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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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get to work. >> trade agreements set the rule to the global economy. >> trade balance at minus 46.6 billion. >> that is definitely a bigger much bigger deficit than we were looking for. >> there will be a giant sucking sound going south. >> a picture of u.s. job loss resulting from our trade. >> precisely the same middle class manufacturing and technology jobs that made that american dream. >> it's the law of the jungle. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start this evening with a very important issue that absolutely no one is talking about, trade. tonight the progressive caucus the democrats are going to get together in philadelphia for
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their retreat. last week it was the democrats. this week it's the liberal wing of the democratic party. and they're going to be talking about this issue. because this issue cuts right to the fabric of the middle class in this country, and the future economic stability of a lot of americans. that's right. jobs. now you may get tired of hearing about the middle class. every politician talks about it. we seem to focus a lot on it when it comes election time. the middle class is the largest voting bloc in this country. the middle class moves the goods and services for us to have a better economy. i have done this story numerous times. i'm going to sound the alarm again. we're getting close. america is facing a massive trade deficit today. while leaders are on the verge of approving a historic and mammoth trade deal to take us down the wrong road. the transpacific partnership could literally trash our economy for millions of americans. here are the numbers.
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our december 2014 trade deficit rose to the biggest level since 2012. the commerce department said the trade deficit jumped 17% to $46.6 billion. it's the biggest percentage increase since july of 2009. yes, the global economy is here. but we have to get into the devil in the details. trade deficits are bad for jobs, and they're bad for our economy. fair trade is a different deal. now according to the economic policy institute, weak yen policies and trade deficits with japan have cost this country, the united states, roughly lyly 900,000 jobs in the year 2013 alone. our trade deficit is already sky high with countries negotiating involving in the tpp. and there's 12 of them. in 1997 our trade deficit with japan and other countries involved in the tpp was $110
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billion. in 2014 fast forward to just last year it jumped to $261 billion. you know what that equates to? american jobs and opportunities being shipped oversees. the tpp would only widen this. this is why many people in washington are quiet about it. it's no secret president obama and most republicans are on board with the tpp. it's a big wall street deal. earlier today congressman paul ryan had this to say about trade agreements. listen to his philosophy. >> when we complete a trade agreement, we strengthen our ties with the countries. our economy is stronger. our national security is stronger. it's a lot easier to live in a neighborhood that's friendly prosperous and free. >> strengthening ties with other countries. have we had problems with japan as of late. what else do we need to strengthen. this is about jobs. this is about wealthy americans
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being able to invest in emerging markets, cheap labor, and that's where the jobs grow. they're not going to grow here. we'll see a dwindling middle class and a middle class in the country that will not have the disposable income to float our boats any higher. now, as we have told you on the ed show time and time again, trade agreements kill jobs. the numbers are real. nafta alone cost this country roughly 700,000 jobs. thankfully many democrats in congress are pushing back on the tpp and meeting in philadelphia. they're the only folks that will be able to stop this. overall americans don't know enough about the dangers of this trade agreement. and no one in the media is covering this except for this show. i'm not trying to sound grandiose about it. i don't know how i could be an advocate for the middle class and ignore the tpp. on wednesday media matters released a report that i wasn't aware of. the news coverage on this has been damn near nonexistent.
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in cable news cnn and fox news mentioned the tpp only two times. here on the ed show have discussed the trade agreement on 71 broadcasts. i guess today is 72. we talk about the tpp because it directly affects middle-class jobs. that's what we want in the country. jobs can be outsourced. you can count on it. it's a bad deal. americans need to be aware of this. you need to get in touch with your representative and say wait a minute this is a sovereignty issue. this is a job issue. why in the world would you sign onto something i know damn well you haven't read. ask yourself the question. would you sign a legal document that if affected you personally without reading it? do you know an attorney that would tell you to hey, go ahead. i know you haven't read it. but go ahead and sign it. does it make sense? unfortunately it looks like the tpp will pass with very little
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or zero debate. last month, there's u.s. trade said it could be wrapped up on wednesday. the trade minister said an agreement could be reacheded in weeks. this trade deal will cover -- listen to me, 40% of the total global output of goods and services and manufacturing goods and services in the world. it will also lower tariffs on agricultural products. farmers, you're out in middle america. how in the world can you not expect your representative to read this trade agreement when it's going to affect your commodities. it's going to affect cars. it's going to affect chemicals. it's going to affect drugs. your prices will go up. if this deal passes there's no doubt more jobs will be pished
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overseas. and also it's going to bleed into the service sector. it won't take long. this idea that we have to have another trade agreement makes no sense. we might export more. yeah, big deal. but it doesn't pencil out. so here's what we have. we have the wealthiest americans who can invest in emerging markets. who can go find cheap places of service and manufacturing and technology for that matter. where people around the globe are going to work for a hell of a lot less than they would work for in america. that's what this is about. the other element of this is we stand a chance of giving up our sovereignty. there will be international laws that will undercut and supercede american law. why do we have a congress then? the congress is not going to be
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able to do anything about this. that's not the way this was supposed to be. it reminds me of the commercial on tv when the lady stands on the sofa. that's not the way this is supposed to work. our congress is supposed to pass the laws that we as american citizens have to pay attention to. so you want to know why president obama has been so quiet on this? because he can't sell it. and no one in the media is pressuring the white house. no one in the media thinks that this an exciting enough story to cover. but i will tell you this right now. if this deal goes through with the mammoth deal that it is. it is going to hurt our economy. the same way it hurt the economy when we gave china favorite nation trading status back in the late 1990s. look at the trade receive sit. where have the jobs gone there? our economy is not as good or strong as it could be.
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you can't tell me the republicans will be able to create more jobs in america if we do the tpp. this is on their watch. the conservatives are the one that wants this. they said we could find trade agreement or common ground. it's a wall street deal. it's a sellout of american workers. when we invested in american workers, the automobile industry turned around. why do we have to have a strad agreement with vietnam or other countries if it's not to the citizens advantage? are we going to get innovated by them? it makes no sense. you should be outraged that something this big and this
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impactful to our country stands the strong possibility of getting through without people in congress having access to read it to debate it to weigh in or get your pulse on it. it's almost been like there's been some media suppression on this. i think people run from it because they don't understand it. and it's pretty wonky and detailed. i will admit on this show for the 72nd time i try to present this in terms that the average joe can understand the common sense of it all. look, if you want our workers in this country to have a lesser standard of living then you want to go with the tpp. if you want to believe in american workers and emerging markets in the united states of america and strengthen our buying power and to raise the standard of living in the country so people can educate their kids so people can have retirement and health care which of course the republicans
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want to take away from everybody, so hell we got to pay for it. i mean the purchasing power of many americans will be reduced. and it amazing me the right-wing agricultural guys are never going to vote for a democrat the. never going to do that. it's your guys, the republicans, who are jamming this down the throat and are going to kill commodities. and you sit there in a fog. tpp, what's that? you're going to find out. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think about this. tonight's question. is president obama being honest about the effects that tpp will have on the middle class. text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. leave a comment on our blog. and ask yourself the critical question, why hasn't the
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president of the united states done a sit-down interview with somebody that wants to talk exclusively about trade? i don't think this president can sell it. because he knows this is a -- and for the life of me i have no idea why he continues to push this. it's amazing to me. there's no way that you could be an advocate for the middle class and support the tpp. there's an absolute here. there's an absolute. and there's a track record of trade agreements that we have gotten into time and time again that have done nothing for the middle class in this country. a few people are sounding the alarm alarm. i want you to pay attention to the caucus in philadelphia. we need to debate this. we need to vet this. senator bernie sanders of vermont joins us tonight.
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senator, thanks for being with us. >> great to be here. >> senator, what's the latest on the currency manipulation in the tpp agreement from what you hear? >> well, it's hard to say. let me just say this ed i think everything that you said is spot on. the idea we would go forward with another larger trade agreement when all of the other trade agreements have failed the american working class is beyond comprehension. it's hard to buy products made in the united states millions of decent paying jobs are gone. why would anyone vote for a trade agreement that forces american workers to compete against the people in vietnam who have a minimum wage of 56
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cents an hour. it's crazy. and point number two. i'm glad you made it. the media has been pathetic on this issue. it's an issue of huge consequence. you would think there would be a national discussion in the media on this. you are one of the very few people who actually talks about this trade agreement. and thirdly, this idea. you know it's interesting to me ed. the proponents of this including the president, no longer bother to talk about how it's going to create jobs. they know that ain't true. now you have other ideas. it's going to bring the world closer together. improve relations with japan. that's nonsense. and so the other point is the first part of this thing is fast track. giving the president the authority to negotiate the trade
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agreement. i as a senator, or any member of the congress we cannot even look at the agreement in terms of copying down provisions. in terms of bringing experts in with us to look at this highly legal and complicated document. we're not allowed to do that. so as a starting point, no member of congress should think about voting for fast track when you don't know what the hell is in the agreement. >> senator, last week democratic leader in the house nancy pelosi said this. she said the burden is on the the white house to demonstrate this is good for american paychecks. that tells me she has nod been sold by the white house that this is the right thing to do. that there needs to be real clarification on what this is going to do to them. why hasn't the white house sold this to the american people if it encompasses 40% of the
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economy? zbr because the president is honest and he can sell it. they're going to create all of these jobs. people don't bother making those arguments anymore. the president's point of view is we are where we are. in in a sense the best we can do. that's about it. i believe we need to rethink our trade agreements. we need to demand that corporate america, instead of investing in china, start investing in the united states. we have to start producing those products here in united states of america. i don't think that's a radical america. i don't think it's what we have to do. >> it's not radical at all, senator. good to have you with us
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they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser. nasa's latest mission didn't make headlines when it launched last week. . but the new satellite could have a major impact on all of our lives. here's more on the snap mission. >> and liftoff of the delta two rocket. >> oh snap. >> snap is an acronym for soil moisture active passive. it's a satellite that studies the earth's moisture content. >> the smap is nasa's latest
2:21 pm
tool. this will help us with climate change sea level rise. >> i think it has the potential to touch everyone's life. >> the satellite mission's moisture levels in the top five centimeters of moisture. they can pass the measurements. they cover a swath 1,000 kilometers wide. >> every three days we have a soil moisture map of the entire earth. >> it measures the soil critical to agriculture across the globe. >> researchers are only able to estimate with the use of global models. smap's realtime can give us better predictions. >> it will help weather forecasters and climate scientists better predict trends. >> the moisture conditions at the surface are important for inishlizing whether models that predict future rain and
2:22 pm
temperature. >> it can better help us prepare for floods and drought conditions. >> smap will alo us to track how future water availability in different regions will change. >> it will help sign tests better understand how water and carbon circulate on earth. >> they play an active and vital role in the cycle. >> smap is another example of how nasa is making a difference in people's lives around the world. >> i'm joined tonight by dr. john bolton associate program director of water resources for nasa. applied science program. also with us, paul douglas. senior meteorologist in minneapolis minneapolis. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. dr. bolton you first. this is cutting edge stuff. how does this satellite measure the water from space? >> well what's really cool is
2:23 pm
it combines both the radar measurements. and if you think of the optical camera it captures the ambient light. and it turns out the emission from the surface is very highly correlated with a volume of water in the top one o two inches of soil. >> so is this going to give us more information about what kind of weather pattern we may be looking at? whether it's more or less severe? >> well, we hope so. the most challenging thing for weather forecasting is understanding the vast complex of earth systems, the energy cycles and carbon cycles is estimating the amount of moisture in the surface. that has a direct contributor to changes in the local temperature and amount of humidity in the atmosphere. so the first time direct observations of the soil
2:24 pm
moisture. so it's really an improvement. they can really drive the forecasts towards reality. >> paul douglas, what do you think about this? is this a game changer? you have a new toy here. >> new toys are always fun. believe wholeheartedly. more data, better data is always a good thing. so if we can put high resolution data into the models. it should improve the day-to-day weather forecasts. nasa has a conallation alcostlation of remote sensing satellites. they think the moon missions. they think mars. they don't understand nasa is doing amazing keeping track of
2:25 pm
our own planet. this cycle is now on fast forward. as we heat things up even a few degrees, more rapid evaporation. that makes it harder to keep soil moisture where you need it. and so farmers agonized over that. it also means the rainfall is much harder. so knowing where drought is forming, which soils are prone to flash flooding these will all pay real dividends for american consumers in the years ahead. >> how long will it be until the satellite sends back data to be depend upon? >> there is a 90-day commission commissioning period for the satellite. we expect to receive the first data from the storm. >> so will you be able to predict with more accuracy in
2:26 pm
forecasting them about where we're going to have areas in the country. what the next three months will look like for the western portion of the united states and things like that? >> well in fact before the launch of smap a lot of the the soil predictions are weather forecasting systems. and natural floods and droughts. they were based on a secondary or an estimate of soil moisture that was model. those models are driven by other observations of precipitation and things like that. for the first time we have a direct observation. and we not only have a direct observation. but we have it every two to three days globalglobally. so being able to have a global picture. we really hope it will improve the regional forecasting of these weather models. because it's really one of the the most challenging variables to predict accurately.
2:27 pm
>> paul this is really going to affect the agriculture communities and the commodity markets markets, isn't it? information is paramount. you'll be able to tell an audience. a meteorologist will be able to tell an audience exactly how much soil moisture there is to the the exact, and this is what the expectation is. this is mind boggling. >> it is. it's a huge step forward in my humble estimation. and there will be less hand waving on the part of meteorologists when we have actually data. it's not derived. it's the the real deal. and farmer depend on soil moisture. nitrogen levels and a number of other factors when estimating yield. and it's going to become increasingly difficult to maintain soil moisture as we get into this turbo charged hydro
2:28 pm
logical cycle. one thing i can say, it's not oil. it's not gas. water is definitely going to be the most precious natural resource of the 21st century. any tools that give us a better handle on water. . >> what a great country. dr. john bolton and paul douglas, great to have you with us. coming up, the ceo of twitter talks about big changes ahead for the ceo platform? what has happened to twitter? plus, we'll talk to a friend of the ed show who attended the national prayer breakfast. we'll be right back. stay tuned. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into
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welcome back to "the ed show." appreciate all your questions from our viewers in our ask ed live segment. our first question is from sharon. who is your favorite politician?
2:32 pm
that's easy. bernie sanders. the man that led this broadcast tonight talking about the trade agreement we should not be getting involved with. i think the world of bernie. he's unspoiled. he has a very unvarnished opinion and he gives you the truth. and i wish we had more like him in washington. there's a lot of leaders that i have respect for. but, he comes to mind first. our next question is from bets. why have you never run for office? you want to know the truth? then i would have to represent people i don't like. and i think if you're going to be a public servant, you have to represent all the people. you can't just pick and choose. and there are views i'm going to have a hard time representing.
2:33 pm
you can't find for everybody, can you? besides that i have red hair. that would get many all kinds of trouble. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm kate rogers with your cnbc market wrap. stocks rallied as oil prices stabilized. the s&p adds 21. the nasdaq is up 48. the number of many earns filing for first-time jobless claims rose to a smaller than expected 11,000 to 278,000. meanwhile, a report from outplacement firm showed planned layoffs near a two-year high in january. both reports come one day before the government's closely watched employment report. that's it from cnbc, first in business world wise. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue...
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thanks for watching tonight. twitter had a tough first year as a public company. however, it's not the money that the twitter ceo is admitting we suck. earlier twitter released the fourth quarter earnings report. $479 million in revenue for the last three months of 2014. up 97% year over year. solid number. investors are more concerned about twitter's user growth. last quarter twitter saw a user growth of 20% year over year with a total of 228 million monthly act users. those numbers won't come as a big sur prize to anyone who spent time on the social media platform. twitter has evolved to something mean spirited and nasty. you can't be out in front of the public and not get it. harassment has become an accepted part of the twitter experience. every single day users face
2:38 pm
threats of physical violence sexual abuse and talking. spreading lies and trashing people's reputation as just another day at the office and an every day occurrence. twitter has been long criticized for the failure to come up with an effective policy to address the issue. the people spreading negativity have been emboldened by the lack of meaningful protections against this kind of abuse. the latest numbers make it clear. those trolls on twitter are driving users away. now twitter ceo is responding. in an internal memo obtained by the verge, costello wrote we suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we've sucked at it for years. we lose core user after core user by not addressing simple trolling issues they face every day. i take full responsibility for not being more aggressive on
2:39 pm
this front. it's nobody else's fault but mine, and it's embarrassing. i'm going to take full responsibility to make sure people working night and day on this have the resources they need to address the issue. i can't wait to see this one. joining me now in a rapid response panel, angela wry, a political strategist. and msnbc contributor and director of studies at lehigh university. great to have you both with us. twitter has really involved into character assassination. destroying people's reputations. . saying things that rbt true. and yet it has so many positive aspects to it. as a news junkie i follow twitter and follow other news organizations. you get morsel of information. you can track it down and research what's happening. how do they fix this angela? how damaging is it? the numbers don't lie, and how are they going to fix it?
2:40 pm
>> well you're right, ed. the numbers don't lie. the first step is addressing the diversity numbers they have. they are not you any by any stretch. you have to look at the fact that twitter's workforce is more than 70% male ed. when you look at the challenges people face on the race side of twitter. there are folks always being hit with racist attacks. only 3% of their staff are african-american. at some point twitter and the rest of silicon volley will have to address these numbers are abysmal and don't work in a society where people are diverse religion, there are different genders and people of different backgrounds, experience and ij. you have to have people in the environment who know how to speak to the whole of america because ordinary won't do. >> it's become a vehicle of the
2:41 pm
nasty, dr. peterson. is that america? is that really who we are? zbr well one, i think it's a global phenomenon, ed. i think somehow twitter has become the hide-out. they call them trolls. but it's a hideout for some of the most racist language and rhetoric that we see. mostly from cowards who never really reveal themselves. but angela has a great point. the company has to make a show of force in house and internally before they can begin to sort of chastise the world about the ways people use twitter. twitter is my favorite social media platform by the way. you can get information quickly. there's a lot of news sources. there's a lot of scholars on there. but there are also a lot of people and color and women on there. so twitter has the responsibility to those core users who are my diverse in terms of genter and race to provide an environment that is
2:42 pm
respectable. my one fear is i think the trolls are diminished the capacity of what twitter can be. i think the trolls have turned it into a platform where there's too much hate and not enough information being exchanged. >> i think i block more people than anybody in america. i mean, i have to be the number one blocker in america. i see a negative comment. okay, see you. i don't want to hear from you again. you nol the news organizations. and it is instant. family members can toll where you're going what you're doing, and it has so much upside. akoording to the latest research young women experience certain severe types of harassment at disproportionately high levels, including stalking and sexual harassment. how should twitter address that? i know you mentioned the company has to do something when it
2:43 pm
comes to diversity. but i guess it's the thought police. what do you do? how do you stop people from doing that? what's the technology here sf. >> i know twitter mentioned they would get rid of the folks left and right. that's the verbatim quote, i think. there also needs to be a process. i understand recently they were part of an initiative. that came up with brek pras tiss and recommendations for ensuring these folks are immediately shut down. every thyme i'm on with you or another show here i get people coming after me hard. if you they think you look cute they may ask you for a phone number. i don't want to deal with that ed. i block them too. to your point. make i'm number two. >> it's interesting. >> i look at my iphone. >> go ahead. >> it's interesting because anyone in the public has had to deal with you know these people who come at you.
2:44 pm
but as an organization it can be more proactive. i don't want them to sensor folks. if it's hate speech get rid of it. but you just mentioned their quarterly earnings. use the research to support the organizations working on behalf of women's rights and working to diminish the capacity for people to sexually assault. that working to raise awareness around these issues. so they can put their money where their mouth is literally in terms of creating a better world, period. >> james, that's a great point. sorry. >> go ahead. >> no ed. quickly. i was just going to say, to that point. they can also issue the best practices report and then promote it on twitter. there's a mechanism for promoting a tweet. they can do that. >> sure. i was going to say, you know. i look at my eye phone and say, well, there's a lawsuit. there's another lawsuit. i mean there's just so much --
2:45 pm
so much misinformation and damaging stuff that's going on. it's unfortunate that twitter is being beaten up and taken over by people like that. great to have you both with us. thanks so much. >> thank you, ed. next up pete cheryl richard sherman and snoopdogg make the drill. program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections. that's preferred rewards from bank of america. [ kevin ] this is connolly cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work
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the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get 0% financing or up to $1,000 back on the 2015 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. here we go. two-minute drill. tonight's lead story in the two-minute drill, carol's confessions. seattle seahawk's head coach pete carroll sat down for an exclusive interview with matt lauer on the "today show." here's how the coach describeded the call. >> you've heard the experts, not just average joe, say it was the worst call ever. >> it was the worst result of a call ever. the call would have been great if we caught it. it would have been fine and
2:50 pm
nobody would have thought twice about it. >> next, the legion of doom welcomes a bouncing baby boy. seattle seahawks number 25 sees his son's birth a date of significant. he tweeted out -- my son sure does know how to make an entrance, 2/5, 15. and finally drop it like it's hot. rapper snoop dogg is did dropping his aliege jeanian. >> i'm going to back him up 1,000% so i'm going to i'm going ucla 1,000%. right-wingers are upset who is hanging out at the white house. we'll have that story next. stay with us. that's why i went pro. go pro with crest pro-health. for an intensive clean. i can really feel it deep cleaning my mouth.
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. you're at home and around the world, we will constantly reaffirm that fundamental freedom, freedom of religion the right to practice our faith how we choose to change our faith if we choose to practice no faith at all if we choose and to do so free of persecution and fear and discrimination. president obama's message at this morning's prayer breakfast -- tolerance. isis released a new video showing a captured jordanian
2:55 pm
pilot being burned alive on tuesday. the president will not connect the terrorist group with the islam faith. >> as people of faith, we are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion, any religion for their own anilistic ends. >> the president met with 15 american muslim leaders on wednesday. they discussed antimuss limb discrimination and policing the meeting was closed to the press. the names of the attendees were not released for privacy reasons, cue the right-wing outrage. no one can blame the administration for sneaking privacy. here's what a member of our own congress said not so long ago. >> what we need to do is defeat islamic jihad, sadly. sadly our president has the wrong prescription. he even fails to acknowledge their motivations for bringing
2:56 pm
about jihad. yes, mr. president, it is about islam. >> president obama hosted the american muslim leaders on wednesday. one of those leaders joins us here tonight. here to talk with us who met with president obama, is dean a columnist for "the daily beast." dean, good to have you with us tonight. how did this meeting come about, and your -- and your thoughts and significance of it? >> it came about after pushing by muslim american organizations frankly for six years to meet with the president. he's met with numerous minority communities, just not with us and really it's a muslim american civil rirts organization really spearheaded this push for this. this was such an important meeting for us. we feel truly alienated, marginalized by certain people and the president bringing us in which was a listening conversation, he wanted to hear
2:57 pm
from various members in the community, to me in the media, people involved in muslim-american organizations, and we were overjoyed and proud to be there. >> you know in your column you talk about the need for democrats to speak out against hateful remarks directed at the muslim community. was this discussed and what was this the president's reaction? >> it was discussed, and, you oi asked president obama as the leaders of the democratic party, if possible to urge democrats who can, you know in safe seats perhaps, push back against some of the republican anti-muslim bigotry we see. if a republican official made an anti-semitic or homophobic remark no doubt they would stand united. bobby jindal i'm just not talking about local councilman a governor of louisiana, a week
2:58 pm
ago continuing to say there's no-go zones in europe which don't exist. fox news apologized four times saying it's not true. that's irresponsible. it's marginalizing and demonizing, and could lead to violenceant i don't say that without giving it a lot of thought. it's something i'm very concerned about. >> do you think the muslim community would resort to violent? violence? >> no i mean the other way around. the hate crimes around muslim-americans have spiked a center in joplin was fired, shots were fired, acid thrown as a muslim school in the illinois area. even in new york city where we are here a liberal bastion, graffiti, anti-muslim rhetoric. we are getting to the point where i fear that some crazed person, not a responsible person, but a crazed person
2:59 pm
hears this rhetoric legitimizes hate and the next step is violence ghent our community. i don't want to see that. >> you heard that sound bite from michele bachmann and some people think that permeates throughout the republican party. in fact the spokesperson for the republican congress congressman sho schock resigned. what's your reaction to this? >> when you see bigotry, it's not far from racism and not far from homophobia. it's the same sick perverted mind-set. you're. i see the same bigotry online on twitter that comes after me. today we're trying to stand shoulder to shoulder with interfaith leaders, the good people and hopefully president obama will inspire some democrats to stand up with us.
3:00 pm
>> thank you so much dean. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening rev. \s. >> good evening, ed thank for tuning in. the gop's alternative health car plan revealed. yes, america, the waiting is over. it's been a half decade in the making, ever since the president signed his signature achievement, the affordable care act, republicans have vowed to repeal it. and for four years, ten months and 13 days we've waited for what they put in its place. >> we'll start tomorrow with the replacement. the difference is it will lower the cost. >> we want to take a common-sense step by step approach to replacing obamacare. >> after the first of the


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