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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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as trump continues to trump the headlines more this morning and it savannah guthrie. >> you said that megyn kelly had blood coming out of her wherever. now some people thought that was a clear reference to her menstrual cycle. you say it meant coming out of her nose or maybe her ear. my question is, why should people give you the benefit of the doubt in this particular controversy given your very long history of pretty personal and pretty vitriolic and sometimes crass insults? >> she asked me a question that was nasty and i gave her a pretty tough answer. i mentioned something that was the rosie o'donnell mention and the room broke out, the largest applause of the day by far and she got very angry during this question because of that because she couldn't finish the rest of the question because the crowd went wild. and i -- in discussing it later i said, blood was -- she was so angry that blood was coming out
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of her eyes, blood was coming out of her and then i didn't even finish the answer because i wanted to get on to the next point. but i was referring to or if i finished it i was going to say ears or nose. >> if someone made such a comment about a female journalist, suggesting that they were on their men tral cycle -- >> that would be inappropriate. >> classless and juvenile and over the line. >> inappropriate. but i didn't do that. >> nbc's kasie hunt on the trail in d.c. we've heard this comment and how he explained it, donald trump has, at least with savannah guthrie. the quote i like that you tweeted though, this quote, the debate beat sharknado, retweeting somebody else. look at what's happening here, does this interest, does that help just one or does just all? do all votes rise, really. >> that quote was from marco rubio whose vote probably was lifted in the debate. rubio's somebody who's performance stood out last thursday night and he's somebody
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struggling for attention. he was somebody that's in particular hurt by what's been going on with donald trump and the fact that trump is really the focus of all of this. but you know, at this point, richard, trump also called on megyn kelly to apologize this morning in an interview on "morning joe" and this keeps pushing forward. he did tweet this afternoon that he spoke on the phone with fox news president roger ailes and ailes said he would treat trump fairly on fox news and trump said roger is usually good for his word. we're not at end of the fox news/donald trump saga. questions whether he's going to appear on fox news as part of this negotiation post-debate, whether or not this tussle will hurt him ultimately. i mean, fox news does play a unique role especially in the republican primary process and the network is proud of that role. obviously it's something that could potentially affect how trump's numbers do fare in the
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next week. there are questions whether he's able to survive other comments that he's made talking about john mccain, p.o.w.s, that doesn't seem to be any problem for him. i think there's a question whether or not in all-out war with fox news is something that donald trump could survive and still stay at the top of the polls. >> kasie hunt in washington, d.c., thank you for that. let's now turn to senior political reporter perry bacon and patricia murphy. good day. perry, lead off on the question that kasie asked, can he survive a fight with fox news? donald trump? >> he's -- his numbers have survived everything. i don't think it's easy to say he's going to fall down. ultimately the problem over the weekend is fox news, redstate other candidates taattacking hi in the long term when this much of the republican party's against you, he's getting 20% in
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polls with 17 candidates. get down to a smaller number of candidates anybody but trump vote is getting bigger and his vote share, he's -- i think capped at 20, 25 versus marco rubio could get 70, 50% of the party and donald trump is capped in his number because a lot of people really do not want to see him as the nominee now. >> one of the things we've been talking about here, trump's controversies have pushed hillary's e-mail server news off of the headlines, even the iran deal. does the rnc, any silver lining to what touch trump's doing here? >> they had 24 million eyeballs on 10 of their top candidates. >> not bad. >> that would not have happened. a lot of the candidates who are maybe seven, eight, nine, ten in that would never have got than media exposure though crowded out by the headlines following that. those viewers got to tune in and see who the candidates are probably the first time, even
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somebody like carly fiorina played part of her clirng the first time 24 million people ever heard of carly fiorina. it could be a silver lining but they'll have to handle this carefully. donald trump, i think, his comments about megyn kelly aside, he had a big problem with women voters before the republican debate. 37% of republican women said they would never vote for donald trump, that was before the debate. they have to tread carefully. they want the energy that he brings to the table but they don't want to have make a lot of co comps mys with huge swath of the population. >> talk about donald trump and women, does he have a problem with women voters? can he win the primary without an overwhelming support for women voters in the republican party? >> he can win the primary, sure. can he win the general election without support from women voters? no, he cannot. right now when you look at head-to-head matchup against hillary clinton, he wins among
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men by one point. he loses among women by 25 points. you do not have to be the ceo of any company to know those numbers don't add up. he needs to do much, muff better with with voters to win a general election. primary is a different consideration because more men vote than women in the republican primary. you can get through a primary election. no way a general election and win with the kind of support he's got among women now. >> shift to the democrats. perry, the headline is bernie sanders and hillary clinton right now. berny sanders with the big crowd. he's going to be in oakland, california. black lives matter, though, they shut down an event he was at two days ago. how does he turn this situation black lives matter into a win despite having trouble earlier in this campaign arc? >> i you can turn it into a win, hiring more minority staffers, talking more about criminal
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justice and police and activism. he's moving -- bernie sanders started off talking little about issues that affect minorities and gradually more and more doing more of that, getting more support for that. and i think, overall, sanders probably not going to win the primary but i think between getting crowds in the 20,000s and the 30,000s he's speaking better about race issues, he's becoming more a stronger candidate. he's still going to have a hard time beating hillary clinton. he's in the point in the debates you've got to pay attention to him, someone who can potentially win iowa, new hampshire. hillary clinton has a big lead among minority voters, it's going to be hard for sanders to close that. breaking news this hour following night of violence in ferguson. state of emergency issued in the area last hour. new arrests this afternoon as protests pick up. a year and a day after the shooting death of michael brown. sunday, afternoon of peaceful
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demonstrations devolved into a bloody night. dozens of shots fired by two separate groups who police were quick to classify as criminals, not protesters. today, the feds involved in the follow-up to that. attorney general loretta lynch calling shootings not what her community wanted to achieve over the past year. trymaine lee on the phone in ferguson for us. trymaine, new workweek starts today. question is, how's it different from a year ago? when you were there reporting? still a powder keg or what we seeing over the weekend concerns of flare-ups? >> reporter: so many ways, this community is as divided as ever. this time around it's a matter of do you believe these changes will be lasting? do you believe it's the beginning of a bran new era in the community? do you believe that this is a show and in the bigger sense the system is still hard at work.
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but we saw last night was very different, some ways, last year you had certain time of night you'd have young people out there and just felt din, seemed different. the same for last night all of the folks part of the main organize movement, protest movement out organizing for this today, a day of civil disobedience. later in the evening they went to a concert which activists artists. today outside the courthouse, there's a moment of silence going on now for michael brown. a number of arrests. those who said they wanted to fill the jails in acts of civil disobedience they've been arrested but now the crowd's calm, the police are at the courthouse. back to the protests. >> trymaine, watching pictures of where you were at today. a year ago, we were live here on msnbc, we had chopper cams, people running through streets drastically different than today one year later. but we also have within the last
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hour a state of emergency declared. what are the details behind that? >> reporter: details are still coming out, still getting a response to what a person said was really unfortunate and tragic incident last night. still learning more details. don't know much. as always you have to tread carefully because everything's always hanging in the balance. everything's ten ious. once the police show up, big guns come out it seeps to insight further problems and that propagation led to what we saw last year. this year, a year later, people have been reflecting on this year, the lessons learned. but last night reminded us how in this community with so much at stake, emotions always running high, you know it can all come tumbling down. folks on the ground saying we're pushing forward. those weren't protesters, though were criminals. we're going to try to change this country. >> as you know so well, the people in ferguson, they want to
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hear lessons learned, not lessons lost. so many people want that as well in ferguson. trymaine lee, thank you. also right now the state department reacting to today's attacks on u.s. interests in turkey. what it means for the larger fight against isis. police are investigating the moments leading up to the death of an unarmed black man. smashes his car into an auto dealership before shot by police. live in texas where we go. hillary clinton has a new proposal for college students who will it help? plus much more. ♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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everybody's taking the
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threat very, very seriously. we're going to always, always, do what we have to do to protect our diplomats. >> state department spokesman john kirby reacting to the attack on the u.s. console late in turkey. the terror group, revolutionary people's liberation army front says militants are responsible. that group also attacked the u.s. embassy in the turkish capital in 2013. now this new attack came just hours after turkey opened a key air base to u.s. fighter jetted in the fight against isis. turkey recently sealed its border with syria and stepped up attacks on isis. the nation is also ramping up attacks against the kurds, the same ones who have arguably made the biggest advances against isis. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel inside istanbul with more for us. >> reporter: start with the shooting incident next to the u.s. consulate here in istanbul. it's a fortress on a hill
12:16 pm
overlooking the -- very difficult to approach it. but around 7:00 this morning, witnesses say at least one woman, perhaps two women but certainly one woman arc approached the consulate with a gun, fired at least two shots according to witnesses, before she was surrounded by police, cornered by police in the crawl space of a building. police fired at her numerous times, missed, and eventually shot and wounded her and then took her into custody. almost exactly the same time, in another part of this city, there was a bomb at a turkish police station and when a bomb squad came to inspect the scene the bomb squad was ambushed and one turkish policeman was killed. that was just here in istanbul. southern turkey along the border with syria, turkish troops were attacked by kurdish militant groups.
12:17 pm
the attacks here in istanbul carried out by a radical left wing group according to officials, and the attacks in the south by kurdish gorillas. an siri of attack business different groups. the real question here is, why? why this spate of violence by these two very, very different groups that have no overlapping agendas? and it's -- partly to do with the u.s. war on isis, the u.s.-led war on isis. the u.s. has been pressuring turkey to do more to crack down on militants, to seal the border, to take more strict measures so that this country doesn't remain a transit point for isis fighters passing through on their way to syria. turkey has done some of that. but turkey simultaneously has been cracking down on the leftist group that carried out the attacks here in istanbul and the kurds who carried out the attacks in south. and some critics say that turkey has pulled something of a bait
12:18 pm
and switch. using war on isis, which a also of people around the world support, as a pretext to go after turkey's old enemies and settle old scores. and i think it was some of that score settling and vengeance for that that we saw play out across turkey today. >> richard engel, thank you so much there. to the pentagon and nbc's jim miklaszewski, mik, start with the air base for u.s. fighters. it is closer, as you know, you've been reporting to isis targets, and when you look at the strategic significance, how much more pressure does this put on isis, if at all? >> well, presumably a huge tactical advantage to u.s. war atlan planes, instead of flying hundreds of miles to get to the targets in syria, they will be able to launch from the air base and be over the target in syria within minutes. more importantly, they'll have more dwell time, circle targets
12:19 pm
for a longer period of time because they won't waste all of that fuel going back and forth between bases which are hundreds of miles away. and once they drop the weapons, now able to return to incirlik and rearm and get back into the fray practically in no time. but even more importantly, to some u.s. officials, something richard mentioned, was the fact that for the first time the turkish government, for whatever reason, is getting directly involved now in the fight inside syria, particularly worrisome to u.s. officials has been the fact that that turkish/syrian border has been wide open for isis to ship in arms and recruits since this effort began more than a year ago. and there is some speculation, despite the fact that turkey's getting more involved, that they are doing so more so because they're more afraid of the kurds than they are of the isis fighters in syria.
12:20 pm
whatever the reason, they're looking forward to more cooperation and access to that critical base there in turkey. >> very well put. thank you so much, jim miklaszewski, at the pentagon. appreciate that. molly o'toole, politics reporter for defense one. molly, let's talk about mik was discussing and there's a lot of moving parts here. but this as the turkish government becomes more involved, that is something that washington, d.c., they were foreseeing as they moved ahead with the war on isis? >> well, certainly the complications of turkey's involvement, some of that seems to have come somewhat at a surprise to u.s. officials. for a long time they've been pushing turkey to get more involved in the fight against the islamic state, obviously as we heard from correspondents, the positioning of turkey in those air bases are key to shorten that time and really bring down the costs of air strikes against isis in syria. but certainly the complications
12:21 pm
of the turkish government, also using -- seeing this, arguing their involvement in the islamic state fight is one in the same with the crackdown on the pkk, on separatist groups, that seems to have come as somewhat of a surprise to officials and they've had some challenge explaining how to keep those two things separate. >> now, talk about shortly your view on how vulnerable consulates are, but richard engel was bringing up this question why the recent spate of attacks, why the recent spate of violence. he was saying it's really being validated or it is being used because of the recent increase in action by the united states on the war on isis. this is -- is this another item discussed or thought about in washington, d.c., as they move forward, because we're seeing some of those effects? >> i think there was the concern and it was part of the reluctance on turkey's part, with the u.s. pushing them to get more involved is if they were to increase their
12:22 pm
involvement against the islamic state there was more of a chance the islamic state could turn its attention to turkey. as we know that border between turkey and syria has really been a problem. so there that was one of the turkish government's concerns. using involvement increased involvement in the islamic state fight to go over the pkk, go over the kurdish groups, it's really increasing the likelihood of more of a broadly destabilizing situation because there had been something of a cease-fire with the pk kfor two years now has fallen apart with the air strikes against the groups in northern iraq as well. >> talk about the two other variables, get to consulates themselves and the attack. how safe are the consulates? since three years ago and the attack in benghazi where we lost ambassador stevens, what is different today? how safe are these consulates, specifically, in turkey, based on what the latest headlines have been? >> it's really important to keep in mind that the difference
12:23 pm
between the attacks in benghazi and the attack on the consulate in istanbul last night, the differences are huge. talking about libya at time it was incredibly destabilized situation. in libya today, most u.s. diplomatic personnel have been pulled out. it's very volatile situation there. the islamic state is gaining more of a foothold as groups battle for control with semblance of a government in libya. very different situation than the u.s. consulate in istanbul. as correspondents noted we're talking about fortress-like complexes here. some of the consulates and diplomatic outposts, in really urban areas, in some of these countries. it's important to keep in mine while the attacks are troubling, particularly given the context of the attacks across the couldn't interest in turkey, they really were able to manage the situation. it was somewhat isolated. yes, troubling but important to keep in mine the differences and security has really been
12:24 pm
heightened at all u.s. diplomatic outposts for some time, particularly islamic state encouraging lone wolf-inspired attacks against u.s. personnel some security's been ramped up. it's and important to keep in mind how fortress-like these locations are. >> great stuff. thank you, molly o'toole for defense one reporter. appreciate it. next, how hillary clinton plans to steal the spotlight from donald trump this week. check of your other headlines including the latest on the police-involved shooting of a teen at a car dealership in texas. why the fbi's joining that investigation. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner.
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the feds stepping in to help the arlington, texas, police department investigate the death of an unarmed college football player by one of its own. take a look at edited, private security footage from a car dealership the young man, 19,
12:28 pm
christian taylorupping on cars, smashing a windshield and driving into the showroom. we don't see the confrontation with police trainee, brad miller, five months out the academy. that officer is on administrative leave as the department promises transparent investigation. >> if this was not justified or authorized under the law, there will be consequences. >> let's go to msnbc national reporter adam rees. is there other tape that will help that they're waiting for. >> reporter: unfortunately, not, we don't think so. we spoke to the gm of the dealership. there are no cameras inside that might have shown the struggle or confrontation between taylor and the officers. i can tell you, though, the fbi is officially assisting with the investigation. they'll look to see if deadly force in this case was justified. they want to be completely thorough and transparent with this case.
12:29 pm
the medical examiner will expedite the autopsy and toxicology results. typically that would take 60 days. could have it back in 30 days or less. regarding the officer, brad miller, 49 years old, a rookie, he is expected to give his statement to authorities today. he joined the force in september, graduated from the academy in march. still officially a trainee. in fact when he came here friday, responding to the call, he was with his trainer. that trainer responded with a taser. he, in fact, used his gun. richard? >> thank you so much. updating us from arlington, texas. turning now to the race for the white house, hillary clinton argued this afternoon for a big injection of money in politics but not the conventional sense. the democratic front-runner in new hampshire at a high school where many students will be graduating into a pail of college debt. she unveiled a $350 billion plan to help offset the cost of public colleges. well, why new hampshire?
12:30 pm
not only is it a crucial first primary state, it's also the state with the highest level of loan debt. msnbc's alex is in exodor. the plan is a hallmark of the campaign here. but is it really more of a reaction to bernie sanders and his own education plan. clinton's campaign says a top priority for them and one of the most detailed and comprehensive plans we've seen since her second presidential run. $350 billion will come from closing what her campaign calls tax loopholes on the wealthy. incentivize them to bring down cost, a third will help students replay debts and a third to info vation. the goal to get four-year education without the need to take loans two-year college education would be free. clinton's campaign saying this is acknowledging that this is obviously a litmus test for
12:31 pm
progressives. bernie sanders nipping on her heels six points behind in the most recent poll. progressive groups looking for her to lead on debt-free college. she's responding, her campaign says 0 to overwhelming explosion in college debt. it's larger than credit card debt, car loans and clinton encountered this question a lot on campaigns. i've seen her be asked about in iowa, new hampshire, all over the place. they're saying this is a key piece of her campaign. whether progressives respond, we'll have to wait and see. >> alex, thank you so much, my friend. let's turn to weather. stifling heat in the south. beautiful summer stretch in the northeast. and some intense storms in the offing as well. raphael miranda brings it for us now. a lot of things to talk about when it comes to weather. >> now, there is finally some relief in sight for the south. so that's good news. want to show you the latest. right now the heat wave does
12:32 pm
continue. dome of high pressure bringing dangerous heat index values. heat advisories and warnings in effect across the south from abilene, pensacola, millions under the warnings today. take a look at heat index forecast over the next three days. look at places like tulsa, memphis. 104 today, down to 90 in tulsa wednesday. memphis 104. feels like 88 wednesday. big improvement there as you head north, little rock also a bit of a break in the heat index values. new orleans, houston, san antonio, the farther south you head, the heat goes on and on. no relief for new orleans where it feels like 105 wednesday. it's going to take a while longer to see any relief there. the other big story here in the northeast, heavy rain moving in over the next 48 hours. in fact, tomorrow morning could be a very messy commute in and around new york city, philadelphia, d.c., boston. flash flood watches in effect for new york city up to two inches of soaking rain for the morning commute. a rough go across the northeast tomorrow. otherwise, across the country,
12:33 pm
hot on tuesday. 102 in dallas. quiet weather across the northwest. and also look pretty good in california. it's been a very dry summer so far. we've have drought conditions around new york city tomorrow. heavy rain could make a mess of things. >> being california yourself. look at those shoes. >> tennis shoes. >> yeah. you know, weather folks can do that. us other folks cannot. thank you. we turn to something more serious and something that has heavy hearts here at 30 rock. before we take a quick break, a moment to honor the life of frank gifford legendary football player, announcer, and husband to "today's" kathie lee gifford. kathie lee's co-anchor remembers the star in the man. >> my surprise is here. >> a star on the field and later on screen. hall of fame football player and emmy-winning sportscaster frank gifford passed away of natural causes on sunday morning.
12:34 pm
he was 84. the gifford family released a statement in honor of their beloved husband, father and friend, we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being. >> frankly -- >> reporter: longtime partner al michaels paid tribute to the nfl hall of fame somewhere eight-time all-star at last nights hall of fame game. >> he was a very special nan so many ways. >> reporter: born in santa monica, california, gifford was a standout football player at university of southern california. earning all-american honors for the trojans. >> tild teams up with frank gifford. >> reporter: he played his 12-year nfl career with the new york giants one of the last and most notable athletes to play both offense and defense. he was a star running back and later wide receiver who won the nfl's mvp trophy in 1956. leading the giants to the championship that season. sunday, the team called him one
12:35 pm
of the greatest giants to ever wear the uniform. >> glad you're with us. should be a good one. >> reporter: gifford started a second career as a legendary sportscaster. he was the iconic voice of "monday night football" for nearly three decades, joining the booth in 1971. >> i knew his colleague for the season, the former giant football great, of course, glorious and fearless frank gifford. >> thank you. you, two, please try to get along and help me. >> fun time coming june through his work on screen that gifford met his future wife, kathie lee. the two married in 1986 and two years later co-hosted winter olympic games in calgary. >> it's like this all the time. living in a funny house. >> reporter: on screen chemistry would continue for 30 more years. >> let's stop for a minute. >> time for a legend. >> soak in the legend. >> i almost tripped. >> reporter: football star, family man, and father. >> i love about him so much
12:36 pm
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all right. we're back. here's what's going on arrests about but no violence during a protest march in st. louis, missouri, near ferguson. demonstrators breached a security barricade and staged a sit-in at a u.s. courthouse. some telling msnbc's trymaine lee they wanted to be arrested. it comes after peaceful protests yesterday and then clashes overnight on the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. president obama says u.s.ed into choice but to impose tough sanctions against iran before reaching a nuclear deal with the couldn't trip the president respond directly to questions from youth in iran and israel during an interview with online news site and strongly defended the deal. and the epa is under fire for
12:40 pm
causing a mine accident that spilled 3 million gallons of toxic waste into a colorado river three times more than estimated. the agency says it's not sure whether the polluted water poses a health threat to humans or animals. back to one of our top stories. donald trump's latest round of controversial comments about women. debate moderator megyn kelly. it is forcing other 2016 gop candidates to respond. mike huckabee defended kelly and called on trump to apologize. surging candidate carly fiorina wasted no time. >> presidential campaigns are designed to reveal character under pressure and over time. mr. trump got asked tough questions by a lot of people on thursday night but he chose to attack megyn kelly. i think you cannot have a president who is thin-skinned.
12:41 pm
if you think a question is tough, imagine the pressure of actually being in the oval office. >> marco rubio, he refuses to talk about trump. >> i've made a decision here with donald trump, you know, if i comment on everything he says, i mean my whole campaign will be consumed by. that's all all do all day. >> ben dominic fellow at manhattan statute and joins us washington. thanks for being here. a lot to talk about. just happened moments ago, hillary clinton weighing in on the megyn kelly/trump controversy. let's listen to what she said and i'll get your thoughts on that. >> while what donald trump said about megyn kelly is outrageous, what the rest of the republicans are saying about all women is also outrageous. what he said was offensive and i certainly think that it deserves the kind of reaction that it's getting from so many others. but i think if we focus on that,
12:42 pm
we're making a mistake. >> so, ben, hillary clinton, a candidate for president, looking at what's being said by donald trump must be saying, thank you very much, donald trump, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i think she is saying something along those lines but you shouldn't underestimate the appeal trump has in an era in which so many feel they're incapable of saying what they think, political correctness, speech codes. he put himself in this position of being an avatar for all sorts of populace rage against politics as usual and politicians behaving in their normal manner. the truth of trump is this sort of thing will weigh him down. the lack of seriousness, he doesn't have any policy, the fact that he would replace obamacare with trumpcare or however you see it, i think that's the sort of thing that's going to weigh him down. why a lot of republicans who have been nervous about the trump phenomenon are looking at it today saying, let's just let
12:43 pm
him keep saying things like this and eventually this live take care of itself. >> hoping there is no there there, but polls are saying there is something there there. let's talk about marco rubio we played a little bit of what he was saying over the weekend. say i am marco rubio, i stop talking about trump, imin the top five in one of the latest polls. do i keep doing that, stop talking about one of my opponents, donald trump, specifically? >> i think the important thing for the other candidates to do is understand this is an opportunity for them to take this kind of pop u list animus trumps tapping into, bring it into their own campaigns. i think it's a mistake to not talk about trump, it's a mistake to pretend he doesn't exist. >> but it's working for rubio, it would appear. >> for rubio that's the tactic they wants to take. i think he had a very good debate the other day. for other candidates, particularly ted cruz, you've seen how reluctant he's been to
12:44 pm
criticize donald trump, because he understands he wants to bring the people backing trump into his own coalition as opposed to see them pushed away or going off into a third party. a third party trump run is the last thing think republican wants. >> same gender, different party, carly fiorina looking at this, if trump has a problem with women, you're infuriated. she is now in the top five in the nbc poll that we were just sharing over the weekend. is she riding the anti-trump comments on women's situation or is it it really her good performance on thursday's debate and then on the sunday shows? as she goes through that, how does she grab the headlines continuously on that success? >> i think carly fiorina has been a revelation for republicans this cycle. she's come so far as a communicator on their issues and i think everybody really would like to see her on that main debate stage going forward, going up against donald trump. so i think it's a combination of all of those factors working together. people who are willing to take on trump on the merits and challenge him are actually going to be well positioned going
12:45 pm
forward. i think they shouldn't try to treat him as something else. instead treat him like a presidential candidate, hold him to that standard. that's a standard he's going have difficulty meeting. >> how does carly fiorina split the baby leer? if she does take on the mantra donald trump has an issue with women and therefore a war on women, does she then take on what the republicans were accusing the democrats of coining that term, war on women? >> i think it's a difficult line to follow. carly's a careful political speak somewhere try to go down that line in a specific way. i think the interesting thing for trump now is he's being hit for comments that a lot of people find misogynistic, less to do with his policies, sort of the way that democrats have attacked republicans in the past, not just comments but policies as being negative against women. that's what hillary's doing again. it's important for republicans to hit the mark, this is a guy that's being a jerk. a difference between that and serious policy debate was we
12:46 pm
should subsidize and argument as long those lines. >> earlier in the show it was said, who is carly fiorina? a lot of folks asking that before we had the sharknado beating debate on fox news. is this her time, if she does not break through now, she does not break through? >> you know what? i don't think that there's any way you can make a prediction about the way the cycle's going to goep it's clear it's going to have more upheaval for republicans than 2012, you'll have different factors and instead of dealing with radio hosts, you're dealing with experienced governors, experienced business leaders, people who could potentially be president or on a ticket. i think that's going to leave to a lot of upheaval as we go through the course of this thing. it's up to people who can seize the moment when they have that opportunity and right it. this might be her moment. she might get another chance later on. we're at the beginning of this thing and it's already showing it's going to be an exciting race. >> a long beginning, my friend. thank you so much. >> good to be with you.
12:47 pm
next, new developments in the death of cecil the lion. zimbab zimbabwe's government responds but not in the way you might expect. ly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪ [drones crashing] ♪
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12:51 pm
the move to lift the ban comes on world hunting day. animal planet is running a 12-hour marathon of some of its most memorable lion programming. joining us now is dave salmoni. why would zimbabwe lift the ban on big game hunting specifically in what appears to be such quick steps, so quickly here? >> i assume the pressure from the professional hunters. you know, the income that they get is pretty significant from the hunting side of things. so i imagine that pressure. there would be a lot of people out of work if they banned it full-time. but i think it is very fairly shortsighted. if you look at the economic side of things, a lion that is alive
12:52 pm
can bring in a lot more tourism than a lion that gets shot. so if they focus more on the photographic safaris they would finally do themselves a few favors. >> is there a hunting lobby that exists in zimbabwe in places where there are large hunting grounds where there are lions? is this purely economic as you are describing? >> i feel like hunting is such a part of the culture in zimbabwe. you have a hard time convincing locals that animals aren't there to be shot. but that is part of our job. that is part of our job to make people recognize both from economic standpoint and ethic and moral standpoint animals are not there to be shot. animals aren't trophy, like our website. but i think it's culturally ingrani ingrained and will take time. >> as you know there are less than 40,000 african lions left
12:53 pm
at the moment. they are hunted for sport. they are pushed out of their natural habitat. but they are not on the endangered species list. why? is the numbers specifically? >> yeah there are specific definitions that we have that would give something an official listing as endangered. each specific governing body can use their own level of definition as to where particularly they want to protect something or not. but as far as what we consider to be a red list endangered animal, they don't fit the definition. and it is based on numbers currently. but it is -- the one animal that is most rapidly approaching that definition of any other major mammal. >> a danger rating, 10 being the worst. how would you rate this then? 1-10? >> well we're nearly threatened. if i was rating their actual threat to be extinct i think we're looking closer to 7 to 8. because the speed in which they are getting wiped off the world
12:54 pm
is terrifying all of us in the conservation world. which is why we're using today to explain to people. all though the numbers are so good right now they are so fast going to disappearing that we really have to stop it now otherwise we're going to be talking differently next year. >> let's do that. how do we understand how to stop that right now. several airlines announcing they would not carry trophies anymore. and the senate prohibiting the import and export of animals. will this work? is this the silver bullet you would be looking at to solve the problem? >> i don't think there is one single silver bullet but there is absolutely all of that economic pressure and all the pressure is certainly helping. i think one is explain to them how it works for them. these animals in their mind are an asset. what you are doing, i think almost 80% of their income is
12:55 pm
through this eco tourism. so the trick is to show them that a live animal the far more valuable than a dead animal. if they continue to trophy hunt as the the non sustainable model. the big lions are going to get wiped out and past the critical state. and they are going to lose the lions and all their eco tourism dollars. it is all the pressure and someone sitting down and explaining this is going to be more valuable. you are talking about the poor country where the number one goal is eat and find clean water. let's start there. get them jobs and income. and partner them with the wild animals and then through that people are going to be a lot more supportive of what we consider we would like to co-like conserving lions. >> thank you for all that information. appreciate your time. that's it for us here at 3:00 p.m. eastern.
12:56 pm
ayman mohyeldin picks up next with the latest on ferguson, trump and more. bruce breker is a third generation of owner of thecker generation of owner of the. for more watch the premier of our tenth season of your business sunday morning on msnbc. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked? american express' timeless safety and security
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on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. tension on the streets of st. louis a year after the shooting of michael brown. the new arrests follow a day of peaceful demonstrations in ferguson. and after last night when violence erupted in the streets of ferguson. a young man was shot after allegedly opening fire on plain clothed police officers.
1:00 pm
and the teflon don a defiant trump says megyn kelly should apologize to him. >> the fact is she asked me a very inappropriate question. she should really be apologizing to me. >> and daredevil stunt jack ass star steve-oh, is arrested in los angeles as climbing a 100 foot all the crane to protest sea world. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we're following breaking news out of missouri where a state of emergency is now in effect for st. louis county as protesters mark the one year anniversary of michael brown's death. moment ago dozens were arrested in front of the courthouse in downtown st. louis. meanwhile a man is in critical condition after he was shot by police near protests in ferguson overnight. the shooting ca ining came afte rival


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