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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> shout out to peter. >> you're one of the enlightened one ones. ted cruz told you he didn't regret signing that letter and he was going to sign large enough for the ie toe la to read. "the rundown" starts right now. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart, developing on "the rundown" a flight headed from dulles to denver turns back after a disruptive passenger had to be subdued on board the flight shortly after takeoff on monday night. let's get to kristen welker. good morning what do we know? >> jose good morning to you. here's what we know. a spokesman for united tells nbc news that flight 1074 returned to dulles here in the washington area after a passenger failed to comply with crew instructions. another passenger on board
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caught some of the scary moments on camera. take a look. >> reporter: frightening moments in the sky monday night after passengers had to restrain an unruly man on board a united airlines flight. >> declaring an emergency due to a passenger disturbance. he's restrained. we need to return to the airport. >> reporter: airline officials would not confirm what caused the disturbance, but one passenger aboard the 737 says the disruptive flier attempted to reach the cockpit. audio from the control tower reveals how the other passengers got involved in the scuffle. >> there's a passenger in the back. he ran forward towards the cockpit and he is being restrained by other passengers. the cockpit is secure and we would like to return to the airport and have authorities
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meet him. >> please stop. >> reporter: after the passenger was restrained, the plane returned to dulles around 10:40 p.m. law enforcement fushlofficials detained the passenger and was then taken to the hospital. officials found no weapons and none of the passengers and six crew members was hurt in that incident. back to you. >> scary moments, thank you. we're following new developments in the robert durst case. he's awaiting extradition to los angeles where he could face the death penalty. in addition to a trial for the murder of his friend. durst is facing a gun possession charge in new orleans. stephanie gosk has been following the case. she joins me from. new orleans this morning. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. police say they found durst in the possession of a gun and a small amount of marijuana. that triggered those two gun possession charges that you heard of. they are frustrating robert
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durst's attorney who say they are eager to get back to california and face his capital murder charge, which he says he's not guilty of. unfortunately, they are stuck here and it's unclear how long they are going to be here. whether those charges are going to be brought in front of the judge and whether he's going to have to stand trial or put them on hold and send him back to california. >> it seems as though there's going to be a certain amount of discussion between new orleans and l.a. what's the next step for the prosecutors and l.a.p.d.? >> reporter: right now, they are waiting. what they did in the last 24 hours was officially file the criminal complaint. interesting because they framed the capital case which means durst could face the death penalty. they also added an interesting note. they didn't explain it all that well, but they said susan was a witness to a crime and that's why she was killed.
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you'll remember susan berman was a long-time friend and authorities said at the time they were getting ready to question her before she was found dead in her apartment. >> and just a little bit more on the whole gun issue that was found in the hotel that he had checked into. >> reporter: well there are two charge there is. one is possession of a weapon after being charged in a felony. they don't specify what the felony was. durst was charged in the previous murder of his neighbor for dismembering the body. the second charge was possession with a weapon of a controlled substance. >> stephanie gosk great seeing you, thank you for being with me this morning. a big political story out of israel. voters are deciding whether to keep benjamin netanyahu in
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office. it's not a simple process. our correspondent joins me by phone. can you explain what voters are deciding today? >> they are deciding who is going to effectively be the next prime minister. they have already sent one message in turnout is very high. a lot of people out on the street. the numbers up 20% on voter turnout from last year. i spoke to the opposition leader this morning. he says people are coming out to vote for change to vote for a government that's going to do something about the high cost of living in israel. meanwhile the prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the closing stages of his campaign, his decision was to go back to his base his core support and core issues. that is the security at the state of israel. the tv interview said that a
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palestinian state would not be established on his watch. i'm driving around tel aviv. turnout is very high. the left wing party drawing a lot of hope from the size of the turnout here in israel. >> and of course, because it's a parliamentary system people aren't really voting for a candidate, but rather for a political party. >> that's absolutely right and it's for that reason that benjamin netanyahu could lose this vote by two or three but still stay on as prime minister of israel because the polls have it as they so often do in israel the parliament will be more or less split down the middle between left wing and right wing at the end of the election. if that's the case because there are smaller differences between the right and left
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benjamin netanyahu will find it easier to build a coalition government of the right. >> normally how long does it take before you start getting a picture of how the voting has turned out? >> well it's normally just like it is in the united states in the hours after the polls are closed, which is 10:00 in the evening local time here in israel. but because there's so much dealing to be done particularly if the result is close, the president of israel has to decide which candidate has the best chance of forming a government. that process can take a matter of weeks, up to a month. >> thank you so much for being with me. we'll check in with you later today. i appreciate your time. today a boston jury is expected to hear testimony about the boat where authorities apprehended boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. on monday the jury saw the boat which had more than 100 bullet
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holes. police found dzhokhar tsarnaev and a note he wrote inside that boat after a four-day manhunt. ron mot is joining me from boston. >> reporter: good morning to you. the first witness expected today when they get court underway is the man who owns that boat and he describes publicly already and will for the jury how he discovered dzhokhar tsarnaev laying in his boat that friday night. remember, four days after the marathon bombings there was this massive manhunt. they were told not to come out. when the all clear went out early on friday this gentleman noticed there were some foam cushion he is kept in his boat. his boat had been shrink wrapped for the season. he went out there, didn't discover anything else out of the ordinary in terms of blood or anything, but noticed some
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strapping he had attached to the boat had been taken apart. he got. really suspicious. he wanted to check the boat out. he will get on the ladder and peered in and saw dzhokhar tsarnaev in a fetal position and was so startled and ran back in the house and called 911. that's how that capture went down with all those bullets, more than 100 fired into the hull of the boat. they took dzhokhar tsarnaev alive. now he's on trial. you also mentioned we had a number of police officers in watertown describing those heroing moments, eight or nine minutes of the intense gunfight with tamerlan tsarnaev. he was then ran over by his brother. another dramatic day of testimony getting underway here today. >> ron mott, thank you. we're just getting started on this tuesday edition after the break, john kerry is trying to work out a deal with iran while the white house is warning lawmakers to stay out of it.
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we'll be speaking with richard blumenthal next. plus repealing for immediate help after a cyclone tore through a country. more on the aid and amazing pictures of recovery coming up. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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how does it feel when you're trying to get a deal done with iran and then you have senators who are sending separate letters? >> yeah well i'm embarrassed for them. because it's not how america does business. >> that was president obama in an interview with vice news. the white house is trying to clear the way for a nuclear deal with iran warning lawmakers,
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both republicans and democrats, to stay on the sideline so as not to risk undermining negotiations. lawmakers are pushing back hard. >> the deal foreshadowed by the president allowing iran to have enrichment capabilityies and accepting an expiration date on any agreement to to quote benjamin netanyahu doesn't block iran aes path to the bomb, it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> i think this deal that is being negotiated by the obama administration is profoundly dangerous, both to the security of our friend and ally israel, but also to american national security. >> all this comes as secretary of state john kerry meets with his iranian counterpart in switzerland trying to craft a deal by next week's dead line. the word from top officials is not encouraging. progress is being made but tough issues remain. joining me is senator richard blumenthal. >> good morning, jose.
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>> i want to ask you about this bill from senators corker and menendez to allow congress to approve or reject a nuclear deal with iran. where do you stand on that? >> i am supporting that bill and will be co-sponsoring it. the reason is quite simply congress has an appropriate and necessary role to play after a deal is concluded, not embroiling itself in the negotiation. s as this letter very disgracely did. the senate should not be intervening in those talks. i hope there will be a diplomatic solution and i think the president would be wise to come to congress as he did with the authorization for the use of military force and say i want congress, the senate to join neme in approving this deal and that's why i will co-sponsor the bill, which provides a role to congress in reviewing this deal and ending the sanctions, if
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there is an airtight comprehensive and enduring agreement. those are the criteria i have for approving a deal. >> explain to me the difference and congress's responsibility and role when it's a presidential agreement and presidential action versus a treaty. they both have different congress responsibilities. >> good question constitutionally an executive agreement is not a treaty and therefore, would not require ratification by the senate. at the same time an executive agreement would not last beyond the term of the president. speaking strictly legally. a treaty requires senate ratification and the president has said this would not be a treaty and it could be approved by the security council and have the force of law. but let's go beyond the legalities here and look at this
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agreement from the standpoint of the american people. the president really needs a national consensus. he needs popular support behind this agreement. and that's why i think he would be wise to not only submit but, in fact, ask that the senate review and approve this deal when and if it's concluded. it's still a big if. >> so now the date of when a deal must be had by there's some difference of opinion. is it the 27th of this month? is it the 30th of this it month? is it june? is it this a situation that can continue until the end of 2015? >> there has to be some framework and general outline of an agreement some time after march. and the bill that i support it's called corker menendez provides
6:18 am
for senate review in staged phases and the end of sanctions in phases as well, so there are, in effect points of release and there are staged periods where the senate is involved in this process, as i believe that it should be because after all the senate represents, to some extent, the will of the american people. the president would be wise to seek that kind of national consensus and popular support for any deal. as complicated and difficult as this process is and i support the diplomatic efforts underway i a tooppose intervention, which was very unfortunate through that letter that was written by 47 senators. at the end of the negotiations the congress does have a role. >> senator richard blumenthal appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you, jose. after the break, we'll zoom through the top stories
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including another suspension at an american university. plus we'll go. live to venezuela as that country's leader is ruling by the power of decree. more on what that means for the people of that country. but first, it's a big day in new york city where the first gay group will be allowed to march in the st. patrick's day parade. it's our group known as outed nbc universal. the mayor and city council are boycotting the parade. parade organizers have refused to entry to gay groups based on religion. we're watching this all unfold right here on "the rundown." ♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e does.
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denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. now the continuing developments out of venezuela with the country's leader able to rule by the power of decree for the rest of this year after an emergency vote on sunday. the question now is how will he
6:23 am
use that official power. it comes a as the country's military continues to hold exercises ten days of them are scheduled. all in response to president obama's executive order imposing sanctions on several venezuelaen officials for human rights violations. joining me on the phone from the country's capital is reuters reporter alexandra ulmer. >> hi jose thanks for having me. they have not spelled out how he's going to use these powers. he says they are justified by a u.s. threat. he has framed recent sanctions you mentioned as an attack on venezuela sovereignty and said the fact that washington labeled his country a national security threat warrants him needing to defend the country. so we're all waiting to see how he's going to use them during the rest of the year.
6:24 am
>> i mean, to be very clear, it's not the country that's a national security threat according to the united states, it's the regime, the government and the handful of officials that the president called out as being alleged human rights violators violators. how are people responding to this? >> as with most political matters, it depends on who you ask. some are saying this is an attack on the country as a whole. they are very targeted sanctions on government officials. the opposition, as you can imagine, is absolutely furious about these measures and say they are essentially anned a democratic move that could lead to a crackdown on defense. there are also upset because this year venezuela is holding parliamentary elections. they say that they will overshadow any vote. >> alexandra, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. cyclone cleanup, another fraternity suspended.
6:25 am
let's zoom through some of the top stories. relief workers have finally managed to reach the islands following cyclone pam. the storm left behind widespread devastation in the pacific island nation. aid organizers have struggled to deliver supplies. the u.n. puts the death toll at 11, but officials fear it could go higher as they start to search the islands. here in the u.s. next hour we'll be watching the secret service director go before lawmakers. he's there to testify about the budget. but he's sure to field kes about the scandal facing the secret service where two top ranking officials were suspended after driving into a barerier at the white house command post on the 4th of march. fraternity fallout at another university e penn state suspended a fraternity after police say members created a secret facebook page with offensive pictures. they show unclothed women either
6:26 am
sleeping or passed out. it showed pictures of drug sales and hazing. nbc news has reached out to the penn state fraternity council for a statement. new information this morning on the poisoning of a dog who had taken part in one of the uk's most press teetigious dog shows. toxicology r reports show the dog was poisoned after returning to belgium, not while at the show. he died less than 48 hours after leaving the show. after the break, we're going to get a unique look at the fight against isis. i will be joined by matthew van dyke. that's next. plus benjamin netanyahu has made waves here in the u.s. now he's fighting to hold on to office in iz raem real. voters heading to the polls there. we'll break it down coming up on "the rundown."
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developing now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting for his political life as voters decide whether they want to send the hard liner back for a fourth consecutive term. turnout has been high with some people waiting an hour to cast a ballot. going into today's election benjamin netanyahu is seen as the underdog. that's partly because the election is focused on domestic issues rather than international ones. the prime minister still has his supporters. check this out. >> i'm chuck norris. and i would like to say hello to all my friends in israel. you have an incredible country and we want to keep it that way. that's why it's so important to keep a leader who has the courage and vision to to stand up against the evil forces that are threatening not only israel but the united states.
6:31 am
>> his primary opponent is this man of the union. he's more moderate pushing a message of hope and change. rana foroohar joins mess this morning. >> chuck norris this election must be made if chuck stepped in. but there still very uncertain, as you say. it's a real nail biter at this point. >> how do you see things turning out? >> we have nate silver running regressions, every pollster in the united states trying to game this. one thing to remember for people at home, there's a blind spot here because since last thursday, there's a ban on new polls that close to the election. so we have a lack of information about any shifts that could have happened over the weekend. now up until that point, it is true that all of those spectators, all of those pollsters are largely predicting an upset, a win from the zionist union. but this is all based on coalitions and who gets the most
6:32 am
seats. these aren't just individual candidates. this is about the strength of the coalitions. that could mean that there's trouble because this coalition has lower approval numbers. that's one reason why at the 11th hour he said we're not going to share power. >> so even if if the union get. s the majority of the votes and support, that doesn't mean necessarily that benjamin netanyahu is out. >> so it's interesting. you could end up with a tie situation, jose. we have seen this in the past when perez was in power where you would have two years of power from one leader and one party and two years from another. this is why the coalition system is so foreign to american voters. >> you also look closely at the youth vote always an important factor in. any election. what did you find? >> one change we have seen is an emergence of a lot more centrist voters being vocal in israeli politics.
6:33 am
younger voters by many accounts. certainly more of them connected and vocal on social media platforms. these are voters driven by the domestic issues. famously there were the summer tent protests in israel where it was the cost of cottage cheese that was driving people out making them political. they want to get back to the message that we know so well it's the economy. there are a lot of game-changer groups in the mix. there's one called v-15 which is particularly interesting. i have been talking to them profiling them. they are largely made up of young, progressive, punky leadership on the ground. one thing they are saying is this is about the economy. we don't want this to be a referendum on the foreign policy issues, which is what benjamin netanyahu has tried to make it with his trip to the united states. a lot of money both within israel and also internationally behind those groups. v-15 is largely a product in terms of funding of american
6:34 am
liberal billionaire entrepreneurs pouring money into this race trying to change the outcome. their message is anyone but bb. >> what a pleasure to see you. in iraq the fight for tikrit has ground to a halt as iraqi forces try to figure out how to drive terrorists from the center of the city. iraqis are calling for new airstrikes, but it's not clear if they are asking the united states or iran. new video shows the most recent u.s. airstrikes have been focused elsewhere in places like mosul. more help may be coming however. dozens of american volumenteers have been training to join the fight on the front lines. matthew van dike has been working with volunteers and joins me this morning. what a pleasure to see you. >> thank ss for having me back. >> how many guy. s are are there? >> well, what we have done is take u.s. military veterans over to train iraqis specifically
6:35 am
iraqi christians to defend their own lands. there are americans going over to fight directly. >> talk to me about the fight that currently is under way. we have been hearing about iraqi forces joined by iranians fighting isis in a very important city. the americans aren't really play ing any real role in that, right? >> right, the iraqi government asked the americans to stand off and see if they could handle it along with yooirnen support. apparently they can't. they had bragged a few days ago that they'd have control and they have had to halt their advance and call in air power because they can't do it. they have 30,000 iraqi forces versus 50 isis forces left in tikrit and they can't make progress. >> tell me about your group and why it's important you're doing what you're doing. what's your future plan? >> starting in december we began secretly training christian fighters to take on
6:36 am
isis. february 19th we graduated a battalion of 300 soldiers for the protection units, who we were working with. now we're continuing to consult militia leaders and looking at the next steps of training. the idea is that wherever governments fail we'll step in anywhere in the world and train local forces. . we do this a nonprofit model. we are completely funded by the public. by making a contribution. >> tell me about the soldiers who graduated. who are they and what kind of expertise do they carry? >> they are iraqi christians that are highly motivated, very intelligent, very capable men. we train them. so far they have had basic training. they are a good light infantry force.
6:37 am
they will be the best light infantry in the entire country. i think they will play a productive role in the fight against isis. >> what do you think they can do? when you have the iraqis working with the iranians they are probably not very interested in getting the support from you and your people. who are going to be getting the support? how effective can they be in the fight that has so many international pieces to it? >> we anticipate that the protection units and other christian units will be working alongside the peshmerga and coordinating on the ground in battles in mosul. >> and matthew, talk to me about syria. it's been so many years of civil war. millions of people displaced, the suffering continues, and yet in that country, it seems as though the regime continues to hold on by its fingernails. >> syria is a complete disaster. really the syrian revolution is
6:38 am
on standstill until the problem with isis is dealt with. pst not clear where it will go. there's only one solution that isis is destroyed and assad regime ends. until everybody is on board with that plan we're going to see this continue to drag out for years. >> matthew, thank you for being with me. >> thanks for having me. now to a football move that's get. ing ing a lot of attention off the field. a rookie is quitting because of the long-term health effects of playing football. now chris borland's decision could create a new football legacy for him. carson daily has more on this move that's shaking up professional football. >> in one of the most startling retirements in recent memory the nfl is lose inging one of its most promising young players one season into his nfl career. 24-year-old linebacker chris borland informed espn's outside the lines that he's retiring in
6:39 am
order to avoid the long-term effects of brain injuries. borland, who had over 100 tackles for the san francisco 49ers last season told espn reporters, quote, i just honestly want to do what's best for my health. from what i have researched and experienced, i don't think it's worth the risk continue inging. i want to live a long, healthy life with no neurological diseases or die younger than i would otherwise. it's a move that sparked debate among the most prominent critics. >> life expectancy for nfl players is sharply reduced. this is not just a theoretical argument. >> the one thing i know is tomorrow is not guaranteed. i understand that. >> nfl great brett favre opened up about his own struggles with concussions in 2013. >> i got to believe that after 20 years and if you go back i played four years in college and played every game and high school the toll has got to be
6:40 am
pretty high. >> reporter: with studies showing 3 in 10 retirees will suffer from alzheimer's or dementia could a preventative decision before the trauma occurs signal a change on the horizon for america's most popular sport. >> here is a guy retiring not about an injury but essentially trying to prevent an injury. that's alarming. >> in a statement, wishing bor hand happiness saying while unexpected we certainly respect chris's decision. >> that was carson daily reporting. coming up prince harry makes an announcement. the royal details, next. but first on this st. patrick's day, take a look at the chicago river. it's in the shadow of the buildings right now. let's go to the river. it's dyed green on saturday for this week's festivities. the tradition dates back to 1962 when the mayor first did it. it's our inspiration for today's five things coming up next on "the rundown."
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now to the royal treatment and the u.s. is welcoming some royal visitors today. britain britain's prince charles and his wife are expected to arrive in washington tonight for their first visit to the u.s. since 2011. they will meet with the president and mrs. obama and then vice president biden. prince harry is making headlines for his latest career move of sorts. keir simmons has more from london. >> hey, jose prince harry says that he has now finished with the military that effectively he is look inging for a new job. and is considering his options. >> reporter: after a decade of service, prince harry says this was a really tough decision but in a statement overnight, he says most good things come to an
6:45 am
end. in afghanistan captain harry flew aircraft along is side u.s. forces. >> they were really nice to us. >> reporter: even scrambling in the middle of a television interview. far from royal life. he rarely seemed more at home. >> this is my bed. >> reporter: from an early age he was distinned for the military. this morning he says he is incredibly lucky to have achieved that dream as he told us a few years ago. >> your brothers no matter what nation, it's the most amazeing feeling. >> reporter: he has become committed to helping veterans raising money in a breathtaking trek across the south pole. but from third in line to the throne with the birth of george prince harry will be fifth in line. in the decades ahead, he will be royal without ever being king. perhaps that will be his
6:46 am
toughest battle. and of course another challenge for prince harry is that he is yet to find lasting love. but how difficult can it be? surely somebody will marry harry. >> that's a tough one for me to determine. talk to me about his dad. other than meeting with the president and mrs. obama, what else is on the agenda for prince charles? >> well they will be in washington and they are holding an event at the british embassy in washington which you can imagine will be a hot ticket. they will be there promoting british trade and those kinds of things. so clearly for them it's very important. and at the same time, the truth is that people will measure the number of head lines that they get compared with william and kate. they will be making their analysis of that. but charles is used to this kind
6:47 am
of thing. they know they may not get. as many headlines, but they believe they have a job to do. >> the whole prince harry's personal life maybe we could get a bracket going. brak brackets are i parentally a huge thing in the states because of the basketball thing going on. maybe we could try that. keir thanks good to see you. after the break, oregon voters are getting a big boost thanks to a first of the nation bill signed by that brand new governor. we'll talk with kate brown about the motor voter law, next. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is.
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6:50 am
to breaking news this morning, to new york city an emergency landing for an american airlines plane at jfk airport after a reported bird strike. these pictures just into the newsroom. airline officials say the plane had just taken off, heading to saint thomas when a bird struck
6:51 am
the windshield. the plane safely land td at 8:40 a.m. eastern. none of the passengers on board were hurt. the plane still being evaluated. it is unclear whether the flight will resume. hope all the passengers make it to saint thomas before too long. now take you to oregon the state preparing for a surge of new voters. after a first in the nation bill was signed into law, now citizens will automatically be enrolled to vote when they go to obtain a driver's license or state id card. builds on the motor voter law. 16 states but restrictions on that. voting rights activists are celebrating the law. it is not without controversy. the bill passed the state legislature among party line votes without a single republican supporter. joining me for the first national interview, oregon governor kate brown. pleasure to see you, thanks for being with me. >> good morning, thanks so much for having me this morning.
6:52 am
>> thanks. let's get into some of the more controversial aspects of the law. opponents have concerns about id theft that a non-u.s. citizen goes to get an id may slip through and get registered. what assurances can you give that neither of those things will happen? >> when oregonians go to department of motor vehicles, they're required to provide proof of citizenship, only those that provided proof of citizenship that their data will be forwarded on to secretary of state's office so that's the same data frankly that the transportation security administration uses to enable folks to get on airplanes, if it is good enough for the tsa, it is good enough for me. >> you are automatically registered to vote if you are an american citizen and you're getting one of these ids in your state. >> not quite, not quite. it is not automatic
6:53 am
registration. so what will happen is the potential eligible voter will receive a mailer from secretary of state's office. they have three weeks to opt out. they can sign the letter send it back to secretary of state's office saying they're not interested in being registered to vote. the other reality is that in oregon and any other state in the nation, voters can opt out of the voter registration system at any time. >> so you don't see it happening automatically for folks that don't return that one letter they get. >> if they don't return the letter opting out, they will be registered to vote. but as i mentioned, they can opt out any time from voter registration system. the new motor voter bill is about making government work better, providing citizens with customer service they need and expect. >> and let's talk about what you have in mind for the future.
6:54 am
you're pretty new in the job, you were secretary of state for some time. what are the basic, most important priorities? >> for me as oregon governor, my top two priorities are number one, making sure that we restore ethics in oregon as a result of the last several months oregonians had faith in state government eroded. we have a package of ethics reforms. we are working hard to make sure the public and press have access to our open records and so we have a proposal to require the secretary of state's office to do an audit of oregon's public records laws and secondly working hard to make sure our children have the education they need and deserve. and lastly making sure oregonians in the state have access to good paying jobs. >> talk to me about immigration.
6:55 am
there's a move under way, 26 states and washington, d.c. have joined to oppose president obama's executive action on immigration. how do you think immigration, do you think it is important for states like oregon and what is your perspective on that? >> well it is certainly important for states like oregon. that's one of the beauties of our new motor voter law is that only those who have provided proof of citizenship will be registered to vote and participate in our democracy. i think it is critically important to make sure we have the highest level of security around voter registration system, but it is critically important to make sure every eligible citizen that wants to participate in our voting process can. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you so much. your vote is your voice. every single voice matters.
6:56 am
>> thanks. as we take the turn on "the rundown," it will be a busy hour on capitol hill. waiting to hear from john boehner and his leadership team after their party conference. and secret service director joseph clancy getting ready to face lawmakers on controversy swirling around his critical organization. be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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7:00 am
let's get to kristin welker at the white house and politico man u rang u on capitol hill. kristin, the white house is standing by their man. any sense that behind closed doors, the president is maybe changing his mind? >> reporter: there's not jose. i can tell you when you ask white house officials that very question, they say look the president stands firmly behind joseph clancy. this is someone who has more than 20 years with the secret service. he is someone who is head of the president's protective detail for a period of time has a close relationship with president obama. he has the trust of the first family. at the same time, he did spend time in the private sector. so white house officials say they believe he is the right person to come in and approach this with a fresh perspective, but there's no doubt that joseph clancy is going to face tough questions today on capitol hill namely when did he find out about the incident you just mentioned. according to my sources, he was made aware there was some incident, however, he didn't
7:01 am
learn of the severity and details until five days later. so why is that. another question he has to answer, what's being done to the supervisor who was there, according to sources who were at the scene. they say that supervisor allowed the two agents to go without taking a breathalyzer test which went against recommendation of some officers there on the scene. then more broadly, what's being done to address cultural problems that continue to plague the secret service. you go back to 2012 when more than a dozen agents were dismissed for soliciting prostitutes in an official trip to colombia. there's undoubtedly still a cultural problem in the agency if you talk to a lot of lawmakers. he has to answer for all of that. then he will have a closed door briefing with members of the house oversight committee later today. a lot of tough questions awaiting the newly installed secret service director, joseph clancy. >> and as a matter of fact, that hearing is just getting under way now on capitol hill. meanwhile, manu how is clancy
7:02 am
expected to approach this incident but broader mishaps for agents? >> he is trying to show he is a reformer. there's a reason the president appointed him to this position someone who has a career working within the agency also has that outside experience. but he has a pretty high bar to clear. there was a lot of skepticism about naming him to the post. lot of folks in congress and others wanted them to bring a genuine outsider in to reform his agency so he really needs to show members of congress that he gets it and show specific things that the agency is doing, that the secret service is doing to prevent these mishaps in the future. that's a high bar for him to clear. we will see if he can do that today. >> and we are keeping an eye on speaker boehner coming out of the caucus meeting he had. where do republicans stand on clancy? >> i think there's a lot of skepticism, you'll hear a lot of
7:03 am
criticism from members of congress. no one wants to defend what the mishaps at the agency but i think that closed door meeting is about the republican budget they're unveiling today, that's the real source of consternation in the house republican conference this week. >> manu raju and kristin well ter. the boston bombing trial is under way, expecting to hear testimony from owner of the boat where they found the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev after a four day manhunt. yesterday the jury saw the boat in person and more than 100 bullet holes in it. nbc's ron mott joins me from boston. good morning. >> reporter: hey jose good morning. david hen enberry is the man that owns the boat. while the city was on lockdown that friday after the bombings there was all clear for people to come out of the house. he testified this morning, he is still on the stand, testified
7:04 am
about seeing foam cushions that protected the hull of the boat on the ground, knew that wasn't right. they slipped out of the boat he couldn't wait to get outside to take care of that. as he did, he started to notice various things that were a little askew with the boat. got a ladder climbed on the deck that's when he saw a lot of blood and his head started racing going what's going on. he peered into the boat it had been shrink wrapped for the winter, and he saw dzhokhar tsarnaev in fetal position not moving and discovered this is the guy everybody is looking for. he ran back in the house, called 911. this is almost a full day after that dramatic shootout in watertown when the police moved in on the boat. more than 100 rounds counted in the hull of the boat before they pulled dzhokhar tsarnaev out of there. later today we expect after he testifies for a couple of massachusetts crime lab officials to take the stand to talk about processing the scene in watertown on that crazy thursday and friday night.
7:05 am
jose? >> ron mott, thank you for being with me this morning. new information in the robert durst case the real estate heir just arrived for his latest hearing in a new orleans court on gun possession charges. that hearing scheduled to get under way top of the next hour. the appearance comes as durst awaits extradition to los angeles where he could face death penalty on a first degree murder charge. stephanie gosk is following the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. robert durst may have waived right to extradition hearing, but authorities in new orleans are not quite done with him. overnight they booked him on two weapons charges. police say when they found him, he was in possession of a .38 caliber smith and wesson and small amount of marijuana. as robert durst sits in a jail cell in new orleans, official criminal complaint has been filed in los angeles, accusing him of murdering susan berman in december 2000. >> they're ready to extradite him based on what the court
7:06 am
decides. >> reporter: the complaint alleges berman was a witness to the crime and killed because of that fact. the crime is not specified, but authorities say she would be questioned about the disappearance of durst's wife kathleen just before she was killed. durst's lawyer says his client will plead not guilty. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he is ready to end all of the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> susan knew too much and he wanted to shut her up. >> reporter: the author of two books on the susan berman murder case says the evidence revealed in "the jinx" is the key. an envelope with similar misspelling sent to police telling them where to find her body. >> only one could have sent it was the killer. >> reporter: when the director confronted durst with the letter, it led to the dramatic conclusion of the series. the 71-year-old in the bathroom unaware the microphone was still
7:07 am
recording. >> there it is you're caught. what the hell did i do killed them all, of course. >> reporter: he says the audio wasn't discovered by the team until two years after the interview was conducted. now the director and partner, marc smerling are no longer talking publicly saying given we are likely to be called as witnesses, it is not appropriate. with his departure from new orleans potentially delayed, robert durst's lawyers are concerned about his health said he is in need of a physical exam and possibly pain medication, following neurosurgery. they didn't specify what that surgery was or when he received it. jose? >> stephanie gosk thank you bring in former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney robert durst in court on gun possession charges. >> right. >> in new orleans. how does that effect the murder
7:08 am
case in l.a.? >> that's kind of a small problem, right? gun and a little weed compared to first degree murder and perhaps the death penalty. so all it does jose is it gives new orleans some type of jurisdiction to eventually have him be prosecuted there, but really california needs to see him immediately to handle that case first. >> as a matter of fact as you know he waived his extradition hearing. >> which is typical, everybody waives extradition. >> does it help him in anything? >> no, it speeds the process along, it would hurt him if he didn't waive extradition, then he is serving time incarcerated and it is not being counted toward potentially sentencing time. >> now that new orleans put dibs in on him, how long could he be there? >> in new orleans? >> yes. >> probably not long. i imagine he will be taken to
7:09 am
los angeles foray arraignment soon, i would suspect within a week. >> the whole hbo thing where he seems to confess, can that be used as evidence? >> absolutely. okay, here's the rule jose. any statement a defendant makes can be used against him. that's the basic rule. there are exceptions like did he have an expectation of privacy, my answer is no, he did not. he was in the bathroom and he wasn't being framed or set up by a government official so he didn't, and he had a mike on he knew he had a mike on. >> but you can forget you have a mike on when you go to the bathroom. >> i know you do that when you go to the bathroom. >> it has happened to all of us some time or another. >> it has happened to me. listen jose it is too bad. that statement comes in. >> yeah. sima, great to see you, appreciate it. coming up john boehner is due to speak momentarily, we are monitoring that. plenty of green at the podium. and new insight on what americans think about hillary
7:10 am
clinton's e-mail controversy. later, benjamin netanyahu casts a ballot in a national election that could end his run as prime minister. an update from tel aviv what it means for u.s. relations and the push for tougher negotiations iran. those stories and more ahead on this saint patrick's day edition of "the rundown." look, green water fountain. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell
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7:13 am
so this morning, jeb bush is back in what's historically been called bush country. he is in south carolina a state his father and brother carried in all their presidential primaries and general elections, but winning over voters there could be more difficult for this bush. just last week the state tossed
7:14 am
common core educational standards he champions. >> states like south carolina is opting out of common core. that's fine as long as the standards that are going to be created are as high or higher. we should start with a strategy that high standards assessed accurately should yield college readiness and everything ought to be organized from earliest grades up to assure it happens more often than not. >> joining me beth few ee jackie kucinich. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> beth, jeb bush has deep disagreements with conservative voters we mentioned common core but immigration is a big deal where they are differing. how much do you see the south being a place bush touts his last name instead of running from it. >> it is a different place now, jose than when his brother and father won there.
7:15 am
south carolina is a conservative state. there's a lot of other republicans in the primary far to his right competing for those largely tea party voters in south carolina ted cruz rand paul plenty of people who traveled there, connect more with that very conservative swathe of republican voters but jeb is there and he is trying and he is pushing for it. that shows he is playing there and taking it seriously. >> interesting, jackie. seems as though the bushes haven't changed on these issues it is south carolina that's changed on this issue, right? on common core on immigration. >> right. i think you're going to see jeb do something similar that he has done in iowa and to some extent in new hampshire. he goes in there with his beliefs, tells them what he thinks, and says this is me take it or leave it. he hasn't shown willingness that you have seen from maybe a scott walker to change on some of these issues or they would say evolve on some of these issues.
7:16 am
we will see if it works. it either comes off as he is being genuine or comes off as lecturing them and i don't think voters like that. >> hillary clinton, new polling shows 51% of americans consider the e-mail controversy somewhat serious. and the same amount say she has not done enough to explain it. beth what surprises you about the numbers? >> those numbers don't surprise me that much. they sort of reflect the general meh about everything that's going on with hillary clinton now. she's very popular, there's no evidence in any polling that show democrats are dissatisfied with her as front runner for their nomination but she has been around a long time and some of these issues e-mail controversy reminds people she has been around a long long time. lots of polling shows voters this time want a change election. and hillary clinton doesn't represent a lot of change unless she can really really do a great job selling herself as the first woman president.
7:17 am
if she kind of sells herself as the same person they've seen 20 years, voters won't be all that excited and may look at a republican alternative. >> and the other question is who that republican alternative is going to be and if it has a name that's also been in politics for 20 30 40 years. >> yeah jeb bush. >> going to be an interesting decision there. jackie there have been reports the e-mail story came from inside the white house. here is what valerie jarrett said about it. >> another headline is the story that we have seen circulating that you leaked the hillary clinton e-mail story. did you leak the hillary clinton e-mail story? >> no, i did not, as you know that's preposterous. >> is it fair to say she didn't follow regulation though. >> as the president said last week, he prides himself on having an administration that's transparent, he was glad to see she's turning over her e-mails to the state department so yes, that's very important. >> jackie what's the
7:18 am
relationship, the real one, between the obamas and clintons? >> it is an interesting relationship that's had a lot of sequences. they didn't have a great relationship during the campaign. it seems to have gotten better. there's no reason to believe she leaked that story. that particular story on the front page. i want to say it was the post may have been the daily news that didn't have any merit or facts included in it. i will say if i go back to the e-mails quickly, i think this doesn't change any minds, this scandal. you have republicans didn't trust her to begin with now really don't trust her. democrats think she's being targeted and are still behind her. i think it reinforces negative views about the clintons but i don't think this in particular hurts her with her base. >> jackie kucinich of the daily beast and beth fouhy. thanks for being with me. and let's go to luke russert
7:19 am
on capitol hill this morning. luke? >> good morning, jose. house speaker john boehner getting involved in what is being billed as e-mail-gate. he put in action the benghazi select committee, the committee investigating hillary clinton's role regarding benghazi. they found out she had multiple e-mail addresses on a personal server in the summer it is something they had been looking at. john boehner with his first press conference went all in on hillary clinton over her e-mail issue. take a listen. >> the american people deserve all of the facts about what happened in benghazi. that's why it is important for secretary clinton to turn over her personal server to a neutral third party. i think this is the fairest way to make sure we have all the documents that belong to the public and ultimately all the facts. >> and it is interesting what boehner is doing here jose.
7:20 am
he is doing two things. number one, this really is red meat for conservatives that were not quite happy with john boehner after what they saw was caving in on department of homeland security over immigration. so coming out against hillary clinton, this helps him in the rile wing blogosphere. this also helps any gop nominee moving forward, that committee, the benghazi select committee boehner put forward in motion can basically investigate hillary clinton all the way up until 2017 if they want to but john boehner getting involved in this presents an interesting dynamic. now you have this republican congress that will be actively going after hillary clinton. what did hillary clinton do yesterday, jose sent tweets talking about the fact that loretta lynch's nomination was being held up in the senate that was bad on the congressional republicans' part and talked about women's right and human trafficking bill held up by republicans. the gop congress versus hillary clinton battle is just getting started. it will be fascinating to see
7:21 am
how it plays out, what the implications are for the 2016 race. >> thanks. appreciate your time. up next, zoom through some other stories making news including a scare in the sky after a disruptive flyer forces an emergency landing. and stark reminder that the fight to contain ebola is far from over. plunging oil prices should mean better prices at the pump right? what's going on. we will discuss that next on "the rundown." we used to have so many empty rolls! (cha-ching!) (cha-ching!) (cha-ching!) it felt like we were flushing money away. mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. it's charmin quality and long lasting. with more go's per roll, it pays to use charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. for us, mega roll equals mega value. cha-ching! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra mega roll? congratulations. you're down with crestor.
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7:25 am
relayed up the chain. i'll say that it is going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. that's going to take time because i'm going to have to build trust with our work force, and the best way for me to work or earn that trust with our work force is by my actions. now, i know there's -- i am eager to hear results of this investigation. i don't know how long it will take, but i am committed to due process. what i have done is removed those senior level agents to nonsupervisory positions. outside, they're not working at the white house, they're outside their offices, and we will await the findings of the oig. >> on the issue of drinking are
7:26 am
there protocols set up to discuss the fact that you know every one of your people are carrying a weapon and you know this is purely hearsay, someone told me that a person they nguyen the fbi said protocol for the fbi is if you know you're going to a place where alcohol is going to be consumed and it's a retirement party where more than one drink might be consumed that they expect their agents to report that to the superior to leave their weapon at home and to tell their superior they would no longer be available for call because they might not be in condition to be available for call. do you have any type of -- and i don't know if that's true or not. that's something that was told to me. but this was a retirement party for a member of your group and it was a party, and people were
7:27 am
expecting there would be drinking at the party. now, do you have any protocols like that in the secret service? >> we do have a ten hour rule mr. chairman where you are not permitted to consume alcohol ten hours prior to your duty assignment. off hours, don't have protocols for off hour going to a reception, party or what have you. there are protocols for driving in government vehicle. i will say that. you cannot obviously be under the influence, not by a legal limit, you cannot be exhibiting any indication that you're under the influence of alcohol driving a government vehicle. that will all be looked into with the office of the inspector general. i will say i did see a very short clip a very short video footage of the incident that evening and i did see the vehicle that the two agents
7:28 am
traveled in where they drove at a very low rate of speed onto the white house complex. so that's something that the oig will have and i am sure will investigate that. >> going forward, are you going to look into protocols that would effect a situation like this? >> yes, mr. chairman. any time we have an incident of this level, we certainly have to look at our protocols, look at our policies. are they sufficient. and to be candid i have been away for several years and was not as familiar with these policies as i should have been. they have to be readdressed, even the indication that you may be able to get into a vehicle after having one beer one glass of wine. that's something we are going to have to address. >> well certainly dwi laws are
7:29 am
rough. >> yes, sir. >> pretty rough. you and i talked about this. it breaks my heart to think that once again one of the agencies that has been a legend among the american people in the last six years has just gone downhill substantially, absolutely substantially, and it is a crime. our people need heroes. you are the agency that were considered heroes that protected every president, no matter what party they were in and did it in a very effective and efficient job, and this is very heart breaking to have this continued conduct. i know you're new on the job, but i told you when we visited, you got a big job. and you're going to have to make heads roll. >> yes, sir. >> if there's a place to send people in your agency that is the mojave desert of the secret service, maybe some people need to be sent to the mojave desert
7:30 am
so they know their behavior is unacceptable. so you think about all of that. chairman has got plenty of hearings to attend i am going to turn to the chairman for questions he may have. >> thank you mr. chairman. i can't believe you did not learn of this incident from wednesday when it happened until monday. why, what happened? why did you not learn of this incident immediately? >> yes, sir, that's what we are trying to find out through obviously the office of inspector general. >> i don't care about the office of inspector general. god love them good luck to them. you're in charge. this is an administrative problem you've got among other things. why did you not get word from your subordinates about this incident for five or six days.
7:31 am
>> yes, sir. not knowing all the facts. first of all, you're right, mr. chairman, there's no -- the least description of these events, i should have still been informed of what transpired that evening. any time you have a senior level on the president's detail who is alleged to have even come through a secure area as he did that evening, i should have been informed. we are following up on that. there will be accountability. i know our work force is listening today as we go through this hearing and they're waiting to see what how people will be held accountable. this is my first test. we will wait for the facts to come out, wait for due process, go through the reports written that evening, we will go back through, and the oig will interview these mid level supervisors and going up the chain. but mr. chairman you're absolutely correct. part of this again goes to a
7:32 am
culture of trust. do you have the trust in your leadership that you can bring this to leadership's attention, and i have to work to earn that trust and i am going to do that through my actions. >> well your actions in my judgment should be punishment termination, firing people who have subordinated their command. you can't run an agency like this for god's sakes or any other agency unless you have discipline in the ranks. and this is a breakdown to put it mildly of discipline within the ranks of your agency and that is a cancer that can consume you. now, were these people given a sobriety test? >> they were not, sir, to my understanding. >> why not. >> sir, i can't answer that. >> who said not to do that? >> sir, i can't answer that
7:33 am
either. i don't know that those facts have been -- >> who discovered this had happened? >> sir, it was an anonymous e-mail that first was published and i want to say may have been several days later. i don't know how the facts on when that was released that e-mail. typically an event like that there would be some chatter. there would be some discussion. if it occurred the way it has been described. >> well who is the agent in charge at that time at the white house. >> there's a watch commander, at a captain level, who would have been in charge of the white house complex at that time certainly during that incident. >> who was that? >> by name sir? >> yes, sir. >> i believe it is brawn, sir. >> bronson? >> brawn. my staff can correct me if that's not correct. >> he was in charge of the white
7:34 am
house detail at that period of time is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> did he report any of this activity to anyone else? >> no, sir. >> have you talked to him? >> i have not spoken to him, sir. again as frustrating as it is for all of you on the committee, it is frustrating to me as well to have to wait to do this. >> why do you have to wait? >> sir, i don't want to interfere with this investigation. in the past when we have seen investigations where different people have interviewed witnesses, stories are perceived differently and i don't want to have any impact on that investigation. >> have you asked brawn for a report on what happened? >> i have asked to see the report and i have seen nothing that indicates, any written report indicating that this event as described has occurred
7:35 am
had occurred. >> what kind of barricade was it that they broke? >> sir, it was an orange construction type barrel which when the vehicle approached initially it backed up because on 15th street and e street you may be familiar with may have come in sometimes on 15th and e street, this orange barrel didn't allow the vehicle to go through, it was to the right of the bumper. they nudged this barrel out of the way. the barrel did not fall over they nudged it over. they moved up to the checkpoint where the officer typically would be positioned and it appeared they were showing their badges to go through the checkpoint and that's the extent of the video that we saw as they continued to progress forward.
7:36 am
>> why were they there? >> sir, my understanding is that the passenger in the seat in the vehicle, was returning to get his vehicle. they had been at the reception and left together to -- the passenger had his vehicle parked at the white house complex. >> well needless to say, we want to get to the bottom of it right away. and i'm disappointed that you have not waged your own vigorous, tough investigation of this that occurred on white house grounds by security agents who appeared to be inebriated, to say you're not investigating because you want inspector general of the department to
7:37 am
investigate is hogwash. what do you think? >> sir, basing on my limited experience since i came back i read the report sir, on 2011 the shooting from constitution avenue that some rounds hit constitution avenue. one of the officers i remember reading when i first came back that this individual was interviewed three different times by our agency by oig, and by federal bureau of investigation, and my recollection is that each of those interviews was different. which distorted the facts. what were the facts and what did that officer truly see and hear. for right or wrong, that resonated with me. and i didn't want any perception that we would be -- it can be intimidating, if someone from my staff goes to one of these uniformed officers, says what did you hear what did you
7:38 am
write, what happened that evening, they may tell me and my staff one thing and from the oig they may interview them and they may have a different perception of the words spoken. words are important. i'm frustrated. very frustrated that we didn't know about this. i didn't know about this until monday. i am frustrated that i can't act until we get all of the facts because i know that our work force is waiting, what's your action going to be. but i just don't want to act improperly too soon. let me just say this. the president, the first family they're safe. we've moved these individuals to nonsupervisory positions, rather than administrative leave where they're getting paid for no work. we can still get work out of
7:39 am
them but in a different capacity. >> they're still getting paid. >> yes, sir. >> no reduction in pay. no penalties financial or otherwise. >> no financial penalties. sir, i would say i'm sure they're paying a penalty right now. >> well unfortunately this is the last in a long line of episodes somewhat similar, drinking carousing on and off duty that the agency has suffered the last few years. it is not working right, mr. director. >> yes, sir. >> we have to have some changes. and you've got to be the one that makes those changes. and i don't sense at this moment that you have the determination to make that happen. am i wrong? >> sir, i would disagree with you with that with all respect.
7:40 am
i will say that there is an element within our agency there's an element within our agency that does cope with stresses that many of you have mentioned today by using alcohol. there's no question, we had that element. we also have other elements in our agency that go to a different route. some go to exercise some to religion, some go to family to cope with stresses but we have an element that goes to alcohol. three, four weeks ago, we kicked off an initiative work life initiative to look at these stresses that our people are under, and they are considerable, but there's no excuse for the actions. there has to be self-discipline, self accountability but we've got to find a way to help some of these people that are going towards alcohol to solve their -- as a coping mechanism. >> i'm concerned about their health as well, but i am more
7:41 am
concerned about the health of the president of the united states and who is protecting him from harm. >> yes, sir. >> if we have special agents on the grounds at night in the white house ramming a barricade, drunk, it seems to me that the only discipline that you could exert would be caused by the ability of you and your staff to terminate as punishment so that every other agent knows, boy, i don't want to go there. that director is going to fire me. that's what makes the mind work. what do you think about that? >> no, i agree with you. i think deep down within our agency as in others people want to see discipline. people want to be disciplined. they want people held accountable. i just want to respect the due process, as frustrating as that is, and let my actions speak for
7:42 am
how we are going to move forward in this agency. >> we will be watching. >> yes, sir. >> and waiting. >> we are watching ourselves the director of the secret service, joseph clancy on capitol hill in this hearing. i want to go to the atlantic washington editor at large, steve clemons. thanks for being with me. >> no problem. >> a remarkable hearing, the director saying when this incident occurred wednesday, he didn't find out about it until monday, that he hasn't spoken to any of the people that were involved in this. that's a tough grilling he is getting, but seems as though he doesn't have a lot of answers now. >> director clancy is trying to pause at the fact that he wants due process to take place. also talking about the fact that some stresses on his personnel are so severe that a number of them turn to alcohol, so positioning himself as compassionate leader.
7:43 am
he is not showing himself to be the director in charge demonstrating through a set of initiatives a true facility with all of the dimensions of what occurred and presenting a vision of how he is going to take this service through this. i find it really riveting exchange and i have to say at this point with what we have seen he is not communicating something that members of congress can have a great deal of confidence in. >> and you know look it is difficult to go up there. i think that what congressman rogers was saying this all has to really be focused on the security and safety of the president and first family and seems as though these incidents have been recurring, and it is all about let's wait for an investigation, see that. why there was no one that night, that wednesday, when these officers were involved why there was someone who said no, don't give them a sobriety test why that hasn't been discussed.
7:44 am
seems as though there's so many of these questions, and it is really troubling. >> i think what's being conveyed, whether they intended to or not, is that the secret service is still a good old boys network, where people protect each other on these issues and the director hasn't been able to change that culture. he intimated it will take time to shift that culture. rather than getting the service the shock therapy that hal rogers is asking for, he is saying we need to nudge it incrementally in a different direction. what seems clear after not only this incident but other incidents that have come to light that are disconcerting, there's a good old boys network in the secret service which i think shows about which we should have concern and the white house should have a lot of concern. >> absolutely. he did say that change is going to come but it takes time. but again, just refocussing on what the importance of his job really is and the key value that
7:45 am
it has to have seems as though there are a lot of questions. you can see he is still in this hearing, there's certainly back and forth from members on both sides of the aisle. steve clemons, thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you jose. up next, fresh off a visit to new hampshire, ted cruz likes the support he saw in the granite state. but is it enough to fuel a run for the white house? going to frame that debate next on "the rundown."
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7:49 am
by saying i do hope you can send a strong message again and make it very clear to the distinguished member of the secret service that it shouldn't be business as usual, even if they're off duty because i know i was author of the point 08 law, to get so inebriated that you're going to take a car and go into a fence, you need to be pretty pretty inebriated out there. so i do hope you send that strong message and changing the culture can be done immediately, not take a long time. and i understand you cannot accuse anyone until an investigation is complete but you can make it clear whether on duty or off duty this kind of behavior is unacceptable for a distinguished member of the secret service. thank you, mr. chairman. >> and that is part of the hearing that is going on now on
7:50 am
capitol hill with joseph clancy. the first question that was asked to him was about protocols for the secret service when off duty, and he answered that but clearly not to satisfaction of many on capitol hill. now i want to take you to a little discussion this morning, a texas senator ted cruz fresh off the trip to new hampshire with a pep in his step. the potential presidential candidate met with voters in the first in the nation primary state. this is what he told "morning joe" earlier about that visit. >> the toughest question that every candidate is being asked is how can we trust you. people are so fed up with politicians, frankly in both parties. >> right. >> that sound great on the stump, tell people what they want to hear then go to washington and don't do what they said. so you get a variant of that question over and over and over again. people are cynical and tired of being lied to and looking for someone who will tell them the truth. >> here with me msnbc contributor victoria soto from university of texas and former spokeswoman for president george
7:51 am
w. bush. good to see you both. >> hi jose. >> start with you in texas. ted cruz is pretty well known there, elicits people's passions. is that something he is known for in texas, being a man that followed through on his word what he says most politicians are criticized for not doing? >> he does jose. when it comes to ted cruz you can trust him. whatever you think of ted cruz you love him or hate him, you have to admit he sticks to his ideology and does what he says. and when he was stumping in 2010 to get texans to send him to washington, he said i am not going to conform to the role of junior senator and hence, he didn't. he said i am not going to be a moderate. i am not going to play ball with the establishment. he hasn't. he has done everything he has set out. the question is would people like him in the general. but in terms of that tea party base he just arises passion in
7:52 am
that base. >> and likes the support in new hampshire and around the country. what scenario can you see him being the mike huckabee for john mccain 2008? >> the problem is that mike huckabee might run chlts i think it will be tough for senator ted cruz. he appeals to that tea party base but think about it jose. so many candidates, like a governor walker, like senator marco rubio, battling for that base. i think it will be tough for him to get in there and win those votes. >> thanks for being with me. i have to cut it short, we are having so many breaking news that i am running out of time. appreciate you both being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks. we will be back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with developing news this hour. today's crucial election in israel is under way. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting for his political survival in what polls have shown is an incredibly tight race. after he voted, the prime minister warned quote, right wing rule is in danger. that follows a dramatic pledge yesterday if reelected, there will be no palestinian state established on his watch. that is seen as reversal of his long-standing promise to the united states. his comments are seen as a last ditch effort to appeal to hard line voters. in contrast netanyahu's rival union party leader isaac herzog promised to revive peace tal


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