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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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is up next. good evening. live from new york, as ed would say, let's get to work. >> tonight obamacare under attack. >> if the ruling goes against theed a theadministration, it will be damaging. >> take coverage away from millions. >> plus sounding off. >> some xlnity itycommunity actity vis are calling on the firing of the officer. >> the group emphasized what this video does not show. >> later, still out there. >> it's not just about finding these men, but finding out how they did it. >> did a woman who works at the correctional facility help david sweat and richard matt pull off their escape? >> and these little piggies. >> the search for the missing pigs. >> about 1500 pigs have been found after this semi turned
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over. >> we will get to those pigs but we begin with big political news. president obama going on offense for the toord oig today while the supreme court could rule as early as next week on whether to overturn the law. the court is considering a conservative attack on the law which argues congress basically wrote this policy to deny health care sub city decides to the states which didn't set up those health care exchanges. the law's challengers are arguing basically a strict reading makes those subsidies only available in states that established their open marketplaces. speaking about the law's success today, the president told the catholic health association that the aca is working well despite any ongoing challenges to the law. >> there is something -- i have to say just deeply cynical about the ceaseless endless partisan attempts to roll back progress. i mean i understand stood folks
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being skeptical or worried before the law passed.stood folks being skeptical or worried before the law passed. and there wasn't a reality there to examine. but once you see millions of people having health care once you see that all the bad things that were predicted didn't happen, you'd think that it would be time to move on. let's figure out how to make it better. it seems so cynical to want to take coverage away from millions of people. to take care away from the people who need it the most. to punish millions with higher cost of care and unravel what has you no been woven into the fabric of america. >> you hear him talk about unraveling that fabric. and that fabric includes a health care marketplace that according to the numbers has simply and drastically improved access for millions. here are those numbers. if challengers win at the court, it would cut health care funding for up to 6.4 million people.
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where? in 37 sfats. soo even if you accept the arguments of the challengers to the law, the bottom line is those 6 million people could lose health care because republicans in their states refuse to cooperate with this policy. so regardless of with a people think about the branding or the politics of obama care we're also learning takeoday this most americans think cutting off health care is a good idea. according to a "washington post" abc news pole, 55% of americans saying the court should not take action to block the federal subsidies in the states that happened not to set up their own exchanges. so that means even if republicans win at the supreme court, they may be dealt a losing hand forced to defend a political program that denied their own citizens federal funding for the health care they need. some are already trying out new messages. john thune has the issue backwards trying to shift the blame. he recently tweeted 6 million people risk losing their health care subsidies, yes potus
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continues to deny that obamacare is bad for the american people. a quick fact check here. it is obamacare that provides those subsidies and republican attacks that are trying to eliminate them. other republican leaders have tried a different tact they're doing a wait and see approach. mitch mcconnell was asked about this. and he just told reporters, look, quote, we'll let's you know depending on the outcome of the decision. but a decision gutting obamacare would give republicans a lot of headaches. it is a lot easier to complain about this law when it's working than deal with the consequences when real people millions of them, start losing their health care. get yourself cell phones out. tonight's question, do you believe the supreme court will overturn obamacare is this go to and cast your vote. we will bring you the results later. now let's get right to. joining me now jamal simmons
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and jess mcintosh. good evening to you both. i'm tempted to go to the policy because we've argued before a lot of people matter in this policy debate. but jamal, let me start with the politics. what do you make of senator mcconnell saying we've had all this time we've been doing appeals, but i'll get back to you on an answer. >> the reality is the republicans are in a box here because they are the ones the american public knows been trying to stand in the way of getting health care passed and now they're pushing this case. and so what happens is if we have subsidies taken away from 6 million people many of them are in states that are republican leaning states, they are going to have a problem on their hands and they have to figure out a way to fix it. if they fix it by funding it they will have a problem with their base. so one way are on the other, they're in trouble. >> and jess i want to go back to a little bit of what the president said today.
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of course we've heard him defend the aca before but he's cutting up against a supreme court that could rule in the next two or tleek three weeks on this. he said you can't just pull out part of the aaca and not expect to mess with the fabric of the entire marketplace. in the "washington post," basically saying translation of obama's peachspeech, health care system is now obamacare. the reference to the cynicism to toes those who kaptswant to take away coverage, it's misleading. not just because appeal would hurt a lot of people, but because obamacare is now our health care system. >> yeah i think when you look at that map and you see how many states are shaded in red, 37 states lose their subsidy, that's not tinkering around the
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margins of a law that is fundamentally taking it apart. i don't believe that the supreme court will block those subsidies. i think that it is a fairly transparent partisan argument being made. and hopefully the justices see that for what it is. but i do think it is interesting how many republican states are in that red block. no one going to what skrajamal was saying, no one is at horrific other than the folks losing their health care than republican governor scott walker in wisconsin. if his state loses those subsidies, it will be up to him to come up with a solution. and he's shown zero indication he's interested in doing that kind of a thing. so it will be real trouble for him if he can't figure that out in his own state. >> doesn't that go to the problem here? the way the policy was erected created that back stop. this funding was the mechanism. you lose that and attitudely you have suddenly you have a bigger problem at home.
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>> do you. i was talking to one of the sxerptss who helped pull the deal together on capitol hill about this recently and he said there is a part of me that just wishes that the supreme court would rule against it because the republicans will be hoisted up. they're the ones in sit in the wave erecting the changes in the states. now they're pushing this case. and they're the ones paying the political price for getting hurt along with the 6 million people who would have their subsidies taken away or perhaps the 129 million people who now have access to held care who perhaps wouldn't. this is a huge issue in the american economy and republicans are really the ones at fault. >> i think that's fair. that is the weird part of it which is why it is strike to go see them struggle to do the messaging in advance. this isn't supposed to be complicated. if you want the court to do something because you think it's good, you should be able to speak as a politician and many of them are lawyers to why that is good. if this were row v. wade and they said we want it overturned,
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whether you degreeuyou degree or notagree or not, they could explain why they want it. mcconnell can't say why this would be good. that suggests some fear. >> i think absolutely. mcconnell knows what the fix is and he knows he has a bad senate match coming up next year. and they also know there will be people in the streets. if they lose their subsidies, it is hard to take goodies away from people. they will be in the streets over obama care subsidies going away. >> and jess you said something earlier i want to ask you about. you don't think the court will overturn this. the court doesn't always do what it says. but the court does say that it is not supposed to consider whether an outcome is good or bad. the court isn't supposed to say we are going to avoid this decision because we think it will let more murderers on the streets, right, or this evidence would be excluded so that's a
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bad thing. they say no what does the constitution require. and you can have debates about that. so if not for the health care concern, what do you think would move the judges here? >> i think that republicans have done a fairly poor job of arguing their side which might point it the pact that they don't really want the court to rule in their favor. i think the president was absolutely right to use the word cynical. i think it is of the utmost cynicism to want to take health care away from people and to take it as far as it has in that effect. i think if democrats were as cynical as republicans have been, we would really want the court to rule on the republicans' behalf. it would be a terrible messaging for them. awful for the election. but are more importantly, it would be terrible for the american people that need that health care. and so we don't go there. because generally democrats believe the government ought to do right by the people it serves and republicans kind of reflexively think that it's not
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capable of it or not willing to do, so they just help break it. and i think that this case is the clearest example of that real clear ideological divide that we've seen in a long time. >> a great point because if you were a pure political, a karl rove of the left that's exactly what you'd say. nothing would mobilize the obama coalition the base more than feeling like a are washington based unelected judges came in and took away what had been basically built for years. yet a lot of people care bts underlying politics. thanks for joining me tonight. if you're watching at home, remember to answer tonight's question. we'll have the results later in the show. coming up we have the latest from texas as the investigation is continuing following friday's police confrontation that went viral. you've probably seen some of it online. we'll have more. later, the budget buster rapid response weighing in on how marco rubio's spending spree might just contradict some of
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. dennis hastert made his first appearance in court in chicago. he pled not guilty to the two charges against him bond being set at $4500 and the former speaker had to surrender his passport to ensure he's not a flight risk. hastert was indicted for lying to the fbi and evading banking regulations. he attempted to hide $3.5 million in payments to an unidentified person in connection with quote past misconduct of a sexual nature. hastert has hired thomas green to represent him. green has worked on many high profile cases including political figures including whitewater as well as watergate. so say tuned. you're watching the ed show and we'll be right back.
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we're learning more about the events in mckinney, texas. police are saying they were called after reports of shall kind of disturbance. witnesses are starting to share what they say spark that had initial call. gray stone spoke last night. >> one parent said a very racial slur to a group of teenagers. and we felt the need to step in and say something. and that broke out into a lady getting physical and violence and then the cops were called. >> you can tell me what the man in question said that precipitated this? >> well, when we were trying to get a group of teens in the
2:17 pm
pool, he said to go back to section eight housing where you belong and get out of my neighborhood. >> meanwhile officer eric casebolt's actions still under investigation by that mckinney police tepts. the investigation has the full support of the mayor there. mckinney from a terp alaternal order of place saying casebolt's actions were not racially motivated. casebolt is on paid administrative leave following this sgipt. but based on the video and on local accounts many community activists are saying he should be fired. as the investigation continues, demonstrators marched calling for an end to what they call police brutality. a group marching monday night from the pool where the incident began. i'm joined now by a retirednyp nyppd detective, founder of mothers against police brutality, and staff writer.
2:18 pm
we don't know everything at this point.against police brutality, and staff writer. we don't know everything at this point. videos do give a flash insight into what they think happened. based on what we know, what are your concerns and what do we still need to find out? >> absolutely. when i see that video, i'm so troubled that this officer came into the scene like a robo cop. he's rolling on the ground, his adrenalin is flowing. and he's going straight for these children. and he pulled his gun on this child. even his fellow officers are trying to keep them at bay. he's pushing them back. so my concern is who is this officer. what is in his background. does he have a troubled history. this is a red flag to me. when i see an officer behaving in that manner that's a red flag. i mean most officers don't
2:19 pm
behave that way. >> joseph your thoughts here and do you think we have enough from the video to make an assessment of the officer's professional conduct? >> well, it's a concerning thing for me to watch the initial action. as a law enforcement officer, you want to try to deescalate things. but there is video showing up on line like over 7 1/2 minutes, a lot to be looked at. a lot to be examined. like everything else each situation is with the dynamics of the social interaction and the psychological aspect of the officer, too. those two seem to mesh here. >> and we're looking at different snippets of the footage. when he first arrives on a scene that does look like mostly minor, teen agers, and pulls his gun, can you say from a professional view was that possible and appropriate or inappropriate? >> well, i'll go right in the
2:20 pm
middle because of the fact that there are two kids that look like they're trying to go behind him. listen, i've been to a radio run where you have a disorderly group and we end up almost in a gunfight. but the main point here is what was in those 911 calls to get these cops to respond the way they did. >> what did they think they were responding to. >> that's very important. >> jamal, let's speak about this more broadly in terms of the national attention. it seems that we're having now repeat conversations in this country and in our political discourse that are always incident driven and so people end pup disputing about the individual people. in your view, is there a larger problem that we should be focused on? >> i think there is. if you look at sort of the history of american policing if you look at a wide variety of studies conducted about a number
2:21 pm
of dwepts across the country and very different kinds of environments from urban policing this this morning to more rural policing, to policing on the west coast, to policing in the south. you see similar issues and similar concerns in similar problems of a mismatch between police departments and the people they're policing. and so for me on one hand these kinds of incidents do i guess rejuvenate the conversation. but at this point, i think we're past the point where we need regular reminders that there is something happening and wrong in the interactions between police officers and communities. and we need to think more proactively beyond i think body cameras about what we can do about this but what exactly is driving these interactions and driving these problems. >> well, what do you think is driving it? because a lot of people say we have a continued inequities in
2:22 pm
racialized policing, but other folks point out that officers feel under threat and that if you cherry pick any set of incidents, you can find situations where they look aggressive when in fact they also face tremendous arriving. >> risk. >> i'll give one example. last year or two years ago, a group of researchers.>> i'll give one example. last year or two years ago, a group of researchers. i believe kansas city missouri. they conducted a whole host of research about the kinds of stops police officers were doing in the suburbs and cities. they found among traffic stops ordinary stops, there were no racial disparities. and if you talk to african-american drivers who experienced regular traffic stops, they were fine. they weren't angry, they didn't feel like they were being discriminated against. they understood they had broken a traffic law and were receiving the appropriate consequence. but there was another category of stop that officers engaged in
2:23 pm
in which they stopped not on the basis of a traffic violation but on the basis of shallome sort of minor broken headlight -- >> con text all stop right. >> and those were over he willwhelmingly against african-americans.all stop, right. >> and those were overwhelmingly against african-americans. they does createid create insecurity and fear. mus mistrust and built a climate that is not amenable to being calmed down when an incident goes down. >> joseph your response so that. >> the statistics that we might have a problem with the racial disparity i think st. louis just put out another report basically said the same thing. and this is something that you just conditions sayan't say we'll
2:24 pm
shelf it. you have to look at the policy and why is it happening. why is it happening. >> and let me bring collette back in. i know your group has requested a meeting with the mayor there and police chief. what you can tell us about that and where you want to go from here? >> well, when we look at mckinney, once the protesting is done and the media has gone away those people have to live in mckinney and we know that mckinney needs systemic changes. 70% african-american, 15% hispanic and about 10% about african-american. i'm sorry, 70% caucasian. but the city council is a complete white council and they're all male. and when he i think ever that i think ever ferguson. manage kenny has a long history of police brutality against african-americans.
2:25 pm
so unless there are systemic changes even drilling down to local government, we'll continue to have this problem. and that's even in dallas, texas. we have to get training, we need these officers when they encounter our children when you see my son you need to think of my son as your son or your uncle or nephew and not just a dangerous black man. >> thank you all for joining us on the topic. we'll stay on the story. still to come, will marco rubio get this trouble for his own spending habits? and next the latest from upstate new york on that manhunt. it is continuing right now for two escape prisoners. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big
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manhunt still under way for two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate new york prison on saturday. david sweat and richard matt broke out of the clinton correctional facility after an elaborate escape that is getting a lot of attention. new york state police saying they received now many leads and are searching areas 40 miles south of where the prisoners first escaped. authorities also telling nbc news that they were questioning prison worker joyce mitchell in connection with this escape attempt. we have chris pollone of nbc news whereith the latest. >> reporter: the manhunt continues. hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers continue to scour update new york for the two escaped murderers. >> being such a small location you know a lot of people in the area. it's a big uproar of worry. >> reporter: sense reported missing on saturday there has been no sign of richard matt or david squet.reported
2:30 pm
missing on saturday, there has been no sign of richard matt or david squet. sweat. they used power tools to consult into pipes. the men were housed in a block the so-called honor section of the prison and may have been planning the escape for months. a former guard says he's not surprised. >> a lot of these guys have nothing to lose you know. >> reporter: and construction or work inside the prison might have helped the men mask their work. >> you have contractors and testify stuff like that working. sound and different things that sounds like they synchronized their times with noise. >> reporter: successful flful escape by two men now on the run. >> for more we go to john yang on location. if you go online there is tons of talk about this story and a lot of rumors. what you can tell us on the latest that is confirmed right now?
2:31 pm
>> reporter: i can tell you that law enforcement officials say they are taking this sighting in willsborough seriously. a man said he saw two men walking down a road and then duck into the wood as. they're searching that part of the woods. federal and state officials descended on that little town this morning. they continue to search. they say they're taking this seriously, but they won't characterize how things are going. they have been there a long time and the search continues. that is what we know. on joyce mitchell i can tell you that they're describing her as a person of interest. they're talking to her, they stress that she is not in custody. and she is not under arrest. she worked in the tailor shop they make the uniforms for the metro north workers, the commuter rail line in new york city. the two escaped convicts worked in that shop.
2:32 pm
they're talking to her to try to figure out whether or not there was some sort of help given to the men from the inside and what kind of help. so they're investigations on two tracks, trying to figure out where they are now, number two, trying to figure out how they got out. >> and while you're reporting, we have been looking at some of the footage today of what looks to be a serious and massive manhunt, all the officials working the roads, helicopters in the air. but what is the mood like in the area among regular citizens and is there a sense of fear? >> reporter: there is a sense that -- you know when this first happened there was a sense these guys probably got out of here. but then there was a. >> reporter: on our affiliate in plattsburgh, new york, two rawlaw enforcement sources say the ride didn't material lidize, so that they
2:33 pm
have been on foot since saturday and really haven't gotten very far. once that news came out, the concern really went up around here. people are locking their doors, they're being very careful. being very careful about things as this about municipalitymanhunt goes on. >> it would be like a movie if it wasn't so serious. they are certainly a risk and threat to anyone who runs into they will. john yang, thanks for reporting for us. stick around, rapid response panel is next. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks in little change. dow falls 2, nasdaq up a fraction. there were 5.4 million positions waiting to be filled in april. the most since december of 2000. and lululemon was a big winner
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jeb bush has not officially launched, but he's already changing his campaign manager. many thought he would be a top go. candidate, but lately he's struggled. florida's other is facing new questions about his financial history. "new york times" reporting marco rubio has struggled with debt and impulse purchases. the "times" detailing that he bought a speed boat made some costly car payments and also had
2:38 pm
some troubled real estate ventures. apt apparently his debt management was also flagged by the mitt romney campaign. on the one hand rubio's struggle to cover his bills is a familiar challenge for most americans. certainly not an automatic disqualification for higher office. but let look at rubio's specific case here. his brief career in the federal government has included a lot of politicking away the idea that the government spends more than it takes in and americans need to tighten that are belts. >> the modern world that we all live in tell us that success is measured by how much money you makeare belts. >> the modern world that we all live in tell us that success is measured by how much money you make or how famous we come. this country is spending more money than it takes in. we need to reform spending. the government is too large and too expensive. allow us to once again balance our budgets. we need leaders willing to use the platform of public office to
2:39 pm
call attention to the impact societal break down is having on our nation. >> we bring back jamal simmons and jess mcintosh because they did so well early in the show. and also ron christy joins us former george w. bush official. welcome, everybody. ron, i'm starting with you. is marco rubio given these public facts really the right messenger for the idea that the government is spending more than it takes in? >> of course. good evening. you look at his career for on having been speaker of the house of florida and of course now in the senate. the government has money of which the taxpayers provide. and the government has exploded over the last ten years. the government brings in far more money than it ever has. and yet we're running record debt and record deficits. so for senator rubio to talk about fiscal responsibility in the government is entirely different than talking about what an individual citizen may or may not be doing with their own finances.
2:40 pm
>> jess is that fair? >> pretty hard when the republicans base so much of their policy on we'll run this government like a family around the kitchen table and tighten your belt. they spend a lot of time pretending that government and family finances are the same thing. so it will be tough to then split them apart when it's politically convenient to do so. more than him not being able to make ends meet is this idea that he's putting family stuff on a party card, and he's taking all of this money from billionaire friends. those are not problems that the normal every day american family has. whoops, i chargeded my repaving to the gop. i think that sense of corruption is really what he's going to have to answer for as things keep going. >> jess is talking about the relatable factor which matters in politics and certainly having dealt is relatable and struggling over the course of a
2:41 pm
career. but is buying a speed boat that you complaint affordan't afford, is that relatable? >> i think americans buy lots of things they can't afford all the tile. but i think getting -- for marco rubio the challenge here is that he's got as jess was saying this co- co- co- co-mingling of funds. this billionaire that gave the money to hire him and hire his wife and pay for a variety of things. at the same time using party credit cards, hiring family members. this is the keentd of stuff if this happened in chicago or in where i'm from in detroit or in new york state assembly people would -- fbi would be poking around here trying to figure out what exactly is going on. i think marco rubio may have some bigger troubles and this is just the beginning of what we're hearing about. >> ron, do you think this is all blown out of proportion?
2:42 pm
>> this is also blown out of proportion. they talk about corruption and chicago and detroit. doctor don't why don't we talk about new york and a former senator from new york, a former secretary of state from new york whose foundation has brought in hundreds of million they have underrated to the irs, they had to pay late. there is no assertion that marco rubio has tried to mislead the american people on his own finances where the clintons refuse to disclose their own. so if we want to talk about appearance of corruption and bringing in money, i'd go to the clinton foundation and the hundreds of millions of dollars they brought in that they don't want to talk about. >> you see what ron is doing, he's a good debater. the segment is about marco rubio and the "new york times" report but he wants to make the segment about hillary clinton. but that is fair because it's a possibility that marco rubio could be facing off against marco rubio. so yes, sirjess, your thoughts. >> of course he does. that's what he has.
2:43 pm
we have had the clintons on the public stage for 30 years. we've gone through pretty much every iota of hillary clinton's finances and found absolutely nothing wrong there. so they can keep pointing to new questions that they want to raise or new e-mails that they want to see or a new dollar that they want to dissect, but the bottom line is that voters will care about what agenda a presidential candidate is putting forward, so we can take away any of the financial considerations and talk about how mukarco rubio can't do anything and hillary clinton has a really great plan. >> i don't know how you can say that with a straight face. it's the gold standard of individuals who look at foundations and say the clinton foundation should not be a clarity because they give out more than 90% of the money not to charitable push of purposes but for their own purposes. so it's not a republican thing. and again marco rubioof purposes but for their own purposes. so it's not a republican thing.
2:44 pm
and again marco rubio there is no assertion where he's done anything corruption. i think ordinary families rpts bringing in $16 million in a matter of months. ordinary families aren't bringing in $60 million in a lifetime. >> let me fact check one thing. neither of these candidates are currently facing any inquiry regarding the idea that they stepped over a legal line. so we're not there. we're talking simply mostly i think about the ethics and politics of it. jamal, on the other news for folks who cover this stuff, jeb bush who some people thought was the guy already changing gears as i mentioned at the top of the segment here to a new campaign manager. does that mean anything or as we know sometimes the shakeup is the best thing for a candidate? >> yeah, i don't know what it means today. danny diaz is a perfectly competent and great operative. so i'm sure he will do a great
2:45 pm
job. but the reality is that jeb bush is not the formidable candidate that we all thought it would be. in fact i would argue if marco rubio is a much tougher general election candidate. but the reality here is that jeb bush is doing smegomething that if he has to make a fix he needs to do it now so he can win a primary. right now i'm finding it hard which see which primary or caucus jeb bush wins. >> the path seems to be narrowing and in politics perception of the path matters. fun talking to all you guys. ron christy, you got hillary clinton extra air time tonight. thanking you all. still to come new polling you'll want to hear about. this shows that americans actually oppose many of the policies in the tpp. we have the details for you straight ahead.
2:46 pm
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>> some some breaking news for you to report now. according to local media reports according to the attorney of the police officer in the center of that incident in mckinney, texas, according to brand-new reports, that officer has resigned. again, that officer in that incident reportedly has resigned. that's according to multiple accounts and sources on the ground. we'll have more for you on that story as it develops. there's reports that the lawyer for the officer will speak. msnbc will stay on that story for you. and we'll keep you posted. thanks for watching. thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your?
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welcome back. house republicans still don't have enough votes to provide president obama with fast-track trade authority. they haven't committed to vote on it by the end of this week however republicans still confident they can eventually get enough support to pass this bill. if the president is granted the authority, the trans-pacific partnership will receive an up or down vote. some have been arguing american jobs would be at risk because of the increased imports in trade. according to an online survey. it turns out many want to defend the u.s. from what they consider cheap foreign imports. when asked what's more important? 66% say protecting american
2:55 pm
industries and jobs by limiting foreign imports from other countries. 31% say allowing free trade products that can be bought at lower prices of course. 71% of republicans support the protections compared to 28% who prefer those cheap goods. 66% of democrats want protections, 31% prefer cheap goods when it's framed that way. look at this college graduates the most likely to support free trade. 60% favor protections. 38% would prefer cheap products. overall, americans oppose fast track authority for the president. a new poll. show 55% opposed to fast track. 42% in favor. we bring in lori walich and genevieve woods, senior contributor with the daily signal. good evening to you both. what do you make of all these numbers combined? >> i think it's not very surprising that most americans, democrats, republicans and
2:56 pm
independents aren't very supportive of either any president basically having the ability to railroad through a big international agreement that can affect their jobs or more of the same trade agreements that have in the past led to lots of job offshoring and downward pressure on americans' wages. not really surprising. >> you're talking procedurally saying fast track it's a duh, and the president has said that is the choice. if you don't have that you can't get these kind of complex deals done at all. so it's that way or no way. >> well that's not really the case. for the last 21 years congress has only allowed fast track to go into effect for five of those years, but just during the clinton administration where president clinton only had fast track for two of his eight years they did 150 trade agreements. only two of them had fast track. so you need fast track for really unpopular agreements that
2:57 pm
are overreaching that you need to luge run through congress. but if the majority in congress is happy with they doesn't need fast track. >> that's a strong argument i think. genevieve do you think the trade supporters are losing the political message war? >> i'll be honest with you, i don't think we've had a very good debate on this whole trade deal. the reason why is because people like me who are ardent free traders who would be opposed to where lori is on this deal haven't come out vocally one way or the other. the reason is we haven't seen the deal. those who have seen it are members of congress who have had to view it behind closed doors. frankly, many conservatives in congress who i talked to because they don't trust this president on a whole host of things things like immigration and others that he's gone around them they're concerned that there may be things in this deal that they're not going to like that gets through. they don't want to give him that kind of authority.
2:58 pm
i don't think we've had a good dae debate. the president hasn't put some cards on the table. we don't know what's in it. he hasn't been very helpful in persuading people he can be trusted on these kind of things. >> as we saw in the numbers -- we'll put them back up briefly, you have that republican and democratic skepticism which isn't just a partisan issue and may also reflect the fact that you had big progressives like elizabeth warren come at the president from the left on these issues. it's been a different kind of debate. we have to cut our segment short because we want to talk about a breaking news update. thank you for your time. turning to that breaking news an update we've promised you on a story we've been following. the officer at the center of that confrontation with teens at the pool party at mckinney, texas, has reportedly resigned. a local media report, kdfw attributes that to the attorney for the officer and in conjunction with that we've seen
2:59 pm
a new scheduled press conference by the police department scheduled for 6:30 p.m. eastern, a story that's gotten a lot of attention. joining me by phone msnbc national correspondent joy reed at the mckinney police station. >> yes we are trying to confirm those reports that the officer has resigned. i'm here outside the police station in mckinney, texas, awaiting that press conference in about 32 minutes, at which we will hear from the chief of police here the new chief who has been installed for a short period of time. we just spoke with the only person that's been charged with a crime in connection with that pool party incident. the young man who had -- officer casebolt who had drawn his gun on and we're waiting to hear what happens with this case as well. we'll update msnbc as the news comes in. >> thank you for the update. that is our show for today "the ed show."
3:00 pm
"politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. tonight on "politics nation," the moral case for obama care. president obama passionately defending his signature law slamming republicans for putting people over politics. also, dennis hastert in court. the former house speaker facing abuse allegations and pleading not guilty to federal charges. and big questions about those bomb threats in washington. with security scares at the white house and on capitol hill. how do you spot a hoax from the real thing? welcome to "politics nation." i'm live tonight from montgomery alabama. we start tonight with health care, which is not an issue like most oth


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