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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 8, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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donald trump in hot water over new comments he made late last night and now one big republican group is pulling its invitation to an event today. saved from the death penalty. the story emerging how one juror may have kept the colorado theater shooter from being executed. at odds on iran. leading democratic senator chuck schumer and the white house battle over the nuclear deal. will it survive? >> at your service, mcdonald's is going to try something different in hopes of bringing in more customers. we'll tell you what it's doing.
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good morning. welcome to weekends with alex witt. here's what's happening. politics and big news in the donald trump for president saga. the conservative group red state late last night disinvited trump from its gathering in atlanatla. after lashing out at megyn kelly again for her questioning of him. here's what trump said last night. >> well, i just don't respect her as a journalist. i have no respect for her. i don't think she is very good. i hi she is highly overrated. she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. she is a light weight. i couldn't care less about her. >> joining me is bengie sarlin. what reason did the head of red state give for disinviting trump? >> eric ericson talked to reporters, gave a host of reasons that he reached out to trump's campaign manager was not
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satisfied with their explanation for the quote. believed that they were trying to mislead him by telling him it was about something else. but he also released an extensive written statement for the red stategoer. i'm going to read you the relevant quote here. from ericson. it's unfortunate to have to disinvite him but i don't want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is imply it was hormonal. it just was wrong. ericson also took to twitter, called the quote a bridge too far, and explained why he had disinvited donald trump there. there was a lot of excitement for trump. he has a lot of fans so interesting to see what red state conventiongoer think about this tomorrow when ericson has promised, first thing in the morning and explains his decision. >> all right. so, trump campaign response to this has been what, and do we know for certain mr. trump is not coming?
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>> i mean who can say with donald trump. he kind of improvises. what we have heard from the campaign through a statement, not from trump himself they put out a statement calling ericson a weak and pathetic leader saying they plan to hold an event somewhere else and basically saying too bad red state you don't get donald trump today. now once again i'll believe it when i see it as far as trump's next move. he has not taken to twitter with one of his usual tirades when someone slights him. >> how about the other presidential hopefuls there, who is speaking? what's on the agenda? >> well, we open things up with mike huckabee who has his own list of statements over the years that have gotten similar criticism so interesting how he addresses it. we have ted cruz who is popular at red state, we have scott walker, jeb bush. this was all going to end with donald trump being the big wrap-up speaker at a big party so they lost kind of the main event here. but there will be quite a few
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major presidential contenders. >> so do you know who might take trump's place then, who will be the big speaker? >> well, eric ericson reached out to megyn kelly herself to invite her to take trump's speaking lot. we have no idea whether she will take it. it's a lot to ask on short notice. but would make for an interesting show if she showed up in his place. >> have you heard conzrengsal wisdom who won the debate on thursday? >> well, the biggest name i've been hearing about wasn't in the main debate. there was a plot of attention to carly fiorina in the undercard debate. a lot of people who haven't seen much from her before they want to hear more. she was pretty well received when she came yesterday afternoon. there was a lot of buzz. bear in mind this is a very conservative crowd. this is not exactly a cross section of the republican party. i was at a watch party on thursday with them, they were booing jeb bush, booing john kasich. some of the more moderates here.
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i'd say the person with the most popularity is probably ted cruz. everyone seems to love him here, whether or not they are actively supporting him yet. and i wouldn't be surprised if he gets the strongest reception. >> and given what we said to jeb bush interesting what his reception is. thank you so much for that. joining me for reaction to the latest on trump, jonathan allen, good morning. where do you think this leaves donald trump in the campaign and how long might he last? >> it's interesting, alex. we haven't yet seen this type of behavior hurt him. i think ultimately we're going to see that it is very difficult for him to get support from women voters who are you know, more than half the electorate in the general election and big in the republican party. i think ultimately this hurts but may not immediately hurt him in the polls. i'm not sure how much of his support base was women or men sensitive to these comments.
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>> right, he's said things and it doesn't seem to hurt him in the polls. might this be the beginning of some sort of a wholesale rejection of donald trump by the gop because of fears that these sorts of comments could taint the party oversmall >> we have the answer to the question of what could get you banned from a red state conference. and obviously what he said to megyn kelly is that and a bridge too far and gives him opportunity to other republican candidates to distance themselves from trump and to you know, to sort of bring the hammer down on him. last night carly fiorina who bengie was mentioning, put out a tweet castigating trump for what he said and saying she stands with megyn kelly. it's an opportunity for some of them to show that they stand with her or that they stand with women in general. and look, this is a longer term problem for trump balls if you can't get along with your own party, how are you going to negotiate overseas. >> well, you bring up your own
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party as you know at one point mr. trump said he would not run as an independent if the republican party treated him well. you think this increases the chance he goes independent? >> yeah, i think it's unpredictable what donald trump will do. i wouldn't want to lay a lot of money on it. i think he is enjoying the attention, enjoying his moment. i don't see why he would give it up unless he thought it was hurting him in the long run. >> i want to quickly ask you about the other story that came out, debate night new york senator chuck schumer saying he is going to vote against the iran deal now at odds with the white house. what do you think the fallout is? >> i think it ends up being minimal. i think schumer ends up becoming the democratic leader in the senate. there is speculation this would cost him. i think most of the people in the senate understand that he's got conflicting pressures, wants to support the president in general but has a constituency in new york that is different than the national constituency that tends to be more hard line on israel. he raises a lot for the pro
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israel community whether it's jewish donors. he's got the conflicting pressures. it's not good for the white house that he came out against it. i think the question now is, is he going to make it harder for or easier for other people to support this and make it harder -- >> he said she going to override the veto. >> it's not clear. this is one of the more unpredictable votes. you need a third of the senate or basically 34 of the senators or 146 of the house members. i think the white house is working hard on both those fronts. it's always possible that schumer who is a leader in the senate could vote against the thing and whip for it. i think that's probably to say behind the scenes ask some of his colleagues to vote for it though he can't. remains to be seen. >> for sure. thank you so much. from there to colorado and a jury's decision to fair the life of aurora theater shooter james holmes. jurors said they could not unan
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mulsly agree to impose the death penalty. that resulted in automatic life sentence. one of the jurors who wants to be identified only as juror 17 explained the stalemate. >> two hold-outs? >> one solidly. and two still sort of on the fence but we ended our deliberations when one absolutely would not move. >> it was not a unanimous decision so i pray that there's no backlash because we truly did our best. >> the decision came yesterday, late after jurors spent 15 weeks hearing evidence in the case. and scott joins me from sen tellial, colorado. good morning. what more can you tell us about this juror 17 hold-out? >> reporter: well, good morning. what we know is that even after other jurors had the crime scene video played for this hold-out, the person would not budge.
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apparently siding with the defense argument that james holmes would not have committed these murders were it not for his severe mental illness and we do not execute sick people. nonetheless the other juror, juror 17, described a respectful atmosphere inside the jury room. >> the hold-out stated it and was very firm about it and was resolute. i don't know the reasons. i don't know the reasons, although i will say that i believe mental illness is what played into it. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the verdict or the non-verdict did not play well with many family members who are in the courtroom openly crying about this. after we heard from many of them including the grandparents of the youngest victim, veronica moser sullivan who was just 6 years old. >> at least one juror who did
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not vote for the death penalty, is going to give colorado a very ugly face. when you look at, you know, what's happened, in light of this, that's not justice. he's living, he's breathing and our loved ones are gone. for over three years now. and the gaping void, the gaping wound that we have with the loss of our granddaughter has been replaced with a new abscess of him living. >> reporter: james holmes will formally receive his sentence in a three-day hearing beginning on august 24. three days because the judge has said that anyone affected by this who wants to be heard will be. and so, there will be quite a
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bit returned to the judge, to the jury, and also potentially alex, james holmes himself will have one more chance to speak. >> thank you so much. the video that could crack the case of an art heist that baffled investigators for decades. ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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welcome back. a suburban dallas police officer shot and killed a college football player friday. the unarmed wake-up 9-year-old is identified as christian taylor, a sophomore. it happened when they were responding to a call about a
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burglary. when they arrived they discovered someone had driven a vehicle through a window at a car dealership. police approached the suspect and the struggle ensued. at some point an officer shot taylor and the officer is 49-year-old brad miller. he graduated from the academy in march. the virginia department of motor vehicles recalling license plates containing an image of the confederate battle flag after a deadly shooting at a south carolina church sparked a debate about the flag. the dmv will issue a new design. >> whenever the new plate is ready we'll send them a new set of the newly designed license plates and they will get a letter that advises them that they need to affix the new license plate on their vehicle within 30 days. >> it will be against the law to operate a vehicle with a confederate battle flag plate attached to it. >> in taiwan, thousands are forced to evacuate after a
4:17 am
typhoon caused daniel and flooding, at least four were killed, four missing and more than 100 injured. 3 million households are without electricity. right now the powerful storm is making its way to mainland china. in this country downed power lines in mecca, california after a thunderstorm blew through. at the peak more than 6,000 without power. reynolds wolf is here with the weather and more storms and oppressive heat. good morning. >> good morning, alex. we could be seeing some rough stuff today in terms of rough weather, far to the northern plains, central plains, front range of the rockies and even the midwest. best chance of storms could be not just some through the mid kay hours but maybe in the afternoon and the evening also. central illinois, south central indiana, 3 out of 10 on the tor:con. so if you don't get it today a
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chance you may have some tomorrow. the next several days, extreme heat in parts of the central and southern plains, dallas you've got it. houston, san antonio, austin, even in new orleans going to be muggy. that's your feels like temperature when you have the high humidity with the surface temperature. brutal times. certainly summer in full force. you'll deal with it the next several days. certainly no great relief for you unfortunately. ed shut remain nice across the northeast. temperatures in new york in the 70s and 80s. perfect stuff. back to you. >> that is nice. thank you so much. it remains as the biggest art heist in history. now some 25 years later investigators have released video never before seen. and released to the public so they hope they will solve the crime. >> reporter: could this never before released video be the clue that helps recover a half billion dollars in precious master pieces. 13 works of art, including
4:19 am
pieces by rembrandt and monet stolen 25 years ago from the museum in boston by two men disguised as police officers. >> the goal is hopefully trigger somebody's memory that may know that individual so that we can generate a lead from that. >> reporter: the seven minute security camera video is from 12:50 a.m. march 17, 1990. almost exactly 24 hours before the heist, you see car backing down a street, that matches the description of a vehicle reportedly parked outside the museum during the robbery. the video also shows a security guard leaving his post. then, a second guard buzzes in a man from outside. the fbi says the two men who stole the art the next day are dead. they don't know the identity of the man in the surveillance video. >> releasing the video now because we haven't recovered the art and we want to talk to anybody that may have been
4:20 am
associated with the heist. >> reporter: new tips are coming in and there is a $5 million reward posted. >> it is a remarkable crime story. each little tidbit even a very grainy video makes many people excited to pour over each detail. >> empty frames still hang in the boston museum as one of the biggest mysteries in the art world remains unsolved. ordering a big mac could get different. we'll tell you about a new service offered. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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4:24 am
figure. the headline jobs figure. a few things, though, that we looked at pretty positive that a lot of people don't look at beyond the headlines. one measure of underemployment. now this is unemployment plus people who are working part-time but they want full time as well as people who are not working and not looking for a job but would take a job. that measure is also at its lowest in seven years along with the unemployment rate. we've been rating for that and policymakers have been waiting for that to turn up. that's a good sign. manufacturers looked better. they have been struggle this year with the stronger dollar, sluggish demand from overseas. to see them add 15,000 jobs, the strongest since january, that was a good sign. a couple of good things to look at in the jobs report. one thing that we didn't see turn up as much as pep wanted is wages. those are still kind of underperforming throughout the expansion. we're looking for that to pick up. >> interesting, though, the financial markets, i mean,
4:25 am
seven-day slide happened yesterday. it hit seven. after the jobs report. what didn't investors like about the positive jobs news? >> they know that good good news is bad news in some sense, good did news means the federal reserve could hike the bench mark interest rate come september. that's what a lot of them are looking at. we saw in some bloomberg data the federal funds futures rate is showing that investors think about a half of them think that the fed could move as early as september and will move in september. so we've been making earth, wind and fire references, a lot of people betting on september now. >> so okay, if they raise the rate what does that mean to you and me? >> is well, to you and me it's actually a bit of unknown. they have done this of course in the past. it's been a while. they haven't raised the rates since 2006. we could see things like housing, they might change a little bit. the bench mark interest rate affects other interest rates across the country so we may see mortgage rates go up. but in that sense some housing people say it may take time. we're still at very low rates,
4:26 am
so we shouldn't see too much of a jolt. i think we'll see more of a jolt in the markets than we would in the broader economy at least immediately. >> okay. thanks so much. >> thank you. day one of his vacation is off to a rocky start. how president obama's reacting to news after key senator saying he will vote no on the iran eet underwear and wigg, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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with alex witt." it's time for your fast five headlines. police in long beach, california shot and killed a man suspected of a stabbing spree. officers opened fire when they encountered the man. investigators are trying to determine exactly what led to the shooting. a social worker in vermont is dead after she was shot twice outside her office building. police say the suspect is a mother angry about with losing custody of her daughter. the social worker had worked on her case. >> look at the shattered windshield of this delta jet
4:30 am
after it flew through a hailstorm. the passenger says he took this picture after the plane made an emergency landing in denver. americans are piling on the debt. the federal reserve says consumers racked up $230 billion in debt in june, the total amount of consumer borrowing a record $3.4 trillion. and verizon says it will no longer subsidize phones with two year contracts. customers have to make payments. gop presidential candidates get a second chance at the red state gathering in atlanta. they won't see donald trump, though, he has been disinvited. kelly o'donnell is in atlanta. good morning to you. the host of the conference withdrew the invitation last night. what led to it? >> reporter: well, alex, this has been unfolding and as guests who paid a fee to attend this multi-day conference are having
4:31 am
breakfast, they are learning for the first time that trump will not be here. this is a very big deal. what a star attraction he would be today. one of the big names. but he has been disinvited in what was a difficult decision for the organizer who i was speaking to until the wee hours of the morning. it all had to do with trump and his unedited mouth, what he said about the fox news host who was part of the debate moderating team. and it all happened overnight. >> trump and bush are headed this way. but much of the early buzz here is about an august surprise. strong debate performances from other candidates. like marco rubio. >> i'm 44 years old, after last night i feel 45. >> reporter: and carly fiorina. >> did any of you get a phone call from bill clinton? >> who had not qualified for the main stage but delivered and turned heads.
4:32 am
south carolina governor nikki haley. >> all of the chatter is how great carlie did. >> the former hewlett-packard ceo takes on barack obama and donald trump with withering ease. >> i caught up with her back stage. >> when donald trump or any one else calls women names i think that's not helpful. offensive. on the other hand i'm, frankly, also offended when president obama says that all republicans who don't like his deal are the same as iranians chanting death to america. >> reporter: bobby jindal is trying to break through in this trump dominated field. >> i think donald trump happened into a powerful frustration with the american people. they are tired of political correctness. >> reporter: red state gathering voters mostly active social conservatives often wary of establishment republicans like chris christie who stressed his pro life views on stage and told me he will fight to earn
4:33 am
conservatives' trust. >> i'm going to be the nominee of the republican party and i want them to help me to beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: and let's bring our audience into a tv secret. the piece we played was the one i originally prepared for today. but what happened overnight changed all that and i've done a new report that did not roll. let me explain. donald trump was a guest on cnn and he was asked about the panel and he referred to the moderator, one of the three, megyn kelly, and said in describing her questioning, she had blood coming out of her eyes, or blood coming out of wherever. and that comment was very offensive to eric ericson, the organizer of this event he reached out to the trump campaign, sought a clarification. they were unable to explain what he mept or what that was about and so after thinking about it, eric ericson told the trump campaign mr. trump would not be invited to appear today.
4:34 am
they was going toing one of the star attractions later at a tail gate event. so the trump campaign then fired back and said this is more political correctness, more weakness, and to those guests who are here beginning their breakfast time, sorry we will miss you. carly fiorina in the original piece had also tweeted saying there is no skuls, mr. trump, i stand with megyn kelly. this really blew up overnight. the people who were coming to breakfast this morning expecting to see donald trump will get the news because eric evickson told me he will play the clip for the audience to explain why he made his decision. we spoke in the wee hours and he said he felt that as a legitimate candidate donald trump should have a place here but felt these comments crossed a line. he even said this disqualifies donald trump to be the candidate. now eric ericson is an important voyls among active social conservativings, this is an important annual conference.
4:35 am
his absence is a big point in the campaign. there will be disappointment here, this will have rumblings all day and other prominent candidates like mike huckabee, jeb bush, scott walk e will be here today. they will be asked to respond. i can tell you from talking to candidates they are all tired of talking about donald trump. somehow donald trump keeps making himself the story forcing us to ask the other candidates about him and in some ways hijacking this process. >> well, kelly, can i say uare an absolute pro. the wrong tape but thank you for updating it. we got a double dose. >> i'm so glad that you aired that other piece because we worked hard on that too. thanks to you. >> well, all right. back at you. thank you, my friend. moments ago communications director shawn spicer appeared on the "today" show and responded to donald trump's latest comments. >> part of the reason that he gets the popularity he has is because he's not by his own words commitically correctment in what goes with that he has to
4:36 am
be clearly more careful with his words. i think there is no question he needs to immediately clarify that comment. >> but and do you renounce those comments then? >> look, i know -- my job is not to renounce comments or not. i think he needs to clarify that. if the he stands by them that is highly inappropriate. i'm hoping that mr. trump balls he does speak off the cuff, baugs he doesn't ascribe to political correctness was speaking you know in a way that wasn't fully thought out. but he needs to clarify that first thing this morning. >> at what point do these comments become damaging to the party as a whole? specifically when it comes to women and to minorities. two voting blocks that republicans have been working hard to recruit. >> right. we have -- we've done well in the last few years reaching out to young women, african-americans, hispanics going into communities we have never gone before. putting a lot of money and manpower in to reaching out to communities around this country.
4:37 am
frankly, republicans haven't been. it's something that chairman prebus put at the top of hills list and we're going to continue to do as we go through this cycle. so you know, from a party perspective it's an area we're very concerned with, an area i think we're continuing to do better and better every cycle with. >> so from a party perspective you are the communications director for the rnc. at what point do you reach out to mr. trump? >> we have private conversations with all of the candidates and their staff on an ongoing basings. those will continue. i think you noted that the chairman has talked to mr. trump about his tone. mr. trump style is that he speaks off the cuff, he is not someone who has run before. and while that may be part of his popularity, he does need to understand that he is seeking the presidency of the united states now and that words do water and so while people may have a problem with some folks who ascribe to totally political correct innings i think he needs
4:38 am
to be much more understanding of the fact that every word you say is being scrutinized at this point and we need to be more careful in how it comes across to different demographics and individuals across this country. >> that was rnc communications director sean spicer. let's go to the fight over the the iran nuclear deal following president obama on the first day of his vacation at martha's vineyard. is senator schumer's announcement he will vote no, many wondering if sthoomer is the right to deed senate democrats. joining me is hallie jackson. good morning to you. first, has the president been able to start a vacation yet given this news? >> he has. he got in last night here. he and the first lady, sasha, it is a vacation but like all he will be working. so the white house is not ruled out that the president will be working the phones to lock in
4:39 am
support for this iran deal. new urgency as you know because of senator chuck schumer now public opposition to the deal. significant for a couple reasons. one, schumer believes that the deal is essentially the worst of both worldings. that's the argument he is making that this not only eliminates sanctionings against iran but doesn't really do enough. he says, to ensure that they don't get a nuclear weapon. that said, significant since schumer is the highest profile democrat to come out opposing the president's deal. that does leave some wondering what this means for schumer's eventual ascension that is predicted to top of the senate democrats. he is expected to take over for harry reid. couple of tweet from president obama's former adviser saying senator schumer siding with the gop against obama, clinton and most democrats will make it hard for him to lead the party in 2016. adding that the base may not support a leader who thought obamacare was a mistake and wants war with iran.
4:40 am
a former speechwriter, john schumer said it was a mistake to pass obamacare comes out against the iran deal. this is our next senate leader? there are some questions now about schumer's leadership. other democrats in the house have come out against this. but it probably won't be enough to tip the scales because we have seen enough top dems come out in support including recently presidential candidate bernie sanders. listen to what president obama had to say about the back and forth about his deal. >> you don't negotiate deals with your friends. you negotiate them with your enemies. and super powers don't respond to taunts. super powers focus on what is it that we need to do to preserve our national security. and the national security of our allies and friends. >> reporter: look for the administration to continue its full-court press to convince skeptical members of wrong that they should not block this deal. >> interesting point that
4:41 am
senator schumer sells he is doing what will reflect his constituents, also the senator said she will support this iran deal. so thank you very much, to be continued. hallie jackson from martha's vineyard. recalling a tragic event that start add movement. ferguson, missouri is marking the one-year anniversary of the death of michael brown. eatures , soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 from switching back to verizon, and so can you! verizon. come home to a better network. started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more scent
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4:45 am
questioning of him. here is what trump said last night. >> well, i just don't respect her as a journalist. i have no respect. i don't think she is good. i think she is highly overrated. she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. she was a light weight. i couldn't care less about her. >> let's bring in bengie covering the red state gathering for us. what has been the reaction to the disinvite for donald trump? >> reporter: well, very confused. a lot of them hearing for it now as they come in for breakfast. it occurred late in the night. a lot of this occurred at midnight, 1:00 in the morning. eric ericson, the organizer who made the call and the disinvite and announced it had a gathering with reporters in which he explained, that it was unacceptable to suggest any woman's behavior was caused by
4:46 am
hormones. you can't insult women, period. people are starting to find out about the feud right now. one of the organizers predicted to me there would probably be some die-hard trump supporters not happy. but eric is going to make his case this morning. they are going to play the comments and explain why he disinvited donald trump. interesting to see the reaction. >> is and sean spicer, the rnc communications chair we had a click of an interview with him. he said i'm not passing judgment on what donald trump said. what i want to know is whether he stands by what he said. can he offer an explanation for this? and to that end, do you get a sense that party leaders are concerned about him overall? is there any parkway to gauge whether or not they want him to back off from the gop, because he tends to suck up all of the oxygen in the room. >> reporter: donald trump has been very clear eyed and honest about the situation going on here.
4:47 am
he is threatening to run as a third party candidate. he has done this to have, quote, leverage over republican officials, so they can't really kick him out of the party unless you know, they are willing to risk him potentially running as a third party spoiler taking a significant percentage of the vote and handing the election to hillary clinton. that puts them in a difficult position. that's the reason they are handling him with kid gloves. the closest was when he made comments about john mccain saying he was not a war hero. even then there has not been that kind of aggressive effort to say trump does not speak for the party. i think that it will take a lot to break that dynamic give at any threat he wields. >> thank you so much. lots to come there today. tomorrow marks one year since the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. brown who was unarmed was shot and killed last august by ferguson officer darren wilson. a st. louis county grand jury declined to indict wilson.
4:48 am
residents and civil rights activists took to the street after the shooting and the grand jury ruling. a heavy police presence and violence captured this nation's attention and brought new focus to the treatment of african-americans by the police. it also launched the black lives matter movement. amanda is in ferguson for us this morning. good morning to you, what do you get a sense of in terms of change in this year in ferguson there since michael brown's shooting? >> reporter: good morning, alex. i think this weekend will be a two-fold effort. paying homage to michael brown who died so young at 18 but also celebrating the birthplace of a movement. several events are planned later today, a silent march at the high school where he spent his file year, there will be block parties in the neighborhood where he was shot and music has been influential in gal vinizing young people. star studded rappers from the local area. i think that the emphasis on
4:49 am
tomorrow where there will be a silent moyx on the anniversary to michael brown's death and hopefully supporters looking out for his family to be there. this is really a time to look back and as you say, assess what has changed in ferguson in the last year. missouri governor jay nixon who took a lot of heat in the aftermath last year, he was here in ferguson yesterday to speak to what has changed in the last year. >> you know, something that's interesting, amanda, you're putting a positive spin on this and we're going to all hope that this one-year anniversary tomorrow is marked in an appropriate way though i should say there are some residents, won woman says i want to move out. i know people are going to be back here. we have to take back roads to get home. i'm worried. is there any concern that there could be some sense of group activity that gets out of hand? >> so far everything that has been planned has been on the books and paelsful where as i said there were block parties
4:50 am
planned and though there have been young people who have been out on the street in small groups, it's not expected that it will get out of hand but regardless officials say that they are prepared to come in the they need to and have a heavy police force if they need to. but they are not going to preemptively do that to try to stoke discontent in the streets. >> thank you so much. rewriting history, from moments of our racial past to the cold war that's next. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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4:53 am
a new rewrite for the advanced placement or ap u.s. history course. it comes after a backlash over a version of the course that came out last year. the 2014 framework asked questions about how to teach issues like imperialism, slavery, racism and american identity. so what's changed? according to "newsweek," the new standards take a softer tone on racial history in america and revises the characterization of
4:54 am
some characters like former president ronald reagan. in the 2014 version, his rhetoric about the cold war was referred to as bell koes. high school students are in stead expected to learn he gave speeches and n gauged in diplomatic efforts tond the coal war. zoe, i have kids that did the ap u.s. history. let's look at how the criticism has prompted these changes. walk us through that. >> the college board is the body that governs ap courses and put out s.a.t. exams. they put out a revision to some of the language around racial history especially in native american relations has changed significantly. changes like white supremacy, scene phobia, racial hierarchy, this has been deleted. reference to reagan by bell koes
4:55 am
has also been deleted. the new document states the facts, but removes some of this language that conservatives from the last iteration of reviegs of the document found to be very biased and they called it anti american. >> okay. let's get to some of these specifics here. in the 2014 version, one of the documents stated many white americans in the stougt asserted their regional identity through pride in the institution of slavery. this year's version, it omits the word pride and instead says antislavery efforts increased in the north while in the south, although the majority of southerners owned no slaves, most leaders argued slavery was part of the southern way of life. with regard to the topic of race, what are some of the other significant changes there? >> there's a passage, for example, that refers to english colonialists having a real problem with interracial marriage in a way that spanish colonialists and french colonialists did not.
4:56 am
that's all been changed. the course used to kind of walk a student through or a teacher teaching this through the ways identity has been shaped through racism, through racial hierarchy in early american history. that's been rephrased to either erase it or put it into more passive language. it's very important to understand they're still teaching slavery, all these key topics. but language that, for example, the republican national committee last year called andity american and radically revisionist has all been taken out. >> all about the tenor and the way things are taught. how are lawmakers who have threatened to ban these classes, how are they reacting to this? >> we'll know more in the next few weeks when school starts. teachers are getting these documents now. school will start in a week or two. it's already promising the have the effect that perhaps the college board wanted which is for there to be less emphasis on this as a political talking point for republicans and while still maintaining college credit worthy courses.
4:57 am
teachers i spoke with who actually helped draft this new revision say they hope the controversy dies down. >> "newsweek's" zoe slanger, thanks for joining me. that's a wrap up of "weekends with alex witt." at noon, more smart political talk on "up with steve kornacki." it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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is there blood in the water for donald trump? good morning. thanks forgetting up with us. i'm jonathan capehart in for steve kornacki. a conservative forum has taken back its invitation to billionaire businessman donald trump. details on that in a minute. carly fiorina seems to be having a moment since her debate


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