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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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right now on "news nation," we are following breaking news. calling off the search for two missing teenage boaters. the coast guard is set to announce when they will pull back their crews. developing now, how much longer the clock is ticking as we wait to hear if wreckage found on a remote island is from mh370. pieces of the debris is being flown to france tonight for important analysis. we're just moments away from a major speech from presidential candidate hillary clinton. clinton will call for the end to the cuban embargo as her campaign goes on the offensive over those e-mails. we began with developing news and what many are calling a bold move in the 2016 presidential race. this is a live look at the stage
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in miami where hillary clinton is about to deliver a major speech, calling on congress to raise the u.s. trade embargo on cuba. it comes two weeks after cuba officially opened its embassy in washington and reverses a measure signed into law by her husband. while lifting the embargo faces an uphill battle in the republican congress 73% of americans support reestablishing diplomatic relations with cuba and 72% support ending the trade embargo. more than half of republicans also support the measures. meanwhile, a new report out today thrusts clinton's private uls use of e-mail servers. it contained information from five intelligence agencies with questions about whether she mishandled classified information. the state department is expected to release more e-mails today.
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joining me now, msn brksbc reporter. many are calling this a decision she's making on her own like what we saw when her husband was president. >> she's going to endorse president obama's proposal to lift the embargo, to restore relations with cuba. tamron, it's not a very hard call for her. it's a pretty safe political move. overwhelmingly, cuban americans support this. certainly she's got a stronger hand with hispanic voters anyway. the big test will be florida where a lot of cuban americans live. jeb bush who is probably the leading republican contender on the 2016 stage on the other side, is not a supporter of normalizing relations with cuba so there will be a little showdown there. >> they released excerpts of her speech, and pre viewing her
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speech she says, we have waited long enough for this moment. republicans on capitol hill are starting to recognize the urgency of moving forward. it's time for the leaders to get on board or get out of the way. as you pointed out, looking at the polling, it seems safe. this is intriguing since so much buzz is around the aggressive tone of the republican candidates what all 17 of them on the heels of this big debate next week and she is focusing in a safe zone regarding cuba and this embargo. >> well she's there in miami, of course. she's speaking to the national urban league. she spoke there this morning, made some really strong comments on black and white race relations. now she's moving over the top of cuba. let's face it florida is the ultimate swing state, has been for several presidential elections in a row and will be this time as well. >> you've mentioned she's at the national urban league at this forum forum, that she shared the stage with jeb bush ben carson, also
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spoke about racial tensions in america, applauded the confederate flag coming down. for a democrat that is safe territory. i want to play what she had to say. >> young people have taken to the streets, dignified and determined, urging us to affirm the basic fact that black lives matter. [ applause ] >> and because of people across this country sharing their stories of courage and strength a growing number of americans are realizing what many of you have been saying for a long time. we can't go on like this. we are better than this. things must change. it's up to us to build on that momentum. >> and it's up to her to build on the momentum from the african-american voting block
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that heavily supported president obama for many obvious reasons, but the democratic party is accused of taking that voting block for granted. here she is at the event. >> the clintons both she and her husband have been popular with the black community for many many years. >> it's popularity versus enthusiasm to get people out to vote. >> yes and it's so important in so many swing states. she's so farah head ahead of republicans on this issue. she said the words black lives matter which is so controversial roept can on the republican side. >> and to martin o'malley. >> right. she also went up to jeb bush on this speech that she gave. she didn't say his name but she said, it's hard to have the right to rise if you don't have a job, if you don't have minimum wage if you don't have social safety net programs like social security and medicare. so she was jabing ingjabbing at his message even if she didn't say
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his name. >> they're saying hillary clinton had e-mails from five reporting agencies. five of the e-mails of classified material have been found so far, and the one known to be connected to benghazi was among 300 e-mails made public back in may. >> i think her defense is going to remain what it's been which is she did not knowingly mishandle any classified information. she can continue to say that because how could anybody challenge that? she could say i didn't know. there is no way for anybody to cross-check that and say, well in fact, you probably did know. that didn't mitigate the fact that she was sloppy with using a personal server and it's going to be an issue that haunts her for a while. >> we'll bring you hillary clinton's comments when she makes the stage. a search for the two 14-year-old boys went missing on a fishing trip a week ago today.
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adam reese is live in jupiter, florida with more we're expecting to hear from the coast guard on this news conference. we talked about how long someone could survive at sea, even under the best of circumstances, and now it's been a week since the boys set sail from their destination. >> reporter: you're exactly right, tamron it's all about survivability. the chances they could survive for an entire week out in the very dangerous waters of the atlantic ocean, we expect the coast guard to make an announcement in about an hour as to when they will call off this search. this has been an exhaustive thorough search off the coast of florida, georgia, south carolina. 50 searches covering an area of 50,000 square miles, a massive area they've covered. they're looking for a cooler they're looking for a cover of an engine. since the boys left here a week ago today, they were last seen innup ter gassing ingjupiter gassing up that 19-foot fishing boat. the family will continue doing
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whatever they can. they'll continue with private boats, private planes they've gone on twitter and facebook trying to get anyone they can to go out on that ocean and find these boys. they're determined and they're not going to give up tamron. >> we know the family started out with a $100,000 reward and they've called on people from social media and even their own community to be on the lookout for debris but at this point, what other options do they have adam? we talk with the mother of perry cohen at the beginning of the week. what really is left for them to do? >> reporter: all they can do is continue searching. they want to find these two boys. they've had several fundraisers. they've raised a significant amount of money from people here in the area to pay for gas for these private operators, private boats and private planes to keep up this search. so even if the coast guard decides to call off this search they've used a tremendous amount of assets in the air, on the water, so even if the coast
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guard calls this search off, the family will continue on tamron. >> all right adam. thank you very much. also developing right now, dylann roof the 21-year-old charged for the murders of nine african-americans at mother emanuel church in charleston is in federal court where he will be formally charged with hate crimes. these new hate crimes charges will be prosecuted separately from the nine murder charges that roof is facing in local circuit court. former federal prosecutor kendall coffey joins me in miami. kendall, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about these hate crimes charges. how would that work? does the federal government take the lead here and the state to follow? >> well hopefully that's something the prosecutors, state and federal, have already talked through, fought through, and they have a basic vision of the timeline. it's entirely possible that because the state homicide case is already scheduled for trial
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this coming summer that that case could go first. and if that case goes first, and if death penalty is imposed, and it appears to be a very very strong case legally, no risk on appeal, then i think there is going to have to be a decision does the federal trial go forward if indeed dylann roof is sentenced on multiple counts to death. that is a decision of course they would be consulting with the victims and it won't be an easy decision as to whether they have a second trial. >> let's talk about the fact that when he was arrested authorities say he confessed in great detail to this crime. if for example, his attorney goes to the federal prosecutors and says we want to make the deal he wants to confess here to avoid the death penalty, what happens? >> well, if he makes a deal with the feds it doesn't mean it's binding on the state. so either both jurisdictions have their own rights to vindicate their own laws and of course it's because south
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carolina doesn't have a hate crime law and because this is such -- appears to be such a glaring, horrific racially-based hate crime that the federal authorities felt they needed to validate that policy that critical concern, by bringing their own prosecution. >> and the charleston newspaper there is saying it remains unknown whether federal prosecutors, as you point out, will pursue the death penalty and whether the federal case will take priority over the one with the state. we heard governor nikki haley almost instanting say she wants to pursue the death penalty in her state of south carolina but with your expertise, who would have a better chance i guess, of moving this forward quickly so that the families and the entire state, quite honestly, can put closure on this? >> closure is the critical thing here, isn't it? and i think victims rarely want to go through a second trial because it is such an emotional
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ordeal. i think the state may very well be able to get this tried and resolved and get complete justice first. if for any reason that doesn't happen in a state trial, i certainly think the federal authorities would be ready to go and both of them are in a strong position in this case to seek the death penalty. in fact the federal indictment although it hasn't been decided yet, has already listed a number of aggravated factors to make this case death penalty eligible. >> kendall coffey thank you very much. we'll continue to follow the developments out of south carolina as well. still ahead, we heard glowing reviews from some new hampshire voters yesterday about presidential candidate donald trump. one person said he just seems to be one of them. so when didat did that same group express about concerns regarding the trump presidency? i think potentially you
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could turn a lot of people off. >> we'll follow that and developing now, zimbabwe officials say they want to extradite the american dentist who killed cecil the lion as the guide who took him on that hunt is now speaking out his version of what happened that day. we have an update for you. and we talked about this throughout the hour yesterday. an incredible sight above a bridge in oregon. well now, greenpeace has been slapped with a huge fine for this protest. these are people dangling from that bridge. we'll have the very latest on the battle for shell oil. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." you can join our conversation on line. you can find the team on line. you can find me under my name on twitter and instagram. we'll be right back. we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day.
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is. the piece of debris found in the western indian ocean will be analyzed to see if it is part of mh370. they've identified the wreckage as being part of a boeing 777 wing, which is the model aircraft of mh370. joining me is nbc's jamie alistair. why isn't this process moving faster? it seems like it's taking forever. >> reporter: that's right, it is frustratingly slow tamron given that we're 16 months on from that aircraft disappearance and still really no movement forward after the discovery of this wing 4,000 miles away from where mh370 was last seen and
8:18 am
even further away from where ocean vessels right now are still searching the ocean floor for the wreckage of that boeing 777. some half a million visitors a year come to this paradise island to enjoy the wildlife. those beaches could final lg be yielding clues to one of the greatest aviation mysteries of our time. that has sparked lots of local excitement. people have been out searching the coastline and beaches for other possible debris which, until yesterday, would have been regarded as crash and could now gain a greater significance so police have been gathering items like, for example, two bottles with indonesian writing that could indeed be wreckage from mh370. they're collecting those and keeping them for investigators. and some 50 miles away from this coastline, officials are preparing to transport that possible piece of the wing to france. it will be flown from this
8:19 am
island across to tuluse where they can examine it to see if they can finally confirm after this time that that is indeed the first piece of wreckage from mh370. it won't be saturday until the earliest that it arrives there. once that happens, they can finally move to the next stage of one of the greatest and longest investigations in memory. >> obviously we'll be paying close attention to what comes out of that area on saturday as we may get confirmation on this boeing mh370. still ahead, the cincinnati police officer charged in the murder of an unarmed african-american driver is out of jail this morning, his father covering his bail. it's one of the stories we're updating around "news nation." plus how a showdown over planned parenthood may lead to another government shutdown.
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developing news this morning, zimbabwe officials want the u.s. to extradite the dentist who killed cecil the lion. they are calling walter james palmer a foreign poacher and they want him to face justice for his controversial and law-breaking hunt. meanwhile, a petition to extradite palmer on now has more than 170,000 signatures, well beyond the threshold needed for an official response. kevin tibbles has the latest for us. >> reporter: tamron, well the news today is that the government of zimbabwe has said that it wants to extradite dr. walter palmer for the killing of this beloved lion by the name of cecil in zimbabwe while on a trophy hunt. meanwhile, here stateside at the u.s., the whildildlife officials say
8:24 am
they're trying to get ahold of dr. palmer and have so far not been successful. at a news conference zimbabwe's wildlife minister says zimbabwe is seeking to extradite dr. walter palmer. we want him tried in zimbabwe because he violated our laws. the processes have already started. at home u.s. officials are asking palmer to come forward. the u.s. fish and wildlife service tweeting thursday, we are investigating the killing of cecil the lion. we'll go where facts lead. but with the eyes of the world now trained on him, dr. walter palmer is staying out of sight. and now the man who guided the american on that hunt in zimbabwe tells the telegraph he's devastated. theo brockhorse out on bail after pleading not guilty to poaching charges stemming from the hunt tells the paper it went wrong from the beginning. he says palmer first shot cecil the lion with an arrow, but it was too late to track him, so
8:25 am
they went home for the night. 11 hours later, he says they spotted the wounded lion and the client then shot it with his bow and arrow and killed it. that's when brockhorse tells the telegraph they found the famous lion's tracking collar which meant he was a protected animal. both he and palmer were upset. he says telling the telegraph, he panicked and hid the collar in a tree. still, the guide says palmer later asked if they could hunt for an elephant the next day. palmer has not been charged with any crime and has said he'll cooperate with authorities. and we have also learned that the safari club international has now suspended dr. walter palmer and is also calling for a full investigation into the killing of the lion by the name of cecil. tamron? >> thank you very much kevin. still ahead, more eye-opening comments from a new hampshire focus group on donald trump. why some are worried his massive
8:26 am
wealth could be his undoing. and another honor for beijing. it is making history after being selected to host the olympics yet again. it is one of the stories we're updating around the news nation.
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mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. breaking news to report out of south carolina where dylann roof just appeared in court on hate crimes charges in the shooting at mother emanuel church in charleston. jamie joins us live from the courthouse. as i understand, dylann roof wanted to enter a guilty plea because his attorney won't let him do that. what happened there? >> reporter: during the arraignment, roof's lead attorney told the court that roof has told his attorneys that he would like to enter a guilty plea. but his attorney told the court that he would not, the attorney
8:30 am
would not at this time enter a guilty plea on roof's behalf because he said the government has not settled whether it will seek the death penalty in the case. until then the lawyer said he will not enter a guilty plea on behalf of dylann roof. >> let me ask you, what was the response from the judge as well as those in court today hearing this information, which we do know upon being arrested authorities say dylann roof immediately gave them a confession in great detail to what happened in that church? >> yes. it appears to be consistent with roof having given a confession after the shooting or at least we know reports of that confession. the judge said today that he would enter a not guilty plea and in the meantime since the attorney would not enter in a guilty plea. tamron, also we heard from four members of the families of victims who each told the court about their grief. one of the victims says he holds
8:31 am
no ill will against roof. another told the court that he roof, has taken the most precious thing in her life which was her mother but she said he will not take my joy, satan will not win, and i hope that the lord has mercy on his soul. so an emotional day in court, tamron. >> those are very similar comments we heard following the shooting at roof's first court appearance. do we know what happens next in this process? >> no we don't. that was a federal -- we know a little bit but not everything. that was a federal magistrate judge. the case gets passed along to a federal judge who has already been named in this who has already been named in the case. and also today the judge named two attorneys for roof who the judge told the court are educated in matters of capital cases, are educated in matters of death penalty cases. we know where this is going.
8:32 am
the indictment itself carries charges that carry the death penalty. >> all right, thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it jamie. again, it appears in court that dylann roof the suspect in the south carolina church shooting taking the lifzves of nine people in that church wanted to plead guilty to those crimes but his attorney says he's not ready to do this. turning now to politics. less than a week before the gop debate, donald trump is surging in the polls. yesterday we showed you a bloomberg politics social group of supporters. they applauded trump's ability to say it like it is in their words. we find there are concerns though, about a trump presidency. here's what they said. >> i think potentially you could cross all the inappropriate comment that's going to turn a large number of people off, and it would very much concern me at that point if he was a nominee and it was down to two people. >> john, what about you? anything to worry about? >> yeah i think he could shoot
8:33 am
himself in the foot. >> if he did, he would make money out of it. >> joining me now, bloomberg politics reporter. thanks for joining us again here. those are interesting comments but i believe the headline here is the conversation that was had regarding if donald trump decides to run as an independent and whether or not these supporters would follow him. >> right. well what you saw there was the donald trump supporters we spoke to in new hampshire said the things they like about him the most are the things they're worried also most about him being an electable candidate. this is the straight talking, this is the no filter that they love so much about trump. they also said you know i'm not sure how the rest of the country feels about that and that translates into a lot of things, including possibly an independent run. >> they often say the things
8:34 am
people end up loving you're most concerned about. we'll see if donald trump decides to run as an independent. i know many express concern if that would inevitably put a democrat in the white house. >> yeah, they did. it was a mixed bag. some of them said you know i'm not sure that's a really good idea. they invoked ross perot. they said maybe we should think twice about this. there was at least one guy there and a couple people who were nodding who said you know what? the only reason that -- in their mind, the only reason that donald trump may drop out of the race is if the republican party forces him out, and if the republican party forces donald trump out and is unfair in any way to donald trump, maybe they deserve it. so there was that sentiment as well. >> i'm curious also did you have any opportunity to speak to him about the party not taking donald trump seriously maybe in the last week or so, and what that means as to how their vote
8:35 am
is seen by many people? >> it was interesting, actually. we showed them a couple clips about other people in the race commenting about donald trump. we showed them jeb bush who is critical of -- he said that donald trump was trying to in inflame. we showed them a clip of rick perry who called donald trump a cancer to conservatism. those comments actually made them like trump more and like these candidates less. that's a real interesting dynamic that we may see play out on the debate stage next week. >> i do find that fascinating, and i was curious because you have so many people dismissing those who say they would support donald trump and how they perceive this negative view of how they choose to vote and who they choose to vote for. >> just to be clear, these supporters that we talked to they're very sympathetic toward donald trump's candidacy. they also were very sympathetic to other candidates.
8:36 am
they mentioned ben carson and even scott walker and they said they liked things about jeb bush. so they weren't 100% trump or no one. how you deal with donald trump, i think, will be a very interesting test for these other candidates in the days to come. >> especially thursday when you have the debate stage in a sense with all eyes on donald trump and the reaction whether some candidates choose to go in in an aggressive way with an aggressive tone and push him on things he hasn't answered so far, for example, policies beyond immigration. i know in this focus group, some of the people there liked his idea of building this fence without any real plan other than to get mexico to pay for it but they saw that as some type of action that appealed to them. >> they did. they talked a lot about immigration and they knew his plan very well and they liked it. what we found, though when we brought up other things that donald trump supports they were
8:37 am
a little less familiar with that. we asked them what do you think about his jobs plan? and they weren't as able to really talk about that as well. they didn't really know exactly what donald trump wanted to do as president. they just said we trust him because he's successful. >> it will be intriguing again on thursday. thank you very much. your focus panel is the talk of the town it seems, the last two days. we got more e-mails and tweets on that i think, than anything else this week. thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. i want to take you to miami, florida. hillary clinton is at a big event here. many are calling it a bold move as she will call on congress to lift the cuban embargo, something her husband supported during his presidency. she's also planning to take on the republican party, the republican arguments against the edge gaugement engagement that she and president obama have referred to as failed policy that hasn't worked over many years. let me take you now to florida.
8:38 am
>> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. i want to thank dr. frank morim, director of the caribbean center, a professor here at fiu and before that followed with distinction the department of defense. joe, thank you for being here a longtime friend. a longtime friend and exemplary
8:39 am
educator. jordan pardon is here. thank you. and the president of fiu, mark rosenberg. i thank you all for being here and for me it's a delight to be at florida international university. you can really feel the energy here. it's a place where people of all backgrounds and walks of life work hard do their part and get ahead. that's the promise of america that has drawn generations of immigrants to our shores and it's a reality right here at fiu. today, as frank said i want to talk with you about a subject that has stirred passionate debate in this city and beyond for decades. but it's now entering a crucial new phase. america's approach to cuba is at a crossroads and the upcoming presidential election will determine whether we chart a new path forward or turn back to the old ways of the past. we must decide between
8:40 am
engagement and embargo, between embracing fresh thinking and returning to cold war deadlock. and the choices we make will have lasting consequences not just for more than 11 million cubans but also for american leadership across our hemisphere and around the world. i know that for many in this room and throughout the cuban-american community, this debate is not an intellectual exercise. it is deeply personal. i teared up as frank was talking about his mother, not not able to mourn with her family say goodbye to her brother. i'm so privileged to have a sister-in-law who is cuban-american who came to this
8:41 am
country like so many others as a child and has charted her way. [ applause ] with a spirit of determination. i think of all those children who were lifted as strangers during the cuban air lift the families that arrived with only the clothes on their backs, for the sons and daughters who couldn't bury their parents back home. for all who have suffered and waited and longed for change to come to the land where palm trees grow. and yes, for a rising generation eager to build a new and better future. many of you have your own stories and memories that shape
8:42 am
your feelings about the way forward. like miriam one of the founders of the women in white, who is with us today. brave cuban woman who defied the castro regime and demanded dignity and reform. we're honored to have her here today, and i would ask her to please raise her hand. thank you, miriam. [ applause ] >> i wish every cuban back in cuba could spend a day walking around miami and see what you have built here how you have turned this city into a dynamic global center. how you have succeeded as entrepreneurs and civic leaders. it would not take them long to
8:43 am
start demanding similar opportunities and achieving similar success back in cuba. i understand the skepticism in this community about any policy of engagement toward cuba. as many of you know i've been skeptical, too. but you've been promised progress for 50 years and we can't wait any longer for a failed policy to bear fruit. we have to seize this moment. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> we have to now support change on an island where it's desperately kneeledneeded. i did not come to this position lightly. i well remember what happened to previous attempts at engagement.
8:44 am
in the 1990s, castro responded to quiet diplomacy by shooting down the unarmed brothers to the rescue plane out of the sky. and with their deaths in mind i supported the helms burden act to tighten the embargo. 20 years later, the regime's human rights abuses continue imprisoning dissidents cracking down on free expression and the internet, beating and harassing the courageous ladies in white, refusing a credible investigation into the death of oswaldo paya. anyone who thinks we can trust this regime hasn't learned the lessons of history. but as secretary of state, it became clear to me that our policy of isolating cuba was strengthening the castro's grip
8:45 am
on power rather than weakening it and harming our broader efforts to restore american leadership across the hemisphere. the castros were able to blame all of the island's woes on the u.s. embargo, distracting from the regime's failures and delaying their day of reckoning with the cuban people. we were unintentionally helping the regime keep cuba a closed and controlled society rather than working to open it up to positive outside influences the way we did so effectively with the old soviet block and elsewhere. so in 2009 we tried something new. the obama administration made it easier for cuban americans to visit and send money to family on the island. no one expected miracles but it was a first step toward exposing the cuban people to new ideas, values and perspectives.
8:46 am
i remember seeing a cnn report that summer about a cuban father living and working in the united states who hadn't seen his baby boy back home for a year and a half because of travel restrictions. our reforms made it possible for that father and son finally to reunite. it was just one story, just one family, but it felt like the start of something important. in 2011 we further loosened restrictions on cash remittances sent back to cuba and we opened the way for more americans, clergy, students and teachers community leaders to visit and engage directly with the cuban people. they brought with them new hope and support for struggling families aspiring entrepreneurs and brave civil society activists. small businesses started
8:47 am
opening. cell phones proliferated. slowly cubans were getting a taste of a different future. i then became convinced that building stronger ties between cubans and americans could be the best way to promote political and economic change on the island. so by the end of my term as secretary, i recommended to the president that we end the failed embargo and double down on a strategy of engagement that would strip the castro regime of its excuses and force it to grapple with the demands and aspirations of the cuban people. instead of keeping change out as it has for decades, the regime would have to figure out how to adapt to a rapidly transforming society. what's more it would open exciting new business opportunities for american companies, farmers and
8:48 am
entrepreneurs, especially for the cuban american community. that's my definition of a win-win. [ applause ] >> i know some critics of this approach point to other countries that remain a authoritarian despite diplomatic debate. it's true that quick change won't happen with cuba. but look at all the countries that have made the switch from hypocrisy to diplomacy. again and again we see it is
8:49 am
more likely to hasten change not hold it back. >> again, we're listening to the event in miami, florida, hillary clinton calling on congress to lift the cuban embargo. in this speech she made note that while secretary of state, she came to this conclusion and actually made the recommendation to president obama. we'll continue to follow this event out of florida as we've been told that hillary clinton will have some strong words, perhaps, for her republican rivals who will all be on the debate stage next thursday. we're going to take a quick break and have more on the battle over planned parenthood and why many say this could lead to another government shutdown. we'll be right back. time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business.
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planned parenthood is under attack again this morning. a fourth hidden camera recording has been released by a group of antiabortion rights activists who are critical of the organization's handling of tissue samples from aborted feet eded feetes the fetec.
8:53 am
it could snowball into a complete government shutdown. nbc's halle jackson reports. >> bereleasing a fourth undercompunder undercover video controversy over planned parenthood donates feet tall tissue. official from colorado clinic describes the public perception of that process. >> in the public i think it makes a lot more sense for it to be in the research vein than, i'd say -- >> the clinic those choes not to enter into the deal with the activist posing as researchers as planned parenthood insists it's doing nothing wrong. >> we follow the law that says you cannot sell fetal tissue and we don't. women donate pit three-point is no profit. >> this week the website was hacked was planned partenthood plans for an attack. the campaign led by david. >> is this about a debate over fetal tissue donation or
8:54 am
abortion and doing something to make waves to reignite that debate? >> i don't think an either/or and i don't think it has to be either one of those two. this is about documents and illustrating clearly for the american people what planned parenthood does to the body parts of the babies they abort. >> defund planned parenthood. >> 18 congressional republicans are promising to oppose any federal funding of planned parenthood drawing fire from democrats. >> it's another effort by republicans to, you know try to limit the health care options for women. >> even supporter hillary clinton called the videos disturbing. the antiabortion group says eight clips will be released through the fall when analysts say a political showdown could lead to a government shutdown. >> that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. thank you for joining us all week. up next "andrea mitchell reports" from miami today.
8:55 am
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. breaking news right now on "andrea mitchell reports." lost at sea. the coast guard provides an update any minute now on the search for two teens who have been missing for one week last seen off the coast of florida. and new clues, investigators are hoping the barnicle covered wing from 777 helps them figure out where mh-370 might be found. >> it might be that by carefully looking at what kind of species of barnicle they are, where it passed.
8:59 am
cuba libre, a big shift in american attitudes on u.s./cuban relations, andrea mitchell is with hillary clinton today as they call for a trade embargo with the island nation. >> we must decide between engagement and embargo, between embracing fresh thinking and returning to cold war deadlock. good day. i'm luke russert in washington. andrea mitchell will be joining us from miami in just a few minutes. first, the coast guard is about to hold a press conference on the search for the two teens that went missing off the coast of florida one week ago today. they're expected to announce. it just started. let's bump in here press
9:00 am
conference. >> me and my staff after. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i wanted to provide everybody with an update on our search and rescue efforts for austin stephanos and perry cohen. first of all, this is still an active and open search. we are searching today. however, we have made a decision that we will suspend at susnset tonight. by sunset -- by suspension what we mean is if new information comes to light, we have the ability to reopen the case. so i do want to express my heartfelt condolences to the


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