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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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brutal and frigid air blanketing most of this country from coast to coast today. 40 million folks, an estimated 40 million, experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of the season. along about that cold snow and
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ice. the weather channel's mike siedel apparently drew the short straw. he is in minneapolis, where at one point this morning, you correct me if i'm wrong, it felt like it was 25 zero? >> i can do better than that right now for you, craig. it's 11 below and the windchill is 29 below zero. better than being an international falls, craig, where the temperature developed to 28 below and the windchill was 50 below zero. the thermometer shows that here at nicolette mall. it's saving us from the really well the nasty windchills. the streets, well, we have at lot of folks going to target corporate headquarters. they're moving fast. they're layered up bundled up. you are dressed for the weather, huh? do you get used to this? >> no. you never get used to this. let me show you what is going on
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with the jet stream. the big dip much like last winter the thing this time around is it's going to get cold for a few days but then it's going to moderate by the weekend for most of us. another cold shot next week. it's not going to be consistent. the cold et. cetera weather for many of us. chicago below zero. we'll have a clipper system. a snowstorm moving along. generally along about i 80 some spots getting maybe six inches of snow. chicago four or five inches of snow. the biggest storm this season and light snow all the way to new york city by midday tomorrow. then the cold pours in and we'll see temperatures in the teens to the deep south. this morning i cracked the egg on the piece of paper and five minutes later it was frozen like a rock. >> that's disgusting actually. don't eat that mike. >> not unless i want to go to the dentist and order a few crowns. mike seidel thank you.
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next hour we'll take you to chicago where mike's colleague mike bettis is also out in the cold. buck ham palace issued an unprecedented third statement today saying sex allegations against prince andrew is false. it's queen elizabeth's second son. fifth in line to the british throne. keir simons with the latest. >> it is a potential scandal with the power to rock the royal family. the palace is strongly and repeatedly denying that prince andrew the queen's second son, had sexual relations with a minor. any suggestion of inpro pry tir with underage minors is untrue one statement said. the queen's former statement said andrew will be furious. >> he'll be angry. he'll be kicking anything that comes in sight. because he knows he's innocent. >> the allegations emerged from court papers filed in florida as
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part of a civil case against the u.s. government. over their handling of the presentation of andrew's former friend jeffrey epstein who pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in 2008. >> it was a secret deal. a nonprosecution agreement made between epstein and his lawyers and the united states government. >> it's claimed in the documents an underaged girl was forced to have sexual relations with prince andrew. and the woman claims she's even met the queen. the palace denies any record of a meeting. the court papers accused of harvard law professor of having sex with the same underage woman. he says he never even met the alleged victim. there is no court case against the prince or the professor but the proceedings -- >> there will be multiple investigations and multiple cases. this is something that we need to see play out. it's going play out over a number of years.
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>> that was nbc keir simmons reporting. jeffrey epstein issued a statement saying quote, these are stale rehashed allegations that lawyers are attempting to spice up by adding the names of prominent people. friends, family, and fans are all grieving the loss of long time espn anchor stewartuart scott this morning. he died over the weekend with a seven-year battle with cancer. scott joined espn in 1993 and became one of the most popular anchors of the network's flag ship show "sportscenter."
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there's a wall with the slew of the catch phases espn hosts made famous. many belong to stewartuart scott. as cool as the other side of the pillow. he must be the bus driver because he took him to school. during the 21-year career, his style was unmistakable. when the cancer came the way he fought it was awe inspiring. he took up mixed martial arts and kept showing up for work. in july his inspirational and emotional acceptance speech for the espv made a lot of grown men weep and think. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and in the manner in which you live. [ applause ]
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so live. live! fight like hell. when you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. >> president obama issued this statement. on a personal note i first met him more than a decade ago at charity golf tournament in south carolina where he got his start in broadcasting. two things were very clear then and every time we caught up in the years after. the man loved life and he knew how blessed his was. the other thing? his smile was biggest when he talked about his girls. he leaves behind two teen daughters. stuart scott was 49. coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown," we go
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back to the federal courthouse in boston as jury selection begins in the trial against dzhokar tsarnaev. plus we'll talk about two plane crashes this morning. the search for victims and wreckage of the crash air asia flight 8501 an amazing survivor story down in kentucky where a 7-year-old girl despite her injuries manages to crawl through woods in socks and a t-shirt. the only survivor in the plane crash. i'll talk with a former pilot about how she may have survived next. welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the all-new nissan murano. nissan. innovation that excites.
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welcome back to the second hour of the rundown, i'm kregcraig melvin. we start with developing news in boston where court is in recess. after speaking to perspective jurors the judge told the court that the trial of 21-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev is expected to start in about three weeks, and
6:58 am
could last until late spring. ron mott is in boston. he has more for us. what else do we know? >> hey, craig. good morning. first day of what you mentioned to be a very long trial that could stretch into june before we see a verdict here. as you mentioned the court is in recess. the potential jurors a group of 200 are filling out the questionnaires. i took a look at the basic questionnaires they were given in the mail. it's basic information about your job, occupation, whether you have a criminal record. things of that sort. whether you have an excuse to get you out of jury service. the court is looking for -- 3,000 or so got so. they want a qualified jury. they want people who are sitting on the jury are not universally opposed to the death penalty. but they want people who are going to be automatically suggest that dzhokar tsarnaev be convicted and sentenced to death automatically. it's a whiting down process
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they're going to take part in. they're looking for 18 people in all. 12 to sit as jurors, six at nalt alternate alternates. it's going to be a time consuming process. the defense made arguments all the way up until today he cannot receive a fair trial considering the fact that the bombing took place two miles to the west. we'll have to see once we get through the first part of the process if they're having a relatively difficult time trying to find inpartial jurors to sit on the panel. >> thank you ron. more on this case a little bit later in the hour. back here 3:00 this afternoon new york city mayor de blasio will be holding a joint press conference with police commiter bill bratton. they'll likely get questions about the growing riff. underscored once again when police attending the funeral for slain officer wenjian liu turned their back on the mayor. the officers did the same thing last week as the mayor spoke at
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the funeral for rafael ramos. both of them shot in cold blood on december 20th as they sat in their car. zach roth has been looking at the relationship between police and the public. this has become something of a three-way battle it would seem between police the mayor, and the protesters. as well. >> that's right. recently it's almost as if the protesters are sort of in the forgotten men and women. it's becoming a rift between the mayor and the police. and specifically about what looks like an effort by police to sort of test their limits. test their authorities. see how much they can get away with. not just in terms of the mayor but their own police commissioner. you had bratton, the police commissioner sending a memo asking -- he didn't feel like he could issue a direct order which tells you something. asking them to not turn the backs on the mayor. >> he stopped short of saying he would punish them. >> it was a gentle ask and a
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number of them did not obey the request. >> why not order. why not order your subordinates to say, you know, i'm your boss respect my boss. >> you would think that's how it would work. especially with a guy like bratton who has the authority. who was the guy who brought in the broken windows systems of policing in the '90s a very aggressive style of policing. but he didn't feel he could get away with that. he had what looks like a deliberate slow down in arrests last week by the police saying, you know, here if you want us to to do it this way. they seem to think they're the only thing and their broken windows style is the only thing stopping us in new york from returning to the high crime days of the '70s and that seems to give them leverage. whether that's true i think is another question. things have changed since the '70s. >> what is the end game here? >> i don't know if it's thought out enough there's an end game. i think it's the police has got
7:02 am
into this habit of viewing themselves almost as an independent agency as having the authority to kind of continue doing what they want because as i say for so long there was so much concern about crime they had the leverage to do that. things are changing now. >> what is the state of police community relations outside new york city? >> well, you know, you have different dynamics. one thing that is encouraging you have a bunch of police departments and police commissioners standing up and sort of taking a much more conciliatory approach. you have a nashville for instance, the police department served hot chocolate to protesters out there and the police chief criticized for not taking more aggressive approach. he said, you know, we open letter we need to respect protesters. and in pittsburgh the police chief said i think it's direct quote, it is a statistical fact almost a quote, that our brand of policing affects minorities disproportionately. we need to think about that. you have the efforts to reduce tensions and take a less aggressive approach and perhaps we'll see efforts to build on
7:03 am
that. >> zach roth continues to follow the story. thank you very much. we'll be keeping a very watchful eye on the news conference set to happen at 3:00 this afternoon here in new york city. search teams off the indonesian coast recovered three more bodies today. that brings the total to 37 now as they search for the wreckage -- attempt to find the wreckage of air asia flight 8501. the director of operations said that five large objects have been detected on the sea floor and one of those objects is believed to be the fuselage. but divers are facing zero visibility because strong currents are whipping up silt and mud. i want to bring in jay rollins, former pilot. it's been nine days now since the crash. what is the latest first of all, the latest on the thinking as to what might have caused that plane to go down? >> the latest seems to be a worry that they encountered
7:04 am
extreme icing, which is just one of the worst things that can happen for an aircraft. the airliners are already prepared for this. they have anti-icing systems aboard, but they can be overwhelmed if you find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorms the way apparently things turned out that day. icing creates a number of problems added weight it changes the shape of the wing it basically can render the aircraft unflyable. >> five ships in the search have equipment that can detect a plane's so called black box. how critical are these black boxes in terms of helping investigators figure out what happened? what is the likelihood they'll be able to find them? >> well, they're very important. they will give us all the detail of what exactly happened prior to going into this thunderstorm
7:05 am
and what happened on the way down. they are not absolutely critical i would say, because once they find the fuselage the aircraft itself in all likelihood they will then they will be able to piece together what happened just by looking at those parts. but i forgot the first part of your question again. >> no you answered it there. the question was, you know, the likelihood they would find it and if we recover these so called black boxes how essential is that information going to be. i think you covered that. there's one other -- i want to get your take on something here. back in the united states the incredible story. the 7-year-old girl the only survivor of the plane crash. sailor gutzler is her name a crash that killed her mother father, sister and cousin. she walks through the woods in the dark wearing t-shirt and
7:06 am
socks. she gets to the house and able to get help. federal investigators now involved at this point. what might this 7-year-old be able to add to the investigation? >> she may be able to help considerably. she'll be able to say what sounds were different. what her dad may have said in the final moments. you know, it's a delicate thing to speak to a child in this condition, but to the extent that she's able she'll be able to shed light exactly what happened. apparently there was an engine problem. that's the best i've heard to this point, and i know in that type of aircraft we are talking about a twin-engine propeller driven plane. they can get squirrely if one of the engines quits. it likely had to do with that but the little girl could tell us a lot. >> really quickly, i mean,
7:07 am
how -- again there's so much information we don't have. but in a situation like this we have five people on a small plane. how is it one of them is able to walk away like this? what could have happened that would have allowed this girl to be the sole survivor >>well i don't want to be gruesome about it, but if you happen to be in the right place in the aircraft a chunk that survive survives. maybe she was strapped in well and she managed to get out of this where as everyone else was in a bad spot and, you know, hit something that killed them instantly. she's a blessed child. >> blessed indeed my friend. jay rollins, thank you very much. a live look right now at philadelphia. the city of brotherly love bracing for a dangerous shot of arctic cold. we'll tell you how bad it's going to get there and lots of other places this week. first, mexico's president saw his approval rating plunge
7:08 am
the lowest level in two decades. he's heading to washington this week amid furry over his government's mishandleing of missing 43 college students. jose diaz-balart asked president obama. >> it's not the first case of violation of human rights in mexico. is it time to reconsider aid to mexico based on human rights? >> well, i think that, you know the federal government and i know the president, who i spoke to recently when i was in australia with him, recognizes the outrageous tragedy this represents, and, you know, this is a chronic problem of narco traffickers in some cases taking over entire towns or regions. ♪ "here i am. rock you like a hurricane." ♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find
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mexico's president heading to washington, d.c., where he's meeting with president obama at the white house tomorrow. one of the main topics for discussion will likely be president obama's executive actions that could prevent the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. the meeting comes amid growing unrest in mexico. yesterday in mexico city family members held a protest for those 43 college students that were kidnapped and presumed dead at this point. lori, what do they hope to accomplish with this high-level meeting at the white house tomorrow? >> good morning to you, craig. it will be the first visit that he'll have to washington, d.c., to the white house to meet with the president. they're going talk on the issues that other past presidents mexican presidents have spoken
7:12 am
about, which is security which is trade. mexico is an important trading partner for the united states. but also, like you mentioned, you know, there is a lot of dismay by many not only in the united states but around the world concerning those 43 students and what has happened and how the government hasn't been able to get to the bottom of what happened to those students and who is responsible. so the issue of human rights many believe is going to be up and front between president obama and enrique. we know the white house has spoken in the past over the phone with the mexican government about this issue and others. >> what can we expect with regards to immigration reform? >> well, with regards to immigration reform we know the president, you know, last november i believe it was announced his executive action. and so mexican government obviously very pleased by this. because they are always, you know, attendtive to what is going
7:13 am
on with the mexican nationals here in the united states and ask they be treated fairly. and so one of the things that might be discuss is the fact that the mekts can government may play a role many helping many of the citizens who could benefit from the executive action obtain documents they may need, for example. trying to prove their identity for example. >> lori with telemundo. thank you. >> up next we'll zoom through some of the other stories making news on this monday including american aid worker with high risk exposure to ebola. also another high profile suspect is in court today. details on accused cop killer eric frein's case. that's next. first, a live look right now this is -- that looks like the windy city. it is the windy city where i'm told it is just 1 degree -- a single degree. thanks to an arctic blast moving across this country from minneapolis to atlanta up to
7:14 am
philly and boston as well. a bone chilling forecast straight ahead on "the rundown." e ... i will be out of the office until monday... ... and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work. sail with the number one cruise line in alaska. save up to $500 during our 50th anniversary sale. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new. we're in seattle to see which 100 calorie black cherry greek yogurt tastes best. definitely that one. that one's delicious. it's yoplait! what? i love yoplait! the other one is chobani. really. i like this one better. yoplait wins again! take the taste-off for yourself.
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from phillips. . and a new year starting with biting cold stretching some 2,000 miles across this country right now. americans in the northern plains and midwest are literally frozen today with temperatures dipping well below zero in some cases. light snow fell in chicago yesterday. that system is on the move. cities like philly new york boston. all are being put on alert for potential snowfall and dangerous windchills as well. mike bettis is with the weather channel. he's in chicago for us on this monday morning. i see come out of the mouth there. the windy city earning the name today. how cold is it? >> it's a shock to the system craig. when you step out the door this morning and you feel the temperatures below zero and you
7:18 am
throw in the wind. the windchill is 20 degrees below zero this morning. i thought one thing this morning that was fascinating. it's what is happening on the chicago river itself. you see the unfrozen river. it's been very mild in december and the arctic chill and the steam flowing off the river this morning. everyone heading baaing to work and school on the first monday after the new year is greeted by this in chicago is not alone. green bay was 20 degrees below zer o'and the arctic air is on the move east south, places like nashville and atlanta will experience temperatures this week hovering anywhere from 10 and 15 degrees. it will be cold. not to mention, craig. here in chicago we've had little snow this season. big old batch is coming in tonight. expecting 3 to 5 inches. the timing should be good. should be gone by tomorrow morning. we'll be out here covering for you. we may be coated in snow
7:19 am
tomorrow but just as cold. >> we thought the winter was going to be mild. boy, we were wrong. mike bettis thank you. another high profile suspect in a pennsylvania court. a tragic discovery in san diego, and extra precautions for an american exposed to ebola. let's zoom through the top stories. a preliminary hearing under way for eric frein. the man accused of killing a police officer and seriously wounding another in the ambush style attack in northeastern pennsylvania in october. communities in that area were on edge as frein, a self-described survivalist eluded police for 48 days. prosecutors will seek the death penalty. in california three week old baby abducted from a home in long beach was found dead in a dumpster at the san diego strip mall yesterday. the infant was kidnapped saturday night after an attacker shot the baby's mother father
7:20 am
and uncle. two victims are in the hospital. one released. police are searching for an adult male suspect. they don't have a motive but they don't believe that the shooting was random. family friends, and new yorkers pay a respect and say farewell to mario cuomo. the former three-term new york governor's wake will take place this afternoon and evening followed by a funeral tuesday morning. he died at the age of 82 on new year's day hours after his son governor andrew cuomo was inaugurated. american health care worker arrived in omaha yesterday. arrived in ambulance at nebraska medical center which treated three ebola patients now. the health care aid is still not ill or showing any symptoms of the virus. tests should show a definitive diagnosis later today. coming up the first battle already brewing now between the
7:21 am
new congress and some of the leadership. even though that congress is not even been seated yet. the details yet and why house speaker john boehner could be fighting a bit to hang on to his post. we told you earlier about the allegations about prince andrew in a civil lawsuit against the u.s. government in new york. a woman who was then 17 to have sex with the prince an allegation buckingham palace is calling, quote, totally false. the woman identified as jane d.o.e. number three is standing by also named in the court papers former harvard law professor prominent attorney allen dirs wish. denying any allegations that he any contact with the teen. went on the offense. >> did you have any contact with jane doe number three at all, allen. did you meet her in. >> no. i don't know who she is. i've never seen her, never met
7:22 am
her. and her lawyers have to know this. her lawyers a former federal judge and brad edwards deliberately filed this without doing any investigation. if they investigated the manifest of the airport, if they checked my travel records, if they had asked me i could have given the names of the people who were witnesses they would know the story is totally false. >> let me ask you -- >> they engaged in unethical behavior and should be disbarred. to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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[cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. not all toothbrushes are created equal. oral-b toothbrushes are engineered with end-rounded bristles so brushing doesn't scratch gums. and angled perfectly to remove 90% of plaque for a healthier smile. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. so a quick update here on the markets. you can see that the dow right now down about 178. that's about 1% down this first hour the first full week of 2015. nasdaq and s&p both also lower. we're told a lot of this is because of the continued drop in oil prices. they tumbled another 3% today.
7:25 am
oil now down nearly $51 a barrel. again, all the three majority major markets down on this monday morning. let's get to what is driving d.c. it looks like the first fight for republicans tomorrow will not be with democrats. it will be with republicans. with two of them. officially challenging speaker john boehner for his leadership position. here they are taking aim at john boehner on sunday. >> you deceived us when you went to obama and pelosi to get your votes for the cromnibus. you said you would fight amnesty tooth and nail you didn't. you took the only hostage that obama would like for us to shoot. it was a terrible strategy and it follows a number of years of broken promises. it's time for a change. >> kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill to talk about this.
7:26 am
so here is the thing kelly. folks that follow politics closely know it's not going to happen. that neither one has a snowball chance in you know where to becoming speaker of the house. what is it about? >> they're getting attention today and for the last couple days. they have a moment in the sun to air their grievances against the speaker, well known grievances that are shared by a couple dozen conservative republicans in the conference who have been long frustrated by any of the establishment figures. they view it differently. they fought the battles before on different turf along the way. in many way it's predictable. the election of the new speaker, a new formality of the new congress is a big event. it's a way for them to take some of the wind out of that to choice their vajs schallenges is in a way that is getting a lot of attention. it is expected that john boehner will be elected speaker again. he has to go through the bump of
7:27 am
us discussing the fact there are conservatives who don't like his leadership and have been frustrated with him. he has whethereathered some of the bumps before. he's weathered that and it's expected he'll go forward as speaker when the formalities of the new congress the 114th get underway tomorrow. >> you have the head of the democratic national committee also weighing in to another gop leadership-related issue this morning. walk us through this one. >> well, we heard about steve sko scalise who is part of the leadership team. a conservative from louisiana. he's been under fire over the last week or so for comments he made a dozen years ago at an event that was associated with european nationalists, white supremacists, that sort of thing. the david duke part of the conservative wing. and today taking really an opportunity to bring this back into focus. debby wasserman schultz who represents florida put out a new statement challenging scalise
7:28 am
for his position within gop leadership as the whip. and in part her statement reads as the new congress begins nothing discredit republican claims of outreach and bringing people together more than their decision to keep steve scalise at the top tier of the elected leadership of their caucus. the continued defense of scalise by speaker boehner and other members of the house gop show they are divisive as ever. this is a way for debby wasserman schultz shine a light on the issue. top challenge the choice of steve scalise who has been backed by many fellow republicans and idea he would step aside as whip. now they're back in town he'll be challenged again on his comments saying he regretted making that speech. didn't know what the group is about. she's giving it another point of discussion to say he should step aside in that leadership post. it's a decision for republicans and so far they're standing by him. >> breaking it down for us. kelly, thank you. let's frame the debate.
7:29 am
gop fight with more president obama's former director of hispanic media. republican strategies. let me start with you, sir. is this a smart move by ted and louis to challenge speaker boehner this first week back? >> as i said often the republican party is a party of diverse ideas and points of view. i think it's good news for the speaker. i think kelly o'donnell did a good piece. a couple dozen members are far to the right of the majority of the republicans including the speaker. if you subtract them from the huge republican majority we have in the house the speaker and the majority leader in the senate mitch mcconnell said they're going to have a congress that is focussed on centrist policies coming an agreement with the president on a number of issues. i think it will show the republican party can govern and the more conservative elements have a voice but the vast
7:30 am
majority are where the speaker and the majority leader are. >> lewis, let's pivot and talk about the immigration fight and funding homeland security. how does president respond? how does president obama respond if funding does get cut? >> well, i think the leadership fight has implications. it's about how boehner has to deal with the fights going forward. what you have is more than nearly $4 billion spent on the past elections. the chamber of congress all of them are coming to boehner and the republicans and trying to get what they want. they have divergent views. some want to shut down the government within some want their pet projects funded. when you look at border security what republicans try to defund is going to be border security operations they claim to want more of. and so you have a real friction there. the president's deferred action plan is funded by fees. it's not funded by what the congress is doing -- >> you're nodding your head in disagreement.
7:31 am
>> no. >> but the facts -- but the facts do bear this out. that the border is more secure now than it's been in the past five to ten years. there have been republican congressman who said if you give us more money we don't know where we would put additional border patrol agents. >> the fence is far from finished. that's for sure. i think we can do more. the border is more secure but it'ses snot secure. the only ones talking about a government shut down are democrats. republicans will not shut the government down. republicans won't shut down the department of homeland security. we'll do everything within our prerogative to make sure the president's executive order if it exceeded his authority is trim back or changes are made with respect to the path of citizenship he's now creating. >> they're going to fight about it which is what we're seeing. they're going to fight about it and the reality is that you have jane bohner i think one of the backs he's packing scalise is to guard his right. you are backing a guy that spoke
7:32 am
to a white supremacist group. >> you mean senator burr. >> and the reality is that speaker boehner is going to have this fight on the appropriations battles on all of the fights coming up. that's going to define the republican party. it's a fair problem for the 2016 presidential candidates that have to run with that than it is for boehner himself. >> your claim it was not a white supremacist group or it was okay because -- >> my claim is that he's apologized with the former democratic -- >> he should have known better. >> been a member of the ku klux klan and there's a double standard. african-american democrats in louisiana who know steve scalise have come out in his defense. lastly, we won a huge election here. there are more republicans in the hose than ever before. john boehner has a cushion to governor as he said a centrist agenda that is going to be put before the american people.
7:33 am
>> it's not what i want to hear -- >> as much as i would like to start 2015 playing referee, we are out of time. big thank you. >> thank you. i love it when they thank each other. that's what it should be about. >> we're good friends. >> thanks, guys. coming up back to boston where people are bracing for what could be a four-month long trial for bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. is it a foregone conclusion he'll be found guilty? what is the likelihood of the death penalty? do they want the trial to happen? we'll ask the questions next. also florida just hours away from becoming the 36th state to legalize same-sex marriage. certainly not a clear path to equality in the sunshine state. we'll explain that as welcoming up on "the rundown"." ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm ♪ here we go, here we go here we go. ♪ fifty omaha set hut ♪
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back to boston where day one of the trial for the boston marathon bombing suspect is in recess right now. the attack in 2013 killed three but it left physical emotional and psychological scars on an entire city and entire country. boston residents bracing for a trial that could last until the month of may. mike bellow is assistant metro editor at the boston globe. he's been following the story from the beginning. what is the sense there? is the sense in boston it's a trial that is going to be can that is rightic? a trial that is going to be painful, or a trial to be going a bit of both? >> craig, i think it's going to be all of those things. i think for the victims it's going to be traumatic. some victims decided to attend others have not. it's going to go on for some time. the judge expects opening statements around january 26th. i think there are victims who choose to do this. i think for the city itself they
7:38 am
have to relive what happened during the marathon bombing. there will be graphic testimony. i think for people who were there and thousands who were there besides the people who are injured and it's going to be traumatic and i think people are going to be watching. it's going to be riveting for many of us. >> boston's mayor, the mayor of boston last week i believe, said that the sentiment there, according to him, is they just wish there would be some sort of plea deal there was no trial, and the city could move on and continue to heal. is that the sense you're getting as well? >> no. i think a lot of people want to see it done. i think they want to see justice done. i think there are some people who obviously don't want to deal with the emotional trauma. i think there are others who want to hear the evidence and see him in court. make sure he sees the victim in court. he has his day but the evidence is aired and people know exactly what happened.
7:39 am
and the big question is why. why were these bombs set off? did the marathon bombers have help? there are all kinds of unanswered questions. i think people want to hear the evidence and determine for their own what really happened there and why. and want to figure out where do we go from here in. >> how difficult is it going to be find jurors that don't have strong feelings about this case in and around boston? >> it's a challenge. i mean, the judge said this morning, you know, we know whether you have heard about the marathon bombings or not. we ask you to be impartial. i think they picked a jury for whitey bulger they can pick a jury for boston marathon bombing. there's a pool of 1200 jurors like this morning they had 250 jurors there. this afternoon another 250. this will go on for three days. they center to fill out a questionnaire to say what they know and be asked questions relevant to the case. both the prosecution and the
7:40 am
defense will grill the juryors. i think the process will be intense. i think the judge and everyone is confident they'll get an impartial jury but it's going take time. it could take the entire month. >> i know obviously the death penalty has been outlawed in massachusetts for close to 30 years now. it's a federal case. prosecutors said they'll be seeking the death penalty. are you getting the sense that is also something that the people of boston want to see? do they want to see dzhokar tsarnaev executed? >> i think there's a lot of division over that. there are polls that say most are opposed to the death penalty in principle overall. i think there are strong feelings on both sides. some people want him to suffer in jail. i want some of the victims want him executed. i think there's a division here. i don't think there's an overwhelming feeling one way or the other. i think it's, you know it's going to be interesting if he's convicted when the jury has the death penalty face how people feel. it's going to be graphic.
7:41 am
again, you have to two trials here. you have the first trial where he is found, you know, innocent or convicted of the charges. and then the death penalty phase where you hear the evidence again and more testimony about what was intended by those bombs. and the damage inflicted on here on the victims and the city of boston. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in mia bloom. a professor with the center for terrorism and security studies at umass. a big part of the defense is going to be whether dzhokar tsarnaev was under the influence of his older brother who was killed in the shootout shortly thereafter. when he committed the attacks. is that a defense you think could work could be effective? >> i don't know if it's a defense in general that is effective. i know, that one of the members of his defense team judy clark, has been very successful in preventing death penalties in some of the most famous terrorism cases we've seen in the last ten years.
7:42 am
eric rudolph, and the 20th 9/11 hijacker. so if she can get those guys off, i suspect that as a defense attorney she's very capable of playing on the jury's sympathies and also trying to create a narrative in which he might not be entirely responsible for his actions. >> how do you do that in a case like this? >> in the same way how do you do it for a 9/11 hijacker or susan smith who killed her own children? she's very good. she's able to find a variety of ways. for example, one of the interviews she gave talked about how check shens is been abused by going back to stalin and world war ii. i thought this kid is 21 years old. i really don't think world war ii is having an impact she is setting up a narrative to look at the plight of chechens as being traumatized by the wars at home and incapable of fitting in
7:43 am
in the united states. >> quickly here, i know we don't know whether a plea deal -- at least hasn't been addressed publicly by the prosecution. has it been your experience in cases like this that there are probably likely been some discussions behind the scenes at least between the defense and the prosecution with regards to a plea deal? >> you know, i personally don't know. i would find it very tough to think that a plea deal would be discussed. it's when you don't know which way the jury is going to decide. i don't think dzhokar tsarnaev's guilt is in question. i think the fact thing he wrote in the boat. the graffiti he added shows he completely wasn't under his brother's finger. he some of these radical viewpoints because he left them in the boat where he was hiding. >> we're going have to leave it there. i wish i had more time with you today. we want to update the market here fast once again. the dow, as you can see now, now
7:44 am
down more than 200 -- again, about an hour and a half almost hour and 45 minutes. nasdaq and s&p also lower. yep. there they are. the we're watching oil prices. they have tumbled more than 3% so far today. we'll be right back. based on 6 different criteria... why did a panel of 11 automotive experts... ... name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons the all-new volkswagen golf starting at $17,995. there's an award winning golf for everyone.
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let's turn now to florida and miami specifically. where we're keeping a close eye on a herring -- hearing that is set to lift at the top of the hour. it could allow same-sex marriages today in miami-dade county. either way gay couples will be able to marry beginning at midnight. that is when a hold by a federal court expires making the sunshine state the 36th to legalize same sex marriage. but some counties are no longer even going to offer marriage ceremonies for straight and gay couples. because local officials say employees feel uncomfortable
7:47 am
marrying two men or two women. with me now is executive director of save. in less than ten minutes from my clock. what can we expect to happen at this hearing? >> i'm heading over there as soon as we're done here. we have every confidence in judge zable she's going to lift the stage and make equality a reality here >> at least five florida counties, again, as i understand it ending the courthouse weddings for everyone because some clerks don't want to perform a same sex wedding. do the clerks have a right to just issue the license and move on or is this going to be another battle? >> we expect it to be another battle but the exciting thing is there is people like a lawyer in
7:48 am
jacksonville, who is opening her firm up to offer same-sex couples weddings at the same cost that the court will. we expect other people in the community that have this possibility to be able to offer marriages to people as well. >> supporters of same-sex marriage really moved this through the court. they were successful in just about 18 months. >> exactly. >> what was specific to florida about these cases? because they all came from all over the state. >> they did. you know, what i think is especially exciting about what happened here. the legal teams and the organization involved such as s.a.v.e. and the alcu and nclr and a series of other legal teams we've all been in communication. every one has been strategizing together. sharing files, sharing information that they were privvy to. so in essence it became a
7:49 am
unified and strong effort. >> are we expecting ceremonies after the proceedings? >> yes! yes! actually and tomorrow as soon as 12:01 we expect a ton of ceremonies throughout the state. in miami, for our case specifically, which was for couples already married in other states and now their marriages will be recognized there's a huge ceremony in the miami beach botanical can garden. i have over 300 couples coming renewing their vows in mass. i think the next 24 hours will be amazing in florida. >> tony we'll see what happens. again, in just about five minutes this. thank you so much for your time. thank you for your time as well. that's going to wrap up this monday edition "the rundown." i'm craig melvin in for jose diaz-balart. jose should be back tomorrow. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪
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good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we're following several developing stories this morning. in the search for jury the trial for boston marathon bombing suspect is underway. how will 12 jurors be chosen from a pool of 3,000 people in one of the most closely watched cases to play out on live television. de blasio on the defense after new york's police turn their backs on mayor de blasio at the funeral of a police officer. the mayor and police commissioner will hold a news conference this afternoon. but what will they reveal? and sole survivor a 7-year-old girl makes it out of a plane crash that killed her entire family. she makes it out alive. the man who heard her knock for her will join me live. we begin with the developing news out of boston. jury selection underway in the trial of accused boston marathon bombing dzhokar tsarnaev. and the process is expected to be pains staking.
7:54 am
more than 3,000 people were summoned for the jury pool. part of the challenge, much of what happened played out on live television or could be see on surveillance video. it showed dzhokar tsarnaev and his brother walking on to boylston street. tamer lynn was killed in a shoot out with police while the entire city was on lock down. dzhokar tsarnaev will face the death penalty if convicted of the bombing that killed three people and wounded 260 others. he's charged with the murder of an m.i.t. campus police officer. ron mott joins us live now from the federal court house that is not far from the marathon finish line where the two bombs exploded. ron, let's talk about some of the security around that area right now. >> a lot of security. good morning, i'm looking a the u.s. coast guard here. they have armed guards floating up-and-down the harbor here protecting the
7:55 am
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