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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 20, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ion, mindset, and recruiting methods. what's next for the bikers behind bars in waco? we'll talk to the police department live moments from now. and later, a civilian informant risks his life to speak out about what he witnessed under cover with an outlaw motorcycle gang. final farewell. bill murray stole the show last night on "late night" and again stumbling on to "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." he's okay, don't worry. tonight, it's all about letter as he signs off one lasts time. we begin with new developments as u.s. intelligence officials release a treasure trove of information released after the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the documents include notebooks belonging to bin laden a questionnaire for potential terrorist applicants and this video labeled as "osama bin laden's draft speech on the evils of big money." ron allen and our own frances rivera here to break it down for us. i want to begin with frances and then the fascinating details of this questionnaire.
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>> reporter: yeah this is a copy of a fully translated three-page application enumerated questions, also details and requirements here. the originals, they have a water mark on each page that reads, "the security committee al qaeda organization, oh ye people of faith, be vigilantes." many portions -- be vigilant." many portions are what you would find on any job application. you will find some questions alarming, but expected from a terror group like al qaeda. let's turn to question four. it reads, this "please refrain from sharing the information you provide on the application with each other because it is a trust to almighty allah." then the questionnaire portion asking these questions -- "when did almighty allah bless you with this gift?" and "how much of the koran have you memorized?" and "which she cans sheikhs do you known?" and "have you researched
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anything of any domain?" other hobbies or pastimes. other questions, "do any of your family or friends work with the government? if so, would he/she be willing to cooperate with or help us?" then here "list the types of passport you possess. did you use a real or forged passport for your current travel here?" also here, most importantly, "do you wish to execute a suicide operation?" so again, this goes on and on. and again, for the third page they also ask what ideas and views do you have for your family and your other acquaintances. how about jihad and more here. "do you have chronic or hereditary diseases?" and immediately following is this, "who should we contact in case you became a martyr?" other job applications maybe ask who are your beneficiaries, who do we contact in case of emergency, they ask who should we contact in case you become a martyr. you know the application actually ends with the words
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here "praise allah, lord of all worlds." that's a translation. as interesting as the questions are, more interesting would be the responses from those who have applied hoping to join al qaeda. thomas? >> i think we're all familiar with "in case of emergency," but not "in case of mortard mo." now we'll get to ron allen at the white house. you've been going through the documents. what else did you find? >> reporter: i think the bottom line is that noble was intent on attacking america in a spectacular way right up until the time that he was killed. that's clear from some of the letters and documents that are exchanges between him and al qaeda operatives and leaders. specifically, he mentions that there should be attacks on american embassies in africa and places like sierra leone, togo and american oil companies he mentions. he says to followers they should stop the in-fighting and stop trying to form an islamic state which of essentially what isis is doing now. an offshoot of al qaeda in iraq.
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so there's that. and there's a lot of minutia, too. letters and documents between family member, some of his wives, children. there's also a letter to the american people that was written. seems it was fairly recent. it's unclear whether the letter ever was delivered because it's to the american people. but it says about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, first of all, it says "i would like to say to you that your war with us is the longest war in your history. and the most expensive for you financially. as for us, we see it as being only halfway finished." it ends by saying, "you are wading into a war with no end in sight on the horizon and has no end to your security." a lot of propaganda and detail that gives insight into who this dangerous individual was. thomas? >> nbc's ron allen at the white house. thank you very much. we want to go to this developing story out of illinois where hundreds of mcdonald's employees expected to begin protesting at any minute now outside of the fast food chain's annual meeting. and they're demanding a
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$15-an-hour minimum wage and right to unionize. just last month mcdonalds' ceo steve easterbrook, announced the starting pay at company-operated restaurants will be set at $1 above the local mandated rate. by the end of next year the company expects its hourly wage to be above $10 an hour. meanwhile, los angeles is closer to becoming the next city to raise its minimum wage and handily. tuesday the city council gave initial approval to raise it to $15 an hour a 67% increase. the mayor talked about his plan today "morning joe." >> we've seen, this we studied this closely. we brought in the best economists, peer reviewed. we reviewed three studies. they showed we would net gain jobs and certainly to allow people who are working full time to actually have enough money to live off of. >> this brings us to today's bing pulse question for you -- do you think the $15 minimum wage is too high? weigh in at we'll have results for you over
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the next couple of hours. msnbc's zach roth joins me live from oak brook, illinois. explain how much this is expected to get there. >> reporter: yeah, hi thomas. organizers say they're actually expecting 3,000 or 4,000 protesters to show up very shortly. now they say unlike last year's shareholder meeting where there were over 100 arrests, they say this time we come in peace. they say the recent successes of the movement in los angeles, as you talked about, in new york in other places mean they don't need to adopt those kind of tactics. they say they're calling on mcdonald's to do the right thing. one thing they are highlighting is a plan by mcdonald's which will be discussed at the shareholder meeting to spend $20 billion on stock buybacks. protest say that's just going to go to enrich corporate executives and hedge fund billionaires, and they say why not spend that money on paying these workers living wage.
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>> so zach, explain, have any company officials reacted to this latest push? it seems like they're always on defense. >> reporter: yeah. i spoke to a vice president of communications out here. she said of course people have a right to protest. she said that the stock buybacks are part of a turnaround strategy. but she did draw attention to the role of the seiu. you know the powerful labor union that's played kind of a behind-the-scenes role in this low-wage worker campaign. they say they're being attacked because they're the biggest and the best. >> all right. msnbc's zach roth reporting in illinois. thanks. a reminder to everybody vote on today's bing pulse question -- do you think $15 as a minimum wage is too high? you can weigh in at we'll have the results coming up through the hour. right now, dozens of cleanup crews are racing to contain a massive oil spill along the santa barbara coastline. a ruptured oil pipe dumped an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil
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right into the pacific ocean. planes all american which -- plain all american which owns the pipeline said it shut down the flow of oil and deeply regrets the spill. there will be a news conference in 20 minutes to update the situation. and we have the latest from santa barbara. >> reporter: take a look at the cleanup crews out here along the santa barbara coastline. you can see i'm just down the beach. the men and women, workers in the white suits, they're using rakes and shovels to pull these tar ball off the beach. some are even using their hands to put sand in plastic bags. this cleanup effort is going to take a while. about 21,000 gallons of oil spilled from a ruptured pipeline. just a quarter mile off the beach, it flowed into a culvert on to the beach and into the pacific. the flow of the oil has stopped now, but the slick which is four miles wide and half a football field deep will continue to spread further south. remember, this is ahead of the
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memorial day weekend. this beach was packed with campers who had to be evacuated because of the oil spill. now there's a fear that this will affect much beaches, more wildlife, and more of the coastline further south. we'll keep you updated. for now, reporting for nbc news. >> thank you very much. we are following major breaking news from the dea, the drug enforcement administration. raided pharmacies and pain clinics in four southern states today part of this aggressive crackdown on prescription pain drug abuse. this is the largest crackdown in dea history. nbc's mark potter was there with law enforcement officials making those arrests today. he joins us on the phone now from little rock, arkansas. explain how deep and long this investigation of going. on. >> reporter: this investigation which is called operation pilluded, p-i-l-l, going on for 15 months. it's a serious operation. they're looking into the problem of prescription drug abuse in the south.
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they have been concentrating in arkansas alabama louisiana, and mississippi, states that all have large-scale problems with pill mills. these medical centers, pain clinic pharmacies that supply prescription pills to drug addicts. they're not really medical facility according to the dea providing normal medical care normal treatment. these are in effect drug trafficking, the people involved in these organizations. and that's how many are charged now. the operation that began this morning, we saw it started in little rock arkansas, at the -- along with local authorities went into a local medical center arrested an officer, staffers, and an armed secured guard. part of a national epidemic of prescription drug abuse that's balanced by the cd -- been cited by the cdc and white house. they're trying to tackle it. that's what they were trying to
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do today in a four-state operation. >> mark potter, thanks. we appreciate it. coming up, the latest developments in waco as the first suspects arraigned in the deadly biker brawl. waco police sergeant w. patrick swanton will join me live to talk about that and how big of an issue has this been in the state of texas. plus, my exclusive one-on-one interviewer with baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, a month after the death of fragasparked citywide -- freddie gray sparked citywide protests and the arrest of six baltimore police officers. are you worried that the state's attorney possibly overreached in charging the officers? first, ships paraded down the hudson river in new york city with the official start to fleet week. 1, 1,-500 sailors, marines, and the coast guard expected to participate. the ships will dock in new york city and staten island and will be open for public tours through memorial day. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns
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breaking news coming out of hawaii where a second marine has died from injuries sustained after an osprey crash landed sunday while doing a training mission at the air force station. the identity of the marine is being withheld for now. two more marines remain hospitalized, listed in stable condition. we're following new developments from waco, the scene of the deadly biker brawl that left nine people dead on sunday. this morning, nbc facility kcen says the first bikers charged in that brawl were arraigned. 170 suspects remain in custody on a $1 million bond each. investigators are expecting to wrap up their investigation of the crime scene today. for the first time since the brawl, the entire central texas marketplace near the crime scene is open for business.
10:16 am
law enforcement official are canceling an annual memorial day bike rally outside of ft. worth. sergeant w. patrick swanton is the public information officer with the waco police department and joins us now. good to have you with us. what can you tell us about where the investigation stands now? >> number one, i'd like to again thank the central texas marketplace. we were excited about getting businesses back open this morning. we're proud of their working with us to conduct the investigation. they were instrumental in the safety of our officers and thank them for that. at this point, we removed all of the cars motorcycles from the parking lot. we are still focused at evidence collection on the inside. they allowed me to do a walkthrough of the restaurant this morning. and i can tell you there's still blood evidence inside in the bathrooms. there's still blood evidence inside in the outdoor patio area part. obviously we're in the process of cleaning up blood and other
10:17 am
bodily evidence in the parking lot that will have to be treated with an environmental issue, as well. we have recovered, we're approaching the number of 1,000. 1,000 weapons recovered from inside and outside of the parking lots area of twin peaks. the weapons range from everything from a few pocket knives, small pocket knives, to assaultive-type knives, to handguns to clubs to police-type batons to chains with locks on the end of them that were used to assault victims and firearms. we talk about the viciousness of the attack that occurred here sunday. this is not a normal motorcycle enthusiast club. this is a criminal gang of activity that occurred here sunday afternoon. five different clubs criminal
10:18 am
bike gangs motorcycle enthusiasts and law-abiding citizens aren't going to hide firearms in toilets like we discovered inside twin peaks today. >> sergeant -- >> they're not going hide knives. >> let me have you say this one more time to confirm. over 1,000 weapons found in different areas? hiding in toilets and hiding in different areas of the restaurants there? >> correct. we found weapons strewn across the floor of the establishment. we found weapons hiding between bags of flower we found weapons hiding in bags of chips. we had a handgun stuffed in the toilet. the toilet were overflowing. a little bit incredible to see the amounts we found in there. we found an ak47 in a parking lot in a vehicle, we found a bullet-resistant vest. your church-going, bike riding, motorcycle enthusiast doesn't carry that kind of weaponry. >> so how preplanned was this?
10:19 am
knowing how many weapons they brought to the scene, these five clubs. >> i think that speaks volumes to what occurred sunday. again, law-abiding citizens aren't going to come out to dinner and have that weaponry with them and then discard it when police arrive. there was a reason they were throwing evidence away. and we believe part of it is to get rid of evidence. >> do you think you've underestimated the crime activity of these bike clubs based on evidence and weapons that you've found? >> no sir. i don't think we've underestimated the potential violence for bake gangs, criminal outlaw, motorcycle gangs, or criminal gangs at all. we realized the potential for violence in those groups is extremely high. police have known that forever. >> so now with all the attention that these groups are getting, how do you think that's going to glamorize almost the fact that people would want to join the
10:20 am
cossacks or bandidos? >> again, we're not mentioning names, won't give them the respect to mention their names. you know we understand that they're going to be the criminal element that is going to want to join part of that. we're going to continue doing what we can do to fight that criminal element and put them in jail when we can. >> sir we appreciate your hard work. i appreciate you taking time out for me. sergeant w. patrick swanton. thank you. coming up in 15 minutes, i'll speak with a man who voluntarily infiltrated a biker gang, working on behalf of the atf. he's now in the witness protection program. wrote a book about his experiences. you'll want to hear his story ahead. coming up, 2016, it is picking up steam. jeb bush is in new hampshire today. and reactions are still rolling in from hillary clinton's impromptu question-and-answer session in iowa. when we come back, a former governor who may also be throwing his hat in the ring is going to join me live. i see him across the room now. ahead, roger goodell expected to speak at the nfl owners meeting today. what is he going to say about
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see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at a peek at the 2016 campaign trail. jeb bush is back in new hampshire. moments ago he wrapped up a business round table in portsmouth. he was asked about his fumbling answers last week on the question of iraq and whether it was a mistake to invade. here's how he framed his initial response. note the body language at the end of this clip. >> i actually gave a good answer to the question. it was not the question she asked. then -- >> we know what happened -- >> then it got a little bumpy. all is well now. the ship is stable. >> so bush went on further with his remarks on iraq. he noted the takeover of the key city of ramadi by isis. he blamed president obama not just for the success of isis but for allowing isis to be created
10:25 am
in the first place. >> ramadi has now been taken over by isis. isis didn't exist when my brother was president. >> an interesting comment as the islamic state of iraq which would become formed while bush was president. hillary clinton is in chicago attending two fundraisers, as well as an event on childcare today. one day after talking to reporters for the first time in 28 days. joining me former new york state governor george pataki. it is great to have you here. i want to talk about you entering the 2016 race in a second. first, your reaction to what the party's 2016 platform should be when question good iraq and if it was a mistake. >> keep america safe. we have to look forward. the press is always ask doing we make the right decision in 2002 -- i would ask hillary clinton did we make the right decision in 2012 when we decided to pull every last troop out of iraq and create this vacuum. you can point blame at point who were there in office, let's look
10:26 am
forward. what are we going to do now? the platform should be simple. we're going to use america's power to protect our security at home. we're going to stand with our allies and let them know that our word is our bond. if they need our help, we'll be there. we're going to tell our enemies they have reason to fear us. try attacking america. we're going to attack you first. >> pulling our troops out of iraq in 2012 and you say creating a vacuum never would have happened if we didn't invade in the first place. back to the original question, is it a mistake -- >> we can go on and on and on. my answer, i've answered that a dozen times, yes, in retrospect, knowing what we know now, yes, it was a mistake. it's equally as big a mistake to have created this void in 2012. great many soldiers sacrificed enormously. families lost their loved ones and we finally had established control. we gave it all up. and this is personal -- my older son served as marine lieutenant
10:27 am
for year in anbar. to see the kaychaos is tragic. >> to have the connections, political connections you have, you still considering entering the race? you said you would announce may 28th. >> absolutely. i'm making an announcement next thursday in new hampshire. and you know, i have thought in the past about it. and i thought this -- this time. if you believe you have the ability to lead, to bring people together across party lines or we're not just trying to shoot at each other but trying to come together as americans, and you have the ability to run a complex government. in these times, i think we have an obligation to run. >> exit in new hampshire, may 28th? >> may 28th. you're welcome to come. >> you'll be making an announcement. >> i will be making an announcement. >> what are the banners going to be seeing about this? >> i don't know that we have banners. this is a grassroots operation. >> i want to play you sound in bloomberg's interview conductation focus group with
10:28 am
iowa democrats. and their opinions of hillary clinton and get your take on this. take a look. >> some of your first thoughts about hillary clinton, what do you think of her as a leader and a person? >> i don't know that -- who made that oh she's so am bishop. you know, if you're going to be a politician, if you're going to set yourself up to be elected to any office you have to be ambitious. you have to have one big ego. >> she's a bad mama jama. i mean, she -- she's a strong, confident woman. she knows what she's doing. she's not afraid to step up. she's not afraid to take advice. and she's not afraid to see no, i don't want to do it that way. i'm going do it this way. >> strong not afraid some of the characterizations given. none of the controversy seemed to have affected her popularity. you were governor when she was senator. what would you say about how she's handling herself on the campaign trail and the strategy -- >> let me rephrase that. i think the strategy is -- is an insult to the american people.
10:29 am
she is a declared candidate, and she is not answering questions. five minutes and 28 days and she goes out and says "i want those emails released." not the 30,000 she deleted. this is a red herring. any criminal defendant would be delighted to be able to go through their server and give the prosecutors what they choose and then say please release that. i think this demands an investigation, and i think the fair press should say we deserve to look at those 30,000 deleted emails. she was secretary of state, she violated protocol by having a server in her basement. the american people had the right to know what she did. >> when it comes to whether or not you're going to announce on may 28th, in the meantime, is there somebody that you like that's already declared in the gop field? >> i think the republicans have a great field. i think -- i like a great many of the candidates. i think it's a strong field. and i think that's good for the party. but most importantly, i think it's good for the country. there will be a very very
10:30 am
vigorous debate among the republicans. and let the best person win, and -- and then go and win in november. >> what are you going to say on may 28th? >> i'm going to say that i will be making an announcement. >> you'll be making an announcement? >> tried really hard former governor pataki. coming up, i'll speak to a man who risked his life to go undercover with an outlawed motorcycle gang. he's in hiding but wants to come out at least on the telephone to talk to us about his personal experiences. plus baltimore's still healing and waiting for answers a month after the death of freddie gray. my exclusive one on one with the mayor ahead. and as protesters take the fight for $15 an hour to mcdonald's door, we're asking if you think that minimum wage would be too high. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. investigators in texas are expected to wrap up the crime
10:34 am
scene of supposed's braker brawl at -- sunday's biker brawl at any in a moment. moments ago the public information for waco p.d. told me that nearly 1,000 weapons were found in a variety of places stashed all over the crime scene. we're also learning more about the 170 suspects in custody with a $1 million bond each. according to the associated press, one of suspects includes a retired san antonio police detective. this morning, the first of the 170 bikers charged in connection to the brawl had arraignment hearings. george roe joins me on the phone now. he infiltrated a biker gang working on behalf of the atf and wrote about his experiences in "gods of mischief." he's currently in the witness protection program. we're not going to show a picture of george. it is good to have you with us. explain what you experienced when you infiltrated these gangs, and how hard or easy it was for them to trust you. >> it was -- it was hard and -- it was kind of hard because they
10:35 am
don't let you in. >> when but this for the atf, was the purpose to find out about how they operated in undercover crime capacity? whether it was weapons whether it was drugs? what was it for? >> it was -- i did this because my friend disappeared after a barroom episode with one of them. and they were -- where i lived at, they were terrorizing everywhere. like that restaurant that happened in. you know, when they walk in a restaurant and like it, they make it theirs no matter what management says, they're going to make it theirs. >> how did you groom the gods of mischief to trust you? >> just hanging out with them, doing the sangme stuff they do. riding with them and befriended them. >> are you surprised to hear there was a retired flifrled with one of these gangs? >> nope, i wasn't because it
10:36 am
shows in my book that we took down law enforcement and they lost their jobs over it. >> do you think that some of the people in these clubs are innocent? we know there were five different ones on the scene at sunday's event in waco. do you think some are more innocent than the intentions of other members? >> yes. >> so how can they extricate themselves from the nefarious activities of bike clubs? >> don't language out with them. stay away from them. the bike gangs, they're in it for money. that's how they keep going. so if you just don't associate with them and stay away from them you won't be brought in like that. >> george roe who infiltrated a bike gang and wrote a book about it. george, thank you very much. we appreciate your time and your insight. in 90 minutes or so
10:37 am
commissioner roger goodell is expected to speak and talk with reporters. he's at a league meeting of owners taking place in san francisco. after his meeting, he is expected to take questions from the press. undoubtedly one of the hot topics will be the new england patriot tom brady and deflategate. stephanie gosk joins me. this comes after bob kraft said he would not go ahead and appeal the decision against the team. now all the attention goes to tom brady. >> it does. that statement yesterday from bob kraft probably came as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people. the patriots have come out and said they disagreed with the investigation, and kraft yesterday himself said he thought the punishment was heavy-handed and unprecedented. he also said it is time for moving on from what he called the angry rhetoric of the last four months. he said it was his responsibility, he described himself as a man who measures nine time and cuts once. his decision it was his responsibility to the league to
10:38 am
come out and say that they weren't going to appeal this. but is it really going to put things in the past? that's the question. and you touched on tom brady. he is appealing his punishment. so this is going to continue to be a story. >> he's a little about on an island now. what are we expecting from the news conference? >> well, goodell will definitely be asked about this. and we don't really know what he's going to say and where he's going to stand on this. there's speculation that maybe there was some deal struck and maybe nine of those measurements, maybe three or so took place in a closed door meeting between kraft and goodell. but we won't know until he speaks. >> and this is where his mettle is tested as commissioner. this is about the integrity of the game as opposed to the personal behavior that we've witnessed of so many different pro athletes and how that's fallen under goodell's tenure. this is much more about the integrity of the game. we'll be waiting to see how he talks about. it. >> and a tough year too. very tough year. >> great to see you. thank you very much. coming up, one month since
10:39 am
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. one month since the death of freddie gray allegedly at the hands of police in baltimore city. that town still a long way to go. as mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake, it's her job to hold it together. the city and police department are at odds over the case which resulted in the indictments of six city cops. and that's not the only problem taxing an already ten city. joining me exclusively is stephanie recalling-blake, mayor of baltimore -- rawlings-blake mayor of baltimore city. great to have you with me. i want to talk about where we've come in one month's time since the death of freddie gray.
10:43 am
and i know it's been a very emotional and certainly a very interesting time for the state of politics in baltimore. if we took a look at the latest numbers, we've had an uptick in baltimore homicides, 25%. if we look at the arrest rate, those have been down by some 32% since the mandatory curfew was lifted. is it your opinion that the baltimore city police department might be turning a blind eye to violent crime since six officers were indicted in the death of freddie gray? >> i don't think that's the case at all. we've had spikes in crime in baltimore before. and whether we had them before we were able to bring it on top and get to a better place. under my administration we've brought homicides down to the lowest number in decades. we know how to do it. and we also know how to deal with these spikes. what we do know is that the community wants to make sure that the police and the community are working together. and that's our focus, to make sure that we are attacking this
10:44 am
problem of violence together as one baltimore. >> meanwhile while there is the situation going on with the spike in violence crime that we've seen in the city there seems to be little bit of turmoil that's happening behind the scenes. and playing out in the papers and on tv between the baltimore city state's attorney maryland mosby -- marilyn mosby, and the police department as far as the fraternal order ofplies. -- of police. i know marilyn mosby said "speaking inconvictive and casting aspersions on the duly elected office, it bounces from will be rick laugzdiculous allegations to another. "how can you move the city forward as you would with one baltimore baltimore if these bodies don't seem to publicly
10:45 am
trust each other? >> i think you made it to differentiate between the fraternal order of police and the police department. the officers of the police department, the men and women of the baltimore city police department who put their lives on the line every day when they show up to work have served with a great deal of professionalism. i'm sure saw that yourself during the unrest we had in baltimore. and they will continue to do so. and they will continue to work with the prosecutor. the political battles between the fraternal order and police and state's attorney's office that's really up to them to sort out. my focus is on making sure the police department continues our efforts to reform and bring accountability and transparency to the development so we can continue to trust the development between the city and police. >> we know that the state's attorney, marilyn mosby, built her case. the contention that freddie gray's knife was legal. the police report from the officers on site say it was a
10:46 am
spring-activated switchblade which is illegal. and we've got former baltimore deputy state's attorney paige crowder wrote an op-ed saying "when the police cannot depend. the state's attorney to be as thorough thorough,cosminent, nonpolitical and fair as she's supposed to be with all citizens none of us will be safe." are you worried the state's attorney possibly overreached in charging the officers and her case could fall apart if the knife was legal? >> i'm responsible to see that the police department fully did their part to cooperate with the investigation. i'm not here to second-guess the prosecutorial decisions of the state's attorney. she, you know, introduced those charges. and her office will have to make those charges stick. for me, it's about making sure that we've done everything we could through the police investigation to make sure she
10:47 am
has the information she has. coming up, my exclusive interview with the mayor continues where we tackle presidential politics. the question hillary clinton or martin o'malley. and the next hour, find out why thousands of toms shoes customers, including myself are going to go without them. we are going full foot monty on instagram instagram. you'll want to see it. mayors of both new york and chicago have declared today david letterman day. whether we come back, we're going to -- when we come back we'll going to go like to the ed sullivan theater. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. ♪ building aircraft,
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within.
10:50 am
david axled to, axlerod, there's a guy from chicago who barged in here. bill murray, i told people there might be a surprise guest tonight. do you mind if we finish talking about elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren? get to that now. that bill murray over there? yeah, we'll be back.
10:51 am
>> now, wait that was comedian bill murray crashing "the last word" last night and earlier in the evening, frances, i want that reracked. he helped close out letterman's run, he jumped out of a cake embracing letterman and wiping the good-bye dave cake. >> wait for it. there it is. >> oh, crashing out of the cake. >> the whole night crashing all over the place. >> then a huge bear hug there for dave. >> did shots there both of them. any time you do that is going to be with david letterman. >> hair all messed up. >> bill murray was letterman's first guest ever. he takes the stage for one more final hour and hopefully we can get dha rerack d tape of bill
10:52 am
murray. >> look at the people waiting outside the ed sullivan theater for a glimpse of the late night host who made us laugh for more than 30 years. >> tomorrow is our final show wait a minute, unless it rains then there will be a rain delay. we'll make it up in a doubleheader around labor day. >> joining us right now is jay thomas actor and comedian and we loved jay for years. annual guest on the christmas season and he's stabbednding outside right now. you've been a friend of dave's decades ago. what do you think of him signing off tonight? >> one second. >> do you have an itch? >> let the crowds die down. these poor fools think that i'm
10:53 am
on the show tonight. i'm here to tell you i'm not on the show and i'm horrified. i came to sort of crash it. i think the guy leaves with a king's ransom and do whatever he wants to do he ought to be happy. but he doesn't look happy but he ought to be ekz static. >> he also said -- financially he ought to be -- >> if he has to go through some shock after, waking up tomorrow not going through the daily grind and not rehearsing and i'm sure that's probably -- the letterman, is that one that's going to sink in wow, this is done this is over? >> here's the shot that all of us have when we're out of work. i've been out of work more than david letterman. you wake up the next day and you have to take out the garbage and drive brats to school. car pool go to pta meetings and all of that this guy will be
10:54 am
back in television in 12 weeks. 12 weeks. >> nothing more horrifying than being with family. >> it will start right now. what do you think the legacy is? what is he going to be most remembered for? >> we all know this as soon as you're home you want to be back doing something because it's boring there at the house. i think letterman probably will come back and do some more serious interviews and have to do something that he really would want to do. i think he's still going to be a broadcaster. >> we should not feel sorry for him because he has made a king's fortune not only on this show but other shows he's been executive producer of he's doing just fine. >> sure yes. he's doing fantastic and he'll -- yeah. >> in this building we've got jimmy fallon and everybody loves his lip sync challenges and beer pong, all of that. kimmel is another thing with his
10:55 am
tricks with his kids. then you have david letterman, what kind of void will he leave with late night with kimmel and fallon out there? >> well david just took over for johnny carson who got -- david got all of the new young guys took over. and i can't wait until jimmy fallon is 68 and kimmel is 68. those old wrinkled guys will be leaving and new young people will come. you get old and you die, that's it. >> circle of life. >> wow. >> you two, get old and new young blonde will come in and new skinny guy and you're going to be old -- >> wow, he called you blonde and me skinny. >> you don't have a monitor. but you have fans. >> i get old and it's over. >> death and taxes, only thing we're promised. >> i brought these people and they are actually they are getting gifts for doing that. you know, it's like i really think you should look at it as
10:56 am
exciting and he had a great career and new guys are terrific and carson was great. when joey bishop and joan rivers, they were all funny too. it just -- it's movement you know. >> he paved the way, certainly paved the way. >> steroids do a lot of steroids -- >> you look great. >> now you have cars honking for you. >> i've got everything. >> we appreciate your time and also the fans you brought out there and cars honking. it's nice to see you, thanks. >> thank you very much. this is great. a lot of people tell me i look like al sharpton so al is up here. >> jay is al you're skinny and i'm blonde. >> we'll all get our eyes examined. >> a lot more to talk about when we come back including breaking news from capitol hill where kentucky senator rand paul is ramping up what he is calling a filibuster even though it's not. we're going to give you a live report. >> new declassified details what
10:57 am
osama bin laden had in his files, including an application for jihad, but this question who to contact in case you're a martyr? that scene from "game of thrones", does hbo's hit show go too far this week. we have a conversation on that in our next hour. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult.... and kid - in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini wheats®. the citi double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases,
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specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you. not you. so if you have a heart start optimizing your nutrition with my nutrition. planters. nutrition starts with nut. that concerns me that i'm thomas roberts, we begin with breaking news, rand paul has been on the floor speaking 45 minutes now speaking about the patriot act, calling this a filibuster in a tweet. there it is however, according to the rules of the senate this is not a filibuster rather it's just an extended speech. joining me now from capitol hill is nbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell. what's the reaction there? what's the point? >> you have to take rand paul seriously when he calls it a
11:01 am
filibuster. even if there's some dispute about exactly what the rules are. and by that i mean he got a lot of national attention when he spoke for many hours about the use of drones that could possibly kill an american citizen abroad. that really brought the filibuster back into the common vern ak lar and we saw ted cruz do his own marathon. right now the senate is considering -- rand paul is concerned the senate might get out of town without a full throated debate about the renewal of the patriot act. and in particular his concerns about the full collection of data like phone records. he has long been an opponent of this. without much fanfare he went to floor and he has binders with him and he plans to speak until he can speak no more. from memory it was like 13 hours or so we'll see what he's in for now. again, the senate is dealing with a trade issue and he has also said he would publicly take
11:02 am
every step he could to slow down the process of getting the action on the patriot act, those who stand up for things like the second amendment relating to the possession of american firearms and that kind of sensibility, they should also be as concerned about the fourth amendment. the government's inability to illegally search your property to enter your home and do those sorts of things. this is a passionate thing for a presidential candidate and time when you sometimes get the unusual alliance of a libertarian conservative with some on the far left who also don't like bulk collection of data. we'll see how this goes and the clock is running out. >> we'll start it now and see how long he can go for. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. thank you. we're learning incredible new insight about the workings of al qaeda thanks to the release of the classified documents taken from osama bin laden's compound
11:03 am
in pakistan s.e.a.l. team six from computers during the raid. the classified material includes instructions for plik ant, do you wish to execute a suicide mission and who should we contact should you become a martyr. analyst at flashpoint global partners, it's good to have you here. >> thank you. >> obviously there are a lot of revelations that come out of this documentation being declassified. but what are the real i guess day to day revelations about the overall operations of al qaeda under bin laden. >> it appears bin laden was gradually losing control of some of the franchises out there like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trying to keep tabs
11:04 am
on these groups and give them instruction and advice and trying to take command position from his compound but to me he was losing that grip and advising the national and security forces yet doing exactly just that. he was really trying to keep tabs on his franchises. >> what's the purpose of releasing the documents now? >> there are a lot of questions that are unanswered and these answer a lot of questions about who was bin laden. aside from him being the terrorist, militant man, what was he behind the scenes how was he able to communicate with others. i think these are great revelations. >> do you think it helps demist fi who osama bin laden was for the intelligence community? >> i think so. it also gives them leads on what offer jihadi leaders may possess characteristics that allow them to take leadership positions.
11:05 am
his successor who spent well over a decade and a half with him was not able to lead in the footsteps of been laden. this might help the community know what kind of characteristics -- >> has there anyone who has burst up that could take on an osama bin laden style role? is there anybody that has been in the intelligence community someone of that much notoriety? >> we've seen the rise of al baghdadi, took the position in 2010, he was able to akccomplish in a short period of time what took bin laden well over two decades to accomplish expand his jihadi group well in over 15 different territories around the world and have all of this kind of unity and allowed to target not only u.s. and western forces and civilians but also trying to gain territorial control. >> it's fascinating the
11:06 am
documents, thank you, sir. we shift our attention to texas. authorities are working to wrap up the crime scene of sunday's biker brawl where nine were killed and 18 injured. police have recovered nearly 1,000 weapons and here's what the waco police sergeant told me about this weapons an hour ago. >> those weapons range from everything from a few pocket knives, small pocket knives to hand guns clubs and police type batons and chains with locks on the end of them used to assault victims. >> nbc news correspondent charles hadlock joins us from waco. charles, hearing that number about the amount of weapons on site, it's staggering. >> reporter: it was a stunning number when he said it today. we knew they found a lot of weapons yesterday as they were taking inventory of the cars and
11:07 am
leftover motorcycles left on the parking loet behind me. we saw them take out ak-47s and long rifles and clubs and knives, all kinds of weapons that were used. he also said that inside the restaurant that apparently after the malay, they tried to hide weapons and stuffed them under the sofas and seats and stuffed them between bags of flour, even into the bags of chips in the kitchen trying to get rid of the evidence. he said they found all of them and try to match fingerprints to determine who owned the weapons. the shopping center has been reopened. it's a very popular place to be. the restaurant however remains closed. it has lost its license. it will not reopen. thomas? >> charles hadlock in waco thank you. we are awaiting a news conference that's coming from officials at the dea, drug enforcement agency it was this morning that agents raided pharmacy and clinics and other
11:08 am
facilities in four states as part of a crackdown on prescription drug abuse. this was part of a larger operation that lasted 18 months the single largest pharmaceutical operation in dea history. mark potter was there as law enforment officials made arrests. walk us through what we've seen today and the states that were focused on. >> well good afternoon, we saw the raids begin and they began with a convey of dea and local police racing into a strip mall here in little rock arkansas. they went around the back of the building to a medical center where they went inside and made the arrest you were talking about. the staffers and armed security guard. they are claiming this wasn't a real medical center in the traditional sense of a pain clinic or doctor's office. they claim it was more a trafficking -- a drug
11:09 am
trafficking site that was providing illegal prescriptions for pain medication for drug addicts and take those prescriptions to pharmacies in ka hoots, often is the case in these scenarios. this is something they say was happening -- happening all around the country but their concentration today was in four southern states arkansas louisiana and mississippi and alabama. they are calling this operation pilluted and been out there for 15 mosz. so far they have made 280 arrests and 22 doctors have been arrested and they think it really is part of a national epidemic because of prescription drug abuse that has 4.5 million americans misusing prescription pain pills, 16,000 people dying
11:10 am
in a year from overdoses, that's a big problem in this country. they say it is also tried closely to the heroin epidemic people first become addicted to pills and switch to heroin. a big drug problem they were trying to get at today. >> a 15-month investigation has come to a head from the dea, mark thank you, sir. still ahead, mcdonald's workers protesting, and calling for higher wages. this as los angeles votes to increase pay in their city to $15 an hour. now, this is our bing pulse question of the day. do you think the $15 minimum wage is too high. you can weigh in at more from my exclusive interview with stephanie rawlings-blake including her answer to this question. >> the former governor of maryland and former mayor of baltimore, martin o'malley expected to oppose hillary clinton for the democratic nomination in 2016.
11:11 am
of those two choices, can i ask who you would support? >> plus shoe company tom's wants a picture of your bare feet. we're talking about your tootsies all for a good cause. more on tom's one day without shoes campaign right after this. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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11:14 am
we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california. new developments where emergency officials minutes ago updated the race to clean an oil spill near santa barbara of the an estimated 21,000 gallons lost now stretching four miles along the pacific ocean. >> oil recovery tends to be a complicated process that involves a lot of manual labor and taking environmental fact others like wind and current and weather into consideration.
11:15 am
it can be a slow process but we want to make sure we do it right to get the beaches back to its pristine condition. >> the spill was a result of a broken pipeline it deeply regrets the spill. jointing joining us is curt hawkins, have we learned about what the rupture came from and why the spill was created? >> reporter: thomas a big factor here all day and most of the night has been the wind. the wind is believed to have been pushing this oil slick two to three miles down the coastline, authorities were planning to use a helicopter to assess the full extent of how far this oil slick has gone. i'll step out of the way and show you, there has been an extensive clean upeffort on the beach. that's a hazmat crew raking the oil off of the shoreline, we're hoping to get an update from the news conference about the extent of the cleanup and how far it's gone. if you take a look at the
11:16 am
aerials, you can see the extent of the damage, firefighters say the oil slick runs along as you mentioned four miles of the southern california coastline after an estimated 21,000 gallons poured from that large broken pipeline tuesday morning. we're continuing to get updates on all of this. this is something that environmentalists are following cloegsly and there is an extensive history here. we're hoping to find out more about the possibility of camp grounds even closing for the memorial day weekend here. >> talk about the pristine beaches there but this is going to be slow and hard work. curt hawkins, thank you. developing news out of illinois and right now hundreds of mcdonald's employees are demanding a higher wage and they want a $15 an hour wage. and they want the right to unionize. today's protest comes a day after the l.a. city council gave initial approval to a $15 an hour raise for its employees
11:17 am
living in l.a. msnbc's zach roth is live in illinois the site of the protests. set the scene and how things have been going so far. in a matter of an hour the gathering has gotten much larger. >> reporter: yeah, hi thomas there is by now a crowd i would estimate over 1,000 people. heavily young and minority in keeping with the profile of this movement and the mood is upbeat and optimistic. coming off of a big victory in l.a. having said that they are very focused still on that goal of $15 an hour and union. i spekoke to a worker from kansas city who works at both mcdonald's and burger king. has to work two jobs makes $8 an hour at each. trying to support a family with three daughters. they won't back down from their demand for $15 an hour an union. >> zach roth reporting for us there outside of the annual
11:18 am
conference for mcdonald's. we'll come back to you in a little while. thank you. frances back to update us on the bing pulse question. for a lot of people this sounds like common sense. >> it does. especially for those working paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. they want that minimum wage. we ask the pulse question do you think the $15 minimum wage is too high. score board here look at this pretty overwhelming as far as our response, 10% saying yes, it is too high. 90% of you saying no it's not and based on zach's reporting, he isespecially with protest there from mcdonald's employees, eastern time 2:13 to 2:18, those who voted saying no. looking at the age here how people are voting the youngest viewers that we have seen in blue 18 to 24 majority saying
11:19 am
yes. so keep those votes coming and who would say no to something like this. small businesses who say you know what, we're getting pushed out and l.a. in 15 bucks per hour getting pushed out of l.a. because we can't afford to pay our employees that. that's the case, keep voting if you change your mind. >> the interesting part what's happening in los angeles is it's going to be staggered to get up to $15 an hour. and also small businesses with under i think it's 25 employees have an extra year to get up to speed to pay employees properly. $15 an hour is not that difficult, certainly when we have these conversations of working poor and amount of money they currently make. thanks so much. critics slam "game of thrones" there's a scene that has some threatening to boycott the series. we'll touch on that after this. ...and takes the wheel right from
11:20 am
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11:23 am
hbo's hit series "game of thrones" is facing backlash after a brutal rape scene that aired. there are going to be spoilers if you have this show on dvr and haven't seen it yet in addition to a difficult conversation about sexual assault and rape. so sunday some fans likely saw this disturbing scene. so we want to warn you, this is the actual scene. not playing the entire scene but a popular character on the show is married off to a violent suitor, only to be brutally raped on the evening of their wedding. some say this time the violent series known for such depictions has gone too far. and fans are threatening to boycott the show permanently. one of them claire mccaskill tweeting i'm done, "game of
11:24 am
throne ", disgusting and unacceptable. it just ended. jill joins you now because you have decided that you will not promote the show any longer based on the fact of this scene sunday night. what was it about this scene that has made you take such a permanent stance. >> it's interesting, it wasn't that this was the worst we've seen on the show or television by far, but it was part of a continual process that they kept showing us details they didn't have to. they could have cutaway sooner we still would have known it happened. it's a very serious issue for a lot of people real people who have experienced sexual assault. and we just felt it was sort of the last straw. we talked about it very seriously last year when there was a depiction. and it just -- we spoke about it at length and had ten articles
11:25 am
about it and thought perhaps the creators were listening and would have thought about this and it seems they haven't zpl i did not read the books and do watch the show. this is the third rape depicted in the series probably not the most violent by any stretch of the imagination. psych logically, it was pretty awful to watch. but i think because of the way they creatively or sin mattically tried to portray this, the author of the books, george r.r. martin defended hbo writing monday, there has seldom been any series faithful to source and material and they have different requirements are you disappointed that the tv show differs so much from the books? do you think there is a different level of attention
11:26 am
that comes with the visualization of seeing such a violent act depicted on the screen? >> absolutely. it's -- there's honestly even more than three rapes on the show. those were the main three. there's been background rapes to show that 'bad character was bad. it's the sort of thing when you're reading a book it may not have the same impact but when it's brought to a screen you know it's played in a very voyeuristic way. we're not saying there can't be any sexual assaults depicted in television film. it can be done in a much better way. and i think there's a lot of people who have spoken about that at length. >> i think from a creative standpoint there will be people that push back and say that this show, it doesn't discriminate when it comes to its topics whether it's about sexual assault, whether it's about incest, whether it's about
11:27 am
portraying good strong female characters or weak strong male characters. there's the whole dichotomy there, don't you think? >> i would certainly agree with that but it's interesting one of our writers writes for mtv and spoke with the rape abuse and incest national network and they said when there are depictions of rape on television, they have a spike in calls to the hot line because people are getting triggered by seeing these things on television when it's happened in real life. that's what we forget. yes, there's violence on the screen but as you're walking down the street you're not thinking you're going to get murdered every second you're walking down the street but a lot of women think, i could get raped at any second. and for a lot of people that's the reality. >> taps into a completely different mindset, editor in chief, thanks for being here. we'll be back with much more right after this.
11:28 am
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11:30 am
we want to get you to roger goodell taking questions on deflategate. >> not up to date on that other than the fact we're aware of that. we'll focus -- >> full consideration and make sure we do the appropriate thing. >> i'll come back. >> roger, will robert kraft's decision for the patriots to accept their penalties in any way affect tom brady's appeal and your hearing of it? >> no. >> can you aaddress would you allow tom brady a second chance to show cooperation by turning over e-mails and could that help
11:31 am
an appeal to you? >> you know i'm not going to get into hypotheticals, we have a process here it's long established. i look forward to hearing directly from tom if there's new information or information that can be helpful to us in getting this right. i want to hear directly from tom on that. >> how do you address the question of how can you be fair hearing the appeal after you've made a judgment? >> two things it was an independent investigation, done by ted wells and drew a conclusion about whether there was violation or not. he drew the facts and drew the investigation. i got a chance to read the report shortly before you did. and so we've been very transparent on that side. the second part once we had the wells report our staff led by troy vincent who handles these matters on a regular basis, immediately began meetings. i participate in some of those
11:32 am
meetings and i understood that this discussion they were having troy made a recommendation. i authorized him to go ahead and issue that as i do in every other case. >> did the league ask for the suspension of those patriot staffers? >> did what? >> did the league ask the patriot to suspend those staffers? >> no, no. >> commissioner just curious, when ted wells comes back with his reports, the patriots certainly scrutinized the report and had many issues with some of his conclusions. how much did you scrutinize the report or did you accept his findings? >> you read the report and scrutinize it but that's also why we have a process. if issues are raised either in the context of an appeal or outside of that you look at that and you -- what you try to do is get it right. i thought his report was very clear. it was comprehensive.
11:33 am
but we're always open if there's new information that can get us to a better place. >> roger, ted wells' report didn't look inward at the league very much in terms of how it conducted the investigation. early on and both with the media leaks and demeanor of folks early on do you feel they have an obligation to be more transparent in how it was conducted because patriots received a level of bias from the out set? >> a couple of things on that. ted wells did address that in this report. i think he addressed it. i asked him specifically when i engaged engaged him to evaluate the league's conduct to determine what we could have done differently. he made his views clear in the report. i would disagree on that point. that is something that whenever we have an incident we look at it and see what could we have done differently and how can we
11:34 am
improve? [ indiscernible ] >> the initial what? [ indiscernible ] >> as i say, we've given all of that to ted. ted has had the opportunity to evaluate that so -- >> roger, can you elaborate more on how the position would work -- >> i'm sorry? >> could you elaborate how the super bowl provision for 54 -- how far up do see the relocation window moving up? >> well on the 54 when we later next spring i think, if there is a team that relocates to los angeles, at that point in time they could submit an application to be considered for super bowl 54.
11:35 am
and they would have to obviously qualify for that and then it would be included in the bid process. in that case there will be four times bidding on 54. if that doesn't happen, there would be three teams bidding on them. >> yeah the window is something that is -- under my authority as commissioner and something i can adapt. we've had a great deal of discussion already about the pluses and minuses and the ternl tifs and what's going on in the local markets. in some ways we're significantly farther than we've been in many kind of prelocation in the past. we have the ability to move that date up. i have the ability to discuss it with the committee. we also have the ability to shrink it as far as the time frame of when somebody applies and when the league would vote and make a decision.
11:36 am
those are both things that i'm considering. i don't expect there will be any discussion on that. one of the things we'll want to balance is what's happening in those local markets and making sure there's sufficient time for them to at least within our context be able to try to make whatever advances whatever proposals and whatever determinations they can make. >> roger, with the progress in l.a., do you think it's inevitable they will have one team in the future? >> no i don't. i think there is significant progress but i don't think it's inevitable. there's certainly momentum and certainly opportunities. jim, you know i can't remember the last time we had two facilities that are actually entitled and being developed. that's a very positive development and in fact they are actually two more sites that have been entitled but the two we're focusing on the carson
11:37 am
site and englewood site. a lot more work has to be done. >> we're listening to roger goodell speaking at the press conference in san francisco. most of the questions have to deal with the deflategate controversy and fact that bob kraft said he's not going to appeal the decision. he didn't agree with it but would go ahead and have to pay the $1 million fine and team lose two draft picks. more of the questions came out about tom brady and his appeal and would had tep in his appeal in he turned over texts and e-mails. it seemed as if the commissioner was good or at least interested in any type of new evidence that he could receive new information. let's listen back in. >> any time anyone is suspended from a game they love it's difficult. any play are or coach that were involved with suspending that
11:38 am
decision comes after a great deal of thought and consideration and recognizing that that's a difficult decision. and we're very careful with it and we're very thoughtful. i have great admiration an respect for tom brady. but the rules have to be enforced on a uniform basis. they applied to every club every individual coach and every individual player. >> roger, you said you are making progress -- >> where are you, sam? >> i got you. >> significant progress in l.a. and tremendous progress in st. louis. how would you characterize san diego, what you've seen from the market in san diego and oakland? >> well i haven't had a chance. the task force came out with a proposal in the last 24 to 48 hours -- >> there we have more of roger
11:39 am
goodell talking about tom brady going back to the appeal process, talking about the fact that he would be interested in any new information that could come based from tom brady e-mails or texts. i believe we have joe nelson on the phone? joe sullivan excuse me. joe, let's talk about roger goodell and seems as if he's extending an olive branch about new information. do you think tom brady will be interested in handing over new information about his appeal? joe are you there? >> i'm sorry. >> do you think any information as goodell is asking for, this olive branch do you think brady will be inclined to turn anything over that will help his appeal? >> it would depend on his lawyer tells him and now he has the
11:40 am
hard line lawyer jeff rery kesseler working for him. he doesn't strike me as someone who gives in easily. i guess i would be surprised he would do it. i'll answer the question that way. one thing to remember is in the conference he had, they didn't ask for him to turn over his phone. people keep saying it. they gave brady and his agent a chance to go through the phone themselves and turn over any information text mess amgs that they felt was pertinent and they would accept them doing that honestly. they didn't even ask him to turn over his phone originally. >> do you think in light of the first review of that scope of the telephone, things might change based on the fact this is about the integrity of the sport. we know there have been appeals that have been overturned and leveled by rogergoodell but do you think that would change the
11:41 am
appeals process. any recent memory where a player appealed such a suspension and it's been cut in half or overturned? >> it has happened. and invariably the suspensions are reduced. so i would imagine if tom brady cooperated in a way that -- and produced information that showed he was not involved in deflating footballs that his suspension probably would be reduced. now, i think it's a little bit larger than tom brady himself. the text messages between the two equipment employees factor into this as well. >> the deflator. >> correct. >> yes. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out about the integrity of the sport, not dealing with any type of personal behavior off the field for one of the nfl's star players. joe sullivan for boston globe, thanks for joining me i appreciate it. >> sure thanks. >> we continue to follow this breaking news from the senate floor. rand paul in a second hour
11:42 am
talking about the patriot act, the 2016 presidential candidate is calling it a filibuster but according to the rules of the senate it's actually just a long speech. but we do have the timer running to see how long he'll talk for. get ready tore inundated with feet on your instagram because tom's is celebrating his ninth anniversary with a fresh twist on its annual fund raising project called one day without shoes. the company known for buy one, give one business model is encouraging people to youp load photos of bare feet to the #withoutshoes and the company will donate shoes to a child in need and up to 1 million pairs they are ready to give away. i spoke with tom's founder who plans to walk across the great wall of china barefoot and i asked him about the company's goals. >> we started tom's simple mission, every time we sell a pair of shoes we give a pair to
11:43 am
a child in need. we give children shoes so they can go to school to protect their feet from many different diseases they get from not having shoes and since starting tom's nine years ago we've helped 38 million children around the world get shoesthy desperately need and otherwise could not afford. >> that's fantastic. this is the eighth year you've done one day without shoes. explain how this is different and how to drum up more support to give more pairs of shoes away. >> every year we go barefoot to raise awareness about the many children that don't have a choice. this year we wanted to give away a million extra pairs of shoes. so we created a campaign on instagram called without shoes. we basically ask anyone who wants to give away a pair of shoes to take a picture of your barefeet and put #withoutshoes,
11:44 am
something like i'm going #withoutshoes for tom's and when you do that we'll give away a pair on your behalf. we've already had about 220,000 people pledging to go barefoot through the #program on in instagram. >> you have a number of celebrities, any feet you really like? >> i thought it was pretty fun to see jeff bridges do it today, big fan of the big lebowski and charlize theron. i will say, i'm a new dad and have a 5-month-old so the pictures that have gotten my heart the greatest were a lot of baby pictures of their cute
11:45 am
chubby bare feet. >> we wish you the best tomorrow. how long will you walk along the great wall of china? >> i'm not quite sure how long we're going to be there. i think it's going to be very hot. we're really going to get the experience of the hardships of being barefoot tomorrow. so we're going to probably walk as long until we get blisters or whatever we get by walking, a great way to kick off one day without shoes. it's been fantastic being in asia promoting it. i love the fact there will be over hundreds and thousands of people participating tomorrow in over 50 countries. >> that was blake mccould you xi. we filled we would get involved too. so we are barefoot right now. >> here we go. our feet on live television. here's the thing, # -- i put a flower on mine. #withoutshoes on instagram, beautiful pictures of feet on
11:46 am
there. don't get too close. >> keep on frances's feet. >> callouses and corns here. >> mine look like fred flintstone. for every picture on instagram of a foot a child will get a free pair of shoes. >> that's the great thing, up to one million pairs of shoes as we had the interview earlier today. they were up to 220,000. get on instagram and show off your tootsies. >> frances goes and finds a flower. david letterman taking his bow tonight. singer darlene love joins me onset to talk about his final show this evening. we're putting our shoes back on and stay tuned. darlene is in the house.
11:47 am
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one of the top stories to fight for higher wages, hundreds of mcdonald's employees are outside the annual meeting demanding a $15 minimum age and
11:50 am
right to unionize. l.a. xbrust just voted to increase the wage for low paid workers. frances is tracking responses to our bing pulse question of the day. the finances of $15 an hour. >> we're breaking it down showing los angeles isn't the first city to hike the minimum wage but let's look at the nationwide gap. take a look at los angeles, cities like seattle bump to $15 and proposed minimum $15 minimum wage hikes on east coast. new york city washington, d.c. also kansas city in the midwest. can you see those cities are in blue and those proposed most of these on the east coast hoping to get the high minimum wage. let's look at the low wage workers across the country, earning less than $11.50 an hour. this map shows who would benefit from an increase in that minimum wage. the minimum wage hike in l.a.
11:51 am
will have a strong effect by some estimates and 50% of the country's workforce makes less than $15 an hour. they will raise the minimum wage to 15 by the year 2020. here's how it will unfold. it's $9 and by july of 2015 it will be $10.50 for businesses with 26 people or more. every july it will go up a little bit until 2020 when it is finally $15 an hour. many workers and labor groups -- and small businesses say they'll be pushed away forced to do business elsewhere to pay employees less. we've been asking our viewers what they think about it. do you think a $15 minimum wage is too high and how are you voting so far? >> well, since the 1:00 hour eastern time 18% saying yes, last time we checked that was 10%, 82% say no. $15 for minimum wage is not too high. we thank you for voting.
11:52 am
if you change your mind you're welcome to vote as well. >> thanks so much. today friends and fans of david letterman are celebrating the end of an era in late night tv. >> sure -- come on cannonball. so, tonight television history will be made when david letterman takes the stage for final late night. he brought bill murray to honor murray's legacy and he was the first guest on the late show in '82 and late show in cbs in 1993. then murly dropped by lawrence o'donnell's show and took a little tumble during the surprise visit. you have to see it. >> david axelrod, i have to interrupt you, there's a guy from chicago who's just kind of
11:53 am
barged in here. i'm going to put him aside. but bill murray i told people there might be a surprise guest tonight. do you mind if we finish talking about elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren? get to that now. >> that is i think -- it looks like bill murray is that bill murray over there? yeah, that's bill murray. we'll be back. >> oh, no. yes, bill took a tumble. the interview happened anyway letterman nb in late night tv for the last 35 years and we're getting a tastes for what's in stake. the foot fighters will be the musical guests and the band's song everylong is his favorite. bill de blasio declared today letterman day and his hometown in indianapolis. it will be his 6,028th late show
11:54 am
and his show spanned five presidential nominations, a holiday fixture every december when she sang christmas baby please come home. darlene, so great to have you here and laugh with me as we look at bill murray falling off the stool. he want to read you something that paul shaver said about david letterman and about you. he said he hates christmas and holiday novelty songs, i could never play monster mash on halloween but he made an exception because of darlene's soul and you would be on every year because your christmas song. >> he saw something in me that radiated for david. and he became a complete unit when i started doing the show especially after the third or fourth time. i think he really likes me. >> it's no wonder you're spectacular and you said you're not going to perform this show
11:55 am
for any tv host? >> not one. first come first serve. >> first come first serve. for david -- with david it was special. and people only started wanting me to do that show after seven or eight years of doing it continuously on dave. no i have to do it on dave's show first then -- >> you're sticking with the one who brought you to the dance? >> exactly. >> what is the most memorable experience from the ed sullivan theater and working with dave the fact it's like a meat locker in there because it's so cold? >> i started with david when i was on nbc and then we went over to cbs and i was like are you all hanging meat in here? during rehearsal it's really cold in there. i have a big furry lamb's coat one year and i went with it on. david said you're not wearing this on the show are you? no by the time the people get in here it will be a little warmer than it is right now. >> you'll be in show time gear. >> what does dave letterman mean
11:56 am
to you? >> first loving you might not see david as a loving person but he is. i say this and i can say it on television because i've said it to david, you're stupid funny. >> i think he would love that. >> it's great to have you here. thanks so much. >> love you, love you. >> that's going to wrap things up for today's show. we'll see you here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going on facebook and twitter and insta das gram you'll see francis and my ugly toes because we're tweeting for tom and the fact they are giving away free shoes today. "the cycle" is up next. cats like to eat. up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats.
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12:00 pm
conference. he's in san francisco for league meetings and hasn't been able to escape the scandal of deflategate. >> i look forward to hearing directly from tom if there's new information or information that can be helpful in getting us right. i want to hear directly from tom on that. i have great admiration and respect for tom brady and the rules -- have to be enforced on a uniform basis and they apply to everybody like they apply to every club every individual coach, every individual player. >> will robert kraft's decision for patriots to accept their penalties in they way affect tom brady's appeal and the hearing of it. >> no. >> goodell patriots owner robert kraft hugging it out. the pats lost two draft picks and they face a million dollar fine. he was asked about the player association demand that he


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