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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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urged america to establish a colony on mars. they released a video of stills taken by the mars recover which show a blue sunset. although i don't have any interest in buying a one-way ticket there, it is pretty awesome. that's it for "now." good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. tonight, immigration takes center stage in the sunshine state. >> msnbc exclusive town hall event with president obama. >> it is in the best interest of america that we fix a broken immigration system. >> i think the law is on our side and history is on our side.
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later, san francisco makes a giant push for public health on the baseball field. >> it aims at eliminating all tobacco in all baseball parks. >> about a third of major league players use chewing tobacco. >> tobacco in any form should not be tolerated or approved on our athletic fields. the house has done its job to fund the department of homeland security. >> some republicans demand that dh dhs funding stay linked to the immigration order by president obama. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thank frss for watching. we start with new developments on immigration and homeland security. they are connected in a big way
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for some strange reason but the senate reached a tentative deal today to pass a clean department of homeland security that does not block president obama's immigration actions. they voted and it was 98-2. the vote is only the first step to begin the debate on the dhs bill. the battle is far from over. there's no word on how house speaker john boehner will proceed now. the tea party republicans are making life pretty difficult for boehner right now. they want to see the president fail on immigration. this is a crowd that is bound and determined to stop the president on immigration on all fronts. earlier today, boehner was blaming the senate. >> i'm waiting for the senate to act. the house has done its job to fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's overreach on immigration. and we're waiting for the senate to do their job. senate democrats have stood in the way now for three weeks over
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a bill that should have been debated and passed. until the senate does something, we're in a wait and see mode. >> it is up to the house republicans to prevent a homeland security shutdown. meanwhile, there is movement on immigration on the legal front. this week the justice department asked for an emergency court ruling that would allow president obama's immigration action to move forward. the department of justice asked for a stay on the texas judge's ruling. as of today, president obama's executive action is on hold. it would protect roughly 5 million undocumented immigrants for deportation. the executive orders were supposed to go into effect a week ago. president obama is trying to get his message on immigration across the country tonight on this network. we'll be airing an immigration town hall event with president obama. the president will be speaking directly with the latino community in miami and what
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impact that has remains to be seen. moving and looking at this whole thing, how can these house republicans do this to the country? i'll tell you how they could do it to the country. number one, they hate the president. they don't want to see him succeed on anything. it is the gerrymandering. these guys in the house know they can do whatever they want to do and they're never going to lose their seat because they have socially engineered the districts across this country, so this empowers them to obstruct to the nth degree. this empowers them to go as far as they have to go even when it deals with the security of the country. let's go to annette, vice chair of the florida democratic party and mitch cesar and anna logan.
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great to have all of you with us tonight. annette, you first. what impact will the president's town hall have on this entire conversation? what do you make of this? >> well i think it's very refreshing that the president took the time to take questions from immigrants from people who are affected from people who are so hopeful, filling out the applications and hoping to come out of the shadows, and a president who is leading the way rather than a congress who is doing everything to stop immigrants from having an opportunity in the land of freedom as freedom. as i sit here, behind me is the freedom tower which stands for freedom. >> what works in immigration? the republicans don't want it to work on anything. they'll take any issue and do whatever they can to stop the president or progress. but what works? i think the president has to explain to the country tonight
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what works with immigration. what do you think? >> well i think he's doing the correct thing. he's going out there as presidents have done before beginning with franklin roosevelt with fireside chats. he's talking about the dreamers. he came in his with second executive order talking about some relief for the parents. about 5 million people. here in florida, there are 250,000 people that will be affected if that stay is not lifted and the president is not able to do what he wants to. i think he needs to outline how we protect the kids how to look at the parents and put them on a path to citizenship and talk about them paying taxes and basically getting everything in line. he's doing it the right way by going to the people and he has to go around the republican congress. he has no choice. he's doing what presidents need to do, using the bully pulpit.
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>> does president obama need to change his immigration policy? do you think he feels emboldened that he's taken the right course of action right now with this executive order and not changing anything, staying the course and letting this politically play out against the republicans? >> absolutely, absolutely. the president is doing absolutely the right thing. he needs to stay on track. he's got a lot of support from the latino community. once again in 2016, we'll see the results when the majority of the public sees that the republican party has once again played politics with people's lives. the party of the obstruction. all they care to do is just obstruct the president and, you know not even take into account how many people they are impacting here. >> here is marco rubio. he addressed the president's immigration policy at a town hall this weekend in new hampshire. >> we need to stop it because number one it is
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unconstitutional. i think it has unintended consequences no one has thought through. it makes millions of people eligible for a tax credit. it makes it difficult to achieve the sort of immigration reform that our country needs. >> what we have here playing out is the president, i think, is doing the democrats a favor by getting this kind of exposure in south florida because it totally pits him against the republican position and the hotbed of immigration. your thoughts on what rubio was saying and the way this is playing out? >> it is disappointing to see a senator from florida is saying we need to cut it into pieces. their idea of cutting it into pieces is to build a much higher wall. i don't know how high they want to go. go to the sky, put more troops on the ground at the border and
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to verify. even that they haven't even done that. so the senate passed a partisan bill and they did nothing. the president kept waiting and kept saying i'm waiting, i'm waiting. if they don't like the president's actions so much -- which by the way we're going to see it play out and he is within his authority to do this it is just really sad. florida is a place where we welcome immigrants. >> that shouldn't surprise anybody. rick scott involved in a lawsuit. mitch, what do you make of rubio's position right now? i mean how does that play? >> well it's interesting because he was for immigration reform before he was against it. he has flip-flopped like all the presidential republican candidates have done.
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jeb bush has flip-flopped on this issue going back a number of years and reversed himself in the last few years, so they're trying to carve out an intelligent place, but there is no intelligent place for the republican field. you have a super voter in the republican primary that's very conservative. you have the billionaire class involved funding those republican candidates. single member districts, they have nowhere to go. they are on the wrong side of history. after 2016 they are totally on the wrong side of the electoral college because of hispanics. >> great to have you with us tonight. we have more news out of the sunshine state today. media outlets in florida are suing governor rick scott. they're accusing scott of violating the state's sunshine law. they claim that scott's transition team deleted mass e-mails preceding his taking
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office in january 2011. it allows employees to destroy records they consider transitory. they claim it is not connected to florida's public records law. the goal of the lawsuit is to safe guard all relevant materials from being deleted. cell phone numbers are going to be involved in this along with text messages. i want to bring in now the reporter of "the tampa bay times." steve, good to have you with us tonight. your newspaper is all involved in this lawsuit and want full disclosure of all this communication. is scott's administration breaking the law? did they break the law? >> well, that's up for a judge to determine, ed but i've never seen anything like this in 30 years of reporting in this state. we have almost every major newspaper and television station in florida on the record suing
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the governor's office and three elected cabinet members who by the way, are independent in this state. they are all republicans, all four of them. right before christmas, a highly represented state law enforcement official was forced out of office. his name was gerald bailey. he ran the florida department of law enforcement. our state police more or less. no explanation, to public discussion, no vote no nothing. scott has really -- he has acknowledged he could have handled it better, but there's been no detailed public acknowledgment or explanation of what happened. in florida, we take the sunshine law very seriously down here. it's going to go to court, and people are going to sit there under oath with their right arm raised and explain what happened behind the scenes. >> why do you think they're trying to protect him? what could he possibly be hiding? >> well what happened was during rick scott's campaign as
2:13 pm
"the tampa bay times" reported there were constant strains between the governor's office and the department of law enforcement. bailey felt he was being pressured to sort of play political games and to sort of provide transportation to scott's campaign workers, things like this. all of this has been reported down here. rick scott gets elected in november. he defeats charlie crist by one percentage point. they throw bailey overboard. he decides to start complaining and going public with all these grievances and it has gotten pretty ugly. >> would this have effected the election if this came out before november? >> that's a great point. rick scott defeated charlie crist about 60,000, 65,000 votes. the democrats have been
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second-guessing themselves ever since election night. rick scott had a lot more money, a lot more resources in his campaign. republicans do a better job of getting their base vote out in an off year election in florida. the democrats do. i think the answer to your question is any variable like this could have effected the outcome. >> appreciate your time. thanks so much. coming up, republicans play a dangerous game. the politics of a possible shutdown. will the house respond to what the senate just did earlier today? plus we'll talk to the man who forced rahm emanuel into a runoff in chicago.
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to even be having a conversation about a potential shutdown of homeland security is incredible and absurd. >> funding for homeland security will expire in two days if congress fails to act. the clock is ticking. the gop is divided on passing a clean bill to fund the dhs. hard liners want president obama's immigration policies on the table at the expense of national security. despite a majority in congress john boehner and mitch mcconnell can't find any unity in the party. the senate did take first steps as we reported a few moments ago. they are considering the bill today in a vote of 98-2. the opposition to president's immigration action would come on a separate bill. one senior house republican reportedly called the plan a joke. the only thing republicans can
2:18 pm
agree on is a lack of leadership. >> my hope is that the senate will act. i don't know what the house will do but i do think we have a responsibility to act here. >> the house has done its job to fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's overreach on immigration, and we're waiting for the senate to do their job. >> let me bring in the chair of the dnc. congresswoman, why do these two have to be connected to protect the country? where are they at this hour? >> of course they don't have to be connected. thankfully, the senate has taken action to disconnect them. the house republicans and quite frankly a number of republicans who are saying they want to run for president are playing a
2:19 pm
dangerous game of chicken with our national security. the funding for this on friday runs out. jeb bush has been deafeningly silent. you should have an opinion on whether the department of homeland security should be shut down over a fight on immigration reform. it is just outrageous, whether it is ted cruz or marco rubio, bobby jindal mike pence. they have all actually said in one form or another that it is okay and this is an appropriate action to take. it is just unbelievable, outrageous, unacceptable. the ball is in the republicans court in the house. >> it is. do you think the tea party republicans are going to warm up to just a single bill that is not connected to immigration? i mean where's this going to go? i said in the last segment i believe this is a product of gerrymandering. these guys know that they're not
2:20 pm
going to lose, that they have socially engineered the house, it emboldens them to do stuff like this so how does this play out in the house on the republican side? >> when you're not dealing with people who are being rational and who are not making rational decisions, it is pretty tough to predict so far. for be it for me to predict the house. >> you don't think this brings the house any closer to a conclusion on this what the senate did? >> i have tried to apply logic in the past and been pretty stunned at the republicans lack of it. this is playing a dangerous game. we're not just talking about -- they already shut the whole government down and cost us $24 billion and that was over health care reform and denying people health care. now they are willing to compromise our national security, shut the department of
2:21 pm
homeland security down and ensure that they can continue their really religious adherence to ensuring that we can deport as many undocumented immigrants as we can. that's just sad and unacceptable and dangerous and frightening and hopefully cooler heads will prevail. >> i hope so too. we need them on the job and we need to have it funded. do you think speaker boehner's position as speaker is going to be jeopardized because of this? >> i certainly think his leadership is being called into question again and again. what he needs to do is corral his caucus. if he believes if making sure we can protect our national security interests, surely he and other republicans like jeb bush should unequivocally state we shouldn't shut down the department of homeland security over the president's immigration policy. jeb bush refuses to say and yet he wants to be president.
2:22 pm
that's not leadership. john boehner has exercised leadership. they're willing to compromise our national security. it is unacceptable. >> finally, the news late this afternoon three new york city men were accused of plotting to aid isis today. will this influence the dhs funding negotiations at all? >> well, i certainly hope all the considerations that we have to take into account when it comes to our national security and isis -- >> so it probably won't. >> it doesn't look good and it is disturbing. i know i'm going to stand up for my constituents. >> i know you will. rubio has got an interesting take on all of this. i think it is interesting strategically that the president in florida is doing this. scott, rubio, and bush and you're pointing out they haven't
2:23 pm
said anything about it. rubio is totally 180 degrees. >> exactly. rubio has suggested it is just fine. this is the appropriate direction to go. these are people who are actually saying that they want to be president of the united states. i don't know how anybody would expect americans to vote for them when they are willing to compromise our national security. >> congresswoman, thanks for your time tonight. let's bring in mr. woodhouse tonight. will the republicans pay for this? what do you think? >> they're absolutely going to pay for this. when the republicans shut the government down they pay a price. no one believes that democrats would shut down the government or shut down the department of homeland security. i mean, ed we're talking about terrorism and isis. they're talking about furloughing 30,000 employees of dhs, sending others to work without a paycheck and the
2:24 pm
stress that that puts on them and their families. it is phenomenal that republicans are going down this path again. >> what does it say about how strong the republican stance is against any kind of immigration reform if they're willing to roll the dice on this issue? >> that's exactly right. they had an autopsy after the 2012 election where they said they had to get this issue right. marco rubio supported immigration reform for a day. there were some in the senate. they moved a bill to the house and that's where boehner has sat. he sat on a bill for over 500 days. if he wants to debate immigration reform bring up a bill on immigration reform. >> do we need boehner and mcconnell to go play golf? they haven't talked to each other in two weeks. >> they haven't talked to each other in two weeks. they said after the election that they could come to washington and they would show they could govern.
2:25 pm
they're not even talking to each other. how can they govern the majority leaders in both houses if they're not speaking to each other? it's disgraceful. >> appreciate your time tonight. still ahead, mayor 1% may have had the money behind him, but he didn't have the votes to avoid the runoff. i'll visit with huey garcia, the populist vote. a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that.
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2:29 pm
obama direct-- attack president obama directly. >> this is concern about the lone wolf and the concern once they get to the middle east fighting capabilities and attempting to return to the country. >> the men were arrested and taken into custody in new york and the other in florida. take a look at this video showing the bombing of a warship. the ship is actually a replica of an american vessel. the iranian revolutionary guard bombed the ship while conducting naval drills. the drills send a message of iran's might to extraterritorial powers. okay. today the family of american sniper chris kyle is reacting to the guilty verdict in the murder trail of eddy ray roth.
2:30 pm
>> it was an answered prayer. we have waited a long time to hear that and we feel justice was served. chris served overseas and chad served when he came back. he had a passion for veterans but then chad was always a helping hand. he was a rock. >> the jury conflicted ralph in the shooting deaths of his friend kyle and chad littlefield. the defense is appealing. they argue that ralph was having a psychotic episode when he pulled the trigger. of course, we always like hearing from our viewers. in our "ask ed segment" tonight, what is next in your fight against the keystone xl pipeline now that it has been vetoed? continue to tell the story about imminent domain and see how
2:31 pm
strong these landowners in nebraska are going to be and tell the story about how they are real americans. they can't be cash whipped by a multinational because they care about the water underneath their ground because it supplies the region. i think that is a heck of a story and there's a lot to talk about. we'll be right back. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks end mixed, but little change. the dow adds 15 points the s&p 500 sheds 1 point, the nasdaq also off by one. aruba shares rallying 21%. hp shares sliding 10%. lumber liquidateors says it is going to be the negative report on "60 minutes." that sent shares down a whopping
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welcome back to "the ed show." rahm emanuel enters chicago's mayoral race's first runoff ever. he was known as mayor 1%. he was unable to get the deal done. but the rest of chicago's 99% only partially spoke. not a big turnout. emanuel must face off against the second place finisher chuy garcia. >> for those who voted for
2:35 pm
someone else, i hope to earn your confidence and support in the weeks to come. >> they said we didn't have a chance. they said we didn't have any money while they spent millions attacking us. well, we're still standing. >> chuy garcia's support came from the teachers union. the runoff is scheduled for april 7th. chuy garcia joins us tonight here on "the ed show." congratulations is in order. >> thank you. >> it would seem to me spending millions of dollars and having low voter turnout would be good for rahm emanuel. what happened? >> everybody was betting on the money and looking at the race in conventional terms, but chicago voters had other plans. those who showed up wanted to
2:36 pm
change and a majority of those voters who voted yesterday said they don't agree with the direction of the city. they want something else and they voted against the special moneyed interests, the millionaires and the big corporations that have been getting tax subsidies. in addition to that 19 members of the city council are facing runoffs. chicagoans want to go in a different direction. >> if the voter turn joetout gets to an all-out high what is going to happen? >> i think we achieved a part of our goal yesterday, which was to show people that you can fight back, that you can reject the advances of, you know,
2:37 pm
billionaires who want to take over our government and who want to privatize everything including public education. if people show up they can win. >> where are you going to concentrate on and work? where do you have to go in chicago to get this vote emanuel? >> i'm going to go everywhere. it is a new type of coalition. i will work hard and redouble my efforts to win african-american voters and other voters over. the mayor spent a lot of his money convincing african-american voters that it was over. he was going to win. the appearance by big politicians in chicago did not pay off. they want their city back. they want to run it. they want more accountability. that's why they came out. >> what about those who didn't make it who lost? are they going to support you? are you going to get some help now? >> we're in conversations with them. i'm very optimistic that we'll
2:38 pm
be able to reach an agreement. they're good people and i seek their support. >> is this race between -- the pinnacle of this race really the focal point of this race is education. how do you shut 50 schools and not have a community think you're doing a good job? i just think that cuts to fabric of picking and choosing neighborhoods. aren't those the people you need? sfl >> exactly. you can't say this is what's best. i know better. i came from washington. i was a former chief of staff. chicagoans want to be consulted. you can't impose those things on them. it was a significant turning point in chicago politics one that will bode very well for my candidacy. we're prepared to take chicago back. the city came together and said we want our city back. we care about public education.
2:39 pm
>> mr. garcia good luck to you. we'll visit again. >> thank you, ed. john kasich is trying to change his conservative tone from compassionate to fiscal. he spent the first 55 minutes of his state of the state speech tuesday pitching his controversial tax and school funding proposals. >> i believe the most important thing we can do to plan ahead is to continue strengthening ohio's economy by further cutting taxes and that means we must restrain government spending. i'm proposing that we cut taxes by $500 million on top of the $3 billion in tax cuts we have already made because high-income taxes punish risk taking. >> he is trying to paint himself as middle of the road to a national audience. he's pointing to ohio's slow economic improvement over the last four years as proof of
2:40 pm
success of his policies, but some ohio democrats argue that kasich's deep cuts have left communities out in the cold such as cleveland, 60 million short. ruth conniff joins us tonight. if there's going to be a launching off pad for kasich this would be it wouldn't it? >> yeah. it's interesting though. the segment you just did on chicago and taking about kasich there's this commonality, which is cuts to public schools. they're causing a lot of trouble for people. now is the time to make deeper tax cuts more cuts and hearing all the objections from republicans and democrats alike really sets up this whole dynamic. are we still trying to do trickle down economics? kasich has tried this. the voters in his state were able to turn back the right to work effort there because they could repeal a law that was
2:41 pm
passed to disempower unions. they're having some trouble with high-income districts saying, hey, these school cuts are hurting us. >> how is he going to tell the story of any kind of democratic recovery in the state without mentioning the automobile industry? >> there's a lot of problems there. the people of ohio are really pushing back i think. i think that you say kasich who is an interesting character because he is not a complete party line guy. he offended the nra when he was in congress by not being a tow the line gun rights guy. charter schools are not performing well. privatization has been kind of a disaster over many many years now in ohio. let's not judge them too harshly. sometimes students have problems that can't be fixed.
2:42 pm
>> turning to wisconsin, wisconsin governor scott walker is leading the pack among likely iowa republican caucus participants, 25%. this is interesting. are you a caucus goer? yeah i am. who do you think? scott walker. >> this has been walker's drive along. forget about wisconsin. everything he has done has been a test to see if a republican leads into the politics of austerity and complete warfare, if that is a winner. people in the very right wing base in iowa like this bold politics of walker's which is
2:43 pm
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2:48 pm
value these vital employees, but as union members we do. california could be closer to hosting another football team the inglewood city council voted to approve a new 80,000 seat former site of the hollywood park racetrack. they are hoping that one day they will be able to get the rams back the team that left for st. louis in 1995. and in arizona, baseball players are dealing with some sting training? the white sox and dodgers found some uninvited guests at their spring training facility in glenn glendale, arizona. a coach was strung twice after the white sox reported several scorpion sightings. >> there was one that bit the trainer the other day. i had never seen one before. they are small. i guess they hurt.
2:49 pm
i just don't want to get stung. >> you don't want to mess around with them. there's lots more when we come back. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy affordable, kid-inspired chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working.
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2:52 pm
smokeless tobacco. they say this sets a bad example for the sports' youngest fans. now in the first in the nation measure, a proposal to ban tobacco at all baseball fields. this would include the giants' at&t park. smokeless tobacco has banned in the minor league since 1993. it would include the state's five major league stadiums minor league parks, college and high school fields and anywhere a game is played in connection with an established league or association of persons. the major league baseball players association say they discourage the use of smokeless
2:53 pm
tobacco products by its members or anyone else. however, the subject of tobacco use is a collective bargaining each. this means an agreement must be reached with the players union. if the proposed ban is passed it would take effect next year. california continues to lead the charge against tobacco. this time they are hoping to knock it out of the park completely. you know those camera shots that show a guy sitting there -- that would be a thing of the past. i thought that was all part of baseball. it's bad. it's as bad as smoking. joining me is the medical director of the national association of free clinics. doctor, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> how dangerous is chewing tobacco? >> it's very dangerous, ed. there's been a lot of misconceptions. it's associated with mouth, tongue, cheek and stomach and pancreatic cancer.
2:54 pm
this is very serious. a lot of people thinking smoking cigarettes is just a worse. it's a nasty habit to see these young guys on tv and young people watching them. i applaud california for making the attempt to ban this from the field. we're not saying if you're a grown folk you can't smoke tobacco in your own setting but i truly applaud them for their efforts. >> it's interesting how chewing tobacco, as dangerous as it is as you just said was able to escape any kind of legislation in the past when it came to smoking bans. what about that? >> ed i'm confused as well. unfortunately, it took tony guin and his untimely death. kurt believes that his cancer is associated to chewing tobacco. we got a lot of push back and governments getting involved in our choices again.
2:55 pm
we're trying to protect the lives of young people. you know i've always been about helping educate children and we can truly impact them. i was a huge fan of them and if they smoked when i was a young boy, i probably would have started smoking. so i think this is legislation that is not there just to get their hands in your business. this is a way to pro try to -- try to protect the lives of young people. >> they told us seat belts didn't do much either and the government got involved in that. the freedom guys are going to say this intercepts my freedom. if i want to chew tobacco, i can. but this is about the game as well which i find very interesting. it's not like the players union is saying we don't want chewing tobacco. of course they have to dance around it because it's a
2:56 pm
collective bargaining issue. >> right. >> but do you think baseball could make a statement and how enflew influential would that be? >> it would be huge just like the nfl when they came out and spoke out about abuse of women. this would be a huge statement on the part of major league baseball. it seems like they are on the same stage. they should have made a lead in this. major league baseball should have come out and had the ban. we know how serious nicotine adecksa addiction is. many of these campuses are already smoke-free. why not do the full gamut and make them smokeless as well. >> i think they have escaped the conversations over the decades about the education, educating young kids.
2:57 pm
wait a minute chewing tobacco? that's not a problem. i think that certainly is a conversation that hasn't been held enough. dr. ronnie whitfield, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, so much ed. >> you bet. great work always. appreciate your work so much. thank you. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening. thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news tonight, the feds arrest three men accused of plotting to join isis. and who allegedly also talked about killing u.s. soldiers bombing at an amusement park and shooting the president of the united states president obama. the suspects are residents of brooklyn new york. two of them are from pakistan and
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