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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the american dream every morning when they open for business. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes, starts right now. >> tonight on "all in". >> i'm looking forward to bringing a fresh, new voice to our leadership table. >> republicans standby their man. skalise at e admits and apologizes for speaking at a white supremist meeting. then the e mayor deblasio meets face-to-face with the police unions that are trying to take him down. a full report ahead. plus the latest and best evidence yet that north korea might not have been involved at all in the sony hack. and for fond farewells to fallen icons -- >> this is no response. >> tonight, an "all in" round up. the epic year in pop culture.
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"all in" starts right now. >> good evening, from new york. i'm chris hayes. the 114th congress in which republicans will control the house and the senate doesn't convene for another week. but the gop tonight is already grappling with is e its first, full blown scandal of the new term. the house gop leadership rallyied around steve skalise but number one in the house after sk arksz lise indicated he had spoken to white nationalists in 2002 when he was a lae la state legislator. >> basically, he called me to ask me e me to go speak and i would go and talk to him about my plans to eliminate slush funds. so i've spoke to groups. i'm not familiar with who that group was, but, you know from what i see about them they don't represent the values that i represent.
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>> group in question was founded by grand wizard david duke and went by the name european immunity whites organization. skalise has been in full damage control mode since the story broke, working the phones to assure support from colleagues. house speaker john boehner and the number 2, kevin mccarthy both spoke support for skalise today. he has my full confidentce as our whip. it's not just from democrats. con sefbserveative radio host are calling for ben e boehner to be repolice stationed. eric ericson is expressing bafflement. "how the hell does someone show up at a david duke-organized event and claim ignorance.
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david duke's views were very well known to the point that the hotel publicly distanced itself from duke's group and a minor league baseball team said it did not want its players stay there. for the time being, skalise's job is safe. the same cannot be said for michael grim. one of the most colorful members, no doubt, of the 113th congress when announced late last night he will resign from congress after pleading guilty to felony tax evasion. he was re-elected by a wide margin. he initially said he would not step down. he reportedly changed his mind yesterday. it may have solved one problem for ben,oehner but it may have created another.
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a decision roundly criticized from people across the political spectrum. joining me now, momly bald. molly, what is the deal with first, the house leadership running around skalise and then these calls from conservatives to go after house leadership? >> well, a lot of these conservatives have never liked the house leadership. and so you have an invegs e version, i think, of the normal political dynamic where its leadership is seen to push out anyone who's politically inconvenient and the conservative bags that's seen as rallying to anyone's right to be politically incorrect and maybe, you know do something like speak to a david duke organization. it's the opposite that's happening here. and i think it comes down to the base's distryst of boehner and mccarthy. we've all been talking about the new senate majority and that's the new thing and that's going
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to be such big news in the coming year. but it's the house majority in the bigger potentially more unruly majority that boehner is going to have to manage. >> from a tactical standpoint, i think you have to admire how the kind of tea party caucus of the house has played their hand in terms of their leverage and the sort of movement conservatives outside the house. and i was reminded of that today because it isn't just attack, attack, attack mode. maximize leverage. don't send any indication that you're going to let up or that you're going to give boehner a pass starting on the first day. remember who's going to run this come january. >> i think that's right. and, you know, if i can plug myself a little i just wrote a profile of ericer ericson. i think that's right. i think there has been a lot of chatter about the far right and the tea party being weakened over the past year. they didn't win primaries. they were seen as being marginal marginalized by leadership.
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they want to prove that they still have sway. they want to prove that they can still exert power over boehner who is so often, in the past several years, has seemed not to control his caucus. so this is a real test for him of whether he can get his way. so far, it looks like he's doing that. on the one hand forcing grim out with a phone call urksz very efficient and clean and quick. and, on the other hand, rallying behind skalise and ensuring he can stay where he is as long as there's not further revelations in that scandal. skalise >> skalise is basically pleadingic no rans. they've got white nationalists on the right. whoever wants to talk to me. >> not quite an apples to apples comparison there. but okay. >> i would agree. but we get this talk with republicans to the changing demographics of america, the voting patterns and you know,
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this means something. david duke is a vile figure who believes vile things. he talked about the jews and israelis and the 2001 and 9/11 attacks. the guy, kenny knight who is basically his right-hand man is pulling this all together. he's neighbors with skael. skalise, in 1999 talks about huh believes some of the same principles as duke but duke's not electable. this is a problem for the republican party. >> yes, and they know that. and this's why you have to believe, first of all, that leadership had good assurances. there's not going to be assurances that makes us move passed it. but republicans know that these racial fault lines are a big issue for them. and i think in february, when we have the fight over the
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immigration action by president obama, that's going to be yet, another one where republicans are confronting the same issues about whether they can present an inclus is eive face and one that is not, you know, just white men from the south. so they're going to continue to be tested in this way. and their leadership knows it and they're jitter ri about it. >> i've noticed that the emphasis of david duke tends to veer much to waerds the jews, these days, at least listening to his radio broadcast today. so it's not just race it's always antisemimite. thank you very much. >> thaing, chris. >> at least one person raided the news with a little birt of shell. the cannon is about to get a whole lot safer. he was referring, of course to the infamous run-in he had with grim in january after he had the that marty to ask about a federal campaign frnsinance probe.
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>> joining me now, blake zeff. if you're scoring 2014 michael scotto remains unbroken and in takt while michael grim will be a felon. >> that is absolutely correct. michael scotto has his liberty. >> yes. >> you wrote this great piece today. you basically said look what michael grim did. he basically pulled the voters of staten island. he ran with this indictment. the charges are untrue. as soon as he got e got elected, he pled and he resigned.
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and your assertion is he had to know that's where this was ending. >> do i think it's possible that michael grim had delusions of grandeur and thought he could beat the heavy legal burden he was facting? sure. do i amgs think it's possible that his legal team when he had some sort of clarity when he was thinking about this was amgs aware, that having a seat to resign if he was convicted of a crime would be a very useful way to reduce the jail sentence? yes. explain this. i found that fascinating. he basically said if you can give the prosecutors this tangible win, which is you resign your seet you get lez e less jail time out of it. >> exactly. you think there's a pretty good chance that they may have something on you. you can talk about the case. there's a pretty clear case
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where prosecutors had two different payrolls in michael grim's computer. one was the fake one, one was the real one. yeah, you've got a problem. so if you're facing jail time or you think you might, what do you want to do? one option might be that you may have information on another crime and be able to snitch to reduce your sentence. that doesn't apply here. michael grim was the only one. then the other option is if i can resign my seet maybe i will reduce the sentence i can get. he surmised the play that grim is going to go for now, in fact his lawyers are already saying that even though the statute could -- that he pled guilty to could result in three years time. don't o they think he should just get proo bags. >> so what does that mean? i mean this race this congressional race i thought was fascinating, partly because i spent a lot of time for michael
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grim for an episode i did for years where i appeared to have convinced climate change and sort of backed away from that afterwards. remember, staten island is home to tons of cops. this guy is running in the home of law aend order, law-abiding, cop-centered staten island and he trounss his opponent. >> so he himself, was a former law enforcement official who worked for the f.b.i. it's a big veteran culture there. he was a very good fit for the district, actually. he told his voters i'm innocent. this e they believed him because they liked him.
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several famous moments. >> correct. that was quite memorable. it's easy, every single time. i'm trying to remember, what we've been talking about. >> he said, remember, i'm innocent. this is a witch hunt. a couple minutes later, he pleads guilty to it and resigns his seat because he's trying to get out of jail. we'll see if it happens, but what does it say about our justice system? because he is popular, a popular, skilled politician who should get less jail time. >> blake zeff, thank you very much. >> there are two big institutions that are seemingly intent on the mayor destroying the city. and bill deblasio met with one
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we have an undate to bring tonight on the flight that mysteriously disappeared on sunday after departing en route to singapore with 162 people on board. today, rescue teams found bodies and debris from the plane off the coast of southwestern borneo about 66 miles from the aircraft's last-known location. it's still unknown what happened when the plane lost contract with air traffic controllers. the request by pilots to increase altitude was denied because six other airliners were crowding the air space and there was no room. the flight dropped off radar shortly after making that ree request. the ceo of air asia apologized to the families of passenger and crew today. >> i apologize profusely for what they're going through. i am the leader of this company
5:17 pm
and have to take responsibility. i know we don't know what's wrong, passengers were on my aircraft and i have to take responsibility for that. the kaz of the accident can't be known definitively. the ceo did note he widely reported bad weather in the region at the time of the crash. >> so al no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too.
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because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. new york mayor bill deblasio came fascinating ece-to-face today with the police unions. he called a meeting in an effort to ease tensions that burst into public view after the murders of two officers in brooklyn more
5:19 pm
than a week ago. the group included patrick link president of the patrolman's benevolent association saying he had blood on his hands. but even before the officers were killed some of the unions had been sharply critical of mayor deblasio who was swept into office on a pledge. more recently the objection of deblasio's protest not to indiet the officer invol ved in the eric garner case. the mayor had thrown police under e underthe bus when he spoke about his own concerns about his son. >> there were a number of discussions, especially about the safety issues that are members face. there was no resolve and our thought here today is that actions speak louder than words and time will tell.
5:20 pm
>> meeting came as a new york post reported today on a virtual work stoppage by the n.y.p.d. the post of course has been a consistent ally of the police unions in its brutal coverage of deblasio like headlines like this one. the paper reporting today the traffic tickets and summons have dropped off by a staggering t94% after they fear for their safety. the day the officers were killed an e a memo proporting to be from the ppa on twitter saying absolutely no enforcement action in the form of arrests and summons need to be taken. two days earlier before the killings capital of new york telling officers to use what he called extreme discretion.
5:21 pm
"our friends were courteous to them. our enemies, extreme discretion. the rules are made by them to hurt you. well, now we'll use those rules to protect us". >> a pba spokesman told capital lynch was simply doing the job according to the rules. as the first year of bill deblasio's mayor alty comes to a close, we are seeing a fundamental test of liberalism staged across the country in new york. that mayor, david de e in krksz ins served only one term, voted out. deblasio now faces his biggest challenge yet and what happens next will serve on a liberal leader to govern and survive the backlash. joining me now, columnist and editorial board member harry siegel. what do you think of that?
5:22 pm
>> here's the incredible thing. the police unions are doing what the protesters have asked for. and b e deblasi orksz has held the line. there hasn't been a giant spike in crime, but arrests are down substantially. summons and tickets have basically disappeared for a week now. police are simply not doing many of the more aggressive and active things they have been. and in a very, very tight period of time without most of the city having recognized this has happened, the effect has been not much. >> so you're saying that there is actually a work slow down? or at least slow down is the wrong word. they have changed -- at the ground level, police have changed the way they're enforcing the law? >> in a big way. so arrests drop a bunch. big crime arrests, down. enforcement stuff basically disappeared. in the 7-9 and the 8-4, there was one ticket in the last week.
5:23 pm
626 in the week before that, for reference. >> oh, wow. so they are doing something. i mean -- >> it e they stopped doing all police work except for the real necessary stuff. is that sustainable? no one knows. we might find out. and this is truly remarkable because we've had protesters in the streets for weeks demanding exactly this. >> this is what to expect. the substance and the politics of this. substantively, there's a lot of people i know of the folks who study the misdemeanor system who does amazing research on this would say yeah this is a net benefit for the city it's a net benefit for particularly poor people and people of color in this city because that's a system that's unjust and unfair. but then there's this also idea of wonderful city here. a shame if something happens to it. the idea of doing it as a means of extracting the political price would stretch me as a dirty pool to say the least. >> it's a lousy moment to do it. this year you were more likely
5:24 pm
to be struck by lightning then run over by a car or murdered in new york. that's insane. this is a dangerous moment for the police to say hey, we're going to back off and good luck to all of you. a few really bad things will happen in the course of that. and, at the same time the city despite the post's best efforts, is not going to descend into utter cay yosz. not any time soon. i think the police yun i don't believe believe unions are badly over playing their hand. he doesn't have a republican op zigsz, but he does have op zigsz. we're seeing it in the new york post and the police unions are
5:25 pm
kinds ft heads of that opposition. and they are going hard in it. >> well, look. he basically went to a democratic primary with the entire field to himself. the other guy down there sort of disqualified hymn. this is a fluke. it's a complete fluke. and he feels that he has this tremendous progressive mandate. and he has had an incredible first year with that. police reforms, keeping crime down, living wage stuff. it's very, very impressive. however, he has no credit in albany. he tried very hard to kill the republican state senate. the groups that were not his constituency they're going after him with a vengeance.
5:26 pm
>> harry sie kbrks el, always a pleasure. >> thank you, man. >> a son yrksz hacking mystery say they figured out who's responsible. and it's not north korea. that's next.
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the mystery of the massive and devil e devastating sony pictures hack just took a massive turn. dismissing research and defending the f.b.i.'s exertion
5:30 pm
that it was north korean government responsible for the hack. this has been publicly making the case and not only was north korea not responsible for that north korea probably was behind it. the company identified six suspects including one former sony employee, a ten-year veteran who was laid off in may. in other words, rezejers think the sony hack was an inside job. carried out by a group of people who were then able to con the f.b.i. and the president of the united states into pointing the finger at the wrong cull prit thereby presip tating an international incident. this there have been a lot of smart and sophisticated people saying all oil long they have not persuaded north korea was behind the sony act. a senior v.p. at norse explained
5:31 pm
the skepticism like this. the team zeroed in by cross referencing information called from hacker chat rooms. meanwhile, reuters is now reporting north korea is still responsible for the hack, but they had help. reuters reports that investigators will have probably hired hackers from outside the country. officially, and, on the record both the f.b.i. and state department, say they stand behind their assessment the north korean government was behind the hack saying it's possible some assets might have been involved. that doesn't change the conclusion of north korea's responsibility.
5:32 pm
plilt kal was sending an un-2345i78ed u.s. official with the matter reporting that f.b.i. has rejected the theory brought to them by the investigators. yesterday's briefing did, "not improve the knowledge of the invest kbags, adding that norse's evidence was narrow. joining me now, noah sackman. on one side it's a very big deal. president of the united states to go and say, without really any hedging, this was north korea. >> yeah, absolutely. on the other side a lot of people who seem to know what they're talking about are just looking at the evidence that's been presented. it just doesn't add up to north korea? >> yeah u that's right. there's kind of a silicon valley washington divide here. guys, give us some real evidence.
5:33 pm
the washington firms that are more connected, they're saying, well, trust us. we've got some super-secret stuff that will point to north korea. >> i thought this quote was really interesting in a highlighting why they think it was an inside job. he says this. a lot of malware is like a roomba. >> i've seen other security experts saying it had to be an inside job. >> yeah, that's right. there were certain passwords that were coded right into the malwar malware itself. now, let me just say that these passwords were not exactly hard to figure out. one of the things about sony they had some of the crappiest cyber security of any major
5:34 pm
security on the planet. they put their password file in a file called passwords. these were not exactly geniuses being out witted. >> then there's this hybrid theory. it's another group of piracy activists and then the hybrid theory. >> they're saying somebody is responsible. and that has consistently been the word. responsible, responsible, as opposed to north korea considerable. >> right. >> or even asians of the north korean state. >> correct. they've not been saying that. they've been using the word responsible. also interestingly, there's this hacker group called the
5:35 pm
lizard squad that hacked the play station network christmas day. one of their guys said well maybe we kind of sort of had something to do with that sony hack, too. so this thing is just unfolding before our eyes. >> it's a gin e genuine mystery. if they're wrong about north korea, that's a huge deal. the president of the united states is in this. all of these people are on the record, right? >> yeah. there have been high-profile hacks that have been gotten wrong before. one of the experts has said look you would you would want an intrusive nsa that none of us actually have around. and so you know this stuff is auts e always going to be hard and always sort of murky. and it may be that the two sides
5:36 pm
are looking at the two intelligence. >> will we find out? is this going to be like the serial pod cast? >> and then afterwards kim jong un will do an interview? >> exactly right. this past year was a pretty amazing year in culture. my picks for 207 moments along with a special round table. it's going to be fun. stick around. e
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help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips tongue or throat or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. . last night, we presented our best and worst as well as rookie of the year. we're looking at the biggest cultural moments of the year. this pags year has been i think it's fair to say, a downer. but in the cultural landmark round, it's pretty fascinating and, at times, awesome year. we're up for some big losses and extremely up setting 58 gagss. here with me to discuss is ayesha harris managing editor of and editor of the cooking panel.
5:40 pm
so we asked you guys earlier today to send in big cultural moments and there was a bunch of consensus picks. the first one we have to start with is bill cosby, since bill cosby has a lot of lawyers and we are on a television show we don't know whether the allegations against bill cosby are true. at this point, it seems two possibilities. there is a whole host of people making up stories about bill cosby. and all of those stories kind of aid each other in certain key ways. or, the other possibility we've seen on the table is one of the most beloved, famed icons in american was a serial rapest of the most deranged i haven possible. >> one of the two. >> one of the two. >> and the latter just again,
5:41 pm
were it the case that what do you etch -- how does anyone even process that? >> i would say that i think he is an evil man, which sell e he certainly is. but it's really an indictment of the institutions. did you see that new york times story about his $850 an hour lawyer and how they sbim dated all of these networks. k078 on. we're adults and the muse thoo enews media are supposed to be truth tellers. as bad as cosby is the job that the media did to put it on our agenda is shameful.
5:42 pm
>> do you agree with that? >> if we could step back for a second and just talk about whether or not it's true. i think whether or not this signals the end of the age, nobody is too big to be braught down allegations like this. you saw this in canada. a series of allegations all came together in october, and, all together, he's gone. >> i think what's also important is he wasn't just a father on tv. he also set up books. >> he's a great, moral am sar. he's the great father to america. it's just, i still, to this moment right now, sitting here at this desk in front of that camera, have a hard time making my brain work around it. and i wanted's just a powerful reminder that you do not know
5:43 pm
the people you think you know if, again, if, again, the allegation is true. >> yeah it's really sad for me because, like many people, i grew up watching him. and, as a black person he was one of those people you wanted to look up to. i think what's different from someone like r kelly, we always put him up on some kind of pedestal. it's much harder to separate that whole persona. >> it raises questions about big ra fill. you have unauthorized biographies, you have authorized biographies. it was done in cooperation with cosby and he allowed people to talk to mark whittaker and
5:44 pm
whittaker, of course maid ede the decision not to include the allegations. as a former journalist he said that he couldn't corroborate, you know, he didn't have corroboration. >> really because it hurt his narrative. yeah, and x you know on my show the gist a month before hanibel went viral, i had a discussion with a guy who wrote a book. how could the cosby discussion be so different from woody allen. it really did come down in my guess in his opinion to the image he had. that's an indictment of us. we shouldn't be children. it doesn't matter what parts these people play. we have to look at the evidence and challenge ourszs a little. >> i also think that it's really been interesting to listen to what the women say and the reasons that they didn't come through or the reasons that they weren't, as emphatic as they
5:45 pm
could have been. even beverly johnson wrote about how she was drugged by cosby, too. this woman has absolutely nothing to gain. she was terrified for her career. she was terrified to her future. i think that's another side. he had so much po r. all the gate keepers who made this decision not to publish. >> yes, who runs hollywood. quickly, i want to say a few others that you guys have mentioned. the interview hack which we continued to keel with the fallout from. robin williams death, joan rivers death, a huge loss for comedy. and amsz this kind of amazing activism around things like that. i want to get your sort of deep cuts vote for big culture moment
5:46 pm
right after we take a break. stick around. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪
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hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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we're back with the biggest cultural moments of 2014. so tell me yours. you want to talk about hash tag amazon. there's a story i never did on the show that i was totally fascinated by. >> it's interesting. it was the biggest story in the book world. it really wound up extendingon the book world. it began in a stand off with amazon being one of the big five u.s. publishers. and amazon was blocking in certain ways their books. they were delaying shipments. they were reducing the discounts on their books. according to -- >> right. so just to be clear, this is a fight over basically it's a
5:50 pm
business negotiation, right? how much are they going to charge? what cut is the publisher going to get. what was so fascinating was the shadiness with which amazon went ae about it. it wasn't like we were announcing to you that we are going to do this until you meet these demands. oh, people start reporting and it takes a little while. it all felt very kind of mobstery. >> there has been a big lawsuit between amazon and apple and the big then six publish i recall. there's a lot of nervousness about speaking out about it. and there's competition between the publishers. and amazon is always famously very quiet. >> i think the who i will thing reflected a lot of nervousness. sort of who owns content, who
5:51 pm
gds e gets to decide what's published. >> and also the side of amazon which is the biggest cultural force in people's lives. >> i thought the ray rice tape and the way that that played out in the news was really fascinating. and, interesting and depressing in a whole host of things. when ray rice was only suspended for two games after a video tape beating his then fiance unconscious. people were pretty upset. then when the full tach was released, we didn't see the tape, no, we did. he didn't tell us what happened. no, he did. it was a lot of kind of misleading lies. >> how do you feel about that tape as an artifact. we wrestled with that tape. at one level, it was like, it played all of the time. and another level was this was what it looks like when someone strikes one of their intimate
5:52 pm
partners. and then third, we're showing the worst moment of this woman's life over and over and over. >> yeah there's a real trade-off here. on one-half yeah jenny rice that sucks for her to have to see that over and over and over again and for that moment of her life. she has to relive e live that all of the time. but on the other hand domestic violence is a real crisis. and it's something that a lot of women suffer silently. and it's something that people that don't, maybe are involved in it they don't -- they want to pretend it doesn't exist. and you can't turn away from it. it's ugly and it easterble. but i think there are probably ultimately going to be good things that come from that. >> mike? >> yeah, i agree with that, by the way.
5:53 pm
>> how many things tough every american like this. it raised a hundred something million dollars for als. that's a good thing. but i think it short circuits our brain. i mean how can you say anything bad about something that raised money for charity? and, yet, i think it falls into this category of slappedism or click on a link and pat myself on the back for doing good. it's a little like did we save our girls? did we bring back our girls from nigeria? >> yeah, it's like act vichl has viral fad that burns out very quick. >> and a large percentage of the people didn't know there was a charity invoefled. now, does the next charity say toem e to themselves well we could tell our story or that was a gimmick? >> in year has felt kind of like a tipping point.
5:54 pm
the year of talking about the fact. it's great. especially that who cur if you feel about the new york times piece and how she could be angry black women were so frustrating. it's kind of grat filling to see the backlash against that. >> i totally agree. it felt like a turning point. thank you all very much. back in a moment. e e [ female announcer ] a 3d white smile has the power to captivate. [ all cheering ] ♪ ♪ that's why
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. really has been a busy, fascinating year of news. here, at "all in," we try to bring as much of it as possible that makes sense and brings you no harm. before we wrap 2014 here and this is very important, here's what i mean by we. >> who says size doesn't matter? it does in clean energy.
5:59 pm
>> we'll be back after the break. what the holy [expletive] happened?
6:00 pm
>> there are dozens of committed,al ened righteous, kind wonderful people who make this thing every night. it is a team effort. i'm sograteful to each and every one of them. i'm also honored to come before you every night. you make this show as much as we do. finally, this year was a rough year, but, in my life it was an amazing year because i welcomed in this dude, david. that is my son. that is he and him on vacation. he is just so adorable with those dimples. he's made our home very happy. that is "all in" for this ooeching. good efvening, steve. happy new year. >> good ef evening, chris. my parents will be asking when the grand kids are coming. thank you for that and happy new year to you. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. rachel has the night off. happy new year's eve to all of you. congress


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