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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  March 11, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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. breaking news news leading "the cycle." it is 2:00 in louisiana where the coast guard is about to update us on the horrific military chopper crash. >> as you know a uh-60 blackhawks helicopter was involved in a accident last night near eglin air force base in florida. we know that on board there were four soldiers from the national guard unit in hamlin louisiana, and seven marines assigned to camp lejeune, north carolina. our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as search efforts there continue. >> that was defense secretary ash carter with his first comments moments ago. good afternoon, i'm abby huntsman. and that crash happened off the coast of the panhandle overnight. all seven marines and four coast
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guard are feared dead. the marines are assigned to camp lejeune but they were involved in drills in florida. but this is a coordination among the coast guard army marines and air force and what have they come up with so far? >> you are correct, abby. this is a massive search effort and so far they have turned up unfortunately tragic findings. they have recovered some human remains and also found found debris including the chopper's tail rutter. now the search is concentrated behind me. this is the santa rosa sound and been able to recover the debris from the north end here. all 11 people aboard feared dead. all fears for those 11 and their families. everyone from the locals to those in the nation's highest offices offering condolences. >> i think we sorely
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underestimate the constant commitment that only 1% of the population makes on behalf of our security. 99% of the rest of us owe them a debt of gratitude and thanks and our hearts go out to the families of the servicemen and women involved. >> reporter: there is no official cause of this crash just yet. but onnisly -- but obviously a lot of scrutiny on the weather. it was extremely foggy. one official told us this morning. right now it has cleared somewhat but we're expecting the fog to roll back in. it is hampering search efforts on the sound. at one point you can hear the boats honking but can't see them. imagine searching in those conditions for such a tragic and difficult thing out there. back to you. >> thanks for your reporting. and we'll bring you the news conference as it happens. and now to today's political question is hillary clinton
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still running for president? the answer may be in one of her 32,000 deleted e-mails. it is now 24 hours on the hour since clinton's unusual press conference at the u.n. and her supports say she -- supporters say she has gone above and beyond for her critics and some analysts say her remarks fed more questions than answers. and now the a.p. said it will take the state department to court to get her work e-mails. she said she had 62,000 total e-mails. her team determined under half of those were work-related and they say they handed them over and that came out to 55,000 pages of e-mails they have given up and clinton said another 32,000 e-mails were simply personal and she deleted them which she would have every right to do. >> they were personal and private about matters that i
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believed were within the scope of my personal privacy, and that particularly of other people. they had nothing to do with work. but i didn't see any reason to keep them. >> we'll have more on that shortly, but breaking news to louisiana national guard press conference on the helicopter crash. let's take a listen in. >> in 2008 and 2009. and also domestically here in our state, responding to hurricane katrina, rita and the oil spill and the mississippi river flood and tropical storm issac. ly i will tell you -- i will tell you that both of the pilots were instructor pilots which is sort of the highest ratings we have for our pilots in the army and the entire crew had several thousand hours of operation flying the blackhawk.
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today i was contacted by president obama and governor jindal and they ask that i extend to the families and our service members in the louisiana national guard that we are in their thoughts and prayers and that the whole federal government that they are at our disposal. and let me state that our priorities are research and rescue for our soldiers and the marines and secondly to take care of our families and we are doing both of those. this will remain a search and rescue operation until further notice and i would ask you out of respect for the families i will not release any names at this time due to respect for them. and i would ask you not to try to basically hunt them down and try to do interviews with them at this point until we figure
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out where we are going. i would ask you to keep our service members and family in our thoughts and prayers. that concludes our comments. i will be glad to answer any questions you might have. >> [ inaudible ] any type of training they were doing? >> well we were supporting the marine corp and so that is really about the extent that i know. we were doing lift operations for them. i would refer you back to the marine corp for any details on the specifics of the missions or the training missions they were on. yes, ma'am. >> you commented on associated press -- [ inaudible question ] >> i do not have that information. i have been talking to the command post over at eglin and what i'm getting back from them is that that is a search and rescue operation.
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>> [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't have the specific dates. they've been there for -- they left sunday -- okay. they left sunday and it was a normal course of business for us to work across the services in training missions. >> at what point do you ask and take the instructor pilot to make the decision of whether or not to go and not to go [ inaudible ]? >> now, i'm not a pilot. so i'll speak from a novice stand point. but they are very cognizant of weather conditions before they depart on a mission. but can you depart from one station and hit weather you didn't expect. and so the conditions have to be right for them -- for them to take off. now what they run into while they are airborne is a different story. >> general, can you talk about training minimums with the national guard?
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>> well our pilots train to the same standards as active army pilots or any helicopter pilots across the department of defense. when i tell you these guys were instructor pilots i can tell you they had several thousand hours in that cockpit and they had several thousand combat hours in that cockpit but they go through simulations for all kind of situations that may come up, whether it is weather, engine problems et cetera. but the standard requirements for any soldier in the army and across d.o.d. to be a helicopter pilot, they had met those over the years and they have to remain current. >>. [ inaudible question ] >> i do not know that. i think the incident command post will look into that and then there will be an investigation, pending outcome, to see what was said and when. >> i'm understand tlg were two
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helicopters near each other -- >> there were. there were two helicopters on the mission. one of them started to take off and then realized i guess, that the weather was a condition and turned around and came back. but that helicopter and that crew and all of the members on that crew were safe and count. >> one more question, our crews at fox 10 interviewed people who live in the area and heard some sounds, they thought something was wrong. will you be talking to people in the area to find out any more? >> i personally won't. but i can tell you that a follow-on investigation will be conducted and they are very thorough with any type of aviation accident. >> can you speak to the fact if. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not aware of any recording devices on our blackhawks. they do have transponders so that their location is known, if you will. but there are no -- that i'm
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aware of and i can stand corrected by the experts in the back, i'm not aware of black boxes or anything on the helicopters. >> we have been listening to a press conference live from the louisiana national guard about the ongoing search for that aircraft and this chopper crash. we'll bring you more updates as we get information about this. stay with msnbc after the break. every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are back to the controversy surrounding hillary clinton. based on her explanation on tuesday, many summed up her
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message as just trust me. to her critics she came across as abrasive and walked off with reporters still clamoring to ask another question. it was put it this way. folks, this is the clinton way, secretive, lawyerly dismissive of the press and they are not the only ones who characterize the former secretary this way. >> it is reasonable to ask someone to turn a server over to an independent neutral third party. not to the house of representatives, turn it over to a retired judge or an archivist or an inspector general. she doesn't get to determine what is a public record or a personal record? someone else needs to do that. >> i don't think convenience should trump national security. my sense of trust is lost by the whole episode. >> tuesday's press conference with hillary clinton first scrum with the news since her 2008 campaign. a sign of what could be in store for her. >> certainly plenty to dig into
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with hunter walker. nice to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> do you think that she opted for convenience, do you think it passes the sniff test? because a lot of folks would say, the clintons are very careful and strategic about every decision they make including likely on the way they handle e-mail? and just little details like would it be so hard to get all of your e-mails to one device? maybe the technology wasn't there but people today are able to manage that feat? >> absolutely. i don't think this makes sense to a lot of people. and more and more americans have one or two devices? i have two laptops. one for work and one at home. so her defense that she needed to only have one, and she had to set up this whole system to avoid juggling two blackberries for someone as high-powered as her doesn't seem plausible. >> apple loves you. >> and what you are saying might be true and how people feel about it. on the substance it is
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irrelevant. what is relevant is not the eneck dotes that people feel -- is not the anecdotes that people feel about it but most people aren't subject to the retention of documents law. and do you think she addressed enough of the questions around that and her obligation as a government official? >> well i was one of the reporters that as they said clamoring in front of her at that press conference. and honestly, i left with a new question. i was expecting to hear her just reiterate her past defense of convenience and that we in a sense do have to trust her on this. but instead she goes and stands in front of us and says i deleted 30,000 personal e-mails. no one was asking about that. we were asking about her work-related. >> she were surprised that she said she did this other deletion. >> yes. and we did a big story last night saying it is the big remaining question. she didn't say why she deleted
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those. she said these were yoga routines or families and wedding and vacations. who deletes their private e-mails. those are preemptive. >> and i know our company does that and so some folks say this is why hillary clinton should have a full-blown campaign asap because she would have the campaign and spokesperson and the full complement of folks and sending out what the media should have to cover. but if she was all the way in she would be getting asked over and over the questions, who knows when the fourth fifth, sixth time in iowa she gets asked the question and rolls her eyes and now she is upset and now the campaign has changed their tact. so what is better for her to be in right now or out right now?
12:18 pm
>> there is a lot of in between a full-blown campaign presence and the waldorf we're seeing. she has high name recognition. she doesn't need to introduce herself to new hampshire like scott walker does. but we're seeing rumblings inside of the white house, why did she take so long to get out ahead of this and she was warned about this for months and why did she choose not to react and it is feeding this perception that she is paranoid and we are hearing comparisons to nixon. >> come on. >> the big takeaway is that the story is not going away. but the media doesn't want to let them go. you are one of them. >> we are all one of them. >> yeah. >> you are the media too, abby. >> you are one of us. >> i have my own opinions about this story, but yes, the media doesn't want to let this go. but the republicans don't want to let this go. they are so determined to find
12:19 pm
something tangible that can get her in trouble and agree with them or not, the reason we're talking about her e-mails is because of the benghazi committee. there is a photo floating around of her in libya back in 2011 where she is on her phone but no evidence of her actually sending e-mails which feeds the question is did she delete work e-mails which is something suspicion. the question is will republicans end up finding something tangible or substantial or could this end up hurting them if they keep on digging and nothing comes from it? >> we have the benghazi digging and the a.p. suing to get the e-mails and i don't think anybody will find anything because, as everyone said her aids vetted what they decided to turn over to the state department. and yesterday when she said everything else got diluted, that means all we'll see -- trey gowdy can get his independent arbiter, all we'll see is what she chose to show us.
12:20 pm
it is gone. >> for republicans there will never be sufficient answers and as you point out, the e-mails are now gone. hunter we appreciate it. and something hillary clinton touched on in that press conference was the republicans letter to iran. we'll talk about that. but first, maybe david letterman can help us put it into perspective. >> as i understand it hillary clinton was using her private e-mail address, particularly the republicans are angry about her using her private e-mail address they were screaming and yelling and hollering today and then went back to wright mir open letter to iran. there it is. can we get in as tight as you can at the final paragraph. let me see. a couple of guys signed it there. you must send this to five other rogue states in the next 24 hours or you'll have bad luck for a year. it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help
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chanting racial slurs in a you tube video have been expelled from the university. this morning, morning joe did an interview and many have asked for clarification. amica joins us now and president of the national action reverend al sharpton. and take us through the discussion on your show this morning? >> two things the students in the video are responsible for their behavior. and as we said in our shough this morn -- or show this morning, they did it. it is disgusting and disturbing. in no way is anybody else to blame for what they did on that bus. they are responsible and they made that choice. and it may be a good conversation to have about rap music, hip-hop and lyrics and use of the n-word and whether or not it should be allowed to be used on where and what form and what platform. but there is no moral
12:25 pm
equivalency between any lyrics and what happened on that bus. we said that this morning on the show. >> you said that nika and there has been reaction suggesting you were trying to draw a link there and so just to be clear what is your response to that concern? >> the only link is the rapper the artist who performed on the university property before was supposed to come back again canceled his performance and said he was disgusted by what he saw. he does have lyrics that could be at question in a conversation about the use of the n-word and about violent racist lyrics and i think that is a important conversation to have. i would like to have that conversation. but he is in no way to blame for what happened on that bus and maybe that got confused but that is not what was said. >> and reverend you have spoken out separately about the role of rap music? >> well i think, first of all, these are two different issues.
12:26 pm
what we saw on that bus, and from the fraternity house's mom, as they call it is disgusting and racist these were all white students. there is no rap lyrics that come close to what they said in that we are not letting the n-word students in our fraternity. so i think these are two separate issues and we should not have the debate that i and others have engaged. and let's be clear, the national action network and naacp, and what nika just talked about, i think the president did what he should have in the best interest of american and what the
12:27 pm
students have in a way, the group of students they should be congratulated that released this they should be congratulated and we should not distract from what should be dealt with on that campus because this school has a record of being racist and racially sensitive things being said and our concern in the civil rights community, some of us some among other rappers about lyrics and concerns we've talked about -- because she talks about her daughter in and i don't think they should use that about a distraction about the ugliness we saw in that film from that bus in oklahoma. >> nika go ahead. >> my daughter is a jay-z fan. and i've had the conversation with her about what is appropriate. and what can be said and what can't and why there is in some ways a conversation that still needs to be had.
12:28 pm
and i think reverend al when we were talking earlier today, in terms of the rapper and how he was brought into this conversation, it is only because he was -- he has performed there and he canceled because of this. he has nothing to do with what those kids did on that bus. they are responsible. and there is no moral equivalency. lyrics have nothing to do with the actions that happened on the bus. having said that his lyrics are inflammatory and use the n-word and the f-bomb and the question for him is would he denounce the use of them in future. but that again is a separate conversation. it is sort of like the big picture in terms of where we are moveing in terms of our society and how we view art and what is art and what is dangerous and what is art and what perhaps could be disturbing to people. but that is a completely different and fascinating conversation. >> reverend al -- >> the conversation i might add, ari, that we did.
12:29 pm
we did two days of oprah debating. this this is an ongoing conversation but it should not get in the way of what those students are saying on that campus as nika just said and i think it is very important that we understand that they are two different conversations and it is a conversation that we must continue to have. maybe this could be a teaching moment in the conversation on lyrics but let's not confuse this, and let's also be clear, the one that brought the rap into this rap music was this fraternity mom, this fraternity house mom that claims that she, an older woman in our generation, was only repeating rap lyrics. she's the one that brought wraprap into this, and something i have doubts, after the investigation go, but clearly i don't think they should try to scapegoat rap with something that is ugly and diabolical here and i think that needs to be clear and i think
12:30 pm
nika has reached out to talk to the students who she respects their position because we all share, racism cannot be excuse and lyrics we can discuss what is art and not and we can agree and disagree. i respect this rapper for saying, wait a minute i'm not going to perform on this campus and agree with his stand. >> and an important re-election and time -- reflection and time for a stand. thank you. we continue. stay with us. thank you. we continue. stay with us. ♪ at kraft we start with quality ingredients
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12:34 pm
of this congress' backing at this moment in time would dispel doubt that might exist anywhere that americans are united in this effort. >> this is an aumf that focuses on the fight against isil. >> the aumf would give me authority to give recommendations to the commander-in-chief on how it shows up. >> and luke russert is right in the middle of the action. and did this change any minds. >> no. i think you saw the obama officials, kerry, carter and dempsey, talking to a skeptical congress. you have democrats skeptical of the aufm plan feeling it iraq part three, from one aid, and no prohibition of ground troops and it's an elongated conflict and now it is two or three years and it could go longer than. >> that and republicans say it
12:35 pm
ties the president's hands and there is not enough to allow the president to have a full defense of the nation. there should not be any geographic boundaries or limitations on forces and what not? so i think what you'll end up seeing at the aumf is really this question about whether it will get to the house floor, if it can get out of the committee process in either chamber and one thing the administration did was they said they would keep the 2001 aumf which is what the united states government used to go into afghanistan. and that really gives them a lot of cover here. this war against isis has been going on since august without formal congressional authorization. by continuing that 2001 aumf they can keep the fight on terror and there are no regulations. so it doesn't do anything for anybody which is why i think it will die someplace here on capitol hill. >> luke russert on capitol hill. thank you very much.
12:36 pm
and this comes as isis releases another one of the propaganda tapes that allegedly shows the execution of an israeli arab that isis claims was a spy. the execution at the hands of a young isis fighter. and if that isn't bad enough a isis defector say they go through mock deheadings and that is -- beheadings and that is why they appear so calm. and david rock and when you think it could not get worse, they release another video like this. what do you make of the video and the fact they put them through the mock beheadings. >> i don't think it could be worse. they are bad guys. they are beheading people and running rampage across syria and iraq and destroying ancient sites, doing everything that a group could possibly do to make their behavior abhorrent to anybody with a conscious. i think at this point, we ought
12:37 pm
to stop being shocked and focus on what we do to contain and eliminate them. >> and david some of the stuff abby told us is because a defector has come out and told us about the inside focus, that mohammed emwazi was chosen but the defector said not that would scare the west but send a message to potential sympathizers in the west saying there is room for you here you can come join us and get a good position which is horrifying and disgusting but reminds us wednesday again that isis' marketing, here in the west it is really good and thoughtful and our counter-message is so far really lame. >> yeah i think you are right. i think the big victory of isis is not land gained it is attracting 15 or 20,000 foreign
12:38 pm
fighters to come to syria and iraq and to join them. the fact that they've been able to reach into fairly prosperous societies around the world and find disaffected people and put their lives behind them and go and fight this war is remarkable remarkable. and we need a strong counter narrative and measures at the border but we need a strong way to reach out to the people who might go and persuade them to stay at home persuade them this is a big mistake, persuade them that there are better choices to make if they are disaffected and we haven't begun to do that very well. >> in this morning's hearing you had the leader of the war effort testifying about why they want this authority and a lot of discussion about what isis would make of whatever type of battle plan is drawn up in this authorization. people assuming that they are tracking it this closely.
12:39 pm
do you think that is right? >> well i think they are tracking it. i think they have access to the internet, they have access to modern media and following things on twitter. and every bit of evidence to show they are actually better tuned into that than other terrorist groups have been in the past. i think it was a mistake a few weeks back when we started to say we're going to go into mosul and doing the following things in mosul and fortunately secretary of defense carter recognized that was a mistake and said let's stop talking about these things and tipping our hand. i think the key with the aumf is to give the president the latitude he needs to go in and take care of athings and adapt to changing situations as our enemy adapts and that is why it needs to be rather broad rather than rather narrow. >> and david, before you go i want to get your thoughts on an unfolding situation. as you know, 47 republican letters decided to send an open
12:40 pm
letter to iran to under-cut the ongoing negotiations between our administration and iran. was this a good idea? >> good idea? this is a new low. i thought the low was inviting bibi without telling the president but this is a lower low. this is back-dooring the president and under cutting the president to negotiate with anybody. think about it for a second. if a congress sends out a note saying don't trust the president who are will negotiate with us. these guys are not ready for prime time. perhaps it is understandable with a senator like cotton who has only been there for a couple of months but what about the other 46 guys. you have half of the senate behaveing like they don't understand foreign polisy and putting partisanship ahead of foreign policy. >> there are a number of others
12:41 pm
that would agree with that. david rop cough, thank you. and what is really at risk here more on that next. and powerful evidence introduced at the boston bombing trial. and we'll go live to the courthouse as we cycle on. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular can of soda.
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and are now helping other people to do the same. log into your computer or your phone anytime, and you can chat with me. you can do it. i know you can do it because i did it. join for free today. hurry, offer ends march 14th. we return to the latest on the boston marathon bombing trial. day five of testimony. today's powerful evidence introduced, including a tattered
12:45 pm
backpack that held allegedly one of the bombs. ron mott is in boston. >> reporter: hey, there, ari. powerful day of testimony once again. a lot of evidence going into the record here including video that was taken -- surveillance video the night that m.i.t. officer sean collier was killed. just off the stand was a surveillance video expert who saw the video and you see two figures going up to his car. you can't tell which of the two individuals fired the shots that killed him and then you see the two -- these two people leave the scene. of course because police at that point knew who they were looking for, they didn't know where they were. there was so much attention given to officer collier's shooting that led to the chase and the shootout that killed tamerlan and then dzokhar tsarnaev was found the next day in the boat. so another dramatic day here. tomorrow we do anticipate
12:46 pm
because they may end in the next 15 or 20 minutes, they will continue to talk about the m.i.t. evidence and then move on to another area of this case. we did expect this trial would last six to seven weeks, but because of the rate with which they are going through, we expect some of that time will be shave and we could be into closing arguments in another four or five weeks or so. but another dramatic day here at the federal courthouse ari. >> that would be fast for a capital trial like this. thank you for your reporting on the trial. returning to the fire storm in washington over the letter sent by nearly four dozen senate republicans directly to iran. 47 warning that a congress not under the obama administration in the future might be willing to undo the nuclear agreement reached under this president. this morning on the today show senator rand paul called this some kind of boost for the white house. >> i want there to be i peaceful out come but i want to strengthen the president's hand
12:47 pm
and so i want to strengthen his hand by saying we have a lot of hardliners and we'll have to get this agreement by congress and in doing so maybe the president will negotiate a more appropriate deal. i think the law is that the sanctions can only be removed by congress and by reiterating that i think we send a message this needs to be a good deal. >> does it strengthen the president's hand? many of rand paul's fellow party members on the letter have disagreed. they have been openingly saying the goal -- openly saying their goal is to under-cut any agreement and many say it is way over the line. >> i think it was ill-advised and sophomoric and give comfort to our enemies and pause to our allies. >> you don't undermine the president of the united states and it is disrespectful not only to president obama, but to the
12:48 pm
office of the presidency. >> what is the point in writing to the iranians, what are you going to do? they dismissed it already, like whatever. and you've offended the obama administration and may have offended the democrats who would have come over with the republicans, depending on what happens with the deal to have a stronger say in the senate. >> what is the point? good question by kelly. and the deadline for the deal comes at the end of the month. we go to hillary man leveret. she is author of the book going to tehran. wonderful to have you here on the topic. >> thank you for having me. >> and your view of the appropriateness of this move this letter and also walk us through from your experience how this kind of thing, although relatively unprecedented, might affect the negotiations? >> well i liken it in a lot of ways to during the cuban missile crisis here in the 1960s when president kennedy was
12:49 pm
negotiating with the then soviet leader. at that time congressional republicans sent him a letter saying don't negotiate with kennedy because we're going to bomb you if we get in in two years. and i think that would be seen by many as beyond appropriate. so here it is harmful and weakens the u.s. position and we'll see from the iranians a stronger push to get international guarantees for any agreement because it is very difficult that stage to not only trust the united states but to have a basic understanding that there is a competent administration here that will follow through on its commitments. >> this is arguably the biggest threat we face moving forward. i feel like we should be having a conversation. congress should be involved in what is going on in all of this. the question is what does this do to help it all. and i agree with megan kelly. if anything this misses -- off
12:50 pm
the administration and it makes me wonder what the iranian government thinks of all of this. they are this play out. i'm sure they're having a field day with this. we actually look like we have it all put together. it is quite embarrassing for us. >> the iranian, they have a very sophisticated foreign policy. they have one of their best diplomats. i negotiated with him with the u.s. government over afghanistan. they know exactly what they're doing and exactly what they want. i think it does concern them that there is this kind of incoherence and incompetence here in washington, but again they're not looking to rely on the united states. they're looking to have a firm international agreement that includes not just the united states, but our negotiating partners in what is called the
12:51 pm
p5-plus one. so they're going to be looking more to the security council rather than taking president obama's word for it which is dangerous for the united states because it not only used to be but continues to be critically important for countries on the international stage to take our words seriously. >> thank you for your analysis. hope you can join us again on this story. money secrets of the super wealthy and what's worth more than gold to our very own krystal ball and then an interview with thomas pucetti.
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
piketty. you cannot say like many of the republicans are saying we can keep cutting tax on these groups that have already benefitted a lot from growth and globalization over the past 30 years. you cannot say we're going to keep cutting tax for this group and at the same time you can close the skill gap and education gap. there is a skill gap and education gap. they are really serious, but the skill gap and the education gap, they cannot at the same time cut taxes. >> pickettketty has a great understanding of our system and wealth. what if you need money now?
12:56 pm
should you go to the money store? no. that isn't a thing. you should read "the thin green line, the money secrets of the super wealthy." welcome, paul. tell us some secrets of the super wealthy, especially this idea about having buckets for your money. are you talking about literal buckets that you put the money? >> all over your house. buckets in your head. this is mental accounting. a lot of us do this. intuitively we don't know we're doing it. x amount of dollars for mortgage, x amount of dollars for food x amount of money for money. it increases your chance of not having one of those buckets go dry. >> one thing we're spending more money on as parents is our
12:57 pm
children's education. where the best highest estest yield places to invest that money? >> you have young kids like i do, i have great news. if you have older kids, i have horrible news. if you can spend massively on your kids spend it between the ages of 3 and 8. all of those nursery school obsessive parents on the upper east side they're doing the right thing for the wrong reason. i'm not saying if your kid is in high school it is too late but many parents wait until too long. may they get all confused and send them to a halfway decent school that costs a lot of money for college when a good state school would do. money, 3 to 8, that's the best place you can spend it. >> i will take that very seriously. >> you are lucky. >> you have been around a bunch
12:58 pm
of people with money. did you notice a difference between those born with money and those who later got money? >> you are deeply focused on whatever the outcome is going to be. you don't blame somebody else for shortfalls and you keep going. it's what other people might call drive, but it is very common from people who start with very little. >> it's a different attitude. >> it is a different focus. it is eyes on the prize. >> how much control you have over the world? >> yeah. bad things happen to everybody. life is unfair. the world is unfair. if you go around thinking the world is unfair to me and you take it very personally, i find that stops people as opposed to saying the world is unfair there's nothing i can do about it.
12:59 pm
it is like complaining about taxes. you can't do anything about your tax rate. >> you talk about the difference between different approaches wealthy versus rich. what about the idea of people who come into money quick? >> wealthy is really having a sense of security no matter how you came about that money. you can be a retired teacher with a pension. rich is just a number. it could be a small number or it could be a large number and you have every outward appearance of being wealthy. it is a house of cards, if it were. >> thank you so much for the time. the book is great. that does it for "the cycle." thank you so much. having have a great day. investigators are looking into why an army helicopter went down during training exercises
1:00 pm
off the coast. and for the first time america has an accredited muslim college. first, the 2016 talent search reveals an early flare for drama. it is wednesday, march 11th, and this is "now." today the drama just keeps coming. less than 24 hours after clinton's press conference, "the ap" filed a lawsuit to force the state department to release state e-mails and documents from hillary clinton's time at the state department. clinton herself did not exactly quell the controversy suggesting yesterday she deleted some 30,000 e-mails


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