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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 9, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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storms. heightened alert. the pentagon raises terror threat level. how many isis militants are in america right now? a brazen daytime attack on a teenager captured on video. we will tell you how these pictures may have helped solve the case. and a big response to my question of the day. did tom brady cheat? i will read some of your answers ahead. it's high noon here east. a severe weather threat from the southern tip of texas north to nebraska. tornadoes, large hail and thunderstorms are possible. the storm threat comes days after a weather system produced more than 50 tornadoes across the plains. >> big-time weather on the way for oklahoma. >> every night when we go to sleep we see the storms. i can hear the sounds of the tornado when we sleep.
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>> that poor girl is scared. today's tornado threat isn't the greatest in the southwestern part of kansas. a surprise tropical storm is slowly headed towards the east coast. tropical storm anna is expected to deliver two to four inches of rain to the coasts of north and south carolina over the weekend. the atlantic hurricane season doesn't start until june 1. joining me now nbc meteorologist. >> we are looking at severe weather threats here for today. this originally was supposed to be a big blockbuster day in terms of big and large tornadoes. kind of scaling down on that now with some of the latest thinking here. still 16 million people in the thread zone here for severe thunderstorms. the primary threats being damaging wind and large hail storm. the tornado threat is going down a bit for today. the severe weather has been out there for this morning. a lot of hail storms in northern texas. we are expecting a few tornadoes
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later on this afternoon especially in areas like southwestern kansas and southwestern oklahoma. the main action has been in and around the dallas area where they have seen very heavy rain a lot of lightning. very stormy morning and just south and west of oklahoma city. this batch of morning storms is saving us from a worse round later on this afternoon. we are missing the sunshine here and that is one key component into some of the strong storms. for now we have damaging winds and large hail. flash flood. these folks have seen ten inches of rain. >> we appreciate the heads up. >> let's go to wichita falls, texas. i understand that the weather is cooperating somewhat and that the temperature has dropped a little bit. that is good news, yeah? >> reporter: we are getting good news out of this rain. the temperature drops means the threat for tornadoes later today is also dropping. so a bit of a bright spot on a very gloomy and wet day.
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the concern right now is for flooding specifically flash flooding. we were under a warning for much of last night that easily could return later today. this area is in the midst of a severe drought so people wherever you go in town are saying we need this rain. we just don't need so much of it all at once and these extreme conditions hail lightning, wind that are accompanying this much needed moisture. >> and also flash floods. that is just so tough to look out for that. with the mother's day celebrations for tomorrow it might be a damper. the big concern was damage from yesterday's storms. what are you hearing about that? >> i spoke to the manager of wichita falls. he said it is amazing the damage wasn't worse based on what we saw last night. relatively minor, downed power lines, snapped trees, things they are working to clean up and get the power back online.
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there were minor issues a flooded elementary school. they had to move a city election scheduled to be held there and are having to move local festivals inside because of the inclimate weather but are trying to go about their daily lives. you have to keep in mind this is the fourth day of these severe storms. people are tired of them and ready to get outside and do some fun things and experience some of the local festivals. obviously, safety still a top concern here. >> let's hope the sun comes out soon. i understand those sentiments. thank you for that. other news now. police in australia have arrested a 17-year-old boy accused of plotting to detonate three home made bombs in the city of melbourne. the target was unknown but authorities believe the teen planned to set off the bombs on mother's day and called the attack imminent. liberia has been declared ebola free by the world health organization. the country has gone 42 days
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without a new ebola case. that means human to human transmission has ended. there have been over 4,700 reported deaths since ebola was declared in march 2014. jameis winston is filing a counter suit against a former florida state student. accused winston of rape in december 2012. she filed a lawsuit against him two weeks ago accusing winston of rape assault, false imprisonment. winston has denied allegations and prosecutors declined to file charges against him in 2013 and declared by the university following a hearing. >> security is high at military bases. the defense department raised the threat level amid new concerns of isis inspired attacks. it is the first time u.s. bases here at home have raised security level since 2010.
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the tenth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. what prompted new concerns? anything specific? >> well there has been increased chatter. officials saying there is no credible or specific threat. still their main concern is that military recruiting stations could be targeted. lawmakers who have been briefed say this under scores the need for everyone to be aware that the threat from isis is real. as isis tries to expand its reach, a new warning. the department of defense ordering more than 3,000 military bases to raise terrorist threat warning level to bravo which indicates increase. >> it means they take much more careful look at who is coming on. >> the announcement is not the result of a specific threat the military is concerned about several recent incidents
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including last weekend's shooting when two isis inspired gun men were killed after they tried to target an antiprophet mohammed event. >> the fbi following up on the texas incident said there are perhaps thousands of people in the united states that are
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participating in some way communicating back and forth . >> targeted at the military what does it mean for every day citizens? >> i believe there has been an escalation of threats from isis and other radical groups against the united states and other countries. >> now, there is no word on how long the new threat level will last. meanwhile the fbi has ordered field offices to review the list of all suspects to make sure the right ones are being tracked after revelations that one of the texas gun men was known to authorities but was not under surveillance. >> thank you so much from the white house. ahead, i'll talk with a self-described under cover jihad jihadi. he will tell us the best way to fight the terror group and discuss his work as a spy in filtrating terror groups.
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today military bases across the u.s. are on their third highest security level amid increasing concerns of potential home grown terrorist attacks inspired by isis. this comes as isis has made unverified claims of responsibility for this week's
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shooting in garland, texas. my next guest argued that the federal government alone cannot fight happen on the local level. >> local police are the ones who respond if somebody throws a rock through the mosque or if there is a crime in the community. they are not seen as investigating terrorism like the fbi might be. the fbi will have big problems in dealing with them at that level. so there is a way to develop those relationships. >> joining me now is author of under cover jihadi. the story of his journey to islamist extremist to under cover agent. it is a pleasure to talk with you. you come with an incredibly unique perspective. what has your experience been with extremism? >> i think i see myself a mirror image of a lot of individuals that we are now dealing with and
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reading about. i guess i was into extremism before it was cool. i don't know. but now what we are seeing is very similar to what i went through. 17, 18 year olds and younger, 14 15 of course social networking has increased the amount of information that individuals can receive. when i was 17 18 there was an internet but not like it is today. it is a little different but in many respects it is very much the same. >> i hope we have time to get to details about you. i do want to ask you about is there a grave threat from isis here on the home front from potentially u.s. and canadian citizens themselves? >> i think we have to look at the threat in perspective. if you look at -- in north america and europe in total there are tens of millions of muslims. and the total number of western
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foreign fighters including western europe and north america is 5,000. 4,500 of those are from europe not north america. you are dealing with a very low number of individuals. the problem is what just two of those individuals is capable of doing. we saw in the paris attacks two individuals were trained by al qaeda, the kinds of attack that they were able to carry out. isis is training people to do just that. there are plans underway. there are people being trained. there really are individuals hell bent on committing some kind of attack. and the problem is that even a like for example what happened in garland nobody was killed except the two attackers. the media gives them the longevity that they desire by giving coverage to just two guys who in texas there are 140,000 muslims. not a single one of them showed up to protest the event or say anything. two guys go off and suddenly
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they are all responsible for it. it's not as great a threat but the impact of what just two people can do is great. >> do you think it really matters whether a terror attack is just inspired by isis versus directly ordered and supported by ice sns. >> it doesn't matter. a lot of people i think there is a miscalculation or miscar cuture of how things work. isis brand is all about inspiration. they don't need to direct someone to do it. although they will do that as well, because as long as they can get the attack and get the coverage they will take it as opposed to the other groups which were more -- even al qaeda you had al qaeda inspired domestic terrorism. so it really doesn't matter. at the end of the day it's an individual committing some kind of violence. >> how do you fight the isis message? fighting them on the ground military
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militarily, we get that. how do you combat the message? >> everyone has a role to play in this because it has gone so viral. the muslim community has a responsibility. this is our faith that has been hijacked. isis is killing more muslims than nonmuslims. the american public has a very fraudulent version of islam being promoted. i believe it is the duty of muslims to show people lead by example. >> go ahead. >> just i was going to say that just in the public narrative, don't validate the isis claim that islam is terrorism because that's exactly what isis says. we can't validate their messaging and at the same time say how can we counter messaging? >> do you think it would be a strong message to stand up against isis and come out
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strongly against them? would that help? >> you know again, muslims speak out all the time against these groups. they really don't get the coverage. it's not a big news story. >> if they did, would that make a difference with the isis? they are so radicalized in their views. would that change their minds? >> the community is doing stuff at the grass roots level. it comes down to individuals. you can have rallies and protests but the rallies and protests aren't going to do anything for isis. as far as isis is concerned if you are a muslim and you live in the west you are a sellout. so for them it won't matter. it's really for optics for the rest of the public to see the muslims are out so they are doing something. a basic internet search google search will show crow that muslims have continuously condemning what isis is doing and more importantly and this is what is important, what is
9:18 am
effective is where imams are talking about this where you have community leaders talking to young people. you have other young leaders who are themselves taking the lead and saying we are going to stand up for our religion. this is nothing to do with our religion and will talk to other kids who are expressing these views. that is where you reduce radicalization. not in big protests. >> looking at your own personal story, you have spoken about growing up in the very public community. went to public schools and then islamic community. in the evenings you attended -- can you really fight extremism without opening up the closed communities? what would that mean for conservative muslim culture? >> this is a good question. this is part of the problem that exists in the muslim community. you have these very very rigid environments very closed. and i think the reason for that is immigrant communities coming
9:19 am
from places that are themselves very socially conservative. so people they act based on learned behavior. if you have individuals that grow up in the middle east for their whole life they will replicate what they have learned there. that's the problem. when you're in it in the west where the society is very open and gender mixing and liberal education, liberal leanings social conservatism doesn't work. you see this not just in muslim community but in other communities that are equally conservative. they tend to be very intolerant. that is the problem with rigid social structures. the only way for this to change is for the new generation that is here to change that by example. >> so at the end of the day who worries you more? is it core isis or lone wolves inspired by isis?
9:20 am
>> it is core isis. they are planning everything. they are the ones who are putting out these recruiting campaigns. a lot of these young kids are kids. teenagers. when you are 13 years old it is a scientific fact that your brain is physically not developed. so i understand you are responsible for your actions. at the same time your physical brain is not developed to a point where it can make really rational decisions that look at long term consequences. i see a lotf these individuals. i call them isis zombies. they might have mental health issues criminal back grounds, broken homes, marginalized identity issues and they act out. but in a lot of cases i see them as victims. the girls who are lured over, they have no idea what is waiting for them on the other side. they think they are going to marry their boyfriend and live happily ever after.
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i prefer, without a doubt, the escape over the cr-v. take the ecoboost challenge at your ford dealer. and for a limited-time get an escape with zero percent financing for sixty months plus seven-fifty cash if you own a ford or qualifying competitive vehicle. . a new book recounts the remarkable relationship between poet writer. the book is titled "my journey with maya" and covers tavis smily's decades relationship with maya anglou. i spoke about what he learned from her and what we all learned from her. >> you are in the position of having had a decades long friendship. what does she mean to you? >> i think she is without question the most -- she is the
9:25 am
ultimate renaissance woman. for a long time i was saying she was the greatest renaissance woman that black america had created. by renaissance we mean someone who did a number of things and did them remarkably well. i may owe her an apology because she way be the quintessential renaissance woman. who has done more than maya angelo? poet author dancer actor and director. she has just done so -- she did so many things well in her lifetime before she stepped to the podium at bill clinton's inauguration. the only person to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration. she shows up to do this. i don't know anyone who did so many things and did them all so remarkably well. the fact that i would be invited into her space, that i would become one of her sons and
9:26 am
travel to affrica with her and she would offer her advice and wisdom and welcome me to her home. i said so many times we are who we are on this mother's day weekend. we are who we are because somebody loved us. the person who ought to have loved you might not have loved you. everyone of us is who we are because somebody loved us. i am today whoever i am trying to be in part because maya angelo loved me. for a black man in his 20s trying to find his place in the world for her to have brought me in as a child and not let our age gap or gender gap or world view or experience gap stop a friendship from developing for her to give me the one thing that i needed as a young black man, unconditional love the greatest gift i could receive. >> i was listening to you and i
9:27 am
paused because i thipg you are selling yourself short. i think she saw in you what so many of us see in you. i would love to be a fly on the wall in that room. she was a gift to all of us but cleary a very special gift to you. thank you for this interview. we hope this will book will grace many homes and offices. the book is "my journey with maya." best of luck with it. >> thank you for your work and witness. >> tomorrow he will talk about his assessment of president obama and time in office and respond to critics who suj he has been too tough on the president. >> today's number one mountains of money. a new report says corporate america has more than $1.7 trillion stashed away waiting to be spent. apple is the cash king. thanks in part to record high sales of the iphone with more
9:28 am
than $135 million sold. total cash in the bank $170 billion. microsoft has about half of that but 90 billion is not too bad. google has third biggest amount with 65 billion. now to baby talk. the folks at the social security administration scoured files for the most popular baby names and there is a new leader for girls. emma up from second place with olivia. sophia slides to number three. as for boys noah is most popular for a second straight year. liam followed by mason. americans are expected to spend a record amount on mom like more than $21 billion. if you haven't bought the mother in your life anything yet what are you waiting for? americans spend most on jewelry. it is the thought that counts. more than $2 billion on cards will be money well spent.
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police in san jose have arrested a man accused of forcing himself on a 13-year-old girl after she walked home from school. police say video helped make arrest after 48 hours after the family posted it on social media. police are linking the suspect to two other attacks in as many months. >> justice in san jose after a shocking crime. a 13-year-old girl attacked in broad day light as she arrived inside her home from school. in the interview her voice alterred to protect her identity. >> i'm thinking help me help me, please. that was the only thing going through my mind. >> as you can see the suspect
9:33 am
alterred his appearance. >> police identified the suspect arrested and charged with multiple counts of burglary and false imprisonment. less than 48 hours after the video was made public. after it was shown repeatedly police say tips poured in. >> the suspect is now off the streets. we have credible evidence which we believe links this suspect to those attacks. he is a sexual predator. in my opinion he is a monster. >> reporter: police say the same suspect attacked another woman last month at a local grocery store. both incidents authorities say happened within walking distance. police say it is unclear when the suspect will appear in court. the young earl said she never will walk home alone again. ron allen, nbc news. >> let's go to politics. this week a fiery debate over free speech sparked by the attempted terror attack on the
9:34 am
contest in texas for drawing cartoons. at the debate center the controversial pamela gellar. >> the question is why is the media for the most radical extreme ideaiology? why is the story about pamela gellar? >> i have a very dim view of pamela gellar. i cannot allow your free speech curtailed by the threat of violence. >> we have every right to say what we want to say. >> you can't use violence to stop people from saying things you disagree with. >> all she is doing is provoking and taunting people. and this country has enough problems right now. >> why go out of your way to offend a billion muslims? >> i think you are about self promotion. you are not about the real cause of free speech. >> we shouldn't let free speech turn into hate speech.
9:35 am
>> joining me now is former republican new mexico governor nominee for 2012 presidential election and retired admiral, democratic senate candidate, former congressman from pennsylvania and author of the new book "walking in your shoes to restore the american dream." governor, i begin with you. is it unfair to blame pamela gellar? is free speech acceptable in all forms even if it is simply for provocation? >> yeah. free speech that is what this country is founded on. al great to be with you and congressman i have been a fan from afar. it is terrific to be on with you, also. >> so you are saying it is okay. your take on that sir? >> i think she has the absolute right to say whatever she wants. i spent 31 years in the navy protecting your right to say what it is. that was hate speech i believe. i think the best way to fight that is with public officials
9:36 am
standing up and condemning hate speech. i think there is a posity of that. >> that is a really -- threading that kind of needle for lawmakers, how can they be tough on terrorism while respecting religion and protecting this particular freedom of speech? >> that's relatively easy. who doesn't know people who have the muslim faith. they were wonderful sailors. they served along side those of the jewish faith. we get deangeles and rosary beads from them. they concede this is absolutely hate. there is no other purpose. this person has a lineage of that, has a right to do it but that is where we stand up as public officials and condemn hate speech with speech that shows the other side. >> when you look at the cast of candidates emerging for 2016, are these the people best suited to confront a growing home grown
9:37 am
terror threat? >> i don't believe so. i really believe that it's going to be status quo. i think the world will end up to be a less safe place based on all candidates. take chris christie. he says make no mistake about it i'm the hawk in the race. what does that mean? for certain we will continue to drop bombs and continue our drone operations. for certain we are going to continue to kill a lot of innocent people that i think makes the world less safe than more safe. and isis look isis exists because of the vacuum that we created. we want to spend another ten years going after isis the day we leave there will be a new isis. >> hillary clinton obviously experience some following return at the state department but have elements of that experience crossed the line into a liability? >> if i have -- i would like to
9:38 am
say i have close ties with the clintons. i served for president clinton in the white house. i really enjoyed it. i enjoyed my time with then mrs. clinton now secretary clinton. she helped advance a woman's memorial that i was working on for woman veterans in washington, d.c. she helped expand agent orange for more access to do that. i may have missed your point a little bit but i am a large proponent. >> do you think there are elements of her experience at the state department that may turn into a liability? >> i think without a question people are going to try to turn certain things like benghazi into it. that is what accountability is about. she did her job and people should feel free to say i didn't agree with that. i think you should be accountable. this is going to be politics at times. that is part of the game. i think she is ready for that. >> speaking of hillary clinton you know she said she supports
9:39 am
the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and she will use executive action to block the deportation of those with community ties. how do you see this playing out? >> well i think it's positive. i think congress should act similarly. we should make it as easy as possible for somebody that wants to come into this country and work to be able to get a work visa. i'm not talking about citizenship. i'm not talking about a green card just make it easy to get a work visa entailing a background check and social security card so that applicable taxes would get paid. let's start with the premise that immigration is a good thing. ilry says positive things when it comes to immigration. president obama is taking executive action that i happen to agree with, but, of course, executive action is executive action. it can be overturned. congress needs to act. >> my colleague chuck todd suggested that the campaign
9:40 am
decide to make the immigration statements to try to drown out all of the negative news on the clinton foundation money. you said we are talking about politics. is this politics? do you buy that? >> i think a lot of things that happen in politics are for political reasons. i would hope not in this case. i think the governor again, is right. this is something that really we enrich ourselves with immigration and now we have gone about 15 years doing nothing. i'm glad she came out and did it. i will have to let you be the judge of its political reasons. >> earlier in the week bill clinton spoke with nbc news and rationalized money that he earned from speeches that he gives. >> she is running for president. will you continue to give speeches? >> yeah. i have to pay our bills. i also give a lot to the foundation every year. we have a lot to do. >> the clintons are still trying to give an appearance that they are just average people. how long might this situation dog her? >> well i think from an
9:41 am
entrepreneurial standpoint the clintons have taken politics to a new level. i have no issue with that whatsoever. i just find it interesting that hillary is going to take on the 1% which she is a member of the 1%. >> i do have a little bit more time so i want to ask you about the walk that you have done across the state of pennsylvania. is that done? >> i did it in front of independence hall and walked 422 miles on foot from new jersey to ohio border because i believe trust is the biggest issue we have in america today. it's the largest deficit we have. i want to show people of pennsylvania how i wanted to serve them and begin to earn the trust by showing them i am not going to be above accountability. >> admiral joe thank you so
9:42 am
much. good to see you both. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. just ahead we are unwrapping the apple watch. everything you need to know about the newest must have gadget and something to consider before you head out for the peddy. i will talk with the reporter behind the expose aon the nail salon industry. why a letter grade system could be in effect. boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health
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or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪ the apple watch unwrapped. boxes are arriving in mailboxes as apple makes first deliveries. nearly 1 million orders placed on the first day the watch was available. christina warren ordered one and gave it a try. once she unboxed it here is what she found. >> as it turns on the apple logo keeps getting brighter and brighter which is kind of a nice touch. you can scroll through different
9:46 am
language choices. that's the pairing process. just take a photo of the little symbol on the top and that is it. >> so is the watch worth the money and the wait? christina joins me now to answer the question. what is your assessment of the watch? >> i love it. i had to wait longer than i was wanting to wait for it. i did not get the pink leather band that i wanted. i will buy that separately. i really like it. it is expensive and definitely a luxury item but i used a lot of smart watches and i have to say the apple watch is definitely my favorite. >> and the money, it is expensive. it is worth that, too? >> if you are the type of person who wants a watch and doesn't mind having something on your wrist and you like the idea of getting your phone notifications on your wrist and being able to see what is happening without having to pull your phone out of your pocket and you want something that has capabilities of a fit bit it is a really
9:47 am
great device. >> what about in store pickup? when is that available? >> we are hearing rumors that might be starting as soon as next week or the week after. apple said that just june for in store pickup. i should note that i had to place two orders. the second order i placed on saturday last week and i received it on tuesday. so depending on what band you get you can actually get an order shipped to you fairly quickly. >> how about trouble spots? i know we heard about trouble with people who have tattoos. >> i have seen this first-hand. if you have a tattoo on your wrist which i do not, it blocks the uv light from the skin and there is a censor underneath the apple watch that can take your heart rate and know when it is on your wrist or not so when you are doing things like apple pay and other things it knows if it is connected to your wrist or not. if you have a tattoo there it is not able that the censors don't work correctly. it is not able to see through your skin. >> your watch, that's the basic
9:48 am
one, how much did you pay? >> this one is the stainless steel with leather band. this was $649. >> it's $349. >> for the sport edition. >> the watch itself is the same thing. >> the one i got is stainless steel. if you get the sport it is actually aluminum so it is a little bit lighter and a little bit different components but the device itself on the inside is the same. >> what about what you write a lot about which is fear of missing out if you don't get your apple watch. explain that. >> the watch started shipping two weeks ago. it was one of the things where i kept seeing friends and people getting them. for me it came down to watching the kentucky derby in a bar and sitting next to a guy who had an apple watch and going i need this now. placing the second order to see if i could get it shipped faster
9:49 am
than my initial order came. i think for gadget lusters the fact that this has been back ordered so much and that it is taking so long for it to get into stores is increasing that fomo and that sense of urgency where you want the device just because it is so hard to get. >> one thing really quickly, the touchscreen sometimes you know auto correct comes on when you are trying to write something. you have to touch precisely. have you found problem with that where you are trying to touch one of the icons? >> i have found a little bit of that. the nice thing is that there is this digital crown on the side that you can scroll back and forth. it makes it easier to select certain elements in certain apps. i have to say the voice recognition with siri is fantastic on the apple watch. i have been responding to texts with people using my voice. it works way better than it does on the phone. if you haven't liked siri on the phone it is very good on the watch. >> we are just going to have to
9:50 am
get one. thank you. >> thank you. ahead, the future for tom brady after a new report says he likely knew about those under inflated footballs. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, or high blood pressure. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, prostate or bladder problems, or problems passing urine as anoro may make these problems worse. call your doctor right away if you have worsened breathing
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9:53 am
there is new fuel to the burning controversy of tom brady and under inflated footballs. the new york daily news citing what it calls several key sources says the nfl will suspend tom brady and that an announcement is expected next week. according to the paper brady would become highest profile player in league history to become suspended. brady was asked when he would address the issue. >> hopefully soon. there is still a process that is going forth right now. i'm involved in that process. whenever it happens it happens. i will certainly want to be very comfortable in how i feel about the statements that i make. >> let's bring in michael hurley
9:54 am
and sports journalist. first to you, how much more does tom brady have to know before he can answer the question whether he knew footballs were under inflated? >> i think he knows the answer to that question. he is a very careful speaker. he is careful not to say anything publically. he is in a bit of new ground. i would think that in this portion of the situation he and the patriots are trying to talk to the league to try to get this as low as possible for him. >> so this wells report here commissioned by the nfl found that more than probably than not the new england patriots personnel deliberately deflated footballs used in the afc championship game and found it more probable than not that tom brady was generally aware of it. how damaging can this be for his career? >> long term it is interesting to see. i think pats fans will have a different reaction to this. i think the damage of that
9:55 am
report is in the details and gave goodell a lot of ammunition. i think we are looking at suspensions. i think whether it is two games an entire season, that is what is up in the air. based on that we determine the long term outcome for tom brady. >> to mary's point let's listen to pats' fans about this. >> i love tom. he has been my favorite athlete forever. i think it is the ball guys trying to get back at him. >> we believe everything. he's awesome. >> he has given us 15 years of awesomeness. i think we should support him. >> do fans really care? they come to expect this kind of behavior from professional athletes? >> i think a little bit. this is an issue. it is something that has never really been addressed or no one has concerned themselves of psi of footballs until this past
9:56 am
january when it became a national story. it's something that is sort of definitely geared towards tom brady and the patriots. they have won for so long. opposing teams were so eager to get them doing something that this is how they did it where overall this has been something that has never really -- no one has gone after any star player for this before. >> despite the daily news report there is a question of how hard the nfl might come down. here is what veteran sports caster had to say about it. >> i think if they go soft or perceived as going soft on the glamour boy of the league tom brady and super bowl champions there will be hell to pay. >> do you think the league is going to have to come down hard on tom brady? >> i think there is an interesting paradox. there is a sport that is profitable and impactful and popular. also the league has come under criticism for how it handled head injuries. i think now is a test where
9:57 am
people say are you going to be aggressive about this or not. i think the details in the report being out there help them say we can go pretty hard on this. this isn't the same league from a pr standpoint that we are talking about. >> do you think there is conventional wisdom as to whether slightly deflated footballs actually help win games? >> absolutely not. if the league actually cared about the psi of the footballs they would have addressed it before the game. the league was warned ahead of time that patriots were being accused of funny business. the head referee lost the footballs. they were taken out of the officials locker room beforehand and said it was the first time in his 19 year career that that has happened. when they foupd the balls they were on the field and they said let's start this game. if that was an important issue it would have been addressed and balls would have been inflated to proper level. >> in terms of evidence against tom brady, what are we going to
9:58 am
have whether he was told by an equipment manager that they deflated the footballs? or someone handling the balls? how do they find evidence? >> this isn't a criminal court so standards are different which is where you get the language that people have fun with on twitter. i think the fact that brady it appears according to the report didn't participate in parts of the investigation and didn't hand over cell phone will be used against him. i think the fact that part of what makes him such a great quarterback is his attention to detail and also what is irking fans and making it hard to believe he wouldn't have known as much about this. we will have to wait and see. i think for the nfl's standard of proof it handed them this rationale that it doesn't look good for him. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> here is what we have been asking you all day. do you think tom brady cheated?
9:59 am
caroline reese tweets he cheated. tammy turner said yes he cheated. manny g tweets if nfl slams players for off field behaviors it must punish brady for acts that do. and goes on facebook saying in the broad scheme of things the accusations are minor, still complete honesty shouldn't be that difficult. keep talking to me. coming up in the next hour mr. wonderful. i'll talk to shark tank investor on why he thinks female ceos are the way to go. plus the shocking health and labor violations taking place at your local nail salon.
10:00 am
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power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. saturday severe storm watch. the worst may be yet to come for millions of americans. flash flooding and outbreak of tornadoes could be in store. another alleged case of
10:03 am
police misconduct. the head of the naacp will join us. it's a saturday on the stump. presidential hopefuls gather. how will they set themselves apart? >> they said it is time to shut you down and crush you like the cockroach you are. you want me to get in bed with you and get crushed again? >> he is mr. wonderful. shark tank's kevin o'leary weighs in on what will put more americans back to work and why he thinks women make better business leaders. . >> good day. right now we begin with politics and religion. nearly a dozen declared are in south carolina for the so-called freedom summit. earlier governor scott walker rick santorum and rick perry hit the stage. >> the president and people like hillary clinton, when they talk about growth they are talking
10:04 am
about growing the economy in washington. people create jobs not the government. it is about time to get the government out of the way and start creating more jobs. >> for the first time in the history of the country the government is trying to tell us what we can believe. our government is to try to bully us not to tolerance, not to going along, but to conformity. >> we have seen this gross incompetence. this naive ignorance. we are here to declare that we are not going to take it anymore. america can do better. >> jeb bush however, is not there. a couple of hours ago he delivered the commencement address. msnbc at liberty in lynchburg, virginia. most of these declared potential candidates were just in new hampshire and iowa for similar summits. why is it so important for them
10:05 am
to be in south carolina and how are they setting themselves apart from one another? >> south carolina is one of the most important early primary states coming right after iowa new hampshire. it provided a big opportunity for either a conservative insurgeant to emerge. it is a conservative state or for a front runner to put away the opposition. this is where john mccain's victory and george w. bush's victory in 2000 sealed nomination. distinguishing themselves can be tough. if you see with the case of governors a lot of talk about individual records. stock walker talked about how he took on unions in wisconsin, rick perry about job creation. rick santorum with the new issue position that no other candidate has called for a 25% reduction in legal immigration. candidates are very low to go after legal immigration.
10:06 am
>> besides jeb bush of course, he is at liberty university any word why rand paul and chris christie are not there? >> reporter: after talking to organizers i have been told that pretty much everyone was given an invite. there were no snubs. a lot of people who aren't here today have appeared at other summits by the same organizers. rand paul is off in silicon valley for a tech event. jeb bush as you saw at liberty university. there is a variety of scheduling conflicts that candidates are citing. >> jeb bush accused the obama administration of limiting religious freedom. here's that. >> what should be easy calls in favor of religious freedom have instead become an aggressive stance against it. somebody here is being small minded and intolerant and it sure isn't the nuns ministers and lay men and women who ask only to live and practice their faith. federal authorities are
10:07 am
demanding obedience in complete disregard of religious conscience. in a free society the answer is no. >> so from south carolina now to msnbc's jane tim. jeb bush has recently distanced himself from the party on some issues. why was it so important for him to speak at liberty university? >> reporter: jeb bush really needs to make waves with this crowd. evangelicals are important voting block for him and you can't win some of these early states with at least some of the votes. liberty university's largest in the world, 34,000 assembled. some are getting degrees. behind me as we speak. he needs to make waves. i think he struggled to excite this crowd. we saw a lot of polite applause one or two lines where jeb sort of looks for an applause line and doesn't get it. there was a surprise proposal earlier in the ceremony of the
10:08 am
president's son proposed to his girlfriend. that got bigger cheers than likely presidential candidate. i think he may have passed today and checked a couple of boxes but didn't change the tides of the election. >> we will make note that his father spoke giving commencement address there. thank you very much. residents are under a severe weather threat with warnings of tornadoes, large hail and thunderstorms. moore, oklahoma saw some of the worst of it yesterday. pounding hail matched only by rains. in north texas powerful winds and rain uprooted trees. the back-to-back storms are leaving little chance for residents to clean up and prepare for the next one. >> big-time weather on the way for oklahoma. >> every night when we go to sleep we see the storms. i can hear the sounds of the tornado when we sleep. >> don't you feel badly for her? imagine hearing theire sirens.
10:09 am
two reports, nbc meteorologist but first we check in with sarah standing by for us. what is the latest? looks like rain let up a bit. you had a pretty hard pounding last hour? >> it has been on and off all morning. while this is bad for the risk of potential flash floods there is a good side to it in that it is lowering the temperature and therefore lowering the risk of tornadoes in this area. like i said yesterday we were under a flash flood warning as that rain was coming down fast and furious along with heavy winds and hail caused problems uprooting trees, downed power lines. today crews are assessing the problems and getting things picked back up. the power turns back on. for example, a local election had to be moved because the school it was to be held in experienced flooding from all of that heavy rain. there is also a highway about 45 minutes from here that has been washed out by what appears to be a flash flood. the good news is no major property damage no injuries or
10:10 am
deaths reported in the last 24 hours. people here gearing up for another day of this extreme weather. it's expected to roll in a little later this afternoon. this is the latest in several days of this extreme weather. people are still going about their business going about their daily lives. for example, one festival here has been moved inside because of the weather and because of safety concerns. people still planning to go still planning to enjoy their weekend. >> we hope those moms have a dry sunday for mother's day. thank you very much. nbc meteorologist here to give us more on what is happening across the country. how is it looking out there right now? >> we are tracking more thunderstorms, unfortunately, for the same areas that had been getting them for the last several days. another batch of storms moving towards oklahoma city. i think you see conditions go down hill in the next couple of hours. the focus going from the tornado
10:11 am
earlier in the week to now flash flooding. we are seeing a lot of flooding across northern texas and oklahoma and today will be another day where we are dealing with that threat. oklahoma city in the next couple of hours. heavy thunderstorms coming down in your direction. dallas seeing heavy storms now. large. we are looking at areas of eastern colorado through texas under the gun for severe weather. it was a moderate risk earlier today. now we dropped it down to an enhanced risk. the reason why all of these thunderstorms this morning kind of robbing the energy from the afternoon storms that we are going to see. still a few tornadoes expected. the flash flooding scenario is definitely what we are focusing on this afternoon and this evening. that threat will shift east tomorrow. areas like chicago back down to dallas. dallas you see another round here for tomorrow before conditions start to quiet down. last but not least we have tropical storm anna spinning off the coast of south carolina. heavy rain and wind impacting the southeastern states coming up for the day tomorrow.
10:12 am
busy weekend of weather. >> can i ask you quickly given the drought conditions in places is there any upside to this heavy precipitation or is it raining in the wrong places? >> the problem is the amount of rain. it is too much rain in too short of a time. it has nowhere to go so that is why you are seeing bridges, overpasses washing out. a dash cam revelation of an incident almost two years ago leads to the arrest of a delaware police officer. meanwhile thrks department of justice begins investigating the baltimore police department for possible civil rights violations. the president of the naacp joins us next. hello! this little beauty here is top-of-the-line. see, you just pull like this to go left. and like so to go right. where are the brakes? uh, just grab ahold of both and pull straight back. and the "whoa!" is optional. you wouldn't buy a motorcycle without handlebars. no thanks. and you shouldn't ride a motorcycle without geico insurance.
10:13 am
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(music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
10:15 am
a police officer in dover, delaware has been charged for assault during an arrest and suspended without pay.
10:16 am
the department just released dash cam video of an incident that occurred almost two years ago. look at that. you saw the officer kicking the suspect right in the face knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw. the video appears to show the suspect complying with police demands to get on the ground. you see it right there. well, another grand jury originally cleared the officer last year but a second grand jury indicted him this week. that officer is free on a $5,000 bond. a new report is casting an ugly spot light on the nail salon industry here in new york city and the surrounding suburbs. the "new york times" interviewed more than 100 nail salon workers who revealed abuse of practices they say they endured at the hands of owners. joining me now reporter for the "new york times" who wrote this story. it is quite the talk of the town right now as you well know. you point out women are usually undocumented immigrants and have limited english. talk about a typical day for
10:17 am
them and how they are compensated. >> actually, it is the opposite. they compensate their owners. you have to pay up to $200 for your job as a manicurist and then start working completely for free for a period of weeks to up to months and then start maybe at around $30 a day. >> how do salon owners justify this? how do they justify this training fee? >> it's so interesting. salon owners i themselves as heroic saying we are hiring an unemployable group of people people who don't speak english and maybe don't have transferrable skills. they think it is proper compensation for the risk they are taking in hiring people. >> have you figured out comparison as to how much owners are raking in? >> it is difficult to say because they don't keep accurate books deliberately many of them.
10:18 am
some have become incredibly wealthy. the workers live in one bedroom apartments stacked up really decreped situations. >> did any owners respond to allegations of verbal andvise physical abuse. >> they denied it. it was widespread among people i spoke to, these whispered allegations of abuse beyond pay. >> let's juxtapose this with the clients. the difference between the workers and often times in the very high priced neighborhoods of manhattan the people with whom they are working it seems to have a chasm that is incomp incomprehensible incomprehensible. >> you are holding hands with a woman for a half hour looking her in the eye and people don't seem to be seeing them. when i went out reporting the story it was a very difficult process to get people willing to
10:19 am
speak with me as you can imagine. and yet eventually they said i want to be heard and i want to be seen. >> lawsuits they are trying to compensate the women appropriately and a lot saying they have been abused. any usual typical outcome? do they get to court? >> many people are afraid to open themselves up to the authorities if they are undocumented workers even though they have the right to be properly compensated they are terrified. i had one manicurist -- >> are there labor advocates trying to do something. >> the labor department of new york state and federally rarely opens investigations into these salons and the limited amount they do 80% of the time they find that wages have been withheld.
10:20 am
>> even with the allegations of verbal and physical abuse there are also serious health concerns for a lot of these women because of the long hours they spend. the bending over so it can hurt them physically in that regard but the odors and smells and chemicalwise which they work. >> it goes beyond that. there is a loop hole in the federal law that governs cosmetics. we are talking the stuff you and i use in hair and faces, men and women, they are not premarket tested. those chemicals are not tested before they are on the market. whereas the european union has 1,300 chemicals banned from cosmetics the u.s. only has 11. there is a huge loop hole on the federal level here. >> it's a great series of articles. thank you for talking with us about it. >> thank you for having me. >> the future for tom brady. how many games will he be suspended or will he not be suspended at all? there is new information today. i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on.
10:21 am
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a military transport plane crashed in spain killing at least three crew members. spain's prime minister told the associated press up to ten crew members were on the flight. the transport had a delivery intended for turkey. developing now, parts of the midwest and south are bracing for more severe weather including thunderstorms and tornadoes. this as residents in towns like moore, oklahoma are cleaning up after yesterday. dylan dryer is in oklahoma city. >> reporter: it has been a busy three days here. the entire area has been under the gun for severe storms. it is warm and humid and we have a cold front to the west. this combination is triggering storms. we have had hail in texas yesterday. we also had tornadoes caught on camera out and about in norman oklahoma we have had flooding so
10:25 am
intense it shut down some roads. we have reports of baseball sized hail to the north of where i'm standing now. today we are looking at the same type of setup. it looks like the best chance of tornadoes across southwestern kansas. it's this entire southern plains region that could see dangerous cloud to ground lightning, large damaging hail damaging wind gusts and the potential for flash flooding. we have had several days of several inches of rain. any additional rainfall will lead to the flash flooding possibly closing some roads. do not drive through those flooded roads. that is number one concern out here once that heavy rain starts. we could end up with five to seven inches of rain. it is amazing that we are talking about severe weather in the middle of the country because we have tropical storm anna to the southeast and snow in the rockies. as we continue through this mother's day weekend the weather remains very active pretty much across the entire country. >> thank you for that. in just a moment why does
10:26 am
shark tank's mr. wonderful think women are better than men at running a business? we will talk to kevin o'leary next. life begins with a howl, we scream shout, shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, polident.
10:27 am
10:28 am
how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health
10:29 am
with purina one. a new report in today's new york daily news says it is no longer a question of if tom brady will be suspended but rather when and hoy long he will be suspended. the paper citing what it calls several key sources says the nfl will suspend tom brady and an announcement is suspected next week. he deflected questions thursday saying he will address the report once he has had time to digest it. mike florio jones me on the phone. you are an insider here. what are you hearing about a tom brady suspension? is it likely? >> the league's unofficial position is no decision has been made yet. it would be a shock at this point if he is not suspended. consider all of the things guys
10:30 am
are suspended for, smoking marijuana, testing positive for marijuana gets you suspended. it doesn't create competitive advantage. guys get in trouble off the field has nothing to do with the game of football. guys get suspended for that. i think he will be suspended because what he did speaks to the integrity of the game and a separate issue here refused to fully cooperate with the investigation. under league rules that separately amounts to conduct detrimental to the league. apart from any fine he is in line for discipline and likely a suspension for refusing to fully cooperate. >> with regard to refusing to fully cooperate that is about not handing over cell phones and texts. he has spoken with officials about this. >> he didn't turn over the cell phone. the nfl was very cooperative in the protections that would be available for tom brady to
10:31 am
ensure that no private information from his phone was removed and used as part of the investigation. back when the investigation was done over what it knew and when it knew it about the ray rice video everybody turned over their phone including commissioner. if you allow one guy to say i'm not doing this that creates a horrible precedent. most of the evidence in this case came from text messages sent by a couple of patriots employees. if those phones hadn't been turned over i don't think the nfl would have had enough evidence to conclude that some form of cheating it occurred. >> even if the guy is tom brady. mike, the wells report commissioned by the nfl found it more probable than not that new england patriots personnel deliberately deflated the footballs used in the afc championship game and then more probable than not that brady was at least generally aware of it. so when you talk about some sort of a suspension punishment how long are we talking about there?
10:32 am
is it one game? eight games? what is it? >> the standard punishment for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs one time is a four game suspension. steroids, pe derks equals four game suspension. i think the baseline is a four game suspension. how much more will they add to it on top of that for refusing to turn over the phone? i think at some point the nfl may say we will give you another chance to turn over your phone but we are going to assume that you have something on there you don't want us to see. we will assume the smoking gun is on your phone and we will assume the worst because you didn't turn over the phone and who knows what the suspension can be? >> conventional wisdom is what regarding deflated footballs and the outcome of a game? does it make a big difference? >> i don't think it does. the patriots still won the game 45-7 and scored most points in the second half when the footballs were fully inflated.
10:33 am
they won the super bowl over the seahawks with footballs that were surely properly inflated. the nfl made such a big deal about it. it is hard to say it doesn't mean anything. the footballs you have as long as it looks like a football who cares how much air is inside of it. you can't reckonile that with how seriously the nfl took this. 243 page report lord knows how much money spent to investigate this over the period of 3 1/2 months. i don't know how you can say it is no big deal when the nfl's actions make it clear this is a big deal. >> nbc sports's mike florio. a new survey may be spending endlessly but still plenty of money in the bank. at the end of 2014 u.s. nonfinancial companies held a stunning $1.73 trillion in cash and two thirds of that was held
10:34 am
abroad. the gender gap appears to be closing at least when it comes to ceo pay. a usa today report found female ceos make on average $18.8 million a year while male ceos make almost $13 million a year on average. my next guest says women leaders are worth it. >> no. >> what do you mean no? there is no no. >> no. >> you're making a mistake, paul. >> when you walk out of here i won't think of you again. >> every time you see graffiti -- >> you are dead to me. >> that is investor and entrepreneur kevin o'leary from the cnbc show shark tank known as mr. wonderful on the show. kevin joins me now. i hope i'm not dead to you now. >> absolutely not, alex. i'm happy to be here with you today.
10:35 am
>> before we talk about the ceos i want to talk about the april jobs report. the u.s. added 223,000 jobs and unemployment fell to 5.4%. is that a reflection of the real world out there? >> not really. most of us know by now and even in just anecdotally people around the country know our unemployment rate is significantly higher. just ask any graduating cohort out of college if they can get a job. i'm not say tg is dramatically under estimating it but in my guestimation the actual unemployment is around 9%. the reason you can tell that is another number you should be watching and it is wage inflation. if you can't find anybody to hire you tend to pay more for somebody that will work for you. we have no wage inflation because there is plenty of people looking for work all the time. that is one of the things that dogged us as we are looking for
10:36 am
a stable recovery over 3% gdp growth. i don't believe it is 5.4%. it is very convenient for any municipal state or federal official to talk a great story on 5.4%. no american really believes that. >> it doesn't tell the whole story. >> 55% of the companies in your portfolio have women ceos. you said you made more money with female ceos. to what do you attribute that? >> we never used to track this data in terms of who the management was in the companies. over the last six years i developed a large portfolio of private holdings. what happens with your audit after six or seven years and this is how this occurred is the auditor said what about the companies that haven't returned capital? which ones of them should we write off? what about the ones that have return capital? what is it about their attributes that you should know? why don't you invest in more of those? we had our own people do the
10:37 am
investigation and sure enough unbeknownst to us all the ones not some of the returns, all of the returns came from companies run by women across a wide range of sectors and geographies and size. for some reason and believe me i'm trying to figure it out now, they are doing a good job making me money. i think it has to do with how they allocate their time. an old addage says you want something done give it to a busy mom. >> i'm a mom and i have to say i have to get a lot of stuff done and organize my time. do you see a difference between the sexes on your show? we played that sound byte that had you really taking apart a guy. do you see a difference in the female candidates? >> i invest in a goat if they make me money. i put money where i think the path of least return is. what happened over time and i'm not the only person noticing this women have become very
10:38 am
astute at running a business. wicked good cupcakes returned all of my money to me. a mom came up with the idea with her husband to build a book of images of their kids. $14.5 million cash. thank you. that's a fantastic idea. other companies just like it. honey fund made by a woman named sarah is killing it. we are getting fantastic returns. this is real data, real dollars and women are killing it. i think a lot of people are starting to look at the phenomenon all across wall street saying why not give them more work? >> do you have a criteria kevin, that helps you distinguish between good ideas and a bad idea? is it a gut instinct?
10:39 am
you have so much experience with which to draw. how to you make those decisions? >> what i look at first is the market they are in. i look for a market that is growing. that is half of the battle. getting market share in a growing market is a lot easier than stealing it from a market that is stagnant. i always look at the entrepreneur or the team. are they able to articulate why they should execute the business plan. here is the thing that really matters to me. do they know their numbers? the deals i invest in lately and in the future know their numbers and business model. they understand how to make money in their businesses. when i get all three of those things working together i generally make an investment. i'm not right all the time but right enough that my venture portfolio has been profitable. shark tank has been a fantastic experience for all of us. >> mr. wonderful, i'm curious, when it comes to pitching a television show i'm told you have to make it succinct clear and not too complicated.
10:40 am
is it the same way with business or because there are so many different layers to business you can have someone explain a little bit in more detail and kind of go on and on about how they want to make their point? >> you are goegto find this data really interesting because it is something interesting brought up here. if you go back over the last six years of shark tank thousands of pitches and look at the ones that actually got checks doesn't determine the outcome of the business being successful or not. just the ones able to talk a shark into giving a check, 100% of the time they are able to articulate their opportunity in 90 seconds or less. all of the deals funded are able to explain really quickly what the opportunity is. think about wicked good cupcake cupcakes. i got it. i understand it. if you -- you have to practice your elevator pitch in life and everywhere. even when talking to your husband make it short and sweet so he gets it. >> okay. kevin o'leary, so good talking
10:41 am
to you. thanks so much. little pitch of the show here. you can watch mr. wonderful week nights on cnbc. the justice department's civil rights investigation of the baltimore police department. what can we expect from it? the president of the naacp joins me next.
10:42 am
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mothers from across the u.s. who have lost children in police incidents will gather outside the justice department for what they are calling an inaugural million moms march as attorney general loretta lynched announced justice department investigation into the baltimore police department. joining me now is cornell william brooks president and ceo of the naacp. glad to speak with you on the broadcast. i would like to ask you what you want to have come from investigation and what you expect to come from it. >> on this mother's day i can tell you as a dad and the father
10:45 am
of two sons what i want to come from this investigation is a thorough examination of the baltimore police department. the fact that you have a mayor who called for investigation highly unusual. having followed her request for a collaborative investigation. what we want to see is a thorough top to bottom examination of the baltimore police department in terms of policies procedures interaction with the citizenry of baltimore. as we saw in ferguson where we saw this thorough examination of the ferguson police department and set of recommendations that provided a road map for reform we will look for the same for the city of baltimore. the city of baltimore right now is poised rather uncomfortably between past and present, between a series of tragedies and nearly $6 million in settlements related to instances, allegations of police brutality and uncertain but
10:46 am
perhaps hopeful future where we can create a police department that is responsive and trusted by the citizenry of the city. we think that that is possible. with this attorney general with her background and with the justice department's experience conducted these kinds of investigations across the country we believe that there is a cause for hope. >> with regard to the criminal case the six baltimore police officerers are arguing for dismissile say they weredis dismissal and calling for recusal of moezby. as an attorney yourself do you think these charmgs were at all rushed to calm the city? >> most attorneys i know believe that there is no basis for recusing herself or calling for
10:47 am
a special prosecutor. with respect to these charges being levelled as a means of calming the city, she is the chief prosecutor for baltimore. >> most people i know in the legal world believe that she has the basis for bringing such charges. the fact of the matter is bringing charges is not the same thing as a conviction. the charge is not a conviction. she has more than enough evidence i believe based upon our assessment of the facts that are known at this time to bring these charges. and i will note this. the family of freddie gray is not rushing to judgment. the rest of us need not do so either. we are simply seeking the truth and simply seeking justice. let's collectively calm down
10:48 am
let the process run its course and do the work that we can do to bring about peace and justice for the city of baltimore. >> as you know much of the criticism in ferguson was the power structure there. that was nearly all white for a city overwhelmingly black. in baltimore, though nearly all of the city leaders are black. speak to that. what are your thoughts on that? >> sure with respect to racial profiling what we know is disproportionately the victims are black and hispanic, the perpetrators may be a multi cast of characters matters little to the victims of this policy of racial profiling. the fact of the matter is our model of policing is broken. the notion that we can round up and sweep up people on the streets without probable cause, to arrest them and detain them this was wrong in new york. it is certainly wrong in
10:49 am
baltimore. it is ineffective policing and it not only makes communities less safe, it makes police officers, those who are charged with serving and protecting us less safe. we have to get beyond this model of policing and move towards a model that builds trust. the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter if the mayor is african-american or if the governor is african-american. the color and composition of those who are behind the policy is not what is important. what is important is the safety and security of the people who bear the brunt of a bad policy. to the extent that they are largely black and his tannic only speaks to the fact that we need to respond to this as americans. looking beyond color, looking towards fairness towards building a sense of trust. we believe that can be done and it is being done in police departments around the country. and those in law enforcement, most people i know in law
10:50 am
enforcement want our police departments respected and honored and trusted. we do that by using policing that that works, that builds trust with the community. >> cornell william brooks always good to talk to you. >> it's good to talk to you, alex. >> see you again soon. >> see you. >> immediate mother's day gift ideas. help is on the way next. like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. looking for one of these?
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sdmrirchlgs hey, woke up this morning like you forgot something. like maybe that it's mother's day tomorrow. you still don't have a gift? who better to save you than our resident moms who are also the co-authors of the "new york times" best selling book we're just going to call it shotty mom. my friends as well as today show producers sf the today moms. welcome back to the show. >> hi. >> so glad you're here. >> happy mother's day. >> i love all these ideas except this is a blender. i thought that was supposed to be like a no-no. >> you know the movie "father of the bride" when annie gets a blender from her fiance. she's on the bed weeping. this is 1958. you give the little wivy a
10:54 am
blender? look at this. not the case with this one. it's a little red hot rod. i mean come on. it's beautiful. anything that has the title blast in it you are going to love it. it's black and decker. it's $59. it's from wal-mart. what i really love about it four preprogrammed buttons. dabbingry, margarita, smoothie and shake. i mean my goodness. those are considered food groups in my house. >> i hear you. >> enough said. >> this one, okay please. >> blu-ray dvd. "fifty shades of gray." it is the gift that keeps on giving. you can get it at target. the wine is great. it's $15. you can get it at any wine shop and it also is "fifty shades of gray." you can do a combo platter. it will be fine. >> you might be able to combine that and this as well.
10:55 am
you want to heat things up a little bit. a little more innocent spirit though. >> sometimes you also like -- i love candles. it's something about candle that is gets me back to center. these we found at papyrus. they are $40. what is so cute about them is they are so sweet. they have little messages on each one. they're so sweet. i'm not into the super sack rin smelling candles. these are all the vanilla scented. very yummy smelling.
10:56 am
>> elks from green guru gear. it tushz into this adorable tote you can put your keys in. you can put your make-up in and whatever. >> same company. green guru gear. you can put your lunch in it. oh. then you can put it on your hand bars, and it's just amazing. you put your keys in there. you can also put food and lunch and all that kind of stuff, which is super fun. >> how much? >> this is $69.99 and i believe this is $49. >> okay. sounds good. okay. now, which one do you want your kids to give you? >> oh my goodness. it depends on whether or not my kids are with me.
10:57 am
>> mary ann, alicia my today show moms and frepdz. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day to both of you. weekend with alex wit. i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern time. have a good one. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical if you can't put a feeling into words, why try?
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a truck torpedos through a storefront. >> the poor little girl who maybe weighs 100 pounds took the whole brunt of that dodge ram pickup. >> a monster machine wreaks havoc on a small town. >> oh nosh. don't go for the library. adairing air show stunt goes from fun to frightening. >> he is going to crash. >> a high speed chase spins out of control. >> gets these upwards up to 90 miles an hour from this truck and trailer and