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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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for the jury pool. part of the challenge, much of what happened played out on live television or could be see on surveillance video. it showed dzhokar tsarnaev and his brother walking on to boylston street. tamer lynn was killed in a shoot out with police while the entire city was on lock down. dzhokar tsarnaev will face the death penalty if convicted of the bombing that killed three people and wounded 260 others. he's charged with the murder of an m.i.t. campus police officer. ron mott joins us live now from the federal court house that is not far from the marathon finish line where the two bombs exploded. ron, let's talk about some of the security around that area right now. >> a lot of security. good morning, i'm looking a the u.s. coast guard here. they have armed guards floating up-and-down the harbor here protecting the water front from this courthouse behind me. we know that the court is in recess. some of the juries perspective
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jurors are starting to stream out. what happened here this morning, tamron, they sit for about a half hour with the court and they're given instructions about the questionnaire they're about to fill out. there are two questionnaires the perspective jurors are filling out. one, they received with the summons. basic information about their work, profession, and any sort of excuse that might prevent them from serving. they're filling out a separate questionnaire that more specific to the case at hand here. that's the case against dzhokar tsarnaev. as you mentioned, the boston marathon bombing took place about two miles to the west here on boylston street. what the defense argued here even up until last week was that they don't believe they can get a fair trial here in boston was of the extensive media coverage of this case. a lot of folks are saying it's probably a better jurisdiction for the defense. being in the commonwealth here it's not necessarily a pro death penalty state. it's a death penalty case here. what the court is looking for
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over the next two, two and a half weeks is find 18 people they believe can be impartial. those who are not opposed to the death penalty but the court doesn't want to see anyone who believes if he's convicted he automatically should faith the death penalty. the process will take time to find the 18 people. >> per our pete williams the jury selection phase could take around two weeks and the trial could last around four months. back to your point regarding the death penalty and it's being sought by the government according to the law selecting what is being called death eligible jury you pointed out requires a lot of questions to weed out the strong views of people in favor or against capital punishment. what are some of the legal experts in boston saying about the weed out process? >> well, that's what makes this very interesting. because it's a capital case you'll have strong feelings on either side. obviously, the folks who can't reach a decision about death or
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are probably going to be excused straight away. it's the folks in the middle who believe that they can hear the evidence and only the evidence presented at trial. not what they've heard or read about in the 21 months since it happened. but hear the evidence at trial and reach a decision on guilt or not guilty here. if guilty there is sentencing phase and you go forward with the sentencing phase which could include the death penalty. of the 30 charges 17 carry life in prison or the death penalty. you only need a conviction to get to the secondary face where death would be considered. we understand that the jurors who are here this morning have been told at some point they may be called back here. there's a number they're to call. we have six of these sessions between now and wednesday afternoon. there's another one this afternoon, two tomorrow and two on wednesday. that's the first half of the perspective group here. >> back to the feeling, ron, in
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boston. the mayor was quoted as saying people know what happened on that day and i think a lot of people are saying let's move beyond it so families can have some peace. are you hearing the similar thing from just everyday people you've had a chance to speak with with? ? yeah. i live in the area. i can tell you there is some fatigue with the whole process. it was a painful experience for the city of boston. all the people standing on boylston street affected by the two crude crock pot bombs that went off. the pressure cooker bombs. it has been a long run here getting to the point. the trial than delayed two months or so. the defense was trying to seek another delay as of late last week. i think a lot of folks are ready to get the process over. they want to give mr. dzhokar tsarnaev a fair trial but they believe, also that the people the united states government representing the people deserve access to a fair trial. they're happy on one sense to see the trial finally get to the
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point. it's going to be three or four or five months before we reach a decision in terms of a verdict. thank you very much. another developing story. the 7-year-old girl who survived the plane crash that took the lives of her entire family is being cared for by other extended family members after wandering almost a mile over pitch black terrain for help. right now federal investigators are combing through the wreckage of the plane. they're trying to find out why or how sailor guts ler survived but her mother, father sister and cousin did not. they say sailor could be the key to figuring out what happened in the final minutes. gabe gutierrez joins me now from kentucky where the plane crashed. >> tamron good morning. investigators from the national transportation safety board moved the plane's wreckage to another location to get a look. the woods were pitch black. somehow that little girl knead
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out alive. this morning 7-year-old sailor guts guts ler is guts ler is recovering from family. they're hoping she'll be able to provide clues about what caused her family's aircraft to plunge into the cold dark kentucky woods on friday and how she was able to make it out alive while her parents, 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin were killed. this video shows the interior of a similar plane. one of the things the ntslb will confirm was where saylor sitting. cell phone video shows the path she took to find help. >> she had to crawl over trees, crawl through briar patches, weeds, deep ditches, she had to do this in the dark. she took the best route she could have took. and she did this in sock feet in shorts in a t-shirt.
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she finally saw a porch lying. man who answered called 9-1-1 and the sheriff was the first to spot the downed plane upside down. >> so people don't believe in miracles. they think it's luck and stuff like that. it's -- to me it's a miracle. ♪ ♪ a miracle that has captivated the family's hometown of nashville illinois as it mourns a devastating loss. >> saylor judging by the way she handled herself there is a fighter and will be well taken care of in this community. >> amazingly first responders say sailor tried to light a branch on the plane's burning wing so she could see. that did not work but it didn't stop her. tamron this was a girl who was determined to help her family. >> all right, gabe thank you very much. joining me now is the kentucky man who helped sailor when she knocked on his door that night. larry wilkins, thank you so much for your time today.
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i imagine -- >> good morning. >> good morning. i imagine you have replayed that night over and over in your head. you've been interviewed several times now about it. when you look at the memories of that child at your doorstep what do you feel at this point? >> well, i feel sorry for the little girl of course. wishing her the best. it's remarkable extremely smart little girl. brave little girl. >> tell us again, when she knocked on the door and you opened it what were her words to you? >> her words to me were "my mom and dad are dead. we've had a plane crash. and the plane crash is upside down." >> did that send you into a
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shock? here you have out of nowhere your door a quiet night, this child no adults and she's telling you this horrific unimaginable story. did you go into a shock? >> i'm sorry, ma'am, let's see if i can get it fixed. >> we know we're having a few technical problems. >> you are at your home a quiet night. the little girl shows up at your door telling you the frightening story. did you go into shock? >> madam, let me just tell you the story from the beginning. i can't make out what you're saying. >> go ahead. >> okay. about 6:30 friday night the little girl knocks on my door and told me that her parents were dead and she was in a plane
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crash and the plane was upside down. the little girl had a bloody nose and her legs were just eaten up with briars and cuts and all that stuff. she was barefoot. i brought her into the house and got her on the couch and elevated her feet and called 9-1-1. after i got ahold of 9-1-1, i went into the restroom and got a wash cloth and wiped her little face and legs and stuff off. and fortunately, for me the state policeman was close. he was there within ten minutes after i called him. the little girl was trembling and crying and talking for probably the same time. of course, i'm a little hard of hearing, and i couldn't make out a lot of what she was saying. every time she would talk i would have to make her repeat
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herself. i guess i asked her name three or four times, and i really -- i thought i had it down. after i found out i was wrong. i didn't have her name right. when the state policeman got there, he started questioning her. he wrote down what she was saying. this is what you said? and -- i got two little dogs there that she really related to after talking to her grandfather last night i found out she had a little dog. that kind of calming her down a little bit. but this little girl walked at least a quarter of a mile as the ceo fly -- crow flies from the plane crash to my my house. we had an ice storm in 2008 and
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30% of the trees were down. the briars and one thing right after another. she was barefooted. dressed for florida. wearing short pants. it was probably between 35 and 40 degrees. i don't like to walk in that area in the daylight with boots on and she walked that at night pitch dark with no shoes on. she's a brave, brave little girl. >> and she was lucky enough to -- you did, obviously, you did everything you could, which was give her a safe place and comforted her until the authorities got there. many people are applauding what you've done. i appreciate you joining us today despite the noise in the background. being able to share what happened. we thank you so much for joining us and our thoughts are with you as well. i know, it was not an easy thing
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to see that time at your home. thank you, mr. wilkins. we appreciate you joining us. we apologize for the audience. >> i'm sorry -- we apologize for the technical issues that we're having there. you heard him in his own words what happened there that night. nothing short of a miracle. we're following the dangerously low chilling ing temperatures two-thirds of the nation are experiencing plunging as far as 30 below in some cities. several mid western cities are already feeling the bitter windchill including chicago where the temperatures were 0 this morning but felt like negative 17. and this is just the beginning of the arctic air. high temperatures could be as much as 40 degrees below average in some places tomorrow. mike seidel joins me from minneapolis where wheelchair temperature -- windchill temperatures could hit as low as negative 45 by the end of the week. >> good morning, tamron.
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from frigid minneapolis. 11 below this morning! the coldest morning so far this season. and the windchill dropped to 129 below zero. keep in mind though schools don't close here unless the windchill drops to 35 below zero. schools are open today here across the twin cities. looking behind me on nicolette mall it's desserted today. running to the office and usinge ing ing the sky ways. the windchills will never get much above 10 below zero. it was cold enough this morning to crack an egg on a piece of paper and within five minutes i had a frozen breakfast. it's going to stay cold. we have two shots of arctic air coming in. by wednesday we'll be around 14 or 15 below zero and all this cold air is heading south and east. about the only place that will escape the bite of the frigid air masses will be the immediate
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gulf coast and florida and look out back east by wednesday and thursday temperatures faulding to the lowest levels so far this season. tamron? >> mike thank you. a day after thousands of nypd officers turned their backs on mayor de blasio at an officer's funeral. the mayor and police commissioner expected to hold a news conference and take questions from reporters this afternoon. he's being called a trailblazer in sports broadcasting. new tributes and reaction to the passing of espn's one and only stuart scott. lost his long battle with cancer yesterday. >> you beat cancer by how you live why you live and in the manner in which you live. >> we're going it take a look at stewart's legacy that lasts long beyond his famous catch phases. an oklahoma law could ban wearing hoodies in public. you can join the conversation
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welcome back. developing now new york city mayor will hold a news conference with police commissioner a few hours from now. they are expected to make an announcement at 3:00 p.m. eastern. it will be the mayor's first news conference since police officers turned their backs on him now twice in the past week. de blasio spoke yesterday at the funeral for detective wenjian liu with many officers again, turning their backs. commissioner bratton had asked officers not to do that after they made that very gesture at the funeral for liu's partner
8:20 am
rafael ramos. wenjian liu's family did not make any statements about the protest. wenjian liu's wife spoke calling her husband her soul mate. >> you are an amazing man. wenjian liu will always be in our hearts. we love you. i loved you. forever love you. >> joining me now is new york times writer david goodman who covers the nypd. thank you for your time here. >> thank you for having me. for many obviously, detective liu's wife words are what they would like to be the headline. what would like to be talking about and that she adored and loved her husband and certainly wants him to be remembered as the loving detective that he was
8:21 am
but it's the deblast you relationship within the nypd that is the headline. de blasio at the funeral acknowledging the strains over the last two weeks saying let's rededicate our lives to the great new york traditions of mutual understanding. does he try to do that during the news conference today, david? >> right, i think, you know, that's his big challenge. he's remained silent. hasn't taken questions since for two weeks now. since i had mentioned the officer's first began turning their backs at the two police funerals. and so, you know it's a major challenge for him what is he going to stay at the press conference to try to sort of begin to turn the tide, you know, that is really sort of royaled his administration right now. thing is what the police commissioner tried to avoid by sending a memo around on friday asking officers not requiring them. he didn't make a demand and said i wouldn't punish anyone who
8:22 am
protested but the funeral, to make a protest takes away from the memory of these officers and that's exactly what you have seen today. the stories are about the conflict and not about the very moving tributes that both family and the mayor and the police commissioner gave yesterday. >> let's be honest both sides are taking hits. you have de blasio being heavily criticized to your point not speaking to reporters until today at 3:00 p.m. but also the police union. some believe grand standing and taking away from the fallen hero. >> yeah, that's right. that's been the central conflict here has been between the de blasio administration and the mayor himself. and the police union especially the head of the patrolman's association patrick lynch. the mayor did sit down with mr. lynch and four other union leaders last week. they had a closed door meeting at the police academy. they met for two hours which signalled they were hearing each other and seeing each other. but at the end of the two hours
8:23 am
there was no resolution and no real sense of, you know here are the steps we'll take to, you know, improve this relationship. >> is bill bratton the bridge that will bring the two sides together despite his plea in the e-mail asking officers not to turn their backs? i think, you know, he had what i thought was a powerful quote when he said show me a mayor of any city not in conflict with the police union because of tensions and otherand budgets and other things. so is bratton the key to bringing this thing together? >>, i mean i think that's, you know, certainly the way it looks now for the administration. and that's been the plan in a sense all along when the playmayor appointed bill bratton. there was some skepticism from supporters of de blasio who was elected on police reform platform. he was bringing back the police leader who served under giuliani
8:24 am
and associated with tough on crime. that was a signal to officer that, you know, he would try to change some of the controversial practices like stop and frisk under his administration he wasn't going to, you know remake wholesale the department and bill bratton was meant along as that bridge. i think he's, you know, in recent weeks, you know, become even more important to the mayor. you see them the last press conference that the mayor held was with bill bratton. now he appears with him today at police headquarters. they've been drawn closer together than ever in the period of conflict. >> david goodman, thank you very much for your time. up next remembering stuart scott. tributes pouring in for the man described as a, quote, game-changer in cable sports. royal sandal. prince andrew cuts vacation course over allegations he had sex with an underage girl. here is a look what is. hag today. real housewives theresa gooiz
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introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. tributes are pouring in this morning for stuart scott, a man who essentially revolutionize the sports broadcasting. he passed away early yesterday morning at at age of 49 after a seven-year battle with cancer. he began in 1993 and his unique delivery made him a game-changer. this is how they closed out
8:29 am
sports center last night. >> over the years there have been a lot of folks that do what we do. there are few a style uniquely his own avoice unafraid. a legacy that won't be forgotten by any who called him a colleague or those that were lucky enough to know him. >> there was the close of the show yesterday. across social media tributes include his popular catch phase as cool as the other side of a pillow. president obama said over the years he sperentertained us and he inspired us with courage and love. dozen of prominent athletes expressed what he meant to them. scott is being remembered for his devotion to his two teen daughters. the nation's sport editor joins me live now. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you.
8:30 am
>> what are your first thoughts here on the impact that stuart? >> if i'm honest my first thoughts of myself in late july getting a cancer diagnosis and being incredibly clouded with self-pity and anger and utter pessimism and lying in my hospital bed and seeing stuart scott's speech from only a week and a half earlier on july 16th he said the seven words you beat cancer by how you live. that reframed the cancer thought process about me. it's about holding the people you love next to you. to see him unafraid. there was so much shame associated with disease in this country. it changed me. it's part of my family that i saw the stuart scott change and it changed my approach and i'm cancer free. i need to get looked at every few months but no matter what
8:31 am
the future diagnosis hold i really do feel like i'll carry the strength of stewartuart scott with me. >> that's beautifully said. let me play a little bit of that speech that he gave. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and the manner in which you live. [ applause ] so live! live fight like hell. when you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. >> dave the thing i think of course made him special is authentic personality from the moment of fear and expression there to his trademark style on espn it was an authentic person
8:32 am
who was able to breakthrough a sea of others who were copying his style, trying to create their own style. it was this authentic experience we got from him. >> absolutely. two quick points. first, that other sentence he just said in that speech. you let others fight for you. that was also very important to me. because, you know, i'm a man. i have kids and there's a whole idea that says if you're a man you have to be strong. you can't let people in. you can't show your feelings. and here is stewartuart scott saying it's okay to let other people fight for you. carry the load be there for you. you let your family in. that meant so much to me to hear him of all people say that. the second thing about his style, people have to understand that he was a trailblazer. one obituary put it like this he liberated the language of sports broadcasting. i think that's a great way to put it. not unlike howard a generation earlier. liberating the language. there were young people before him. there were african-american broadcasters before him.
8:33 am
he brought a true generational hip-hop sensibility and lang wanl. i saw so many tweets from people who said when i saw stuart scott quoting tupac it made me realize broadcast might be something for me, too. >> our thoughts are with his family. thank you, dave. sports fans are expressing their well wishes for legendary nba harvey poll lack. the 92-year-old in critical but stable condition after a car accident on new year's eve. he serves as the director of statistical information for the 67ers and the only person still working in the nba since the inaugural season in 1946. their thoughts and prayers are with the stat's king as he's referred to by so many. up next as congress returns to work tomorrow. republicans are standing behind steve scalise even after he
8:34 am
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of credit decisions. breaking news to report. miami-dade county will become the first in florida to allow same-sex couples to marry. it will happen as soon as 2:00 this afternoon. the decision comes from a circuit chuj moments ago. the rest of the state will begin same sex weddings at midnight. with a new congress set to convene tomorrow house republicans are standing by louisiana congressman steve scalise after he apologized for giving a speech at the white supremacist conference in 2002. scalise said the speech is a mistake he regrets and party leaders have backed him. several incoming members of republican party rank and file are also packing scalise including utah's mia love, the first black republican woman elected to congress. >> this was 12 years ago. it's interesting it's coming up
8:38 am
now. i believe he should remain in leadership. there's one quality he has that i think is very important in leadership that's humility. he's shown that in this case and apologized. i think we need to move on and get the work of the american people done. >> joining me now is kelly o'donnell. obviously an african-american republican woman standing by stay lease in this. does she lend him some credibility where boehner and other white males perhaps could not. >> she's an important voice. she's the first prime ministerafrican-american republican woman elected to congress. she's a new voice. for her to lend her voice is helpful. she's not a part of the establishment. she doesn't have. long preexisting relationships with people here. at the same time because scalise and everyone else is coming to town there will be renewed interest in these events which played out while members were off on break. and some additional criticism today coming from the head of the democratic national
8:39 am
committee debby wasserman schultz who represents florida in congress. she's saying scalise should be out of leadership and if he remain it's a sign that republicans aren't trying to have new outreach. aren't turning the page. i reached out to his office today. he has no new comments on this. he has apologized for the appearance 12 years ago. said he regret it is. doesn't fully understand what the group was. his comments were not related to race at the time. it had to do with tax policy which is one of the reasons it has been somewhat less inflammation given the scandals that come and go related to washington pane the time that passed. those are things that are helpful. also, his apology has been helpful in terms of recampaigngaining and main tag the support of his fellow republicans. the test will come they'll all be back in washington. he'll face cameras and new questions. other members will face questions, too. and we'll have to see if that changes the dynamic at all. but the support of leadership
8:40 am
and members like mia love it's helpful. >> speaking of leadership speaker boehner being challenged by texas. >> yes, the speaker election comes as the new congress begins. all members vote but the republicans in congress in this last congress back in december had already selected boehner as their choice. and to have as many as 10 or so conservative members saying they don't want to see speaker boehner. that's not a big surprise. he didn't vote for john boehner last time around either. but it gives those conservative members who will have a lot of gripes with the establishment and the leadership a chance to talk about their issues and so they're pushing back getting attention for that resistance to john boehner keeping the gavel. >> all right. kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. good to see you in 2015 kelly. up next britain's prince andrew is meeting with the queen. a new lawsuit accusing him of having a sex with a minor. alan does wish is accused in the
8:41 am
suit and speaking out today. ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 miles-per-gallon highway you can feel like royalty in the nissan altima. now, get great offers on the 38 mpg highway nissan altima. nissan innovation that excites. >> bingo! >> darn it! i was one square away from winning that game. >> it's a shame sadie isn't here today she always wins. coulda won the big prize. >> you know, that could have helped her with some of jim's funeral expenses. >> there wasn't any life insurance? >> no, there wasn't. i'd been trying to convince her to call about the colonial penn program to make sure they had coverage but she was worried they wouldn't be accepted because of their health. >> i have life insurance with them, too. i had concerns
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from britain today buckingham pal will -- a civil lawsuit by a woman who claim she was forced to have sex while underage with prince andrew. famed attorney allen durs wish is accused and strongly denies the allegations. >> good day to you. prince andrew is reportedly meeting with the queen today to discuss this allegation. he's fifth in line to the throne. the claim emerged from a civil case in florida and prompted a response. it's a potential scandal with the power to rock the royal family. the palace is strongly and repeatedly denying that prince andrew, the queen's second son had sexual relations with minor. any suggestion of in-- andrew who
8:45 am
cut short a ski vacation will be furious. >> he'll be angry. he'll be kicking anything that comes in sight. because he knows he's innocent. >> the allegations emerged from court papers filed in florida as part of a civil case against the u.s. government over their handling of the prosecution of andrew's former friend jeffrey epstein who pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in 2008. >> this was a secret deal. a nonprosecution agreement made between epstein and his lawyers and the united states government. >> it's claimed in the documents that an underaged girl identified as jane doe number three was forced to have sexual relations with prince andrew and the woman claims she's even met the queen. the palace denies any record of a meeting. the court papers accuse harvard
8:46 am
professor allen dur wish. i was on the island with my wife daughter, inlaws, children. i was never out of the sight of my wife. there was no court case against the prince or allen. >> there will be multiple investigations and multiple cases. this is something we need to see play out. it will play out over a number of years. >> and jeffrey epstein issued a statement saying these are stale rehashed allegations that lawyers are attempting to repackage and spice up by adding the names of prominent people. and the alleged victim has issued her own statement saying i'm looking forward to vindicating my rights as an innocent victim and pursuing all available recourse. she says the response she's had is exactly the reason why sexual
8:47 am
abuse victims typically remain silent. i'm not going to be bullied back into silence she says. >> thank you very much. up next "newsnation" gut check. a law in oklahoma could ban hoodies in public. supporters say it's a matter of safety. we're going to tell you how to weigh in. with tax season around the corner. what will you do with your tax return? meet a single mom from new orleans who turned her $2,000 tax return into a multimillion dollar business. it is our first born in the usa of 2015. and be sure to join us or like us. whatever you do on facebook. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help.
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violators could face up to a year in jail and up to a $500 fine. some say the bill goes too far. they want to wear. other bans throughout the country some in place at schools or shopping mills have faced similar criticism.
8:52 am
what does your gut tell you? do you agree with wearing hoodies in public places? i wonder if they include oklahoma sooner hoodies. you tell us. we are hurricaning to something we absolutely adore around here. it is our born in the usa series, our series highlighting business success stories in the first installment of 2013. it is fitting that we begin the year with a company that was started with just $2,000 in tax return money six years ago and grown into a multimillion-dollar business. lauren tom launched her new orleans inspired boutique flirty girl as a play on fleur-de-lis. she used her refund check to print t-shirts and build a website and then moved her family into the back of a small one-bedroom house and set up shop in the front. it quickly became one of the most popular boutiques in the
8:53 am
area and expanded to five locations with 30 employees. it is a staple not just for new orleans residents, but people around the world who want to keep the peace wherever they go and lauren joins us live. thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> i made full disclosure. everyone knows i love new orleans. >> come visit! >> i will be there soon. i think what is awesome is that you took your refund check where people wonder do they go on vacation or put it in savings? what do they do with the money, it is actually your money, but what do you do with it? how did you turn the $2000 thousand from money into this business? >> i knew i wanted more for my family. y and could have paid the mortgage or gone on vacation but i wanted more than living paycheck to paycheck. i printed a bunch bunch of t-shirts. if i didn't sell them all, i
8:54 am
would give them away as christmas presents for the rest of my life. i built all the websites and social media pages myself and sold out of that $2,000 worth of inventory in the first 30 days. >> how many t-shirts is that? >> i did an original line of three designs. we just did female sizes. i guess about 300? at most. it didn't get you very many sizes, but it really was just taking a huge risk. >> to this day, you never have taken out a business loan or gotten a business partner. as you grew from 300 t-shirts to an empire that you have now. >> i like to call it boot strapping. if we department have the money, we didn't open a new store or add that new product it our stores. i put as much as i could back to the business. i let it be organic and it was
8:55 am
unintentional that the business grew into what it has become. that's why people love it so much. i didn't start with a plan of opening five stores in five years. diit because i love new orleans. i love what we do. i love fashion and i love the retail business. i love our customers. it evolved into what it is today and it wouldn't be where it is without the support of our awesome customers. >> the nfl had to apologize to you after one of your shirts caught their attention. this is how popular you were at the time. what went on there? >> we printed with the saints phrase who dat? it was apparently the same year that the saints heading towards the super bowl. it was the people selling products related to the saints. we got a cease andy is sift letter saying we can't use the phrase and couldn't use the word saints. it changed the way we do things. >> and got you a lot of
8:56 am
attention obviously. most people now certainly associate with the brand and what you have done creatively with the shirts. i have to say as much as i love new orleans, i am a dallas cowboys fan. >> that's okay. >> i was telling you that's okay with you. >> we are all friends here. >> we will all friends until we have to win. thank you very much. congratulations. we are super proud of you and give our best to your tamly as well. >> thanks so much. >> that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. up next "andrea mitchell reports." >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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9:00 am
happened on that day and a lot of people said let's move it beyond so families can have some peace. >> dangerous temperature drop for the country. time to hunker down and bundle up. >> as cold as we have seen it this winter and it's heading south. it is 104 degrees warmer in miami than it is in international falls. >> historic clash after bloody sunday in selma. a seminal moment in the struggle for equal rights in alabama and the rest of the south. this first portrayal of martin luther king,jr. and the other leaders mistakes their historic relationship with president lyndon johnson. >> federal legislation granting negroes a right to vote unincumbered. >> most of the south is not desegregated.


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