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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a will hold a news conference with brazil's president. we will bring that to you live. there they are together this morning. good day. i'm chris matthews in washington. andrea is going to be joining us in a minute from the iranian nuclear talks in vienna. let's start here at home with chris christie's presidential bid. >> america is tired of indecisiveness and weakness in the oval office. we need to have strength and decision making and authority back in the oval office. and that is why today i am proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. >> joining us right now is msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt and in new jersey political analyst and former rnc chair michael steele here in washington, and msnbc political analyst ed rendell, former pennsylvania governor. let me ask you now, kasie, gave us a sense, who are those people in that gym?
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they were so enthuseiasticenthusiastic. i was impressed. >> these are christie's hard core supporters. the security for this event was higher i had ever seen for any other presidential announcements i had covered. we didn't really have any protesters who made it inside the gym although there are plenty of who came from all over the state and outside. you know what this crowd was fired up for christie and starts to underscore why it is that christie is so strong as a potential, had been so strong as potential president candidate. this highlighted his political skills. that's what he's relying on to carry him above this hill chris. >> did the new jerseyians have a realistic snoegs notion of where they stand with the republican party? the east coast republican party, ethnic party, whatever you want to call it they're so apart from that sort of fundamentalist, southern baptist, republican party that seems to dominate the culture of that party. do they know the weak wing of
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that plane? >> chris, i'm not sure that there's necessarily a sense of that here. i think you've hit on a really good point. this idea that is the republican party becoming just the party of the south or does it have life here. i think christie's advisers would say that this state would be far out of reach for him in he's in the general election. christie is pretty unpopular in new jersey and that's one of the things that a lot of rivals will point to if he managed to gain traction. unemployment rate here one of the worst in the country. growth rate is not great. and he's been downgraded fallen nine times in recent years. so i'm not sure that republicans here necessarily are going to be the ones doing christie any favors on presidential campaign trail. >> thank you. less go to governor rendell. the phillies record this year is pretty bad on the road. it's a little better at home. is that the chris christie situation but it's still a losing record at home?
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your thoughts. >> i think chris christie kasie is right, the bond rating have been downgraded nine times. unemployment job creation is among the five lowest in the country. those are things that are impossible to overcome for any incumbent governor. really chris christie has two huge problems worse than that chris. one is we haven't heard the last of bridgegate. sure we're going to hear from bridget kelly and some others. and number two, when jeb bush and scott walker got into the race it took the air out of the room. i always believed there was a chance for one republican moderate or moderate conservative from the establishment to be the nominee. and if chris christie had had that field to himself he might have had a chance absent the bridge bridgegate. but when jeb bush decided to run, scott walker decided to run, i don't think there's any space for chris christie.
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>> that's a great question. let me go to michael. is the little kids table at the republican party at thanksgiving, is it big enough for these guys? scott walker is a credible contender here and jeb is looking moderate lately especially with the flag and same-sex marriage and all kinds of things health care. he's once again stakeing -- putting his stake in that more moderate republican part of the party. >> he is. i think he would consider himself sitting at the adults table as he enters this race and that he plans to really make that the centerpiece of his campaign, that he is the adult who is prepared like any good responsible parent or adult leader would do and that is tell you like it is tell you the truth, speak truth to power and be forthcoming. the test on balancing on paper with his tendency to bristle and respond in a harsh tone or harsh
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way which, again, may be popular in certain parts of the country with certain people but as national strategy, something you say day in and day out on a campaign, i don't think it will work. i don't think that's what kristi ultimately will go. i think though he will bring a different kind of energy to this race chris, that will push and test the walkers and bushes in the establishment corner as he tries to elbow his way for more room at that adults table. >> let's look at the governor again. here he was this morning announcing his candidacy for president in 2016. chris christie of new jersey. >> i never waivered from telling you the truth as i see it and then acting to make sure that you know that is the truth as i believe it in my heart. you're going to get what i think whether you like it or not or whether it makes you cringe every once in a while or not. >> kasie, that's almost like george w. bush saying bring them on because they've got top
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security there today. nobody is going to cause him any trouble. when he gets out there in the field in the reporter even the midwestern reporters are going to take that challenge from him. they're going to ask him the tough questions. >> well, you know chris, what i thought was interesting is that ou just played was probably the most pugnacious that christie got during this speech. it was much more on the warm and fuzzy side than on the tell it like it is. it was a story about his mother and how it came to be i'm not sure that sends a signal that he knows he needs to tone it down a little bit as he does this but it was definitely different from many of those encounters where you see him facing down something and telling them to sit down and shut up or telling someone who asks him about whether he sends his kids to public schools, that it's none of their business. i don't know if this is the beginning of a softer gentler chris christie, but it seems to signal to me they at least know that he has to tread carefully on how he let's his personality shine through. >> kasie hunt thank you. thank you, governor rendell.
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thank you, chairman michael steele. let's turn to the top international story, nuclear negotiations over in vienna and over their question of nuclear arms in iran. andrea mitchell is there with us from vienna. andrea, take over. >> i know, chris, that the president is about to come out. this is a news conference jointly with brazil's president, but he well might be asked about this because what's happened here today as you though, chris, was the deadline deadline for these talks to conclude. we knew they were going to blow right past it. the important thing today is that iran's foreign minister zarif and several top colleagues came back from tehran they came back presumably with some guidance. and when asked about that they -- whether they came back with a mandate to reach a deal zarif, the foreign minister said, i always had a mandate to reach a deal. now they have just extended these talks, at least extended the preliminary agreement that guided iran's behavior on nuclear research since november of 2014 and also given iran
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some relief from sanctions along the way. interim agreement that was first drafted and agreed to in november 2014 has been extended until july 7th. chris, that makes it increasingly likely that we are going to be spending july 4th, independence weekend right here in vienna. that said there was the meeting with zarif today and the others meeting with kerry. that means the talks are back in gear. a lot more hopeful signs. also a meeting later with foreign minister lavrov of russia for the first time today. after john kerry was basically alone here yesterday, while the iranians went back to tehran this is the time when they came back and they can at least start dealing with some of the trickier issues. the ayatollah khomeni backtracking seemingly at least that was the observation around the world last week from tehran in a very hard line speech tweeted today that he has full confidence and faith in his negotiators.
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chris, i think you can best see whether the president is walking in now. but presumably he ask most likely even in a brief news conference going to be asked about this as well as the greek crisis and the relationship with dilma rousseff the president of brazil. it was supposed to be a state visit more than a year ago and she canceled it in anger after the snowden leaks revealed she had been had been eavesdropped upon or spied upon. >> let me ask you about the action of the u.s. negotiating team over there. by saying the final agreement has to basically track what was agreed to in the preliminary agreement a couple months ago, is that for real? are we going to stick to where we were and not let the ayatollah change the name of the game? >> they say they are sticking to it. they say that the parameters agreed to back in april are what they are working from. and that's the deal period. that said those parameters left a lot of running room and that
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is what is now being discussed and, according to critic especially tom cotton back home and other critics on the hill and certainly people here advocates who believe very strongly that this deal concedes too much to iran they're saying that the u.s. is conceding too much. we talked to one of the top officials here yesterday who was very strong anded a mapt adamanted aadamant and angry. we're not going the cave in. if i wanted to cave in a long time ago i would be home with my family and happy. they've been here for months more than 18 months now. everyone is weary. everyone is sick of this. they want to go home. they insist that they're not caving in but, frankly, that april deal was a little loose. it was not all on paper. this deal has to be on paper. they are negotiating hundreds of pamg pages of texts that have to be lawyered. that's part of the complication. they're going past the deadline easily a couple of days. they say, chris, they're not going to agree to a long-term
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extension, that they won't permit iran or anybody else taking shots at this to try to renegotiate. i think that you're going to see a very determined president, if he is asked about this they believe this is a legacy and, chris, as the president is about to come in we'll wait to see if he's asked about it. chris? >> thanks, andrea. over in vienna. we're back in washington. let's go live to the east room in the white house where joint news anconference is under way. >> president rousseff back to the white house. this is another opportunity for me to reciprocate some of the extraordinary hospital that dilma and the people of brazil showed me and my family when we visited brazil. i want to go back. i didn't get a chance to experience carnival vice president biden got to go to the world cup, not me.
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but the eyes of the world will be on brazil again when it hosts the olympics next year. that will be another reminder brazil's remarkable rise both at home and on the world stage. as president i've pursued a new era of engagement with latin america where our countries work together as equal partners based on mutual interests and mutual respect. as we saw at the recent summit of the americas, the united states is more deeply engaged in the region than we've been in decades. and i believe the relationship between the united states and latin america is as good as it's ever been. we're focused on the future. what we can accomplish together. a cornerstone of our engagement with the region is a strong partnership with brazil. i believe our two nations are natural partners. in the americas and around the world. as two of the world's largest democracies, we understand the aspirations of citizens to live
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in freedom. dilma, the sacrifices you've made personally in your own life is a testament to that determination. as two multiracial, multiethnic societies we know that countries are stronger when they uphold the rights of all people. a truth we reflected on yesterday when we visited the memorial to dr. martin luther king jr. as two of the world's largest economies we understand that lasting prosperity and confronting the injustices of poverty and inequality can only come when we truly invest in our people their education, their skill, their ability to work and live with dignity. these are enduring interests and values that bind us together. now, no relationship between countries is without disagreements. the united states and brazil are no different. it's often tempting i suspect to focus on whatever challenge there's may be in the moment but
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in steps that often don't make the headlines the work of our nations has gone on and over the years president rousseff and have deepen our ties. we partner on global challenges from promoting open government to preventing human trafficking. since i took office we boosted american exports to brazil by more than 50% and bilateral trade has reached record levels surpassing $100 billion a year. we've expanded collaborations in science and technology, and the ties between our people especially our young people, as part of our 100,000 strong in the america initiative more brazilian students come to the united states and more american students go to brazil. and that's real concrete progress that we've made together. of course president rousseff and align, there's much more the united states and brazil can be doing together. dilma, i want to thank you for
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your personal commitment to taking the partnership between our two countries to the next level. that's what we've done today across a range of areas. first we're announcing a series of new steps to boost trade and investment that creates jobs for our peoples. with brazil's recent announcement on infrastructure american companies will have more opportunities to compete for projects and develop brazil's highways ports, and railways. we'll make it easier and more affordable for companies to hire workers in each other's countries. we'll do more to help our small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs connect and collaborate and export. and as leaders in science and technology we've agreed to increase partnerships between our colleges and universities as we develop the next generation of scientists and researchers. second, as major economyies the united states and brazil will lead in the fight against climate change. since 2005 our two nations have reduced carbon emissions more than any other countries in the world.
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in brazil this includes very impressive efforts over the past decade to combat deforest station including in the amazon. sometimes called the lungs of the planet. together our countries are leaders in clean energy, so today we're taking important new steps as we work toward a strong global climate agreement in paris. i thank our brazilian friends for previewing elements of their post-2020 targets, for reducing emissions including substantial new goals to eliminate illegal deforestation and restore forests. both nations are restoring clean energy. beyond hydro power the united states and pra brazil will aim to increase the share of electricity we generate from renewable energy to 20% by the year 2030. these are very ambitious goals and near tripling for the united states and more than double brazil's current output. following progress during my trips to china and india, this shows that the world's major
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economies can begin to transcend some of the oldie vids and work together to confront the common challenge that we face something that we have to work on for future generations. i'm confident this will lead to a strong outcome in paris. third, we're working to deepen our defense cooperation. under president rousseff's leadership, two were approved by the congress last week and now in effect. going forward it will be easier for two militaries to train together to share more information and technology and to cooperate during missions such as disaster response and peacekeeping. i want to thank you publicly dilma, for making this progress. finally we're working together to uphold democracy in human rights across latin america. i appreciate president rousseff and brazil's strong support for our new opening toward cuba. i ub dated dilma on our progress including work to open embassies in havana and washington and i
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believe that brazil's leadership in the region as well as its own journey to democracy any market economy can make an important partner as we work to create more opportunities and prosperity for the cuban people. in short i believe that this visit marks one more step in a new, more ambitious chapter in the relationship between our countries. we are focused on the future. dilma, thank you for your friendship, your partnership, and the progress we've achieved together. as we look ahead to the olympics next summer we americans will be cheering proudly for team usa. we'll all be rooting for truly great games with brazil as our host. dilma did give me a very nice yellow and green sweatshirt which says brazil on the back. i can't wear that in public because i have to root for the usa, but -- but at home at
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night, it's very comfortable. so who knows. i might -- i might slip it on. so, president rousseff, thank you. >> translator: greetings to our dear president barack obama, greetings likewise to all cabinet ministers, members of the two attending delegations, greetings likewise to all members and persons attending this session, photographer cameramen and women. i'd like to thank president barack obama as well as the u.s. people for the hospitality with which they have welcomed me. i've since i got here and i've since i came to the u.s. through new york this morning and last evening president barack obama and i have had very fruitful productive meetings during which we have celebrated an upward trajectory in our relations. we have also established a
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robust bilateral agenda in areas such as trade, investments, climate change energy education, defense, science, technology, and innovation. we have re-enforced our dialogue on topics of the international agenda such as environment and sustainable development. factors that are indeed key and essential for the world and for each of our countries. we also focused on economic governance, substantial governance, peace and security. the economic recovery of the united states is an extremely positive development for the world economy and certainly also for the brazilian economy. our bilateral trade is very substantial and is based on higher value added products. we want to further expand and diversify our exchanges. and here our challenge consists on doubling our trade current within one decade.
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the ultimate objective consists in building the conditions to ensure an ambitious trade relation ship between brazil and the united states. to that end in the short term we should remove especially the non-tariff obstacles that are in place for industrial goods and agricultural goods. we should slash down bureaucracy and red tape and do away with the very complicated permit restrictions and we would like, of course, the high quality of production processes in brazil be duly acknowledged. in the short term our priority agenda will focus on two topics as we wish. number one, regulatory or standards convergence and harmonization on standards. two, trade facilitation through a single window system so streamline simplify the time frames involved in customs procedures. we would also like to cooperate with the u.s. patent offices.
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although it is a matter that involves intellectual property there are positive impacts by means of investments as we expand the degree of technology incorporated into brazilian products. the u.s. is the main investor or foreign investor in brazil in 2013. the total aggregates from the u.s. and brazil came to 116 billion u.s. ds. in the u.s. it's grown, in 2013 the total of aggregate of brazilian investments in the u.s. these figures never the less do not truly represent the order of magnitude of these investments. and it is important to indicate that between 2007-20122 growth of foreign direct investments by brazil in the u.s. came to 221% in terms of the actual increase
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between 2007-2012. we want to further expand these flows, investments and trade flows and be higher given the actual potentiality available to our economies. that is one of the objectives of the efforts we have engaged in to further strength then our macro economic policies. thus reducing risks for both brazilian investments and for foreign investments in brazil. we developed the macro economic agenda expanding the transparency or accountability of processes and the proper gav innocence governance of relations between the company and government. we're also expanding the investments opportunity, opportunities in one area where coordination by the government is absolutely key in terms of setting the right expectations. i'm talking about the infrastructure area. we have launched an ambitious logistics infrastructure program and we hope and we thank
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president obama for his commitment in ensure aggregator presence of u.s. investors in that process, the logistics, development program. i would also like to say that we have enjoyed the fruitful relationship between our two governments and the business communities. the recent ceo, bilateral ceo forum held in brazil provide us with important suggestions such as the establishment of setting up of an infrastructure information center to identify coordinate, and promote investment projects. as well as the suggestion of development of developing financial tools and guarantees for investments in the long term with a view to stimulating private sector involvement. we also have a wide array of several other opportunities and achievements in areas such as the defense arena, for example. we welcome the two agreements
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recently passed by congress. the defense in cooperation agreement which will allow a very fruitful cop ragsz between the brazilian ministry of defense as well as the u.s. counter part ministry of defense. the military information agreement on military information which will allow exchange of information in that area. in the field of technology bio technology air and space technology. i'd like to highlight one point that president obama and i discussed and one on which we have come to a decision which i view as very important. i'm talking about climate change. climate change is one of the central challenges of the 21st
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century. and we have one important objective, which is number one, to ensure that the images in our two countries will have a substantial share of renewable sources of energy. the decision has a great deal to do with the current outlook and our involvement as part of the global emissions reductions agreement. so that we are indeed in a position to materialize that agreement during the upcoming cop conference cop 21 to be held in conference. the second area is very much related to the first one, which is the joint decision by our two countries to establish a 20% goal in terms of expanding the renewable share of source of energy, except for the hydro sources between now and 2020. i very much welcome that
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decision because it will prove extremely important in the reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also it speaks to our clear cut commitment of ensure that the environment and also efforts to make sure the global temperature will not go up beyond twodegrees as agreed. as country as vast as continents we have this very important greenhouse gas emissions target. we attach a great deal of importance to reduce forestation as we have done in brazil we commit to come to zero defor theation rate in 2030 and we also wish to turn the page and engage in a clear-cut
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reforestation policy. extremely important point for fwra zil and reflects the commitments we ourselves have undertaken as part of the forests in effect in brazil. so the environmental agenda in my view is absolutely key and essential for our two countries. cooperation in energy efficiency, for example, we are committed to putting in place smart grids, we also committed to minimum consumption levels energy consumption levels. we are also committed to establishing efficient equipment and buildings. president obama and i also discussed education extensively in our meetings. we believe that education in brazil will provide us with two gains. number one, social i collusion, so as to make sure the social gains become permanent gains, and number two, the qualitative leap forward as far as our competitiveness towards the
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knowledge economy. and that is why we are most pleased to see our agreement on cooperation in technical, vocational education between the brazilian ministry of education and the brazilian department of education. we are most pleased about that agreement. we also wish to establish partnerships between the government research institutes in each of our two countries with a view to achieving scientific technological improvement as well as innovation. i would also like to stress the importance of using education technologies as a means to move towards higher equality more inclusive education. in that regard without a shadow of a doubt, the high quality as well as ability of the united states to develop scientific and technological research in that arena has proved very important.
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may i also state for the record that we we attach a great deal of importance to cooperation as part of the science without borders program. as part of that program, the science without borders program, an important highlight is the fact that the u.s. has received the biggest number of brazilians students. the u.s. has become the main destination of brazilian students bin fish shares of the science without borders program. i thank president obama for having welcomed such a substantial wave of brazilian grantees. i have often said time and again to president obama that it is our ambition to change our cooperation and innovation into one of the central topics on our agenda. we also want to make progress in our imagery cooperation, particularly when the linkages
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between our national laboratory and brazilian research center in energy and materials, cnpem. tomorrow i will be in california and while in california i intend to hold a very instigating meeting with information technology, bio technology and air and space companies. you i'd also like to thank president obama because we have come to a decision to facilitate entry of frequent travelers from brazil in the united states as part of the global entry program. we have also signed a very important agreement for the brazilian population living working in the united states. i'm talking about a social security agreement that will allow the brazilians working in brazil -- in the u.s. to be
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equally covered under the social security agreement. we also addressed a wide array of different initiatives. i'd like to essentially highlight the following initiatives. the decision by brazil to join the global health security initiative initiative, ghsi. i think it is also very important to underscore that we have a wide array of joint initiatives that can be developed and put in place in third-party countries or triangular cooperation, particularly for the purpose of fuel production. in conclusion may i refer to the importance for latin america of the recent decision made by
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president obama and by president raul castro even with a partnership with pope francis to the effect of opening up relations with or resuming relations with cuba. a very decisive milestone and point in time in u.s. relations with latin america. it really is about putting the end to the lingers vestiges of the cold war and ultimately elevates the level of the relations between the u.s. and the entire region. may i acknowledge the importance of that gesture to all of latin america and those to world peace at large. it is an important example of relations to be followed. in conclusion may i reiterate my invitation for president obama to come to brazil for the 2016 olympics. i count on you, of course the invitation is extensive to the vice president but i understand
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both of them are not able to be at the same time at the same place abroad. but same is true for brazil. anyway, president obama has a standing invitation to come to the 2016 olympics in rio, in brazil. while in brazil he will be able to wear his green and yellow jersey or garment which says brazil and also obama on the chest. and i'm sure you will be applauded, president obama if you do so. and i also believe that this trip to the united states stands as a relaunch of our bilateral relations. having said that once again, may i thank president obama and the u.s. people for the warm reception, for the welcome, and may i say that we have indeed taken one step ahead in our bilateral relations. thank you very much.
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>> we're going to miss you, but you're going to be here for a couple of weeks, right? congratulations. appreciate it. >> sir you're on the cusp of entering into an agreement an iran. there's still unresolved issues with iran. in particular, the fates of americans like jason, amir robert livingston. you and your administration say you're continued to raise the imprisonment and disappearance of these individuals, these americans, but still you will sign likely an agreement with tehran and those issues will remain unresolved. what do you say to them to the families about how you will deal with their loved ones and, i guess the bottom line is do you find the iranian leadership
9:36 am
trustworthy? and madam president, welcome to the u.s. you canceled a previous trip to the united states following the snowden revelations of -- do you need a translation? of nsa spying. >> a little louder. >> a little louder certainly. you canceled a previous trip at united states following the revelations of -- by edward snowden of nsa spying on you. are you still troubled by those revelations and have you received assurances and are you satisfied with the answers you have received from the administration? thank you. >> well, first of all, jim, with respect to u.s. citizen, u.s. persons were held in iran this is something that we continue to push hard on irrespective of the
9:37 am
nuclear deal. it's a top priority for us to make sure that our people are treated fairly on the face of it, in the case of the individuals who have been held they have not been and they are not being afforded the basic due process and legal rights that we afford visitors to our country. so we're deeply concerned about it. we spend a lot of time pushing on it and we will continue to do so. and there's no lessening of the sense of urgency. when i talk to the families we remind them of the fact that that is a mission that will continue and has been worked on consistently throughout their captivity. with respect to the larger issue of whether i trust the iranian
9:38 am
regime as i've said before there are deep seeded disagreements and divisions between the united states and iran. and those aren't going to go away overnight. the goal of the nuclear negotiations is not to rely on trust but to set up a verifiable mechanism where we are cutting off the pathways for iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. and john kerry right now is there along with secretary of energy moniz, one of the top nuclear physicists in the world. they are deeply engaged in negotiations. my hope is that they can achieve an agreement, but my instructions to them have been extremely clear. the framework agreement that was established at luzon is one
9:39 am
that, if implemented effectively and codified properly would, in fact achieve my goal which is iran not obtaining a nuclear weapon. there has been a lot of talk on the other side from the iranian negotiators about whether, in fact, they can abide by some of the terms that came up in luzon. if they cannot that's going to be a problem because i've said from the start, i will walk away from the negotiations if in fact, it's a bad deal. if we can't provide assurances that the pathways for iran obtaining a nuclear weapon are closed and if we can't verify that, if the inspections regime verification regime is inadequate then we're not going
9:40 am
to get a deal. and we've been very clear to the iranian government about that. the good news is is that our p5plus1 partners in these negotiations feel exactly the same way. so you know there's still some hard negotiations to take place, but ultimately there's going to be up to the iranians to determine whether or not they meet the requirements that the international community has set forth to be able to fairly and accurately and consistently assess whether or not they have foreclosed the possibility of obtaining a nuclear weapon. and given past behavior on the part of iran that can't simply be a declaration by iran and a few inspectors wandering around every once in a while. that's doing to have to be a
9:41 am
serious, rigorous you know, verification mechanism. and that i think, is going to be the test as to whether we get a deal or not. >> translator: yes, it is true. yes, it is true. i did cancel my previous trip to the u.s. at that point in time. since then, some things have changed. the change is particularly due to the fact that president obama and the u.s. government have stated on several occasions that they would no longer engage in intrusive acts of spying friendly countries. i believe president obama. furthermore, he has told me that you know if he needed -- should he ever need nonpublic information about brazil he would just pick up the phone and call me. so, yes, i am certain that the
9:42 am
conditions today have become very different. at this point, at this point i would like to call upon journalist sandra with the global news network. >> if brazil is playing somebody else, then maybe i'll -- >> shaurure. >> if they're playing the united states, i'm not sure. >> no not against the united states. mr. president, you were talking about a new relationship based on trust. and president dilma just mentioned when brazil canceled this trip because of matter of trust and brazil is also in the middle of a very political and economical crisis can you trust one another in this moment to
9:43 am
build this new chapter? >> well, my -- >> president, brazil -- >> translator: madam president, brazil views itself as a global player and leader in the world and now the u.s. brazil as a regional player. how do you reconcile or strike a balance between those two visions? >>k actually going to answer in part the question you asked the president. we view brazil not as regional power but as a global power. if you think about the preeminent economic forum for coordinating between major economies, the g-20 brazil is a major voice in that. the negotiations that are going to be taking place in paris around climate change can only succeed with brazil as a key leader. and the announcements that have been made today about their goals on renewable energy is indicative of brazil's
9:44 am
leadership. you know brazil is a major global player. i told president dilma last night that, you know, the united states, as powerful as we are and as interested as we are in solving a whole range of international issues recognizes we can't do it alone. on issues like global health, we're not going to succeed unless we're working with brazil and other major countries so that we can identify where there might be the outbreak of a disease, how we prevent it from turning into a pandemic. if we want to be successful on climate change on countering terrorism, on making sure that we are reducing extreme poverty around the world, all the major countries have to be involved in that process. and brazil we consider to be an
9:45 am
absolutely indispensable partner this these efforts. with respect to trust, i will say that president rousseff and i have had an excellent relationship since she took office. i trust her completely. she's always been very candid and frank with me about the interest of the brazilian people and how we can work together. she has delivered on what she's promised. when we met in panama we discussed, for example the defense cooperation agreements that were just mentioned. she got those through congress. as somebody who knows something about congresses, that -- i know that's never easy. so for her to use political capital in order to get that done i think is indicative of the kind of reliable partner that she is.
9:46 am
and so we believe that this meeting that we've had this week builds on a series of steps that have continued to deepen cooperation between our two countries. there are still going to be differences occasionally but that's true with every one of our close friends and allies. you know no country is going to have identical interests. there will always be some frictions. but our common values the strong people-to-people relations that we have the fact that we are the largest countries in the hemisphere with similar histories, i think all that means that we should be very strong partners for years to come. >> translator: well, i believe
9:47 am
that part of my answer was given by president obama and i'd like to thank him for that but i'd like to still make the following remark. countries do go through crises and difficulties and it's just natural. and countries experience difficulties and crises should not entail a lesser role for any country, especially because a country can only said to be a great country if it is able to successfully overcome difficulties. that applies to countries, to people, it applies to everything in life. once braveness to overcome difficulties challenges and face up to them and still sustain and uphold a commitment towards one's people and country. it also applies to relations with countries such as the u.s. and the rest of the world. these are essential relations. i think brazil and the u.s. have a great deal in common. we are two countries that have a
9:48 am
hallmark in our history. something that we actually have had to fight to overcome. i'm talking about the blemish of slavery. we have large black populations in our two countries. we are countries marked by very significant ethnic and multi-cultural variety in our population makeup. and that is a major asset. the wonderful heritage in our population. the same is true for the u.s. we are also two strong democracies, brazil just as the case of the united states even congratulated president obama for having overcome the crisis that struck this country back in 2008 and 2009. likewise brazil will overcome the effects of the current crisis that strikes brazil. and we will do so very sure footedly decisively with a great sense of commitment. and more that we will not only rise in growth but we will
9:49 am
uphold and ensure continuity of all of the g gains and achievements we have established in the past 12 years in the course of the past 12 years, and we will make sure these gains multiply into the future. we truly want to build a predominantly middle class country. i think the efforts to reduce inequality is a gain and must fight to preserve those gains. >> thank you, mr. president. i hope you don't mind if i ask a multi-part question. the first one being on greece. i would be remiss if i didn't ask about the prospect of a financial crisis in europe. and just in layman's terms, in language that americans can understand i just want to ask simply is a financial crisis in greece capable of bringing down the global economy? and separately, sir, i wanted to ask you about what some people are calling your best week ever last week. you had two supreme court decisions supportive of the affordable care act and of gay
9:50 am
rights, you also delivered a speech down in charleston that was pretty warmly received. it seems that you've built up some political capital for the remaining months of your presidency. i'm curious how you want to use it. what hard things do you want to tackle at this point? and president rousseff you extended an invitation of the president to join you in rio next year. the terror group isis has shown a willingness and capacity to carry out terrorist attacks around the world. what preparations are you making to make sure that the olympic games are safe and are you concerned about that happening in rio? thank you very much madam president. >> on greece. this is a situation that we've been monitoring throughout the year. as i think most people are aware there has been an ongoing crisis in greece dating back to
9:51 am
2009-2010. and it's something that i've been deeply involved with periodically working with our european partners. it is an issue of substantial concern concern. it is an issue primarily of concern to europe. essentially what you have here is a country that has gone through some very difficult economic times, needs to find a path towards growth and a path to stay in the eurozone. and what we've been encouraging both the greek government and our european partners to do is to continue to negotiate and find a pathway towards a resolution
9:52 am
resolution. it is also important for us to make sure that we plan for any contingency and that we work with european central bank and other international institutions to make sure that some of the bumps that may occur in the financial markets that have already occurred are smoothed out. in layman's terms for the american people, this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system but obviously it's very painful for the greek people and it can have a significant effect on growth rates in europe. and if europe is not growing the
9:53 am
way it needs to grow that has an impact on us it has an impact on brazil. those are major export markets. and that can have a dampening effect on the entire world economy. it's something that we're monitoring. it's something we've spent a lot of time on. jack lew has been on the phone fairly consistently over the past several months. i've spoken to my european counter parts, encouraging them to find a path towards resolution. so it's something that we take seriously, but it's not something that i think should prompt overreactions. and so far, i think the markets have properly factored in the risks involved. in terms of my best week. now, my best week i will tell you was marrying michelle. that was a really good week.
9:54 am
mal malia and sasha being born excellent weeks. >> good you remembered those. >> yeah. there is a game where i scored 27 points. that was a pretty good week. i've had some good weeks in my life, i will tell you. and i'm blessed to have had those. i think last week was -- was gratifying because number one, we were able to get a package of trade legislation that i believe will serve the american people american worker american businesses as well going into the future. gives us the opportunity to negotiate high standards agreements that have enforceable labor and environmental
9:55 am
provisions. it was a tough fight because, you know there were a lot of folks in my own party who viewed this as accelerating some of the damaging or frightening trends around globalization that have taken place over the last several decades. my argument to them has consist consistently been that we're not going to stop globalization. we have to shape it in a way that helps people. and that these are tools that are going to help us do that. but being able to get that done was very important. the affordable care act, as i said before the results i think speak for themselves. we have the lowest eninuninsured rate. it's worked better costs less
9:56 am
than even supporters anticipated. and if we can get some governors that have been holding out and resisting as expanding medicaid primarily for political reasons to think about what they can do for their citizens who don't have health insurance, but could get it very easily if state governments acted, then we could see even more improvement over time. my remarks at charleston were heartfelt. it wasn't a celebration. it was i think a reflection on the consistent challenge of race in this country and how we can find a path towards a better way. and i was gratified to see not
9:57 am
only the incredible response to the families who have been effected by this tragedy but by the response of people like governor haley in how they viewed the issue of the confederate flag. as i said on friday, i think it doesn't solve all our problems but what it does is signify a sense of empathy and recognition that i think is always the start of progress. so in many ways last week was simply a culmination of a lot of work that we've been doing since i came into office. how am i going to spend whatever political capital that i built up? you know, the list is long. my instructions to my team and my instructions to myself have always been that we are going to squeeze every last ounce of
9:58 am
progress that we can make when i have the privilege -- as long as i have the privilege of holding this office. we announced overtime rules that i'm going to be talking about more this week. that's going to give a raise to 5 million people potentially in this country who really deserve it. i want to see if we can get bipartisan work done with congress around rebuilding our infrastructure. brazil just talked about rebuilding highways and ports and bridges. we have the same work to do and we need to put people back to work there. i am really interested in the possibilities, the prospect of bipartisan legislation around the criminal justice system. something that i think directly speaks to some of the things i mentioned on friday and we've seen some really interesting leadership from some unlikely republican legislators, very
9:59 am
sincerely concerned about making progress there. i want to keep on making progress on job training and making sure that the idea of two years of free community college starts taking root. man, the list is long. and what we're going to do is just keep on hammering away at all the issues that i think are going to have an impact on the american people. some of them will be left undone, but we're going to try to make progress on every single one of them. and i've always said, you know one of the things i've learned in this presidency is that there are going to be ups and there are going to be downs. but as long as my focus and my team's focus is on what is going to make a difference in the
10:00 am
lives of ordinary americans, are we going to give them more opportunity so that if they work hard they can get ahead, are we going to make this a more inclusive economy, a more inclusive society, a more fair just society, if that's our north star and we keep on tacking in that direction, we're going to make progress. and i feel -- i feel pretty excited about it. so i might see if we can make next week even better. >> another press conference. >> i love press conferences. it's my press team that's always holding me back. i want to talk to you guys every day. sorry, josh.


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