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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 10, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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. it's not going to be a positive game changer in terms of finding out what really happened because we still have some time that's unaccounted for. >> north charleston police are facing tough questions about thaib their actions after the shooting. >> according to the incident report multiple officers witnessed. one describes applying pressure to the gun tot wounds another assisted with cpr to the driver and a third reports someone administering chest compression. in part of the cell phone video officers are seen attending to scott but he remain on his stomach. it's unclear how soon that happened. because of a break in the
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recording. >> what i saw was a police officer they believed to be removing the shirt of the victim and performing some type of life saving. >> the man who took the video told lester he was surprised that medical attention took so long. >> i thought maybe the police would have turned his face you know so he can breathe if he was alive. >> and he remained face down. >> he did, yeah. >> the officer is charged with murder and has not yet entered a plea. his mother spoke publicly for the first time. >> from one mother to another mother, i can understand this. i just want them to know i am sorry that this happened. and that this has made a change in everybody's life. >> and our thanks to gabe. turning to the race for the white house. in a flurry of reports that hillary clinton will announce
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her candidacy this weekend. the new york daily news is getting specific citing a source close to her campaign who says the announcement will come on sunday. "the washington post" writes it fits with a smaller intimate campaign rollout she hopes to execute. >> meanwhile after a surprise announcement from a former lawmaker thursday. >> i am a democrat considering a run for president of the united states. during the next weeks and months, i look forward to sharing with you my thoughts about the future of our great country. thank you. >> and that was lincoln chafee a former rhode island senator and governor announcing he'll explore a run for the democratic nomination. he was a republican in the u.s. senate from 1999 to 2007 before serving one term as an
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independent governor. he became a democrat in 2013. within hours after coming out of the gate he was ready to take on hillary saying her senate vote for the war is a disqualifier. he voted against the war and told "the washington post" i don't think anybody should be president of the united states that made that mistake. that wasn't the only swipe. he also told "the new york times" the do nations to the clinton foundation are alarming to me. we'll speak to him ahead on "morning joe." on the republican side of the rice nearly a dozen candidates with go to the nra meeting. chris christie and senator rand paul tuesday are not invited. the nra says they cannot
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accommodate everyone but paul says the group is being, quote, petty because he is a member of two other guns rights groups. the kentucky senator is also facing criticism from mike huckabee with his heated interview this week. >> when yoir running for president, all is fair in love and war. you need to expect you're going to have a lot of fast balls aimed at you and how you handle them is part of the process. it's part of the game. so any question is fa. it's how you handle it. it's like the pitcher can throw what he wants. the question is can you either put it in the third deck or do you rush the mound and take the pitcher on. >> in the meantime it will be history in the making at the summit of the america's meeting where president obama sitting down with the cuban president for the first time since the two nations began normalizing relations. our senior white house correspondent reports from pawn ma.
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>> reporter: ayos. fists flying. a highly charged reaction to cuba's return to the summit after a half century long ban. >> change is hard. >> reporter: and following the president's decision to restore diplomatic ties with cuban. he called the leader and they met briefly a year earlier. but the two coming face to face after decades of cold war era animosity. castro wants more than face time. he wants cuba off the lists of nations that sponsor terrorism. >> i won't make a formal announcement today. >> reporter: first a visit to a museum visited to bob marley in jamaica. a low-key moment ahead of a high stakes weekend.
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>> there are new concerns this morning that the nuclear deal between iran the u.s. and five other world powers may be in jeopardy. the iranian president is threatening to not sign any agreement unless all sanctions are removed that same day. he says it membership,ust be a win, win deal for all parties. he wants all sanctions lifted right away. inspectors prohibited from houring military sites. the ayatollah also accuses the united states of lying and breaching promises. it kochls as a new nbc use survey finds that nearly 70% of americans find it's unlikely that iran will abide by a nuclear agreement. now to business. a rough start to thursday's trading session. things ended on a positive note. we are joined live from london.
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the obama administration is talking tough, calling on other countries to call in and help the global economy. >> reporter: yeah. this is the head of the washington g 20 meeting this week. i've heard it so many times. they talk tough. they could have named china who they probably believe is keeping their currency low which means it keeps the dollar high which is bad for u.s. exporters. they named germany and south korea. they said they need to do more for the world economy. talking tough. not naming anyone. elsewhere in world news apple giving us a sneak preview and showing us a little bit on this watch. they've opened stores so people can have a look but not buy it. europe will get a look and elsewhere around the world. they're marketing this as a high-end fashion yiechl. we might be paying $349 for our
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watches if we were to go that way. top end $17,000 for the gold version. >> i'd go for the bottom end, i think on that one. good news for amazon and their drone delivery projects lifting off? >> good pun. they're taking to the skies on this one again. they already got permission a long while ago from the regulator to trial these things for research purposes but the original okay from the faa, it basically took so long that it became obsolete. now the federal aviation authorities said you can do these things and get them up to 400 feet high and 100 miles an hour but they have to be away from people. there is opposition to this. they said you have to have air traffic control on these things near densely populated areas.
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>> a whole new frontier in retail. thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> still ahead, more trouble for the secret service. a top-ranking official accused of assaulting a female subordinate. is it time for an outsider to come in and clean house, plus we're tracking the distruktive weather and bill karins will the tell us where the storms are headed next. >> beetles, millionaires before they were 30s and no longer worried where their guitars are coming from. they're breaking up. paul mccartney says he's going on his own as a song writer. the other three say nothing.
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the troubled secret service is facing another embarrassing scandal. a high-ranking supervisor has been put on leave after being accused of assault on a female co-worker. there are questions being raised over whether an outside authority needs to clean up the agency. our white house correspondent has more from washington. >> he was a standout a senior supervisor recently promoted but now he's accused of assaulting a female agent. >> it seems like deja vu all over again. >> it started march 31st at the d.c. bar. she says her boss propositionsed her here. she says she fought him off. >> secret service director has
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placed the supervisor on leave saying any threats or violence that endangers our employees in the workplace is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. clancy was tapped to lead the agency after a serious of embarrassments including a man with a knife making it inside the white house. then last month on clancy's watch, surveillance video captured two top agents allegedly driving but an active investigation outside the white house after a night of drinking. congress called clancy on the carpet. >> it's going to take time to change some of this culture. >> an official review board concluded an outsider was needed to reform the agency but the president picked clancy a secret service veteran. lawmakers are standing behind him but stressing the urgency. >> i would say to the director we have to use faster. the president's life is on the line. >> a lot of pressure on the director this morning. let's get a check on the weather now with bill karins. give us good news. >> we will through the weekend
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but i could look at this tornado all day long. it hayappeared to be two tornadoes. the one from fairdale that was the one that started off like a small tornado innocently enough and then it grew in size and became a stove pipe what you're looking at there. and then it actually turned into almost like a quarter mile to a half mile wedge tornado. i was looking at the maps of the populations of northern illinois just to see how fortunate or unfortunate we were. it was strong and on the ground for 30 or 40 miles. there was one fatality. this one over mostly rural areas. all big cities were avoided. where our crews are this morning, it's in fairdale. that is literally a small town. it has 3 main roads that go north to south and about two or three roads that go east to west. this is the fairdale area. there's probably only about 20
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or 30 structures in the town and they're saying almost none of them exist anymore. you can see the pictures there. this small town community surrounded by farms with a main street. this is all that's left of it. there's hardly anything. our heart goes out to these people. this is horrible enough. we are fortunate as i mentioned with the storm that was this big on the ground this long that it didn't go through any major cities and kill dozens of people. when daylight comes up we'll get a better assessment from the air and get a better view of all these storms. in all in our severe weather outbreak yesterday, about 300 severe weather reports. a lot of wind damage reports and we're not completely done yet. we're done with the big chance of any tornadoes but we have wind damage problems to deal with especially in eastern sections of tennessee and eastern kentucky. a little later this afternoon, we'll still see severe weather. a slight risk of severe storms. there's a low chance of a
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tornado today but we'll watch the storms if you're in the carolinas from raleigh to charlotte through columbia south carolina. from atlanta to augusta and augusta has a masters today. we will see a strong line of storms going through there that will delay play. hoping for no damage and we think it's mostly wind gusts. here's the timing of it. 6:00 p.m. this evening, the line of strong storms through the gulf coast. also up through central portions of georgia and it's a thin line through the raleigh area and east of charlotte but that could contain damaging wind gusts. they die out around 11:00 this evening. by the time we get to the weekend, that's when we start to see the good. the cold front heads out. even new england who, it is snowing once again this morning in maine. maine has had one of the worst winters of all time up there. after they're done with it they'll appreciate 60s by this
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weekend. again, what happens in that little small town it's like people say it's almost gone. they have to decide if they want to rebuild it or not. no major cities. it could have been so much worse but it's bad enough. >> our thoughts and prayers with those in the communities. still ahead a-rod does something in the yankees that he hasn't done in a long time. we'll explain next on "way too early." >> you know this group draft biden 2016? yeah. broadcast biden 2016. they started selling bumper stickers that say i'm riden with biden. this is real. take a look. this is a lot better than the other one that women around the white house have used.
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>> high drive. left field. there it goes. see you. home run, a-rod. >> with his first home run in the big leagues since september, 2013. the so lo shot marks 655 but it doesn't enough to help the yankees last night. they lost. thursday also marked round one of the masters and tiger woods
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will need to step up his game if he hopes to return this year. he showed improvement but came up short shooting a one over 73. jordan spieth leads the field at minus 8. >> eddie murphy will receive an award. in a statement kennedy center president said through his appearances on saturday night live and work as a movie star eddie murphy has shown that like mark twain, he was yeared ahead of his time. that does it for me on this friday edition of "way too early." coming up in "morning joe" we're live from illinois where tornadoes destroyed a community. that destructive weather is now on the nooufmove. plus the latest from south
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carolina where new dash cam video sheds light on what happened moments before a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man and action in the race for 2016. former rhode island governor joins us after he states he's considering a run for the democratic nomination. he'll explain he he believes, quote, hillary clinton should in the be president. that and much more after this. shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal.
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look. there goes cars. >> he's over. he's over! >> tornadoes have been tearing through part of the midwest. >> it was huge and it was coming right for us. we have been seeing how it ended. today we finally got to see how it began. there are two mothers grieving tonight. >> i just want them to know i'm sorry that this happened. this has made a change in everybody's life.


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