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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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on climate science. he has received 230,000 from the coke charitable foundation. that's all for "now." good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. let's get to work. tonight extremists put american malls on high alert. >> threats of violence at major shopping organizations from the terror group in africa. >> terrorists like al shabaab look for soft targets. >> we're in a new phase of global terrorist threat right now. five years after the spill, the legal battle for restitution wages on. >> the review process has become an overkill of what it was
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intended. >> they use their political connections. >> they're tries to discourage everyone from coming forward. you can go out for that. that's right. >> he took on the unions and he survived. >> if you're not afraid to go big and go bold you can actually get results. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start this evening with a new threat at home. the terrorist group al shabaab called for attacks on shopping malls in the united states and the u.k. they are responsible for the attack on a mall in nairobi, kenya. it left over 60 people dead. this weekend's video mentions minnesota's mall of america. secretary of homeland security
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jay johnson says the public needs to be vigilant. >> i'm sure that security at this particular mall will be enhanced in ways visible and not visible, but it also involves public vigilance and public awareness. if you see something, say something. >> you're not telling people not to go to the mall? >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think there needs to be an awareness, there needs to be vigilance, and be careful, obviously. >> but we are in a few phase. what does that mean? at this time there has been no specific threat made in the united states. for more let me bring in john yang in minnesota tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: ed so far maybe it's terror threat fatigue, but shoppers seem to be taking it in stride. store managers say foot traffic has not decreased and people are still coming to the mall. one person we talked to earlier
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today is a family who came from kansas for a weekend of shopping. the father is an army veteran who was a guard at guantanamo. he thinks americans are tired of it all. >> i mean it's something you keep in the back of your minds, but really it's just a bunch of scared people in the middle east trying to cause something here. didn't work. >> reporter: but security officials are not taking this lightly. they say they are doing things that can be seen increased foot patrols by police and mall security canine units patrolling the mall but also in ways that can't be seen. they are urging that vigilance that secretary jay johnson talked about. if you see something, say something in order to be prepared in case something does happen. ed? >> thanks so much.
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the video from al shabaab comes as congress is at a standoff over homeland security funding. we're just four days away from a partial government shutdown. later in this hour, the senate is expected to vote on dhs funding. the bill is expected to fail after a democratic filibuster. jay johnson said the congress needs to do their job. >> overall, a shutdown of homeland security would have serious consequences and amount to a serious disruption in our ability to protect the homeland. to those in congress who may be contemplating punting or kicking the can a few weeks down the road i must remind you that the consequences to this department if we remain on a continuing resolution, are also severe. >> the bill is gridlocked because house republicans attach
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attached immigration amendments. it stripped funding from president obama's executive orders to protect undocumented immigrants. as of today, the president's immigration executive orders are being held up in a texas court anyway. if the department of homeland security shuts down the blame should go on republicans. 53% of americans blame republicans for all of this. 30% would blame the president and 13% would blame both. i might be a 13 percenter tonight. >> i agree with the texas judge that said the executive orders were illegal. i hope republicans will come together and back the court case, file a friend of the court brief with the court, and fund dhs. i am willing and ready to pass a dhs funding bill and let this play out in court. the worst possible outcome for this nation is to defund the
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department of homeland security given the multiple threats we face to our homeland and i will not be part of that. >> i will go along with that. department of homeland security funding would end friday night at midnight. they wonder why we hate washington? the security of this country is now a political football. few americans think the nation's security should be guided by a political calculation of winners and losers. there will be no winners. only losers if we have to bicker over the security of this country. tonight's question -- will you blame republicans if the department of homeland security shuts down? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. we'll brickng you the results later on in the show. you can get my podcast. it's available for free, 24/7.
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the security of the country, we're even going to argue over there. i think the democrats have a little bit of blame here as well. both sides are wrong. just fund the security of the country and be done with it and let everything else play out in court. let me bring in congressman jim mcdermott of washington and the editor at large for "the atlantic." congressman, what is a new phase here? how did you take that comment from jay johnson? >> he's obviously speaking the truth. here you've got 300,000 with the department of homeland security 200,000 are declared important enough to be -- they have to stay on the job, but they're not going to get paid. next friday next saturday or next monday they're not going to get a paycheck. you're putting people through a lot of agony. we know the republicans are going to cave in. there's no question.
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>> is this another defeat the president at all cost moments for the republicans to put immigration on the table to muddy the waters for defending the country? >> even lindsey graham ed says that we ought to let the courts work it out and fund the agency and let it go on and do its job. americans don't care whether it is republicans or democrats. they want to government to work. >> yeah. >> what we're seeing is we're going to shut down fema. you have snow ten feet deep in massachusetts. >> it also affects the coast guard. does this make us vulnerable if we don't get it funded? what does it mean for a security standpoint? >> we just had threats against the mall of america in minnesota. we have concern of sleeper cells in the united states. it would be nice ed if rudy
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giuliani would come on the show and question the patriotism of those gop leaders that are undermining the security of the nation and ask them if they really love the united states? >> i think rudy giuliani has diminished himself so much by this. what the media is missing is go back to september 10th 2011 and see how popular rudy giuliani was in this town before the attack. we'll just leave that there. but the point i think he's making is well taken. he's trying to disfocus the country on a number of fronts. >> the point is we have many people in congress that are willing to sort of walk away from a responsible stance about the security of the nation over a small ball issue that's being dealt with in the federal courts. >> yeah. >> it's outrageous. when you talk about in this climate people's love of the united states their degree of
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patriotism, i think that focus needs to fall directly on those people who are threatening to fund the dhs. >> president obama addressed the economic impact of the dhs shutdown today. >> unless congress acts one week from now more than 100,000 dhs employees, border patrol tsa agents will show up to work without getting paid. they all work in your states. these are folks if they don't have a paycheck are not going to be able to spend that money in your states. it will have a direct impact on your economy and it will have a direct impact on america's national security. >> the president speaking to the governors across the country. they're all the white house. he, of course, is having a conference with them. what does this do to state finances? some governors might connect with people such as yourself.
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they would talk to their representatives in washington and say, hey, wake up on this deal. >> if you try to put yourself in the shoes of the people who are being impacted by this we had two coast guardsmen call us, a man and a wife who were both in the coast guard. they're not going to have enough money to pay their mortgage at the end of next month. these people are working to protect us all over the place and we say to them you are not worth it. we're not going to pay you. we're going to use you as a pawn in our fight with this president. that is not fair to the government employees that are going to be effected by this. it is going to effect money for states. people don't have salaries. they can't buy things. they don't pay sales tax. it runs right down the road. it is stupid. they're going to ultimately back down. >> do you believe that steve? do you think they're going to
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back down? >> i don't know. when i hear people like john mccain and lindsey graham making so much since and john boehner saying, we're going to shut it down, at some point he won't have creditability any longer unless he does pursue the shutdown. i think the white house is saying bring it on. we would love for you to carry the responsibility for putting these people out of work and endangering the security of the united states. >> can we find an issue that we can isolate where the congress can do together? if we can't do it on the security of the country, what can we do it on? isn't this the best example of dysfunction if it does shut down? >> it is so sad to me because i was a director of the nixon center years ago. i worked with a democratic senator in the senate. there was a time when people over a great number of issues would find the pragmatic middle.
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the problem that we're seeing is not necessarily between democrats and republicans. it is between republicans and republicans. they have an intercaucus fight that is so profound and deep. it is so deadly and so devastating for the united states on not just this issue, but issue after issue after issue. >> this should play out in the courts as it is right now, so why would the democrats filibuster this? >> i think that what they're dealing with is you can't get anything out of the house. you have 46 members in that freedom caucus who can stop john boehner from doing anything. there's no reason to work on this issue if the house is not going to back down from this absolute shutdown. >> let me use tpp as an example. there are a bunch of republicans in the house that are going to vote against fast track because
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they don't want to see the president have any authority at all. this probably has something to do with it too. your thoughts on that? >> it hads been this for the last two and a half years. don't let almost win anything. there will be no shutdowns in the congress. we have already had one. now we're headed for the second one. >> great to have you with us gentlemen. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you can get my podcast at share your thoughts with us on tweeter at ed show. like us on facebook. we appreciate that. the we got ed twitter account is history. coming up, scott walker's street cred with conservatives has given him national coverage in the gauntlet. tonight we look at the legal
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union buster and that is the attraction. to get a sense of how dangerous walker is, look no further than his own state and the latest union numbers out of wisconsin. of the 26 states that do not have right to work law states wisconsin has the biggest drop in union membership. wisconsin's union membership fell by 11,000 to 3,600 in 2013. it is a slight rebound from 2012 when it was 2,903 workers. members made up 11.7% of the work force in 2013. the year before governor walker took office overall wisconsin saw an 18% drop in membership between 2010 and 2014. the chart tells the truth.
2:20 pm
this all comes as a result of walker's passage of act 10 which limited collective bargaining rights for most public sector workers. on tuesday the wisconsin state senate is slated to take up a right to work bill after the bill was quietly released on friday afternoon. like it or not, walker has establish accomplished what he set out to do. walker might not be ready for prime primetime with the cameras, but he's entering the field with a level of street cred. in fact, he may be number one in the nation. good for him, if that's what you're into. the fact of the matter is it is not a question about jobs in wisconsin or how the economy is because the overall mission for the conservative movement in this country is to deplete the democratic base and getting to the unions is what it is all
2:21 pm
about and that's what walker has been able to do. let's go to ruth conniff and the president of the american federation of teachers. your union in wisconsin has lost membership since walker has come in. i know there's an effort to try to reinvigorate the membership. what's the state of the nva in wisconsin? >> thank you for having me on. when you talk to people all throughout the country, our members want unions. in fact our union, even with everything that's happened in wisconsin, has actually grown in the last two years because people want a voice, but they want a real voice. what happened is walker basically pulled the rug out from everybody. people were used to bargaining in wisconsin and he made it so hard that you saw a huge drop in
2:22 pm
membership. that's exactly what he wanted. what we're seeing is that people really want a voice, so that we're starting to slowly gain ground again. >> his mission to reduce union membership, that's really what he wanted to do. >> totally. >> obviously, he has the legislature to help him on that. >> remember ed as you so well covered, the unions in 2010 when he was first elected said we're going to meet your demands about the budget and he said no. i just want you to not have a voice. so what happened is he took away everybody's voice and then he cut public school aid and then he cut higher ed aid, then he cut pay equity. basically what he wants is to
2:23 pm
not have a middle class in wisconsin wisconsin. >> the guy wins three elections in four years. he does exactly what he says he's going to do. i'm trying to get union membership up. i believe in collective bargain bargaining, but what's the end-game here? >> i think the end-game is two fold. i think the reason scott walker is the coke brothers' favorite candidate is because he has suppressed wages. all workers, not just union members, lose wages in right to work states. $1500 a year less for every worker union or nonunion. it is a lot easier if you are a big corporation or a billionaire and you want to get as much
2:24 pm
money as you can to operate in that environment. >> some of his answers are strange. according to a national review at last week's off the record dinner walker made the claim that his stance against unions in wisconsin would be a signal of toughness to islamic jihadists and russian president vladimir putin. ruth, this is about as big a stretch as we have seen on the national scene isn't it? >> it is so strange. i watched it with my 13-year-old daughter. to see him describe these folks as terrorists -- he's comparing these people to isis. my kid couldn't believe it. ordinary working folks are terrorists and that they are scary. he's been very brave to stand up
2:25 pm
to these people. it's a parallel universe. >> maybe things will be different in '16. last week "the wall street journal" reported the clinton foundation dropped its self-imposed ban on accepting donations from foreign governments. the donations could expose the american people to the demands of foreign governments because they dumped massive sums of cash in her foundation. clearly the coke brothers have funded groups that have attacked public education. people they give to they expect something back. your thoughts on that? >> 48 hours after scott walker met with the hedge funds he
2:26 pm
decides he's going to go after workers in wisconsin and then this. the clinton foundation has said that they're going to do the right thing if hillary clinton runs for president. when she was secretary of state, they didn't take money from foreign governments. since she's not been secretary of state, they have done a whole lot of good work. they have done real job creation with union pension funds where we have worked together to try to rebuild our infrastructure try to create jobs and try to have good you know returns on the money. and she's also done a lot of work in terms of early childhood. >> ruth i view this as they have nothing else on hillary right now. they have to go to this fund which has done immense work around the globe. >> i welcome the republicans intense scrutiny of dark money. i think we should be concerned about undue influence foreign or
2:27 pm
domestic on our politics. we should be concerned about democracy empowering ordinary citizens to have a voice. >> great to have both of you with us tonight. thanks so much. coming up, a very political night at the oscars. later, the legal fight for gulf residents continues five years after the spill. we continue our special series ahead. stay with us. we're right back. so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... new bounty with dawn. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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2:31 pm
under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850. >> the disclosures that edward snowden reveals don't only expose the threats to our privacy, but to our democracy. >> when i was 16 years old, i tried to kill myself because i felt weird and i felt different and i felt like i didn't belong. stay weird, stay different, and when it is your turn standing on the stage, pass your message on. >> it was the most political night i have ever seen at the oscars. we have a question pertaining to this. do you think celebrities speaking out about issues helps the causes? that's an interesting question. does it help the causes? in other words did anything happen today in regards to anything that was said last
2:32 pm
night. i don't know. it's probably 50/50. probably as many people are turned off by that as are turned on by it. whatever works. there's a lot more coming up on "the ed show." stay with us. i'm mary thompson. the dow falls 23 the nasdaq adds 5 points the s&p falls flat. boeing is exposed to aircraft demand risk. apple closes at a new high bringing the firm's market cap to $775 billion. that's more than twice that of exxon mobile. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. skin looks up to 10 years younger. from the world's #1. olay. your best beautiful
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welcome back to "the ed show." tonight our final installment of our series "the gulf today, five years after the spill," we examine the legal battle for restitution. the battle is now in year number five. lawyers representing clients have mountains of information and stories to tell beyond. i spoke with glen gilyard, a partner in the accounting firm that structured the now contested bp settlement. residents along the shores shared their stories. resident haves concerns about bp meeting their obligations and honoring their pledge. >> four of the five largest companies in the world are oil companies. >> they lied to the american public about what they intended to do, which was to take care of these people.
2:37 pm
>> many coastal rezsidents and business open business owners are still seeking compensation. >> after a meeting that went twice as long as scheduled as administration officialed eds hammered out details with bp the president emerged. >> bp's liabilities for this spill are significant and they acknowledge that fact. the people of the gulf have my commitment that bp will meet its obligations to them. >> no one has gotten any restitution. >> have you gone through the process? >> i'm still going through the process. been lied to, been told we're going to get you this on this date and nothing. okay, we have to wait a little bit. we need more information. we need this. i don't know how much more
2:38 pm
information i can give these gentlemen. >> the review process has really become an overkill of what it was intended. >> glen gilyard is an accountant. gilyard himself, along with the firm helped design bp's original settlement plan. >> we were involved in the international negotiations. we felt we were creating a butterfly, but it's been morphed into a buzzard. >> we were told that we weren't effected by the oil spill. we weren't a tourism related business because we were considered wholesale. their methodology was such we weren't considered tourism. we fought back to no avail. fine, we'll take your formula.
2:39 pm
>> they would appeal virtually everything ed. we had an appeal going up to the fifth circuit almost every two months. >> we were at the point we needed some relief. >> sure. >> and decided that was better than continuing to fight. we just fine. we'll take your number. >> then they ballked on that? >> they filed an appeal and stopped all of the process. since then it's now five years post oil spill and we're still waiting for the restitution. >> according to the official court authorized deep water horizon claims center, nearly 300,000 total claims have been submitted for economic and property damages from the spill. just over 80,000 claims have been paid. that's 27%. 5 years after the spill, 73% of
2:40 pm
claims have gone unsettled. >> because they don't want to pay and they don't. they use their political connections. they use their pr machine. they take advantage of the court system. it has put a lot of good hard working people out of business. when you take a $200,000 claim and you get question on a $25 repair invoice, it bogs the system down and it requires more data and information in the claimants. >> under 15,000 claims have been paid. that's $13.13.8%. 86.2% of business owners have seen nothing from bp. bp began fighting against the settlement they agreed to in a
2:41 pm
massive advertising campaign. they highlighted fraudulent claims. >> jeff morrel says the oil giant is getting soaked by businesses with losses that are not linked to the spill. >> we're talking about a wireless phone company store that burned to the ground and shut down before the spill. >> they paid some people. the other people like me they haven't paid. we are in the seafood business. it really affected our business. >> if it is the tourism and december destin and santa rosa is shut down the locals can't make money. >> the spill took place. sales dropped 45 50%. couldn't make payments to the bank. >> they're trying to discourage everybody from coming forward. >> that was my next question. why have there been so few
2:42 pm
claims in such a mammoth environmental disaster? >> what bp figured out if we can scare people into not coming forward, if we can do full page ads in newspapers, we say that people who are bringing these claims are committing fraud, what does that do? it scares everybody away. >> so the advertising campaign out there was designed to discourage people, to make them think it is a very exhaustive process and it is not worth it. >> they tried to put together a program that it looked so impossible to participate, number one, and by participating, number two, the claimant might be committing fraud. >> bp appealed their original agreement. their request was thrown out. >> the supreme court refused
2:43 pm
without any explanation to consider bp's claim that the settlement addmin were paying these claims that are fraudulent. >> bp picked the person who was to run the settlement process. when he started paying money, they're now arguing they want to get rid of them. >> what attracted me to this job -- i didn't need to do it. i have grandkids and family and things to do. this case is going to leave a footprint for the entire nation for the next 100 years. how massive things of this nature can be or should be handled. >> they have had multiple appeals already. they have tried to appeal against the almost $10 billion settlement on economic damages related to the spill. they believe the arbitrator is
2:44 pm
handing out too much money to people who didn't lose anything in the spill. >> they had an appeal they first agreed to through various courts. the supreme court denied their appeal in december of this past year, which started a six-month clock running. as of june 8th all submitted claims will have to cease. >> bp has run out of their tricks. they have run out of being able to tell the lie and the committee that put this together the settlement committee that put this together, has just every step of the way beat them down step by step. now you know what? they are out of things to do. >> they had made agreements and now they're backing inging out of those agreements? >> yes. right now, they have extinguished their right to go to the supreme court. they have extinguished their right to thego to the fifth circuit
2:45 pm
in a lot of ways. >> we have invited representatives from bp to join us on this program. they have declined every night. the offer stays open. the invitation always remains. bp has directed us to their website, we're looking at the numbers next. stay with us. i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth.
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2:54 pm
paid out $13 billion on claims to individuals, businesses and government entities. this includes payments made as part of bp's claims process, the gulf coast claims facility and the court-supervised settlement program. the data shows that the program has issued initial determination notices with regard to approximately 80% of the claims filed to date. in addition to claims, bp has also spent to date more than $14 billion on response and cleanup." you can find the full statement on our website. bp has issued several payments but many more hardworking coastal residents are still only left with their losses. joining me tonight, two attorneys who have worked directly with the claimants during the legal battle for restitution, brent coon of brent coon and associates mike papantonio, "ring of fire" radio host. great to have you with us tonight. brent, you first.
2:55 pm
the number the from the deep water horizon claim center and bp are so different. who's telling the truth? >> well i wouldn't believe anything that bp says ed. first go back ten years, very briefly. they were convicted, convicted of felony manslaughter for killing 15 people in texas city. they killed 11 more in gulf of mexico under what the court said was grossly negligent conduct. their last ceo was convicted of perjury in london and the last ceo that was here said he was going to stay until the finish and that they were only leaking 1,000 barrels of oil a day out when it turned out to be 50,000. they're habitual liars. >> this statement, they're saying, bp saying they paid over $13 billion in claims and $11 billion to individuals and businesses. yet, the deepwater horizon claim center, the numbers don't match up. why is that? >> well i think it's the old shale game. some of that money has been paid out. some claimants have been paid.
2:56 pm
note two things. one is for the people that had been paid bp now says they're owed that money back. they actually filed a motion on they peel that they're entitled to the money over the few people they've already paid, and granted that's a small fraction of the people that they're owed. it's just like someone that would say, well i paid my utility bill sometimes, so i should be able to keep my utilities all the time. these guys pay a few of their bills a few of the time but they're not owing up to paying everyone that they owe all that they owe. the doj just finished a trial for $14 billion that they owe the government that they won't pay. >> mike, what's your impression of these numbers? why are they different? >> well they need to tell their shareholders they only paid a quarter -- they say $14 billion. they're only about quarter of a pay there but they've lied to their shareholders and that's part of the problem. they haven't paid for thousands of miles of coast that they've obliterate obliterated, having paid for the hundreds of species of fish and sea life that they've decimated, haven't paid for the hundreds of
2:57 pm
miles of wetlands they've destroyed. they still haven't paid a dime for natural resource damage. they haven't paid up to $14 billion in clean water fines that breptnt's talking about. they haven't done one single thing voluntarily like stroking checks because they care about the biggest environmental disaster in history that they caused. >> was the original gulf coast claims facility run by ken feinberg fair for gulf residents and businesses? and what happened to that brent? >> yeah, i think it was fair. i think that the feinberg program, what i liked about it, you could go to the program, submit your claim and negotiate a value for it and if a claimant did not feel that was a fair number, he was allowed to reserve that claim and go to court. >> what happened? >> most the time -- well they pulled the money off the table after bp committed $20 billion to that fund promised it to our citizens promised our white house they would fund it with $20 billion.
2:58 pm
one year into it when no one was looking, they shut the program down and took $16 billion in unpaid benefits off the table. >> okay. mike, if they took the money off the table, where's the president? where's the obama administration? where's this boot on the neck of bp? >> it's almost like he forgot about it honestly, i think brent would agree, it's almost like the president forgot what's going on down here in the gulf coast. it was a big show. you know, he comes out of the room $20 billion. bp knew that that was about a quarter of what it was going to cost for the total damage, but he came out acting like this was a big event. it hasn't been a big event for people who lost so much. let me just tell you something, real quickly, if this company believed in what they were actually saying, they would appear on your program, and they would look into a camera with people like us on the other side and they'd be honest about the fact that they cannot be proud about what they've done because they live in a criminal conduct kind of culture and we're seeing it on the gulf coast right now. >> what about the claims administer right now, patrick juno?
2:59 pm
has he been doing a good job, mike? >> he's doing a great job. the man is working under impossible odds. everything juno does is is appealed. it hasn't been his fought or the committee's fault. one day, brent coon is going to be in trial, man to man with bp but while he's doing that the committee is doing everything they can to get everybody paid as quickly as they can. juno is doing everything that can humanly be done with these people. >> brent, how much hope do you hold out that rough number here the other 70% of the people are going to get restitution? >> you know i think those that are in the claims process now, the majority of them are going to eventually get somewhat tragic, sad news and disappointing news because it is a paper process that mike talked about. unfortunately, bp to date got the better hand. they ran out of appeals but won battles for neem who have view maining tort claims.
3:00 pm
>> brent coon mike papantonio. great to have you with us tonight. again, we invited comment from bp. they repeatedly declined. appreciate you gentlemen being with us tonight. i'll have a commentary on all of this tomorrow night on "the ed show." that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politicsnation with reverend al smarten begin sharpton begins right now. good evening, rev. good evening. thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news. senate democrats pushed back against republicans' latest attempt to tie up security funding over the president's executive action on immigration. it's the fourth time senate republicans have tried to use homeland security funding as a bargaining chip to stop the president's executive action. and while they keep playing politics, we're just four days away from a department


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