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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 8, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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wrestling the teenagers to the ground. what the town's mayor is saying about the incident. and broadway's big night. we were on the carpet as radio city welcomed the tony awards. this is "way too early." good morning everybody. it's monday june 8th. welcome to "way too early." i'm amy holmes. a manhunt under way in new york state after two convicted killers used power tools to break out of a maximum security state prison. hundreds are part of the search in upstate new york 25 miles from the canadian border. investigators have developed more than 150 leads but officials have little to show for it so far. nbc's john yang has this report.
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>> reporter: more than 250 state and federal law enforcement officers scour the area around this village in the adder on dak mountains looking for clues that could lead them to the two convicted killers discovered missing 5:30 am saturday bed check. >> we're leaving no stone unturned. they could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: officials vibe both menace very dangerous. david sweat, 35 serving a life sentence with no parole for the 2002 killing of a sheriff's deputy near binghamton new york. richard matt was sentenced to 25 years to life for beating a man to death and dismembering him near buffalo in 1997. matt had escaped incarceration before. >> a lot of territory to cover. we're looking at each of them and their associates independently. >> reporter: authorities described an escape worthy of a hollywood screen play. they stuffed their bunks to make it look like they were sleeping. from separate cells each used power tools to cut through a
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steel wall to reach a catwalk six stories high shimmied down to a tunnel below, broke through a brick wall and cut an entrance and an exit from a two-foot wide pipe before break a steel lock on a manhole a block away from the prison wall. work officials say, took a matter of days to carry out. they left behind a racially offensive post-it note read inging "have a nice day." new york governor andrew cuomo retraced the escapee's path. >> it was elaborate, sophisticated, encompassed drilling through steel walls and pipes. >> reporter: two big questions, where did the tools come from? how did the men know how to navigate the maze of pipes and tunnels since all the prison tools have been accounted for, they're speculating about contractors' tools. >> good morning, sir. where are you headed? >> reporter: in a village of about 4,000 people residents
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are on guard. what was your reaction when you heard the news? >> oh, my god, is this a drill or is this for real? it's very scary. this is my backyard. >> i had my doors locked first time in 30 years. >> reporter: a community on edge as a manhunt goes on. >> extraordinary and terrifying. hundred thousand dollar reward, $50,000 each has been posted for information relating to their capture. an update on the search from governor cuomo later on ""morning joe."" police officer is on administrative leave after video surfaced of him wrestling a 14-year-old girl to the ground, at one point drawing his gun while he and other cops were breaking up a pool party. 12 officers arrived on the scene after reports of fighting at the party. police chief said upon arrival, officers encountered a, quote, large crowd who refused to comply with police commands. this video posted to youtube
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shows officer wrestling a girl to the ground and pulling his gun on other attendees but doesn't show the events leading up to the encounter. the chief has issued a statement saying, quote, he is disturbed and concerned about the actions depicted in the video and there will be an investigation. cornell brooks also released a statement that reads in part quote, the excessive force on an unarmed 14-year-old girl clad noenl a bikini by an officer wearing a uniform and a gun was particularly troubling. these teens appeared to be simply attending a pool party and deserved respectful treatment under the law. today is the final day of the g7 summit in germany. the two-day meeting comes as president obama pushes lawmakers on the trans-pacific partnership. he met with david cameron and today will meet with iraq's prime minister to discuss the fight against isis. president obama is calling on
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the countries to continue to take a tough stance on russia. he tried to mend tie with his german chancellor angela merkel. the two leaders shared beer and sausage as they visited a village in the bulvarian alps. >> i must admit when i first learned angela was going to host the g7 in bulvaria i was hoping it would fall during oktoberfest. then again there's never a bad day for a beer and vice versa and friendship between the german and american people. >> and the race for the 2016 republican nomination has largely centered on foreign policy. social issues are still a source of debate. in iowa this weekend, wisconsin governor scott walker says he's ready to get behind a constitutional amendment to stop
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same-sex marriages, asked about a supreme court decision that could permit them nationwide this is what he has to say. >> if the court decides that the next approach is hose those who support marriage being between one man and one woman would be a constitutional amendment. >> that says states are allowed to ban same-sex marriage? >> i believe defining marriage should be left up to the states yeah. meanwhile, lindsey graham is speaking out on behalf of caitlyn jenner who says she's still a conservative republican. blurring of lines between male and female this is what the senator had to say. >> if caitlyn jenner wants to be safe and have a prosperous economy, vote for me. i'm into addition. i haven't walked in her shoes. i don't have all the answers to the mysteries of life.
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i can only imagine the torment that bruce jenner went through. i hope he -- i hope she has found peace. i'm a pro-life traditional marriage kind of guy but i'm running to be president of the united states. if caitlyn jenner wants to be a republican, she is welcome in my party. soon we'll be hearing a lot more from their rival, hillary clinton. she is planning about a dozen speeches and announcements in the coming months. aides say topics will include women's pay and wall street regulation. clinton phoned in to fast food workers in detroit, second annual convention of fight for 15, increasing minimum wage and minimizing fast food giants like mcdonald's. clinton told the group, quote, i hope that every one of you will continue to raise your voice until we all get working
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americans a better deal. i want to be your champion. vice president joe biden is at his home in delaware with no public schedule today, two days after his eldest son, beau was laid to rest. president obama was nearly overcome by emotion several times during his eulogy for the 46-year-old former state attorney general and iraq veteran. veteran. >> he was a sign of an incredible family who brushed away the possibility of privilege for the harder better reward of earning his own way. and what greater inheritance is there? what greater inheritance than to be part of a family that passes on the values of what it means to be a great parent. that passes on the values of what it means to be a true citizen. that passes on the values of
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what it means to give back fully and freely without expecting anything in return. that's what our country was built on. men like beau. >> the race horse that made history over the weekend, american pharaoh becoming the first triple crown winner in nearly four decades, winning the elusive belmont stakes by 5 1/2 lengths. here is rehema ellis on the koelt's raceative lifetime. >> reporter: american pharaoh returned to churchill downs, getting the royal treatment after a heartpounding run into the record book. >> 37-year wait is over. american pharaoh is finally the one! american pharaoh has won the triple crown! >> reporter: the 3-year-old thoroughbred lived up to his
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name ruling the racetrack, an electric moment for the fans. when the horse went racing by here, what was going on inside? >> my adrenaline was pumping. i didn't really think it was going to happen. we witnessed history in the making. it was fantastic to see. >> reporter: grueling mile and a half at the belmont, the toughest and final race of the triple crown, longer than both the kentucky derby and the preakness. >> i've never seen a horse run that like. that was pretty you know in awe of him myself. >> reporter: jockey victor espinoza said it was the best race. >> best feeling i ever had. >> reporter: a rare club of only 12 triple crown winners like the magnificent secretari at. 1973 victory, the stuff of hollywood movies. >> the 12th triple crown winner in racing history. >> reporter: american pharaoh's gallop into greatness trampled any doubt that it could no longer be done.
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>> we have to wait for these superior horses to come around. they don't come around that often. they also have to be tough and handle the grind and this horse, he was made for it. >> reporter: american pharaoh, a champion for the ages. >> what a victory. forbes estimates american pharaoh is now worth about $50 million considering his now substantial demand in stud fees. let's turn to business and big announcement expected from apple this morning. for that we go to cnbc's julia chatterly from london. ceo of another company let the cat out of the bag this weekend. >> good morning, amy. yes, that ceo was none other than sony's music chief doug morris jumped the gun and confirmed that apple will be announcing their streaming business later today. it was perhaps the worst kept secret. apple is offsetting that music download business and challenging competing with the
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likes of spotify. what it will mean for smart phone user ss more r data use. by 2020 americans will be using six times the amount of data they use today. if you're in line with the numbers that's 14 gigabytes of data per month. if that sounds crazy, what's more crazy is how much data goes unused wasting $37 billion on data that they just don't use with the vast majority of them saying they simply buy too much. what american consumers are buying or not buying is very much the focus of the day this week, too. retail sales on thursday. we also have consumer confidence on friday too. there's been a lot of questions about just why the job gains we seem to be seeing isn't translating to spending. i can tell you we're expecting a solid pickup in the retail sales data thursday. on that note amy, back to you. >> thank you very much julia. julia chatterly in london. still ahead on "way too
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early," steph curry has one of the worst shooting games of his career. >> mechanically i don't know if there's an explanation for t just didn't have a rhythm. and didn't find one the whole game. >> we'll have the highlights. plus broadway's big night. louis brings us the winners of the tony awards including a drama school reject now getting the last laugh. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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be able to come back and even the series is big time. >> that of course was lebron james after the cavaliers 95-93 overtime victory in game two of the nba finals last night. cleveland had an 11-point advantage in the fourth quarter but blew that lead by the end of regulation. golden state steph curry sinks the tying basket with seven seconds to go sending the game in overtime. in o.t. matthew deladova puts the cavs up for good. james finishing with a triple-double, 39 points on the night. this series is now tied at one game a piece. now to paris for the men's french open final. eight-seated capping off his championship point novak djokovic denying his opponent the career grand slam. now let's go back to the nba finals game during a third
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quarter time-out, one warriors fan got the chance to take the shot of a lifetime. >> here it is. one shot. brand new beemer. does he get it? yes, yes! oh, yes! >> awesome! incredible. that half court shot is good for a brand new bmw, as it should be. >> perfect. >> it should help take out some of the sting from his team's loss. check on your weather with bill karins. >> shot better than curry last night zblin credible. >> in the crowd and everything too. nervous about that. over the weekend, we were worried about blanco the big storm that was coming into the baja and cabo san lucas. that turned out to be a nonstory, which is great. we did have severe weather across the country. four tornadoes reported near illinois. not a lot of damage from those. flooding reports is the biggest story during the overnight
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hours. areas around -- the worst of it right around illinois, we've seen some of it and also to the south. down now heading towards missouri, near columbia. we have heavy rain too. worst travel spots, southern illinois and areas bordering there in indiana. later on today, 27 million people are under a chance of severe weather. that's a slight risk everywhere in yellow there. isolated strong storms greatest risk will be wind damage. we could get one or two tornadoes. i'm not expecting a lot. our dying system was a hurricane, now barely even a tropical storm. cabo san lucas almost completely spared. this storm should fall apart during the day today. we were hoping rain would get up into southern california and arizona from this system. a lot of it will die off before it gets there. maybe added showers wednesday in tucson. thunderstorms from tennessee to pennsylvania, we're dry today,
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d.c. to new york. tuesday, on the i-95 corridor, chance of storms. i'm still here. i didn't hit any big money at the belmont. >> i meant to ask you, bill. >> that's right. i gave you my horses for my trifecta. i got the first place and third place. i didn't have the second place horse. >> you did come away with a little -- >> it paid a whopping $54. i barely would have paid for parking today. >> i look forward to zblunch mcdonald's. >> still ahead, melissa mccarthy wins big at the box office popular spinoff. just how well the comedy queen's new spy flick performed over the weekend. you know, in any job any profession image matters. i want some gray...but not too much. only touch of gray uses oxygen to gently blend away some gray but not all for that perfect salt and pepper look. satisfaction guaranteed. just you and the look you want. just for men touch of gray
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now let's get a check on the morning's other headlines. louis bergdorf is standing by, apparently still in his tux from the night before. >> i am still in my tux. fun home and curious incident of the dog which took home the best award for best play. meanwhile, legendary actress helen mirren won best actress
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for her role as queen elizabeth. keli o' haira took home hardware for best actress in a musical. we hit the red carpet before the show with mika. >> you were eject friday all these theaters programs and now everyone is saying you're poised to be the king of broadway. >> no one makes their dreams come true without rejection. a few times i started l hope. if i can't get into a drama school how can i get a job? but you just have to persevere. >> alex sharp, "the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime." >> i want to dedicate to this to any young person who feels different. answer that question at the end of the play. does that mean i can do anything? yes, it does. thank you so so much.
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>> are you going to be able to sit in your seat do you think? or will you be too excited? >> i think i'll be frozen in my seat for the night. >> annalee ashford "you can't take it with you." >> i can't believe i'm standing here right now on radio city music hall stage for the worst dancing that ever happened on broadway. >> show you much much more from my night at the tonis on ""morning joe"." melissa mccarthy took the top spot at the weekend box office. "spy" is the latest success for mccarthy. writer/director paul fage who first partnered on the comedy "bridesmaids." "an andreas" slipped to second place. hbo's "entourage" which cost about $30 million, finished with a disappointing fourth making
2:56 am
it a $10 million weekend, bringing its five-day total to just under $18 million. i think that drama they'll have to make changes to make more money. >> i love the james bond look this morning. >> thank you. appreciate it. i don't break it out that often. >> louis, thank you very much. that does it for me and "way too early." let's bring in mika. >> amy, thank you. louis was great on the red carpet. scared a few people away. we'll begin with the manhunt for two convicted killers hos stunning prison escape is being compared to something out of the "shawshank redemption." governor andrew cuomo joins us with more on what he's calling a crisis situation. plus, on administrative leave after this accused of using excessive force while trying to break up a pool party of teens. at one point, drawing his gun. we'll tell you what officials say led to the chaotic
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encounter. we're live at the g7 summit. president obama is meeting with allies to discuss the next steps in confronting isis and whether to impose more sanctions on russia. that and a whole lot more coming up straight ahead on ""morning joe"." ♪ ♪ ♪ at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things. carving a name for myself and creating local jobs. creating more programs for these little bookworms. bringing a taste of louisiana to the world. at chase, we're proud to support our grant recipients and small businesses like yours. so you can take the next big step.
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♪ >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "morning joe." it's the top of the hour. what a weekend we had. we have mark halpern and casey hunt and willie and necessity morning. willie? >> yes, ma'am. >> did you think it was going to happen with american pharoah? >> i thought it was going to happen. >> come on! >> yeah. >> he did not. >> the big winner. >> is that a $2 ticket? >> yeah that's the one you frame. that's the $2 bet at the belmont on american pharoah to win. >> that was such a race. >> 40 cents? >> it there were other bets. i was incredible.


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