my family's things and sent us to prison camp for families. >> sometimes the officers will look through my stuff and take what they liked. they would beat me for no
10:34 am
reason. >> i was basically a social status of trash. >> each week the restaurant hosts a dinner to give people a sense of what it's like to live in north korea. customers are divided into three social classes to mimic the stratified society. the lowest rung called the hostile class in north korea only gets two dumplings. the wavering class gets a dish with rice and meat. the elites or core class get a lavish meal. in north korea, each citizen is assigned a social class at birth. it determines everything from a person's education to access to food. >> there was nothing to harvest.
10:35 am
only potatoes to farm. that's all we ate. we were so hungry. >> shopping in a market may seem like a normal activity, but this abundance of food was something lee never had. >> one day we managed to get wheat flour, but petroleum was spilled. because we had nothing to eat, we still ate it. we felt queasy and sick, but we it again the next day because we were starving. >> hunger and malnutrition are widespread including chronic malnutrition in children. the reality was very different. he was the lawyer leader's favorite poet. as part of the elite, he lived in the capital city and received luxurious rations, including french cognac. >> translator: i was privileged while others suffered. i was an officer responsible for
10:36 am
the psychological warfare against south korea. we had access to south korean material and i shared a document with a friend which is treason. >> like lee irene, he risked his to escape and turned himself into the south korean intelligence agency. >> in north core, there is no such thing as human rights. we are all slaves. >> you have been inside north korea many times. how much do they know what's going on outside and how much do they know about the whole sony hack story in the interview? >> it depends on what people are you are talking about. if you are talking about the average person on the street, we don't know a lot about what's going on outside or the movie although i will say that in the past 15 years, their knowledge
10:37 am
level has probably increased. north korea is not a static society. we have to realize that. it has changed over the past 15 years. even this class divisions have changed too because there private markets that are creating a new class of merchants. >> i have sewn in other parts of the world including the middle east, the explosion of satellite transforming that part of the world. talk to us about the technology or information that exists in north korea. is there a proliferation in satellite channels for ordinary people to access? >> no, there isn't. the point is that the access to the outside world is mostly limited to the upper classes or people here about the outside world through relatives who go to china and come back. those are the two main areas of
10:38 am
access. i knew north koreans are listening to bbc and we are learning english. this was in 1996. it's not cutoff from the outside world. >> does south korea broadcast or beam anything into north korea like we were doing in cuba and elsewhere? >> i think south korea does have radio broadcast and the united states has radio broadcast and if you are in north korea and you are not supposed to be listening. some tried to and most don't. >> visiting fellow at the u.s. korea institute on out of johns hopkins. it has been a year since three al jazeera journalists were improvened. we will talk to the financy about what a dangerous year this has been for journalism, just after the break. and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof!
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this week marks one year since three journalists were put behind bars in egypt. the charges against them spreading false news and aiding the muslim brotherhood. a group labeled. it brings to a close one of the deadliest years on record for journalists. according to the committee, 60 journalists were killed while reporting this year. since 1992 1,100 have been killed all while covering conflict zones in oppressive governments. right now there over 200 men and women in prison for doing their job, reporting on atrocityies around the world. joining me now on your story are the fiance of jailed reporter hamid and photojournalist lindsay a deria who was held captive in 2001. thank you both for joining us. i should say i personally know
10:43 am
the family. two very close friends of mine. i wanted to start off by asking you and you just saw your fiance who is canadian and egyptian and has tremendous experience as a journalist with several news organizations. what is his condition and the latest on his health? is he in jeopardy? >> thank you for having me. he is having a permanent disability due to negligence and the treatment of his shoulder in prison. they kept him in solitary confinement sleeping on the floor for a whole month. it became too late for him to get his shoulder back to normal. now he is suffering for a permanent disability.
10:44 am
he did the first operation and the doctor just informed us that he needs to do another operation. he is suffering for hepatitis c. it's very careful for him to be in prison. he is suffering every day and it's really painful for me to see him suffering every day. >> tell us a little bit about the injustices of the trial. i followed this case very closely. i know he has been sentenced to sen year in prison but what was the evidence present and what had his home country of canada don assist you and your family through all of this. >> basically there was no evidence presented in the case. there was no evidence that he is a muslim brotherhood member. that's the basis of the whole case. also there is no evidence actually he protested with me on june 30.
10:45 am
the muslim brotherhood and it's ridiculous to accuse him of being a member of the brotherhood. also no evidence he had good news and that he was balanced or well-sourced. and really pinned and we don't know why he has been sentenced for seven years. >> what is the canadian government doing to help in all of this? >> the canadian government is not doing too much for him. the reaction to the verdict was very mild and we are pressuring on the canadian government to do more through our lawyer and she is in constant contact with the canadian government. she is cooling on them to do
10:46 am
more for mohamed, especially that we are getting closer to the finish line. they just submitted a request to the egyptian prosecutor to be deported to canada. and to be tried there. >> let me bring you in. you faced a brutal captivity back in 2011 when you were r79ing for the "new york times." tell us about that experience. >> sure. we were covering the up rising me and the colleagues for the "new york times." the frontline started shifting closer and closer towards us and when we went to pull back they cut the road and set up a check point and they took us. we were held for a week and held at gunpoint and beaten. i was groped as the other woman. we were threatened with death every hour basically. it was very violent. from the beginning we were
10:47 am
accused of being spies. there was no free press and journalists are seen as spies which is ridiculous. >> let me ask you that journalists like yourself have enjoyed a cloak of immunity. would you say this cloak is gone now? are journalistings associations of their countries and politics and as a result subject to the abuse that you were? >> i would say that is correct. when i started covering war in 2000 i could freely say i'm american and i would go to places and i'm a journalist and people respected that. i have a job to do and my job is to document and be a messenger for the people on the ground and whoever i am covering. it doesn't mean that i sympathize with them and i agree with their opinion. my job is to be a messenger. that speaks volumes.
10:48 am
i think journalists routinely are targeted in places where we never were. >> an unfortunate year for journalists around the world. thank you for joining us from cairo. we will be following the trial closely or at least the appeal for that. thank you both for joining us. up next an update to a story we brought you here on ronan farrow daily months ago. the backlog of untested rape kits and the efforts being made to lower their numbers. stay with us. blap you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters
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we've just received a statement from house majority whip steve scalise, first time since aide's said he appeared at a white supremacist conference. he said, quote, one of the many groups i talked to was a group whose views i wholeheartedly condemn. it was a mistake i regret and i emphatically depose the views
10:52 am
groups like these hold. we'll stay on top of this for you. we've been looking back at some of the stories we're most proud of one of them a national story that we report order in june. hundreds of thousands of rape kits left untest and sitting on shelves allowing perpetrators to go free and leaching rape survivors with nothing to back their stories. since we reported on this issue, there has been strong reformrape survivors with nothing to back their stories. since we reported on this issue, there has been strong reform and action. congress has budgeted $41 million to handle untested kits. just this month, a new law in ohio will require police to send nearly all rain otherwisepe kits for dna testing. memphis city council approved $1.5 million for testing its book log of tens of thousands of kits. memphis is where we found the story of megan, a woman whose rape kit sat on the shelf for years.
10:53 am
here is row in an farrow's story. >> i lost my life for those nine years. >> reporter: in 2009, megan was a memphis area high school student. she loved art but everything changed one monday afternoon. she'd just gotten home there school and was letting her dog out when a masked man attacked her at knife point. >> i had just been attacked in my home, so i consented to the invasive procedure of a forensic examination on my body my body was the crime scene. >> there are women who describe that alike another assault. >> it absolutely was. >> reporter: that forensic examination is what is called a rape kit. a collection of dna evidence that police contest to identify a rapist. but megan's kit was not tested. in fact it sat untouched for nine long years. >> you live like an animal in the wild in survival mode mowing
10:54 am
there is this criminal out there and you're helpless do-to-do anything about it. >> reporter: until 2012. >> this man is now wanted by police memphis police. >> reporter: she felt a cold shudder of recognition. i wore a mask and at takdtacked with a knife. megan called the police and demanded they reopen her case. >> i found on my birthday june 21 2012 that his dna was found in my rape kit. >> reporter: anthony oliono a serial rapist now spending the rest of his life behind bars. megan was his first known victim. he raped six others while her kit sat untested. up tested rape kits are a national problem, but memphis holds the distinction of having the most in the country, 12,000 of them. each representing a potential rapist walking free and victim
10:55 am
it without justice. >> this is in-defensible. i don't mind telling you that. >> reporter: the mayor and the city are facing two lawsuits from victims like meg ap. he admits the city dropped the ball. why is the bagcklog still there? >> because the issue hasn't been raised. >> reporter: responding to the calls to end the backlog will take money, money many cities like memphis don't have. >> going forward yes, it is a money question. >> $5.5 million? >> approximately. >> and multiple years. >> mulltiple years. >> reporter: but an appropriations bill being considered includes $41 million to help clear the nation's backlog of 400,000 untested rape kits. >> i get letter i get phone call i get comments from those out in the community that my kit
10:56 am
might be one of those kits. what can you do. >> reporter: will district attorney says that money could make all the difference. >> it's not a matter of helping this office, it's a matter of helping the citizens of shelby county and quite frankly the citizens of the entire country. >> reporter: citizens like megan. what would you say to women in other cities around the country who have gone through what you've gone lieu? >> i hope that you can see that if the system has harmed you, left you out in the cold made you more vulnerable it's not because of anything you did, it's because the system is broken. >> row in an farrow reporting there. thanks for topping by the the reid roig is next. time for your business entrepreneur of the week. anna joyce in portland opened
10:57 am
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good afternoon. this is the reid report. we begin with the latest on the latest of airasia flight 8501. search efforts should resume in a few hours as dawn breaks over java sea. they have confirmed the take brie and six bodies found is that of the airasia flight. a second u.s. ship will depart for the search area on thursday.and six bodies found is that of the airasia flight. a second u.s. ship will depart for the search area on thursday. flight 8501 crashed with 162 it people on board with weather frequently cited as one possible factor. >> until we have the investigation, we cannot make any assumptions as to what went wrong. all i can say is that the weather in southeast asia is bad at the moment and the floods in


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