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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> tonight hitting critical mass on fast track. >> those experiences over the last 20 years, those aren't easily forgotten. the burden of proof is on us. >> later, unhinging the hillary 2016 machine. >> we now have campaign fighting without the campaign. >> one, two, three. plus farming sunshine in the golden state. >> this is a special place. it is blessed with year round sun. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start with big news on the transpacific partnership. president obama throughout his time in the white house, he has always been a guy who's not been short on detail. this is a guy who studies issues, gives a lot of deep thought to what he wants to do
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before he makes a decision but i don't get the detail on this trade agreement and the most extensive interview he has done on this has been done recently and again the president is vague. the transpacific partnership is probably the biggest economic trade deal that this country has ever done and yet it is being done in secrecy. more people in the congress are talking about. during president obama's interview with vox, he made his first extended remarks on tpp. what is amazing about this it is a lot of generic talk. he knows why the american people are skeptical of the tpp. >> this is part of the debate we're having right now in terms
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of the transpacific partnership, the trade deal that we have been negotiating. there are a lot of people who look at the last 20 years and say, why would we want another trade deal. that hasn't been good for american workers. it allowed outsourcing of american companies locating jobs in low wage china, then selling it back to walmart. yes, we got cheaper sneakers but we lost all of our jobs. >> mr. president, you use the word debate. there has been no debate about this. he laid out the case for the tpp after that sound byte. the united states is working hard to make this trade deal fair. >> my argument is twofold. number one, precisely because that horse is out of the barn the issue we're trying to deal with now is can we make for a higher bar on labor, on
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environmental standards, et cetera in that region and write a set of rules that are fairer because right now it's not fair. if you want to improve it that means we need a new trade regime. the old one isn't working for us. the second reason it is important is because the same countries we're negotiating with are the same countries that china is negotiating with. china could write the rules of trade. it means that we will be cut out. >> wait a second. if you're the biggest customer in the world, who is going to want to cut you out? it seems like we're not swinging a big enough stick here. we're the united states of america. we are the biggest customer. we have the best economy and yet
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we're dancing to somebody else's music. i don't get it. the president says this horse is out of the barn. he is talking about the global economy. we can't have any level of protection because we're in a global economy. this deal does not deal with tariffs properly. >> those experiences that arose over the last 20 years, those aren't easily forgotten and the burden of proof is on us in terms of what we're trying to accomplish. >> do you think there's been transparency with the transpacific partnership? this deal has been done in secret. nobody knows what the hell is going on. there are members of congress who have said openly and
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campaign complained they don't know what's in this deal. they hear leaks and there, but nobody gets the hard copy to see it. the president needs to explain to the american people not in a short interview, why the tpp would be different than other trade deals. so far this trade deal has been conducted in secret. according to reports, we're just weeks away. so far the american people have absolutely no details. the american people i'm talking about are the members of congress. the people that you elected. the president needs to tell the american people two major things in this. first of all how will this trade deal protect american jobs? of course, it won't. second, how will this trade deal effect america's already massive trade deficit? in other words, will it bring it down or will it continue to explode? last week the trade deficit jumped 17% to $46.6 billion.
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it is the biggest percentage increase since july 2009. 60,000 jobs lost to the south korean trade deal. how is that a good thing? we continually do bad deals. things are getting so heated. this is where it gets politically interested. things are getting so heated that some republicans, they're starting to trash the tpp. here's walter jones earlier today. >> if you want to sell out america, then get behind giving the president what i call the trade promotion authority, better known as fast track. this is absolutely a threat on our constitution, on our sovereignty, when you allow the president to have the authority
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to bring before congress the issue, but not allow congress to debate, to amend, or to change the agreement. then that in itself is not what the constitution intended in this country. >> that is the best sound byte as to why people are against this trade deal. the democrats are against it for different reasons. congressman jones believe the tpp is a sell out to the corporations. the tea party should be up in arms over this deal was of the sovereignty issue. it would undercut american sovereignty. our lawmakers would not have a say in the disputes. in other words, somebody else would be running us. a group of bipartisan senators are working to save american jobs by addressing currency manipulation. this is where the playing field has never been level.
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this is what the president did not mention in his interview. how can you talk tpp and not talk currency manipulation? >> you can't. we got some very interesting new fraternity members, don't we? they all got together and introduced the currency exchange rate oversight reform act. now this act would use trade law to counter harm to u.s. manufacturers caused by currency manipulation. it would also provide consequences for countries who refuse to address currency manipulation. this idea that china is going to be writing rules, no. that's not true. china is not dictating to other countries in this deal. everybody is supposed to be an equal partner. but you know who is not an equal
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partner? you. the american taxpayer, the american service industry. what the president is doing to sell this, he is saying it is us against them. hey, it is china. if we're so worried about china, why did we give them favored nation trading status back in 1999? why did we do that? the strategy of this white house seems to be -- well whatever big business wants and if it undercuts our sovereignty, we can do that too. this one is going to mop everything up. it isn't. it simply isn't. there is very limited detail on this. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think 37. tonight's question -- do you
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think president obama is right on this issue of tpp? we'll bring you the results later on in the show. we have a senator joining us. why will your new currency manipulation act work? what does this do? good to have you with us. >> well it works because it gives a tool to level the playing field in the sense that when china cheats on currency or when japan cheats on currency, it gives us a mechanism to fight back and win trade cases and desuedede desuede them from doing that in the future. it is good bipartisan sponsorship. five republicans, five democrats. the senate passed overwhelmingly two or three years ago. the house has passed it at
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different times. speaker boehner hasn't brought it up to a vote. now is the time that we have a place to put this bill to demand that the president doesn't get this power, that this agreement doesn't ever pass unless it has a currentcy debating. >> did i miss that coverage on the senate floor? >> the president said the horse is already out of the barn. the trade deficit with china is now upwards of $3 billion. pntr with china in 1999 it was around 10 or 15 billion then. we have seen what's happened. currency is the best way to fight back on that to make sure
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every single agreement has a currency provision, number one, and number two, our department of commerce is told they must look at currency when they make a decision on unfair trade pack practices. so far they have the option to look at currency and they never do. this president has been better than his predecessors on trade enforcement enforcement, but we have to be better. >> how do you explain the tpp to steel workers in lorraine ohio? >> the place had 12,000 workers at once. now it is 2,000. it has done better with more drilling on gas and oil. although they had a temporary layoff of a number of workers for three months. once we start enforcing trade rules, more of them are going to work and more of them will have
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more job security. it's a question of -- they didn't like nafta or cafta. why would we inflict another trade deal when the damage is so evident? >> what do you say to the president when he says there has to be more transparency on the tpp? >> well there does have to be more transparency. >> okay, but there hasn't been any. why is that? >> there is supposed to be more consultation with congress on what the agreement is with how the negotiations are going. there are supposed to be directives on what you do in the environment and labor standards. what do you do when something called investor state which gives the tobacco companies even more power in world commerce? none of that has happened.
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none of it has been open enough. the public has not had nearly the input. the people who care about climate change haven't. the people who care about public health haven't. this is pretty disastrous. >> i appreciate your time. let me bring in larry cohen. it is not just manufacturing. it is going to hit the service industry as well. your response the president saying the t approximatepp will make things better for american workers? that isn't true is it? >> no it is all about enforcement the. the problem is when a multinational corporation wants to enforce their version of the trade deal they sue in a secret tribunal called isds where they can reparations. when we try to enforce a labor
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or an environmental or consumer provision, we have to go through our government to the other government and it literally takes years. i have been involved in that enforcement with mexico colombia, and honduras, and it takes years. if your goal is to get vietnam closer to us let's get rid of isds. >> what is president obama referring to when he says china is going to write the rules? what rules is he talking about? >> he is talking about the fact that these are countries that geographically do have links to china. again, what we would say to him, what i have said to him, then let's get rid of investor state dispute settlement.
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brunei doesn't want investor states in these. if a u.s. company can guarantee their profits in vietnam why will they invest in the u.s. when vietnam has 75 cent an hour wages? in the u.s. the minimum wage is higher but not high enough. we don't think this adds up any way you add it. >> how does the president expect american officials to enforce trade deals in vietnam? what's the mechanism there? it's never been done before. how is it going to be done now? >> he expects the future trade representative to eventually write a report on complaints that we can make or others and then go to that government with a report saying we want you to live up to the agreement. again the problem is even if that were true it takes years and years. the reason the u.s. chamber is supporting this is because they get to sue for reparations. we don't get any reparations for what happens to workers.
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what we get is a report. >> all right. president obama specifically responded to labor leaders in his vox interview. here it is. >> when i talk to labor organizations, i say right now we have been hugely disadvantaged. why would we want to maintain the status quo? if we can organize a new trade deal where a country of vietnam for the first time recognizes labor rights and those are enforceable, that's a big deal. >> your response to that? >> my response is years to enforce labor rights when people are killed when there is no right to organize when the minimum isn't enforced. we can't wait for years to enforce it. i do think vietnam, because they want this deal will make some changes. mexico is not going to make the changes. we want to see how are we going
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to enforce this deal at the same time that corporate america is going to enforce their side. put us all on a level playing field or give us investor state so that citizen state dispute settlement so we can sue when workers are disadvantaged. >> always a pleasure. good to have you with us. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of your screen. we read your comments. coming up, staples is trying to save money by cracking down on part-time workers. mitt romney's business model, it is on full display. plus in fighting in hillary hillary's political operation looks like 2008 all over again. we're right back. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer,
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yours? tonight we are hearing from the family of murdered american hostage kayla mueller. earlier today the pentagon confirmed the 26-year-old aid worker died at the hands of isis. the terror group claimed that muell mueller had been killed in a jordanian air strike. >> even as a little girl, kayla was a bright inquisitive, kind little girl. at a very young age, kayla knew her passion. she knew her calling. a lot of people never have the opportunity to say that. kayla's calling was to help those suffering whether in her hometown of prescott or the other side of the world. she has done more in her incredible 26 years than any people can ever imagine doing in their lifetime. my daughter said to me things
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welcome back to "the ed show." office supply chain staples has been looking for some ways to save some paper. their most recent earnings report showed a 6% drop in sales over the previous year. they are cutting down on competition by buying up rival office depot for $6 billion. when it comes to employees, they're cracking down on part-time workers. the company is threatening to fire part-times who log more than 25 hours per week. associates who clock more than 25 hours a week could face termination or multiple
2:27 pm
incidents. the note cites a recent change for the tough stance. many are questioning whether the move is related to the implementation of the affordable care act. staples denies obamacare played a part in this cost cutting. a spokesman said their part-time policy predates the affordable care act or obamacare. they say managers may have reiterated the policy in an effort to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness of the stores. the company once supported by mitt romney's bane capital is the support of romney's economy.
2:28 pm
is this being used to squeeze the bottom line on workers? your thoughts on this. >> i think it is not caused by obamacare. they are saying it is not. what's happening here is that the whole market is being squeezed and they're buying up office depot and they're in trouble financially. they are trying to keep their employees down at 25 hours. the real question we ought to be asking is where do they stand on the $15 an hour? do they think there should be a minimum wage increase? at 25 hours a week you can't possibly support a family. the people that are working there, they are also working someplace else another 25 hours. they're working 55 hours a week at two different places. >> republicans have been trying to redefine full-time employment
2:29 pm
under obamacare to be 40 hours a week. would this help or harm workers as you see it? >> if you take in the big picture, in the long term this isn't good for us. employers are trying to get out of participating in the employer mandate. they don't want to provide for their employees, if they can get out of it, so they're playing all kinds of games. ultimately this 40 hour a week thing means people that are working 38 hours or 35 hours, they're not going to have to offer them health insurance either. they'll come into the subsidized exchanges and be a part of the federal system. i think we're moving to a system where business is try to offload their responsibility to workers. >> when you take a company that
2:30 pm
is dealing in all 50 states on one hand obamacare is helping them. on the other hand, they're trying to shed off the expense. it is a race to the bottom line. that's what it comes down to. >> you have just pointed out the reason why there has to be a national plan. you can't have 50 different states, a company like this in 50 different states their workers will be going to 50 different exchanges all getting different things. they won't have anybody to turn to to say is this good or is this bad because every place will be different. i really think that the whole question here of whether we're going to have 40 hour weeks is whether the employers want to give health insurance to their workers or not. in my view, they don't. >> the bottom line here is nothing is going to change legislatively on this. republicans are never going to jump in and tell businesses they
2:31 pm
can't operate this way. they're going to say the free market, they can limit it to as many hours as they want. this problem isn't going away anytime soon right? >> the president said the minimum wage should be increased. we're talking about middle class people who are working 24 hours a week in two different jobs to hold onto their house and their education. they are struggling like mad. we're not getting any help from the republicans. >> appreciate your time. coming up there may be trouble in hillary land. the rapid response panel rips the cover off this one. college football gets -- yes, it's first poll of 2015. big names revealed in tonight's two-minute drill. stay with us. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap.
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welcome back to "the ed show." hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign was basically dogged by rumors of dysfunction, infighting, and political back stabbing. 636 days out from the 2016
2:36 pm
election and we're hearing kind of the same stuff. david brock resigned from the board of super pacs. he is founder of the pro-clinton groups american bridge and media matters. brock accused priority officials of planning an orchestrated political hit job against his own groups. a serious breach of trust between organizations that are supposed to work together as created an untenable situation that leaves me no choice but to resign my position. he accused them of planting of a damaging "new york times" story that questioned funding. it was looking like a grim
2:37 pm
clinton rerun until last night statements were released. brock said after speaking to several leads of priorities usa, he was open to returning to the board and finding a way to move forward. former michigan governor jennifer granholm said the group is working to address brock's concerns. she wrote, we all have the same shared goals. there's no doubt about that but it doesn't sound like everybody's on the same page. joining me tonight jonathan alter, also with us bob schrum. bob, you first. what do you make of this infighting? >> it shows you can pick your staff, but you can't pick your super super pacs. i suspect this will get stitched
2:38 pm
up. brock has done some very useful work, but he shouldn't have gone public. she has so much support. there's so much money sloshing around. it is a real challenge to make sure we have a disciplined campaign here and that's a key. it is a key to winning. that was the key to no drama obama. what we need here is no conflict clinton. right now, i don't think voters care about this. they're not paying any attention to it. but if it happened months from now, you would disrupt the campaign, you would be thrown off message, you would have a campaign in disarray. team of rivals may work in a president's cabinet. it does not work in a presidential campaign. >> are these people just jockeying for power, position and influence? >> not just influence and power, but money. this is what's troubling here. what this is about is there was a fundraiser that raised
2:39 pm
millions of dollars for these groups, but she was taking a 12.5% commission. she was, herself, getting millions of dollars of the donors' money. a lot of those donors understandably got upset, because they thought they were giving money to hillary, not to the fundraiser. this raises the question of what hillary's supporters are in it for. this was a big gap for hillary and obama in 2008. in 2008 obama's people were in it for obama. they were selfless. that's what helped make the campaign work. the hillary people were more in it for themselves. if we get a repeat of that this time, she won't have the passion and the genuine commitment that she needs to go the distance. >> she might have been personally involved in mopping
2:40 pm
this up. >> she cannot have this kind of turmoil in the ranks and that people have to you know stop thinking about themselves and whether they've been insulted by somebody else's leak or whether they think they're getting the commission they think they deserve on their fundraising and start thinking about why they're doing this which is supposed to be to elect hillary clinton. >> can we interpret this as brock saying, i've been around a long time. jennifer is acknowledging his concerns like he will be heard and will be influential in this. >> disagreements happen in campaigns, but you can't take them outside. if you take them outside, you begin to get in a lot of trouble. jonathan is right. a 12.5% on fundraising, i was
2:41 pm
knocked over by that. in fairness look the people who worked for barack obama, a lot of them who made the ads, did the mail they made a reasonable sum of money, a generous sum of money in 2008, but this is way over the top. i don't want to get into the middle of the dispute. it is clear that the clinton people wanted to calm this thing down as quickly as possible. it is clear that brock and media matters have done some important work. i hope what's happened here is that hillary clinton and the people around her are sending a very clear message saying we're not going to have this kind of campaign and this exercise of people every time they are unhappy taking this thing outside. >> would you gentlemen be curious to know whether hillary knew somebody was getting 12% off the top? >> in theory she shouldn't. >> this is something that bob
2:42 pm
knows more about than i do but i take a really hard line on this. political consultants fundraisers they are in two categories of getting paid. one is a retainer and the other is a percentage. either percentage of the money they raise or a percentage of the ad buys. i think that any candidate who lets his or her people work on a percentage should have their head examined. there's enough choices of people who are talented in this area that everybody should work on a retain retainer. >> well, it raises the question and credibility of the fundraise fundraiser fundraiser. are you in it for the money or do you want to elect hillary clinton? >> as bob said they were a lot of people who made good money in the obama campaign, but overall there was a spirit of this being
2:43 pm
about obama, not themselves. >> i do have to fess up on one thing. in presidential campaign, my media firm was paid a commission. it was nothing like 12.5%. i find that an astounding number. that's probably what set off the conflict here. >> the cokes just recently had a fundraiser that did $268 million. that's a big chunk of almost the billion they want to throw into this. bob, your thoughts. >> i think the people who do the fundraising ought to be recompense recompensed. i don't agree with jonathan that none of this can be done on a commission basis, but the commission has to be reasonable. where i do agree with him is you really have to be committed to the candidate because you're going to have moments when things are in trouble, when
2:44 pm
things are tight. we're just giving up all the commissions. we want to put more money on tv. >> the key thing here is that some of the obama people are now going to work for hillary. they raised in the month of september 2012 1$50 million50 million online. if hillary can tap that small donor base she's going to be okay. >> always great to have both of you with us. coming up, california opens one of the world's largest solar energy farms all thanks to what? federal funding. you go it. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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two-minute drill. here we go. national signing day just ended and already college football fans have got something to chew on. here are the top teams at espn's way too early preseason top 25. number one defending champs ohio state. next up a league of their own. a little league pitching phenom shared a moment during warmups. monet david and stephen curry exchanged autographs. an nba player attempted to take a page from marshawn lynch's playbook for post-game interviews. he posted 22 points and 27
2:50 pm
rebounds against the dallas mavericks. he tried to channel his inner beast mode but couldn't keep a straight face. >> do rebounders the same zone? >> you know why i'm here. >> why is your mom here? >> yeah. there's a lot more on "the ed show." stay with us. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools, support, and connections. if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly... you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and
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we are just minutes away from the launch of a critical
2:54 pm
nasa mission. we stalked about this yesterday on this program. a spacex rocket will take a satellite into orbit to monitor climate changes. that launch to take place anymore. 160,000 southern california homes can now be powered by sunshine. >> it's blessed with year-round sun, and what's happening behind me is taking advantage of that. the interior secretary joined the california officials to open the 550-megawatt desert night solar project. what made this project possible was federal funding. first solar, the project's developer received nearlyd $1.5 billion from the united states department of centering. utilities companies pacific
2:55 pm
gas & electric and southern california edison have already agreed to purchase power from desert night for the next two decades. california seems to be leading the way with solar in the united states. just a short time ago, apple's tim cook announced the company will partner with first solar to build an $850 million solar energy farm in montrae county, california. bernadette is the executive director of the california solar industries association joining us tonight. we appreciate it. this is rather interesting that a 1.5 billion of public money goes to this certainly against the conservative thinking that lawmakers have had that you know it's only the private sector that's going to get things done. is this a waste of money? >> absolutely not. the private sector is getting a lot done especially in the solar industry sector. we grew -- the united states --
2:56 pm
the job growth in the united states one full percentage came from just the solar energy last year. we're providing tremendous amounts of jobs not just here in california but across the country. >> for the government to do what it does best which is to create opportunities for innovation, and for business is to basically do what they do best in this case turn or abundant sunshine into renewable pollution-free electricity. >> isn't this a wake-up moment for america? we haven't heard numbers leek this or a project -- >> it's phenomenal. just in california alone we have installed more solar power in the 18 months than the past 18 years combined. more solar power both on rooftops across the country, as well as large projects in the desert like the one you refer to that just unveiled today. we're doing this basically every single day of the year and it is absolutely the wave of the future. it's here to stay and it's a really -- a huge success story
2:57 pm
of government actually getting behind smart inovasive no-brainer business opportunities turning the night into real jobs. >> this got very little or no conversation. a billion and a half there's global investment going on on solar energy obviously on the move for the united states. but could we be doing more? >> absolutely. first of all, the government's role is mostly in reducing risks so businesses can make those investments, and invest hundreds of times more than what the taxpayer is investing in in a promising technology. wee also seeing individual homeowners and businesses you mentioned apple, they're stepping up to the plate and putting their money where their mouth is. so there's an important role for government to continue to play. one of the things we need to do
2:58 pm
is level the playing field between wind and solar and renewable energy that's home-grown american grown and pollution-free, and traditional have benefited from subsidies for hundreds of years, and so hopefully we'll be able to run our computer and toaster ovens and cities on pollution-free industries. >> where is the next big opportunity here? the sun sunshine in a lot of places in america. >> yeah i mean really our cities, the rooftops throughout our cities are the next bigger untap potential. california has the biggest rooftop market right now. we've only installed maybe 1% 2% of the roofs here so we have only scratched the surface. we have cities all across the country that are investing in rooftop solar, new jersey massachusetts, even in the middle of the country, texas, there's real cinderella stories
2:59 pm
of unlikely states coming up and realizing that saving consumers money, putting people to work right in your community, you can't outsource these jobs. >> what kind of jobs are we talking about? is this a job creator? >> its absolutely a job creator. the solar industry just from a recent report from the saul industry that 17 a,000 people are employed and what's really important is the growth. so we've grown -- we added 1% of all of the jobs that were added to america come just from the solar centering, one whole percent, so we are actually playing a major role in creating new meaningful good skrobsjobs, good careers. >> i like it. great to have you with us tonight. a great story. we have a quick update. nasa just scrubbed the launch of the spacex rocket. they'll give it another shot at
3:00 pm
6:03 p.m. on wednesday. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. \s. good evening, ed. thank for tuning in. emotional reaction from the friends and family of kayla mueller. they spoke out late today about the aid worker who was killed while being held hostage by isis. >> she had a quiet calming presence a free spirit, always standing up for those suffering and wanting to be their voice. >> i'm not yet sure how to live in the world without kayla, but i do know we're living in a better world because of her. so i'm going to end on a quote that


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