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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 2, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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yard. employees who have not arrived to work are told to stay at home at this time. authorities on the scene were responding to initial reports of a possible active shooter on the loose in the washington navy yard. we have seen a huge response by federal and local law enforce lt officials as well as ambalances and helicopters above. we should make it clear, again no confirmation of a gunman or gunpet shots heard at this time. there are no reports of injuries. i want to bring in analyst and former fbi profiler clint van zandt. thank you very much for joining us. >> yeah. >> i was wondering in a situation like this what is the initial response aimed at trying to do? >> well i think you've got a two-level response. number one, you have the normal response you would get to a potential shooting. obviously, it was in september 2013, there was an actual shooting in the d.c. navy yard. as you recall that was a 34-year-old contract worker with
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significant mental health issues who killed a dozen people and then he himself was killed by law enforcement. so since that incident there's been a tremendous high-profile for the navy yard as far as security, and now, of course for the last few days authorities have told us about the potential for acts of terrorism, perhaps isis inspired in the united states over the fourth of july weekend. so if you couple those two events together you're going to get a very fast a very large response to try to deal with the potential situation like this. >> clint, stay with me for a second. i want to bring in nbc's justice correspondent pete williams with new details. pete. >> here's what we know at this point. it's been about an hour since this report of a possible gunman was received. and there's been this massive, and as clint as indicated to you why, massive police presence. but as of now, there's been no confirmation of the following.
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no confirmation that any actual gunman or gunmen were ever spotted. two, no confirmation that shots were ever fired. two law enforcement authorities have now told us they believe they don't know of any reports that in fact shots were fired. number three, no reports of any actual injuries. so what's happening now is that they're going by the book. officers are going through this sprawling campus of buildings about two miles from the u.s. capitol in southeast washington and they're going through each building one at a time floor by floor, office by office and clearing the building. that's what they have to do in these situations. that's what they're doing now. they have already cleared at least one of these big buildings. and so far, no reports of any arrests, no reports of any gunmen. a second sign that concern is beginning to lessen about this
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is any stand-by units in the area that were told to be able to respond have been told to stand down. so at this point, what we know for certain is that there was a security official who saw two suspicious people that started this whole thing in motion. no confirmation that there ever was a gunman or shots fired or anyone injured, but until they go through and clear the whole building, and clear the whole complex, this won't be over. >> pete we know that the navy yard itself was put on lockdown and employee told not to come in. do we know if there have been any warnings extended beyond the premises of the navy yard? you mention the capitol building is two miles away from the navy yard. do knee know if any of the surrounding a neighborhoods have been under a similar lockdown and procedures? >> i don't know about the neighborhoods, whether there may be schools or something in the area. if there were it was simply as a precaution. not because there had been any
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other further reports. i don't know what the situation is at the u.s. capitol. i'm sure they have put the word out to capitol employees. this, you know congress is out of session this week. tomorrow is a holiday. so what they have going for them, the authorities, is that washington, d.c. is sort of starting to empty out for the holidays. so that makes the situation somewhat easier. it's a good question. but if there were any of those sorts of instructions that went out, they would have been strictly precautionary, not based on any actual concern of a threat. >> i want to bring in jim miklaszewski. jim, you heard pete there reference that the security officials are going through the grounds of the navy yard. what more can you tell us about that ongoing sweeping process? >> the latest moments ago from u.s. officials is that the federal law enforcement along with some military security made an initial sweep of the building and associated buildings there
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at the navy yard. and found no evidence a shooter had ever been present. no evidence that a shooter had fired any shots. they have not found anybody at the navy yard who admits to saying they heard shots at the navy yard. and according to u.s. officials, they are now sweeping the buildings one more time as a security precaution but the early indication was that there may never have been a shooter at the navy yard this morning in the first place. and according to one official we talked to here at the pentagon it appears that the threat the claim that shots were heard at the navy yard may have been a random e-mail or even a random tweet from somebody that then cascaded into oh, my goodness shots heard at the navy yard. again, u.s. officials are telling us there does not appear -- they said there were
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no bullet holes anywhere. they could find no evidence of a shooting. it does appear there may not have been an active shooter, ever at the navy yard this morning. they're doing a second sweep just out of precaution. it's still on lockdown. employees are still ordered to shelter in place. again, any potential threat appears not to have been reality. >> jim we heard clint mention the incident that happened back in 2013 where a lone gunman opened fire killing at least 12 people. can you talk to us a little bit about the security procedures put in place since 2013 to prevent precisely this type of incident from happening again? >> at that time everybody thought it was remarkable that a private contractor not even a government employee or a military person was able to walk freely onto the base. they had a badge. but they didn't go through metal detectors. his bags were not checked. and the individual shooter was able to walk in to what
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everybody thought was going to be his job for the day, and instead, he unleashed an attack on the navy yard that killed 12 people. since then there have been more rigorous checks and balances put into place when people enter the yard. any car entering the yard are now subject to a search of some kind including the trunk, obviously. but those additional security precautions were in place this morning, and again, there appears to be no real evidence that an active shooter was ever even there at the navy yard this morning. >> jim stay with me for a moment. i want to go live to the scene with tom costello. tom is there for us. if you can set the scene for us and tell us what you're seeing and hearing about what is going on right now. >> i think that's really a relief to hear that so far, no confirmation whatsoever there were ever any shots fired here but the police response, as you can see, has been tremendous and
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robust. of course, it comes two years after the shooting at the navy yard in which 12 people were killed. we said i would guesstimate, hundreds of police officers and firefighters and paramedics responded in force when the call came in at 7:40. you can see they are still staged here ability two to three blocks down the street maybe two blocks down the street to the west from where the navy yard is located. we were further up the street and we were asked to come back here to fourth street and i think that's closer to about sixth or seventh street if you will, down the road here. metropolitan d.c. police are responding, homeland security federal police have responded, military police have responded. as i mentioned, d.c. fire and paramedics as well as we have seen metra transit police the folks who watch the subways here around d.c. we have seen multiple ambulances move in but no ambulances come out. and as you heard, d.c. fire rescue saying so far they have sent units in but we don't have
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any indication anybody has come out. so at the moment we do get the sense on the ground that this is a little bit of a calmer environment, if you will than this was two years ago when we were dealing with that active shooter. >> and let me -- tom, stay with me. we have an update saying they had dispatched a number of teams to the navy yard but no injuries. again, no injuries at this time and they have not been asked to treat anyone. tom, while i have you on i wanted to ask you, have you spoken to anyone on the scene who was there in the initial moments of the response who may have described something different than what we're hearing? >> no, in fact i talked to a lieutenant commander from the navy who was one of those individuals who left. and i said did you hear any shots fired? he said no. i said did you see anybody injured? he said no. i said why did everybody leave. he said everybody ran out of the cafeteria and out of the navy yard at wants. there was this you know incredible excitement or concern
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about something going on and everybody was told to get out and get out fast. so he joined the mass exodus. again, he did not -- he also did not hear anything. did not see anything. no indication from his vantage point of anybody actually being injured. >> we have right now an update from the navy saying as of now, still no incident has been confirmed. this is according to the u.s. navy. >> navy is saying no incident confirmed at this point? >> so far, that's what they're saying, the latest update we're just getting in terms of that. clint, i want to bring you in and ask you about the response so far. we heard from tom there talking about both military police federal, homeland security local police. talk to us a little bit about the response. does this seem as a proportionate response given the fact nobody was able to confirm initially what the incident might have been or looked like? >> i think this is something that all of these law enforcement agencies have trained for since of course the terrible incident two years ago.
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when you get these multi-agency type responses, there's a lot to put together. you have be on common radio frequencies. you have to divide up the campts. realize, this is 41 acres of buildings and people that would have to be searched when you go in. there was a number of lessons learned. terrible lessons learned as far as search procedures in something like this. but again, this is a big challenge for law enforcement to come in and do this. you have enough people leaning forward, and of course part of the fear always in a situation like this is number one, does social media simply get in front of the real story? does someone pick up some bit of information, tweet or send it out there, and all of a sudden it becoming fact and you've got thousands of people responding to a tweet, and number two, there's always potential in a terrorist type attack they could hit one place and then move on
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to the next. so law enforcement wants to get in resolve this incident and then get out very quickly because this entire weekend, they're going to have to take a very high posture in washington, d.c. and any incident that you see in our nation's capital or you see in any major city across the country will likely receive a similar response this weekend. >> clint, stay with me for a second. let's bring in jim cavanaugh, retired atf special agent in charge. let's talk about the response to the incident we're seeing. what does it tell you that so many resources deployed so quickly about this heightened state of alert that the country is in given both overseas threats and the holiday weekend? >> right. i agree with clint. i think that police need to be doing these kind of things. i'm a proponent and agree that a good strong response is needed. and why? if you look around the world, and you know it better than anybody else look at mumbai.
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you had multiple attackers in a major city in the east and they're killing people in hotels jewish center at the train station. you know when we talk about isis-inspired actors the fbi has been rolling up some of those guys in the last two weeks. some of them are lone wolfs but some have a brother, some have a friend, some have a couple associates that could link. you could get multiple inspired actors. we have seen two actors in the boston bombing, the tsarnaev brothers. you need a strong response so they can deal with it. like clint said i think this may turn out to be somebody reacting. and i'm not saying they're overreacting. i think they're reacting to a tweet, a message, a fire cracker, a backfire who knows what it was. somebody said something, a suspicious person. given the history of what happened in 2013 in the navy yard, people at the navy yard are going to react in a certain way, and we all would, because of what's happened there before
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if we worked there. so that's understandable. the police response is understandable. let's hope it turns out to be nothing and everybody can go back to heightened alert and you know for the fourth of july but still enjoy our freedom. >> pete let me ask you in terms of the various agencies on the scene there, who is ultimately going to give the all-clear that they have gone through building by building and swept it out? >> before i get to that it will be probably the navy officials or the d.c. police. but i wanted to respond to something that jim just said because, you know we obviously, in one of these situations first try to find out what happened and then try to trace back to how did it all get started. we're sort of at that phase right now because everything that we heard, every single source that we have talked to today, federal, state, military all points in the same direction. reports this morning of something causing this massive police presence.
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but at this point, after going through the building where the suspicious activity was reported, the police have found nobody injured, no signs there was ever any gunshots fired, nothing to make these initial reports come true. so the question is what were the initial reports? we have heard a variety of explanations for this. and i'm sure at some point we'll know exactly what it was. but one of the many things we have heard is that someone reported hearing gunshots. now, they're trying to find this witness and interview this witness so they can tie all these loose ends up. and see what the nature of the initial report was. and you know not surprisingly, we have heard contradictory information about whether this witness has been located and is being interviewed. but that's something that the authorities will want to do. but my guess is that just like this happened last time it's the d.c. police known here in
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washington as the metropolitan police department mpd, they will give the all-clear. they probably have the lead here, but as you can see by the pictures, they have a lot of help. >> pete in terms of that initial threat that came in do we have any idea in terms of what format it was in a phone call or as jim alluded to maybe social media or an e-mail? >> we don't know. >> jim, let's bring you in for an update. do you have an update in terms of the navy's response to what is going on and their posture with the lockdown and asking people to stay home? jim? jim miklaszewski? >> do you hear me? >> can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> i was asking if you had updates in terms of the navy's posture and orders to its employees to stay away and whether or not the lockdown is still in effect? >> as reported a short time ago, security forces are doing a
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second sweep just to make sure confirming that they found no evidence of any shooting, no bullet homes. they found no one who actually heard gunshots no one who reported hearing gunshots. unless theless, they're going through the second sweep. so they appear more comfortable now than they were earlier this morning when there was no idea no confirmation that anything at the navy yard had been confirmed, but as all your guests have seen previously and has pete has emphasized you're not going to take the chance. you have to go all out and believe the worst. therefore avoid the worst. >> jim, in a situation like this, how does it change the posture of the military going into the holiday weekend? do you think there's going to be a heightened state of alert across military installations across the country? >> not based on a mistaken report. they're already at the bravo
6:18 am
threat level because of the overall threat level from isis-inspired lone wolfs who appear intent on attacking military targets not only in the u.s. but overseas. they're still at the heightened state of alert throughout all of their facilities throughout the u.s. and around the world, which at any time can be raised. right now, it remains at that bravo level, which indicates that there could be a serious terrorist threat. but no signs of an actual attack imminent. >> let's bring in tom costello at the scene. have you seen a change in posture from the police or the security agencies responding to this incident? >> i think we have seen a change of posture here. people are just a little more relaxed. there's not -- listen we still have this tremendous police presence. i'll ask my cameraman to zoom in for you. again, this is about two blocks or so down the street. a tremendous police presence fire response ems response but
6:19 am
not the sense of urgency that we saw two years ago. just as an example, dave i don't know if you're able to pull back but over to your right, can you see these gentlemen who are rather relaxed? they're clearly on the periphery of the incident here but this is not a situation where you've got multiple tactical units who are armed and in a posture to respond. this is more of a wait and see approach, as they now seem to be kind of standing down a bit. they are clearly still moving through the navy yard and assessing the situation. but on the exterior perimeter, i should say, it is a little more relaxed than it was certainly an hour ago or so. >> we continue to watch the breaking news there from washington, d.c. an incident at the washington navy yard triggering a very massive federal and local police response. we're going to have more information on it just after the break. ♪
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want to bring in pete williams with some new details about the first security sweep. what can you tell us? >> well the security sweep is over. the first sweep is over. the initial sweep of the building where the report was that there was a suspicious person or that shots were fired. no gunman has been found. no signs of a shooting has been found. no blood no victims, no reports of injuries nothing like that. all clear is the initial assessment. now they'll go through again, the building more detailed. go through each room more carefully. back to you. >> and obviously, this being a military installation, the military's watching the situation closely, and involved in it. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us with new details. >> u.s. officials tell nbc news that federal and local authorities are preparing to hold a news conference there at
6:24 am
the navy yard to quote, calm everyone down unquote. they said that initially, there were reports that people heard shots fired, then there were reports of a single gunman. then it went up to two gunmen as local authorities were responding. but then ultimately that went very quickly down to no gunman when the first sweeps of the buildings and facilities there were conducted. so we expect to hear from federal and local authorities here shortly that there was apparently no gunman at the scene this morning, at least no evidence of a gunman by the time authorities arrived. and as i said earlier, people in this building received reports that the initial threat of shotsd may have been posted somewhere on the internet or it was a tweet that people responded to. and we saw the response which
6:25 am
in many respects was absolutely appropriate because nobody knew for sure. but in the end, it appears there was no actual threat. and again, we expect to hear from officials shortly. >> jim, obviously, we'll be watching the news conference when it happens. can you claire fee one point for us? you said it may have been a possible e-mail or a tweet. did i hear that correctly? >> that's what i'm told and it may have been the initial source. you could imagine how that could spread quickly. and we heard about the chaos there inside the building particularly in that cafeteria area. where everybody just immediately ran from the building when they heard that there was even a possibility that there were shots fired. they didn't hear shots, but they heard there may be a possibility. >> given the fact that everybody is on a heightened state of alert, we can understand the response. jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon. crossing over to the white house, which has stepped up
6:26 am
security as news unfolded out of the washington navy yard. let's get to kelly on the north yard for us. what can you tell us about that? >> we have seen a heightened sense of security here. what does that mean? a much more visible presence of secret service. one of the things they do is shut down pedestrian traffic in front of the white house and across the way at lafayette park. many people are familiar with that location. anyone who does not possess an official pass permitting them on the complex cannot be here. we have seen snarled traffic on the outskirts of the white house, foot traffic ground to a halt but they expect to reopen fairly soon. what i'm talking about is a very standard process when there is any kind of security alert or even in fact when the president is coming in or out on the north side. they will often close the park just to push everyone back make it a more controlled environment where the secret service uniformed and the ageance nsnt are
6:27 am
able to get a sense of who's moving where and have control. very standard and yet at the same time as you're around the white house, it raises people's blood pressure a bit for the tourists, in high tourist and visitor season where they're told they can't walk in front of the white house, you get the crowds at the corners and that kind of thing. as i said we expect they will reopen to foot traffic and pedestrians and allow people taking photos out front fairly soon. that's the expectation from the north lawn. >> kelly o'donnell live at the white house, thanks. we'll continue to follow developments out of washington. "the rundown" will be back after this. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. welcome back everyone. i want to bring back jim miklaszewski live for us at the pentagon. i understand you have new reporting for us. >> well u.s. military officials and dod officials again are stressing that there has been no
6:31 am
confirmation of any active shooter. there at the navy yard. and that they expect a briefing shortly from federal and local authorities who responded to the potential threat at the navy yard this morning. to quote, calm everyone down. the initial sweep of the building and facilities because there are other facilities nearby the central building there at the navy yard found no evidence of a shooter. they found no individuals who reported hearing shots heard. they found no evidence of any gunfire, no bullet wounds no shell casings anywhere. and they're -- the reason it's still on lockdown and people are still sheltering in place is because they're making a second sweep just in case they missed something. they want to be absolutely sure before they give the all clear and allow everybody to either go home or resume their work whatever is going to happen the rest of the day. but we expects to hear from officials shortly. >> we know the facility was put
6:32 am
on lockdown. can you tell us what the process or procedure is like in terms of folks actually on the grounds and barricading themselves in? >> well back two years ago when a lone gunman massacres 12 people inside there at the navy yard, they didn't have all these precautions and all these procedures in place. but since then as obviously, you know you would surmize, they have increased the security baggage checks checks of individuals, as they come into the facility. also the response. even at nbc, you have taken those tests. we have those own sort of exercises and instructions that we go through in the event of a hostile environment, somebody with a gun, and we have been trained and instructed on what to do in those cases. you can only imagine the length of training and instruction that those people there at the navy yard have gone through. and again, the memories of that
6:33 am
event back in 2013 clearly sprung to everybody's mind when as it's described, people just panicked and fled the building as soon as they heard even the possibility that shots had been fired. >> we're going to be following that story closely and hear what the authorities have to say about what triggered this incident. i would like to bring in colonel jack jacobs into the discussion if i can. let's talk a little bit about the psychology of this response. the country is already on edge heightened security across the country. certainly at facilities like this one. we heard from jim there saying that this could have been triggered by a social media posting, an e-mail. no one has yet been able to pinpoint the actual source or the original source of the incident and what may have triggered this. what does this reveal to you about the posture and security and where the country is right now? >> well, if the reports are true, it was something of a mass hysteria at the mere suggestion
6:34 am
there was a shooter at the navy yard, it means whoever is in charge of the navy yard has a lot to do to train his people to make sure that a hysterical response doesn't happen if there's another incident like this. and the whole thing brings up a very interesting point. you show the large number of vehicles there, the huge response from a wide variety of agencies, and two things immediately come to mind. the first is something that clint van zandt brought up that's really important. that is if you have multiple agencies responding to a single incident, they had to have trained and if they haven't trained together they better start learning to train together. there has to be unity of command, which is saprinciple of war. one boss all on the same frequencies. and subordinate leaders to coordinate their people. not entiresly certain that is
6:35 am
the case in this case as you see the huge mass of vehicles in the street. the second thing, and this is a little snarky, but it's worth considering. with all of those agencies and all those people and that enormous response at the navy yard who's watching the rest of washington, d.c.? that means that not only does there need to be practice in coordination for a single incident like this there needs to be practice and coordination if there are multiple incidents, this kind of response that we see here is great for the navy yard, if there's only one incident, but what happens if there are more than one incident? this thing needs to be coordinated. my guess is much better than it is. >> i would like to bring kelly o'donnell back to this. do we know if the president has been briefed on a situation like this obviously given the heightened state of alert and how close it is to the white
6:36 am
house, but do we have specific information? >> not specifically, but it's safe to assume he's been told on his public schedule. at 10:00 a.m. he and the vice president are due to get their presidential daily briefing. and in situations like this the president is often made aware right away of these circumstances. and even just by simple observation as a resident in the white house, he would notice something different here this morning, and that is the absence of the sounds of the daily protesters who are here on a whole range of topics the absence of the sounds of tourists outside. those things are quite easy to detect from inside the white house, in the residence. the distance from the windows to the front door so to speak, not that great. even by simple observation, the president would be able to know that something is different today. but again, his formal briefing is expected at 10:00 this morning. with the vice president. that's part of the normal routine. and as i mentioned, it remains so quiet here the birds are
6:37 am
quite notably loud but no tourists, no foot traffic in front of the white house, and more visible presence of secret service. the tactical icalical teams that have the weapons, the uniform division of the secret service. that presents is here. and of course mr. obama is headed to wisconsin today to make remarks on the economy. that will happen later this morning. in some ways it's a peaceful quiet morning on this end of pennsylvania avenue given all the activity and police presence at the navy yard. >> clint, let me ask you in terms of what may have trirged the incident. we're waiting to hear from officials in terms of what brought the process on. in a situation like this are there any lessons to be learned from the response in whether or not it's proportionate given to the fact it was not a confirmed report there was no actual solid eyewitness account that we have so far from an incident
6:38 am
triggering it? >> pete williams is gathering a lot of information on this fairly quickly. i think the challenge in something like this it just shows how quickly a story can get away from the authorities. how one initial report of maybe one or two suspicious individuals involved are evolved into multiple shots fired. and with jack jacobs question too, as an fbi agent, and i'm sure others with law enforcement backgrounds, you know we have seen incidents, bank robberies where bank robbers will go on one side of town and commit an incident because they think law enforcement, rescue everybody will flood to that area and then they'll go to the other side of town. well terrorists have learned those same lessons, too. so i think the response need be in proportion to the actual information about the incident. you know we don't -- and i'm not saying this is the case at
6:39 am
all, but i remember when my kids were young and playing soccer little boys. wherever the ball went both teams went for the ball and the rest of the field cleared out. we've got to make sure that that field, be it washington, d.c. l.a. oklahoma city that that whole field stays covered and that everybody just doesn't go to the ball or to the incident. >> that's the point that colonel jack jacobs was mentioned earlier. jim, let me ask you, and we're waiting for the press conference to take place or the update to take place live from the scene there. what does this do to the paranoida or the hysteria that already exists in dhuntcountry of an attack. does this jack up or amp up everyone's sense of paranoida? >> it does a little bit. one thing everyone now pays attention, which could be a good divtened from the event. and the points made by jack and clint are well taken. the police command of all the law enforcement, we'll hot wash
6:40 am
this we would hot wash it with all the commanders, come in and sit down. in the d.c. sniper all cases like that what's going on what did we do wrong, right? get everything the way it's supposed to be. one thing that stands out to me is the perimeter of the police. when we were talking about isis and the way they plan an attack you couldn't count the number of times isis and al qaeda and those terrorists have had an attack and then came on the heels of the attack to attack the first responders. so i think one thing needs to be talked about in a hot wash is what kind of perimeter are we keeping? everybody is so focused on getting to the event, in this case, the navy yard well who's coming in behind you? so that staging and protection needs to be in place as well. normally, what happens on these, you know what happens when you
6:41 am
so a lot of cars you have to understand a lot of times there's one officer in a car, one agent in a car, so that's a lot of cars may not be as many people. they're not full of officers or agents. normally, there's one person. the commanders will respond to the on-scene command. there's an on-scene command, and the tactical officers are very tuned in to this the tactical teams from all the agencies fbi, atf, the marshal service, the d.c. police, capitol police secret service. everybody's tactical officers which are a special set of officers, they respond to the on-scene commander, their commanders they can deploy and arrange their people as needed. i agree with the colonel. we need to have strategic thinking, hot wash it do it better and luckily it turned out to be nothing, buttee can go back and be even better next time. >> we'll leave it at that for now. we're waiting for the briefing to take place. we understand it's going to be
6:42 am
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let's go now to the navy yard and get an update on the incident with benjee who has made his way to the scene and joineds me on the phone. set the scene for us. are we seeing a change in the posture and attitude of the law enforcement officials on the scene? >> the most recent development is law enforcement has been clearing some of the streets, moving reporters, trying to clear a path for the incredible amount of police vehicles around here. there's probably at least several dozen police cars perhaps with other official agencies. it's just a mess of police. but there's been little to no word on what they're looking for, what the situation is. we have heard nbc news has heard from officials that there is currently no evidence that any
6:46 am
shooting took place yet. based on their initial sweeps of the area. one official speculated it's possible this was caused by social media somehow perhaps a scare, not a direct report from the ground from people who were there in the area or in the building. so right now everyone is just trying to get a handle on what's going on. the police are clearly taking this seriously judging by the extremely large number of emergency and police vehicles there. >> have you spoken to any witnesses or first responders who may have been on the scene when the story first broke? >> first responders are keeping tight. police are still not talking to reporters. there is yet to be a briefing. as for witnesses, the area has been largely cleared out besides press. there are a handful of people who work in the area milling about,naughtyot many. police tape on either side. >> thanks for that update. also getting an update from
6:47 am
kelly o'donnell at the white house that traffic now in front of the white house is being opened up at least pedestrian traffic. that's a sign certainly that the security posture in and around the white house grounds is somewhat easing up given the heightened state of alert it went into shortly after this incident broke. i would like to bring in ambassador mark ginsburg in new york former ambassador to morocco. obviously, we have to put this in the context of the overall big picture threat regardless of whether the incident pans out to be anything significant or not. set the scene for us in terms of the external threat that the u.s. is facing and why such a heavy handed response to something that at this stage we're still not sure what happened? >> i can set the scene this way. i just came out of the middle east. i have been watching and reading as i continue to do isis social media. i continue to watch what our counterterrorism officials are putting out in terms of
6:48 am
warnings. obviously, the entire context of concern about a week and a half ago about potential tightened terrorist alert around the fourth of july has created a circumstance where either individuals who just want to take advantage of the circumstance are using social media to create false incidents, or indeed there are people who are going to attempt to use the fourth of july in order to create an incident. and the social media out of isis obviously is triggering a great deal of this. moreover, the incident that all of us suffered through with the navy yard because i'm from washington, the terrible shooting that took place there, obviously, that creates even more of a deep concern within washington. the employees who suffered so much from the incident are obviously still reporting to work today, or will be reporting to work today. >> just recently still returning back to normal somewhat recently.
6:49 am
>> it was a terrible incident. i don't know how much the viewers recollection, how many people were killed in the incident and how many were injured. the navy yard in particular is a huge area of concern for officials and for all the people who work in washington. >> mark, if you can stay with me for a second i would like to go to tom costello live at the scene. tom? >> i think we're seeing a situation where it's starting to come down. the stress level is coming down. the police have now moved us off m street here to allow police vehicles to come through. if i could just ask bob, my cameraman, to give us a quick pan around. i want to show you the officers standing in the street. they're heavily armed. i can tell by their insignia these are federal officers heavily armed in the streets. they're the ones who responded in force along with metropolitan police department d.c. fire department, d.c. ems, as you would expect all those units and personnel, hundreds on the
6:50 am
scene here and now, we're told by all of the sources that pete williams has talked to through law enforcement, that jim has talked to at the pentagon there does not appear to at the pentagon no indication of shots fired and no injuries. but it not only speaks to the tensions that we are all living under today and then in addition to that this real estate is particularly meaningful as you discussed. this is where we had 12 people killed and eight injured just two years ago. it was two years ago i was standing in this exact location when the call came in of shots fired in the navy yard. so to be here again is very eerie. when we got the call this morning of shots of a shooter, all of us thought, you've got to be kidding me, not again. but we are thankful the report seems to suggest it is not true. >> tom, since you were there
6:51 am
back two years ago when this incident happened in september of 2013 what differences in terms of the response and observations do you make today that were different then in terms of the posture, perhaps even the perimeter of the facility itself? >> reporter: two years ago, i thought it was a pretty aggressive response. but what i couldn't see standing here i couldn't see what was going on down in the navy yard itself. that's where there was chaos. and that's where there was poor communication because literally the radios were not working between these different law enforcement agencies. that's where you may recall capitol hill police were actually very very close to the scene, would have been among the very first to get on the scene and they were told, come back, withdraw from the scene. so all of that led to this thorough analysis and reporting after the fact to try to come up with a way to avoid these mistakes in the future better communication, better coordination. from my vantage point, i can't tell you whether today there is
6:52 am
better communication and coordination. i can just tell you it seems to have been a very robust response today. >> tom costello thanks for that report. i want to bring in an update on this information we're getting. a law enforcement official says a subsequent sweep of the navy yard building where the initial reports came from has produced nothing. they're about to give the all-clear for the whole facility, we understand. we're waiting for official confirmation for that from officials when they speak at that briefing. let's take a break for now and we'll come back and recap all of this in a moment. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me.
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as we get closer to the end of the hour i want to bring you up to speed on the breaking story we've been following throughout the morning coming out of the washington navy yard. we just got information that they're about to give the all-clear for the facility. that's despite reports of a gunman and possible shooting there. it appears the official report
6:56 am
came from someone inside building 197 who reported hearing what sounded like gunshots. but officials have no indication that there were any shots fired. and there will be a briefing outside the navy yard. the briefing is to, quote, calm people down. we'll continue to bring you updates as they become available. we have . we have an update on the job market numbers. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. welcome back to another hour of "the rundown." i'm ayman mohyeldin in for jose diaz-balart. breaking news out of washington, d.c. on that major security alert by the washington navy yard. officials are about to give the
7:00 am
all-clear for that facility despite earlier reports of a gunman and possible shooting there. pete williams reported the initial report came from someone inside building 197 who reported hearing something that sounded like gunshots. but there's no indication that there was a gunman or shots fired. we're waiting for a briefing from officials outside the navy yard and we'll bring it to you when it begins. i want to bring in jim mick krzyzewskichef miklaszewski for the latest. >> reporter: 12 people were massacred by a lone gunman there in 2013. the initial sweep of that building by federal and local law enforcement s.w.a.t. teams found no evidence of an active shooter. they could find no one who reported hearing gunshots. they found no bullet wounds no bullet holes, that bullet
7:01 am
casings anywhere in the building. and i pretty much decided at that time that the reports were just not accurate. and that they were still, however, intent on doing a second sweep checking out every possible location inside that building and quite frankly, other facilities because shots could have been fired and somebody fled the building. but they too -- those searches too, found no evidence of an actual shooter at the building. and as you said microphones are being set up for a news conference by navy officials who are in command there at the navy yard. >> and something like this would trigger a massive response across the facility. let's go to kelly o'donnell outside the white house north lawn to give us an update. this had an impact on the white house. what's the situation there now? >> reporter: a few years, a very significant impact for visitors to washington and people who go
7:02 am
about their daily morning routine passing in front of the white house. all of that was shut down and what the secret service was doing for a period of time is having a perimeter and not allowing any foot traffic. there's not been any vehicle traffic in front of the white house for a number of years now. but unless you had an official pass allowing you to be a part of the white house complex, you could not come by. now, that changes the routine for what are now hundreds of tourists who are outside. the all-clear at the white house has been given. they reopened the pedestrian traffic and so on a summer morning like this there are tourists from around the country and around the world who spend quite a bit of time at the front gate taking photos and being a part of tourism, just experiencing what it's like to visit the white house. so it was eerily quiet for a good bit of time this morning when you saw a larger police presence of the uniformed division of the secret service, the tactical division that had the big weapons and were in sort
7:03 am
of s.w.a.t.-like gear. the only roar we heard was the motorcade for the vice president who arrived and he and the president are right now receiving the daily presidential briefing which tells them about all the threats around the world and the security concerns brought to the president and vice president in the oval office every day. so we expect they're learning all of the details of what happened or didn't happen in this situation and more broadly about those other threats, concerns about the whole fourth of july holiday that have been talked about by u.s. officials and that need for heightened vigilance and concerns about what could happen, putting everyone on alert. perhaps that is part of why the posture here was to be aggressive in making certain there was no foot traffic in front of the white house or in the park across the way known as lafayette park. but now back to normal. and the foot traffic and the sort of summer life around the white house has returned. >> kelly, we are getting an update from tom costello who's
7:04 am
live at the scene that the all-clear has been given at that incident at the navy yard. we are getting an all-clear from nbc's tom costello. let me bring in nbc analyst and retired atf official jim cavanaugh. how do you walk back this response in terms of what jim miklaszewski was alerting to earlier, that officials want to calm everybody down that was the quote he was reporting? what is the messaging that has to come out and calm everyone down indeed? >> first, it's going to come out from the press conference. the commanders will tell us what happened, give us a complete picture so the public can know. the navy will have to do that as well with their employees like jim described, let's talk about what happened, let's not be critical of people however they reacted. certainly we can all understand how you would react in a place like this. we can pick any of the awful massacres around the country -- >> nobody wants to take any
7:05 am
chances obviously in a situation like this. >> that's right. >> you don't want the response to be underwhelming. >> that's exactly right. i think from the police and law enforcement command, chief lanier and the commanders of the agencies should hot-wash it get together and say, this is what happened, it's okay what are we going to do now? they don't have to be overly critical of themselves. but how are they going to do some things -- there are probably some things in place that we aren't seeing. but the tactical officers are very important here and the strategic response and secure that perimeter. >> let's go straight to the scene to tom costello who's live for us outside the navy yard. tom? >> reporter: i've been doing the "today" show on the west coast so pardon me if i repeat something you've heard. we know from sources there's no indication anyone was shot or that shots were fired.
7:06 am
we are now starting to see the police starting to pull back ever so slowly. to pick up on the point you were making, though two years ago in the wake of the 2013 shooting here at the navy yard there were a lot of reports and investigations into how the response went down. specifically poor communication because of radios that were not able to communicate with each other and even a coordination. at one point there was a closer capitol hill police unit to the scene and yet they were cold to pull back from the scene and the question was at the time, had they rushed it might they have saved lives? that was a very tough investigative report in the wake of the shooting two years ago. the question is going to be did they apply the lessons from that incident today in terms of their response? and i can't give you that answer standing here at the corner of fourth and m. but it's something they will be discussing. did they have better
7:07 am
communication, a better tactical and coordinated response? and what if any role did the capitol hill police play since they are a very close police jurisdiction to this incident? we have so many different police agencies in this city, it's confusing. you've got everything from the uniform division of the service to capitol hill police to metro police to transit police to homeland security police to the navy police -- forthere are so many police agencies. and in an event like this the key is to communicate and coordinate. the key issue is did that happen in this incident? thankfully it now appears to have been a false alarm. >> i see behind you the vehicles moving out a little bit, thinning down. you're talking about the press conference that's supposed to take place. do we have any idea who from all these agencies you were talking about is expected to give the official all-clear to address some of the concerns of the media? >> reporter: i'm three blocks from where that press conference
7:08 am
is going down, so i can't give you that. our law enforcement sources are telling nbc's pete williams that they are preparing to give the all-clear. >> let's go to pete williams to get an update. pete, you've been following this. what are law enforcement officials telling you about the all-clear and the incident overall? >> reporter: just what tom said which is that they're about to give the all-clear, we believe. this is based on the fact that they've gone through building 197, this big building at the navy yard where this is all centered. initially they went through and found nothing. then they did a more detailed subsequent more methodical search and found nothing, no sign a gunman had ever been there or that shots had been fired, no signs that anyone had been injured. after doing that after talking to we believe, the source where this information came from our best information at this point -- and this may change. but our best information at this
7:09 am
point is that the initial call came from an employee inside building 197 who reported hearing what sounded like gunfire. that's what we believe started it all. we've also heard, however, that there were other reports about this. we're still trying to check those out. but our belief is that it came from a phone call inside which i think is probably what added to the sense of urgency here. if it was someone inside the building who thought they heard this. there have been a lot of other reports, that suspicious people were scene in the vicinity that there were social media postings tweets or something on facebook. those, i think, we'll have to find out whether they are derivative of that initial call or independent of it. but at this point, it seems like everybody's saying that this is winding down and we expect to get the all-clear here shortly. >> pete, thank you for that update. we'll be watching. i can see on the screen the posturing of some of the
7:10 am
security officials there changing and people being a little bit more relaxed. that's certainly welcome news. we'll be waiting for that briefing to take place any minute. we'll have it for you when it happens. we'll be right back after this break. ad to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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>> instead of battling through a litigation black hole we have now forged ahead with an agreement to spur hope and spur recovery for our entire gulf region. >> on monday the supreme court said bp and its drilling partners are subject to fines under the federal clean water act. you'll remember the explosion aboard that oil rig five years ago killed 11 workers and caused more than 3 million barrels of
7:15 am
oil to spill into the gulf of mexico. msnbc reporter tony covers the environment for us. how significant of a development is this settlement? >> it's a big deal in that it's the biggest settlement ever under the clean water act but it's a bit of a letdown because bp was on the hook for $13.7 billion under the clean water act alone. but in this settlement they only have to pay $5.5 billion. so it's not a big win for environmentalists. but they'll begin to rebuild with this money. >> what would be the incentive for the u.s. government to accept this type of settlement if it could have gotten more out of bp? >> well you heard it from the governor of florida there saying it would be a legal black hole to keep fighting it. this is the end of many years of legal wrangling in which bp's fought tooth and nail to keep its costs below the estimated
7:16 am
$45 billion. and turns out they'll get close to that estimate. all you need to know is that bp's share prices rose on the news. it's a win for them. >> for them and their shareholders, this chapter is now over. >> it's now over and a predictable payout over 18 years. it is also a win for people in the gulf states because -- that 18-year payout schedule allows a consistent and applied effort to clean up the environment. it's not just a one-time thing, you make a push and then you're done. every single year scientists will be able to review the situation, go back to the coffers, go back take more money out, do what they think is necessary. over time, it's a huge benefit for the gulf. but some of these people that are getting this money, they're being compensated. but what they lost they can never get back the five years of work the bookings of families coming to the coast, creating memories, those are gone.
7:17 am
>> tony, thank you very much for that update. also developing this morning, new numbers on the job market. the labor department says 2230,000 jobs were added last month more or less in line with expectations. the unemployment rate dipped to 5.3% the lowest it's been in seven years. let's bring in jared bernstein, former chief economist to vice president joe biden. overall, this is a good report no? >> it's a good report, not a great report. you have to wrap your head around that unemployment rate. it did not fall because more job seekers got jobs. it fell because people left the labor force and you're not counted as unemployed if you're not looking for work. so there's a good reason for unemployment to fall, more people getting jobs and a bad reason, people leaving the labor force. this was the latter. the job market is not as tight as that 5.3% would suggest. >> let's take a look at where the job growth was. we saw gains in professional and
7:18 am
business services health care retail and leisure and hospitality. what does that say about the overall state of the economy if we can glean anything from it? >> well it says that the service sector of the economy is growing in a pretty robust way. but if you're exposed to some of the problems overseas say, our manufacturers who typically need to export their products to expand, then you're not doing so well. manufacturing employment has been flat for about five months. construction was also weak last month, although that may be just an anomaly. so i would say that the service side of the economy is pumping along really solidly on the production side. on the manufacturing side less so. >> the report found that the labor participation rate is near a 40-year low. is that a cause for concern? >> it is a cause for concern. but i think the 40-year low is a bit of a distraction. 40 years ago, we had a much
7:19 am
younger labor force back then. now we have aging baby boomers and some of us folks are leaving the job market. so we wouldn't expect to have the large participation rates as we had back then. that said i keep expecting that number to pop up a little bit as the job market tightens and it's not. and that's a cause for concern. >> this report found hourly pay was flat and up only 2% in the past year. why aren't we seeing better gains on that front? >> that's an important point. where the rubber meets the road in terms of the job market for a lot of people is not those macro indicators and export markets. it's the paycheck. inflation is so low, the buying power of your paycheck is doing ago. but wages have been flat. yes, the job market is tightening up but not enough to really deliver all the benefits it should be to working class people. therefore, it's very important for the federal reserve not to raise interest rates too soon to let this recovery reach more
7:20 am
people. >> and does this job report though, raise the prospects for an interest rate hike by the federal reserve? >> i actually think it may go the other way. the decline in the labor force rate the fact that the unemployment rate fell not for good reasons, because people left the labor market, and the flat trend in wages, wages just percolating around 2% not accelerating at all, a data-driven federal reserve may see this and say, given the weakness in europe given the fact the job market is still on the mend, maybe we should hold off a little bit. >> let me ask you, what would be the impact of a federal rate hike at this point then? >> that's an important question because if they just hike rates a tiny little bit, say a quarter of a percent or even less, i don't think it would have much impact at all. but when you look at the inflation data and the wage data, when you consider the weak parts we've been talking about in this job market and that that 5.3% unemployment rate is not
7:21 am
really a signal of how tight the job market is, i don't see any obvious reason to raise rates. so i think it would probably be more of a surprise if they just held off. perhaps they should. >> we'll have to watch and see what the fed does. thank you very much for that analysis. we're also following a developing story out of tennessee. some 5,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after a train car carrying hazardous material derailed and caught fire overnight. it was carrying a flammable and poisonous liquid commonly used in manufacturing plastics. the flames sent a poisonous gas cloud into the air. the evacuations spanning a two-mile radius could last as long as 48 hours. still ahead, a justice department investigation into whether airlines were working together to keep prices high. and no backing down donald trump takes to the air waves to defend his controversial comments about immigration in the face of a growing backlash to his business empire. and we're awaiting a live news conference on the situation at the washington navy yard.
7:22 am
that we've been following all morning long. the all-clear has been given. we'll have the details right after the break. "the rundown" continues shortly.
7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
book now at still waiting for a news conference to begin out of washington on that breaking story we've been following all morning long. a massive response to what was initially thought to be a shooter at the washington navy yard. we've since gotten the all-clear. we'll be watching for that news conference and bring it to you as soon as it gets under way. now to a story that has travelers talking this morning. the airlines under investigation. the justice department is looking into whether they're working together to limit seat capacity to keep ticket prices high. since 2007 through a series of mergers, airlines have shrunk to just four and now jetblue announced it's charging up to $25 to check your baggage,
7:26 am
making southwest the last major airline to resist the luggage fees. now to more on that continuing reaction to donald trump's controversial comments on mexican immigrants. he's pushing back against macy's decision to cut ties with him. and bill de blasio says he'll review the city's contracts with trump calling his comments quote, disgusting and hateful. according to the latest polls, the backlash might be giving him a boost in the eyes of republican voters. as trump's miss usa pageant finds a new home after msnbc's parent company, nbc universal, dropped the pageant earlier this week. who better to talk more on the politics of donald trump than the ladies of "the cycle." >> you call the shots here ayman. >> abby let's talk about this
7:27 am
point, it may be giving him a boost among some republican voters s. this helping him among a base of supporters -- >> how is it possible he's polling so high? >> he's polling second in some areas. >> especially in a place like new hampshire. that's surprising to me because new hampshire is a place that takes this very, very seriously. i think some of -- first, it's name id. he's very well known across the country. another reason is he's willing to say things especially in this early primary stage, that gets the base of the party really excited. they want someone who is willing to give it to china, talk about the hispanic community in a way that makes them happy, unfortunately. and it's very disrespectful and businesses are pulling, as i think that they should be doing. and i think the party is hoping that secretly he will pull out sooner than later which i think he's made it clear he's not going to do that. >> not happening. this is a monster in some ways
7:28 am
of the republican party's own making because they sent out the message that any institution, any established institution was not to be trusted. so when you have established institutions saying that this guy is not serious, that only makes him stronger. as abby is pointing out, unfortunately there is an appetite in the republican primary base for this kind of virulent, anti-immigrant sentiment. we saw it last time in the primary where you couldn't move far enough to the right on immigration. so people are saying this guy is saying what he really thinks. >> let me play you this sound bite from donald trump. it was him last night when he was asked about a lack of support from the republican leadership. take a listen. >> the leaders of the party take me very seriously and they call all the time and talk to me. and believe me they take me seriously. and then i'll see them on television when they'll say -- it's hard for them not to when you're number one and number two in the polls. >> so the question is, how
7:29 am
seriously do the leadership of both parties take somebody like donald trump? >> so far, i think they are hoping he's going to back out. but i think they should take it very seriously. this is not about running for president of the united states. this is not a guy loyal to the party either. for the people that want to support him, he is loyal only to himself. i would say the party -- the only benefit here is for someone like jeb bush. if the establishment is wanting to coalesce around jeb bush he can be the adult in the room and say, well, donald trump can play with all these guys. i can be the adult and look like the real smart person here. >> the problem here is that republicans went to all these lengths to try to avoid the clown car they had last time with one very important exception, abby's father. they shortened the primary season. they'll have fewer debates and limit the number of people that can be on the debate stage. but with donald trump on the debate stage, that is a clown
7:30 am
car. >> guys we'll be watching the fallout of this. it will be interesting to see -- >> you cannot say the gop lacks options. something for everybody. >> what have we hit now, like 20 candidates? >> we're on the way. 14. >> are you guys running? >> abby is still considering. . >> you guys have my support. thank you both for joining us. catch "the cycle" later today. back to the story we've been following all morning, the all-clear has been given at the washington, d.c. navy yard. it was initially thought to be an active shooter on the grounds. a massive amount of police and other law enforcement have descended on the area. right now, we're waiting for officials to brief us on what just happened and what else we can expect in the coming hours. when that news conference happens, we'll be sure to bring it to you live. i want to bring in nbc news
7:31 am
correspondent jim miklaszewski on the latest. >> reporter: in response to calls or at least some information that somebody may have heard shots fired it's not even clear exactly who reported shots fired there at the navy yard. in response to that there was a massive response from local and some d.o.d. and federal officials to the scene there. but after a thorough search by s.w.a.t. teams there in building 197, the scene of a massacre two years ago and a lone gunman killed 12 people, after the first sweep, they could find no one, according to officials, who reported shots fired. they could find no evidence of shots fired. and it went back nevertheless to do a second sweep just to make sure. as you said we expect to get a briefing here shortly. the military has what they call after action reports. after the response to this event and the mass confusion, really for some period of time, there will be a thorough review of
7:32 am
exactly what went down and what happened. but the response this time was far more coordinated than it was a couple of years ago. so there are a lot of pluses to be taken from this and nobody is faulting the u.s. security services for responding to a report. but there were also reports of sheer panic inside the building. now, a lot of those people would have been trained in how to react to an active shooter situation. it's not clear if everybody followed those rules and who would? if you hear active shooter, you're getting out of there. and that's apparently what happened. initially the response is relief that there was no active shooter. but now everybody's pondering, did it go down like it should have? and that's what people will be looking at. >> jim miklaszewski live for us from the pentagon. we expect that conference to
7:33 am
take place at about 10:45 eastern time. we'll have that for you. the remarkable but not surprising considering the fact that security officials are already on high alert, the concern is that terrorists may launch attacks over the holiday weekend when the fourth of july coincides with the holy month of ramadan, a period in which isis leaders have called for stepped-up attacks. an isis leader said jihadis should make ramadan a calamity for the infidels. >> there's going to be between 2 million and 3 million people that are going to be able to view the fireworks here on the east river and the three boroughs. it's challenging for the police. but we're very experienced in handling large events and policing large events. the fourth of july will be no different. >> we should point out officials continue to insist that there is
7:34 am
no specific threat at this time. we are keeping our eye on a story developing now in north carolina growing concern about danger in the water. as we approach one of the biggest beach days of the year yet another shark attack yesterday adds to an already record-breaking list in the outer banks. sarah dallof is on nearby oak island for us. talk to us a little bit about the concerns and anxieties there and the folks there in terms of these recent shark attacks. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of concern here heading into this holiday weekend. we have had seven confirmed shark bites within three weeks. the latest 68-year-old aaron costello, he's recovering from shark bites to his leg, torso and both hands. he was swimming only about 30 feet offshore in waist-deep water when he was bitten. amazingly he was able to make it to land on his own. witnesses say he emerged pale and looking stunned. but is expected to be okay.
7:35 am
officials, of course on high alert going into this busy holiday weekend. they are describing the conditions as a perfect storm for more shark attacks. we're talking about warm water, a lot of food located closer to shore than normal and actually a higher salt content in the water which is pushing the sharks closer to land and closer to people. officials cautioning everyone to avoid areas where people are fishing. if you see birds diving in the water, that means there's food. you need to get out of the area. and little things like take off your watch or any jewelry you might have. they might look like fish scales to sharks. >> sarah dallof live for us from north carolina. thanks for that update. still waiting for a news conference to begin out of washington on the breaking story we've been following all morning long. we are expecting to hear from the d.c. authorities including the city's mayor in just a few minutes. a massive response to what was initially thought to be a shooter at the washington navy yard.
7:36 am
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a capsized ferry, prison leadership changes and dramatic jump. let's zoom through some of today's other top stories. yet another ferry out of the philippines capsized today with 189 people on board. at least 36 people have died. the coast guard saying the remaining passengers were saved. officials believe massive waves and potential overcrowding are to blame for the ship overturned. now to taiwan where the national aviation safety council is saying pilot error caused the deadly plane crash in february seen in this incredible dashcam video. officials say the captain of the flight mistakenly switched off the plane's only working engine just moments before the crash. cockpit recordings found the pilot saying quote, wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle. the council is continuing to investigate with a full report expected next year. both pilots died in the crash.
7:40 am
back here in the u.s. changes at the prison in upstate new york where two convicts escaped just weeks ago. a new superintendent has been hired at the clinton correctional facility after three top leaders and nine correctional officers were put on administrative leave. convicts david sweat and richard matt were both captured last week. matt was shot and killed by police. check out this dramatic video as a fire gutted a georgia apartment complex. two residents forced to jump from a third-floor window to the ground below to escape the flames. witnesses say one young girl shattered the window before jumping out. nearly 30 people from 11 families were displaced. authorities are investigating the cause. no injuries were reported. and incredible video of a tornado touching down in missouri. barreling towards the camera, check it out. a severe storm ripped through the see of lees summit bringing heavy winds and rain up to 60 miles an hour. thousands are now without power.
7:41 am
a tornado watch is still in effect until midnight tonight. no injuries have been reported. the the end of an era for sesame street. maria set to leave the show after 40 years. she will retire according to an announcement made on twitter by the american libraries association. she joined the cast in 1971 to play teenage maria. her character grew with the show. she won 15 emmys while working on the show as both a writer and an actress. we're still waiting for a news conference to begin out of washington on that breaking story we've been following all morning long. we're expecting to hear from d.c. authorities in just a few minutes after the all-clear was given at the washington navy yard. we'll be watching for the news conference and bring it to you as soon as it gets under way.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
we've been following breaking news out of washington, d.c. this morning. it began at about 7:40 a.m.
7:45 am
we want to go back to that scene and join nbc's peter alexander with the latest update. peter, let me ask you, do you get a sense that things are beginning to ease and around the area of the navy yard? >> reporter: yeah, that's definitely the case right now. we'll give you a sense of some of the police presence that's still here. it's dramatically less than what we saw when we first arrived here. a series of blocks were filled with fire engines, filled with police vehicles, filled with the vehicles that belonged to the u.s. marshals service. that situation has clearly calmed down. we're expecting to hear from the mayor of d.c. muriel bowser as well as the chief from the metropolitan police department, kathy willlanier, in a couple of moments. this began around 7:30 this morning with a phone call from inside one of the buildings here
7:46 am
at the washington navy yard reporting they heard what they thought were gunshots. at this time law enforcement officials tell nbc news they can confirm there is no evidence that any shooting took place. no personnel, as they describe it nobody has been found who was injured by any shooting taking place here as well. so we anticipate we will hear either that they have cleared the scene or that they want to calm down a lot of fears. certainly in an area where we're all too familiar with this having taken place just two years ago, a lone gunman kill 12 people and injuring eight others, a lot of people on edge throughout the course of the morning. >> and one of the things that happened immediately after the incident broke out is the entire facility was put on lockdown. people were told to be barricaded. it is safe to assume now that the lockdown has been lifted and people are allowed to leave the facility? >> reporter: we have been told that earlier the people that were still inside, we're told that they could leave on their own. i spoke to one man who said he
7:47 am
was locked in his office. he locked himself inside an office with five others. they barricaded the door, they laid on the floor until police came to the door. and they were escorted out to this area behind us. this area was filled with dozens of those employees who had been evacuated from this building notably the same building where that gunman attack took place just two years ago. the gentleman i was speaking to was literally shaking as we were speaking. he described that sense of fear and the sense that so many people in this community had that this couldn't happen here again. the law enforcement response was quick and as it would turn out that this may have just been a false alarm. >> peter alexander live for us we'll check in with you shortly after that press conference take place. we're keeping an eye on that press conference and bring it to you as soon as that happens. developing in greece at this
7:48 am
hour, long lines of anxious pensioners at banks there. greece is a country on hold right now as talks to resolve the nation's deepening financial crisis are set to resume after this weekend. msnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera is in athens live for us this morning. have you gotten a sense from the greek government that they are going to accept the terms of the european union or are they going to wait until after the referendum before anything official happens? >> reporter: they're going to wait for the referendum to happen for sure. and then it's not even sure that that offer that was given to them a little more than a week ago, that doesn't even stand anymore. the europeans, the other european countries and their leads have just had it with the greeks essentially. they're very frustrated about the whole process. they feel like they haven't been honest brokers and now they're like, go ahead, have your referendum and we'll discuss it afterwards. have you seen the question? the question that the greeks are going to be answering on the
7:49 am
ballot isn't, do you want to stay with the euro or not? it's literally, should the plan of agreement be accepted which was submitted by the european commission and the ecb and the imf to the euro group on june 25th which comprises two parts which constitute their unified proposal, the first -- it goes on and on and on. clear as mud. the greeks are being told outside of greece that this is a vote on whether or not they want to stay in the euro even though it's not quite clear from the ballot that that's exactly what they're voting on. >> and we were talking about the anxiety among some of the folks there in terms of pensioners not being able to get money. they have had the banks closed all throughout this week the limb on the atm withdrawals. any indication if that's continuing into next week as well? >> reporter: oh, for sure, absolutely. if the greeks vote no over the weekend, i don't think you'll see the banks open for weeks or months perhaps. it's possible that if they vote no that the next time they reopen, it's not going to be the euro currency that they use.
7:50 am
not for sure but it's possible. if they vote yes, then it's possible the banks open sooner. but they need to see some kind of -- the european central bank will need to see some kind of action on the part of the government that they really are sincere about doing a deal. that way they can start resupplying cash to this country. already some of the islands are running outover cash. there is no cash in the atms no matter who you are, even if you have an account that says it has money in it. you can't actually get the cash out. >> michelle is this a complete reversal now for the prime minister? he ran on a campaign of no more austerity. he rejected the european union's demands. but now he seems to be at least in the eyes of some backtracking on his campaign promises. how is that sitting down with his own party and with his own base of support? >> reporter: well in the written form he has backed down. he sent a letter in the middle of the week seeming to concede to nearly everything. but then he went on national television and conceded to
7:51 am
nothing and said that the creditors were blackmailers and that everyone should vote no. so the message is completely confused and nobody's really quite sure what he means or wants at this point. >> cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera, thank you very much for that update. we'll take a break and when we come back, we'll have updates for you on both the developing story out of washington, d.c. and the press conference that is scheduled to take place there shortly. ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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i want to show you these live pictures right now from washington, d.c. we were expecting a news conference from the mayor and the police chief and navy representative about ten minutes ago on the situation at the washington navy yard. the all-clear was given. we're still watching and will bring it to you as soon as it happens. we're also watching an important story overseas. iran this hour nuclear negotiations are officially in overtime. now just five days left until the new deadline to come up with a deal expires.
7:55 am
secretary of state john kerry is meeting with u.s. allies like his british counterpart, phil hammond, before sitting down with iran's foreign minister this evening. meanwhile, a u.s. official is knocking down talk of a draft agreement telling nbc that the reports are premature and inaccurate. and joining us back this hour is former white house middle east policy adviser and former ambassador mark ginsburg. we saw the iranian delegation first arrive then go back to tehran. now they're back on the table. what does that tell you about the negotiations? what is the single sticking point that remains? >> ayman, there's several sticking points. as best as we're reading the tea leaves, two major issues among the many issues the first is the iranians have insisted that they obtain sanctions relief the minute they sign an agreement. the united states has consistently said publicly whether it's the treasury secretary or kerry, sanctions relief will only be granted as
7:56 am
you implement the agreement and responsibilities that you need to do, that is, to the iranians. number two, the other issue is whether or not in the end there will be an inspection regime that will permit inspectors to go to suspicious military sites without having the iranians agree ahead of time, anywhere, anytime inspections. those are the see issues. >> a sticking point for the iranians. they want to grant inspection facilities but military facilities they want to keep -- >> that's the problem. >> it seems to be that's where they do most of the research as i understand. >> yeah. and the concern here is that the united states is looking for an alibi to grant in some respects certain access to certain military facilities but not others. >> ambassador, thank you very much. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. i'm ayman mohyeldin in for jose diaz-balart. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. alex wit will have complete coverage of that news conference. it is number one.
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good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with breaking news. in just the last hour the official all-clear was given at the washington navy yard and that lockdown has been lifted. workers inside are no longer under orders to shelter in place. right now, we are awaiting an update from d.c. officials with the very latest. we'll bring you those comments live. all of this comes after a report of shots fired triggered the massive police response from fbi agents, u.s. marshals, also d.c. metro police. federal officials say a methodical sweep of the yard found no evidence of a shooter or evidence of any shots fired. the initial reports of an active shooter came in just before 8:00 a.m. this morning. it is not clear what sparked that report. our nbc station in washington says investigators have located the person who made the emergency phone call which


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