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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell on the trail reporting live from new hampshire today where hillary clinton will be arriving shortly. it is her first trip to new hampshire after bernie sanders pulled within six points of her. sanders is in california today. here in new hampshire, a newly combative clinton will be unveiling a $350 billion prop e proposal to make college more affordable. she'll also weigh in on donald trump's attack on megyn kelly, or will she? more on that coming up. first, a shooting in merge sfer missouri, tops the news today. >> thank you. that's right. that is our top story. one year after the shooting death of michael brown the city of ferguson is once again on edge after a weekend of peaceful protests ended with gunfire and
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violence. several officers were injured and police shot an 18-year-old man who remains in critical condition. nbc's ron allen is in missouri with the very latest. >> reporter: absolutely stun night here that came out of nowhere because the weekend had been peaceful. anniversary mark the death of michael brown at the hands of darren wilson one years ago. was there was a line of protesters and police confronting each other. it was winding down when gunfire a couple hundred yards away in the darkness. people who were there said gunfire was coming from all different directions. police described it as remarkable mirage. dozens of rounds fired. it started as a gun battle between two groums of armed men and later turned into something different when the gunfire was turned on the police as they were there trying to respond to the situation. one man wounded seriously, in critical yet unstable condition in the hospital. several officers were also injured, not by gunfire but by flying debris, rocks and bottles
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as well. also a couple of stores on ferguson's main drag looted. a very troubling night here that, again, was very stunning because it seemed to come out of nowhere. the question now is how far, if at all, will this set ferguson back. so much work has been done here for the past year trying to move the community forward. we'll have to see how this very tense day plays out. also today the threat of acts of civil disobedience by protesters trying again to demand justice for michael brown. kristen, back to you. >> ron, thank you for that report. attorney general loretta lynch strongly condemned the violence against the community and police officers in ferguson saying, quote, the weekend's events were peaceful and promoted a message of reconciliation and healing. but incidents of violence, such as we saw last night, are contrary to both that message, along with everything that all of us, including this group, have worked to achieve over the past year. i'm joined now by missouri state senator maria nadal. thank you for being here. we really appreciate it.
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>> thank you so much, kristen. >> senator, you were there for what started out as a peaceful protest. i know you left before the violence broke out. but if you would, just give us your emotional reaction to the fact that there was more violence one year after michael brown was killed. >> kristen, i have to tell you it's very upsetting. this entire weekend has been inspirational. it has been building a community, a sense of kinship, and i really believed yesterday when we were marching from the canfield neighborhood to zts marks church we were on a new road, a pathway to success where all types of people were coming together. we had over 1,000 people walking. and then later in that evening we saw crowds starting to build on west floorsent. >> what can you tell us about the 18-year-old shot about the police involved in that shooting? iness they were not wearing body
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cameras. what's the latest? >> there are a few things we need to understand. first, the young man is in yit call condition. he is a friend of michael brown. and he comes from a community that is experiencing stress from every i think isle area. and so what we know right now, there were six people who were involved. there were five people who were not attained at all. and so we need to have those five people put themselves forward and go to the police to talk about what happened last night. i do not understand for the life of me why our police officers would go after one person and not all six people. and thirdly, we need to remember that we should self police when we are in these peaceful protests. that's what we did last year. it was a help to our law enforcement. and that's what we need to continue to do, is self police, but also these young men who were involved in this they need
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to turn themselves as soon as possible so we can move on and continue this week. >> i'm sure there's broad agreement about that. i want to play you something that the police chief said and then have you respond on the other side. take a listen. >> while this is a tragedy for the family of this man and certainly for the officers involved and it is truly a tragedy, there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. i don't know how else to say that. but that's just -- that's just the bottom line on this. and that's unfortunate. >> senator, do you agree with that assessment, that this is a small group of people or is there a broader problem that persists here? >> i think we have to look at both ends of that question, kristen. first of all, there are a lot of people who live in despair naturally because of the environment in which they live. the economic crisis that many of the people i represent experience every single day and it puts them in a position where
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they feel as though they need to get into situations that are crime ridden, unsafe for other people. at the other end of it we still have to deal with policing. we still don't have a deadly force bill. our bill, our language right now in the state of missouri is 30 years out of compliance. we have not had cooperation from our governor nor the legislative body. there are many things that we need to deal with, including the educational crisis. it's interesting to note that both michael brown and mr. harris come from an unaccredited school drilth. th district. while we need to deal with gun control and making sure that young people do not have access to guns, we also have to deal with our statutes in the state of missouri. that was ignored this year. we're going to have to move forward and everyone's attention needs to be on the condition of this community. >> all right. we will continue to stay in touch with you as you continue to work toward that.
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state senator maria shapal nadal, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, kristen. we want to head back out to new hampshire where andrea is on the trail today. andrea, i know you're wait for secretary clinton to arrive. of course, donald trump continues to dominate the headlines. >> indeed, he does. thanks so much, kristen. the republican party is divided over how to deal with donald trump's behavior. the behavior not only at the cleveland debate but also what he did since when he got personal about megyn kelly. >> i just don't respect her as a journalist. i have no respect for her. i don't think she's very good. i think she's highly overrated. she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, but she was, in my opinion, she was off base. >> undaunted, even denying today that he meant what he seemed to be saying when he called in to
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the "today" show and talked to savannah. >> i said blood was -- she was so angry that blood was coming out of her eyes, blood was coming out of her -- and then i didn't even finish the answer because i wanted to get on to the next point. but i was referring to or if i finished it i was going to say ears or nose because that's a common statement. >> if someone made such a comment about a female journalist suggesting that they were on their menstrual cycle -- >> that would be inappropriate. >> -- it would be classless and juvenile and over the line, right? >> it would be inappropriate but i didn't do that. >> john sununu joins me now. governor, inappropriate, not qualifying to be president of the united states? >> well, welcome to new hampshire. it was inappropriate. it was tactless. it was stupid. it was intentional. and i think the fact that he's doubled down on it tells you that this is a man that's not smart enough to be president. >> now, of course he claims to be the smartest guy in the room, that he knows everything about
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the economy, he knows everything about jobs. yet at this stage of the campaign he's never sat down for an interview and talked about jobs and the economy. what do the people in new hampshire want to hear from the rf nomin republican nominee or contender? >> they want to hear what they're hearing from the other candidates. they're hearing about issues like immigration. they're hearing about growth. they're hearing about cutting spending. they're hearing about repealing obamacare. that's what the issues are. if you look at what donald trump's positions have been on all those things in the past, he ought to be running in the primary on the democratic side with his very good friend hillary clinton. >> in fact he says that he is closest on trade issues to bernie sanders. another whole question. bernie sanders doing very well here. what does that tell you about the anger that's out there? he's tapping into something. and so is bernie sanders as a populous progressive candidate, doing so well in new hampshire. only six points behind hillary clinton. >> that's why she's going to
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reveal her big education package today to compete in pandering game with bernie sanders. there are cycles to an election. this is the noise cycle. whoever makes the biggest noise is the equivalent of the dancing bear front act is going to get attention. eventually it's going to move to substance after the kids go back to school and people start paying attention. that's when you get to the equivalent of the skill, acts like the trapeze artist. so i think we're in a stage now where someone like donald trump can capture the media with noise. tinge other republican ert candidates are taking their time and moving forward. >> we should point out you have not endorsed and are likely not going to endorse the other john sununu, your son, former senator. >> the imposter. >> has shound the yeah kijoined. in our survey monkey online polling which was a very, very large sample but online so it is a different format, different scientific format than the nbc news/wall street poll. it found out that donald trump
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was first with 23%. following him was ted cruz at 13%. ben carson at 11%. carly fiorina was not in the prime time debate but she was in the happy hour debate at 8:00. marco rubio at 8:00. does that give you any indication of what the voters -- the republican primary voter s seem to want this year? >> they also vote for who lost the debate and trump got the highest rating in terms of who lost the debate. it just shows what i'm talking about. this is the noise stage. >> what does the republican party need to do though post-trump, because let's say that this burns out, if you're correct and this is not a lasting phase in the campaign. the republican party's own post-mortem after mitt romney lost was that they needed to do two big things. they needed to rieach out to women and have a different tone on women's issues and they needed to reach out to hispanics. donald trump has trashed both
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sectors. >> donald trump is -- in the opinion of a lot of republicans -- is running at the past of the clintons. he's just there to mess things up. he will fade away and republican primary voters will get serious about issues and start looking at candidates who truly can be qualified to be president. >> lasting damage? >> i think there's always lasting damage, but i don't think it's big enough to overcome the lasting damage that the democrats have from a disastrous obama/clinton administration. >> of course we're hearing from the former republican governor of new hampshire, former chief of staff at the white house, but always good to hear from you. and author now. >> nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. always good to be in new hampshire. much more on politics ahead, but up next, an attack on the u.s. consulate in turkey. plus, the other democratic candidate this year not named clinton or sanders. martin o'malley will be joining me next on the trail.
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a terror attack in turkey, the u.s. consulate in istanbul was closed after an attack earlier today. nbc news has obtained video appearing to show police confronting a woman they say had just approached the consulate with a gun. nbc's richard engel takes us through it. >> reporter: she's cornered in a crawl space. a police officer opens fire, but misses. he shouts for the woman to surrender. she appears confused and angry. at one stage the woman seems to
9:17 am
hold up her hands in surrender. then throws something at police. police keep firing and she's wounded. later, arrested. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel join mess now from istanbul. great to see you. tell me, what do you think happened? what do police think happens and how this fits into the overall virnlt where turkey is now joining the u.s. in taking on isis more confrontationally? >> we have a lot more information about what we think happened at the consulate itself. that incident you saw in the video, which we obtained from somebody who says he took it on his cellphone is staying in an apartment right nerkxt to the se street by the consulate building. the police identified the woman as 54-year-old known militant from a far left organization. she had just gotten out of prison about a month ago and this far left radical group had
9:18 am
been involved in the past in attacks on u.s. diplomatic facilities in turkey. that was just one of the attacks here in istanbul today. earlier in the day there was first a bombing, and then an ambush on a bomb squad. although there's no claim of responsibility, turkish police also suspect that the same far left group was responsible for that bombing and ambush here in istanb istanbul. then in the south of the country there were several attacks, most likely by kurdish militant groups against the turkish army. your second question, what is going on here? why all of this violence? why all the violence from these different groups? for the last couple of weeks the turkish government, the turkish security forces have been launching a major crackdown and they've been cracking down on several different fronts. they've been cracking down on kurdish militants. they've been cracking down on this far left group, and they've
9:19 am
been cracking down on isis. we're about to see a much more intense crackdown on isis with now more u.s. involvement and six f-16s brought into the turkish base and so we saw two of thoez those group, the kurds and left wing group, respond violently in turkey today. the fear here is what happens when isis is attacked more aggressively and when that group responds. >> and there is some concern among the kurdish groups, the kurdish fighters have b the most successful against isis to date, especially in the north of iraq. but isn't there some concern from the kurdish forces that the turkish forces align with the u.s. are going to use this as pretext to crackdown intensively on them and that the u.s. mighting, in fact, be in league with turkey in this, abandoning them because of the need to do
9:20 am
more against isis? >> and i think you're putting your finger exactly on why there is so much kurdish outrage at the moment. the kurdish fighters had been doing very well against isis. closely allied with the u.s. military, and we're making progress. particularly in syria in an area right along the turkish border. for over a year now the united states has been asking turkey, do more against isis, seal your board rder border, allow u.s. forces to use air bases in turkey to strike isis and turkey has not done that. it's been accused of turning a blind eye to isis. as the kurds were making advances, then suddenly turkey comes onboard and many in the kurdish community believe that turkey pulled a bait and switch, telling the americans, yes, we'll finally give you what we want, give you what you've been asking, the use of the bases and sealing the border and turkey is doing more of both of those things. but the cost will be bombing the
9:21 am
kurds. so it is a very complex dynamic here. you have three turkey really launching a war on three different fronts. the u.s. wants it to focus on the fight against isis but turkey is including in its fight against isis the fight against this very fringe left wing group that you barely hear about until we heard about them today. and the kurds. >> richard engel right in the middle of it, what a difficult, complicated situation. thank you, richard. here at home, more drone scares for a commercial american pilot sunday. four pilots flying near newark airport reported seeing drones. none of the pilots had to change their flight plans around newark but air traffic controllers on audio did capture one of the encounters. >> 1259, newark tower winds near 509. clear to land. use caution. drone reported six miles. final 2,000, 200 off to the right side.
9:22 am
do have an occasional primary target in that general vicinity. >> clear to land on the right. we will watch for the drone. >> the planes were flying at the,000 to 3,000 feet and flying around 8 to 13 miles or so from newark airport when the drone incidents occurred. we're coming to you live from new hampshire. coming up, more politics. democratic discontent. the other democrats in the race. former maryland governor martin o'malley joins me next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on littl♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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thank you for being here. >> sanders people claim there were 28,000 people turning out for him in portland, oregon, on sunday. between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, a third democratic former -- third democrat, former maryland governor martin o'malley, is also running but having a hard time gaining traction. governor o'malley joins me now. governor, thank you very much. gr r very good to talk to you today. let's talk about bernie sanders. >> thank you. >> i'm wondering, why do you think a vermont socialist is drawing the biggest crowds of anybody, republican or democrat, in this campaign season? >> well, i think that a lot of us are dissatisfied with our national economy and we're certainly dissatisfied with our national politics. so i think that you see people in both parties expressing their discontent early on here. but i have been in this race now for 60 days. we've gone from 1% in new hampshire to 5%. i looked at another 5% in t next
9:27 am
couple of months. as you know from having covered national politics, there's usually an inecvitable front-runner right up until the first votes in iowa and new hampshire. very often a candidate who speaks r speaks to the hopes and dreams of a new generation of americans emerges. that usually is the choice. so i'm going to continue to offer the ideas that serve on debt-free college, on criminal justice reform, on making our economy work for all of us, and making wages go up rather than flat lining. and i've even in the course of the next several months you will see our campaign make it into the living rooms and the hearts and minds of the people of new hampshire and iowa as indeed it is already starting to. >> in the latest new hampshire poll the dmur poll, hillary clinton was at 42%. bernie sanders at 36%. you were at 1%. joe biden was at 5%. should joe biden get into this race as an alternative to
9:28 am
hillary clinton? >> i think that any candidate who feels that they have ideas that will actually serve our national interest should get into this race. i think we should have a robust debate. the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth between two royal families. in our party sadly, we are now being told that we're only supposed to have one debate in new hampshire before the people of new hampshire get to vote. i think that's a big mistake for us, andrea. i believe we have ideas that will actually serve the families of our country, that will get wages to go up instead of down again, as a progressive i've actually accomplished these things as governor. other candidates can talk about progressive goals and values. making college more affordable. i've actually done these things as governor. that's what people want right now. the two phrases i hear all the time are new leadership and getting things done. i am the candidate in this race who has the best ability to
9:29 am
provide the sort of leadership that our country needs right now. >> in terms of the debates, you mentioned only one debate in new hampshire. only six debates overall as compared to 20 last time around during the primaries. what is your message to the party? why only six debates? >> well, my message to the party is this. we're making a business mistake as democrats if we try to limit debate and have an undemocratic process. there were 24 million people who tuned in to the republican debate. and there were very few ideas that would serve our nation moving forward that were offered in that debate. it was like the greatest hits of the '80s and '90s. what our party has to offer are the actual ideas that will move our country forward. that will get wages to go up again instead of down. that will move us to 100% clean energy future and create 5 million jobs along the way. shame on us as a party if the dnc tries to limit debate and
9:30 am
prevents us from being able to put forward a path for our people that will make the economy work for all of us again. so i believe we need more debates. not fewer debates. and i think that it's out ranl jous actually that the dnc would try to make this process decidedly undemocratic by telling iowa and new hampshire that they can only have one debate before they make a decision. this election is too important to cut off debate. people want to debate, andrea. they don't want a coronation. >> what is your reaction to donald trump's performance, his comments about megyn kelly both during and after the debate? >> i find so much of mr. trump's language to be offensive and repugnant really. and the hateful things that he has said about new american immigrants, i think, while it may strike a chord among those who try to scapegoat other, i think it has to place in a
9:31 am
presidential arena and national conversation. i think all of us, both parties, should push back against the hate. we're all frustrated with the economy and national politics but anger and fear and division never built a great country. it was better choices by caring adults who want to give their kids a better future. that's what made america great and that's what's going to rebuild this american dream we share and allow people to get ahead when they work hard. >> governor o'malley, former governor of maryland. thank you very much. former mayor of baltimore. good to see you as well. >> good to see you, too. live on the campaign trail today. will hillary clinton take on donald trump here in new hampshire? here's what some people here at e x,eter high school are saying already. >> i think he's outside the mainstream. he grabs attention. he sucks the air out of the room. i don't think we need to comment on him at all. >> no, he should remain just, you know, as he's doing, remain the lady that she is, and take
9:32 am
it from there and just completely ignore him. >> no. remain a lady that she is with her integrity. remain who she is. she's real. and that's what we need. she doesn't need to defend herself. she's just a girl, go girl. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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do you think she's a bimbo? >> i thought the kind of question she was asking me were inappropriate and they were the questions that somebody you could make the case. >> yes, he did say that. you could make the case that megyn kelly is a bimbo. donald trump is not pulling back. how could he have said that? joining me now for our "daily fix," chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of "the washington post" fix blog and anne gearan with me in new hampshire. just to qualify, what trump had done, chris and anne, repeat something about her as bimbo and when asked about that today by savannah guthrie because a retweet is not necessarily an endorsement, he said, yes, you could make that case. not being willing to join the fray and john kasich. some of the candidates are taking a look at this field and saying, you know, there is a lot of skupport for donald trump an i'm not going to get into this mix and others are taking a strong stand. >> some are fearful if they bash him too much, that they risk ail
9:37 am
th alienating his supporters. what ican't figure out is whethr donald trump feels like he's in a hole or not. first rule of a hole you stop digging. but every day something happens, ascribes to him which definitely can alienate potential women voters. >> chris cillizza, the post-mortem as we've been reporting from 2012 campaign was that mitt romney alienated women and hispanics from the primary election through the general election. and that -- by its own definition had to change that. how is this helping the republican party win a general election? >> it's not. you know, i think you can debate how much it's hurting because it's august and because, you know, at least at this point many of the republicans i talk to say, look, people see trump as sort of a force unto himself.
9:38 am
they don't necessarily equate trump and the republican party. but to the extent that people do or to the extent that they will, andrea, as i think he will reinwhat in the race. who knows, but i think he will remain in the race for a little while here. it's all to the bad. exactly as you said. the two big weak spots the republican party rightly identified after 2012 was the poor performance of mitt romney among hispanics and large gender gap among women. to the extent anything like donald trump is saying, gets associated with the republican party at large next november, it's terrible for them. >> anne gearan, you wrote that hillary clinton is now going to take an elbow's out approach. we saw ten days ago she took on jeb bush in florida and now she's going to be tougher. she sees bernie sanders. bernie sanders, without her money, without her organization, six points behind. it is neighboring vermont and new hampshire but it says a lot about the nature of this campaign. >> it does. it says a lot about the nature
9:39 am
of democratic support. she's got soft support on the far left and it hasn't been firming up. there definitely is concern inside team clinton about that. one of the things that a lot of democrats say, far left and not so far left, is that she's not been tough enough. she says she's running as a fighter but she's not landing any blows. so that is what i think is largely behind a more aggressive stance that we've seen over the last three weeks or so. >> and people are lining up behind us. chris cillizza, just very briefly. what about joe biden? he started vacation over the weekend in south carolina with his family. making a decision, weighing the alternativeses. at this point do you think he sees an opening with hillary clinton support being softer than some had expected to get into this race? >> i don't see a huge opening, but maybe he does. he has said by the end of the summer he will make a decision. i do think it's too late for a candidate like him who would
9:40 am
occupy a lot of space that she already occupies to get in. look, donald trump is currently the republican front-runner of the presidential nomination. it's a never say never type of deal to me. >> thanks to chris cillizza. anne gearan and i are going to go inside shortly and hear hillary clinton's speech. the epa is under fire for causing a mine accident that spilled 3 million gallons of yellow toxic waste into a colorado pristine river. three times more than originally estimated. preliminary testing found higher levels than normal of arsenic and other heavy metals. the yellow sludge continues to move downstream slowly, forcing summer rafting businesses to close and completely disrupting the tourist season. coming up next, paying tribute to a giant of the football world. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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died suddenly sunday at their connecticut home. nbc's hoda kotb looks back at this sports icon known nearly as well for his long run on monday night football, 27 years, as for his hall of fame career as a giant. >> aw. >> my surprise is here. >> reporter: a star on the field and later on screen, hall of fame football player and emmy winning sportscaster frank gifford passed away of natural causes on sunday morning. he was 84. the gifford family released a statement in honor of her beloved husband, father, and friend saying in part, we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live, and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being. >> frank played -- >> reporter: long time partner al michaels paid tribute to the nfl hall of famer, eight-time all-star at last night's hall of fame game. >> he was a very special man in so many ways. >> reporter: born in santa monica, california, gifford was
9:45 am
a standout football player at the nearby university of southern california earning all american honors for the trojans. he played his entire 12-year nfl career with the new york giants, one of the last and most notable athletes to play both offense and defense. he was a star running back and later wide receiver who won the nfl's mvp trophy in 1956, leading the giants to the championship that season. sunday the team called him one of the greatest giants to ever wear the uniform. >> glad you're with us. this should be a good one. >> reporter: gifford soon started a second career as a legendary sportscaster. he was the iconic voice of "monday night football" for nearly three decades joining the booth in 1971. >> and newest colleague for this season, the former giant football great, of course, glorious and fearless frank goffford. >> thank you. >> fun time coming up -- >> reporter: it was through his
9:46 am
work on screen that gifford met his future wife, kathie lee. the two married in 1986 and two years later co-hosted the winner olympic games in calgary. >> we fight like this all the time, by the way. living in a funny house. >> reporter: and on screen chemistry that would continue for nearly 30 more years. >> let's all stop for just a minute. it's time for a he yend. >> soak in the legend. >> i was tricked. >> reporter: football star, family man, and father. >> you know what i love about him so much is he's a very giving person. >> yeah. >> frank is a really generous, sweet person. and he's a good man and i'm very grateful for him. >> reporter: frank gifford would have turned 85 next week. also on kathie lee's birthday, august 16th. our thought are with@thi kathie and their children. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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look. there are cycles to an election. this is the noise cycle. whoever makes the biggest noise and is the equivalent of the dancing bear front act is going to get attention. eventually it's going move to substance. i think we're in a stage now where someone like donald trump can capture the media with noise. i think the other republican candidates are taking their time and moving forward. >> the republican presidential race is certainly been turned upside-down by donald trump, especially here in new hampshire where he's leading the polls in the first primary state. joining me now msnbc political analyst and former national republican care man michael steele as well as former new jersey congressman and democratic governor james forio, also once a board member at trump entertainment in new jersey. thanks so much to both of you. michael steele, we haven't talked since cleveland, since the night of the debate. are you surprised that donald trump again today was downling down, taking on megyn kelly, even saying that you could say
9:51 am
she was a bimbo, even embracing that retweet. >> yeah. i'm not surprised. i think it's part of the brand, to keep that narrative going, because until -- until -- i believe this. until there is a significant hit to him in the polls where the public says enough is enough, recoils away from it, i think to governor sununu's earlier point about the noise and the media sort of playing to that noise, until that happens, there is no downside. there's only a consistency of keeping the brand out in front and making the mark that way, andrea. >> and, great to see you again, governor, you know donald trump better than most. is this entirely predictable or are you at all surprised by how far he's gone with this unlikely presidential candidacy? >> donald is very smart, he's very articulate. the advice i would give to him and some of the other candidates as well, is the american people
9:52 am
insist upon some minimum level of civility. you can't call people idiots and call them stupid and tell people to shut up. that's just not acceptable. if you do that for any prolonged period of time, you're going to be categorized as somebody who is not a real candidate or rather just a cartoon. think sarah palin, where she's come from and where she's gone to. >> seems to be working for him, does it not? >> again. it's novelty aspect. after a while if you don't moderate your voice, you become discounted. there's not relevant to the political process. >> mike yochael steele, at whatt is it hurting the governor? as gov more sununu said, it's august, watching "sharknado" and stuff like that. at what point do people take this seriously as the republican attitude towards women? >> there's no doubt that the rnc chairman reince priebus takes this very seriously and i know
9:53 am
he's very concerned about how the noise from all of this plays out. in terms of undermining the effort of the party so built a different brand, to build a new brand with consistencies that have taken this off their radar, that don't look as the party as serious alternative to what the democrats will be offering either in this cycle or in past cycles, and so that has got to be concerning. it should be concerning because when you have an autopsy that says very clearly we want to embrace hispanics and bring them into the party, we want to have a different conversation with women, to have the leading contender for the nomination at this stage, to the governor's point, who ask out there driving a different narrative and a different message, you've got to find a way to bring that back to the core argument that you want to make for women to look at the party and for other groups and candidacies to consider all those candidates on the stage. and that is a very difficult thing to do right now. i think this narrative is eating away at those efforts.
9:54 am
you don't see it necessarily reflected today. i think you will longer term. >> jim forio, what about hillary clinton and how soft her support seems to be, especially here in new hampshire where bernie sanders is breathing down her neck? >> well, i think there are differences in the spectrum of democratic support across the board. the differences between sanders and clinton are minimal. they will be reconciliation very easily after the primary. that's not the case in the republican side. the splits are much more dramatic. one of the things i think donald trump is going to have difficulties with is that the aggressive brash nature of his rhetoric, this is new jersey, new york thing, is not going to play very well in the republican circles in iowa and south carolina. >> michael steele, do you agree? >> i do agree. i think that's one of the things that chris christie team was concerned about at the beginning of his launch in going into this
9:55 am
narrative. you've noticed a softening, if you will, to use that term with my buddy chris christie, where, you know, he is bringing a more reasoned polished argument. you still feel a little bit of the bite, and that's good. people like that. they want to see that you're willing to fight for something. but then you have the other level of it, the other extreme, if you will, where you have donald trump who takes that fight and makes it personal, who gets into the name calling and the identifications of people and that's where the party, i think, begins to recoil as you are beginning to see. now, with red state backing away from donald trump, reskrinding that invitation. that is an important signal, i think, among grass root activist conservatives out there to be concerned about as well for the trump team going forward. >> michael steele and jim forio, thank you both so very much. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online, on facebook, and on twitter @mitchellreports as people gather here for the
9:56 am
hillary clinton event. i'll will be going inside and reporting on that afterwards. my colleague thomas roberts joins with what's coming up next on "msnbc live." >> thanks. great work in new hampshire. coming up next, chaos and gun fine breaking out in ferguson, missouri, during what were peaceful protests to mark one year after the death of michael brown. no apology, no surrender from donald trump after his comments on fox news host meghan ka kelly. does he have a problem with women and does it matter since he's still in the lead? we're asking you to weigh in coming up. violence escalating in turkey as that u.s. ally takes a larger role in the war on isis. it's all straight ahead. monday edition of "msnbc live" next. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud!
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with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we start with two major developing stories. first, live right now in missouri, hundreds of people are expected to begin a moral monday silent march marking one year since the fatal shooting of michael brown. the scene right now very
10:00 am
different from what it was early this morning. police say there was an exchange of gunfire between two groups who were not protesters, apparently firing at each other. then the police came under fire and police say a young man is now in critical condition after opening fire on four plain clothes officers. police returned fire. witnesses describe the scene. >> what happened? >> a lot of shots. a lot of gunshots. >> yeah. we just ran back here immediately. they were -- in that direction. >> people were running before the shots were fired. so it wasn't even just then. >> meanwhile, in texas, the fbi is being asked to help out in the investigation of the deadly shooting of an unarmed college football player by a police officer. msnbc's adam riess is following that story in arlington,texas, and trymaine lee is live for us in ferguson. first, let's start in ferguson and talk about the latest on the


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