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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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o be good for and they are circumventing the process. president obama doesn't have to make a decision on this. and so he probably won't. and the chances of this being built on his watch are slim and none at this point right now. mike, we've got to go. we'll come back to the story again because it is the fabric of what is going on in america right now. what does it mean to be a property owner? that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend sharpton starts right now. good evening al. >> good evening to you. the case of a mistaken identity. there are confirmation hearings for the nominee to be the next attorney general of the united states. her name is loretta lynch. but you wouldn't know that by listening to republicans today because instead of discussing miss lynch's record they were obsessed with somebody else. >> mr. holder's record is
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certainly on our minds. >> that's what happens when an attorney general of the united states views himself and these are his own words as the president's wing man. >> attorney general holder answered that the same way. >> i have long time expressed my deep concerns. >> let me stipulate, you are not eric holder are you? >> no i am not, sir. >> that's right. it's apparently a big news flash for republicans. loretta lynch is not eric holder. they are in fact two different people but republicans seem to have a hard time understanding that. they are reviving their tired old smears against attorney general holder because there's been nothing but a partisan phrase for miss lynch. she'd be the first african-american woman to serve
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as attorney general and she has a strong record as u.s. attorney. >> if confirmed as attorney general, i pledge to you today and the american people that the constitution, the bedrock of our system of justice will be my load star as i exercise the power and the responsibility of that position. >> they can't go after a qualifications so instead, republicans try again and again to criticize all praise and to get her to criticize all praise. but miss lynch wouldn't buy it. here's what she said. >> certainly, it seems to be a reasonable discussion of legal precedent, the relevant stat institute congressional actions along with the enforcement of the agency and i don't see any reason to doubt the reasonableness of those views. >> the president's actions is
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reasonable. and as it stands today, republicans completely missed the mark in the lynch hearings. joining me now is jeff rosen and jonathan capehart of "the washington post." jonathan did the republicans forget who they were confirming? >> no. but they reminded the american people of just why, in their own words, the office the department has become politicized. that's come up a lot during the hearings. are you going to politicize the office? it's time to take politics out of the office. well, they have made -- republicans on the hill have made attorney general holder and fighting with him a proxy for president obama and fighting with the president. so, if anything republicans
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need to look at their own actions and their own conduct when it comes to politilization of the office. her father was there, her brother, a late navy s.e.a.l. was there, asking for her vote for confirmation. instead, they wanted to refight and relate gate past arguments and battles that they had with the sitting -- >> past arguments, i might add, that was bogus against attorney general holder. >> right. >> none of it amounted to anything. jeffrey, they really tried to go after miss lynch on the president's action on immigration. what did you think of her answer? >> it was the mark of a superb lawyer. she said i find it constitutionally reasonable as you said in your great intro, she said she made the constitution her touchstone and
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the legal counsel disapproved of some of the moves on immigration and that she always followed the law, fully supported by precedent. she didn't say whether she personally approved it but did unequivocally say that she personally supported capital punishment. putting her on that to the right of attorney general holder and she thought it was effective and constitutional. she said unlike general holder she supported marijuana prosecutions. so it was really interesting -- she certainly backed up the president on immigration but -- >> no, she's to the right of attorney general holder on some issues. as he has pointed out, he's been against the death penalty, as some of us are, and the president is for it. there's always been a very open candor about that. jonathan republicans brought up a lot of other issues in the hearing today.
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listen to some of the other things they raised. >> this administration's failure to apply the law in an even handed way. this goes to the irs. >> what's the legal difference between a state -- a ban on same-sex marriage being nonconstitutional but a ban on polygamy between nonconstitutional? >> so from the irs to polygamy to fast and furious, anything about focusing on miss lynch's background and qualifications. >> right. again, they are fighting old battles. irs, there's no their there. same-sex marriage it's legal in 30 to 35 states depending on how you count it. fast and furious, come on. there's no their there. once again, we are seeing them
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trying to relate gate false and this june will be the supreme court of the united states. >> jeffrey, i want to play some of the legal issues that miss lynch addressed. listen to this. >> do you think the nsa program, terror surveillance program that we have in effect today is constitutional? you're okay with it being constitutional, from your view point? >> certainly constitutional and effective. >> do you agree that waterboarding is torture and that it's illegal? >> waterboarding is torture senator. >> and thus illegal? >> thus illegal. >> do you support the death penalty? >> senator i believe that the death penalty is an effective penalty. in fact my office most recently was able to achieve a death verdict there. >> how about yes? >> so we have sought it yes. >> you know she has views there
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that people from both parties can agree with and also disagree with. i mean how would you describe miss lynch's legal approach? >> i think the nsa surveillance as you said is going to get heat from not only libertarians but also civil libertarians and the white house own privacy board was not affected and it was certainly a measured answer. it's likely to increase her republican support. she only needs three republicans on the judiciary committee to get through and might get more and also the death penalty, that was interesting. because general holder reluctantly sought the death penalty. he didn't say it was unconstitutional but loretta lynch went further and said it was effective. >> let me ask you this. how do you think she'll do as the attorney general? >> well she's certainly a great lawyer. she's superbly well-qualified.
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she has said that she's going to make cybercrime a priority. this is a real prosecutor interested in going after bad guys. i hope she'll be an effective voice on race. bill bratton in new york has praised her. i think she was an impressive witness. i think she's going to be a really strong attorney general but she will not be as outspoken and -- for conservatives and progressive as general holder was. >> you might have just got her another republican vote. >> i wasn't trying to do that. >> jonathan republicans are also playing a second panel for miss lynch's confirmation tomorrow. witnesses include a conservative journalist, a woman who run as pro voter i.d. group and a sheriff from milwaukee. listen to what some of those folks have said in the past. >> there have always been calls
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from the white house under any administration, i assume when they don't like a particular story. but it's particularly aggressive under the obama administration and i think it's a campaign that's fairly well-organized that is designed to have a chilling effect. >> this administration is rattling the very foundations of this -- >> he being the president of the united states he built this racial divide. it was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades. and he reopened it with his divisive politics. >> so they are very critical of the president. >> uh-huh. >> but what do they have to do with loretta lynch? why bring them in on these hearings? >> again, it goes back to the same answer that i've given to all of your questions. they are fighting old battles against attorney general but with the three people you just showed battles with the president. we've always talked about how attorney general holder has
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always been a proxy for the president and so what the second panel is going to be doing is giving the people an opportunity to beat up on the president, beat up on attorney general holder and then the committee will go and do what it should do and that is to vote to confirm loretta lynch, let the vote go to a full vote on the senate floor and confirm her. she is qualified in her testimony today. she has shown that she has the requisite skills to run that office, to you know set up a new relationship with congress. she's not eric holder. so she'll already be half -- she will have won half that battle right there. >> well she certainly showed her skills of background and she certainly has shown that she's held the office in the eastern district with very very clear qualifications. >> uh-huh. >> and she's not eric holder
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though many of us don't feel there's anything wrong with that. jonathan capehart and jeffrey rosen, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev. coming up have you noticed how so many republicans are saying nice things about elizabeth warren? have they suddenly gone all lefty? or are they just worried about hillary clinton? also a scare at the white house. a ban at the super bowl. why drones have so many experts worried about the threat from above. also the first lady makes a big statement in support of women's rights. and apple's stunning announcement and what it says about the phone in your pocket. it's all ahead in conversation nation. next. ♪♪
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first lady michelle obama was a hot topic on social media today. people are talking about her not wearing a head scarf in saudi arabia. david wrote on our facebook page, "hats off to her. it's their custom not ours." and patsy posted, "the focal point should have been the funeral and not the first lady's apparel. i think it's admirable that she showed up." and the debate that opened up over this. please keep the conversation going on our facebook page or tweet us @politicsnation. and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new
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senator warren has a brand-new fan club. they are calling her genuine, knowledgeable, a bright woman. but here's the kicker. all these growing compliments are coming from republicans. don't believe it? listen for yourself. >> please give us elizabeth. please, god. >> look i think she's a very passionate person. >> i think she will be an extremely attractive candidate for the democrat voters in 2016. if she chooses to run for the presidency i would agree, i think that i would be extremely concerned with what i see. >> clearly she's the hottest
3:18 pm
commodity within the democrat party. >> certainly the conservative voices in america are backing one of the most progressive. how is this possible? do they suddenly hate wall street? do they agree the game is rigged? have they been watching to much "politicsnation"? have i finally gotten through to them? nope. "the new york times" says republicans have been talking so much about warren because they want her to run against hillary clinton in the primary. they think warren is best positioned to weaken and potentially defeat mrs. clinton. in other words, they are scared of hillary. when you peel back all of the gop comments for warren, there is just one truth left. the republicans know they have no match for clinton in 2016.
3:19 pm
joining me now is former pennsylvania governor and dnc chairman ed rendell. thank you for being here. >> rev, good evening. >> it's pretty cynical, praise warren in the hopes that she'd hurt clinton. >> it is. these are the same people that demonized her about what she wants to do for wall street and income inequality. she's knowledgeable, bright hardworking and all of those things and she's smart, smart enough to know that these guys are doing it for one reason not because she wants to be president. but because they want to cause trouble. they want to make hillary go farther to the left or whatever make hillary spend money in the primary season and elizabeth warren knows that she was a law professor. i raised a lot of money for her,
3:20 pm
helped her to become a senator and i think she's a great voice in the u.s. senate. but she said she's not running, she isn't running. she's smart enough to know the political rallies and, more importantly, elizabeth warren wants change in america and she knows the best vehicle for achieving that change is hillary clinton. >> she definitely is a smart woman. but -- and let me say that their fears are not misplaced because the polls show why republicans are so worried. hillary clinton has a double digit lead over the biggest gop names. she's up 13 points on jeb bush and 15 points on mitt romney. i mean are republicans desperate to bring her down a notch before the general election, governor? >> oh sure. they will try everything. no matter how many times the facts come out of benghazi they just say benghazi benghazi benghazi in hopes that it will
3:21 pm
stick. it won't stick. they are going to be focusing on the future and what the candidates are offering. hillary clinton is a great leader. she showed that when she was in the senate the ability to bring both parties together. she worked very well with republicans. she's going to be a terrific candidate this time around. she was a great candidate -- you may remember rev, because you were supporting president obama. i was supporting senator clinton. but in the last half of that campaign, hillary clinton found her voice and was a dynamite candidate. she was one who attracted progressive democrats, attracted blue dogs attracted progressives. you name it. >> no, she was -- in the last part of her campaign she absolutely caught her rhythm and as senator of new york she was very good. but i want to go back to the republicans for a minute. republicans want democrats to have this tough primary.
3:22 pm
and i want to pin you down on that because we also must remember theirs is likely to be very nasty with more than a dozen names being thrown around. is this just a bad plan to create some drama so they can really hide what's going on in their own backyard? >> absolutely. they want divisiveness in our primary just like romney governor romney was forced to tack to the right in 2012 because of the primaries, they'd like to force hillary to take positions on the far left by having an elizabeth warren or jim webb challenge her. they are saying ted cruz for president and sarah palin for vice president. >> and i'm seeing you pick up steam. a lot of other democrats are getting on board. >> right.
3:23 pm
we can play the same game that they are playing. >> governor rendell, thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev. coming up first lady michelle obama doesn't wear a head scarf in saudi arabia is getting a lot of attention online and some unlikely cheers. and what do katy perry justin bieber taylor swift have in common? the answer is ahead in tonight's gotcha. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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. it's time now for a "politicsnation" pop quiz. what do katy perry, justin bieber, president obama and taylor swift have in common? think about it for a second and i'll give you a few hints. they are not all from canada.
3:27 pm
that's just the biebs. they are not all performing at the super bowl halftime show. that's just katy perry. and they didn't all just fly on air force one. that's just president obama. so what do these four people have in common? they are the four most followed people on twitter. they each have over 50 million followers and taylor swift's followers just got a surprise. her account was hacked by the same group claiming to take facebook down this week which facebook denied. they even threatened to release nude photos of her. but there are no teardrops on taylor's guitar. she was fearless and took them head on. she tweeted, "p.s., any hackers saying they have nudes? you'd love that wouldn't you?
3:28 pm
have fun photoshopping because you got nothing." and she wrote, "because the hackers are going to hack hack hack." she brushes off the haters. ♪ he's going to hate hate hate and i'm just going to shake, shake, shake ♪ >> she shook it off. and nice try, hackers. but taylor gotcha, gotcha. ♪ nice! gr-reat!
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an eye-opener. drone sales are exploding. the same drones can do this. soar 500 feet high and hover around seattle's famous space needle. you can see visitors waving back. but city officials were not so amused. they are considering new regulations. watch this. a drone armed with a paintball gunfiring at a man. and you can see the paintballs hit their target. it's all in good fun. but could a drone be equipped with the real weapon? and in to 13 a drone interrupted an event for german chancellor angela merkel flying just feet away from her security officials before they stepped in. merkel could laugh about it afterward but a drone getting that close to a head of state raises serious questions. here at home officials are now
3:33 pm
warning people not to bring drones to the super bowl this weekend. >> going to the big game? have fun. cheer on your team. and keep it a no drone zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. >> what are the rules? sales for drones are exploding and projected to increase. joining me now is lauren goode. thank you for being here. >> hi al thank you for having me. >> lauren, it seems that drones are suddenly everywhere. how fast is this market growing? >> the day of drones is definitely here. i think your introduction really said it all. this is very good news for hobby yifts and ists but it's potentially bad news for people who are concerned about safety and other
3:34 pm
issues. this year at the consumer electronics show in vegas, we saw at least 16 different drone makers showing off their different wares. and we're seeing more and more people, if you walk outside in certain states you can see people flying them in parks, wherever they can. i think we're definitely seeing kind of an explosion in this personal or consumer drone market. >> you know the drone industry is predicting $82 billion in economic impact creating 100,000 jobs in the next decade. are we just going to be surrounded by drones? >> well there's still a lot to figure out in terms of regulation and different types of drones come into play here. companies such as google and amazon being looking at drones for deliveries, we may see that.
3:35 pm
but the regulations still need to be sorted out. last year in to 14 around ten different states enacted new rules around drones but at the federal level we're still waiting to see the faa issue the final safety rules around these things. >> what are drone manufacturers doing to respond to security issues, like the one we saw at the white house? >> that's a great question. in some cases they are disabling features that would allow somebody to fly a drone into unregulated territory ar territory we are not supposed to be. a lot of these drones, the personal ones the consumer ones cannot even fly above 400, 500 feet. so you don't have to worry about those going into general aviation air spaces. in some instances, one company -- actually there's a fly-by database built into the drones so the drone knows to not go within five miles of any airport.
3:36 pm
that's an example of a company taking that extra step to make sure it's not going into a space that is going to interfere with aircraft or harm someone. >> are drones dangerous? can they be equipped with weapons? >> well, yes, i think they could be equipped with weapons. there are different types of danger that we're talking about. we're talking about people flying drones with mchl almal intent. then you're talking about this idea of some people really just don't know how to fly these things. have you ever tried to fly one? they are not exactly easy to fly if you're not used to flying one. you may crash it into a house or building without even meaning to. >> you know president obama says there's not really a regulatory structure for drones right now. listen. >> i've actually asked the faa to examine how are we managing this new technology because the drone that landed on the white
3:37 pm
house you can buy at radio shack. >> you know broadly speaking what rules are in place right now? >> well it depends. if you're talking about a personal drone, there are certain places or states in which you can go out to the park on the weekend and you can fly a personal drone. in some cases they can be used for commercial purposes although that hasn't necessarily deterred people like real estate agents and other people from using them. when you go abroad you look at different regulations as well. some drone makers in the u.s. are pushing their wares to japan or places there because their rules are much more loose in terms of how they can be used. it's a state by state thing. you really need to check your local laws and rules around this and then ultimately hopefully we'll see some sort of federal regulations and new rules enacted. >> lauren thank you for your
3:38 pm
time tonight. >> thanks al. still ahead, the first lady's big statement in support of women's rights. why bill clinton is talking about people calling him adam. and an apple bombshell that is redefining success in america. conversation nation is next. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. we need a bigger car.
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nation. joining me tonight, political editor for roll call retired u.s. navy captain and radio host stephanie miller. thank you all for being here tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> thanks, rev. >> we start with a story getting a lot of attention on social media today. the president and first lady were in saudi arabia to offer condolences on the death of king abdullah. and as you see, the first lady wasn't wearing a head scarf. saudi women are required to cover their heads. but foreign women don't have to follow the same guidelines. but it set off a firestorm on social media and even got its own #michelleobamaunveiled. but she was getting support from
3:43 pm
unlikely allies. senator cruz tweeted "kudos to floutus for standing up for women and refusing to wear sharia-mandated head scarf in saudi arabia. nicely done." stephanie, what do you think? fashion statement, both? >> it's making very disturbed. i think you said it rev. it's their tradition, not ours. she just forewent the scarf, like laura bush did the last time that she was there. >> that's important. and we should note that in 2010 michelle obama visited malaysia where she did wear a head scarf, wes. does that give any indication whether she was trying to make a political statement yesterday or not? >> to be honest rev, i think the bigger political statement
3:44 pm
would have been had she worn one. secretary rice did not wear one, as was indicated earlier, laura bush did not wear one prior. i honestly think that what michelle obama was doing was going over there to pay respects and again it would have made a bigger splash had she chosen to wear one in that situation. she hadn't done it before. others had not done it before. i don't think this is as big of a deal as people would have made it out to be. >> it was mentioned about kond condoleezza rice but angela merkel met the king without a head scarf in 2010. hillary clinton met the foreign minister in 2012 without one. kond condoleeza rice. should there be any discussion about why michelle obama was not wearing a head scarf? >> i think it's always open for
3:45 pm
discussion. we cover congress. so if there's some agreement between ted cruz and the white house on something, we'll be happy to talk about that. it's such a rare thing these days. most importantly, it was the smart thing for the white house to do. look at the alternative. if she had donned a head scarf, it would have been blast around the world and been very bad for the white house. >> all right. let's move on and get a show of hands right now from this panel, who here has an iphone? >> guilty. >> yep. >> yep. >> well you're not alone. today apple announced between october and december they sold 74.5 million iphones. that's 12 million more than they expected to sell. imagine this. that comes out to 30,000 iphone solds every hour for three months.
3:46 pm
wes, what an american success story. how did they do it? >> well i think apple did it by understanding the basic tenants of -- to be successful, you either need to be the first, the biggest or the best. apple has basically stead, we're going to then try to target all three of those different things with a product that we put out. actually, though what is interesting about apple and how it relates to all of this stuff is this. apple's products are not cheap. they are not the cheapest products on the market and apple is very proud of that. it says a lot about the type of economy that we have seen the fact that apple's market share has continued to grow also as you watch the economy continue to grow. as you continue to have more and more people, both in the united states and asia answer teringentering the middle class, they are riding that wave as well. >> that's a good point. shira, how did they do it? >> i think it proves that size
3:47 pm
does matter. as people move towards electronic devices and they are only wanting to carry one electronic around, they wanted a bigger device. but i think it's particularly interesting that the sales were huge, in part because sales in china were so massive. >> that's right on the point that you just made. you know steve jobs had said in 2010 that no one wanted to buy a 5-inch phone. he told reporters, quote, you can't get your hand around it. no one's going to buy that. how ironic is it that apple's having its greatest success with a bigger phone? shir a shira? >> it is saying something but currently that's not what people want with their smartphones and it's especially interesting for apple because they have a better market share compared to android and they are starting to compete
3:48 pm
more. >> what would former president clinton's title be? he said i could be called adam adam as in the first man. interesting choice. >> steph, what do you think, is adam a good choice. >> wes, political says bill clinton is preparing for the job very seriously. they write, bill clinton is already deeply engaged in the campaign, warning that jeb bush is a real threat while chris christie is probably just a side show. how important is it that he is so involved in the campaign
3:49 pm
already, wes? >> well i think it's important because bill clinton is one of the best political minds that we've seen in a generation and it's very important for him because i think his wife's success is very important. this is not just about how the democrats will perform in 2016 for president clinton, the former president. it's also about the love of his life. it's about his wife. and so i think he's taking this very seriously because this is his wife that he's now talking about. >> he definitely has a great political mind but let me ask you this shira. the type first man, first dude adam? what should he be called? >> you know you can say what you want about sarah palin but she always called her husband first dude. i thought that was a fun title to give her guy. but he doesn't even hide the fact that he's obviously thought about this before.
3:50 pm
he's probably thought about it a lot before. and that's just so bill clinton. >> bill clinton thinking about politics, really? >> thinking about being the first dude or first man adam, if you will. everyone stay with me. the big game is days away but the commercial game already kicked off. the controversies and the fun. next. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
3:51 pm
we're back with the panel,
3:52 pm
shira, wes and stephanie. who's ready for the game? >> me! go seattle! >> you're looking at the stadium in arizona where the super bowl is just four days away. the commercial already kicked off. a 30-second ad runs about $4.5 million. this year we've got everything from kim kardashian making fun of herself for t-mobile to a controversial go daddy ad that's already been pulled to a budweiser tugging at heartstrings to carl's junior with a risque ad we can't even though it to you. stephanie, what do you think about the ads? >> they charge for the ads, that takes some inflated balls to charge for an ad.
3:53 pm
they are going to have 120 million people watch to make the ads worth that. but it's mostly what i watch for, is the ads. >> shira, a controversial go daddy super bowl ad has already been pulled. let's check it out. ♪ >> look it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home. >> ship him out! >> they had to pull that one shira. >> yeah. and it's so painful. no one wants to know where their puppies come from right? people realize that puppy mills are a terrible industry really hate this ad. no wonder they pulled it. it was supposed to be like the
3:54 pm
budweiser ad. >> let's watch this. ♪ ♪ >> i mean wes, it just brings me back to when i was looking for my dog. i mean it's so touching. >> bring out the tissues, right? bring out the tissues. it's a beautiful ad. i tell you what there's another ad that is going to be airing that is the dove ad which is showing fathers and their kids and that is an ad i think that is going to be one of the most powerful ones and talks about
3:55 pm
how real men are the ones who are there for their kids. that is an ad that you watch and it totally brings tears to your eyes. >> well, i'm with that one. that one is the real one and i am also with -- i'm so happy i did find my dog. there's no joke to me about animal rights and loving your pet. shira, wes -- >> don't feel bad about being sensitive. i think i ovulated when i saw that ad and i think i'm too old to ovulate. >> i'll leave that there. super bowl is on sunday. justice delayed but not denied for the friendship nine. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom,
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3:58 pm
now -- [ applause ] >> that was the scene earlier today in south carolina when a judge finally set right a miscarriage of justice from 1961. nine african-american men staged a sit-in at a whites only lunch in rockhill south carolina, to protest. they became known as the friendship nine. >> i remember being grabbed by my belt and thrown to the floor and dragged out of the store. >> by whom? >> police officers. >> when they put me in the cell and closed that door you know you're in trouble. >> the men were thrown in jail. but instead of posting bail they chose to serve out their 30-day sentence of hard labor on a chain gang.
3:59 pm
their jail no bail strategy re-energized the civil rights movement. >> it embarrassed the nation why you put nine kids in jail. >> we were sitting in the right place at the right time to do the right job. >> the judge who expunged their conviction today was actually the nephew of the judge who sent them to jail all those years ago. today he was celebrating the friendship nine for their courage by sitting down at that lunch counter, they were taking a stand for everyone's civil rights. >> we were simply students tired of the status quo. tired of being treated like second-class citizens. we got tired of that. >> they were sick and tired of being sick and tired.
4:00 pm
sometimes it takes decades for them to say that you are right. it is those people with all kinds of background and races that make a nation great. friendship nine ended up being expunged from a conviction and helped convict a nation to fairness. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. invitation to trouble. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. remember when supreme court justice potter stewart was asked about his standards on pornography and he said i know it when i see it i think a lot of us had reaction to


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