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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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looking over the list of people and organizations, and how people view them donald trump, 26% positive. the republican porte, 28arty 28%. democratic party, 38%. supreme court, 39%. and the national rifle association, 43%. and planned parenthood 49%. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> i don't have pollsters. i have to be me. >> debate week in america, as trump reaches new highs in the polls, a backlash to the criteria that will put him at
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center stage. then the president's historic push for clean energy. , plus as senate republicans try to defund planned parenthood hillary clinton steps up. unless something is done and done soon dangerous people will continue to continue to get guns. >> "all in" starts now. >> good evening from new york i'm alex wagner in for chris hayes. with the first gop presidential debate just three days away, the backlash over the rules is reaching a fever pitch. and we'll have the author of a
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report in a moment. but first, two national polls with more good news for the donald. both showing him leading the pack with 26%, giving him a double-digit lead over jeb bush. they're virtually guaranteed to be on that stage thursday night. but 7 of the 17 major candidates are poised to be left out, under fox news' controversial rules, only those in the top ten in national polls will be allowed to participate. >> national polls mean nothing. it's an arbitrary figure. and the network and rnc have gone along with it. people are concerned that the media is now saying we're going to decide cull the field.
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we're going to decide who the top candidates are. >> almost certainly relegated to the kiddy table. and rick perry, edged out by governors christie and -- and the marrist institute is suspending republican polling. in other words a difference of a percentage point or two is effectively meaningless, but it's being used to decide who makes the stage. >> and trump lashed out at the five gop candidates who attended a conference by the koch
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brothers. calling them the wealthy brothers' puppets. trump said he will be prepared to counterpunch. >> i've been through it a lot of people have been asking me questions for three or four months. we'll see what happens. but i don't think you can artificially prepare for something like this. >> joining me michael steele and gabriel sherman, author of the biography of the fox news president. so gabriel, how much pressure are fox news under? >> this is unprecedented in american poll sicks, one tv network and an executive that runs it is controlling who republicans get to see debate on the stage. and they're being lobbied,
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because it seems obvious, republicans watch fox news. if you're not on that stage, your chances have been torpedoed. and rudy giuliani calling ayles, maneuvering, because they know the value of being there. >> and did it have that intended effect? >> i don't think so. ayles has basically taken over the republican party. but i think the reaction is revealing, the panic you see about trying to curry favor with this one tv executive, it's unprecedented. >> mike, lindsey graham has been dishing out quotable quotes recently. talking about the effect of trump in this debate. >> you have the trump debate.
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what will he say? well the happy hour by 9:00 p.m. donald trump will make sense to you if you drink enough. >> he's having a moment. which do you think is a longer-term problem for the republican party at this particular moment? the fox debate rules, or donald trump? >> i think it's probably the debate rules, because apparently cnn is buying into this as well. given that they haven't formally announced what they will do. but they've at least initially indicated this is a good standard. i think yourself absolutely right. at the end of the day if you're at the kiddy table, like graham
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or santorum your purposes are frustrated. even though your numbers may be a percentage or so off. handily anyone is going to tune in for the first debate and everyone is going to focus on the second one. that's going to be considered the field going forward until something else changes chlkts it's always a bad thing when the pollsters are revolting, right? saying, we're going to stop polling. what is fox doing internally to shore up against the inevitable criticism? >> well ayles is running a countercampaign against the gop critics, and coming up with talking points so that tomorrow they will have credible answers to defend against what chairman
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steele says. how will you distinguish among the standard of error? >> well there's always the old adage, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer it's truer now than ever. and one of the reasons that gop candidates don't want to be outwardly critical of trump, there's always the possibility of a third party run. and 36% are likely to vote for trump. how seriously do you take that? >> i take it very seriously, and i think trump is sensitive to that too. it's a card he holds to be played. he's indicated, if the party is
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nice to me if they don't want to play fair this is not going to be an issue. i think trump is the only one that takes himself out of the campaign. he's not buying into the traditional methodologies. he's doing this his own way. and i think that keeps the interest in him with those folks, that 36%, and he knows that. so going into thursday, i don't think you're going to see this ma maniacal guy he's going to be measured, a little bit disciplined, and focused. >> and trump will be trump,
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according to the chairman. and he's already laid out solutions for some of the nation's problems. so are you expecting to hear an alternative to the affordable care about from trump? >> i think you will hear some broad strokes. this could answer the question we know there's a provocateur in donald trump. the question is is there a president? >> and is there any chance that rick perry would make it as lucky number 11? >> as of today, i've heard they're planning on ten people. >> fascinating report gabe. chairman steele thanks for being with us.
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and hillary clinton will start airing her first tv ads, focusing on her personal biography biography. and violate joe biden is considering entering the race thanks to his son who passed away in may. in his last days he reportedly tried to make his father promise to run. and a senior adviser is joining the draft biden super pac. and he's at 13% right now. many democrats are responding skeptically, but if biden does enter the race it would fundamentally transform the contest, turning it into a high-stakes battle between two of the democrat party's big
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players. jonathan alter joins me. what's happening here? >> we don't know. this is a decision that it's going to be made by joe biden, not somebody drafting him, or some aide that thinks he should run. this is a personal decision, so he's in delaware this past weekend, trying to figure out, make a decision. it's not such a great sign for him that he's at 13%. it's often you're more popular before you get into the race. >> although he's in politics which depresses the numbers a little bit right? >> yes and there's an outpouring of sympathy for him because of the death of his son. >> how closely do you think the
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financial thing is going to impact this decision? he's tenacious, and the sorrow that hangs over the biden clan. the feeling that maybe beau would have wanted this. does that factor into the decision? >> when you get serious, and it stops becoming something you're thinking about because your son wanted you to think about before his death, yes, can we raise the money to be competitive? you don't want to run if you can't win. but money is less important in presidential politics than running for governor or senator. money is for name recognition, he doesn't have that issue. he's old, he would be by far the oldest president when elected
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next year. so i think it's 50/50 that he does this. he doesn't have any real animus toward hillary clinton. they disagreed about iraq in 2009, and were having some disagreements about afghanistan, certain policy issues they didn't see eye to eye all the time. but he said he was having breakfasts with her regularly, to try to get on the same page. but that he had great respect for her, and she does for him. >> do you think there's such a thing, or is it feasible to think of him an an insurance policy candidate? if things go terribly for hillary, he could swoop in? >> it's not a bad theory there's an investigation, a drip drip drip on some of
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these stories, with the e-mails. most don't think it will derail her, but with the clintons you're never quite sure. but to run as an insurance policy, it takes a lot to run as president. if you're a democrat you want that insurance. but if you're joe biden, you don't run to be a running piece of insurance jts. >> it's a sensational plot twist. jonathan, always good to see you. thank you for your time. coming up president obama, addressing global warming. also former police officer darren wilson giving an in-depth interview. and amy schumer joins her
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when the chain saw wielding rand paul to a machine-gunfiring ted cruz cooking bacon on a hot muzzle, you heard that right, republicans are going viral. we'll talk about that phenomenon, just ahead. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding]
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you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing] last month, for the first time since 1972 nasa released the blue mashablerble. so much has changed in the
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decades between the first picture and the second. but one thing hasn't our planet is beautiful as ever. it still looks blue. we're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change. we're the last that can do something about it. we only get one home one planet. >> today, president obama announced the most far-reaching action on climate change this country has ever seen. called the clean power plan. setting a goal of cutting pollution by 32% by the year 2030. but the president warned that getting the plan past his critics is going to be tough. >> long before the details were even decided, the special interests and their allies in congress were mobilizing. we've heard this before. every time america makes progress it's been despite
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these kinds of claims. whenever america has set clear rules and standards for air, water, children's health we get the same scary stories about killing jobs, businesses, and freedom. it's true. >> joining me now, former congressman bob engliss. he's now the director of the energy and enterprise initiative. before we get to the plan itself i want to talk to you about the idea that the president set forth. this notion of a blue marble we only get one home one planet. it's a profoundly affecting argument or thing to remember ratherless of whether you're a democrat or republican. >> yes, it is.
5:22 pm
this bit of eden, it's glorious, reflects the beauties of the creator, and we want to tend that garden. >> do you think that would have an affect on the resistance of the republicans? >> we conservatives haven't seen a solution we like yet. energy regulations, setting caps, all that sounds very complicated, and involves the growth of government. what we've got to do, in order to get conservatives to step forward, show some solutions that fit with conservative values? >> what would those be? >> mostly fixing economics.
5:23 pm
it's a problem with economics that has an environmental consequence. if you if i can the economics, then invasion is what's going to take us out of this problem. but getting that invasion means fixing the economics making it so that the competing fuels can compete against the incumbent fuels. and that's a problem with economics. >> is that a carbon tax? >> yes, a revenue neutral carbon tax. give a corresponding dollar for dollar reduction, reduce tax that punishes income. and making it so imports are subject to the same tax. >> if we're talking about, you
5:24 pm
know poison pills, or language that is kryptonite do you think he would have more success pushing for a tax as opposed to regulation? >> i think he would have more success if he said listen we can give you the votes for a tax on carbon diedy dioxide. we'll give you the votes, and you, speaker boehner, choose a corresponding tax cut. it's risky for the president, but it's out of the box thinking. the thoks we'rebox we're in a regulatory, clunky yy solution. and it's a domestic-only pricey
5:25 pm
solution. or say speaker boehner, you choose the tax cuts. so both get what they need. >> and there's clearly a difference in minds as far as a solution you have people like ted cruz that refuse to acknowledge this is even a problem. he said over the weekend, they're cooking the books. adjusting the numbers. enron used to do their books the same way. >> well it's like this. if i told you, here's the plan of surgery for your back problem. first, take off your head and we'll work on your back problem. so the solution is anathema.
5:26 pm
so, of course it's like that badge surgery plan. i say, i don't have a problem anymore. so, if we can show a solution that fits with conservative values conservatives can offer a solution. >> bob inglis thanks for your time. up next, why plans to defund planned parenthood can be just a small sample of what we can expect this fall.
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a procedural vote to defund planned parenthood just failed in the senate. falling short of the 60-vote threshold to advance the bill. but it's just a sign of battles to come. set in motion by videos, not actually showing any illegal activity. a group of house republicans is already threatening to hijack budget vote negotiations this
5:31 pm
fall planning to oppose any spending bill that funds planned parenthood. never one to be left out, bobby jindal is taking action at the state level, where most abortion restrictions have been carried out. today, he cut medicaid contract funds to planned parenthood. in a video, hillary clinton defended planned parenthood. >> scott walker and jeb bush are calling to defund planned parenthood, and they're joined by republicans in congress. if this feels like a full-on assault on women's health that's because it is.
5:32 pm
when politicians talk about defunding planned parenthood, they're talking about blocking millions of women, men, and young people from life-saving medical care. >> so karen, the notion thus far that's been circulating, somehow this defunding planned parenthood is good to motivate republican voters. but in the end, could it put hillary clinton in the white house? >> i could. i think it favors democrat voters and also moderate and independent voters. that's why i don't think this makes sense. we know that planned parenthood
5:33 pm
is popular with a majority of americans. it's the most popular organization over the nra. and you have republicans on the campaign trail attacking it. and again, when they do so it resonates with men and women and young voters. but it's moderates, those swing voters that everybody is trying to get. so i think it favors a democrat. >> when you hear bobby jindal saying this affecting low-income minority women, especially in the south, and regulations making abortion only for the privileged? >> the war on women has never taken a break. a lot of us feel it's been
5:34 pm
ongoing. and part of the reason this video was put out today, we have to be paying attention to these votes and this assault. i don't think it's going to end. we can't let this happen. and part of why this is resonating with people this is critical. if you're a low-income person this could be life or death. if you can't access health care or don't have the resources to get there, think about the preventive services. i think people feel a sense of urgency around this issue. >> how about the budget considerations, the republicans trying to shout down the
5:35 pm
government over planned parenthood parenthood? rand paul, preemptively trying to blame it on president obama. >> i support any legislation that will shut down planned parenthood but if president obama wants to shut down government because he doesn't get funds for planned parenthood, that will be president obama's determination to shut down government. >> is he trying to prevent the shutdown, or spin it ahead of time? >> well, he's saying we don't need planned parenthood. but he's not thinking of other states, i think you're going to hear some prespin coming up to the budget. but we're talking about shutting town the government over access to health care services like breast screenings, cancer
5:36 pm
screenings, family planning services. we're going to shut down the government over denying women access to basic health care services? i think people will feel a sense of urgency around that. >> we're waiting to hear about how hillary clinton helped shut the government down. up next, former officer darren wilson and what he says nearly a year after the shooting of michael brown.
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5:39 pm
the new issue of the new york er features an exclusive interview with former officer darren brown. it's the first major interview he has given since the
5:40 pm
department of justice decided not to bring civil rights charging against him. he says he doesn't think past instances of overt racism have any bearing on community relations. he says i'm really simple in the way i look at life. what happened to my great grandfather doesn't have any relation to how i live my life. and he says i don't have any desire to read about what ferguson did. it's out of my control. joining me now, anthony gray attorney for michael brown's family and a former st. louis police officer. i want to speak to you as a police officer, and someone that understands st. louis. one of the things about darren
5:41 pm
wilson he asks for help. i don't know what i'm doing, this is culture shock. would you help me? you have that connection and you may be white, but they still respect you. why can't they respect you and not me? it sounds like there's a complete lack of training in terms of police-community relations. >> that's a big disconnect. and we've been saying this from the beginning, at least i have, a lot of these officers in predominantly african-american areas, are not qualified to serve in these areas without the proper training. they go in intimidated, and unprepared. it's a culture shock to them. and individuals such as that not the kind of people that you
5:42 pm
will find being able to police here. problems like on august 9th 2014, as a result of that kind of individual policing these areas. so, it's very problematic. >> and the lack of empathy about what happened. he's asked, do i think about mike brown as a person? it doesn't matter to me at that point. he arguably knew him for about 45 seconds before he shot him. and a lot of people are talking about his lack of empathy. after an incident like this, and that's probably downplaying that it would seem like a cause for concern. >> right, and i'm not surprised, it's the common display we've seen since this incident
5:43 pm
happened from former officer darren wilson. it's very cocky, dismissive. and i can see him not having a lot of remorse, because he's concocted this version of events that justifies why he killed mike brown jr. in broad daylight. it's indicative of the person we've seen from day one. he doesn't care it sounds like and he took his life in this very matter of fact coming off the pages of the new yorker. it's disturbing. >> and each side of his argument over what happened, the justice department finding, validating their point of view. people looking at it saying there's systemic racism and the
5:44 pm
problem needs to be fixed. and to this day, the two sides don't seem to be talking. at the end of the piece, darren wilson saying he only eats out at only certain places, with like-minded individuals. it's not a mixing pot. >> it's amazing, when i hear things like that. it's like they're hiding things in plain view. they make comments that support the beliefs that the justice department has criticized. and this whole thing about how he didn't have his hands up. darren wilson was the first person to report he had his hands up. it's just amazing they allow this narrative to live on and on. i just don't know what to say
5:45 pm
about it. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you, alex. have a great day. still to come a renewed call for gun safety in the wake of the deadly theater shooting in the last month. stay with us. nicoderm cq. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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up next, the new push against gun violence from two cousins. >> there's no way to stop crazy people but they're wrong. >> we all agree, even the gun lobby, that felons shouldn't get guns. spousal abusers, they shouldn't get guns. and the mentally ill shouldn't get guns. so, all we want to do is tighten up the system. ef doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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we're here today to say enough is enough. to mass shootings in schools, campuses military bases and even movie theaters. they've got to stop. maybe the worst part about this
5:49 pm
there's a common sense way to stop mass shootings. there are many ways. >> today, chuck schumer joined amy schumer, who happens to be his second cousin to push for stronger gun laws. the last one, killing two women and injuring nine others. >> when i heard about this, i was completely lyly devastated and then i was angry. my heart goes out to everyone tied to this tragic senseless action of a man who shouldn't have been able to put his hands on a gun in the first place. >> the schumers are trying to
5:50 pm
create financial rewards for states to help reaction she gets for wading into one of the most divisive issues in american politics. >> i am expecting a backlash and i'll handle it the way i've handled the last ten years a lot of hate directed toward me. but i'm -- i'm someone who i want to be proud of the way i'm living and what i stand for. so there was no question. >> while amy schumer is lending her star power to gun control issues, ted cruz is doing the opposite. cooking bacon with a machine gun. that's next.
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wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. ♪ [ gunfire ] ♪ >> machine gun bacon. [ laughter ] >> that was senator ted cruz making bacon on the barrel of a machine gun. the video, uploaded by the
5:55 pm
conservative website, the independent journal review is the texas senator's best effort as a viral hit. much like his colleague lindsey graham's cell phone destruction skit that's been viewed over 2 million times. here to discuss this is editor host of the podcast majority report. sam, the old adages out of the frying pan into the gun range. what did you make of ted cruz? >> i mean, i think he learned a little bit from joni ernst in terms of the gun range. i think, look -- >> and pigs. >> and pigs right, as in the bacon. it's a way to show that he's i guess, cool in those circles. and it's almost like a good old segment with "the tonight show" except now you don't have to sit through while the host makes fun of you. you get to do your one joke-off.
5:56 pm
but i'm not convinced that he's trying to differentiate himself to those people who like him and trump, right? this is very texas opposed to maybe let's say new york. >> right. >> so i think there's some value for him there. beyond that i don't think it's going to do much of him. >> lindsey graham's video has been viewed by 2 million times, by republicans and democrats alike, the narrative that republicans aren't funny. has a glass ceiling of sorts been broken? >> i'm skeptical by the numbers. some of those views may be facebook auto playing the video. remember obama girl during the last obama campaign? the difference between that and this is that this is something that a media company that wants to do a lot of money is doing to
5:57 pm
make a lot of money. do you know who else likes this type of gun, the ar-15 ted cruz is using? the colorado theater shooter. he used it to kill people in that theater. obviously they want people like us to say it's in poor taste. it shows us that republicans are great at wasting money, food and ammunition. each magazine they wasted cost like $80. that's ted cruz. >> the timing of it as jenny points out the james holmes shooter, the final moment of that trial coming today and also amy schumer and chuck schumer taking to the stage to push for stronger gun safety measures, this is the ultimate sort of middle finger to all of that. yet nationally the polling around gun safety reform is very much in support of stricter control and a safer way to
5:58 pm
procure firearms. >> right. you basically just laid out the formula as to why ted cruz will never be president, regardless of what happens in the republican primary. this is the problem. they are -- within the republican primary they are so sealed from what the conversation is in the rest of the country, that think can't help themselves. that ad is clearly not meant for us. maybe if we talk about it they get a couple more views. but i think jenny is right, the questioning is how the numbers there, look i make some money off of youtube. they have 4,000 subscribers on their channel. it's a pretty dubious number that it got 2 million hits when ben carson's only gets 30,000. but nevertheless, look it's working in so far as people are talking about them and not donald trump which they're all desperate to have happen. but nobody is going to remember that bacon video after thursday night.
5:59 pm
>> it is a fairly -- accepting lindsay graham's video, the ben carson video is a screen against the aca wrapped in comedy sheep's clothing and the ted cruz video has an agenda. >> the whole thing is fake. benji johnson was fired from buzz feed. it feels like such pandering. i'm from the south. i love bacon. i own a gun and responsible gun ownership is great. responsible bacon cooking is great. it wasn't even a machine gun. an ar-15 technically isn't a machine gun. >> i'm not even sure he was eating that bacon. >> i don't buy it.
6:00 pm
come over to my house, ted cruz i'll show you how to cook bacon. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts now. >> alex, it's great to see you. you guys just hit on something really important about the ted cruz bacon video. we're going to do a huge fact check that will change everything about the republican field. i'm telling you, you're onto something here. great to see you. thanks at home for joining us. we are going to do a big fact check on the making bacon with a that sheen gun video. that's coming up. i'm sure it's going to change everything. happy monday. happy august. august. it was all the way back in may when i instructed our graphics department that they needed to come up with a single image, a single way to show on screen all


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