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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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air bag recall. takata finally takes responsibility for denaekts have killed at least five people from exploding air bags. a potentially fatal flaw affecting roughly one in four cars on the road today. brandi brewer lost an eye. >> it makes me angry. angry that this has been an ongoing problem, and that it's still going on now. this is something that should have been fixed years ago. and bin laden's reading list. our first look at what the cia found on computers seized by s.e.a.l. team six in his hideout. in his notebook revealing letters written in bin laden's own hand. >> good day i'm andrea mitchell in washington. emergency crews in california are working feverishly to contain a massive oil spill along santa barbara's picturesque coastline.
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as much as 21,000 gallons of crude oil spewed from a ruptured pipeline threatening wildlife, washing up along four miles of one of the nation's most beautiful beaches. ahead of a busy memorial day weekend, as well. the oil slick stretches out four miles into the pacific ocean. it's said to be slowly drifting south. far less than the estimated $3 million gallon spill that caused three -- three million gallon spill that caused enormous damage to the same area same beaches in 1969. that crisis led richard nixon to create the environmental protection agency and all new regulations. memories of the historic disaster are top of mind for area residents today. nbc's hally jackson joins me from santa barbara. i know this is a far smaller spill, but it is still fatal to wildlife and, of course dangerous to the beaches. >> reporter: and folks around here say it can still be devastating. we're actually a little bit up from the beach because cleanup crews within about the last hour came out -- take a look. you see workers in white suits.
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they've got shovels rakes. some of them are scooping up sand and placing them into plastic bags. this is meticulous and painstaking work. and looking at it should give you a sense of why cleanup along the santa barbara coastline and this beach may take so long. we're talking about 21,000 gallons of oil that spilled from a broken pipeline just up the road from where we are. flowed into a culvert, and that's how it ended up on the beach and eventually into the water. you might hear that helicopter right now flying overhead. the coast guard, other agencies doing flyovers to look at the damage. just a couple of seconds ago but we began talking, we saw wildlife assessment teams walking down the beach. they want to make sure that habitats for some of the coastal animals, especially birds, are not affected by this oil spill. of course, we've already seen some stunning images of some of these their wildlife covered, drenched in oil. at this point, we know as you talked about the concern, the slick could spread south. already the campground where we are has been evacuated. we're talking just a few days
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left andrea until memorial day weekend. so people don't want to see the next beach south, el capitan, evacuated, as well for campers. you mentioned the 1969 oil spill. even yesterday, today this morning, we've heard folk talking about how much impact that had on the community. it triggered, as you mentioned a lot of the federal oversight. and really the american environmental movement as we know it today. it's something i know you saw when you were here during the years, andrea. >> it was profoundly impactful, even then, on all the people there. tell me, whose pipeline was this, and what responsibility did they have do they know what caused the burst? >> reporter: no word on cause yet. this was american pipeline. the company says it immediately shut off the flow of identify once it was notified what was happening so no more oil flowed into the pacific. that was step one. obviously cleanup step two. plains says itdent deeply regret the -- it deeply regrets the
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incident and is working to minimize the environmental impact. >> thank you very much for joining us from there. joining me by phone, democratic congressman lois caps who represents santa barbara. i know this is exactly what -- the worst fears that people have from pipelines. and certainly that coast. tell us what you've learned from talking to federal regulators. >> caller: i'm so deeply saddened by this spill, andrea. it's yet another reminder that we have had a history of here on our santa barbara coastline of the serious risks that oil drilling poses. our environment is so spoiled, but it's also a huge economic impact because i know -- i lived in santa barbara in 1969. the big blowout of platform a that still has impact and can be felt along the coastline. this came back to us all with a
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sense of deja vu. earth day came about because of that initial oil spill. and here again we still have this incident. >> and congresswoman, i know that there is a great deal of concern in california. there has been ever since that time. you see the drill still offshore. but i don't know how you feel about this administration's policies which has permitted much more drilling and opening up more areas. >> the truth is energy is a big deal in our country. we use a lot of it. it drives our economy and i keep saying that's one of the reasons i'm on the committee of jurisdiction and natural resources, to point out that we will continue drilling, puts gasoline in our cars most of us today, and yet we need to be focused more and more on renewable energy. it's home grown. it's something that drives our economy, as well. and the more we can transition the more quickly we can
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transition from being dependent totally on fossil fuels into moving into renewable energies. so much the better. not just for the environment. and that we see clearly with the oil spill and tragedy of it. but for our economy in the future. >> congresswoman lois capps, i know you'll be all over this. thank you very much. our thoughts are with you and everyone else out there on that beautiful coastline which we know so well. >> thank you. this morning, u.s. intelligence agencies released a declassified trove of documents recovered from computers seized by s.e.a.l. team six during that raid on osama bin laden's pakistan compound. the declassified material includes more than 100 translated letters and messages. a list of the english language reading materials on bin laden's digital files, and extensive information on france, including that nation's economy. joining me now, greg miller national security correspondent for the "washington post," and dan benjamin director of the center for international understanding at dartmouth university.
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former coordinator for counterterrorism at the state department. thank you both. greg, you've been going through the documents for the last couple of hours. what are the most important things that you've seen so far? >> i don't think there's any new bombshell or plot that these documents disclose. there are some really interesting items including some messages that bin laden was sending out to his followers even right up until a month before he was killed in that raid in abbottabad. and you referenced the sort of bin laden bookshelf. his list of books that he except in that compound that he was going through. when you look through the titles reveals his obsession with understanding u.s. institutions and like the federal reserve, like the military and trying to find vulnerabilityies in those institutions. >> interestingly, dan benjamin he talks about the islamic state, attack strategy and says you should ask them to avoid insisting on the formation of an
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islamic state at the time being but to work on breaking the power of our inme by attacking the american embassies in sierra leone, togo and to attack the american oil companies. that's one message to followers. that's an insight we probably inferred from things that the bin laden and al qaeda followers had done. this is in his own hand. >> right. so bin laden had a tense and even bad relationship with al zarqawi, the founder of al qaeda in iraq. and with his successors. he didn't like the idea of an effort to create an independent state. he thought would be too easily targeted and was very very focused on causing catastrophic attacks to the united states. he thought that was the way to get the united states out of the middle east and to topple the rumors of the region. so there was a lot of tension there. but of course the tide was moving away from him already in those days.
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>> and there's a letter, greg that he's writing about surveillance and e-mail. he says "we should assume that the enemy can see these emails and only send through e-mail information that can bring no harm if the enemy reads it. they should not trust it juz just because it's encrypted. the enemy can monitor all e-mail traffic through the mujaheddin. computer science is not our science, we not the ones who invented it." >> there's a lot of material in this trove that reveals his real concern about security in a number of ways. one of the backs he had in the stack was about trying to find counter measures anti-aircraft capabilities for guerrilla movements which clearly looks like he was trying to figure out some way to combat the success of the cia's drone program in pakistan. a lot of the letters like you said are urging you know, to be careful in how you communicate finding new ways to communicate, using multiple methods of communication. that one of those letters that went out right a month or so
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before he was killed he's apologizing for being late to get back to somebody but saying he's trying to lower his profile, lower his exposure. >> and the family connections are interesting. he had 20 children and a number of wives. but in one of his letters to the wife that was long held in iran, she was in iran for safekeeping, but he wanted to see hear. when they were finally going to be released by the iranians and he was going to be reunited he felt, with her, he said, "i was informed that you visited an official dentist in iran complaining about a filling she put in for you. if you put in the filling for more than a year before your departure from iran, do not worry. otherwise, you made it to go to the doctor and complain about the filling in your molar and ask it replaced. our security situation here does not allow us to go doctors, so please take care of all your medical needs." then he says to make sure she takes any fillings out because he's worried that there will be tracking devices inserted by any
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physicians or dentists that might help locate him. >> right. all that time i think holed up in abbottabad probably stoked his own paranoia considerably. he knew that he was isolated. i think one of the things that comes out from the documents is that he was still involved in setting strategic guidance for al qaeda. but he was quite paranoid. he was concerned about his own security. he was concerned about the security of all those he was in touch with. so you know, i guess he had read lots of popular literature that suggested there be transponders or transmitters in fillings. so it's an insight into what the mind of this man was like toward the end of his life. >> dan benjamin, greg miller thank you very much. we'll have more on this on nightly news tonight. now we have breaking news. the drug enforcement administration has raided pharmacies and pain clinics in four southern states today. part of an aggressive crackdown on prescription pain drug abuse. nbc's mark potter has been
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tracking this and joins me by phone from little rock arkansas outside one of the facilities busted this morning. mark? >> reporter: hi, we are outside of a medical center in little rock, arkansas where earlier this morning we saw drug agents go in and arrest six people including a doctor, four staffers, and security arm whowho -- security guard who was armed. they were walked to a van and will face drug trafficking-related charges. this is something that as you said is occurring in four southern states today. arkansas, alabama, louisiana, and mississippi. the dea says this is their largest pharmaceutical takedown ever. and they're tracking down on these clinics that look like regular medical clinics but are actually there to service addicts. they do not provide actual medical care according to the agents who sent undercover officers in to confirm what they were saying. they act like doctor on the
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outside. but inside they're just giving away prescriptions, selling prescriptions, and they're providing these painkilling medicines to people who are not using them for medical purposes but just to satisfy addiction. the operation is called "operation polluted." it's been going on for 15 months. so far they've arrested 140 people in the first 15 months. today they're trying to get 140 more including 33 doctors and pharmacists. and what we're seeing in little rock and the south is actually part of a big national epidemic of prescription drug abuse. 4.5 million americans said to be boozing prescription painkillers -- abusing prescription painkillers. 16,000 a year dying. and perhaps equally troubling to the dea, this is fueling they say, the heroin epidemic that's hitting this country so hard now. very few heroin addicts ever
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start without first beginning as pill addicts, then they graduate to heroin. that's happening throughout the country now. that's why they're attacking the situation so hard. this is a serious problem. and they went at it pretty hard today in the south. >> mark potter thank you so much. breaking news there. and in los angeles the city has voted to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. secretary of housing and urban development joins us next on the fight against poverty. and later, from the front lines to the job front, how one of the nation's biggest companies is helping vets get to work after they get back home. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein
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in los angeles, the city council has voted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by
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2020, making it the largest city in the down adopt a major minimum wage hike. it's a huge win for labor groups and for broader national efforts to alleviate poverty. joining subcommittee housing and urban development secretary julian castro. thank you very much. i know you've been working on the opportunity citing measures of the president. how do you -- how do you react to the $15 minimum wage? >> i was happy to see what los angeles did of course. this is following on the heels of what's happened in places like seattle. and my hope is that we'll see more of this and it's particularly meaningful because this of a local effort. so i'm glad to see that. and it strikes at the heart of what a lot of folks are concerned about out there in our country today which is this issue of making sure that in this 21st century america remains the undisputed land of
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opportunity. and in order to achieve that for people who are working hard, you need to make sure that they are fairly compensated. >> now, as we see more and more wage disparity between the rich and poor and a real stagnation in terms of any kind of wage increases for working people and even the middle class, tell me about the promise stones -- you've done eight more in april. you hope to have 20 promise zones. how will this help people who are trying to reach out of poverty? >> the idea behind promise zones is that when we think about lifting up economic opportunity and quality of life in neighborhoods across america, it can't just be about housing by itself or improving education alone or improving transit options or creating more jobs. it's really about all of those things. so a few years ago, the obama administration said what we're going to do is we're going to break through the silos.
9:20 am
we're going to have our departments work with each other and work with local leaders to improve housing conditions but also improve educational achievement. make sure folks have more transit options, make sure folk have the skills that they need to compete in the 21st century economy. and as mayor in san antonio, i saw the impact of this. san antonio was in a first round of prom i zones. one of the things that we saw there, for instance to give you a precise example of some of the progress we see is that in the high school that was located in the promise zone we saw more than a -- we've seen more than 20% increase in graduation rates. in the feeder schools that go into the high school middle school, elementary, we've seen increased attendance rates. those are the bases for building out a better future for communities and recently i was in north st. louis and in ferguson to launch the next round of promise zones.
9:21 am
we're excited about this because this is ensuring that all of us in the public sector with the nonprofit sector and involving the private sector are working in tandem to lift up quality of life and economic opportunity out there both in urban communities and in our smaller cities. >> i'm sure you've been watching the democratic campaign such as it is. you've got one front-runner and a few potential challengers, bernie sanders, the only declared challenger to hillary clinton. there's always been already talk if she is the presumptive nominee at some point that you might be on a ticket. >> well, of course i -- i have seen that talk and think anybody would be flatter bide that. i'm flattered, but i'm not holding my breath, andrea. i'm trying to do a great job at hud throughout my life. i know folks understand this. i have found that if you do a great job with what is in front of you with what you're doing now, that's the way to have a
9:22 am
good future. so i'm trying to do a great job at you head. i'm glad to contribute to the president's work on lifting up communities throughout the united states. we see that more than ever. we need that work out there. this year you head is celebrating its 50th anniversary. we want to ensure that we're working hard to make a difference in community like ferguson, communities like baltimore and others. >> thank you very much. thank you for your work. we'll be staying with it and following progress. thank you very much, secretary castro. and iraqi forces today say that they are pushing back against isis again the advance that took over ramadi. what this means for the u.s. strategy coming up next. we'll talk to senator tim cane. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything.
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>> john yeah. overall, yes. that doesn't mean that there haven't been areas of setback, as we saw in ramadi. are we going to light our hair on fire every time that there's a setback in the campaign against isil, or are we going to take seriously our responsibility to evaluate those areas where we succeed and evaluate where steps are necessary for us to change our strategy where we've sustained setbacks? >> white house press secretary josh earnest calling the u.s. overall strategy in iraq successful despite the fall of ramadi to isis. the images and report out of iraq tell a very different story. isis continues its assault and the iraqi military continues to falter. they say they're pushing back. i'm joined by senator tim coin of virginia who serves -- senator tim kaine of virginia who serves on armed services and foreign relations. this is a critical setback. according to the report from the pentagon u.s. official at the pentagon acknowledge that baghdad really brew that. that the iraqi forces
9:27 am
outnumbered isis forces 7-1 in ramadi. and they still fled because they were so demoralized by billion there without re-- by being there without reinforcement, that baghdad abandoned basically them at this outpost, this most central city. >> reporter: no, very very troubling. and it was the case when the president started the bombing campaign u.s. military engagement in august. isil was fleeing across iraq with nothing to stop them. and the u.s. military support and work of iraqi military and kurdish peshmerga has turned it into more of a stalemate, stopped that free flow across iraqi territory. no, there's no way to say this is a success. this is a setback, and it's got to call forth especially within the region the u.s. can't police a region that won't police itself. within iraq and partners within the region there has to be a real gut check about whether
9:28 am
they want to face off against this terrorist threat, born and bred in the region. if they do, of course we'll number there supporting. we've done more than 80% of the bombing campaigns. but this is a regional problem. and the region has to take it head on. >> and they left behind, the iraqi arm left behind american tanks be a half dozen tanks. 100 vehicles in all including apcs. you know now isis has the military arsenal from the iraqi forces. >> reporter: no, look, there's no wye -- and you see in a theater of war like this bad things happen at the same time as advances. the actions of special forces over the weekend in syria that took out one of the key leaders of isil of a very significant positive in syria, but i think what this all shows, andrea, to me this is not easy, not simple, and it's not going to be
9:29 am
over soon. the fact we're in the 10th month of a war that the u.s. started august 8th and there hasn't been any meaningful debate in the house and, say, for one committee vote in the senate in december, there's not been any meaningful debate about congress trying to work with the executive to scope u.s. involvement and define the mission so we can support the troops there risking their lives. what this last weekend showed was that with urgency now, congress should be addressing this. >> we lost more than 200 troops between 2003 andtuate in ramadi. now you've got a situation where baghdad could be at risk. you tell me, what should the u.s. do? ramadi is 70 miles from baghdad. what will the u.s. do if baghdad is under threat? >> well, let me say we did lose troops in ramadi. remember in 2011 president bush said that we would be out of iraq at the end of 2011.
9:30 am
president obama was willing to keep u.s. forces in iraq after 2011, but we were basically kicked out. the former foreign minister of iraq told me you wanted to stay we wouldn't allow you to stay we wouldn't give you the status of force agreement that the u.s. wanted. we regret it now. because iraq kicked us out after 2011 and because the maliki government instead of running an iraq for all iraqis favored the she as and kicked the sunnis and kurds to the curb, it created conditions for isil to be successful. a horrible example of the previous iraqi government badly mismanaging the situation. >> there's a lot -- let me say, there's been criticism the way this administration handled that handled the maliki. the maliki government was the creation clearly of the previous bush administration. >> absolutely. >> it's very clear from a lot of observer that this white house was more than willing to accept yes for an -- no for an answer
9:31 am
and get out of dodge. to leave iraq -- >> there's criticism, but i think the fact are the facts. it was president bush who committed the u.s. to leaving at the end of 2011. president obama was willing to have the u.s. stay under certain conditions. i don't think it's an onerous condition to say if our -- if american troops stay they should be able to get immunity from prosecution in the country where we're staying. and it was very clear that the maliki government did not want us to say former foreign minister abari said directly to my face you wanted to stay we kicked you out. and we regret it now. we should have done it differently. and then the maliki government shouldn't have run iraq just for the shias. that inflamed sectarian tensions. this is a region that's got to police its own problems. and if they do, we can help. we can't police the problems for them. as for baghdad, there's a u.s. embassy presence in baghdad.
9:32 am
the president acted in august to stop the move of isil toward a u.s. consulate in erbil and to potentially threaten the u.s. presence in baghdad. we will protect american lives and american embassies. but in terms of holding up the stability of iraq, it's got to be for the iraqis the kurdish peshmerga, and other nations in the region playing the pre-eminent role on the ground because it is a terrorist threat that is bred there, that is born there, and if they don't step up we can't police a region that won't police itself. >> one final question -- is baghdad a red line? do we abandon the embassy if they are threatened or do we protect baghdad? >> any u.s. presence people consulate, or embassy is always a red line. and we will always defend that to the greatest degree possible. in terms of evacuation, that's way out in the future. that's something we only do as a last resort. we had to do it recently in yemen as that government was
9:33 am
destabilized. we're certainly going do all we can to keep the situation in iraq from destabilizing. but again, i urge my congressional colleagues, this matter is so serious, and we've been at war now for nearly ten months. and there hasn't been a meaningful debate on the floor of either chamber. and there hasn't been a vote in either chamber to authorize this military mission. it's serious enough, and we've got americans risking their lives, congress ought to do their job and debate and define what america's military role is. >> thank you very much senator. >> thanks. >> really your call to action here. appreciate it. >> uh-huh. and we have breaking news to report now. a second marine has died from injuries in the osprey crash in hawaii on sunday. the identity of the marine is being withheld for now. the osprey aircraft which is part helicopter part plane, made a hard landing while on a training mission at the air force station in hawaii. two more marines remain hospitalized but are said to be
9:34 am
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as a parade of ships arrived in new york harbor to celebrate fleet week in advance of memorial day one of the nation's largest retailers, walmart, is vowing to puts veterans back to work. announcing plans to hire a quarter of a million veterans over the next five years. joining me retired brigadier general gary proffit who served in the army for 31 years and works as walmart's senior director of military programs. thank you very much for being with us. tell me what is the size of the problem, and why is walmart stepping up to it? >> well we think that if you've served and sacrificed for our country, you shouldn't have to fight for a job when you get home. and a couple of years ago, we announced the veterans welcome home commitment that guaranteed a job for anyone who had honorably separated within the last 12 months and projected
9:38 am
100,000 of those opportunities would occur. and we're here to tell you this morning that we have hired more than 92,000 in the course of those two years. and importantly, 8,000 of those have found opportunities with greater roles and opportunities to be promoted since they've joined us. and now we are proud to extend that over the course of the next five years to the place where we're going to offer those same opportunities, make that same commitment to those who have separated since memorial day of 2013. and we project that that will include opportunities for 250,000 veterans. very pleased to be able to tell you that this morning. >> it is terrific news. i know you've been closely involved in the program. what are the programs, the
9:39 am
transition problems that a lot of veterans face? >> actually i think through life whenever any of us transition, there are challenges, and we choose to meet them through something we call the veteran champion program. an tune for us to provide a sponsor, a mentor an advocate for each of the new veterans that join us. to help facilitate them to early success in the next stages of their life at walmart. >> retired general gary proffit. thank you very much. thanks for being with us. good news for veterans and congratulations to walmart for doing this. >> thanks for having us. let's attorney republican primary race now. new hampshire, jeb bush is there, back for a two-day campaign swing in the first primary state. joining me for our daily fix, chris alissa founder of washington fix blog and molly mall political writer at "the atlantic." first to you, chris. what about jeb bush philadelphia and the whole iraq war issue and
9:40 am
how he's been handling it? i want to play -- moment ago he talked about his family. that relationship with his brother has been something he's proud of but it's also been something kind of a political challenge on the campaign trail last week. >> i'm proud of my family. i love my mom and dad. i love my brother. and people just going to have to get over that. that's just the way it is. i hope that you have a similar swoigz. >> has he put the iraq issue behind him, chris? >> no but look, this week is better than last week for jeb bush because almost any week would be better for jeb bush than last week. he had four answers on three days about iraq. he could have -- it's a different thing to say i think, i love my family my brother and my parents and then to answer a question about the war in iraq. yes, his brother is closely associated to the war in iraq but you can also make an assessment of the situation that we now know without saying
9:41 am
well, i don't love my brother. conflateing those are a little much. a good applause line, but that's not fundamentally what was asked when jeremy hubbard bush got into trouble. >> compare -- when jeb bush got into trouble. >> compared to jeb bush, when hillary clinton answered questions, we talked about the e-mail questions and problems for her, watch what she did on the subject of iraq. >> look, i know that there have been a lot of questions about iraq posed to candidates over the last weeks. i've made it very clear that i made a mistake, plain and simple. and i have written about it in my book, talked about it in the past. and what we now see is a very different and dangerous situation. >> textbook in terms of dealing with a tough issue. >> well what you can tell is she was prepared for the question which, it just blows my mind that jeb bush was not. this is off a no brainer question he was going to be asked. it reminds me when mitt romney
9:42 am
fumbled questions about his wealth which is an elephant in the room. you know he had to know that this was coming. and yet like you said, it took him multiple iterations multiple fumbled answers. finally the defensive response that isn't answering the question. so i do think it -- it raises questions obviously about policy that voters are going to want to evaluate. it also raises questions about jeb's performance as a candidate, that he seemed to have so much trouble with -- let's not forget his first foray into national media interviews was when he got asked in the first place. >> and he's in new hampshire today and tomorrow. new hampshire's critical for him. he's polling so badly in iowa in the field. he can sort of try write that off as that's where the evangelical and conservative party base is. new hampshire is really where he has to perform. >> yes, and we're -- we see a lot of republicans competing for that space however. a lot of republicans looking at new hampshire as a potential make or break. and the field just so incredibly unsettled. six declared candidates about
9:43 am
nine including jeb yet to declare. signaling that they're going to. everybody circling the parking lot. and -- and no settling down. we really haven't seen republican primary voters make a first break toward a single candidate and start to coalesce as they did so many times in different directions in 2012. >> molly ball, chris, thank you very much. and up next, all you need to know about the historic recall involving exploding air bags. stay with us.
9:44 am
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millions of american car owners are wondering if the air bag inside their vehicle is part of the largest product recall in our nation's history. nbc's tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the world's biggest air bag maker, takata corporation, is on the defensive with car dealers gearing up for the biggest recall in u.s. history.
9:47 am
bigger even than the recall of 31 million tylenol bottles in 1982. affecting roughly one out of every four cars on the road nearly 34 million vehicles nationwide involving 11 different automakers. >> automakers and manufacturers have a safety responsibility that they must live up to. there are no excuses. >> reporter: government investigators say exploding air bags are thought to have killed at least five people including this man who died in an accident in orlando. the family attorney showed us her car. >> what happened here is you can see the shrapnel on the floor here from where the steering column of blown apart backwards. but when it went forward toward her, metal fragments from the inflater itself. >> reporter: it came into her face and neck. >> literally shot through the bag into her neck. >> reporter: at least 100 have been injured. until now, the takata corporation insisted its air bags were not defective. can we ask you, did takata put profits ahead of safety, sir?
9:48 am
refuses to answer questions. now it admits there is a problem, saying "we're committed to working closely with regulators and our automaker customers to do everything we can to advance the safety of drivers." many original drivers may have long ago sold their cars. >> a lot of these vehicles also were in the hands of second owners third owners, that's -- that's a big problem, too. just in communicating to them. >> reporter: making matters worse, there still aren't enough replacement parts. >> to find out if your car is on the recall list, write down your vin number under the windshield wiper. then go to type in that vin number, and every recall affecting your car should pop up including the air bag recall. note, it's important you keep checking back periodically as the recall on your vehicle may not show up right away. coming up next a late night sendoff for a legendary host. ♪
9:49 am
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it is the end of an era for late night tv. >> well, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, i'll tell -- maybe you're aware of this maybe you're not aware of it, maybe you're aware and don't care. tomorrow is our final show. but -- >> aww. >> no, no. wait a minute. unless it rains, then there will be a rain delay. we'll probably make it up -- [ applause ] >> we'll make it up in a doubleheader around labor day. >> oh, that it were true. tonight david letterman wraps it up delivering his final monologue and his final top ten list after 33 years on late night tv. a look back at his remarkable run, another television legend,
9:53 am
dick cavett. great to talk to you again. i know you've appeared often during the first season of "late night with david letterman" in 1981. you were a guest a handful of times afterwards. what makes him so special? >> if that's true i'm all yours. i like little things about dave. like his first grade intelligence, he's always well informed. his quick wit lightning wit, wonderful. and ad-lib-ability wonderful stuff. i'm told he has impeccable table manners. that set the tone for your show. >> i'm not so sure last night. bill murray who, of course, was the first guest of his show on nbc and then the first guest of late night on cbs came out of a cake and hugged dave and our viewers watching that now, i don't think you have your tv up. but dave then did the rest of
9:54 am
the show wearing a suit covered in frosting. so it was -- it was a classic slapstick -- >> how many people do that? >> exactly. >> i like many things -- like once a year, i watch his treatment of john mccain. and i -- the great hero canceled on the show. diechbt bring me his vice president. and so many things have just been wonderful. it's a wonderful -- the word legacy i have trouble with because it's defined as something that's given. and david has given this for year and years. and there's no comparable record, even -- even king johnny was eclipsed in the time element. >> in fact 6,028 late night talk shows, late night broadcasts over 33 years. we shouldn't forgive paul schaefer and the extraordinary
9:55 am
band. and their partnership which was really a team. the whole cast and crew, saw him in the last couple of nights with bill clinton and julia roberts. just all sorts of special guest. when you mention his intelligence and wit, that made him so different. >> and his irreverance which he was rapped for -- my god, treatment of the oscars on the oscars. if anything deserved slamming, it's that eight-hour sanctified bored show. i was on his side totally with that. >> you were, and you were a great guest. thank you very much. and we're seeing live near the ed sullivan theater, famed for the "ed sullivan show" and beatles and everything else in history. now the end of david letterman's show. we'll all be watching. and that does it for us. we thank you for sharing your memories. this is reports rpt"andrea mitchell
9:56 am
reports" reports". tomorrow celebrating david letterman's final appearance with lead writers. and follow us on line. my colleague, thomas roberts, with what's next on msnbc live. thomas? love hearing from dick cavett there. great guest. how much how to apply to be a terrorist. stunning new information, documents from osama bin laden's compound are declassified. plus new heat in the wage wars with protests planned today. we're asking if you think $15 an hour is too high. my exclusive interview with baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. coming up on msnbc live after this. ext. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data, and reliability. so you never have to settle. $80 a month.
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. hi everybody, i'm thomas roberts. developing now bin laden documents declassified. hundreds of files from inside osama bin laden's abbottabad compound pull back the curtain on the terror leader's mission,
10:00 am
mindset, and recruiting methods. what's next for the bikers behind bars in waco? we'll talk to the police department live moments from now. and later, a civilian informant risks his life to speak out about what he witnessed under cover with an outlaw motorcycle gang. final farewell. bill murray stole the show last night on "late night" and again stumbling on to "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." he's okay, don't worry. tonight, it's all about letter as he signs off one lasts time. we begin with new developments as u.s. intelligence officials release a treasure trove of information released after the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the documents include notebooks belonging to bin laden a questionnaire for potential terrorist applicants and this video labeled as "osama bin laden's draft speech on the evils of big money." ron allen and our own frances rivera here to break it down for us. i want to begin with frances and then the fascinating details of this


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