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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 7, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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joining us. i appreciate it. thank you to the panel. up next, "first look." it's friday, august 7th. rights now on "first look," the republican candidates came out swinging in the first prime time presidential debate. >> you're on the wrong sides of this if you're still arguing. >> i don't think you heard me. you're having a hard time tonight. >> the winners, losers, who just plain survived. major blow to president obama's deal with iran as a key senate democrat says no thanks. jon stewart goes out with a bang in one of the funniest send-offs we've seen. jenn and justin tie the knot. more on this friday. good morning everyone. happy friday to you. i'm betty nguyen. we got a look at the 17 people
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jostling to be president. the bottom seven candidates went first earlier in the day. the favorite is to be carly fiorina. she used strong language. >> 2016 is a fight queen -- fight between conservatism. >> heading into the debate, the front runner was donald trump. he was asked if anyone was willing to pledge support as nominee and run as independent. >> raise your hand if you won't tonight. >> i fully understand. >> it wasn't just trump. nine other candidates were
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fighting to be heard. >> if hillary is the candidate, which i doubt, that would be a dream come true. >> the russian and chinese government know more act hillary's e-mail server than the u.s. congress. >> god has blessed us with republican candidates. the democrats can't find one. >> i plan to resend every action taken by president obama. >> i think you're on the wrong side if you're still arguing. >> i don't think you heard me. >> my old man governed as conservative and effectively. >> i'm a conservative pro-life governor in a state it's tough to be both. >> military is not an experiment. >> i went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. because somebody doesn't think the way i do doesn't mean i can't care about them or love them. if one of my daughters happen to be that, of course i would love
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them. >> let's go to tracie potts there in cleveland. good morning. there's a lot to digest this morning. help us break it down. >> reporter: first of all, a lot were wondering with so many candidates on stage and so will little time if they'd have engagement. the questions were design had the way. now you have a good sound and taste they did get back into it back and forth. now we'll watch the polls to see if anyone got a bump or if anyone was hurt by this debate. >> you know, that's a completely ridiculous answer. >> the biggest clash in the fox news channel debate was on national security. >> when you're sitting in the subcommittee just blowing hot air about this -- >> i don't just president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead.
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>> only donald trump would not promise to support the republican nominee. >> honestly megan, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> they got into tough issues. immigration. >> secure the border, enforce the law, no amnesty. >> isis is. >> if you wage jihad on america, you're signing your death warrant. >> same-sex. >> if one of my daughters happen to be, that of course i would love them. >> gays in the military. >> military is not a social experiment. >> and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, who can't say she's for pipeline even after she's left. give me a break. >> neuro surgeon ben carson saved his best for the end. >> you would think if you go to washington someone had beat me to it. >> now donald trump later said he thought his questions were inappropriate and unfair. we're off to the second debate
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happening next month in california. >> gearing up for that one. thank you. obviously republicans are one side of this coin. democrats released the schedule for their six debates, first in october. what were candidates doing during the debate? hillary clinton was at a fund-raiser with kardashian and west. she posted this on social media. bernie sanders was live. if you weren't following him, you probably heard his comment on the rude joke. >> your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> what seemed like a response from herself on twitter, she said try explaining that to your kids. >> far from cleveland, a major
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blow to the president's push for approval. new york senator chuck schumer came out against the deal last night. the man who expected to be the party's next leader in the senate wrote, i will vote to disapprove the agreement not because i believe war is a viable or desirable option nor to challenge the path of diplomacy. i believe iran will not change. >> engle came out against the deal after schumer. he says he believes in a diplomatic solution but he's concerned about sanctions relief. after 16 year, jon stewart said good-bye. last night, laughs and a few tears. it quickly became a reunion for past correspondents. future late show host stopped by
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to say good-bye to stewart. several lawmakers, journalists and more said good-byes as well. >> i'll never forget you jon, but i'll be trying. >> don't go. comeback, jon, i'm being sarcastic. >> just when i'm running for president. what a bummer. >> jon, i don't know what to say. >> i'm sure you'll be missed by somebody. >> have fun feeding your rabbits quitter. >> i'm jon stewart, i'm. i'm stupid. so long [ bleep ]. >> got to love that. stewart in turn offered a big thank you to his crew and everyone involved in "the daily
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show." stick with msnbc tonight at 9:00 p.m. we'll air a special call add "jon stewart left the building." jennifer anniston and long time boyfriend are married. they pulled off the nearly impossible, secret hollywood wedding. the 74 guests athat included "friends" costars thought the wedding was to celebrate the 44th birthday. the happy couple are heading to bora bora for their honeymoon. >> i think my invite got lost in the mail. >> mine too. the july jobs report out before the opening bell. it could provide another key piece of evidence to the fed the
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economy is raising interest rates next month. 215 jobs to have been created last month. the low 3.9%. treasury bonds yields pushed down. this is the ten year government bond. the average rate on 30 year fixed rate is 3.9%. tesla owners could have their cars charged by a robotic snake. an automatic charger, a snake-like arm slithers to the car before connects to the port. >> kind of creepy looking isn't it? >> no snakes for me. >> already. thank you. $2 million in cocaine capture add board a submarine at sea. we'll look at winners, losers, survivors in the gop debate. back in minutes.
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. welcome back to "first look." the storm is still 1 hours away. the typhoon was a major super typhoon. now it's around a category 2 or heading towards a 3. winds 120 miles per hour. it's jumping up a little on the scale. forecast takes it over the top of taiwan today. it could intensify to a category 4 before landfall. the big story t heat. this is the hottest heat indexes we've seen when you combine temperature with humidity. 116 saturday in little rock. very hot in mississippi through alabama. going to spread through st. louis and memphis throughout the the end of the weekend.
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very hot in the deep south. gorgeous friday for northern half of the country. as we go to saturday, we watch a new storm in mondtanmontana. those thunderstorms located in minneapolis and chicago. heat in deep south, no relief. texas through alabama. >> it's that time of year unfortunately. >> dog days. >> no doubt. thank you. a major drug bust for u.s. coast guard capturing eight tons of cocaine smuggled in a homemade submarine. pete williams reports. >> the officers shout get out as she search the podd-looking vessel for drugs. the u.s. coast guard approach this is submarine. they find four suspected drug smugglers from columbia carrying
2:15 am
cocaine worth 4$480 million, th biggest bust in coast guard history. it was spotted by a navy plane in the pacific last month. the video just released. >> this was blue so it would blend into the water. you can see the exhaust pipe and cockpit. they're very difficult to see. >> the semi submersibles have become a favorite of cocaine traffickers that began using them a decade ago. they're now thought to carry as much as a third of all illegal drugs smuggle into the u.s. by sea. pete williams, nbc, washington. the political debate lit social media on fire last night. we'll tell you what got the most attention. that's next. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats. 18 minutes past the hour. time now for a republican debate version of "scrambled politics." last night we analyzed social media data to find out what you were talking about most can during the debate after crunching numbers from facebook and twitter. here are top moments starting at number three. >> you've called women fat pigs, dogs, disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> your twitter account has comments about women's looks. you once told a woman on
2:19 am
"celebrity apprentice" it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound like temperament as someone that's president? how would you address hillary clinton's charge at you you ath part of the war on women? >> part of the problem is being politically correct. i don't have time for total political correctness. to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either. >> i think you're on the wrong side of this if you're still arguing for a single -- >> i'm not arguing. i don't think you heard me. when they call, i give. you know what, when i need something from them two to three years later, i call them. they're there for me.
2:20 am
>> what did you get from hillary clinton and pelosi? >> i called hillary clinton and said be at my wedding. she came because she had no choice. >> that's a ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists and less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? >> get a warrant. get a judge to sign a warrant. >> senator -- >> governor christie, make your point. >> when you're sitting in the subcommittee blowing hot air like this, you can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting lives of american people, you need to make sure you use the system the the way it's supposed to work. >> here's the problem governor. you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights. every time you did a case, you got a warrant from a judge. i'm talking searches without warrants of all american
2:21 am
records. that's what i fought to end. i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. >> that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. let's get into it. 21 minutes past the hour. sit friday. i'm joined by kevin from the hill. good morning kevin. >> happy friday. >> as you heard donald trump was asked about temperament towards women mainly calling rosy o'donnell names. he doubled down and turned it into a threat against moderator megen kelly. >> the moderators got the candidates to say what them.
2:22 am
i think donald trump responded with what he believes. it's up to voters to decide whether or not they think his response is presidential. i think people like former from florida governor jeb bush tried to show his policies with democratic front runner hillary clinton. he criticized liberals for kind of being okay with a 2% economic growth rate he thinks the country needs to be mores ai raci
2:23 am
aspiration aspirational. he grew up living pay check to pay check. >> i think senator rubio emerged as one of the candidates that had a strong night. i think jeb bush did what he needed to to stay at the top of the pack in terms of polling in this long cycle. there's one candidate who had a great night and wasn't on the stage. that's carly fiorina. >> absolutely. >> the narrative heading into the next debate i think is remarkable to see her as she kicks out one of the ten. >> that was my question, do you think she will kick out one of the top ten? if so, which one? >> i don't know. i think carly fiorina had a strong showing. she's been effective at communicating her message. a lot of republican strategist who wanted her on the stage last night and who were disappointed she wasn't. >> quickly, i want to find out what you think hillary clinton gained from this. what intel did she gather?
2:24 am
>> she wasn't watching. she was fundraising with kardashian. >> but you know she's going to be watching. >> the strategy of democrats has been lump all ten together. how effective that is remains to be seen. we saw key policy differences between the candidates. >> kevin, thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> you too betty. thanks for having me. >> sure. a lot ahead including the week that was. it's 24 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. rful new de1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat?
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it has been a busy week with pleas the for gun control, wicked tornados and and poll for
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gop debate. here's a review. >> look at that. looks like straight out of a movie. >> this started spinning out of control crashing the to the ground. >> keselowski missed the pit stop. >> this isn't something you see everyday. >> the department of transportation, get your head out of your apps. >> and this man shouldn't have been in the first place. >> democrats can't find one. >> if hillary is the candidate, which i doubt, that would be a dream come true. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> thank you.
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♪ >> going to miss him. all right. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> i was saying to chris christie, they say we're out spoken. we need to take lessons from donald trump. >> for the sign area tack the other day, it's sad to think now. probably the russian and chinese government know more about hillary clinton's e-mail server than do members of the united states congress. >> i'm the only one that separated siamese twins. the only one to operate on babies while still in the
2:30 am
mother's wound. the only one to take out half a brain although if you go to washington you think someone beat me to it. >> did they deliver? we'll have the republican faceoff in cleveland. plus a big development in the iran nuclear deal as chuck schumer defies president obama. and jon voyage. the host of "the daily show" signs offer for a final time. it's enough to make a grown man come to tears. this is "way too early." it's been a long night. ♪ good morning everyone. it's friday, august 7th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. after the


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