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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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it across the finish line. >> the game is rigged. and we are running out of time. plus the pitch for free college. >> the college for all act will provide free tuition. only in a congress dominated by wall street and big money is this considered to be a radical idea. later deadly biker brawl. >> new fallout from that vicious shootout between rival biker gangs. >> is this over? most likely not. and e-mail controversy. >> they will be made public just two weeks before the iowa caucuses. >> i have said repeatedly, i want those e-mails outs. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. it's good to be back with you. senator elizabeth warren is ramping up her war on trade. earlier today, she called out the secrecy behind the transpacific partnership. >> one big part of it has been the lack of transparency in the whole process that we're being asked to move these trade deals
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forward. without showing what the trade deal is. president bush even put out the scrub text, it's called, on the trade agreement. and had it out there for months before he asked for even partial fast track authority. we just want some transparency around this. >> you mean that president bush was more transparent than president obama? yowza. senator warren is pushing an amendment that bans fast track from being used on trade deals including the investor state trade dispute settlement provision. now, isds would allow companies to suit governments over laws that hurt their business. i know that trading is not at the top of everybody's list and this is starting to get into the news quite a bit. we've talked about it a lot on "the ed show." if you don't know anything else about trade or if you're intimidated by some detail in the story, because i don't know anything about that, here's what you need to know. and this is the most important
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thing. we are about to embark on a trade law, an international trade deal that will allow multi-national companies to sue america if they don't make enough money in our country, if they don't like our regulations if they don't like our laws. now, americans if this is what you want then call your representative and say hey, let's say yes to the tpa and the tpp, because what this is going to do is grease the skids to kill american jobs, outsourcing will be at a torrid pace, more than what we've seen, and the congress isn't beginning to be able to do anything about it. i don't hear this kind of talk from the white house. and it disturbs me. senator warren recently laid out some disturbing examples of companies abusing the provision i'm talking about. >> each got sued by a corporation. australia and uruguay tried to
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implement anti-smoking laws, got sued by phillip morris. canada tried to deny a mining company, a drilling permit off the coast of nova scotia to protect their environment and their fishermen. got sued by an outside company and lost. so what really happens here is that big multi-national corporations can look around and say i don't like those regulations. i could make more money if i could beat down new regulations. >> president obama says that senator warren doesn't have the facts. that sound byte is filled with facts. the white house ought to counter every single one of them if they're not correct. but they are correct. the isds could allow corporations to circumvent american law. ask yourself, is that what you want? senator warren is also pushing back on this argument that president obama keeps making about the tpp.
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>> it's the highest standard, most progressive trade deal in history. it's got strong provisions for workers, preventing things like child labor. it's got strong enforceable provisions on the environment. >> it's got strong enforceable provisions for workers. and on the environment. well, what are they? senator warren released a report on monday, tearing apart this whole argument of the enforcement claim. and the study released found that almost every trade deal over the past 20 years promised enforcement of labor standards, meanwhile actually enforcing these regulations. folks, it rarely happens. warren's study cited a gao report that found that the office of the united states trade representative and the department of labor do not systematically monitor and enforce compliance with fta labor provisions and that the united states agencies generally have not been identifying compliance problems developing
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and implementing responses, and taking enforcement actions. that's the truth. president obama has not said how regulations in the transpacific partnership will actually be enforced. it won't be easy to enforce labor standards in countries such as brunei where there's shari'a law or vietnam. so president obama is also claiming that the transpacific partnership will create jobs here in this country. the president recently highlighted this promise from nike. >> nike announced that with the transpacific partnership, it will make new investments in advanced manufacturing, not overseas, but right here in the united states. and far more nike products would be made in the usa and that means thousands of new jobs. >> are you curious why president obama didn't talk like this on the campaign trail before he went head-to-head with mitt romney for a second term? why not? if it was such a hot deal, because that's when it was being
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negotiat would have been against it. now, look. it's great for nike. they promised to create jobs. but there's no guarantee that other jobs aren't beginning to be lost in our economy. this is going to hit every sector of our economy. back in 2010 president obama made similar promises on the korea free trade agreement. president obama released a statement saying the deal would support at least 70000 american jobs. the president went on to say that chorus is part of my administration's effort to open foreign markets to u.s. goods and services, create american jobs for workers, farmers and businesses and achieve our goal of doubling u.s. exports over the next five years. now, folks again, i understand that the language of that statement is nearly identical to the president's language on tpp. unfortunately, it didn't play out like the president wanted it
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to. >> that's where there's so many democrats in congress who are speaking up. the korea trade agreement ended up killing 40,000 american jobs. most of them were in manufacturing. what the tpp is going to do is hit more sectors in the economy. chorus -- and i mean chorus is nothing compared to the transpacific partnership. the tpp will take over 40% of the global economy. now, this deal puts american so renty at risk. if that's what you want support it. we haven't heard specifics on how they are going to be enforcing these regulations. if you look at history, it's hard to figure out how the tpp is beginning to create jobs. so as we move into almost midnight, on the tpp, and you've got strange political bedfellows here the tea parties don't want it. they don't want to see him succeed on anything. they don't want to agree with him on anything. but they're also hearing back home that it will gut jobs and
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republicans, at least if they don't put a jobs bill up, they want to say they're for jobs. the democrats across the board, 85% of those in the house are for workers and working families and middle class families, and there is no historical track record to take us down the road, that yes we have to do tpp because it's going to be better than everything else. it baffles me that president obama is still going down this road telling the american people without detail and he challenges senator warren, who gives detail on what is going to happen on investor state trade disputes. it will spiral out of control. it will be something our congress isn't beginning to be able to reel in. if this deal goes through for six years, congress isn't beginning to be able to amend anything. did you elect your representative and your senator to go to washington handcuffed? oh, i can't do anything about it. is that the government you want? it just doesn't make any sense. if this idea that what we have to do this because the chinese
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are going to be writing the rules, what rules? what rules? the white house doesn't tell us what rules. it's a hell of a sound byte, but no detail. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, can labor regulations be enforced overseas? we're really going to tell other countries how to handle their workers. go to to cast your vote. we'll bring you the relates later on in the show. for more, let me bring in genevieve wood. also jim keating. great to have both of you with us tonight. well, i think you kind of figured out where i stand on all of this. gene genevieve i think this is serious stuff. i need you to tell me how a deal in secret is beginning to be good for our lawmakers to rubber stamp. >> i'm going to actually agree with you on that part. i do think why not put the full thing out there for everybody to
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look over and see? i think that's true of every piece of legislation. it's true of trade deals. if it's a good deal you know you and i might end up disagreeing at the end of the day. i probably will be for it. you're probably going to be against it. but at least we can go point by point and say what we think. so i do think in general based on past trade deals, and if this is similar to those it is probably going to be good. but i do agree with you, our lawmakers, our elected officials ought to be able to look at it more than you know five hours before voting on it. >> sure. jim, let me ask you the same question. why the secrecy? lawmakers who were against this deal have been talking about the secrecy for months on end. why? >> you know, one of the things that the president had said when he gave his speech on nike's campus was that america writes the rules for the global economy. now, in this case, it's not america writing the rules, it's transnational corporations it's pharmaceutical companies, it's the banking interests. i didn't elect any of those people to write rules for the united states of america. so i think the president needs to come clean on that particular
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point. i mean, you have a conservative market fundamentalist as the other guest on your show right now agreeing that transparency is an issue. if we have information asymmetry in the marketplace, it leads to market failures. it's bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for workers, bad for investors, bad for consumers. i, like you, as a democrat i cannot understand why the president is pushing this deal so hard. >> well i think that this crosses all political lines. i really do. republican, democrat, middle, blue, green, center whatever. if we're going to give the strength of our economy away somebody's going to have to justify it. i don't care what political party you're dealing with. jim, you have visited these factories in indonesia. what are the chances of labor standards once the tpp is put in place that we're going to be able to go to those parts of the world and make sure that other countries are doing what we're doing in this country so it's a level playing field?
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>> there is no way that the u.s. government is going to be able to monitor the labor conditions in these countries. nike has been on the forefront of this issue. they've been under scrutiny for almost 20 years now. and every year that i go back to indonesia and i interview workers, the same issues come up. you've got inadequate wages. you have wage cheating. you have union busting. you have verbal abuse. physical abuse. here's a corporation that the president held up as a model for free trade. they have a $30 million budget 120 people in their corporate social responsibility division. and they are doing nothing to increase the welfare and the wages of the more than 1 million factory workers that produce their products in 43 countries around the world. they pay poverty wages. they're guilty of union busting. nike is everything that's wrong with the global economy and that should be a real indicator for anybody when president obama is holding them up again as the model for trade and this tpp deal. >> all right. genevieve, i want to give you a chance to counter that. give me some upside.
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give me some good news about this. >> okay. the world is not a perfect place and it's not going to be a perfect place after we pass the trade deal, but we can look at history here. if you look at the deals we've made with latin america. in all those countries colombia and others, we actually saw inspector inspectors, those who do inspections, and the number of inspections increase after we made trade deals with those countries. we know that when it comes to child labor laws in places like vietnam, the countries that actually have free trade agreements with the united states are making much faster improvement in terms of getting rid of child labor than countries that don't have deals with us. does that mean we're exactly where we need to be? no. but we're making the right progress there. so i do think the u.s. being vfd with these countries is better for these countries. most importantly it's better for the workers in these countries. because they go from informal agreements to more formal agreements, which ends up getting them benefits, vacation. it improves their working
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conditions. does it make them as good as they are here? maybe not. >> it should be equal. >> it's not going to just change overnight. we have to work toward that. we ought to be changing that. >> nike's been in indonesia for almost 25 years now. the workers have not made any real increase. nike factory workers in southeast asia, they make so little money that they jokingly say -- and it's tragic comedy. they have to export their children back to home villages. most nike factory workers are lucky if they see their kids two to four times a year because of how little the wages are. the picture that's on the screen right now, those are nine factory workers who are exercising tear independent right to freely associate and to try and get the better conditions. >> but let me insert this.
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what we do know is this. the countries that are the most free in terms of their trade environment have the less hunger among their populations. they have less poverty among their populations. they have higher environmental standards in their populations. and that's not just places like the united states. more free trade -- >> all right, we'll leave it there. >> it gives the people that live there better opportunities. >> all right. genevieve wood and jim keating beth sides of the story tonight here on "the ed show." i appreciate it so much. thanks for joining us. and, of course mitch mcconnell says he wants it done by the end of this week. we'll see. remember to answer tonight's question there at we'll have the results after this. watch my facebook feature "give me a minute." and you can get my video podcast at coming up, senator bernie sanders joins me to discuss his latest plans to help middle class americans when it comes to college tuition. and later with ramadi under isis control, we'll look at how u.s. forces continue to fight
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against terror. i'll speak with senator ben cardin, the ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you.
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here's where we stand on "the ed show." tonight's question, can labor regulations in the tpp be enforced overseas? 20% of you think yes. 80% of you say no. a lot of folks in congress are very concerned about that 80%. go home and try to explain that number. we're coming right back on "the ed show." stay with us.
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♪ sfx: engine sounds introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved. welcome back. thanks for watching tonight. if you have a son or daughter that's getting ready to go off to college, what's on your kitchen table? i can tell you what's going to be on your kitchen table and that's a student loan debt. because it has climbed to an all-time high in this country. a $1.2 trillion. it is the fastest growing form of consumer debt in this
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country. now, if we want to lead as a country globally the way we need to make higher education -- the way we're going to do it is make it more affordable and completely free. this is the new wave of thought in this country. which is exactly what my next guest, vermont senator bernie sanders, is aiming for. earlier today, he sbrousintroduced legislation to make four-year public colleges and universities tuition-free. here's the big kicker. college cost could be paid through a new tax on wall street transactions. this is what senator sanders is all about. he wants a so-called robin hood tax on stock transactions to fund the federal share of tuition for every american student. it calls for a 50 cent tax on every $100 of stock trades. lesser amounts would be collected on transactions involving bonds, derivatives and other financial instruments.
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this is clearly a step forward in the right direction as i see it. why not try it for a year? well, of course it would work. then the republicans would be against it. joining me tonight to give us more on this is the vermont senator bernie sanders and candidate for president. good to have you with us tonight. this is a very forward-thinking problem-solving issue as i see it. it's what american families are dealing with every summer. how's my kid going to go to college? but the number i think people have got to consume is where the debt is. $1.2 trillion. if we don't do something, where are we going to be in five years, where are we going to be in ten years? >> this is a disastrous situation. it's an embarrassment for a great country like ours. we've got hundreds of thousands of bright young people who now have given up the dream of going to college. we're losing all of their intellectual potential. we have millions more who are leaving school.
2:22 pm
30,000, 50,000. i talked to a young doctor last year. she is $300,000 in debt. this is insane. so it's time for us to learn what countries around the world are doing. they are saying that they want to capitalize on the intelligence and energy of their young people that all young people deserve the ability to get a higher education regardless of the income of their families. and furthermore young people should not be strangled by this oppressive debt around their necks which goes on year after year after year. >> those who oppose this plan are going to be saying why do we have to shake down wall street? why is wall street the target here? your thoughts? >> well, the answer is twofold. number one, folks on wall street and people who are trading in huge amounts of stocks are becoming phenomenally wealthy. hedge fund managers are doing extraordinarily well. and they have got to help us deal with some of the major
2:23 pm
crises that we face as a nation, including making college affordable. second of all, what this legislation does is not only raise a substantial sum of money in a fair and progressive way, it also puts a damper on this speculation that is rampant in wall street, so it serves a purpose in that direction as well. >> so it's a two for one. you've always been concerned about the speculation on wall street and this would be throwing some cold water on the hot till so to speak, which would bring down the risk on our economy. what has busheen the response and the mechanism you want to use? >> it has been extraordinary. all over the country, young families are writing us in terms of e-mail, in terms of signing a petition that we've had out there. as you've just indicated, every parent who's thinking about sending their kid to college is scared to death and worried about what kind of a debt their children are going to incur and
2:24 pm
what kind of debt they are going to incur. this is a no-brainer. if you want a strong economy you have to have the best educated work force in the world. it is insane to tell kids they can't get that education. >> so tell us about the second robin hood bill which is similar to the one introduced by congress and keith ellison. >> it's the same bill. we're introducing it independently, but also introducing it to pay for this higher education refinancing bill and by the way we'll raise enough money to do some other things as well. the bottom line here is the rich are getting much richer. you have corporations making huge profits. these guys are going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes so we can address the major issues facing our country and that includes making education affordable and lifting this debt that so many of our young people are dealing with. >> if i may profoundly point out, in the news in the last
2:25 pm
week, other candidates are talking about war. you're talking about kitchen table issues. where do you think the public is? >> i think the public understands that we need to fundamentally reshape our priorities, that we cannot cannot cannot get involved in an endless war in the middle east, which will cost us lives which will cost us trillions more of taxpayer dollars, that we have got to address, ed the crisis facing a disappearing middle class and that is where we have got to put our effort. we've got to put millions of decent paying jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure. we have to raise the living wage. we have to deal with climate change. we can't keep pushing these issues aside and getting involved in more and more war. >> are you enjoying running? i mean you know, i know you thought about this a lot. you're early into it. are you enjoying it? >> it's quite a trip, to tell
2:26 pm
you the truth. the answer is i am and i'm looking forward to getting out all into this country, into new hampshire and iowa. we're going to make our formal announcement next week. >> senator bernie sanders, always a pleasure on "the ed show." thanks so much senator. >> thank you. still to come republicans stumble on iraq's strategy. and next, the latest on the investigation into the deadly biker brawl in texas. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of
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national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. we are back on "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. we're learning new details in sunday's deadly biker brawl in waco texas. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: investigators continued to pull away motorcycles and go through evidence at a central texas restaurant after a violent weekend showdown between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs that left nine dead and 18 wounded. >> we know an additional biker gang that was not invited to
2:30 pm
this meeting showed up. hence what we were calling somewhat of a turf war. >> reporter: a war police say has to end now. >> we would ask there to be some type of truce between what motorcycle gangs are involved. we would encourage them to try and be a little peaceful and let the bloodshed stop. >> suspects are in jail charged with engaging in organized crime, each held on a million dollars bond and there are reports now more gang members are moving into the area. those who know the lifestyle and history of the outlaw bikers say peace isn't likely. >> it's about money. it's about control. you probably haven't seen the end of it. >> police say there continue to be threats of retaliation against officers. >> in the event something happened, we are adequately staffed and will be able to deal with whatever is presented to us. >> reporter: a department and community on guard right now, waiting and wondering what could
2:31 pm
come next. >> for more, let me bring in charles hadlock, an nbc news reporter. good to have you with us tonight. i can only imagine how the residents of waco are responding to this. what are you hearing in the community? >> reporter: people are on edge. this is a quiet, religious community. home of baylor university. this is just a few miles from there. took place on a sunday around high noon, so people were shocked that this happened this bloody murder and shooting ram rampage that happened here. but this crime scene is now more than two days old and police are still here going through all the evidence. right now, they're removing cars and trucks that belonged to some of the motorcycle gang members who came here by car. we saw them take out an ak-47 from one vehicle and a long rifle from another. they came loaded with weapons here. the justice of the peace has released the names of the nine people killed. they are all men believed to be members of either the banditos
2:32 pm
motorcycle club or the cossix motorcycle club. none of them are from the waco area. they range in age from 27 years old to 65. ed? >> what about any new information on these threats against law enforcement officials? >> officials have sort of backed off that. earlier, they had received credible information that a lot of the motorcycle gangs had issued a green light to retaliate against the police officers here. but now they're learning intelligence that it's more of a retaliation between the two gangs. police are not necessarily involved. but everyone is on edge here, fearing that motorcycle gangs could converge on texas in the coming days. >> all right. charles hadlock, nbc news with us tonight here on "the ed show." thanks, charles, appreciate it. coming up as the fight against isis builds, republican hopefuls are still stuck on the war in iraq. stay with us. we're right back.
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welcome back to "the ed show." iraqi security commanders are meeting today to outline a plan
2:37 pm
to liberate ramadi. isis captured the city over the weekend and left 500 people dead and thousands more fleeing their homes. isis leaders are raiding homes looking for pro-government officials. control over ramadi puts isis forces only 70 miles away from the capital of baghdad. two women connected with a killer -- with a killed isis leader will be questioned about the organization. the women were taken during a ground raid resulting in abu sayyaf's death. one was his wife. he was reportedly in charge of the oil group's gas and financial operations. for more on this, let's turn now to senator ben cardin, who was a ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee. good to have you with us tonight. >> ed, it's always good to be with you. >> you beltt. this is getting intense as far as the possible involvement of the united states. i mean, at a new level. i think that's what the conversation is around the
2:38 pm
country. what will iraq do next to reclaim ramadi? >> look there's challenges. we knew there were going to be good days and bad days. but the success in defeating isis depends upon us having security in the sunni communities and protecting them so they can protect their community against isis itself. we had a setback in anbar province. clearly that's an issue that will require the iraqi government to pay more attention to the security of that region. and for the sunnis to be able to protect themselves. >> so how does our role change? what role does the united states have, or does it differ from what it's been at this point? >> we have been providing air support. that mission will continue. the ground suspect needs to be the iraqis. the iraqis need to be able to take care of their own needs. their military which we have been helping to train for a long time, need to be able to have capacity. plus the sunni population needs to have a better defense of their own communities.
2:39 pm
it's a sensitive issue, between using the militia, using the iraqi standard military forces and the security of the sunni population itself dealing with isis. these are complicated issues, but clearly we need to have more effective protection to the sunni communities. >> what kind of information is the united states looking for from sayyaf's wife at this point? >> clearly, our campaign against isis is to deal with them militarily in regards to territory, but also to cut off their financial abilities. what we were able to do with the syrian raid clearly will help us in cutting off their financial network, which of course, funds their terrorist activities. >> i think the question begs at this hour, are we going to get a vote on the use of military force as this continues to escalate? >> congress should pay us the authorization. that's our responsibility. to tailor it to the needs.
2:40 pm
i quite frankly don't think there's a major disagreement with what the president is trying to use force to provide the air support and military training to go after isis. i think there's strong bipartisan support to get that done. the challenge is there are some in congress that want to use this as an open-ended invitation that could lead to ground troops or additional military operations beyond isis. there i think we're not going to go down that route. we're prepared to give the president what he needs and congress should craft a very narrow tailored authorization to support the president's mission. >> so this won't be iraq 3. >> no it will not be iraq 3. i'm one who voted against the iraq authorization for use of military force. we want to make sure that we're not engaged in a ground campaign, that we're not engaged in a long campaign. what we're doing now is
2:41 pm
providing air support, some training missions to go after isis. i think that's appropriate. i think most of us think it's appropriate. but we're not going to get engijedengij ed -- engaged in a battle that should be handled by the iraqis or the syrians. >> all right, senator ben cardin with us on "the ed show." moving forward while isis dominates the headlines around the country republicans looking toward the white house are still stuck on the 2003 iraq invasion. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> would have. >> based on what know now -- >> well, based on what we know now -- >> i would not have gone into iraq. >> if the president had known that there were no weapons of mass destruction at the whole time you still would have had to deal with saddam hussein. >> according to the rasmussen poll 64% of likely voters feel a candidate's position on the iraq war is significant. 32% say it is not. joining me tonight, howard dean, former governor of vermont and former presidential candidate. governor dean, good to have you
2:42 pm
with us tonight. are we entering now into a new phase of conversation about iraq? your thoughts on all the rhetoric that's coming and the switching of positions by these presidential hopefuls on the right. >> well, i think it's a problem for them. iraq need not be an issue in this election. but now it is. and it is because nobody wants to turn their back on, a president bush. or b, the right wing hawkish voters, which represent a disproportionate amount of voters in the primary. so i think this is absolutely fascinating. the republicans are creating an issue that really didn't exist before because everybody previously had said look we made a mistake. there were no weapons whatever. now these guys are on the griddle and it's a real problem for them. >> hillary clinton came out with her answer on the iraq invasion today. let's take a listen. >> look, i know that there have been a lot of questions about
2:43 pm
iraq posed to candidates over the last weeks. i've made it very clear that i made a mistake, plain and simple. and i have written about it in my book. i've talked about it in the past. and what we now see is a very different and very dangerous situation. the united states is doing what it can, but ultimately this has to be a struggle that the iraqi government and the iraqi people are determined to win for themselves. and we can provide support, but they're going to have to do it. >> governor dean what's your response? how's that play? >> absolutely brilliant. absolutely brilliant. end of issue for hillary clinton. i think it's absolutely fantastic. so while the right wing doesn't know what they're doing, hillary clinton says i made a mistake. boom. end of question. everybody knows where she is. i thought that was really well-done. >> ted cruz rand paul chris christie. they all said that they would not invade iraq. why are jeb bush and marco rubio
2:44 pm
having trouble answering the same question? your thoughts? >> well i sort of half-defended jeb on this one. i think it's loyalty to his brother. it's a tough one for him. my guess is he rehearsed the answer and couldn't bring himself to do it. that's the quality of the bush family. marco rubio had no idea why he says what he says about this. this is crazy. i mean, the american people do not want this. by the way, you know, the previous piece was really interesting. i don't think anybody in washington, democrats or republicans, unless they do it quietly, and i hope they are, understand that iraq is finished as a country and so is syria. you will never see iraq emerge as a unified country the way it was before we went in there again and neither will syria. this is beginninggoing to be a new middle east for them. it's important that isis not be part of that but the iranians are busy gobbling up eastern iraq while we're helping them fend off isis. we ought to rethink our role
2:45 pm
there entirely in light of the fact that neither one of those countries is beginning togoing to survive. >> we're always against the clock. i really appreciate your time tonight, governor. >> thank you very much. still ahead, the state department says it needs more time before hitting the send button on the computer on hillary clinton's e-mails. we'll look at the potential impact on her campaign. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." ruggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit ♪ where do you get this kind of confidence? at your ford dealer... that's where! our expert trained technicians... state of the art technology and warranty parts keep your vehicle running right. it's no wonder we sold more than 3.5 million tires last year and durning the big tire event get a $120 mail in rebate on 4 select tires.
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