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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 20, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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weather. have a good spring weekend. >> you too. >> that is the show for today. that is "now." "the ed show" is up next. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from pensacola, florida. let's get to work. tonight -- >> we have to figure out how to make this new economy work for everyone. this is an important issue for everybody who works. and later -- >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. plus -- >> there are a lot of folks ingauged in hydraulics. the problem is we haven't established clear guidelines. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the question is can hillary clinton motivate the entire liberal democratic base because
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she's going to need it? she's about to face her toughest test and she hasn't even announced yet. she needs to prove she is with unions and workers and she knows it. she spoke to the american camp association in a nonpolitical speech. she talked about her family and her love for the outdoors. speeches like that will soon be a thing of the past. clinton has been in the national spotlight for decades, but the issues are fresh. we know where she stands on certain issues. >> anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in american elections must not be paying attention. >> we're always going to argue about abortion. it is a hard choice and it is controversial and that's why i'm pro-choice because i want people to be ieblable to make our own
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choices. >> don't you want to see more women running for congress who will follow in the footsteps of others and champion equal pay and equal opportunity? >> i think we should set the global example for transitioning in some more orderly away from fossil fuels. >> i voted to raise the minimum wage when i was a senator. why? not only to help minimum wage workers, but the ripple effect will add hundreds of millions of dollars to this state's economy and lift thousands of kentucky families out of poverty. >> all good stuff. hillary clinton's right on target with a lot of issues. however, there are two very important issues that hillary clinton has not talked about anywhere as of late.
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first, we don't know where she stands on the keystone xl pipeline. second, we don't know where she stands on approval of the transpacific partnership. you saw in one of those sound bytes she's very concerned about middle-class families and income inequality, social justice, but these issues will have a major impact on the future of american jobs and our environment. clinton's going to need to also really appeal to labor leaders and she knows it. on monday clinton will reconnect with members of the democratic base. she'll meet with the president of the american federation of teachers. hillary clinton needs to give american wage earners basically three answers on three different issues. we all know she is very strong
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on minimum wage. clinton these to say where she stands on the employee free choice act. it fell to the wayside because of the economy and also because of the big effort that was put forward to save the automobile industry and also the new health care reform. this is what will motivate them. where does she stand on that? hillary clinton has to state her position on the tpp and fast track and explain how this will not gut american jobs the way nafta did. keep in mind every union has stated they will not support any candidate who supports the tpp. so far hillary clinton has been silent on this issue. she has to decide if she wants to be for the middle class or destroy it. i put it in such dogmatic terms
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because this is how organized labor views the tpp. they don't believe you can be for the middle class and be for a trade agreement that involves 40% of the world's economy and guts american jobs and all of our trade agreements have a bad history when it comes to trade being upside down and us losing american jobs. so as i see it, she can no longer remain silent but here is the problem. what if hillary clinton runs unopposed? what if this is a coronation? what if everybody else says hillary's got it? look at these polls. nobody else can raise this kind of money so i'm not going to run. what if that is the conclusion of everybody? do we get a real debate on the tp approximate tpp? do we get a real debate on the employee free choice act? do we get a real debate on workers' issues in this country?
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this is the problem right now, and there is a real good chance that hillary might run unopposed if she decides to run. i'm telling you exactly what the unions want. they want the minimum wage raised and the employee free choice act and they want to make sure that whoever the democratic nominee will say no to the tpp because it is a lousy trade deal. every union in this country is against it. you might think union membership in this country is starting to go down. it is starting to decline. really? try to be a democrat and win the white house without union support, without their social networking, without their financial support, without their boots on the ground. try to win ohio without the unions. it isn't going to happen. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- will
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hillary clinton protect the middle class? gosh, that's kind of a harsh question, isn't it? but if you view it from the standpoint of organized labor, there are absolutes. you're either with us or you're against us and if you're for the tpp, you're not an ally. text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. let me bring in my special guests. mr. steel, let's start with you first tonight. your thoughts on her challenges when it comes to rallying the troops when you consider what the unions want to hear? >> i have to say, ed, you have done one of the best unpacking of hillary's problems that i have heard in a while in terms of what she has to face on the left. a lot of focus has not been on that. she has largely skirted by without the conversation
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largely whistling past the graveyard, if you will. now i think starting monday she's going to have to begin to confront some of these issues and i think she's going to have a problem. i think she's going to have a problem with tpp. i suspect hillary supports tpp. i think on some of the other issues you unpacked i think hillary is not going to be as friendly as some on the progressive side of the ledger want her to be. i think she'll largely get away with it unless folks like you and others hold her feet to the fire to see exactly where she stands but at the end of the day i think she gets by. >> what do you want to hear from hillary clinton on monday? how far does she have to go? >> monday is about talking about what do we do in urban settings
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and how do we turn around places like detroit where the economy has passed some of these places by. i think we need to talk about the strategies that we need to develop the middle class and redevelop middle class in detroit. >> you can't redevelop urban cities in this country if you're going to support trade deals that's going to cut jobs. >> let me be really clear. ed you're right. the entire labor movement is against tpp for lots of different reasons. some in the labor movement are for keystone. some are guestagainst. but what we are for is making sure there is a middle class again. i think hillary clinton surprised everybody when she was so out there about this issue at a dinner. but at the end of the day, we have to have good jobs that pay a living wage.
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we need to increase the minimum wage, but we need to do something about housing, about transportation. >> i don't disagree with you. >> do something about public education. >> i don't disagree with you. unions are going to look for the employee free choice act and they're going to look for support against the tpp, and there are absolutes here. there are absolutes here. it is a yes or no issue. >> look, we all talk to each other. lee sanders, we're all out there for the reasons you talked about. but on employee free choice, she was one of the original sponsors on free choice. she was always out there when there was an issue of fundamental fairness. this is the very beginning of this process, but i'm glad she's
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listening and diving into what do we need to do. >> that's what candidates are supposed to do. the candidates are supposed to listen. i think the union folk in this country are sick and tired of being second fiddle after giveing support in winning states for the white house. in your position is hillary for charter schools? is she going to run the country with the philosophy of rahm emanuel and have every union person against them? rahm emanuel is very aligned to hillary clinton. what about that? >> what about making sure -- like she did in new york -- having equity? we want to make sure public schools are fixed, not closed.
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that there's real community engagement engagement. you're totally right. we have to have a president that doesn't demonize and doesn't scapegoat teachers and lifts everyone up. it is very early in the process. >> it is early in the process, but labor knows what they want to hear. you have a long history with the clintons. i know you're a fan and a believer. i want to be a believer, but i want these questions answered. what about her position on keystone? the last answer i heard from hillary clinton on keystone is this, we needed a broader discussion in this country about energy. do you want to bring the dirtiest oil in this country on the market? >> first of all, i'm losing my voice. >> michael, that's your fault. just thought i'd throw that in
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there. >> i speak as a long-time friend from law school days but i don't represent her. i will give you some educated guesses. it is interesting to hear the female guest accurately describe a political official senator from the state of new york. i have known her as a progressive democrat on every issue. she's not going to be cornered with labels. she'll be very fact specific. i certainly agree with randy that her position over the years, pro-labor on virtually every issue, on public schools, on supporting the inner city. >> we have got a resume. respectfully, we have a resume.
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>> yeah but those are facts. >> this is going to be 2016 versus 2008. labor is much different today. the middle class is much different today than it was eight years ago. there are people in this economy who are struggling. there are stagnant wages we know that. the employee free choice act will give a voice in the workplace where the republicans have attacked voices in the workplace with all this right to work legislation that all these state legislators have put forward state after state. it is a different landscape now. this is why all the unions are on board against the tpp because how much more can they give? i think this could be the soft underbelly of the clinton nomination. i think she has to make a pivot. miechael
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michael, your thoughts on this? i know the republicans are in favor of the ptpp, but they have to see this as a vulnerability. >> i think so. there are two points that come to mind. the first is this sounds so much about what's going on on the right where the base is concerned about the direction of country as president of the united states. what are you going to do if hillary clinton does not come to the table as clean on these issues? >> good question. that is the dillemma. this is the point right here. >> i think the unions are going to stay home. >> the unions are going to want to know early on because if they have to go find another candidate, i think they might do it. they have to find somebody that
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welcome back to "the ed show." president obama is continuing his legacy fighting climate change. today the bureau of land management unveiled new nationwide restrictions on fracking in public and native lands. the goal? protect ground water. companies must report what chemicals they use. the oil industry is already fighting back. why? why can't we know what they're using? the independent petroleum association and western energy a alliance already filed a lawsuit. >> hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more of oil and natural gas supporting new jobs and billions
2:21 pm
in tax revenue. >> well the facts tell a different story. in the past decade more than 250 gallons of water have become drilling waste. at least 360,000 acres of land have been directly damaged and about 450,000 tons of air pollution has been created per year. lots to talk about. i'm joined tonight by robert kennedy jr., president of the water keeper alliance and athan manuel and also nicholas lorris. why is fracking good if it uses so much water and it destroys to lands? i've got so many questions for you, but we'll start there. >> water is used for a lot of
2:22 pm
things. not just for hydraulic fracturing. this has created jobs lower prices, and these regulations are duplicateing what the states are already doing. >> these new regulations are actually much weaker than what we wanted to see. the president proposed regulations in may of 2012 that we thought were reasonable, that they were going to the same direction that most of the states were going, which was to require a disclosure of fracking chemical chemical, to eliminate the use of open pits to have an appropriate setback so that schools and wells and churches and communities would be
2:23 pm
protected. we now know -- but they the way, people think of federal lands as vast open spaces but many of these are native american communities close by and there is no setbacks. even states like wyoming and pennsylvania are requiring the disclosure of fracking chemicals. these new laws do not require the disclosure of fracking chemicals. >> mr. manuel where has been the damage to the public lands? what's the problem here? >> like you said this is a very dirty and dangerous way to get oil and gas out of the ground. it uses thousands of gallons of water. it has impacted hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands.
2:24 pm
there is a lot more we can do on energy efficiency. there's better ways to get energy rather than damaging our public lands and polluting our air and using lots of water that we can't replace. we think we should ban all fracking on federal lands and start moving away from dirty energy toward clean energy. >> why is the president wrong on fracking? >> it gets to mr. kennedy's point is that states have already stepped up and required disclosure rules for chemicals. >> some states have done that. some states have made -- >> a lot of the ones that we're talking about today, like colorado and wyoming, not to mention texas and pennsylvania have required disclosure laws. it is only going to create a further divide between the increasing production on state and privately owned lands and decreasing production on
2:25 pm
federally owned lands. this is an environmentally responsible way to extract energy. we have seen tremendous benefits from it. at least let the states make the decision. not have people make those decisions from washington. >> mr. kennedy, is it environmentally safe to frack? >> in our state where the oil and gas industry is very tough and powerful our governor mario cuomo has banned fracking in the state. and he didn't ban it because it was good for the state. he banned it because the health commission the highest medical authority in the state, looked at the evidence and looked at the studies and said this is causing tremendous illness in people who are down wind of these wells. it is causing water contamination. >> and we will leave it is
2:26 pm
there. great to have you gentlemen with us tonight. appreciate the conversation. coming up louie gohmert tries to start a world war. he says that's a solution. later, we have your march madness update in the two-minute drill. stay with us. we're right back. and calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection by going under, around and through the nail. most common side effects include
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angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. after a week of intensive nuclear talks with iran secretary of state john kerry has taken a break to consult with european allies and go over the possible deal. some members of the gop suggest we completely abandon the diplomatic approach. louie gohmert says the alternative to a bad deal is a bomb. >> i think it's time to bomb iran. anything that resembles a nuclear facility with
2:30 pm
centerifuges. the american people aren't buying it and you're going to pay a price. we have to get that message across. >> so whenever i might say that i think the republicans want war, i could play that sound byte and back it up. i mean there were absolutes in that sound byte. i mean he wants to bomb iran right now. john boehner is adding to the attention once again. today his office announced that he's headed to israel to visit benjamin netanyahu in the coming weeks. they're getting to be good buddies. joining me tonight is a "daily beast" columnist. i guess i have never heard anybody advocate for war as much as we have just heard the congressman from texas advocate for it. do you think there's a number of
2:31 pm
republicans that feel the same way but just don't say it? >> maybe deep down. it is hard to speculate like that. there are people out there on the right that are saying if you like the iraq war, you're going to love the iran war. that's not the crazyiest thing louie gohmert has ever said. at best it is a temporary solution. at best. it is not a long-term solution and iran is not iraq. iraq we fought just about a third of the country. iran is a country of 80 million people unified. this is a whole different situation. >> anything that looks like a nuclear facility that's a hell of a decision making process, folks. if it looks nuke we go after it. i have never heard that criteria before. >> it is a little scary what
2:32 pm
he's saying. >> what do you make of boehner's visit to israel? is this a new forged alliance that benjamin netanyahu may have a lot of influence on the republicans? >> it is like their honeymoon. they are truly in love. netanyahu should say let me do a reset with president obama and tell john boehner don't come now. instead, they are not. it is not action of disrespect to our president. in the long run, it is not helpful for israel's security. they're making it a much more partisan issue. tell john boehner to work with our president now. >> what about this? the senate foreign relations committee is getting bipartisan support for a bill called the iran nuclear agreement review act. it would require congress to
2:33 pm
approve any deal before sanctions are allowed to be rolled back. how does that change things you think? >> it could change things but you know what? in my heart, i don't think the republican-controlled senate will agree to anything that president obama agrees to with the iranians. i think they will do anything to scuttle a good deal. stopping this deal is part of their platform. i really think that. to me i think they'll do anything. even a good deal i think they're going to try to stop it. >> great to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. coming up monica lewinsky is back in the news. the rapid response panel is next on "the ed show." we are back. here's your cnbc market wrap. the dow jumps 168 points the s&p climbs 18 and the nasdaq
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welcome back to "the ed show." the first victim of cyberbullying is taking a stand. monica lewinsky is back in the news. in a ted talk she recounts how the internet revolution made her a worldwide target during the clinton scandal. she's calling on people to
2:38 pm
become upstanders instead of bystanders when it comes to public humiliation. >> people can be cruel and online this can be even crueller. >> you are a huge loser. 73% of americans say they have witnessed the bullying. 43% say they have been the victims. >> it is much more damaging when we have the ability to bully without having anywhere to turn to identify who that perpetrator is. >> no one likes you. do everyone a favor. just kill yourself. >> apparently i'm a whore. i've been called the "c" word. the experience of shame and humiliation online is different than offline. it honestly feels like the whole
2:39 pm
world is laughing at you. >> these words have real impact. >> i want to die. >> the way things happen on social media is so abusive and everybody needs to take personal responsibility. >> these yolo terrorists will not be tolerated. >> lewinsky is now courageously tackling the topic because she says it is time to stop tiptoe tiptoeing around my past and take back my narrative. >> it may not be painless, quick, or easy but you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> joining me tonight john f-- are my guests. do you think monica lewinsky will have a big impact and really begin a change? what do you think? >> i think so but i think that
2:40 pm
that change had already begun because there a lot of journalists who have experienced this firsthand. i was the target of online death threats because of a segment i did on fox news. we all as a collective society and as social media users and internet users we have to have a higher standard of decorum and behavior. >> if you want to get done with it get rid of your personal twitter account. i did a month ago and john i have to say i haven't missed it a bit. we think we need these tools in the media. are we turning the corner on
2:41 pm
cyberbully cyberbullying? >> not just yet. we're a ways away from it. whatever you think about monica lewinsky, you don't have to be a fan of hers to appreciate she's taking her notoriety and using it for something positive. i get attacked by these cowards every day. all bullies are cowards. my issue is with the word bullying. i would like to see us get away from this archaic 1950s term. it is like the "little rascals." it is like saying isis is peevish. i would rather use more appropriate language like peer abuse and harassment. i don't think we're going to take it serious as a nation if we're using a term that sounds like something from an afterschool special. >> freedom of speech you can't reel it in with any kind of legislation. i mean this is the fish bowl
2:42 pm
that our society swims in. how else do you view it? >> in terms of the free speech argument, you don't have to right to threaten to kill me or threaten to rape me. there are limits to free speech. the legislation hasn't yet caught up although in states like new jersey they passed a very strong cyberbullying law. >> how would you control that? >> when it is somebody who is going beyond just an aspirational threat or insulting you personally when it goes to physical violence, i think twitter and facebook and social media platforms need to self-police and twitter needsed to a better job in enforcing their terms of service. it says you cannot threaten to kill someone on twitter and that
2:43 pm
happens to people like me and other journalists every single day. >> john what do they do? >> they can start closing down these accounts. even better they can start revealing the names of the individuals almost universally men behind these accounts. we can't force men to have more empathy. as bad as we may get it we have no idea. no man can have any idea how abusive this is for a woman. the ability to create tons and tons of dummy accounts where you never have to show your name or face, you can put out the most abusive content. i've had people take my head shot and have accounts can my name on them and try to sabotage relationships i've had with people in the past. this is never going to stop happening until dudes act like men.
2:44 pm
>> there are people on twitter that put out personal information about people that is simply incorrect. >> all the time. >> and they are in fake accounts. >> all the time. >> you can't find them to do anything as far as any kind of a law enforcement follow-up. should congress be looking at this? i don't want to sound too heavy handed here but it doesn't sound like the industry is monitoring itself from what i'm hearing from both of you tonight. is there a government role here? >> i do think so. there was a case a few years ago about a teenager who committed suicide who turned out to be bullied by a classmate's mother. there was federal legislation proposed that hasn't yet been passed. i do think legislators need to take a serious look at online harassment. twitter isn't going to do something until someone is killed and the harassment is linked back to their platform.
2:45 pm
they need to prevent that coming murder because it is coming. >> great to have both of you with us tonight. >> thank you. great to have you on. still ahead, mitch mcconnell's revolutionary new plan to fund the country. bernie sanders weighs in. stay with us. we're right back. i really enjoy the pep in its step... that's the ecoboost... the new image of ford now looks really refined. i drove the fusion... and i never went back. escape was just right. just announced, make the switch to ford and get $750 competitive owner cash on top of other offers at your local ford dealer. progressive insurance here and i'm a box who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha! shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today
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allow us to repeal and replace a program that hurts the middle class, obama care. >> welcome back to the "head show -- ed show." when mitch mcconnell took over he said he was going to do things differently. the budget proposed by senate republicans proves that's all talk. he is still saying the same old stuff. repeal obama care slash medicare medicaid end to military spending cut billions from the supplement nutrition program. it's the same stuff. the full senate will start its work on the republican budget on monday. mcconnell said that the senate will take at least one vote on budget amendments the same day. for the ranking member of the senate budget committee is with us tonight. senator bernie sanders of vermont. senator, great to have you with us. i'm intrigued by the statement of mitch mcconnell saying that this budget will improve medicaid. you got to break that down for us, senator. what is it?
2:55 pm
>> well i guess it's how you define the word "improvement." if you mean that there will be massive cuts in medicaid if you mean that millions of people will be thrown off of health insurance including some of the most vulnerable people in this country, including, you know seniors who are living in nursing homes, if that is improving medicaid well some of us would have some disagreements. i suspect what he means is that they're going to block grant it make major cuts then give it over to the states. >> to your knowledge senator, to your knowledge are there senate democrats that would go along with block grants to states on medicaid? >> to the best of my knowledge, there are not. it's not just block grants. it's major cuts plus the block grants. and doing away with all of the, you know the regulations that we have right now to protect the most vulnerable people in this country. you know ed when you talk
2:56 pm
about these republican budget proposals, what you're talking about is the robin hood principle in reverse. what the republicans are doing is taking away from the poor and the most vulnerable people in this country in order to give more tax breaks to the wealthy and the largest corporationsed a ant the same time they're ignoring the enormous issues and problems facing our country such as rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. >> we've got defense spending caps in the obama years, but now this of course would blow that up. you've got the republicans who are against a deal with the iranians on a nuclear agreement. you got some in the house that are saying we got to bomb them right away. then you look at their budget and they got a lot of room for defense spending. your take? >> well ed here is the ultimate hypocrisy. the republicans tell us that we have to cut social security and medicare and medicaid and
2:57 pm
education and nutrition because of the terrible deficit. that's why we have to cut all these programs and yet when it comes to military spending what they did yesterday in the senate budget committee is increase military spending by $38 billion and put it into an off-budget slush fund. so talk about hypocrisy. now, the thing that i worry about -- and we're going to challenge them on the floor next week -- is that as you know one of the reasons our national debt is so high is we went to war in iraq and afghanistan and republicans refused to pay for it. quite the contrary they gave out huge tax breaks to the rich. i fear very much that this is what they want to do again -- go into another war and not pay for it. we're not going to let them do that. >> nothing on the table when it comes to climate change in this budget either, is there? >> no, absolutely not. no. that's not something that they
2:58 pm
take the scientific community's opinion on. >> it's rather archaic. it's a rehash of what this country has been through in the past. there's very little for job investment infrastructure investment, more military spending, tax cuts for the corporations. i mean, do you think the country gets it that it's the same movie we're seeing? >> well the answer is i don't know how much the corporate media will be talking about what's in the budget but i can tell you on issue by issue the american people do not believe you give tax breaks to billionaires and cut medicare or education. that's not what the american people believe. i'll be offering an amendment, ed, that will substantially increase funding to rebuild our infrastructure and in the process create millions of good paying jobs. others will be offering an amendment to cut the minimum
2:59 pm
wage to a living wage. we'll be dealing with making clemg afford andable address the crisis of high student debts. those, in fact are the issues that the american people want to see addressed. >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. senator, when's the announcement coming for you running for the nomination? >> we're working on it ed. you'll be one of the first to know. >> well, the way it's going, it looks like hillary could run unopposed. of course, she hasn't announced either. earlier in this broadcast, i said that there are some key issues that we've got to have discussion on because 2016 is a heck of a lot different than 2008 when it comes to the income gap in this country and how the middle class has not moved forward. if we do not have that debate we're not doing this country a service. senator, i hope you and others run as well. we need the debate in this country, no question about it. i appreciate your time tonight, bernie sanders thanks so much senator. and we of course have been down here in florida all week
3:00 pm
long working on a climate change series telling the story about the rising sea level and how the communities in south florida are dealing with it. that's our next big series coming up on "the ed show" here on msnbc. back to the snowy country. that's "the ed show" "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. >> thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news tonight. explosive details about racism within the ft. lauderdale, florida, police department. an investigation found four officers sent racist text messages and one created an offensive video. that video uses the "n" word repeatedly shows images of kkk hoods, police dogs and a derogatory image of president obama. here's


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