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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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and many other more weapons. we also found a national identity card at the name of said kouachi born on september 7, 1980 and with the molotov cocktail we found a [ indiscernible ] that said kouachi was known as being one of the killers by -- has been identified by a witness and also been identified by a number of people as having fired on the police. said kouachi has being sentenced and convicted. he had been heard in the matter of the iraqi network of the district but he had never -- really in trouble with the justice system. his brother had been convicted
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and sentenced to three years in jail. he had been in particular interviewed in reference to the w.h.o. situation related to the attempt to escape by -- he had been at that point interviewed. but in the end there were not sufficient charges to charge him. we also know that cherif had stayed in yes, ma'am man 2011 and he had a number of people who were gentlemanjihadis and we thought they were in yemen. and we think they are still in yemen and syria. and a number had been delivered us this afternoon the spouse of an associate has been currently -- has been questioned
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by the police currently and mainly investigation search warrant and telephone warrant tv listening and other two two locatized in any place they could be finding a place. in other words at the end of the intervention a number of the people from the kouachi family have been arrested who were being accomplices and for helping terrorist. the french witnesses have talked about two or three perpetrators and the full investigation looked after a person named muhad. a number of witness had heard that first name in "charlie
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hebdo"'s facilities. and in fact there is a kouachi brother called muhad and the investigators are looking for this man, this person showed up by himself in the police precinct and he has been arrested at 11:00 p.m. and the kouachi broke had been confirmed by media -- which meant that we are not going to be in research around 3:00 a.m. we called for witnesses around 3:00 a.m. in the morning and the kouachi brothers were seen the next morning at 9:26 a.m. at the gas station. they attacked the station manager who recognized him and he said that both terrorists left in a car and especially he mentioned that the brothers
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had -- wore weapons and they asked for food under the threat of death and analysis of the videotapes confirmed that it was the kouachi brothers. and there's been also this situation the police intervened around 7:20 or shortly after 8:00 a.m. a young police woman aged 26 was murdered suffering from several gunshots. she quickly died. a number of shells -- empty shells of 9 millimeters corresponding to kalashnikov munitions have been found on the ground and several witness said
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that a man with a kalashnikov had fired at a police woman. killing a second policeman who was there also -- was also targeted by the perpetrator but was not injured. apparently a number of people intervened and at some point the terrorists pulled a gun and injured him and after that he hijacked a car with a weapon and left. the vehicle was discovered shortly after in the train station. based on the fact and on the attacks in paris the police went
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first to investigate [ indiscernible ] the author of the attacks was according to the witness dressed in black and covered his face. he had a kalashnikov, a lot of munitions and also had a pistol. we found he's had locally a witness who saw the terrorist without his face being hidden confirmed his identity and a number of who had looked at -- like him in the vicinity were initially arrested based on the witnesses. they had nothing to the in this context and the events the day before and the threats on our territory and on the threatening
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speeches by the terrorist organization based on the war weapons carried by the perpetrators. the police led us to take on the affair in the afternoon and were -- has been heading the investigation from then on. for these murder and for possessing weapons and war weapons and for being associated with testifyrrorist organization, it has been given to the head of the police force in paris. the first of the witnesses said that an automatic weapon had been used initially. the investigation about the kouachi brothers and their environment with the framework of the investigation had been done after the "charlie hebdo"
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attack and the person called amedy coulibaly whom we know was involved and the attack or the preparation of the attempted escape in cooperation with one of the kouachi brothers amedy coulibaly had been contained to five years. and he served his sentence out. again, the identity of -- >> you have been watching a press briefing from the french prosecutor in paris giving an update on the investigation which is unfolding in paris, france. we start tonight with what has been a very tense day in france. but there is other news that is just in. cnbc now tweeted mitt romney told gop donors at an event in
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mat hatton today he is considering running for president in 2016. the economy added 252,000 jobs in december bringing the unemployment rate down to 5.6%. december marked 58 months of private sector jobs growth. 2014 was the best year for job creation since 1999. and we're going to bring you a lot more details on the booming economy later on in this show. but first we want to turn back to the situation in france. earlier today, two separate hostage situations were ended by french authorities. the "charlie hebdo" shooting suspects took one hostage in an industrial town north of paris. french authorities rated the printing factory, the kouachi brothers took over around 11:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. both suspects were killed by police and the hostage, who had been taken, was safely rescued.
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in a simultaneous action two other suspects with ties to the kouachi brothers who had taken several other hostages in a paris grocery store. amedy coulibaly and hayat boumediene said they would start killing hostages they had. they were suspects in the killing of a police woman they had taken on thursday. the police raided the grocery store killing coulibaly. boumediene is on the loose. she escaped. government officials say four hostages were killed in the standoff. traveling in tennessee today, president obama delivered brief remarks. >> we are hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved thanks to the french personnel on the ground. but the french government continues to face the threat of terrorism and has to remain vigilant. the situation is fluid.
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president hollande made it clear they will do whatever it is to protect their people. france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have directly been impacted. we grieve with you and fight alongside you to uphold our values, the values that we share, universal values that bind us together as friends and as allies. >> french president francois hollande said that the people would unite in fighting terror. the events in france are still unfolding. we'll bring you the latest details as we get them. but first let's go live to nbc news correspondent ron allen on the seen in paris. yeoman's work today.
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it has been a long and eventful day. what is the latest right now in paris? >> well ed it's been an incredible day, a day unlike any here in a very very long time and hopefully a day unlike that will ever happen again. such violence on the streets of this beautiful city. we are in eastern paris right on the edge of the area where the supermarket hostage taking and siege happened. you can see behind me there is still a line of police who blocked off the road. the supermarket is down in that direction. we are not been able to get up close to it to see what is going on there. one of the big questions is how many hostages were taken in that jewish part of town. the president of the country called this a violent anti-semitic act that was another chapter in this unfolding series of dramatic and violent episodes in the past couple of days.
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at one point we believe there may have been as many as a dozen hostages and believe there were four people killed there. but we have not heard about who they were or how the others escaped or how they are doing. there may have been others wounded. the day started out rather quietly. there were not significant developments overnight. but a carjacking a gunfight a pursuit and the kouachi brothers taking hostages in the northern part of paris close to the charles de gaulle international airport, a couple of runways closed down at one point. and as you said simultaneous assaults by police after these hostage situations dragged on for a period of hours. and now it is still unresolved. there is still unanswered questions about the female accomplice hayat boumediene a woman whose name we had not heard of until a few hours ago.
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we don't know what her role was in all of this. we believe she was an accomplice to the gunman who took the grocery store hostage -- under siege. we believe they had a relationship at some point. but we don't know exactly what her whereabouts are. and the last we heard she was along with the others considered armed and extremely dangerous. we heard from the authorities tonight but there are unanswered questions as we go forward here. >> ron allen reporting tonight from paris, france. let's bring in clint van zandt. i'm curious about the escape about this female suspect. your take on that? >> yeah. i find it hard to believe she escaped, ed. look, you know hostage rescue 101 says when you get hostages out you treat every one like a bad guy until you find out who they.
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are make sure they don't have a bomb or a weapon. make sure they're not a bad guy trying to escape and gign has been doing this for years and are good at it. there has been so many misnomers in this thing today i find it hard to believe she was actually in there for this whole situation and managed to dance her way out when there were bullets flying every place. >> what do you think happened to the hostages? were they possibly caught in a cross fire or were they executed by the suspects? what do you think? >> number one, if you look at the videos ed of when the shootout takes place you see about six or eight or sen gign or police officers with handguns and, ed they are throwing a lot of rounds. they have 15 20 rounds in each weapon and a lot of rounds going in. they could be bouncing and ricochetting. they fire for about ten seconds or more. you have six or eight guys
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probably shooting almost 100 rounds and you see the bad guy, the terrorist charges them. if he has been hit, he's still running like a bull heading for the front door before they finally put him down. i guarantee you there were a lot of bullets ricochetting around inside there if the authorities are going to have to resolve. >> and what about the simultaneous action, the coordinated action at two locations to end this? >> well what i've been told at the first situation is that supposedly the hostage was someone hiding in the building and perhaps the two brothers didn't know he was there. the two brothers chose a moment to come out of that building at the authorities and what makes it unique is ed you here gunfire first and you hear flash bangs and you here more gunfire. normally if you do an assault you throw the flash bangs in
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first and follow with the gunfire. so it looks like the two brothers charge out. the police see them engage them with gunfire and put them down and then knowing that the terrorists at the other location has already said release them or i'm going to start killing hostages somebody made the right decision that says let's get in there and take him down before he finds out and starts slaughtering everyone inside. >> clint van zandt, i appreciate your time. let me bring in steve clemmons and michael sheehan. nbc news terrorism analyst. mr. sheehan, it's been reported by the associated press that there is an al qaeda connection. the a.p. is reporting that the al qaeda in yemen says they directed the attack. your reaction to that? >> clearly there is a connection. one of the gunmen the original of the brothers admitted at the
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newspaper facility he was a part of aqap the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we know that aqap's major media outlet "inspire" magazine targeted charlie and the editor. and this guy was taking direction from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula directly or from the magazine to carry out this attack. >> based on that can we expect more of these? is this going to be the new formula of terrorism that we're going to be facing? >> that remains to be seen ed. people have been predicting this six september 12th 2001. and the fact of the matter is they have been few and far between. it remains to be seen whether al qaeda increased its game and are going to be able to inspire or activate other cells in europe
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or the u.s. it's not that easy for them to do these types of operations. if it was easy we'd see more. >> steve clemmons the simultaneous action that took place today, isn't that a message that they're going to end these things when they come up. they're going to take action. they're not going to put up with it. the tail's not going to wag the dog here. there was a statement on how they're going to deal with this stuff. your thoughts? >> i was blown away but the size and scale of what france was able to mobilize really literally overnight with reported more than 80,000 military, police and the econservative equivalent of national guard throughout france animated and deployed to deal with this threat and track these guys. it was an enormous definitive and seemingly conclusive
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response. >> do these events and what has unfolded in the last 48 hours, steve, change things for counterterrorism for the french and how they operate? >> well that's a tough question. i think to go back to our other guest ease comment with aqap. we know that said met with anwar awlaki was in meeting with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen. so this will be counted as aqap as a successful out of area deployment and what they are trying to do and what the u.s. and governments have been concerned about in terms of the animation of terror within our societies from places there. and that's why yemen has attracted so much attention. these guys have been under surveillance but it's do you apply more surveillance and there are things that we need to do with people who have flirted with these terror organizations
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abroad and find a way to treat them differently? that debate hasn't happened. my guess is that french politics changes today and things get very tense. you talk about economics in the united states, the economic scene in france isn't exactly bright. in that you have a lot of tension and you're going to have racial and ethnic tension in france that begins to unfold in new ways when we move forward from this day. >> does this mean that the united states is going to be taking some counter measures in the aftermath of this maybe getting into america would be a little bit tougher for those coming from that part of the world? >> i think so, ed. the american government will ratchet up its efforts. there are three layers of action. one is in yemen, itself. pounding al qaeda, assisting the government to squeeze al qaeda in yemen. and at the borders with the
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watch lists and at home with the fbi and joint terrorism task forces to look at the different people they have under surveillance that have identified bad actors and refocus on those people. so each of these layers will be reactivated and reenhanced by the u.s. government to try to prevent this type of action in the united states. >> do you think we are well equipped to counter this and do what has to be done? >> we are, ed. since 9/11 many pundited predicted that al qaeda would be able to do this kind of attack repeatedly but they have not been able to do so and that is the result of counterterrorism policies that have worked and inherent weaknesses in al qaeda itself. it remains to be seen if this will give them a boost. but quite frankly in the last 13 years we have had a lot of
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2:27 pm
monitoring the unfolding situations. congressman john garamendi of california joins me tonight. thanks for your time. what can we do to be proactive? is there anything we should be doing that we're not doing? you assess it for us tonight, sir. >> obviously, as your previous guest said the united states has been vigilant and we have avoided these kinds of attacks. so we should continue doing what we have been doing, monitoring these characters on our watch list. we need to continue that. we also need to be cognizant that in our country we have a significant muslim community and they can be extraordinarily helpful and we ought to welcome that and reach out and embrace that community and ask them for assistance. they have no more interest as shown even in paris with the
2:28 pm
grand mosque and the imam there speaking out strongly against this kind of terrorism. in the united states that community is extremely important in identifying those who are radical in their community and might be troublesome. we need to embrace that community. >> how would we do that? >> we do it by understanding they are a part of the american fabric. this is part of america. we are a very very diverse society here. every conceivable religion in the united states and perhaps some we don't know about are here. they are part of us. they're not apart from us. so we need to reach out and make sure we don't discriminate. make sure that we don't in any way alienate that community but rather embrace it. part of it is jobs and economic activity but it's also making sure that our police agencies and information agencies are working with the communities in a cooperative way. >> congressman if al qaeda in
2:29 pm
yemen which is saying that they were coordinating this attack in what has happened in the last 48 hours in france how are we to suspect this isn't going to be attempted in the united states and relating that to who comes in and goes out of america? >> we should expect it. if in fact they're not just boasting without any foundation we should nevertheless expect they would try to the this so that any individual who has travelled to that area should be on a watch list and questioned when they come back to the united states and watched carefully because it's quite possible that they have been in contact with that group in yemen. and we also have to be aware of those that are fighting or involved in the isil situation in iraq and syria. those are the folks we would identify we would watch, we
2:30 pm
would make sure that we are aware of where they are and if they are suspect or any -- doing anything that would lead to any suspicion they need to be brought in and questioned. >> congressman, one of the brothers was convicted of terrorism in 2008 and sentenced to 18 months in jail. he was on a no-fly list and on a terrorist watch list. does this throw new light on guantanamo bay? there are 127 prisoners left down from 680 in 2003. is it a risk to carry on the way we are releasing these prisoners? >> there are those that would say that that's true. but we can, i'm certain, keeping a very close eye on those who have been released many of them have been released into the custody of other countries and i'm certain that there are
2:31 pm
careful monitoring by those countries. so we should always be aware. we should be careful and always cognizant of the risks out there and the individuals that have in the past and might in the future pose a risk to the united states and our allies. >> congressman, thank you for your time. stay here on "the ed show" we'll be right back with a lot more.
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. coming up the economy is on a roll. we'll tell you what the numbers mean later in the show. keep it here. we'll be right back. >> i'm josh lip ton with the cnbc market wrap. the dow slid 170 points. the s&p shed 17. the economy added 252,000 jobs last month with november hiring revised higher and the unemployment rate falling to 5.6% and wages fell and more
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♪ there you hear it. >> those are flash bangs. >> this is an extraordinary situation. >> the two brothers at the industrial park are dead. >> they were neutralized is the word the authorities are using. >> a gunman linked to the two brothers have gone into a jewish supermarket and taken hostages. >> simultaneous hostage situations. >> there could be another
2:39 pm
suspect. >> it's so unpredictable. >> the french government continues to face the threat of terrorism. >> many more questions out there to be answered. welcome back to "the ed show." the world is watching paris. three suspects behind the terror attack in france are dead. france was already fighting the developing islam phobia in the country. the president of the country says that now is the time for unity. >> translator: we should not go the easy way. we should not escalate. the terrorists who committed those acts those fanatics have nothing to do with the islam. we need to mobilize. we need to be capable to respond to those attacks by force when
2:40 pm
we are obliged to use force. but also we should respond with solidarity. >> world leaders are joining to stand firm with france. what societal impact will the events have on this count? nicholas kristof has written about that and also about religious profiling. it's easy to go overboard emotionally. first what is france dealing with right now on this? >> france has the biggest problem of anybody. it has the largest muslim population in europe. and one that is among the least assimilated. their problem is with assimilation. and there is a sense of hopelessness and marginalization and that is not just true of -- frankly my dad was an east european refugee who went to france after world war ii and after two years decided he didn't want to stay in france
2:41 pm
because he felt an east european or his children wouldn't have a future in that country and came to america. that is more true of the minorities. >> religious profiling are we susceptible to that at this point? >> we of course dealt with that after 9/11 and we certainly engage in it to some degree. we did a much better job after 9/11 than after world war ii with what we did to japanese americans. so overtime we have improved our game to some agree. i thought that australia provided a magnificent example last month. the way that australians united and condemned is unacceptable the barbaric taking of hauchtostages and stood with the i'll ride with you media campaign. people were offering to escort
2:42 pm
women in hijabs. >> if the united states is to take more severe steps in security how can that not be interpreted as some kind of targeting? there will be many americans, i believe who will intercept thatpret that as profiling. >> there is no silver bullet. there is a silver buck shot. there is more intelligence and hardening targets and trying to ensure if people do engage in an act of terrorism it's with ak-47s rather than chemical or biological weapons. and one can work with communities rather then exclude and target them. in france for example, 1% of french muslims support the osama bin laden view.
2:43 pm
meanwhile more than a third are deeply worried about the rise of extremism within islam. you have to work with that group that is concerned about this that is your potential ally to gain intelligence on and marginalize the jihadis. >> what is your anticipation of the reaction of the far right in france? >> they've been beneficiaries and that's what al qaeda wanted. one of the strategies of al qaeda in a number of places and syria is an example where it worked very well. you marginalize and polarize societies and you force -- you lead to the rise of this backlash of the right and marine le pen, the leader of the nationalist right, certainly has been strengthened there. >> congressman garamendi says he thinks we news to utilize the muslim community in this country. i hadn't heard it put that way. >> absolutely. they are our allies.
2:44 pm
you know i heard some -- from so many muslims on wednesday who were saying that nobody -- no cartoonist has ever defamed the prophet mohamed as these guys who killed the people at "charlie hebdo." they worry about their children and about the way they are perceived and they are often the victims of it. we need to work with them in an inclusive way. we have no hope of gaining intelligence and stopping this. >> nicholas kristof of "the new york times" thank you so much. the good news companies are hiring at a record pace but it's the u.s. could be about to make a huge mistake that could cost workers big time. we'll bring you both sides of the story ahead.
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still to come on "the ed
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show," news on the booming economic news and mitt romney is thinking about 2016. we'll have the story.
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after so many years of sluggish growth we're finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope. it the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the obama administration's long tenure in washington. the expectation of a new
2:53 pm
republican congress. >> welcome back to "the ed show" tonight. the story for the folks who take a shower after work. you got to take a shower after that comment for sure. mitch mcconnell hasn't even logged a week as senate majority leader and he's already taking credit for a rebounding economy. no surprise given the latest numbers. >> where are the jobs? >> here are the jobs. the u.s. economy added 252,000 more jobs in december. >> big pops across the board. plus 52,000. construction up 48,000. >> these are well paying jokz that are good middle-class jobs. >> we've seen a record 58 months of private sector job growth, a total of 11.2 million jobs added to the economy. >> that's the longest stretch in our history of private sector uninterrupted job creation. >> the unsloimt rate ticked down to 5.6% the lowest since june of 2008. >> we haven't seen this
2:54 pm
unemployment rate decline since 1983, '84. >> with the unemployment rate down you're getting to full employment. >> we've added almost 3 million jobs in 2014. >> the unfinished business is to make sure that the prosperity that we see across america is shared prosperity. >> and a surging stock market and low gas prices spur greater economic growth. >> america's resurgence is real. don't let anybody tell you otherwise. >> i'm joined tonight by leo hendry junior managing partner at intermedia partners. also with us tonight congresswoman rosa delaura of connect. mr. hendry you first, are the numbers real? >> i think they're real in the aggregate as the congresswoman will tell you, there's a dark side to those numbers. of the 252,000, only 17,000 were
2:55 pm
in manufacturing. of all of the jobs created in 14, more than 90% were in services. nobody has done a better job of protecting the manufacturing base of this congress than the congresswoman and congressman garamendi who was on your show earlier. we've forgotten quality and wage growth along with job growth. 90% of american workers have had no real wage increase since 1967. and as the congresswoman can articulate better than i, we're looking at trade agreements down the road that will further eviserate the manufacturing base of the country. >> rosa what about that on the verge of fast-track and tpp, would this unravel a lot of the numbers we talked about? >> well first of all, we applaud the numbers. 252,000, you know we're excited about that but i think leo is right. the dark side of that is that
2:56 pm
wages are stagnant. and if you take a look at what has been the most serious economic challenge that we face in this country today and that is people are not being paid enough on their jobs. wages are stagnant and people are living on the edge. so that if you then move forward with a trade agreement, as has been proposed by the administration, that you will see what has happened in the past with trade agreements is a serious loss of the manufacturing jobs. my state of connecticut has lost manufacturing jobs as a result of nafta. when you think about what will happen with this 12 nation trade agreement. >> congresswoman, the president wants a jobs package. will the republicans try to get good while the going's going and get in this game? >> well you know look the people who are either out of work or have taken work that pays only 2/3 of what they were
2:57 pm
making before that's absolutely true in manufacturing. you know that's not just a democratic issue. this is something that's happening all over the country. it would be my hope they would understand that it is important, and they have not put forward a jobs bill. they continue to say that but it is not the case. and that's what we need to do. but it's the increase the wages that is critically important today. >> what would be a good jobs package at this point? >> the most immediate jobs package would be back off of these trade agreements and really understand what they might do to employment in america, which is negative. but where the congresswoman is so articulate is an infrastructure bill would satisfy both sides of the aisle. it would resuscitate the manufacturing sector like no other single action and would go a long long way to pushing these rates and wages back to levels that are acceptable. >> do you think -- go ahead congresswoman. your thoughts on that. >> i was just going to say, leo,
2:58 pm
thank you for mentioning infrastructure. i introduced a national infrastructure bank back in 1994, '95. this would be a place where we could come together as democrats and republicans. >> okay. >> and look what the europeans do and looking at how infrastructure can play -- and these jobs can't be outsourced. >> when you talk about the economy, the first thing that republicans jump at is the corporate tax rate. would there be a negotiating point for the democrats to lower the corporate tax rate to get a jobs package? >> well i think, look people are willing to talk about this but that's not -- the tax reform has to occur at a variety of levels. it's not all one sided. which is i believe, where my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to see this. >> mr. hindery, your thoughts on the news reported by cnbc now. they tweeted that mitt romney met with some donors today in manhattan and says that he's
2:59 pm
entertaining an idea in 2016 a run to the white house. your thoughts on that? >> i think mitt would be a very credible candidate. i think he looks at this administration wishes it had been his. in some sense, believes he could have campaigned differently to make it his. in jeb bush and mitt romney you will have two very, very credible articulate republicans. but i think the congresswoman is right. this one's going to be decided purely at the middle-class level. who speaks to them best about wage improvement, about job improvement. we had 8-plus million women and men who are part time of necessity. to the congresswoman's point, can't find full-time employment. i look forward to '16. if we rehash the past i don't look forward to it. if we really get to the middle class, i very much look forward to it. >> and in terms of that corporate tax reform where are the opportunities for the middle class? >> okay. leo hindery and congresswoman
3:00 pm
rosa delaura, appreciate your time. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. we start with breaking news on the terror siege in france. three suspects are now dead. and a fourth is on the run. after dramatic police raids at two separate locations. including heavily armed police storming a grocery market where an attacker held over a dozen hostages and killed four. [ multiple gunfire ]


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