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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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good year glim p. >> have fun, cheer on your team and keep it a no drone zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. ♪ good day, everyone we begin with breaking news in mexico city. an explosion outside a maternity and children's hospital. officials say a gas tank truck exploded outside the building leveling part of the building. at least seven people have been killed 54 others injured, including children. officials say other people may be buried under the rubble. joining us by phone, jose martinez for the mexico city mayor. what is the latest? what do you know about casualties. >> andrea the latest information is the efforts
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continue. the army is involved because there's so many people still under the wreck ageage. the explosion began at 7:05 when a tank -- the hospital with gas. there's no information about the cause of the accident but it may be we need to confirm this but maybe was something flowing out the tanker some gas that made the explosion to the hospital. so for now, there's 71 people taken out from the hospital. we have 25 at least injured in several hospitals around the area. and we have about seven people dead. four babies and two adults. three adults.
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>> as far as the children from the hospital they are being moved elsewhere? >> excuse me. >> the children who were patients in the hospital, those surviving, are they being moved elsewhere safely? >> yes, this hospital have a lot of people inside. some people were taken out and just four minors are dead and three adults. the injured people were taken to other hospitals in the area. >> thank you, so much our good wishes to you on this rescue effort. rescue and recovery. jose martinez from the mayor's office in mexico city. thank you so much. and meanwhile, the isis deadline is now. no word on whether they are about to trade two hostages a jordanian pilot and japanese journalist for a woman serving a life sentence in jordan for her part in a terror bombing in amman. evan coleman, senior partner at
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flash point global partners. the latest video, is there any way to date it? what jordan is demanding before they release this woman, a failed suicide bomber they don't want to release her until they have proof of life. how will this work? >> it looks like it was filmed in the last few hours, last 24 hours and this could explain also the disjointed process which this video or audio recording was released. it was released in a crude for mat, which is not usually what they releases. but it clearly is authentic. now in terms of why would they want her, it's a question. she wasn't a high ranking al qaeda operative. she was the widow of one of al qaeda's most senior operatives killed in november of 2004. she obviously attempted to serve as a suicide bomber and failed and ran away. doesn't exactly seem the heroic type for isis to demand the
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freedom of. one of the explanations is that isis is trying to put pressure on the government of jordan and get them to negotiate with them because that's a propaganda coup for them. >> evan if jordan does this rerelease this woman, a notorious figure there. this is breaking ranks, except of course we should point out that the u.s. traded five taliban for boeing bergdahl. >> it's very difficult to reconcile it. the white house has had a problem with that as well. and there's no doubt the u.s. does not want to negotiate with isis and the idea of jordan, one of our closest allies trading a suicide bomber for captured hostages is not necessarily a policy we could see this government following. one of the questions is how will this impact jordan's role in carrying out air strikes against isis targets in syria. the family of the pilot has been very upfront in saying at least for the benefit of the cameras that jordan has no business
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fighting enemies outside of its own borders. will domestic pressures in jordan force them out of this alliance with the united states in terms of striking targets in syria? and how will that also impact other countries within the alliance such as the kingdom of saudi arabia and emirates et cetera. >> a prominent jordanian family were protesting wanting king abdullah to make this trade yesterday and at the same time it's very controversial. ayman mohyeldin joins you now. ayman, we also have some audio from the japanese hostage's wife. he's a journalist and she issued this recording overnight. let's play a little bit of that. >> my husband and i have two very young daughters. our baby girl was only three weeks old when ken ji left. i hope our oldest daughter who is just two, will get to see her
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father again. i want them both to grow up knowing their father. i fear this is the last chance for my husband. and we now have only a few hours left left. >> if this woman is released what is the signal? it's a propaganda coup again for isis. and she could become such a symbol. she was a failed suicide bomber an em barsment but now could be a symbol of someone who got out as they trying to recruit other women. >> you could expect isis will jump on this and use this for propaganda purposes and in the sense they will only not only have this person returning to their midst a hero if they describe her as such but also they'll be able to say they managed to get the jordanian government to release her.
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that in itself is going to as evan mentioned raise questions about the alliance that's now involved in fighting isis whether there may be some cracks in it in terms of their willingness to continue with the operation that doesn't seem at this point to have a clear end in sight. on a symbolic level, it will be very significant for isis and continue to drive the demand for them to capture and kidnap hostages from all different types of either journalists or combatants fighting in this war. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you very much. evan coleman, we'll be on alert watching for any information as this deadline comes and passes. the fbi is intensifying its search for who sent tweets threatening to blow up u.s. passenger planes. at least 20 threats mentioning specific flights were made since saturday, including bomb threats in the name of isis. all planes and passengers and bags were searched. no bombs found.
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delta flight 1061 from los angeles to orlando was diverted to dallas after someone tweeted, we're isis and we are here. passenger sara chof nick read the tweet while flying. >> to see someone say we're isis and on the plane, that was terrifying. you don't know if someone looks suspicious or not. >> tom costello joins us from the washington newsroom. they have to take this seriously, but it does appear that this is some sort of horrific joke, some prankster breaking the law and potentially causing real harm. >> incidentally we have omitted part of the tweet. there was more explicit language but we opted to not show all of that. these were direct threats against specific planes and they were saying what they plan to do to the planes. we believe by our count, we have almost two dozen flights already, two dozen over the
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course of two weeks by someone else's county heard earlier today there could be as many as 50. it is clearly a problem. the federal authorities tell us all indications are that this is a prank, a hoax. and then a copycat or series of copycats. they do not at this point believe this is a terrorist action. however, they have to take this extraordinarily seriously as you see by the videos. you have individuals who have to be taken off the planes and plane parked on an isolated location and bring in the fbi and local police and s.w.a.t. team and search with dogs. you're inconveniencing thousands of passengers so many planes affected. in addition you're costing the airlines tens and thousands and hundreds and thousands of dollars per event. so the fbi's job is to try to go through the bread crumbs if you will from these electronic trails from the twitter accounts and looking for all of the signs that may point to one individual
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suspect or more but of course there's also concern that somebody's account may have been hacked. so this is a very big challenge for the fbi cyber team. >> and of course i heard jeh johnson say there could be real risk. someone could get so upset they could have a heart attack. f-17s have been scrambled, you could have other accidents. this was -- whoever is doing this, is really crazy and it is a violation of federal law and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> it's very high stakes and five-years in prison per offense if convicted and quarter million dollar fine per offense. if there's one individual or series of them they've racked up already quite a potential bill and also jail time. >> and briefly, we have a follow-up on one of other big stories, airasia, the black box indicating who was in the cockpit at the controls. >> at the controls.
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we now believe it was in fact according to the black box information that has been released by the indonesian's it was a co-pilot flying the plane. that is not unusual, but he had only 2300 hours in the cockpit compared to his seat mate the captain who had well in excess of that by one count, i saw -- i don't want to give the number. it may not be accurate. suffice to say the captain had many, many years of experience but it was the co-pilot flying it. the evidence right now suggest that the plane for whatever reason was involved in a very steep climb. we don't know if that's because there was some sort of dramatic updraft that literally pulled the plane up or pushed the plane up or whether the co-pilot or pilot made some mistake. did they pull it back? when you do that when you create a very steep climb, ire creating conditions for a stall. all of the evidence right now
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suggests the plane did stall and then came down in a rather dramatic fashion. tom costello thank you so much for all of that. and still to come here, politics. is hillary clinton delaying the launch of a formal campaign? we'll take a deep dive into her strategy. this is "andrea mitchell reports." only on msnbc. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue
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. the white house is furious that israel's prime minister netanyahu and speaker boehner for inviting netanyahu to speaker before congress. house democrat leader nancy pelosi even called netanyahu to pass him the message, this is a bad idea. >> this is a serious big honor
9:16 am
we extend that it should be extended two weeks before an election in a country without collaboration of the leaders of congress and without collaboration with the white house, is not appropriate. >> that's what she told netanyahu. i'm joins by nicholas burns. nick this is really unusual. you and i have been around a long time watching diplomacy. you don't ip vit a foreign leader to speak to congress without checking with the state department or white house? >> i think it's ill considered on all sides. look at it from netanyahu's perspective perspective, he strengthened the labor party in israel before an election. they oppose this. he's divided his own country and caused a major riff with the white house. the best decision he could make now would be to gracefully withdraw because he doesn't want israel to be the subject of partisan bickering in the united
9:17 am
states and wants to strengthen and should want to strengthen israel's position with the white house and with the current american president who has two years left on his term. >> i think the calculus that so concerned on iran and believes he could create a bipartisan coalition and has a lot of support among the democrats, to try to impose new sanctions on iran which the administration believes and most diplomats involved in the process believes would blow up nuclear talks that have been twice extended. >> right, and i think he also has to consider this andrea. he's got to worry about his relationship with president obama and secretary kerry. he needs to work with them. so i see this from two perspectives. two more reasons why i think it's ill considered. for us to invite him, for the united states to invite him, congress two weeks before an israeli election is our interfering in a way with that israeli election. how do you think the labor party feels about this.
9:18 am
and also i think at a critical time in our national debate which way to go with iran as iran talks reach their climate tick point, is also interference in our politics. all around bad decision. i haven't seen anything like it in decades of observing life in washington between congress and executive branch. it's always difficult to balance, as you well know where does congress's role fit in foreign policy but clearly you cannot have 535 members in effect trying to negotiate on iran. you have to entrust our president and as someone who worked in the bush administration on the iran issue, i think the president's policy is quite close to where president bush was in his second term. i think we ought to be trying to accent wait bipartisanship. >> i want to ask you about the president claiming that vladimir putin is isolated by american and european sanctions. what we're seeing now is violations of the ceasefire.
9:19 am
ukraine under fire from russian backed separatists. what is putin up to? he's under economic pressures from falling gas prices and striking out stronger than ever. >> he appears to be doubling down on his ukraine bet. he has put several thousand russian forces across the border in the last two weeks. they've taken on donetsk airport and they've been shelling mariopol. this is a gross violation of the united nations charter and deserves a response a complicating factor is this new government radical left government which is close to the russians and threatening to block the eu sanctions. that's something the united states and europe need to work on trying to get the new greek government to come around. >> could things get any worse? than you very much nick burns from harvard. when the current air force one was delivered back in 1990 the soof yet union was still around.
9:20 am
nelson mandela has just released from prison. now the next president of the united states, whoever that may be will take delivery of the next presidential aircraft. the pentagon has announced the contract as you might expect went to the american company, boeing. the next air force one will be the latest generation of planes the 747-800 series. now there's this annoy and shocking and frustrating some reactions from the university of virginia to a new order by the troubled school's authorities and national sorority chapters. what that's all about coming up. grandpa bode, grandma said you used to be out of control. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control.
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there's another uproar on university of virginia campus. it's over a ruling from the
9:24 am
national organization of a campus sorority that the young women should stay away from fraternity houses this weekend. presumably to protect them against any sexual assault incidents. the women are angry that they are being singled out when there's no similar injunction against the men. nbc's erika hill reports from the university of virginia campus. >> reporter: good afternoon. there's strong reaction both here on campus and online. yet many of the sorority women we spoke to would not talk to us on camera out of fear of backlash and didn't want us mentioning the names of their sorority. they call it annoying shocking even frustrating but do plan to comply. it isn't just the women who are members of sorority who are outraged. the calls on campus for change are growing louder. misguided, offensive, a stack backwards, just a few of the reactions to a new direct directive aimed at the 16
9:25 am
sororities. members told to steer clear of all involvement with campus fraternities this saturday as the frats welcome new members on bid night. >> the idea still so dangerous that nobody can come. it's not worth it. >> greek life was reinstated at uva two weeks after after being shot down in november after a discredited rolling stone article about an alleged rape. the school and students acknowledge the need for a broader discussion about safety and sexual violence. new rules for greek events were created and agreed to as a condition of reinstating sororities and fraternities. then last week from national sorority offices. >> i think it's a huge step backwards in terms of basic women's rights i was kind of offended. >> reporter: a petition was quickly created online. as of late wednesday, more than 2100 signatures. instead of addressing rape and sexual assault at uva, it reads,
9:26 am
this mandate perpetuates the idea that women are inferior sexual objects. uva law student clair collins didn't hesitate to add her name. >> with security and safety for most in mind but the way it comes down seems like an extension of a victim blaming mentality. >> in a statement to nbc news the university of virginia said the mandate is quote, a matter between the national organizations and their local chapters. while the national conference which represents the sororities but did not issue the mandate said it supports alternative options on saturday as a matter of safety. an approach that didn't set with jaelyn ross. >> now we're sort of throwing it out and assuming it's as dangerous as it ever has been. >> reporter: the student council reached out hoping to get them on campus on friday for a resolution on the mandate.
9:27 am
they haven't heard back from all of them but confident they will before tomorrow. meantime just this morning, the president of the university of virginia issuing a separate statement to reiterate the fact the school is not a part of this decision and restating her faith in the school students and their abilities to make sound judgments regarding safety. andrea? >> thanks to erika hill for that update. we're less than a month away from the oscars and the latest buzz is all about clint eastwood's "american sniper", star bradley cooper's portrayal of the late chris kyle. late night on last word lawrence o'donnell talked to a former army sniper about the perception of chris kyle in the film and his own experiences on the battlefield. >> i had a lot of friends, professionals, soldiers that i worked with every day that i respect the hell out of that have the same opinions that the character in the movie does. it's one of the ways we have to protect ourselves to be able to
9:28 am
go out there every day and leave the gate and believe you're doing the right thing. it's soul hurting and moral injury involved when you start to lose that idea and i think that's the dangers of the american public not holding our decision makers accountable and making sure we don't send our soldiers to war when all peaceful solutions haven't been exhausted. >> that was gar receipt talking to lawrence and he'll be back tonight on your show. lawrence o'donnell joins me now. this is such an interesting and complex issue because when we talk about films, we're talking about entertainment, presumably theatrical films. we had that discussion with "selma", yet this film is about a critical issue in contemporary american life. one that is still being debated politically. >> yeah, "selma" has in some
9:29 am
ways the advantage and disadvantage of being relatively distant history. the big argument developed there and for me i -- this is always the lesson of movies are not history books and there's never been a historical movie, movie based on a true story that has ever been completely accurate. the big argument with "selma", the tone of lbj's dialogue the president's dialogue in the oval office that was the whole controversy. with this movie, to compare it to "selma", it is as if martin luther king was meeting with abe ram lincoln. this movie has invented characters and some of the most important characters in the dynamics in the movie are invented and their relationship to the pro nagnist are invented. i think what's driving the discussion about it is the more
9:30 am
you understand how far from the recorded truth of this -- and by the way, i don't think there is a useable recorded truth of this because i don't actually believe a lot of statements in the book that this is based on. that wasn't written by chris kyle. it was written by two ghost writers for chris kyle who were credited on the book. i think chris kyle says things in the book that are probably not true. jesse ventura successfully sued chris kyle for saying things that weren't true, for example. let's pretend there is an available truth here. this movie departs from it wildly and what people are realizing in that is that clint eastwood and jason hall the screen writer couldn't find a good movie to make within the available truth of the story told in the book. so they had to change the so-called facts of the story in
9:31 am
order to make it work as a movie. i appreciate that. that happens in movie script discussions all the time. they never from the start set out to make an accurate movie. they are very plain about that in the discussions they've had within the industry within industry publications and jason hall saying he wanted to make a western. sure clint eastwood wanted to make a western. that's the way they talk about movies. in the development discussions of movies, they very rarely talk about how accurate we need to make this movie, there's never a prize awarded in hollywood for the movie that is most accurate most faithful to history. >> and just to quote bradley cooper about the movie he wrote, it's not a political discussion about war even it's a discussion about the reality, his point of view. and the realities that people are coming home and we have to take care of them. that focuses on the ptsd aspect and that is a reality we have to deal with about our veterans and
9:32 am
do a lot of reporting on that. clint eastwood wrote at the producers guild award breakfast, the biggest anti-war statementny film can make is to show what war does to the people who have to go back into civilian life like chris kyle did. there's that aspect. to challenge the film as you and your guest did last night in a very interesting conversation is not to challenge the heroism of those soldiers who were snipers and are snipers and involved? iraq were involved in iraq and afghanistan. it's to talk about this case. >> yeah and listen i understand both of those comments from bradley cooper who by the way, this movie is absolutely worth seeing just for bradley cooper's performance. it is absolutely brilliant work for him. he deserves all of the praise he's getting for that. it is a good movie. that's the view of it. it's a good movie with for me flaws, that if i were writing that movie, there were different
9:33 am
directions i would have taken at certain points in the script. not necessarily big ones. i mean things like three or four more lines in some of the arguments that occur in the movie. in every argument that occurs in the movie, basically it's an argument with the protagonist where he is pro war and he wins every one of those arguments. no one has a comeback to him saying, if we don't fight these savages here in iraq they will be -- we will have to fight them in san diego in new york. now, that is an utterly preposterous statement to make but i get it and get why a soldier would make it and think it. it's the film maker's decision to end that dialogue on that line with him winning that argument and that is both a dramatic choice and inhe have
9:34 am
itably -- the college student i saw it with thought it was completely anti-war movie. i get that. movies and artists often have effects that are unintended. so what we're discussing here i think all falls within the legitimate purview of movie criticism. without even getting political about it. >> fascinating stuff. and i know lawrence you'll have more tonight. we'll all be watching. thank you so much for coming in today. be sure to watch lawrence o'donnell this evening on "the last word" 10:00 eastern when he welcomes garrett back to the show. meanwhile, health officials in california and arizona are closely monitoring a measles outbreak which has grown to 95 cases. 79 of those infections are in california. 52 can be linked directly to disneyland. a northern california couple is asking school officials to ban unvaccinated kids from attending classes. their 6-year-old son is in remission after battling
9:35 am
leukemia and very vulnerable to infection. >> my husband just got up and said, that's great, we get it. but what about also asking parents to immunize their children before they come to school. it's a similar issue. it's a health risk. >> and meanwhile in arizona, health officials say the outbreak has reach aid critical point. they are monitoring 1,000 people including 200 children who could have been exposed to measles in a phoenix ar urgent care center. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. we'll be right back.
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all of the potential republican candidates are jockeying for position in iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton's unofficial campaign is on cruise control with no real competition propelling her into a formal announcement unless you of course count the shadow campaign to get elizabeth warren to run. joining me now, ruth marcus and
9:39 am
"new york times" political reporter amy chosic. you wrote about today how the republicans have an interest some of the libertarians and others to see clinton have to face elizabeth warren. what is their strategy? >> you're seeing conservatives, huckabee rush limbaugh swooning over elizabeth warren not because of her polecies. they see her as the best chance to weaken hillary clinton and push hillary clinton to the left, maybe to an uncomfortable place that could get her off message and turn off independent voters in a general election. >> in fact though hillary clinton some would argue needs some competition, she's better when she's tested. elizabeth warren isn't going to be that competition in name because whatever she is doing is kind of circling but not declaring. but even though she says she's not running, just her celebrity and her prominence is pushing
9:40 am
hillary clinton to the left. >> sure and what i would say to amy is very interesting story about the republicans in their dreams is elizabeth warren running. you're totally correct, she's not going to do that. she's in a very strong position especially because there is no real clinton alternative that's emerged from the democratic presidential race to be the lone star to which hillary clinton's views are measured. and so she has a lot of power by not running. maybe even more than she would have in the longer term by running because if she were to run when she's not going to do she would not win. >> and bill clinton was on of all things rachael ray's show today. at least it aired here today. he was asked about hillary's running. >> i love my wife whatever she wants to do i'm for. i think it would be good for the country. because she's ablist person i
9:41 am
ever worked with. if she decided not to do it i would give her the bucket list and start checking them out. >> that's right, start checking them off. >> that could be a factor the family factor. the "new york times" wrote there's going to be an unusual charitable luncheon so mitt romney and ann romney are going to be at the new york luncheon, fundraiser with chelsea clinton and her husband, that's an unusual coupleing. >> that's right, after mitt romney made attacks against hillary clinton yesterday in mississippi. they are going to do a chair charitable lunch with the romneys. we'll see some bipartisan support there. ruth, what about the timing of hillary clinton, she may not roll this out any time soon she could even wait until july. >> what's the rush? she's announcing she's running
9:42 am
against who? there's -- she's in a terrific position once she announces there will be sort of more demand for campaign schedule less opportunity to make those very lucrative speeches. but anybody who doesn't think at the top of bill clinton's bucket list is running again via his wife and helping her get elected president, doesn't know bill clinton. that's what he was doing on rachael ray. he's thin now, it wasn't for the food. >> ruth marcus thanks so much. amy, your guestimate or reporting on when she might announce, spring summer fall? >> i thought it was interesting in the political story today is the idea she could launch a exploratory committee, file all of the legal painperwork and there is a big splashy announcement in the summer. i agree there's no rush right now. it doesn't seem like she's going to have a real competitor at this moment she has to compete for money with and she can make splashy announcement.
9:43 am
i also think -- i talked to people in iowa who are sort of anxious for her to go there and ask for votes. very needy those iowa democrats. so i think she has to not wait too long. >> i was there for the fry and they weren't perthrilled with her performance, not in the retail campaign mode enough to satisfy them. >> i talked to people who said don't come here and play coy, ask for my vote. >> exactly. >> amy, great to see you, thanks so much for joining us today and ruth marcus. tens and thousands of people are going to be heading to arizona this weekend for the super bowl. we'll go live to glendale for a report on security operations as the teams put the finishing touches on their game plan. this is msnbc.
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i think the key is vigilance and we devoted a lot of resources and effort to making sure this event is safe and secure. we had a successful event last year though it was a lot colder. and i believe we're going to have a successful event this year. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson expressing security ahead of the super bowl this sunday. ron mott is live in glendale. getting ready for the super bowl, tsa has sent out its list of things prohibited on the plane when you're even flying to phoenix. and we want to share that with you. no air horns, that would be like caring hairspray, no concealed flarvegs or propane tanks. gee, can't carry a propane tank and food items include, not allowed to bring in salad dressing and crab dip and peanut butter and cheeses. how are we going to tailgate?
9:48 am
>> reporter: exactly, a lot of people will have their stuff confiscated because the security is going to be super, super tight on super sunday as it always is. especially in light of the recent attacks over in europe. the officials working security here, they are at high alert. the folks coming here need to make sure they pay attention to all of those advisories. the game is on sunday at 8:30 or so eastern time. folks are encouraged to get to the stadium as early as they possibly can because the lines and queues to get in will be very long. you've got to be wanded and bags will be inspected by officials and it takes a process to get in. last year we were online in folks with new york and it took some people a couple of hours to get into the game. so if you've got tickets, you're lucky enough to get tickets, get there on time. >> at least they won't be freezing. to any nfl game you have to carry only a small plastic bag, not a real woman's purse or any
9:49 am
kind of other bag, no nap sacks and such. those procedures i assume are in play. i've never seen anything like this. we've seen domes and gotten used to that but what about this retractable artificial turf field. >> reporter: this is one of the great stadiums in the league. they've built a field, a tray that essentially takes natural gas, natural grass not a field term for artificial service. they roll it out into the arizona sun. it is turf from alabama, they grow it in the sun. and it's a beautiful patch of grass, probably the greenest grass in the entire state of arizona is back here. then at game time they roll it back in. it takes 40 minutes to get that whole tray in there. it's about 3 feet tall and they water -- it's got a great system. what the one we saw last week when they had the field out there just painted it for the pro bowl game on sunday. and they overseeded to get ready
9:50 am
for this game. all of the birds in the neighborhood found out that the field had been freshly seeded. they all fly and wait on the sides and officials are using air horns to keep them from feeding on the the field. as soon as the officials left we saw the birds get right on the field and having a little buffet there. this is one of the high tech stadiums in the league. it's a great, great facility. >> feeding time for birds. i completely misspoke, it's not artificial turf. it's natural. >> reporter: it's the real thing. >> we envy your assignment but you've paid your dues with those cold winter storms up north. have fun. we'll talk to you tomorrow i hope. with all of the people heading to the super bowl if you don't have a room they are hard to come by. but some nuns in arizona are seeing this as a charity opportunity to pay it forward. we'll let rachel maddow explain. >> sister linda campbell and sisters of saint benedict have decided if you're going to glendale to watch the super
9:51 am
bowl, you can rent their monastery for 300 bucks, a nice bed, a bathroom you have to share and free wi-fi, no alcohol or smoking or swearing. the last time phoenix hosted the super bowl sister linda says the girls made about $12,000 by renting out the monastery to fans. they plumed that money back into the community. erred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement,
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9:54 am
as cleanup from the storm continues, we know the mystery man, identity of the man who shoveled the snow from the boston marathon fin irish line. he didn't want attention just a big fan of the event. >> the finish line is my favorite spot in the whole city. i wanted to go down there and dig it out. i don't think it deserves to be covered in snow. it holds a special place in everybody in boston's heart, but to me it was more about the spirit of the boston marathon and incredible amount of
9:55 am
encouragement and positivity that surrounds the event and how much people including myself love the race. >> thank you, chris. nbc's dylan dreyer is in nantucket with the latest on the cleanup there. >> reporter: hey andrea this islandwise hit hard during the storm. we saw whiteout conditions and winds gusting near 80 miles per hour. we picked up a foot foot and a half of snow. at one point the entire island was cut off in the dark. the whole island was without power. we made it on one of the first ferries over here yesterday and shared the ride with tons of utility trucks and fuel vehicles and food supplies ready to stock up shelves again. all of a sudden we're starting to see things come back to life here in nantucket. talk about the resilience yens of the new england experience most of the island has power restored. schools are back in session today as the schools did reopen. boston public schools are still closed for today and we have
9:56 am
ferry service and airport service back and forth. this area is reconnected to the mainland and everyone is really taking this one on the chin. there is the possibility we could see another storm sunday night into monday. it's the last thing this area wants to hear but it looks like right now one storm keeps it far enough to the south there it would be a glancing blow but it moves further north we have to watch it for potential snow. >> we love your report but not the forecast. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." thanks for joining us and follow us online and on twitter at mitchell reports. my colleague, ronan farrow joins us with what's up next. >> good to see you, we've got an interesting angle on a story you've probably seen making the rounds. controversy about what to do in the face of outbreaks due to a lack of vaccination, like the current measles outbreak. one headline out of that a proposal to haul parents who refuse to vaccinate into court.
9:57 am
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it is 1:00 p.m. on the east coast and 12 noon in mexico city. an explosion right outside amaternity and children's hospital. we're hearing a gas tanker was behind that blast. the sheer force of it bringing down a third of the building. we've confirmed at least seven people dead more than half of those of children. another 20 people already hurt mostly by flying debris. joining me on the phone from mexico michael o boyle, correspondent for reuters. how many people are you hearing could still be inside the home and potentially at risk? >> we are not entirely sure of that. one city official has said 100 people were in the hospital at the time of the blast. now about 60 people have been accounted for,


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