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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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they're expected to announce. it just started. let's bump in here press conference. >> me and my staff after. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i wanted to provide everybody with an update on our search and rescue efforts for austin stephanos and perry cohen. first of all, this is still an active and open search. we are searching today. however, we have made a decision that we will suspend at susnset tonight. by sunset -- by suspension what we mean is if new information comes to light, we have the ability to reopen the case. so i do want to express my heartfelt condolences to the
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family. i met with them on wednesday. obviously they're going through a traumatic time and i just want to express my heartfelt sympathy to them. the coast guard dedicates its best efforts to every search and rescue case. but this one was particularly painful because a lot of the people that were out there searching have kids about the same age. i have a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old. so the decision to suspend was excruciating and gut wrenching for me personally. we made a decision to extend our search efforts because there were some uncertainty as to when the boys may have went into the water. from friday when they left jupiter to sunday when we found that capsized boat. we also took into account their age and their combined will to live. we never discount that. i do want to highlight that this was a true all-hands-on deck
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effort between the coast guard, our brethren in the department of homeland security department of defense, our state and local partners, as well as the government of bahamas. together we covered an area just shy of 50,000 square nautical miles. it ranged from jupiter inlet up to cape hatteras north carolina, and 270 miles to the east of savannah georgia. it was a huge area. and because we had multiple assets searching simultaneously we conducted 30 days of searching within this eight-day window. i know those statistics will not provide -- will not ease the pain of the families. i appreciate that. but i hope at some point in the future they can take solis from the fact that hundreds of people searched thousands of miles because we were desperately committed to try to find austin
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and perry. that is my hope. i can take a few questions. >> curious. do you believe this case gives fuel to perhaps requiring private cess sells when ss ss ss vessels when they go out into the atlantic, pacific -- >> there's currently no federal regulations for an age limit on people going to sea. we encourage all mariners to be safe when they go out there because the marine environment can be potentially dangerous but there are no efforts now. we highly recommend all mariners utilize electronic position indicating radio beacon. it's the best way to help us find you if you are in some type of emergency at sea. >> do you believe this is a moment to require them? >> we recommend all boaters use that. use those epirbs.
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>> adapt your search as the days went on how you changed your tactic? i'm sure there's a lot -- i heard it described. tell us how that worked. >> yeah. so when they left jupiter inlet on friday, we started our search efforts immediately. at about 5:00 on friday afternoon. started saturating the area with what we knew at that time. the t. biggest consideration was the gulf stream the gulf stream rupps from the south to the north at about 3 1/2 knots. we have sophisticated computer models to help us determine where to search. we searched actively friday night, saturday and then sunday we found that capsized vessel. what that did was help us validate we were searching in the right areas. obviously we were hoping to pind if find the boys. when they were not there we quickly regrouped, recalculated new searches based on that information. then we continued from there since we didn't receive any information, the search area continued to go north based on
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that gulf stream. but i can tell you each search that is planned, the coast guard executed 66 different searches. each one was planned based on the impacts and the effect of the previous one. >> what is your best guest assessment of what happened to the boys? we know they left the inlet and then what? >> yeah. yeah. >> what did you put together? >> what we know on friday i'm sure, i think most of you know there was a pretty significant squall that came through friday afternoon. so that was a potential for them to either get caught in that squall and whether they were just disabled and drifting or maybe they capsized at that point, we don't know. that's why the uncertainty between when they entered the water was between friday when that squall came through and sunday when we found the capsized vessel. there was some social media chatter about them going to the
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bahamas. that's one thing we do in the coast guard is we take all sources of information, anything we can get our hands on and it calculates into our search efforts. so when we heard that on social media that they went to the bahamas we quickly contacted the government of bahamas. the coast guard has resources in the bahamas and we searched that area. however, our inclination was we thought they were still in the gulf stream. we thought they were going north. and we focused most of our efforts in the gulf stream and that's what led to finding the capsized boat on sunday. >> was that the message on snapchat, see it or did it evaporate? you know how it goes away snapchat isn't forever. >> we saw it. i saw a picture of it. i think someone took a graphic of it. but we saw that. >> what did it say? >> just that they may have been going to the bahamas. i couldn't hear you. >> are you going to wait to decide if you're going to extend
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the search beyond today? >> no the decision has been made to suspend the search at sunset tonight. what suspension means is the case is not closed. if we have any new information that comes to light in the weeks, days weeks, months ahead, we can reopen the case. but we will stop actively searching at sunset tonight. >> and you're listening to mark fedore chief of response for the coast guard in miami. giving us the latest update on the status of the two teens who have been missing off the florida coast on a boat. last seen a week ago today. obviously the news is that the coast guard is going to suspend the search for those two teens at sunset tonight. something that is obviously heart wrenching for the families involved. we're joined now bythad allen, of course the retired u.s. coast guard admiral. thank you so much for your time. usually when you have these types of search and rescue operations in warm water, they
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can go from seven to ten days. in this case they didn't find the cooler. they believe they didn't find life rafts onboard. why suspend tonight? >> well, i think they exhausted all possibilities that the boys could have survived in the weighter even in warm water, hypothermia becomes an issue. they pretty much exhausted all the means they had and all the potential location where's the boys could have been found. they used very very sophisticated computer models to plan all their searches. >> the boat was found 67 miles off the coast of florida. they had gotten a full tank of gas prior to their voyage. we also know that the search area was roughly the size of alabama. a very very large search area. what more practically could be done at this point? because honestly, you really are looking for a need until a haystack, two small 14-year-old on a cooler if that's the best case scenario. >> the real challenge is as time goes by in the area as the gulf stream moving between three and
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four knots, the envelope for where they might be expands when you look at probability of search areas. these are highly sophisticated computer models. each day that passes by the area you have to search becomes larger. what you're trying to do is increase your probability of detection by saturating the area that gets harder and harder every day. >> when we found the boat on sunday, a lot of optimism. is it common to find the boat and not find the occupants or usually are they around the same area? >> it's pretty hard to figure out when you don't know the exact circumstances. but we generally caution people if you're in a situation and your boat does turnover you should try and stay with the boat because the boat is easier to be seen than you are in the water. we don't know the circumstances surrounding the capsizing. generally if you stay with the boat you have a better chance. >> certainly an important message. let's turn to carrie sanders of nbc news joining us live from miami. he was in that press conference. you have been around the family you've been around the friends over these last few days.
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heart wrerchling ing wrerchling heart wrerchlnching news to them. >> indeed. i spoke to the family prior to the news conference anticipating hearing this. i asked them whether they had any reaction. they said they not only had no reaction but they didn't want to comment today. they're not going to come out and speak on cameras. i think they're just dealing with this because they've been holding on to so much hope so much belief, unrealistic that they might be alive. at this point not very easy for any family member to go through this and then hear this news. they have had fund-raisers in the community anticipating that would happen. that money is going to be used and is currently being used for private pilots and boaters who are heading out in the area and doing some of their own personal searching to augment what the coast guard has been doing and will continue to do straight up here until sunset.
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and as you heard in the news conference from mark the captain that in the event that there is some sort of evidence something out there that's discovered and maybe it's from these private aircraft the coast guard will react and will continue to do what they need to do in the event that this is perhaps a piece of evidence that is hopeful to finding and recovering their bodies because i got to say for the parents, nothing worse than waiting to see if they're ever going to have that sense of closure, whether they're ever going to recover their children's bodies for burial. >> oh, it's so tough. kerry sanders, thank you so much. appreciate it. thad allen, last question to you. what is the probability for success of a private search? obviously they've raised over $250,000. employ private pilots private boaters. is there any reality that that could turn something up? these are not coast guard personnel. >> well, i wouldn't discount the possibility. of course, as they said, this is a gut wrenching decision to suspend the search. the searches done by the coast
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guard and other operating units over the last week or so based on very sophisticated search planning capability, very sophisticated sensors on the aircraft out there and also the surface vessels. this is going to be a very tough mission for them. >> indeed. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. we should point out the family just put out a statement saying they will continue their own private search. they've had fund-raisers over the course of the last week. and they expect that search to continue. we certainly pray that perhaps they can find something. let's turn now to andrea mitchell who joins us live from miami on the campus of florida international university where hillary clinton just finished up a speech laying out her policy position on cuba. andrea, you join us now. thank you so much for being here. >> well, here in miami just a few moments ago a dramatic speech from hillary clinton drawing a sharp contrast with all the republicans, especially the two florida, jeb bush and marco rubio, by calling for an
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immediate ent to the i'm bar grow with cuba. this is a shift in her position since she first ran for the white house. >> the cuban people have waited long enough for progress to come. even many republicans on capitol hill are starting to recognize the urgency of moving forward. it's time for their leaders to either get onboard or get out of the way. the cuba embargo needs to go once and for all. >> chuck todd is joining me in washington. chuck, this is an important shift. she said this, she's written this before in her book "hard choices" last year, but coming to miami and dlibeliberately to this campus where marco rubio is an adjunct professor. he said there is a generational shift. younger cuban-americans are driven by economic issues and
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the older generation by political issues. on this campus talking to people today, heartbreaking stories from those who believe it's time to change the policy but they themselves those in their 40s, 50s, and older, they can't go back but they acknowledge that their kids are going, have already gone. it's too painful for them because they came in 1961. they came as children. many of them came in the peter pan boat lift came alone because their parents couldn't leave them. were put with foster families. chuck? >> look that's right. and just to place you even geographically more, fiu is basically in little havana or right outside of little havana inside west miami, right outside eighth street there, it's a symbolic heart of the cuban community in miami for fiu. but it is -- look i think in selling this policy andrea politically, in talking to folks in miami that i've known for a long time who are switch thet
9:15 am
tick to lifting the embargo, some of them wish both the president that when democrats in general sell this plan of lifting it that there's more acknowledgement of the older cubans who -- and who feel as if, boy, are we rewarding oppression and walking and having that conversation a little bit more. i think there is a, as you see there is a middle ground here that is, i think, even in dade county you're seeing support for it. but i think tone almost matters more in talking about this than it does in the substance. >> i was very struck chuck, that she acknowledged that she supported the act which her husband signed. i guess she can't run away from that fact. and she acknowledged something that i was report agent the time that there were back channel negotiations between the white house and leaders in cuba at a pretty high level, at the level of the head of the national assembly at the time. but that the brothers to the rescue shootdown by fidel castro
9:16 am
with those migs, whether you viewed it as provocation from miami or unconscionable shootdown of civilian aircraft that did cross into cuban airspace, whatever that did it changed the whole political dynamic. and once bill clinton signed that law -- >> you could argue that that's what castro wanted that he was trying to sabotage. >> wanted exactly. >> that's right. always been a part of this story that's not been told well enough. i know you've done -- i think when we look back on this that was a deliberate sabotage of what was about to, i think, be an opening. >> indeed. thanks so much chuck. i know you're going to have a lot more on this on "meet the press" as well. i'm joined here by alan gomez from "usa today" and also ann gear ran gearan from the "washington post." the sentiment is changing. we are seeing the pew poll 59% of republicans want the embargo lifted. none of the republican candidates are going to endorse
9:17 am
this policy. sharp division here. jeb bush tweeted, it's insulting to many miami residents for hillary to come here to endorse and retreat in cuba's struggle for democracy. >> probably the biggest change in this area is that 51% of cuban-americans supported it with cuba. this speech couldn't have happened here ten years ago. i'm from here and raised down here and this would not have been two dozen protesters. >> she was against it. >> i remember when president obama first came to florida during his first presidential run. he talked about lifting some sanctions. not the whole embargo but easing things a little bit. at the time people wrote off florida for him, saying he lost every opportunity he had to win this state. he won both times and won the cuban-american vote heartedly. it is a different era where you can approach this and you can call for this embargo and have a couple dozen pro testers and that's it. >> you can see some of them -- i don't know if you can see right through this windows, some of
9:18 am
them are outside. there are some protesters on this campus today. and tone does matter. chuck todd was talking about that. this was not a strident rallying cry from hillary clinton. very different tonally from the speech she gave an hour earlier at urban league. this was, i acknowledge your pain, i hear your stories. my eyes teared up when she was introduced by dr. frank mora whose mother had suffered and the loss of life and she said you know i acknowledge how difficult this is and how emotional this is. this is an emotional debate not an intellectual debate. >> it was interesting. intensely emotional debate and emotional issue and her speech was not very emotional. and i think on purpose. she was trying to make sort of a reasoned very state department like argument for why lifting the embargo makes sense. she also ticked off a whole lot of things that many others in the audience were going to want to hear. i will not forget the legacy of human rights.
9:19 am
i would keep sanctions. i would, as president, i would sort of have a sensible reasonable middle of the road policy toward cuba is what she was trying to articulate. it was not a barn burner. >> but she also acknowledged the presence of one of the ladies in white, you know who have been leading the sunday protests in havana, alan. she acknowledged that there is resistance and she talked about the human rights issues as well. >> yes. she mentioned as mariam the husband was one of the original in 2003 one of the original group of dissidents and journalists rounded up by the castro regime. i spoke to her before today's speech and she was talking about the idea that yes, this has been a long time coming that the people who are actually suffering the most are the cuban people, not necessarily the government down there. and she said that instead of -- she said that in cuba the conversation isn't so much what our politicians are talking about, it's a focus on the cuban government to go i ahead and
9:20 am
start going along with these changes that obama has implemented. they're the ones dragging their feet at this point. as you know a little overwhelmed right now ling the changes the president has been trying to push aren't really being seen down there just yet. what she's saying is it's up to them to really start getting going on those sorts of things and that's where their focus is. >> anne in about an hour we're going to get another release of e-mails. we can talk more about this later. this is the other narrative which has drowned out a lot of her other policy prescriptions. she gave a speech on the economy at nyu last friday and the e-mail story drowned that out. this is yet more of the e-mail release by the state department which has been overwhelmed by the necessity of bringing in intelligence experts to declassify and vet and release e-mails and the court accusing the state department of dragging its feet and not responding with enough urgency to, you know legal rulings that they've got to pull out of this stuff out.
9:21 am
>> yep. this just won't go away. clearly, there's both the procedure you referred to where big, you know chunk of e-mails gets released about once a month. meaning just structurally this thing gets dragged out for quite a ways into the campaign. but also as an issue for her. every single time one of these groups of e-mails comes out, it serves to remind people that there's this cloud of details of which they may be not too clear about but there's this thing out there that is a question mark over her. >> it's affecting the issue of do you trust this person. >> right. >> that is the biggest deficit as well. >> she's had a big drop in the number of people who say they find her trustworthy since announcing her campaign in april. part of that was expected. she certainly had poll numbers coming out of her term as secretary of state. her advisers all say they knew those things -- thoofsn't going to remain. those numbers were going to drop.
9:22 am
it's those trust worthy numbers that give some people pause. >> anne gearan alan gomez and chuck todd. tonight lester holt will sit down with jeb bush for an exclusive interview done right after he gave his big speech to the urban league earlier not far from here in ft. lauderdale. up next message in a bottle. what can you discover that washed ashore tell investigators in the search for mh-370. we'll have much more from miami with more evidence of the changing tides here in florida. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. >> by definition, insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. it's been a lot of the years of the same. is this is what it's going to take for something different, i'm for it. >> i don't think the embargo was very effective in the first place. it's more of an annoyance than anything. definitely the best way to re-establish a democracy is through capitalism. just get americans and
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it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. welcome back. we now turn to developments in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. today police packed up pieces of debris found on reunion island remote french island off madagascar's coast. it will be flown to france for further analysis the. the only 777 missing in the world is mh-370 which vanished 500 days ago thousands of miles a i way. a suitcase found in the area is also being sent to france for closer examination. australian officials saying
9:27 am
they're less certain it's from the missing plane. searchers in reunion continue to sift through beach scraps for any other pieces of debris that could help answer one of aviation's greatest mysteries. joining us now is nbc's tom costello in our washington newsroom. tom, thank you so much for joining us. what do we know about this debris and it's heading to france. we expect to get a lot more information here in the next few days. >> honestly i'm not sure we will, luke. >> really? >> we know it's a flaperon. we know that boeing engineers are pretty confident it comes from the 777. beyond that other than the french saying yeah it's a flaperon, i'm not sure what else we're going to get. we know that the french are going to be looking for what kind offen an impact there might be, impact sign there might be on the metal. in other words, is there any indication that had a high impact or low impact crash with the water? any indication at all a there was a fire or scorch marks or explosive residue onboard?
9:28 am
nobody really expects that at this point based on the photographic evidence so far. so i got to tell you. you know when i talked to the experts they kind of are saying listen, you know there may not be a whole lot more to come from the forensics. we'll have to say. the french of course had a very sophisticated live there in toulouse. and they will be doing that. you mentioned the piece of luggage washed ashore. the reason they are less certain that has anything to do with the malaysian it floo isflight is it's in relatively good condition. if it had been in the water for 16 mobtsznths or so. 500 days of sea water, 500 days of sunshine you would expect something to break down pretty quickly. we did not see, at least on the photograph, any barnicles on that particular piece of luggage. there's that. now -- >> tom the barnicles are an interesting piece to the puzzle here because we've seen from
9:29 am
some marine biologists they could be traced to certain areas of the indian ocean. that's something we will keep an eye on. i want to ask you one question though. what can we ascertain from this piece of debris? looks like a rather clean cut. from your conversations with experts, can we learn anything from that just sort of how it was found? i mean look at that right there on our screen. it's not too roughed up all things considered. >> no. according to the folks i've talked to based simply on the photographic evidence they can't glean a whole lot out of it. keep in mind the australians still believe that the bulk of the crash, the bulk of the wreckage is probably in that primary search zone off the coast of australia. that means that this piece traveled as the bird flies about 2900 miles or so but more likely based on those currents the counter clock wise currents in the ocean, more likely it circumnavigated the base before being dropped over to madagascar.
9:30 am
who knows how many thousands of miles this piece traveled, how many eddies it got caught up in currents tossed it around. we simply don't know. there's one more piece of photographic discussion this morning. that's that bottle that you may have seen earlier. it's some sort of a cleaning solution or something. on the bottle it says indo neisha. also a bottle by the way, that washed up from china. that's relevant of course because many of the passengers were from indo neisha and of course from china. the trouble is there is so much junk that washes ashore on this island because the indian ocean has so much junk floating in it. it's really difficult to know whether any of that would have come from malaysia 370 or whether it's just stuff that's floating out there in the ocean. i got to tell you. when you go back and look at the original calculations on where the actual wreckage of malaysia 370 perhaps rests, the experts say we've said all along it probably rests off the coast of
9:31 am
australia but the currents have taken all of that stuff, all the debris, whatever there is all the way around the other side towards madagascar. will there be any more debris? we'll have to wait and see. >> we will indeed. we'll see what comes from the examination in france. tom costello thank you for your time. coming up we'll head back to miami after the break where andrea mitchell has more on the debate over lifting the trade embargo with cuba as hillary clinton called for today. >> coming from a family of cuban-americans i don't think it's fair that we start relations with a country that's been so cruel to its people. there isn't a future there. there isn't -- we're helping something that where our fundamentally we go against. >> nothing is going to change. you know for so many years they have still been receiving thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on a monthly busy and where has it all gone? back into the castro regimen, their pockets. nothing has gone to the people. what's going to change now? nothing.
9:32 am
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progress for 50 years and we can't wait any longer for a failed policy to bear fruit. we have to seize this moment. >> hillary clinton planning her political flag in the debate over the future of u.s. relations with cuba here in miami channeling a growing sentiment in our country and in miami. carlos gutierrez is the former commerce secretary in the george w. bush administration. thank you very much. it's good to see you again. i know you've -- your own position as evolved. you have deep roots in the business community. what do you think of what hillary clinton outlined today which is calling on congress for an immediate lifting of the embargo saying that failed policy has not worked and that it is a big change she acknowledged, from her own position supporting burton back
9:36 am
when he husband signed it. >> right. first of all, it's always always a gutsy thing to do to go to miami and call for lifting the embargo. you know what she is doing and i've heard from zefrlt cueseveral cuban-americans we supported the president's policy. but today now that it's in place they're saying okay let's give it a shot let's let it play out. let's see what happens. . and hillary has positioned herself, secretary clinton has positioned herself as continuity. she will continue with president obama's policy so that contrast very clearly, the junxtaposition of what she said versus marco rubio who has said he will definitely close down the embassy which hasn't opened yet is going to open on august 14th. so she's like put a stake in the ground there's a very clear difference here. and i think she is tapping into that cuban-american sentiment that perhaps we didn't like it
9:37 am
when obama announced it but now we want to see where it goes. >> you know jeb bush also so there are two floridians running for president on the republican side and jeb bush tweeted today, quote, it's insulting to many miami residents for hillary to come here to endorse a retreat in cuba's struggle for democracy democracy. what's your feeling about that? >> well, you know to her point, and i'll give her credit for this. she said, you know we've had a policy in place for 50 years. the world has ignored our policy, so we have -- instead of isolating cuba we've isolated ourselves. all of latin america is against our policy. and then the recognition, the realization that the people who are really suffering because of our policy are the cuban people the people we want to help. so here's an opportunity to help
9:38 am
them. so, you know in many ways there's a humanitarian gesture here which is let's help cuban people. the cuban government is serious about letting them open their own businesses. let's help them. let's do something that's good for them instead of this position of, you know a disdain for the people at the top and, therefore, let's make the 11 million cubans who live on the island pay for it. i think the u.s. needs to look to the future and see if that's how we want the history books to be written. leadership change will be coming in cuba within this decade. there will be new participateeople to deal with. we have to start positioning ourselves with a view toward the future and not a view towards the past. i agree with that. >> i want to play a little bit of donald trump in scotland yesterday suggesting that despite what he said about mexicans and what he said about
9:39 am
undocumented workers here and the effect of many of the people who come from mexico that he would have support from the hispanic vote. this is donald trump in turn turnberry. >> what section of the america do you represent? >> a big section. i guess the poll today had me with 16 or 17 candidates had me at 25%. and the next person was at 12%. so that's a big difference. we represent a very big section. >> not the immigrant population though presumably? >> excuse me? >> not many of the immigrant population? >> i did well. hispanics, a poll came out two days ago where i'm number one with the hispanics. i know you're surprised to hear that. >> your reaction to that? does that consistent with what you're seeing in the community? >> yeah. i think the first thing is that when you talk about the hispanic-american community, not to use the article, not say the hispanics because it sounds like, you know somebody else, another group, it's those guys.
9:40 am
i can't imagine that after having insulted mexicans who crossed the border who in the great majority come here to work 14, 18 hours a day, to call them rapists and then to assume that he's going to get the hispanic vote i think it's a real real stretch. i don't know what numbers he's looking at. but you can't just say things like that and assume that people will forget about it because you hire hispanics or whatever reason he's using. >> carlos gutierrez, it's always great to see you. thank you so much mr. secretary. >> thank you. pleasure. and coming up next right here on msnbc, the lion killer. will he be extradited to face charges in africa? first, officials have to find him.
9:41 am
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zimbabwe officials wants the american dentist who killed cecil extradited back to africa so he can be accountable for laws they say he violated. nbc's kevin tibbles has the latest. >> of course a big news today is that the government of zimbabwe is now asking to have dr. walter pal her extradited there with regards to some sort of charges to be laid with regards to the killing of the big cat named cecil. meanwhile, here state side u.s. wildlife officials say they have been trying to get in touch with dr. palmer but so far to no avail. with the eyes of the world now trained on him, dr. walter palmer is staying out of sight. but the man who guided the american on that hunt in zimbabwe tells the telegraph, he's devastated. out on bail after pleading not guilty to poaching charges
9:45 am
stemming from the hunt tells the paper, it went wrong from the beginning. he says palmer first shot cecil the lion with an arrow but it was too late to track him so they went home for the night. . 11 hours later he says they spotted the wounded lion and the client then shot it with his bow and arrow and killed it. that's when he tells the telegraph they found the famous lion's tracking collar which meant he was a protected animal. both he and palmer were upset. he says he panicked and hid the collar in a tree. still the guide says palmer later asked if they could hunt for an elephant the next day. palmer has not been charged with any crime and has said he'll cooperate with authorities. but the fury over cecil's death has led to an online petition with more than 800,000 signatures calling for zimbabwe to end trophy hunting. advocates of hunting say that
9:46 am
would be a mistake. >> the fastest way to threaten a species is to quit hunting it. there's great value on the animals because do want to pursue them as big game and they are willing to pay machine myoney to do that. >> big game hunting is big business in africa. a 2009 report by a conservation group said that tourists kill 105,000 animals there each year. including 600 lions. big game hunts generate an estimated $200 million a year. a portion of that money goes to conservation. though some argue not enough. and with demand so high how do you fight poaching? >> the situation today for many of africa's iconic species is incredibly desperate. poaching is at an all-time high higher than it has been in 30 years. >> in another development, the safari club international has announced it has suspended dr. walter palmer and is also
9:47 am
calling for a full investigation into the killing of the lion that went by the name of cecil. >> nbc's kevin tibbles, thank you so much. we just got this statement from the u.s. fish and wildlife service office saying quote, late yesterday afternoon, the u.s. fish and wildlife service office of law enforcement was contacted by a representative of dr. walter palmer. the services investigation is ongoing and appreciates that dr. palmer's representative voluntarily reach out to the service. we'll keep you updated on that throughout the day. and back in florida today, a parade of presidential candidates address the crowd at the national urban league annual conference. we'll have that ahead just after a quick short break. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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greece still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and
9:51 am
who gets left behind. i'm planning to be president. and anyone who seeks that office has a responsibility to say it. >> trust in our vital institutions are at historic lows. it's up to all of us to work diligently to rebuild that trust. that happens one person at a time one politician at a time one police officer at a time. >> a parade of candidates from both parties. just after the shooting of of course the shooting death of a black cincinnati man by a white police officer who has been charged with murder is only the latest in a series of incidents polarized the nation. and there is of course the state of race relations in america was the subject at the urban league's conference today. annish four republicans, three democrats meeting at the gathering in nearby ft. lauderdale. joining me now is mark and
9:52 am
sharon, president and director of the naacp legal defense and educational fund in new york and mark, president and ceo of national urban league. welcome both. mark you had a chance to compare and contrast the republicans and democrats today at your gathering. who among them if you can say, really grasps the nature of what has happened in the past year since ferguson to our country? >> you know i would say this. since we oh of we don't endorse, maybe shouldn't step into that question so aggressively. but i would say this andrea. and this was the important part of today. with three democrats and two republicans coming to speak to historic civil rights and urban advocacy organization and discussing issues related to race and income and criminal justice and voting rights was indeed, i think, a reflection of
9:53 am
how important the constituency that the urban league represents will be in the 2016 election cycle. that's what today was about. we did not have an entertainment session. we had substantive presentations by these five candidates. i thought they were all sincere. i thought they were all, if you will, serious. and i thought each and every one of the candidates obviously devoted a great deal of preparation into what they said. the crowd is probably -- constituency here is probably most familiar i think, with hillary clinton because she's been and spoken to our group before. but i do think there was a great eagerness and anticipation to hear what bernie sanders, martin o'malley, ben carson and jeb bush had to say because, for many it was their first time hearing those candidates. >> sheryl lynn, you've been calling for race relations and community relations to be a signature issue for the 2016 candidates as well as voting
9:54 am
rights and other things that have been of your concern. what do you want to hear from candidates in terms of addressing where we are today in race relations in america? >> well, andrea i think we have to take note of something pretty extraordinary that's happening there at the urban league conference and that we've heard happening of ever the last few weeks and that i expect to be happening throughout this year and into 2016. and that is that presidential candidates, whatever political party they are representing and who want to be the leaders of this country recognize that they must address the issue of police violence against unarmed african-americans and the issue of ongoing racial inequality. if you, you know look back over the last few presidential elections and andrea you have great experience with this you know that of course president obama has always been asked about race but certainly before his candidacy it was hard to get presidential candidates to talk explicitly about this issue and
9:55 am
to come prepared this early in the election season. that is due to the tremendous activism that's happening all over the country because of the black lives matter movement and others, because of theed a have cass i pressed by civil rights organizations and grass roots folks on the ground to demand that this has to end. you referenced the shooting death, the killing of samuel dubose in cincinnati and the grisly video we saw this weekend and thankly the swift indictment of the police officer in that case by a prosecutor. we're seeing these videos coming out weekly you know every couple of weeks. the question we have to be asking ourselves is what now does this mean? is this just another notch? so first of all, samuel dubose is a human being. his family suffered greatly by his killing. and they feel at least vindicated that we've seen the video that they know that their loved one did nothing wrong and that the officer was swiftly indicted. we're almost a year after the killing of mike brown. the contrast between the swiftness with which the prosecutor acted in this case the kind of information that has been revealed to the public is
9:56 am
really quite remarkable. there are still places where we don't have enough information, tamir rice in cleveland, but you're seeing a number of prosecutors and police departments recognizing they must be responsive to the community's demand for transparency and for account it in these cases. that means we are moving this forward and the presidential candidates as you heard at the national urban league conference recognize they have to be responsive to this. the only thing i disagree with that i heard one of the candidates say is we've got to do this one police officer at a time. no way. we've got upwards of 18,000 police jurisdictions in this country. we can't do it one officer at a time. we've got to deal with the structural issues and change the culture of policing in this country. >> in fact that's something that i heard directly from loretta lynch, the attorney general, to be continued. very important conversation. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for providing the platform here. that does it for this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" from florida. remember, follow the show online, on facebook and on
9:57 am
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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. on "msnbc live" we start with difficult breaking news to report out of jupiter florida. the coast guard just announced at sun down tonight the search for two 14-year-old boys missing since friday will be suspended. rescuers have covered more than 400 miles of coastline tirelessly search for perry cohen and austin stephanos. the boat they were traveling in was found capsized on sunday. the search for the boys has continued. when the sun goes down tonight though the coast guard says it's going to be time to stop. >> the coast guard dedicates its best efforts to every search and are rescue case. this one was particularly painful because a lot of the people that were out there searching have kids about the same age. i have a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old. so the decision to


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