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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 31, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. on "msnbc live" we start with difficult breaking news to report out of jupiter florida. the coast guard just announced at sun down tonight the search for two 14-year-old boys missing since friday will be suspended. rescuers have covered more than 400 miles of coastline tirelessly search for perry cohen and austin stephanos. the boat they were traveling in was found capsized on sunday. the search for the boys has continued. when the sun goes down tonight though the coast guard says it's going to be time to stop. >> the coast guard dedicates its best efforts to every search and are rescue case. this one was particularly painful because a lot of the people that were out there searching have kids about the same age. i have a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old. so the decision to suspend was
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excruciating and gut wrenching for me personally. >> msnbc's adam riess joins us live from jupiter, florida. and adam we can only guess how difficult this is for the family as we've seen most of the parents talking openly about how confident they were about the skill set of these young teens being in on the open water. but explain how the search is going to be winding down. >> we've got about six more hours of daylight thomas then they will end this saefshearch. a painful and excruciating decision for them and the family. they have searched all over, from florida to south carolina all through georgia. they've been off the coast of myrtle beach. they said they searched from jupiter all of the way to cape hatteras hatteras. this search and rescue effort has to end if they found the boys. it's all about survivability. it's likely the boys would have survived this long out in the dangerous waters of the atlantic ocean. we saw them one week ago today when they were filling up the bolt with gas.
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19-foot fishing boat. they were going to go out to the inlet or maybe the intercoastal. certainly not out into the ocean. now, they have conducted this search all along the coast, 56 searches some 50,000 square miles of the ocean. they've looked everywhere. here's captain mark of the coast guard. >> we made a decision to extend our search efforts because there was some uncertainty as to when the boys may have went into the water, from friday when they left jupiter to sunday when we found that capsized boat. we also took into account their age and their combined we to live. we never discount that. >> now, the family will continue with their own private searches. they've asked anybody over twitter and facebook if you have a private boat a private plane, to please go out into the ocean, search for the boys they've had a couple of fund-raisers. they've raised a large amount of money for gas for people taking out private boats and planes.
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they're not giving up. they either want to find the boys or find some type of closure, thomas. >> msnbc's adam riess reporting there in jupiter, florida. thank you. we're also following news in the case against the charleston church shooter. dramatic moments in federal court todays a roof entered a guilty play r plea for last month's massacre but his attorney blocked him from doing so because prosecutors have not decided if the death penalty is on the table. then the magistrate hearing this case entered a not guilty plea for roof himself. 21-year-old is accused of shooting and killing nine people at charleston's mother emanuel church last month. roof is facing charges including hate crimes and obstructing the practice of religion. nbc jamie was inside that courtroom. explain the maneuver that happened, especially since we know that roof did confess to the murders inside the church. so explain the legalese that's going on. >> hi thomas. yes, we have a reported
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confession that roof made after he was arrested for the shooting back in june and then today the man who has been appointed his lead attorney in the case, brock, who incidentally was an attorney in the tsarnaev case. defense attorney for the tsarnaev case which just wrapped in boston. told the court or rather was asked by the judge whether they had a plea to enter. and mr. brook, david brook said well, mr. roof has told us he would like to enter a not guilty plea, but, he said because the federal government has not made a determination as to whether it will seek the death penalty, we as in the lawyers for roof cannot enter a guilty plea in at this time. then after that the judge said well, then i will enter in a plea of not guilty. >> msnbc's jamie reporting in charleston, south carolina. we'll continue to follow the judicial process there. jamie, thank you.
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now we want to update you on the latest developments in the search for malaysian airlines flight 370 and it's all based upon that key fragment of wreckage found earlier this week on reunion island. that is on its way to france to be inspected. it arrives there tomorrow. sources confirm to nbc news the piece is indeed from a boeing 777 based on an id number you see right there found inside the wreckage. also on its way to france a piece of luggage found in the same area. however, authorities are less certain it has any connection to the missing flight. all of this comes as more items continue to wash ashore including this empty bottle of chinese mineral water that has been handed over to police. we want to get straight to nbc's alice jerjameson. explain to all of us about the beach and debris that is showing up. do investigators feel right now everything is critical to the investigation since that wing fragment surfaced?
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>> absolutely. and local police don't know for certain the significance of any of this which is why they are gathering together anything that might have been just disregarded as trash just a couple days ago. but now takes on a new significance. you mentioned, for example, those two plastic bottles and they're taking all that in and hopefully they will be able to keep it pristine for investigators to look at. just 50 miles up the coast from where i am now officials are putting together protective covering for that wing fragment that's been flown tonight to france. it will go to a special laboratory in toulouse where it will be examined to see whether it can be confirmed as part of the debris of mh-370. those investigators will be working under pressure of time. they know it's important for the families to get some answers but equally they know it's important to get it right. there have been many false starts along the way, of course. here we are in the middle of the ocean 1,000 miles a way from the african coast. 4,000 miles away from where
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mh-370 -- >> all right. so we lost our shot there with him reporting on reunion island for us. he was finishing up there about what's being done with the investigators there on that beach and also as this investigation moves to another point in france. i want to bring in msnbc aviation analyst captain john cox. captain, good to have you here. as investigators continue to look the beach for more debris talk about investigators and the significance of this fragment and getting it on a table so that they can start to review it and piece it together looking for any significance to malaysian airlines flight 370.investigators are going to look at this debris flaperon. this flaperon is about 2 1/2 by 2 meters. when the metal lureurgists look at
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it, the forces applied at the point of impact when this flaperon separated from the airplane. those fracture surfaces are going to not be optimum because it's been in the water for 17 months and has suffered corrosion. what the information they can extract we're not going to know until the metalurjigists have a chance a look at it. they will get as much information from it as they can. we're going to -- it's going to be a few days before we have an answer to that. >> captain, talk about the challenges we do face. as you talk about corrosion and different things being in the sea water for so long could have changed for this fragment especially given any type of burn indication or explosion indication, correct? >> i think more so the fracture surfaces are going to be the ones that are going to be the most damaged. if there were soot pattern or things that may very well have been or at least parts of it still be available. the investigators will certainly
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look for that. they're going to look on the inside of the -- of the flaperon which has not sustained nearly the corrosional damage that the outside has. so they're going to take it apart very carefully. they're going to document it. they're going to get everything they can from it. but, in fact this has been in the water for 7 months. and it's not the same amount of information that we would have had a day or two after the accident. >> it's the biggest lead we've seen in 17 months. >> right. >> captain john cox, thank you, sir. appreciate it. move on to new developments in the investigation in the death of samuel dubose. the hamilton county's office says the grand jury declined to bring charges against the two other officers who were at the scene of the shooting. meanwhile, former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing is demanding his job back. a spokesperson for the university says tensing filed a grievance report with his union against the school. he was fired on wednesday after he was indicted on murder
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charges. now, he has pleaded not guilty and is out of jail after posting bond late yesterday. msnbc sarah dalloff live for news cincinnati ohio. explain for us the grand jury not to move forward with these other two officers. >> hi, thomas. in the initial incident report and body camera videos it does appear that one of the officers initially seems to support tensing's claims he was dragged. well now, the prosecutor has revealed that there was some confusion as to how that initial incident report was drafted. that in sworn statements and in testimony to the grand jury both officers said they did not see tensing dragged by samuel dubose's car. prosecutor adds there are accounts, they are in keeping with the body camera videos from the scene and he says the grand jury made the right call in deciding not to indict them on any charges. meanwhile, both of those officers are on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation at this
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university police department separate from the city's investigation is conducted. there's no word yet, thomas on when that internal information will be completed. back to you. >> they are on paid administrative leave. let's go the tensing who was fired but losing his job. explain the grievance and how his union is supporting him in trying to get his job back. >> yeah. this grievance was actually filed by the fraternal order of police. it alleges tensing was fired without cause because an indictment is not a conviction. they also say he was denied a predisciplinary hearing. it is important to note that a spokeswoman from the fra fernal order of police tells us filing a grievance like this is pretty standard practice when employment is terminated following a police-involved shooting. when while, ray tensing is out on bail. his father made bond for him last night. his attorney had told us previously lyly he would not return to his home most likely. it was not safe for him. >> sarah dalloff reporting in
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cincinnati for us. thank you. coming up for everybody, hillary clinton calls for an end to the u.s. trade embargo with cuba. are florida voters ready for clinton's progressive pitch? plus -- >> there was just a shooting at the grand theater. >> yes, sir. stay on the line. connected with the dispatcher. >> newly released surveillance video of the lafayette, louisiana, shooter and then the frantic calls for help after he started shooting inside the movie theater. and then what is next for walter palmer? this is the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion. that's the topic of our bing pulse question today. should the u.s. allow palmer to be extradited to zimbabwe? head to and let us know what you think. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong.
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even many republicans on capitol hill are starting to recognize the urgency of moving forward. it's time for their leaders to either get onboard or get out of the way. the cuba embargo needs to go once and for all. >> there we have hillary clinton just a short time ago in miami. lending her support for the end of the u.s. trade embargo against cuba. . embassies have reopened. the travel restrictions they've been loosened. ending the embargo will need congressional approval. prior to that speech clinton was in ft. lauderdale where she, jeb bush, and several other candidates spoke before a civil rights group, the national urban league. bush, he stuck to his talking points and didn't mention clinton. clinton, however, did take aim at jeb bush. at one point clinton repeatedly invoked bush and republican positions on social welfare
10:17 am
spending. not by name mind you, rather by the bush campaign slow can "right to rise." take a listen. >> i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. and you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. >> bush on the other hand seemed to have something or maybe someone else in mind specifically next week's first republican debate when he and eight other candidates face-off against front-runner donald trump. for instance here is jeb bush explaining why he's glad dr. ben carson will make the debate cutoff. >> by the way, i'm glad he will make it into the top ten for next week's debate. before that thing is over we might just need a doctor. >> all right. so decent one liner there. michael steele is an msnbc political analyst. also former chairman of the rnc. any laughter will do at this
10:18 am
point. >> exactly. >> let's show everybody the headlines. big stories in politico and the national journal today asking how republicans will deal with trump in these debates, just six days away. you are going to be in clove land. >> yes. looking forward to it. >> what do you expect? >> i expect -- i expect a few of them to handle him with kid gloves, if they engage him at all. i think you'll see others probably like a chris christie and some of the others like lindsey graham, even though they're not on the main stage, necessarily, in graham's case, take aim htat him as well. the bigger player, scott walk irs and jeb bushes they will probably offhandedly deal with him. the problem they have they don't know how to prepare for this debate because it's not going to fit any traditional format that we've seen, even though the format is articulated as traditionally put together it's not going to be because you've got this x factor trump
10:19 am
who does the stream of consciousness, who does what he's feeling in the moment who could take you down a rabbit hole or just go square at you, straight up. so how do you prepare for that? my suggestion is stay to us canned on your own game plan stay focused on the message you want to get across to the country, not worry about donald trump. >> focus on your own plate. >> this is a moment where you don't necessarily want to engage. you just want to stay in your lane. >> you never know. cnbc's john harwood had new analysis in the "new york times." it's called "angry bend of party let trump rise." it's always easier to stand up with the crowd and say you're right, they're all bums. that's from tom coaler republican who represents oklahoma. and generally he added, we played into our worst instincts instead of our best. is it the republican party reaping what it sows or just the american political system? >> i think a combination of a lot of things. i take exception with the point
10:20 am
that he's playing to the worst instead of the best. i think if you listen to the focus group that was released in new hampshire, they're not talking about trump as the worst. they're not referring to him as the worse. he's exciting in them their aspirations, the idea that you've got a politician who is speaking truth to power, number one. and who is being honest about what he's going to do. and in namein their hearts this needs to be in terms of policy. right he's focused the information in a way i think the other candidates have not which is why hs gotten the edge that he has. >> saved the best for last. he wanted to trumpify the iowa state fair by using his helicopter by giving the kids rides. awesome. >> i think it's cool. >> apparently you can't do that. the fair organizer said you can't do it on the fairgrounds. >> fine. set it outside the fairgrounds. manageimagine it. the billionaire is going to
10:21 am
bring the helicopter kids get a free ride on the helicopter. again, what was the conversation coming out of new hampshire. he's one of us. yes, he's a billionaire. but he's one of us. he relates to us. this is one of those steps that hey, you would love to take a ride on the helicopter. right? yeah you would. >> i don't see why not. you know. depends on where i was going. >> i would. >> depends on where i was going. >> you can just -- >> go up from iowa and take me back to the state fair? i don't know. you know? taking me like out to your hamptons place, maybe it's a little bit different. >> a little bit different. >> swooping the kids out to the hampton spot we'll see. >> trump knows how to market it. he knows how to play it. >> he's a master of marketing. >> master. >> and we shall all see. it will be so highly rated, that debate. you will be in cleveland. >> i have my popcorn and gin and tonic. >> msnbc political analyst, michael steele. suspect is down. suspect is down. we have several more victims inside with gunshot wounds.
10:22 am
>> so there we have it. chilling new sounds and sights from those terrifying moments in lafayette, louisiana, where two people were killed and nine others injured when they went to go see a movie last week. and still ahead, as more debris washes up on the shore of reunion island ocean experts are weighing in on what the tide could hopefully turn up next. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats.
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what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at one week after the shocking and the shooting that happened at louisiana in lafayette and makes is how getting a much clearer picture of the moments that emerged of the panic that happened inside that movie theater. my colleague francis rivera is here with more of that. >> the terror of that time is captured in newly released 911 calls from moviegoers that night. the shooter himself entering the theater shortly before he opened fire. here's nbc's kerry sanders.
10:26 am
>> reporter: for the first time we're seeing ghostly surveillance images of john houser, the lay fayette cinema killer buying a movie ticket walking past the concession stand and towards the theater will moments later he would start his murder rouse spree. >> there was just a shooting at the grand theater. >> yes, sir. stay on the line and i'll connect you. >> flurry of frantic calls to 911. >> the horror quickly becoming apparently as police race to the scene. >> he is reloading. he has a weapon. we have an active shooter here. >> there was just chaos everywhere. cops. cop cars, sirens. >> i need units and rifles. >> we see a middle age woman lying down on the curb with blood coming out of his leg. >> listen we need everybody over here. >> nbc news obtained this exclusive video showing john houser, three weeks earlier, checking in to a motel. no indication of the devastation he would cause before taking his own life.
10:27 am
>> suspect is down. suspect is down. we have several more victims inside. we've got shot wounds. >> thursday night in lafayette a gathering for healing. remembering the two killed and nine wounded that day. >> it's just great to be able to honor them all together as one community. >> kerry sanders, nbc news. just some of the terrifying 911 calls and surveillance video just released yesterday. so when you hear about some of these accounts thomas but then you hear it directly from those calls and you see it in that video, you can see how terrifying it really was. >> krystalizes it for a lot of people. thanks so much fshlgs coming up for everybody, trabing the path of the plane debris that could belong to mh-370. we are live on the ground in australia with updates. plus, should the u.s. allow the extradition of walter palmer from america back to zimbabwe? we're going tv answer to today's bing pulse question. what do you think about this? plus the new details about the hunt that killed cecil the lion. still ahead, it's not over.
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it want to go back to the developing news in the search for malaysian airlines flight 307 and that key piece of wreckage is packed and now on its way to be examined by french investigators. there's no time frame for when we could get a final answer. but australian officials leading the search says if investigators determine it does belong to the flight it should put to rest any fanciful theories floating around for the last year. >> it is establishes really beyond any doubt that the aircraft is resting in the indian ocean and not secretly packed in some hidden place on the land in another part of the world. so it removes some of those theories. but it doesn't pro skrid a great deal of help in specifically
10:32 am
identifying where the aircraft is at the present time. >> it does discount certain theories. nbc's sarah james is live for us in canberra australia. now this fragment has surfaced, how does it change their investigation? >> well, thomas one of the first things that i that they did when they learned the piece of debris was found was to rework their computer models. in other words they took account of the possibility that that this might be mh-370 and ran everything with an end point, if you will. what they discovered was interesting. they hadn't accounted for the wave pattern. they accounted for currents. when they added that in a piece of debris would be likely to wind up on reunion island which is exactly where they found this. so it's very consistent with their search area. another aspect of this is that there is a real legacy from this effort. i spoke to david griffin, who is the head of the debris model
10:33 am
task force. here's what he had to say about that. >> to bring the techniques that we developed in science into the realtime operational environment, that's where i think there been a big improvement. the legacy of that is if you fall off a ship tomorrow the methods that will be used to try and pin point where you are are better than they were a couple years ago. >> because, thomas really cannot be over estimated what a herculean effort this was. david griffin is an ocean gra fer. before working on this he had been work to think drift pattern of rock lobsters. here he is working with scientists from all different kinds of displips sciplines trying to figure out how wreckage would move over a year and a half from a spot in the ocean when they weren't precisely sure where that was. this is a really tricky challenge. and they are confident, they are in the right search area continuing to look for the
10:34 am
remains of the aircraft mh-370. thomas? >> really amazing study to solve this mystery. sarah, thank you. and francis is back with a look at how this discovery was made. it's so pif vat tall. >> it is especially when you consider the scope of how massive this search has been. so let's give you an idea now of the keep of this. take a look at reunion island. this is a french territory that is more than 800 miles off the eastern coast of africa. it's where the barnicle covered plane piece washed up and where the investigators are scrambling now in the air, land and sea. take a look at the map. reunion island is right here. it is more than 4,000 miles from the area where mh-370 that last known location near malaysia. so in fact the original flight path, if you remember that that was originally from kuala lumpur to beijing.
10:35 am
completely the opposite direction as you can see there. so how could it have possibly traveled at such long distances? experts say as sarah was just talking about, the deep ocean currents can carry objects thousands of miles. they're so strong they're often called the global conveyer belt. reunion is in the indian ocean injury gyre. it just keeps spinning. it is one of five major ocean currents trifdriven in that part of the world. they can move at a rate of 300 miles in a single week. think about it, mh-370 has been missing for more than 70 weeks. the amount that that can travel in that time. thomas? >> certainly has reinvigorating the investigation. we have calls for the u.s. dentist who shot the lion named cecil to be extradited. and these calls are growing louder today. zimbabwe's wildlife minister
10:36 am
says extradition is being sought. a spokesman for the embassy in washington says there is still no formal request to extradite walter palmer. even though palmer hasn't surfaced publicly the u.s. fish and wildliver isfe service says it was contacted yesterday by a representative of palmer. on the white house website a petition to extradite the lion hunter has 167,000 signatures. well beyond the threshold needed for a official response. we are getting the first recounts of how palmer hunted his prey from a man who was his guide. details from nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: with the eyes of the world now trained on him, dr. walter palmer is staying out of sight. but the man who guided the american on that hunt in zimbabwe tells "the telegraph," he's devastated. out on bail after pleading not guilty to poaching charges stemming from the hunt tells the paper, it went wrong from the
10:37 am
beginning. he says palmer first shot cecil the lion with an arrow, but it was too late to track him. so they went home for the night. . 11 hours later he says they spotted the wounded lion and the client then shot it with his bow and arrow and killed it. that's when he tells "the telegraph" they found the famous lion's tracking collar whichtected eded animal. he panicked and hid the collar in a tree. still the guide says palmer later asked if they could hunt for an elephant the next day. palmer has not been charged with any crime and has said he will cooperate with authorities. but the furor oversee sill's death has led to an online petition with more tan 800,000 signatures calling for zimbabwe to end trophy hunting. advocates of hunting say that would be a mistake. >> the fastest way to threaten a
10:38 am
species is to quit huptding it. there's great value of those animals because people do want to pursue them as big game and they're willing to pay money to do that. that money goes directly a into conservation of that animal. >> big game hunting is big business this africa. 2009 report by a conservation group said that tourists kill 105,000 animals there each year. including 600 lions, big game hunts generate an estimated $200 million a year. a portion of that money goes to conservation. though some argue not enough. and with demand so high how do you fight poaching? >> the situation today for many of africa's iconic species is incredibly cess desperate. poaching is at an all time high. higher than it has been in 30 years. >> so there we get a report from nbc's kevin tibbles on that. the international outcry over the killing of cecil the lion is a topic of our bing pulse question today. francis is back with the results that we're seeing so far.
10:39 am
how are people feeling? >> this is how we asked our viewers. should the u.s. allow the extradition of walter palmer to zimbabwe? we launched that at the top of the hour. our viewers voted, 95 of them believe yes, that is the case. 5% said no. again, it will be interesting to see in the next course of the hour how that changes at all. we invite you to keep those votes coming. you will be able to see the results in realtime when we bring them to you. vote at >> pretty definitive right there. we will see where people come in as we continue the pulse right now and the lion hunter's fate remains as ellusive in his wheren't abouts. investigators are just beginning on this. and joining me is sema attorney and host of "the docket" on shift on msnbc. you heard in kevin tibbles report they shot the lion with the bow once. let it go for 11 hours. found it again. killed it. realized it had a collar.
10:40 am
ditched the collar. pose with the deadline with their trophy prize. talk about the question of extraditing palmer. >> the first issue with extradition is what are the relationship between united states and zimbabwe. if they agree to go forward with the process it makes things easier. the second issue is whether the dentist is going to waive extradition. is he going to agree to be extradited, is he going to fight extradition which could then require a hearing on some type of probable cause issue because it's so confusing, right? there are these international legal issues. >> if i'm palmer i'm saying i don't want to go back. i don't want to be giving up my rights as an american. >> right. >> to be tried in zimbabwe for something that i thought was legal. i thought i had the right papers. >> which is why the united states may have to get involved. and furthermore, even the u.n. because it becomes a type of global economic humanitarian cohesive unit and they want to
10:41 am
see justice being served. >> okay. one thing we do know is that zimbabwe's environmental minister has given up quote saying he should be held accountable for his illegal action. we'll see what happens as that petition on white house -- the white house's website continues to grow. i want to shift gears though and talk to you about what is taking place in charleston with dylann roof. the ents that took place in the courtroom this morning, his lawyers said he wanted to plead guilty but the attorney says he won't enter a plea right now because prosecutors are still weighing the death penalty. we know he confessed to killing the mother emanuel nine. >> this is to ridiculous. no attorney worth their salt is going to let their client plead guilty to any case. this -- >> even if you have a reported confession that police got from roof? >> let me tell you why. because for the attorney it is malpractice not to do due diligence in to all the
10:42 am
discovery involved in this case. then moving forward, we also have was a psychological evaluation done of roof because, thomas, to enter a plea of guilty it has to be knowing and voluntary. is he of the right state of mind. finally, it couldn't ineffective assistance of counsel. he could plead guilty and say, i didn't mean to do that. my attorneys made me do it. they could be accused of ineffective assistance of counsel and this could go forward and hurt the appellate process. >> still weighing the death penalty. should wait to decide whether or not this would be a death penalty. >> way too early. >> great to see you. >> you, too. >> we can catch you on "the docket." coming up next, hillary clinton takes on the hard line policies of her gop rivals calling for an end to the u.s. embargo with cuba. plus -- >> is this your kid? you left her in t car. >> i'm sorry. >> no sorry.
10:43 am
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. welcome back everybody. today hillary clinton appeared in miami and voiced her support to end the decades old trade embargo against cuba. it was during that speech clinton made sure to emphasize her republican opponents support the embargo. she says republicans still operate with a cold war mentality when it comes to cuba as well as latin america in general. >> most of the republican candidates for president would play right no to the hard liner's hands. many republicans seem to think of latin america still as a land of crime and coups rather than a place of free markets and free people are thriving. >> reyes is a and writing on community role.
10:47 am
hillary clinton spent part of the morning in ft. lauderdale rallying black voters and then later speaking down in miami. do you think that minority voters are going to really arrive at this significance of her approach in florida and that she's trying to effect the base and get them obama excited? >> yes, i believe she's trying not just to excite the base but to remind them that these are issues that she cares about. you know her work on voting rights goes way back. in ft. lauderdale this was an opportunity to remind people she has been active on this issue. in miami, whatever you think of her political views it seems like this speech was very well crafted because it played to multiple audiences. she acknowledged to the cuban-american community, she acknowledged their success in miami, she called out her rivals of not in support of improved relations in cuba and spoke to latin america, time to turn the page. what fascinated me is she took come soft campaign slogans of
10:48 am
rivals such as marco rubio, given her the tag of politics of yesterday, and sort of thrown it back at him saying the politics of tomorrow are going ahead, forging ahead with cuba. >> so as we look at the numbers and we look at the left and right on this jeb bush's share of the latino vote when he won his first term as florida's governor in 1998 he won 61% of the latino vote raul. we've seen his ability to relate to latino community. he had that full interview with jose speaking in spanish. that's not only impressive but certainly going to be effective. >> right. >> as communicating to certain people, to figure out where he stands on policyies. should clinton be nervous on that and his affect to be able to tap into the latino voting bloc? >> i don't think it's something she needs to be nervous ability but she is aware of it because jeb bush is very well connected with the latino community. culturally, i think there is a while back he admitted that one time by mistake he checked the box for hispanic.
10:49 am
in terms of the cultural associations, he relates very well to the latino community. he speaks spanish better than a lot of third generation latino americans do. he knows how to relate. his biggest problem is breaking through the rhetoric surrounding his party. for example, he took a lot of criticism among hispanic-americans for not speaking out sooner and more forcefully against donald trump although he eventually did. but some people question why the wait. >> why the wait. let's get to the rhetoric because can trump's impact then dampen the effect of jeb bush's popularity? if that rhetoric continues? >> yes. and that's going to be likely the big question at the debate which is what less than a week now. how are the other candidates particularly jeb bush and marco rubio who have a strong connection with the latino community going to respond to him? ignore him? do they try and engage with him and risk foreof his pushback? maybe it was sheer luck but if nothing else hillary clinton lukd out today because she had
10:50 am
her major speech in cuba announcements on a day when donald trump was out of the country. so she avoided the trump effect of his steamrolling overall the avoided the trump effect. >> when it comes to questions or insults in general at the latino community, not responding fast enough, not being visceral in a response, and authentic in a response is something that people can say, hey, where were you? >> right. and this was something that people noticed. this -- the whole -- you know the effect of trump's remarks, anti-immigrant remarks, anti-mexican remarks, this was something unprecedented that united the latino community across all political affiliations and united a lot of people who maybe even didn't generally don't follow politics. so when people were noticing that we had entertainers coming out, corporations coming out and so many of the leaders on the gop side perspective candidates were holding back that attracted tremendous negative attention unffrlortunately.
10:51 am
>> we see left and right continuing forward. stick around everybody, because coming back we're going to have katy perry against l.a. nuns. who's going to win that? back with more. yesterday i washed my clothes in new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant, for your clothes. you just throw it in with your detergent it neutralizes odors on the spot new downy fresh protect push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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10:54 am
all right. so katy perry's dream of owning a hilltop convent near hollywood may have to be put on hold for now. >> the property put the pop star against a group of nuns. the controversy behind it seems far from over. >> reporter: the fate of this stunning former convent now in the hands of a higher power. an l.a. court weighing in on a battle royale between the nuns who used to live here, the catholic church, and somebody worshipped by millions. ♪ i kissed a girl and i liked it ♪ >> reporter: pop star katy perry. she's hopes to buy this place from the archdiocese of l.a. but these sisters already sold it to local developer dana hollister, at least that's what they thought. hollister already moved in. >> we wouldn't have gone through with the transaction if we weren't sure that we were on the right side of it. >> reporter: thursday, though a judge disagreed.
10:55 am
describing that sale as invalid and improper. the archdiocese taking that as a victory. >> i think it's simple. we win, they lose. >> reporter: but the mixed ruling is just the beginning of a legal fact that could stretch for years, and in the meantime perry might be allowed to rent the house. lawyers in court said she's interested. so into the eight-acre property in one of l.a.'s trendiest neighborhoods that she visited the nuns a few months ago treating them to a private performance of "oh happy day." >> there's been no. ♪ oh happy day ♪ it's a very sad day. >> reporter: these sisters deeply attached to the home want someone else to move in, that holds their values. >> we are extremely pleased with the judge's ruling today. he has ruled invalid the dana hollister sale. ♪ firework ♪ >> reporter: the real fireworks
10:56 am
could come in september when a judge will decide who can live here while the case works its way through court getting to call this $15 million slice of heaven home. hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> katy perry technically could have land lady nuns. >> she could. i wouldn't cross the nuns. we'll have much more on our top stories when we come back including wreckage found on an island east of africa. is it the. an update on the missing teenage voteboaters in florida. authorities calling off the search as of tonight. is there hope for the families? hunting for the hunters. zimbabwe asking for extradition after dr. palmer for killing cecil the lion? should the u.s. allow him to be extradite extradited? more on msnbc. cereal.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
roberts. we begin this hour with breaking news for you. in a few short hours the u.s. coast guard suspending its search for perry cohen and austin stephanos, two 14-year-old boys who went missing at sea last friday. >> the coast guard dedicates its best efforts to every search and rescue face, but this one was particularly painful, because a lot of the people that were out there searching have kids about the same age. i have a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old. so the decision to suspend was ex excruciateing and gut wrenching for me personally. >> they were last seen buying fuel for their boat. the boat capsized. it was found sunday. the search covered 50,000 miles from florida to the south carolina coast. msnbc's adam reiss is in jupiter, florida. adam we understand the families of austin and perry released a statement a short time ago. explain. >> reporter: that's right, thomas. the coast guard may be ending
11:01 am
their search. the family certainly not giving up up. their statement reads in part "we're continuing the search for perry and austin not giving up until they're rescued. the next 48 hours are critical." the coast guard says this decision was very painful and difficult for them of course the same for the family but they had reached the limit of their search and rescue operations after going of a grid search over a very large area they had to end it because they just feel they've searched everywhere where the boys might have been. now, the massive search went from jupiter, florida, all the way north to cape hatteras. 56 searches over 50,000 square miles. they said it just had to end and it will happen in about six hours at sunset tonight. here's captain mark fader of the coast guard. >> because we had multiple assets searching simultaneously we conducted 30 days of searching within this eight-day window. hundreds of people searched thousands of miles because we
11:02 am
were desperately committed to try to find austin and perry. >> reporter: now, the family is planning yet another fund-raiser for this evening here in jupiter, raise money for private funds for gas for private operators of boats and planes to continue going out there. though the coast guard may be ending their search they want private operators of boats and planes to continue looking for the boys. they're not giving up. they're keeping hope alive that hopefully these boys will be found, they can have some type of closure or possibly find them alive. thomas? >> it would be a miracle. msnbc's adam reiss, thank you very much. also following breaking news in the case against the charleston church shooter. dramatic moments in federal court today. dylann roof sought to enter a guilty plea for last night's mother emanuel ame massacre. prosecutors have not decided if the death penalty is on the table. the imaginemagistrate entered a not guilty plea on behalf of roof.
11:03 am
he's accused of shooting and killing nine people at charleston's mother emanuel church last night. hate crimes and obstructing the practice of religion. we're joined now from charleston. jamie, explain what happens when the prosecution makes a decision on the death penalty. >> reporter: well, roof and his attorneys may have another opportunity to enter a plea. a different plea if they wish at a follow-on hearing once this case transfers over to the federal judge who's been assigned to manage the case because the hearing today was before a magistrate judge and was really a formality in order to begin this federal case. but the big picture here is this is what legal experts say, at least, this is a very unusual situation because you have a federal case that's happening at the same time as the state case. it was only two weeks ago we were in charleston and i was inside of a state court as roof was being arraigned there on murder charges, so we have two cases happening at the same time
11:04 am
and in both cases, thomas he is eligible for the death penalty but in neither case have prosecutors yet said whether they will seek it. >> reporting in charleston for us, jamie, thanks so much. i want to pass along what we're tracking now. new developments in the investigation into the death of samuel dubose. hamilton county prosecutor's office saying a grand jury declining to bring charges against the two other officers who were at the scene of the shooting. meanwhile, former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing who has been charged with murder in the shooting has pleaded not guilty. he's also out of jail on bond. and demanding to get his job back. he's done so by filing a grievance. his union did so on his behalf against the university. also developing right now, the wait to determine if a piece of wreckage found on reunion island does, in fact, belong to h mh-370. it's expected to arrive in france tomorrow. how long the families of the victims of flight 370 have to
11:05 am
wait for answers isn't known as of yet. meanwhile, more items continue to wash ashore on reunion island. just yesterday, a man found an empty bottle of chinese mineral water handed that over to police. joining us now from reunion island with more reporting, msnbc's allister jamison. >> reporter: that's right. 50 miles up the coast from here, that piece of possible debris is loaded on to a commercial flight to be taken to france. it will arrive sometime on saturday and officials, investigators will then look at it to try to begin to establish whether it is indeed a part of missing mh-370. there have been lots of missteps and false leads along the way so it will take a long time for them. they want it be absolutely sure that they're right about this potential lead and that means it could be several more days yet before we get confirmation, but it's a short time to wait in the 16 months we've had now since
11:06 am
that aircraft went missing. here we are some 1,000 miles away from the african coast, 4,000 miles away from where the plane was last seen and even further away from where ocean vessels right now are still searching the seabed for the missing boeing 777. and there is a real sense here some excitement that we may finally have turned a corner that's what's turned up on these beautiful beaches behind me could be the final clue to ending one of the most enduring aviation mysteries of our time. back to you. >> nbc's alastair jamison reporting on reunion island. thank you. joining me now, anthony roman, faa commercial pilot, former flight instructor. how long do you think it's going to take for investigators to determine if the fragment belongs to fright 370? it's the only missing boeing 777 right now on our planet so they should be able to narrow this down pretty quickly. >> i think they should. however, it appears that the
11:07 am
serial number placard that is normally on the flap run is missing. it's normally attached to the flaperon by an adhesive. because it may have been in the water for 15 months that has come loose. so they may actually have to do some structural testing, take the flaperon and check to see if other serial numbers are present within the actual part itself. sometimes these parts have serial numbers in multiple locations. so they're going to be very slow, they're going to be very deliberate, and they're going to be very careful about this. in fact, when they identify it and if they identify it as from mh-370, they may begin to do immediate forensic testing on the metal structure and other metal examination to determine what may have happened to the aircraft. >> and so what do you think from
11:08 am
the perspective of how they deliberate over this evidence and if it is from flight 370, how they can then backtrack the effect of the current and be able to drag and search what those waters might reveal for parts of this plane? >> well, that's a very important question, thomas. we've just learned from various news reports that the oceanographers who did the initial drift studies and the initial wind current studies had initially concluded that if the crash zone was, in fact where we believe it is that most of the structure would be carried to the coast of west africa or madagascar. however, they recently added the wave action to the formula. and what the computers found was it, in fact would go directly to the vicinity of reunion island. fascinating. >> it really is.
11:09 am
so many different ingredients and now we have this one fragment that could be a linchpin to greater discoveries in all this. anthony roman, thanks anthony. i appreciate year time. coming up we are nowless than a week away from the first republican debate. can you believe it? yes. we are counting down. we've almost run out of boxes for official candidates. take a look at the screen. 17 people. who could make the cutoff? "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins me next. also ahead -- >> oh my god. >> pretty amazing here. bystanders forced to take action yet again to rescue children from inside hot cars. left behind by their parents. the incidents that have ended with two moms in trouble with cops. and wanted zimbabwe. announcing intentions to extradite the american dentist akusa kus accused of killing cecil the lion. also the question. >> the fate of the minnesota dentist behind it remains unclear, but calls for justice
11:10 am
by zimbabwe officials is the focus of our bing polls question told. should the u.s. allow the extradition of walter palmer to zimbabwe zimbabwe? so far, really overwhelming up in the 90s. 94% say yes, 60% of you say no. continue voting. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you much more as this hour develops thomas. >> thanks, francis. we're back after this. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile.
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so today hillary clinton appeared at two events in florida. she spoke to a latino audience where she voiced her support for ending the cuban trade embargo. before that she appeared at a meeting of the national urban league alongside other candidates. it was there she criticized jeb bush for republican policies on social welfare programs.
11:14 am
she didn't attack him by name though. she did it by repeatedly invoking his campaign slogan, "right to rise." >> i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're very phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. and you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. also developing now, hillary clinton just released a document detailing the state of her health comes from the physician she's been works with since 2001. the physician outlines her 2012 blood clot and concussion. the details also include medications that she currently takes. she is the first candidate to make her medical info publicly available. the clinton campaign also says eight years of tax returns will be released later today. all this data on the same day that the state department has released another round of clinton e-mails from her private
11:15 am
server used while she was secretary of state. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" on nbc and joins me now. chuck, a lot to get over here. let's start with clinton and the headlines for her this week not so great. mcclatchey raised more concerns over her e-mails, released today, this new batch. also "the new york times" has a story today about the rising number of donations to the clinton foundation as her campaign is taking off. the "wall street journal" has a damning story on the foundation this week. the polls this week giving us the head to head matchups. quinnipiac has bush by one point ahead. explain the state of her campaign and also the offense she goes on right now with putting out her medical information. >> by the way, this is an epic -- we've heard of friday document dumps. >> yes. >> this is an epic document dump. sort of the on steroids with what they've decided to do. let alone, and it comes on top of it being a big e-mail today. i know folks in washington and
11:16 am
new york in particular like to try to leave early on fridays as you and i know, thomas, we don't believe early on fridays. >> never. >> there's going to be a lot going on. >> yeah. >> look, i think it's -- you didn't bring up the favorable numbers yet. that's where you see the struggles and where's the e-mail story having an impact where is some of these issues involving, you know -- where is it taking on a little bit of water? you see it in her personal ratings with middle of the road voters. yes, bernie sanders is growing, but you're not seeing her unfavorable rating really get that much higher with democrats. it really is with sort of her image is being chipped away at with the middle of the electorate where independents look like republicans. in the way they view her. >> she's such a strong front-runner she's setting the pace on all of this. >> she is, however, i would say this, to me the most underreported poll number of the week was in the same national poll that had her with the worst
11:17 am
favorable rating that she quinnipiac had ever recorded for her nationally, also simultaneously recorded the best favorable rating that joe biden had ever had in a quinnipiac poll. favorably. i would just say that that is -- if you're the clinton campaign right now, you are -- and i know many clinton supporters are very nervous. you are more nervous about the idea of joe biden running against you right now than at any point in time over the last three years. >> what are you hearing about that? is he considering doing it? >> biden worlds you're not hearing anything. you talk to people that are close to him, they tell you, look, he is still mourning his son, still going through -- he is really not thinking about the campaign. before, he has been. he was thinking about it. he set his timetable for the end of summer. we're not at the end of summer yet, right? we still have another 50 days if you go by the calendar. he's a settleit settle vice president. he could wait a long time. not many people could wait as long as he could.
11:18 am
he could wait a long time. you're not seeing any action or happening or anything like that. other than, if you look -- when you talk to clinton people what is the thing that concerns them the most about biden? biden's strengths are clinton's weaknesses. authenticity. the idea of connecting on a personal level. biden does that so much more comfortably, or the perception so much more comfortably than hillary clinton and that's the -- it's that contrast that has them concerned. >> all right. let's talk about what has people on the right concerned and that is the debate plan for next week. >> yes. >> we got donald trump tweeting yesterday afternoon saying "i look forward to the debate on thursday night and it is certainly my intention to be very nice and highly respectful of the other candidates." so that's out in tweet form. but the shoot-from the-hip style trump has, tell it like it is, the christie slogan but he's co-opted it, how is that going to work for the debate and how
11:19 am
nervous are those other debaters going to be? >> i think trump might be nervous, himself. he's never done something like this, either, where there's a give and take. by the way, there's a stopwash.tch. >> he will fire you if you tell him he's out of time. >> this will be certainly something different for him. there's a chance that a ten-person debate who benefits from a ten-person debate more than trump? at the most he's going to get ten minutes of talking time. 90 minutes of debate time. it's a two-hour broadcast. 90 minutes of it are debate. that's nine minutes per candidate. i haven't even accounted for moderator intros and questions and all of that. and even if trump gets a lion's share of the rebuttals you're looking at ten total minutes of time which means 60 30-second bites. that's donald trump's sweet spot. the format could favor his style more than anybody else on that stage.
11:20 am
>> quick and punchy. chuck todd thank you, sir. be sure everybody, to watch chuck on "meet the press" this sunday. check your local nbc station for proper time listings. soaking wet. >> so we have police and bystanders rescuing kids from inside hot cars. left behind by their parents. we've got more on two incidents just this week alone that ended with the moms in trouble with the law. we're back with more after this. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.
11:21 am
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they pay my allowance. oh! now i remember... cigna covers preventive care. so you can also take care of yourself, for them. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! developing news now on the fight against the deadly disease, ebola. a vaccine that was tested on thousands of people who were exposed to ebola appears to be 100% effective. this according to a study in the medical journal. medical professionals warn against too much optimism though saying more research is needed. meanwhile, health investigators in new york are tracing the source of a legionnaires disease breakout severe often lethal form of
11:24 am
pneumonia. two people have died. samples of the bacteria have been found in air-conditioning equipment at a hospital and a complex inside a movie theater. authorities say they don't know whether there's any link between that contaminated equipment and the outbreak which has sickened 46 people since july the 10th. the recent heatwave affecting millions around the nation has dangerous consequences attached to it. it was earlier today as part of the national heatstroke prevention day. the national highway traffic safety administration dem demonstrated how quickly hot cars can kill kids. the temperature inside this car registered 121 degrees even though it was only 78.8 degrees outside. now, two separate videos were released this week of cops and bystanders attempting to break into cars with kids locked inside of them. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> oh my god. >> reporter: cell phone video shows a police officer pulling a crying toddler to safety in a new jersey parking lot thursday
11:25 am
afternoon. after bystanders and later another officer tried to break into the scorching hot car. >> i'm telling the girl don't cry, we're going to get you out. to calm the baby down. she was drenched in sweat. and she was just crying constantly. >> she's soaking wet. >> reporter: just a minute later the toddler's mother returns to the car with a full shopping cart and another child. >> is this your kid? you left her in the car! >> sorry, sorry. >> no sorry. she could have died. >> reporter: she was later arrested for child endangerment. it's the latest in a series of incidents where police and bystanders have taken matters into their own hands after seeing kids left alone in hot cars. >> oh, god, i can't believe i did that! >> reporter: on tuesday oklahoma mother, hannah screamed in panic after a couple found her 1-year-old daughter in the back seat of her vehicle. >> walked past the van. i don't know. it just -- it didn't quite sit right with me. i just said to jay, i said what
11:26 am
was that sound? >> are you the mother? >> yes. >> reporter: she says her child was alone in the car for 45 minutes while she was shopping. and according to the police report the temperature inside the car reached above 120 degrees. child was treated at a nearby hospital and released a day later. her mother was arrested and charged with child abuse. >> that was nbc's stephanie gosk reporting for us. coming up next the piece of the wing fragment that could be from mh-370 now headed off to france for further analysis. how could that analysis impact the search for the potential crash site? we're going to head to australia and the staging point for that search. also ahead, a former university of cincinnati police officer out on bond and get this, he's looking to get reinstated. he wants his job back. plus zimbabwe announces it may seek to extradite the american hunter who killed cecil the lion. we're asking in today's bing pulse, should the u.s. allow the extradition of walter palmer back to zimbabwe?
11:27 am
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let me get back to the developing news on the reinvigorated search for malaysia airlines flight 370. a piece of wreckage found on re reunion island could be the major lead they've been waiting for. it's expected to arrive in france tomorrow to be analyzed by investigators to determine if it belongs to the missing jet, although when a final answer will be determined isn't known. nbc's sarah james live for us in australia. so, sarah, what officials are saying that makes them so confident that this really could be the linchpin to solving the mystery? >> reporter: well, thomas there's a couple of things about this piece that are important. first of all, in and of itself it's going to be studied for any potential clues. it might provide some
11:31 am
information about how the plane hit the water. but it's really also important in terms of providing an end point if this does prove to be a piece of the wing of mh-370 that kind of provides the outer mark for wreckage and that's really important to the people who have been doing the drift modeling and this is making the assessment about how the currents work both east-west and that gyre, that circular motion. it's kind of a washing machine in the indian ocean as pieces get tossed around. so they've had to do these very complicated models to try to figure out where the wreckage where mh-370 would wind up. i spoke to david griffin who is the oceanographer who's leading the drift model task force. here's what he had to say. >> if a positive identification of the bits of plane turns out to be from the mh-370 then what this ocean modeling shows is
11:32 am
that its location is consistent with our understanding of where the plane went into the water. so the importance of that is that the enormous amount of effort that we've put in to searching the sea floor has not been a waste of time. >> reporter: and that's important because they're continuing to search the sea floor. they have about 200 people all up in this job. they think they're in the right spot but when i say spot it's a really big spot. they've already covered about half the state of pennsylvania in terms of size. and they're planning to work up for another year if necessary to find the wreckage. thomas? >> nbc's sara james reporting in australia for us. sara, thank withdrew. we return to a big story in this country and in the city of cincinnati. two other officers who responded to the traffic stop involving the fatal shooting of samuel dubose will not face charges. the county prosecutor says the
11:33 am
grand jury decided charges aren't warranted against them. ray tensing has been charged with murder and pleaded not guilty, is demanding his old job back in a grievance report his union filed against the university. with me now, ohio state representative alicia reese. state representative, thank you for being there. the dubose family and prosecutors there asked to investigate the other officers neither of whom fired weapons but were on the scene. how do you feel about the reaction to the courts not to move further with any type of charges? >> well, i've been out in the streets and talking to people and, you know there is a great deal of disappointment. i think that's why it was so important when the indictment came out one of the things that we said was that was a good first step and we've got several steps to go in this process. as the whole country is watching justice will be you know, people will be looking at where is justice as it relates in this trial? justice will be on
11:34 am
trial in cincinnati as the country's watching. >> the effort and attention goes to former police officer ray tensing. he's trying to get his job back. his union filed a grievance to be reinstated. what can you do as a lawmaker to make sure what happened in the samuel dubose incident doesn't happen again to one of your constituents? >> we've been working on several things. one, there's been a call to get rid of the front license plate law in ohio. our surrounding states do not have them. i'm from cincinnati. we border kentucky. hundreds of kentuckians come across the border every day. and so we believe that that law is outdated. we've called on the governor and the legislature to take immediate action to get rid of front license plates. we think it's ridiculous that a front license plate stop ended in a gentleman with a bullet to the head here in cincinnati. second, we're certainly looking at body cameras. one of the things as president of the ohio legislative black caucus we have been asking for mandatory body cameras throughout the state of ohio.
11:35 am
we can't have u.c. police with body cameras and the city of cincinnati without body cameras. i think without the body cameras many feel there never would have been an indictment that people would not have been able to see what actually happened that night to sam dubose so we need to make sure body cameras is a part of what i feel needs to be updated training then thirdly, we need some training that deals with the urban community. we need some new updated training where urban folks are able to go in and present some new training. so these are the things that we presented. and we'll continue to fight for it. i've asked the governor to have an executive order on body cameras. next week the presidential debate will be in ohio. and justice reform has to be the top issue as they come into ohio and the things with the we've been dealing with with sam dubose john crawford, tanesha anderson, tamir rice. where do you stand on justice deform? the people are asking for action. we're going to keep fighting for it.
11:36 am
>> we'll continue to watch. state representative alicia reece. thank you so much. as representative reece was talking about the body cameras, the prosecutor saying himself without the body camera he may not have been charged. francis is here with a look at body cameras around the country. >> this speaks to the case the state representative was making. the fatal shooting of samuel dubose once again bringing body cameras to the forefront when it comes to police forces. take a look at this map. shows you the states that have pending legislation on body cameras highlighted in yellow. a majority of states across the country are considering bills according to "the atlantic." to have these cameras, this device you see right here around the chest area that's a trend we've seen on the rise over the past several years. most recent justice department statistics show police officers in at least 32% of local departments wore the cameras in the year 2013. and the public support of the use of body cameras on both sides of the aisle, as you can
11:37 am
see 91% of democrats in favor, 87% of republicans. that is according to ugov poll. right now take a look at this map and the highlighted yellow states. only 11 states that have police body camera bills on the books. these laws mostly cover privacy, or situations where video should be retracted. and also consider the case in the state of oklahoma, they have claused on what's off limits. they include recordings of body cam video of someone's death, a dead body nudity or anyone under 16 years old is not allowed there in oklahoma, thomas. >> okay francis. thank withdrewyou very much. we move on to other stories that caught our eye today. did you see this? if you ever wanted to live out a "breaking bad" fantasy without actually breaking the law, withdrew have your chance. yeah, the house where the fictional character lived is up for sale and it's only going to cost you $1.6 million, meth lab not included. the asking price is on the high
11:38 am
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11:42 am
beijing the first city to be awarded both a summer and winter olympics. congratulations to them. now to the developments surrounding the killing of zimbabwe's popular cecil the lion. officials there say they've started the process to pursue the extradition of walter palmer. that's the american doctor who admits to killing cecil. the u.s. embassy have not received a formal request for extradition, however, the u.s. official and wildlife service launched its own investigation and say they've spoken to a representative for the minnesota dentist who currently remains in hiding. earlier this week palmer said he thought the kill was legal pointing the finger at his guides. theo arranged for the hunt and told the telegraf that he's devastated. he said when he realized cecil was a protected animal he panicked and threw the gps collar that the lie whereon was wearing in a tree. he said palmer was upset but
11:43 am
paid for his trophy and asked if they could hunt an elephant the next day. obviously moved on pretty quickly. dave salmoni is a large predator expert for animal planet and joins me on the phone. good to have you here. hunting and poaching are at an all-time high on certain places on our planet. if walter palmer gets extradited, what do you think the impact could be, the precedent set here? >> i don't know there's a way to prove what he did and didn't know, but they can prove where he was. so whether ignorance is a defense in zimbabwe who knows. the problem here is that poaching is such a prevalent thing in zimbabwe, i think the zimbabwe government would have a big, big problem because they prosecute everybody they find. you know how did this white american tourist get away with it when all these other subsistent poachers are getting ten years in jail? >> so do you think it's a bigger issue, and the world, there's been such outrage about this dave, and the poaching issue.
11:44 am
do you think it's incumbent upon the rest of the world to help the economic status of these countries so that this isn't seen as something as rich people flying in to be able to do this? helping to create a proper structure in these countries that are less fortunate. >> well you hit the nail on the head as far as conservation goes. if you want to conserve a species, you have to go to the country or the place in which that species is and uplift the people who are sharing the same space. so in the case of lions in africa you have to pay them something. obviously in this case this hunter paid a lot of money, but unfortunately, the bigger money is actually ecotourism. people like myself who prefer to go on safari and take a photograph rather than a bullet of a lion, those people who can speak with their wallets. you can decide to go to places that do their conservation protect the wildlife and uplift the communities, and all you had to do was take a picture, enjoy
11:45 am
yourself, go home and tell your friends so they might go on safari and continually support that nature preserve that protects these animals. which is exactly the structure that cecil was living in. prior to these gentlemen deciding to go and do such a senseless thing and kill cecil. >> so, dave in your personal and professional opinion, do you think that walter palmer should be extradited and face legal -- >> i can tell you that as a -- you know as someone who loves lions a lot more than he loves trophy hunters, i don't have sympathy for whatever does happen to him. obviously i don't have any legal degrees. i'm not a guy who has any say in what should legally happen to the fellow. if you believe in karma, you know, going around killing animals for no reason is senseless and ridiculous. if bad things happen to you for that reason i won't lose much sleep over it. >> dave salmoni, large animal expert from animal planet. thanks so much. more information about animal
11:46 am
planet's campaign against trophy hunting, how to take action for you, you can get involved. go visit i want to speak to my colleague, francis rivera watching how you are reacting to our bing pulse for the day which does have to deal with the extradition of this doctor. francis, what are people saying? >> especially when it comes to this doctor being accountable. we're asking viewers should the u.s. allow the extradition of walter palmer to zimbabwe? 85% of the viewers say yes. it changed since we last checked in. that was at 94%, the highest that we've been. this the nos, it was at 6% now it's grown to 15%. take a look at how people have been voting in realtime especially during the time you were having your conversation with the large predator expert. look at this. it doesn't reflect the overall scoreboard here where the majority of people who are voting in realtime pretty much going more toward neutral and not to yes. also interesting when you break it down by gender what you might imagine, males at this point,
11:47 am
more toward neutral. across the board in realtime. females, it's fluctuated a little bit in the last minute or so. most saying yes, that he should, the united states should allow the extradition of walter palmer to zimbabwe. so we invite you to keep those votes coming. and cast your vote, thomas. >> francis, thank you. the article that went viral this week calling on women to give up vocal fry. so what is vocal fry? this movie clip is a hint. >> because women should find like women, not baby dolls who end everything in a question? let's make a statement. gressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do.
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to start thinking about how you want things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. if you want to change what you see in the world, you need to speak up. join msnbc with beyonce. pearl jam. ed sheeran. and cold play. become a global citizen at the concert event to end extreme poverty. the global citizen festival. september 26th on msnbc. do you want to get a smoothie around here? >> i'm sorry, i -- >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear what you said. >> i said i don't know where you get a smoothie around here at all, i'm so sorry. >> okay. thanks so much. >> yeah, no worries. >> hey.
11:51 am
watch it. that is so rude. >> okay. excuse me. i'm so sorry. i just want to give you my card. i'm not a vocal coach anymore but i would make an exception for you because you sound like a squeaky toy. i don't mean that in a bad way. i think you're better than that. we're all better than that. >> that was a clip from the hilarious indie film "in a world" about the vocal fry of some women. a column by "the guardian's" naomi wolf is urging them to give it up reclaim their strong female voice. it's trending on facebook. what is vocal fry you wonder? wolf writes about it saying "guttural growl at the back of the throat as a valley girl might sound if she had been shouting herself hoarse at a rave all night." >> hi you guys. >> hi. >> how are you? >> hi. >> all right. so vocal fry has been made famous by the kardashian sisters
11:52 am
and there we have a hilarious "saturday night live" parody of seeing kim and some of the people that want to be like her. so joining me now, francis is with me in studio and colleague krystal ball, co-host of "the cycle." let's start with the study and get that out of the way. it's interesting as we look at this one studty said 2/3 of college-aged women use vocal fry. does that surprise you? >> does that surprise you? basically -- >> you're pretty good at that. >> i've always said when they talk it sounds nasally and ends in an uptick like a question. 2/3 of women, i'm on the phone, in the store, i hear it over and over. does it surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me. i will say, like all of the outrage over it annoys me because i don't think the problem is way that young women are speaking in terms of having confidence and getting respect. i think the problem is the way that society views young women because if it's not this then it is the upspeak or they use "like" too much.
11:53 am
everybody always has issues with the way the that women talk. not just young women, by the way. remember, women's voices are frequently described as shrill right? so i think the issue is more with society than with the way that young women are talking. >> if we look at a study by the florida atlantic university, said that women who had vocal fry were perceived as less confident. less educated. less trustworthy. and less hirable. so for millennials coming up people who might suffer from vocal fry, it does have a longer reach besides just communicating. this can affect your wallet. >> consequences. the problem is not with the women. the problem is with the frequently male managers that would judge a woman based on the way she talks. rather than the skills that she brings to the table and what she can actually do. >> so if you were a boss -- >> yes. >> -- and that girl in the film clip that we had about the smoothie wanted to find the smoothie, and you had another person that didn't speak like that -- >> it depends on their resumes.
11:54 am
depends on their qualifications. >> if they were equal resumes, what if they had equal resumes? >> i think you would have to judge by the work product, not by -- >> interesting you say that. maybe this goes back to something deeper maybe just women being hard on women overall. i've talked to other women who say, you know what if i'm going to hire a lawyer to represent me and she's, like i don't really think that that evidence is sufficient and, you know if it's like that they're like all right -- >> by the way, women get picked on, guys do this too. it's not just women. it's only women that we hear about doing it because of this issue. >> so guys. >> they do. >> they do? >> look it up online. find clips of men doing the same thing, thomas roberts. >> are they doing it because they're picking it up from women? >> they're doing it because it's a trend among young people. >> i was looking at stuff because, you know, old films, carrie grant, katharine hepburn. >> they talk in the old why. >> it was called mid-atlantic english. it was supposed to give the
11:55 am
interpretation of your upper class new englander. >> educated. >> are we looking at how reality tv and maybe some popular people have effected the vocal ability of our kids? >> absolutely. they're watching the kardashians. successful. britney spears commonly pointed out as using this. they're successful woman. of course they're picking it up from the cull chertureculture. they should be judged on qualifications and not vocal patterns. >> should young women re-evaluate how they're communicating and reclaim as naomi wolf would say, reclaim their strong female voice? >> sure. absolutely. but that conversation has to be had alongside with training for male managers to judge people on the things that actually matter because there are a whole host of books out there always telling women how they need to fix themselves. i'd like to see a system that is also fixed to value young women and value their voices. >> it is fascinating because if
11:56 am
you think about it and that movie "in this world" suggests that. >> women on women. vocal coach, let me help you out. >> exactly. sometimes, you know somebody a young woman's real voice might be lower but they'll change it, alter it to be cutsie be a little bit sexier i guess. that's the argument on the other end. >> what's wrong with that? >> it's true. >> why does that matter? it doesn't matter. >> i'm cashing out. i don't think i can win as the only man at the table talking about this. so i'm -- >> thomas you're telling us that we got to, like go? >> yeah we better wrap. krystal ball, see you coming up on "the cycle." >> indeed. >> in a few minutes with the rest of your cyclists. that's going to wrap things up for us today. see you back here monday 1:00 p.m. eastern. until then keep the conversation going on social don't persecute us too hard with our vocal fry conversation on twitter. i can't take your mean tweets. okay. have a great weekend, everybody.
11:57 am
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another's treasure-trove of information. >> i'm toure. as we come on the air this friday searches will resume shortly on the shores of reunion island for evidence of missing malaysia air flight 370. it's 11:00 at night there. before nightfall teams were combing the beach in this remote french territory off the eastern coast of afterricaafrica. this plastic bottle with indonesian markings was among the potential evidence collected today, but trash washing up on the beaches of reunion island is not uncommon. up to 28 billion pounds of plastic endter our oceans every year, most ending up on polluted shores. those coordinating this massive search effort say the deep currents in the


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