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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 11, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good to be with you. i'm for instances rivira, in for jose diaz-balart. relative calm in st. louis county, missouri, with a state of emergency currently in effect. and police working right now to maintain the peace. the calm follows another night of protests and a total of 100 arrests yesterday as ferguson marks one year ans a police officer fatally shot teenager michael brown. the state of emergency was implemented following violence sunday night in ferguson that police say involved criminals and not protesters. tyrone harris exchanged gunfire with police. harris remains in critical condition at a hospital and is now charged with four counts of assault on law enforcement. five counts of armed criminal
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action, and one count of shooting at a motor vehicle. all ten charges are felonies. missouri senator claire mccaskill weighs in just moments ago on msnbc. >> by and large, this has been peaceful. there have been some outliers that's were not protesters who engaged in gunfire. that's what happened. once again, i worry that this narrative that gets picked up that this is us versus them, that this is -- that it doesn't really help bring us together. i think this is another example where there is heightened rhetoric around what's going on in ferguson. >> let's take you live to ferguson, nbc's ron allen. talk about the situation there, especially that reflects the streets, the scene on the streets reflects the state of emergency. >> i think the word is uncertainty. people are not sure what way this is all going to go, but things are, as you said, relatively peaceful. it was a relatively tense night. a lot of police and protesters on the streets. the message from the authorities
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seems to be clear that they're not going to tolerate violence. late monday, under a state of emergency, a huge police presence in the heart of ferguson. a stand-off, as hundreds of protesters once again moved into position. overnight, some two dozen people were arrested on the same street where gunfire erupted near a demonstration marking the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death over the weekend. monday, police announced an 18-year-old said to be a friend of brown's and critically wounded was charged with ten felonies after he allegedly opened fire at the police. the protest spreading beyond ferguson. blocking traffic on a major interstate highway during rush hour. more than 60 people arrested. traffic at a standstill for some 20 minutes, frustrating motorists. >> you got your issues. i understand that, but you're causing problems for other people. >> earlier, mass arrests outside
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a federal courthouse in st. louis, including scholar and civil rights activist cornel west, as protests demanding the justice department stop what they say is racially bias policing here and across the country. >> last time, you know, around last year, we saw a city burn, and we are not going to see that again. i'm taking every measure possible to avoid that scenario. >> overnight, no shootings reported. no property destroyed or even damaged, which is good news, of course. but authorities here are warning that they have not ruled out imposing a curfew to keep people off the streets if the threat of violence continues. >> we'll see what happens and tonight. nbc's ron allen there in ferguson, missouri, thank you very much for the update. two journalists covering the initial unarrest in ferguson one year ago have been issued court summons. they were arrested last august, i should say, in a mcdonald's that journalists were using as a
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staging area while covering the protests. lowry shot this video of that incident. >> let's go. let's go. don't have time to ask questions. >> can i move my car? >> you can move your car if it's out there. >> i was asking. you didn't have time to answer or you're just being mean. >> let's go. let's go. there's a door over here. let's go. let's go. you can move. let's go. move. >> sir, please. >> let's move. let's move. >> sir -- >> let's move. here's the door. >> all right, that was video of last year. a spokesman for the st. louis county executives says lowry and riley have been issues a court summons on charges of trespassing on private property despite being asked to leave and also interfering with a police officer's performance of his duties. joining me now is one of those reporters, "huffington post" ryan riley. before we talk about this and the court summons you're getting a year later, you had another confrontation with police last night and there's video of that one as well.
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let's show it to the viewers. >> i'm media. i'm media. >> get back. >> all right, ryan. tough to make out exactly what happened. tell us what happened. were they asking you to move away? >> especially, i was sifilming. i made a conscious effort to quickly obey any order given my officers. that's what i was doing. when i heard back up, i immediately started backing up. when i tried to show my press credential, he ripped it off my neck. at thas point, i put my hands behind my back. i didn't exificate that to happen. i think we have seen in other nights really responsible policing in front of the police department right here under the leadership of lieutenant jergej
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lore who did a good job. i think that was one of the issues. you said we didn't really have any loolting or didn't have any mage incidents last night. we did have a lot of people who were wrongfully arrested or arrested for temporarily standing in the street that police would block off on their own. we have these nonlethal weapons used against people in the form of pepper spray. that's a lot of pain you put people through just to keep a street open. given that the people they grabbed were usually the people who could run the slowest, i don't know if it was necessarily a fair way to go about this process. >> let me ask you this. at that moment, was there part of your meantime that was like, wait a second, this happened last year and it's happening again, and potentially more aggressive since they physically went after the badge? >> right, i couldn't be the guy who got arrested twice. i needed to make sure i was very compliant in that situation. i never had an issue with police before this. this is sort of new territory
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for me. i think that's what i tried to do, immediately demonstrate i'm not a threat. i was press, i was trying to demonstrate that. you know, you would think they wouldn't want to arrest press given what a bad public relations position that is for them, but that didn't stop them from putting charges on us. >> when it comes to the court summons, it could carry a fine up to $1,000 and a year in county jail. this is issues a whole year after the video was taken? >> the issue is there were other, one of the key things is there are other journalists who sued. if they admit all our arrests were legitimate, all the other arrests were legitimate. this wasn't mid-riots. this was in the middle of the afternoon. it look like a protest you would see every day in washington, d.c. this wasn't a situation where there was some threat where you needed to point sniper rifles at a youd of peaceful protesters in august. there have been slight tactical
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changes that they have taken overall, but i think there haven't been massive changes altogether. >> you're going to fight this? >> yes. >> all right. thank you very much. keep us posted on that, too, with those court summons. ryan riley, with the "huffington post." >> turning now to politics, the trump train trying to stay on track amid two high-profile controversies. his showdown with fox news and it turmoil inside his own campaign. first, the spat with fox news appears to be in the rear-veer mirror. he called into the morning show just a few hours ago, and it was his first appearance since the comments directed at megyn kelly, suggesting her tough debate questions were hormonally inspired. he refused to run out a third-party run for the white house. >> i'm going to keep the door open. we're going to see. i want to run as a republican. i'm leading in every poll. one poll came out yesterday, i'm at 32% nationally. that's what i want to do. i want to run at a republican,
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but i do want to keep the door open in case i don't get treated fairly. >> late monday, f trump said th president of fox news called him to say they would treat him fairly, and kelly herself responded. >> mr. trump did interviews over the weekend that attacked me personally. i have decided not to respond. trump, who is the front-runner, will not apologize, and i will not apologize for doing good journalism. i'll continue to do my job without fear or favor, and mr. trump, i expect, will continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far. this is a tough business and it's time now to move forward. >> kristen welker is on the campaign trail in new hampshire. good to see you here on a rainy day there as well. trump is heading to michigan today. so it seems like not looking at the rear view mirror and it's full steam ahead. >> you're absolutely right. as donald trump mentioned himself, he continues to lead in
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the polls, one republican strategist said his star is showing no signs of dimming at this point. but as you point out, there are these dual controversies, the one with megyn kelly, but then also that internal strife within his own campaign. his former top adviser, roger stone, saying that he quit in the wake of those controversial comments about megyn kelly because he felt like trump was getting too into distractions, not focused enough on his own message. he appeared on "morning joe" earlier today. listen to what he had to say. >> i decided to go rogue, maybe to have a more profound effect on the campaign. i'm delighted they're not talking about putting out position papers and issue papers and hiring up in the next round of states. >> don't you think you should be in there to help with that? >> i was saying these things before i left. i'm not going to divulge all of our internal discussions, but in all honesty, i became frustrated. >> important to point out, trump says he actually fired stone.
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nonetheless, republicans say all of this could become a big distragz to the broader republican field. they're also concerned it could hurt republicans' outreach to core voting groups like women. to that point, secretary clinton campaigning here in new hampshire wasted no time weighing in on the controversy. she called trump's comments about kelly outrageous. she also tried to lump in the broader republican field with trump saying it's an indication they're all out of touch when it comes to issues that are important to women. secretary clinton will be back here campaigning again today. she's talking about her plan to make college more affordable. it's possible she's going to take questions from reporters again. but undoubtedly, frances, the trump controversies will continue to dominate the campaign trail today. >> the rick perry campaign showing signs of trouble as well. >> that's right. our producer has confirmed according to her sources that former texas governor rick perry is no longer paying his campaign
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staff. now, some staffers, frances, are still volunteering. still, it is an indication that rick perry, who has really struggled to catch on. of course, he has run for president before, but he didn't appear in the primetime debate, and he's really wrestling to gain traction. it's an indication he could be in trouble this morning. >> kristen welker in new hampshire. stay dry out there. we thank you for the update. developing now out west, colorado and new mexico are declaring stretches of the san juan river disaster areas after a massive chemical spill began polluting rivers. the orange colored sludge is making its way downstream carrying led levels 435 times higher than normal. the epa has been scrambling to contain the mine waste after the agency tasked with protecting the environment accidentally unleashed the spill in a cleanup. let's go to miguel almaguer,
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he's in one of the areas impacted by the spill. this is coutting off water suppy for many people there. >> good morning. here in durango, they get their drinking water from the river and farmers use it to irrigate their craps. that's why the city has used it to shut down their intake valves. all of these pollutants rise to the top. this morning along the san juan river, change is in the water. just below the slow-clearing service, a toxic plume is left behind sludge on the riverbed. the reason for the state of emergency. >> the danger of the plume is really the heavy metals that are in there, the ph levels. >> last wednesday, that mustard glow, 3 million gallonoffs sludge, began spouting from an abandoned mine in colorado. the epa tasked with protecting the environment triggered the breach during a cleanup operation. for more than 100 miles, ribbons
6:14 am
of yellow, a toxic soup of lead, arsenic, and other dangerous metals winding its way to arizona, creeping closer to the grand canyon. >> makes me want to cry. i mean, it's a huge disaster. i don't know. if it's ever going to be right again. >> the epa testing the water every day. now so are residents. many desperate to know what's pouring out of their tap. >> i can't do my dishes. i can't do my laundry. can't even drink our water. >> today, no one allowed in or on the water, but the animus is showing signs of life. fish still alive for now. >> we are concerned about the long-term or chronic impacts to the fish in the river. >> the epa concedes only time will tell how bad the environmental damage will be. for now, reason to worry as pollutants sink out of sight but not out of mind. the epa says water quality tests continue to show high levels of metal in some areas along this
6:15 am
river. there is no doubt the river will be shut down for another week, possibly much longer. back to you. >> miguel, thank you very much. coming up in our next hour, we'll talk to a local official from one of the towns cut off right now because of that spill. and we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, turkey steps up air strikes along its border with syria. but the country isn't going after isis. we'll explain who they're after and why that may be problematic for the united states. plus, an incredible video out of taiwan shows the sheer power of a tornado. look at that. caught on dashcam in taiwan. it was spawned by a typhoon that slammed the region. >> and we're watching gop presidential hopeful rand paul in new hampshire at a politics and eggs event this morning. we have all of your 2016 campaign events covered right here on msnbc.
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strikes this morning, but it's not going after isis. it's attacking kurdish separatists across the border. we learned kurdish separas are taking responsibility for bombing a police station on friday. turkey's air strikes may set up a problem for the united states, which has promised to protect kurdish rebels helping fight isis in syria. richard engle is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. he's live in istanbul. good to see you. talk about how turkey's fight against the kurds is impacting the alliance with the united states. >> the u.s. technically considers the pkk, which is this kurdish separatist group a terrorist organization. so washington can only be so critical and can only go to a
6:20 am
certain point, but that said, many u.s. officials i have spoken to do think the war against the pkk, which turkey has launched, is dangerous distraction. there had been a peace process under way. a peace process that was having some success between turkey and the pkk, and the u.s. has found the pkk, while it considers it a terrorist organization, to be a very effective tool in the fight against isis, and washington would much prefer to see the peace process between turkey and the pkk continue and turkey and the pkk both fighting isis. unfortunately, that isn't happening. right now, there is a full-blown war that seems to be escalating by the day between the turkish government and the pkk, and as you mentioned, turkish jets carried out 17 air strikes overnight against pkk targets, all inside turkey, along the iraqi-syrian border.
6:21 am
it is a conflict within a conflict that has increased tension here and is certainly a distraction from the overall fight against isis. >> sure. hopefully it will limit strengthening isis overall. thank you very much. reporting from istanbul, turkey. still to come here, we will zoom through some of the day's other top stories including what may have caused as many as 13 u.s. rowers to get sick in rio. >> first, cameras were rolling the moment a wooden train trestle collapsed in oregon. a grass fire spread to the structure and it burned for hours before collapsing. that fire is still burning. no one is hurt and the fire is under investigation. ♪
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pollution in the lake may have caused it. 13 rowers out of the 40 members of the u.s. team were effected following the world junior rowing championships. it took place amid rising concerns about the water quality at venues in the 2016 olympic games. officials, though, did not rule out the americans could have gotten sick from food or drinking waters. >> now to taiwan. incredible dashcam video capturing an encounter with a tornado over the weekend. look at the debris flying everywhere when suddenly a tornado whipped out in front of the car and blows away the white van as if it's weightless. looks like especially effects but it's the real thing. the driver appears 13 seconds later. she reportedly suffered major injuries. the typhoon has killed at least 21 people in china and taiwan, and we should note this incident was captured on sunday, august 9th, contrary to the date on the footage you see. still ahead on "the rundown," we return to our top story, the protests in ferguson,
6:26 am
missouri. i'll talk with a ferguson resident and photographer who has been capturing the dramatic events. >> and president obama may not be at home at the white house now, but there's a new controversy brewing after an aide to the president was arrested and charged in a domestic violence incident. we'll explain next here on "the rundown." so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at?
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6:30 am
unarmed. and so it doesn't matter what narrative is put out about him vandalizing. 19-year-olds make mistakes. they should live to be able to correct them. >> adam reese joins us from arlington. we're hearing from the fbi about this investigation. >> that's right, frances. good morning. over the weekend, the arlington police chief said he wanted the fbi to assist in this investigation so there would be full transparency. we're finally hearing from the fbi in a statement that reads, the dallas fbi has full confidence in the ability of the arlington police department and tarrant county district attorney's office to conduct a thorough investigation of this matter. if in the course of the investigation information comes to light of a potential civil rights vilolation, the fbi is prepared to investigate. both officers involved in the shooting have been interviewed and given statements to investigators in this case. we could learn what they said
6:31 am
maybe this week, maybe as early as today. finally, frances, the arlington police department has put out unedited dispatch tapes from early friday morning, the night of the early morning shooting. they want to discredit claims on social media there was only one second between the time officers confronted christian taylor and the time he was shot. they said that was completely not true. in fact, it was two minutes between the time he was confronted and the time she was shot four times by officer brad miller. >> the video, that's something they'll be referencing as they look into that even further. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> meanwhile, a cautious calm right now in ferguson, missouri. still under a state of emergency at this hour following two days of protests. this is all happening a year after unarmed teen michael brown was fatally shot in a confrontation with a police officer. authorities say more than 100 people were arrested yesterday for blocking traffic and for
6:32 am
nonviolent protests outside the federal courthouse in st. louis. police have identified 18-year-old tyrone harris as the man arrested after exchanging gunfire with officers. he remains in critical condition and has been charged with ten felonies. authorities stress the violence sunday involved criminals and not the protesters. joining me is ferguson resident and photographer bradley rayford. we have been hearing a lot about you and again remembering you from a year ago today when you have been reporting then and also this time around, video of the protests and the situation that unfolded sunday night. describe not only what you witnessed the past few nights but the tone there as well, especially knowing your experience from a year ago. >> well, the tone was all too familiar from last year. it felt so similar, having the tension in the air and the police lined up and having the protests with a stand-off between the two. it brought back a lot of the memories from last year, and i thought about how i felt then
6:33 am
and how i felt then was this was very surreal. i did not believe this happened ipmy hometown, be it i was capturcap c capture prepared to capture it with my camera lens grrb when you talk about the sense that not much has changed, which may be the sentint for a lot of people, consider there have been changed with city leadership there as well. so do you get a sense from the people taking to the streets that this is the same ferguson this time a year ago? >> well, actually, this is not the same ferguson. really, this is a different protest crowd than last year. last year, a lot of the people were a little more confused, a little more dazed, if you will. it was a dazed look on everyone's face, and you look on august 10th, 11th, and 12th. people did not know how to react. today, they know a little more how to react. they know a little more about the case with michael brown, a little more about the police department, the justice
6:34 am
department report. they know a lot more. yet, they feel they don't have the changes they really are protesting against. they feel they need to protest even more so now. >> what are the changes they would like to see inwe heard from representative emanuel cleaver earlier who said a year ago in ferguson, it was like 1955. today, it's like 1965. so what more would these protesters and the people taking to the streets, what would they like to see? >> well, hearing some of the protests last night, i hear they would love to have more black officers on the police force. they would love to have more representation across the city government. you have to keep in mind, too, there are not just ferguson residents protesting in ferguson. there's residents from all across the st. louis area. ferguson is replicated throughout the entire area with smaller municipalities. they are doing the same things ferguson is starting to get here. they want more black representation on the city
6:35 am
council, more black representation on their police departments. they also would like more educational opportunities across the city. they would also like to have better resources that they can have access to that other municipalities in other parts of the county have. >> hopefully we'll see a night of peaceful protests with the state of emergency in ferguson. bradley, appreciate your time. thank you so much for sharing it with us. >> thank you for having me. >> now unusual news out of washington. a woman who served as a special assistant to president obama has been arrested and charged in a domestic violence incident after she pulled a gun on her boyfriend who works as a police officer on capitol hill. chris jansing has more from martha's vineyard where the first family is on vacation. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. 37-year-old barvetta singletary just came to the white house last year. she had a promising career.
6:36 am
she started out in 2000 as an intern on capitol hill, worked her way up to a deputy chief of staff and a well known congressman's office before coming over to the white house, as you said, as a special assistant to the president. now that career is in jeopardy because of an apparent love triangle that turned violent. this is barvetta singletary in happier times, proudly posing in front of air force one after being named a special assistant to president obama. earning more than $126,000 a year, a liaison between the white house and congress. but inside her 3500 square foot suburban maryland home early friday morning, something allegedly went very wrong. according to arrest documents, at 2:30 a.m., singletary, described as wearing a leopard dress, texted reginald cleveland, a u.s. capitol police officer, inviting him over for sex. after a brief sexual encounter, she began asking the victim about another female that he was
6:37 am
dating. they eventually went outside to his car, police say, where she took his two cell phones and his .40 caliber glock 23 service weapon and demanded the passwords. after she ran back to the house and he followed her, investigators say she pointed the gun at him, took aim, and fired. >> she said something allegedly to the fact of i know how to use this. you showed me how to use it. when he did not give up the passwords, it's alleged she fired a shot in his general direction. he was in fear for his life. at that point, he fled the residence. >> when it was over, according to the police report, singletary tried to destroy evidence, wiping down the gun with a towel. she has been charged with two counts of felony assault and reckless endangerment. for now, the administration has her on unpaid leave and has banned her from the white house grounds. >> this morning, singletary is out of jail and is due back in court. there is also another
6:38 am
investigation from capitol hill police. they're checking whether or not her victim broke any rules by having the gun in his car. >> what a bizarre twist of events. chris jansing, thank you for the report. now we want to turn to a mystery. you may remember learning about in history class, the lost colony of roanoke, where more than 100 of america's first settlers disappeared, almost without a trace. today, more than 400 years later, we finally know what may have happened. with me now, bly straube, an archeologist. thank you so much for being with us. how fascinating is this to know that maybe everything we learned in our history books is not the case? so what do you think is the theory of what happened to the colonists? >> well, we're hot on the trail now. we are cautiously optimistic, and it's really a combination of
6:39 am
map, evidences from maps and archeology. archeology is key to sort of giving us a hint of what may have happened, at least to some of the colonists. we don't believe we're looking at the site of all of them. we think they probably split up, but we definitely have -- you might think of bread crumbs left by ants on the ground. we're on that kind of trail for this early group. >> other fiings will be announc but what are some of the theories out there? how did these people without a trace just disappear? >> we're all connected these days with our phones and internet and so forth. they weren't back then. there was a lot of time, distance between voyages going back and forth. john white, who was the leader of the colony, tried to get back to them, was delayed by the war with spain, the armada. fighting and couldn't get back immediately. when he did get back, there was
6:40 am
no trace. englishmen from jamestown were sent down to try to find them. they were basing their search on sometimes second, third-hand information from indian groups. i think that the trail now, 400 years later, is probably stronger for us because of the archaeological evidence. in the beginning, they weren't leaving so much of a trace of where they were. once they started staying in one particular area, they would leave more and more of their trash for us to find later. so i think that's one reason why it's become clearer for us today. >> kind of like bread crumbs or what would be now modern day bread crumbs. fascinating to see, especially i heard about the story, i was like, i don't remember anything about it. got it, the lost colony here now may be found. so fascinating to hear about it, especially with those findings revealed later today. bly, congratulations on your
6:41 am
findings and maybe we'll have to recall all the history books now and fill in the blanks. appreciate it. thank you. up next, here on "the rundown," donald trump hilths the campaign trail in michigan. will he tamp down the rhetoric and start presenting policy plans? we'll break it down. >> first, a quick check at the markets. the dow down about 160 points. now close to 174. that's after a huge currency fluctuation in china. all three major indices are moving lower, but shares of google are bucking the trend after a major restructuring announcement. we'll dig deeper into this coming up on "the rundown." when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here.
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6:45 am
morning, trump made no mention of his spat with megyn kelly, but on cnn today, trump again doubled down on whether he'll run at a third-party candidate if he doesn't get the gop nomination. >> i want to run as a republican. i want to be the republican candidate. i think that's absolutely the best chance for winning. the way it's going right now, i'm being treated very ficely. i just want to be treated fairly. if i am treated fairly, that's the way it is going to be. >> with me now, victoria of the university of texas, and brian grimm of the "huffington post." welcome as we get started here. starting, of course, with donald trump and that feud between trump, fox news, megyn kelly here that's now being referred to in the past tense. so now that we're doing that, can we talk about if there's a winner here at all, who comes out on top, or essentially have all of them won in some aspect or another? >> i think that the problem here is that trump, according to at
6:46 am
least a decent number of people, won the debate the other night. or at least he did well enough to keep himself in his quote/unquote front-runner position. then he sabotaged himself afterwards by accusing megyn kelly of being hormonal and otherwise saying the debate was unfair and everybody was out to get him. that doesn't seem remotely presidential. it also doesn't seem like somebody who seems like they won the debate. even if you lose, you want to come out pretending like you won. he sort of won and came out pretending like he lost. so he just keeps flirting with disaster here. but keeps skating along on the thin ice of his popularity. >> still keeps coming out on top of it. you know, sometimes stronger than ever. interesting you used the word sabotage, but some say he's not sabotaging anything because he's becoming stronger. some people are using the issue of temperament, it's good
6:47 am
because the excitement is there, the buzz is all there. but bad when it comes to the leadership. talk about the balancing act. some may say there's a total lack of it because it's heavy on controversy and lacks totally when it comes to policy and issues. >> for right now, frances, he doesn't need that substance. he's going on the momentum of the brashness, of the bravado, and that's what's keeping him up in the polls. one word i want to build on is the flirtation. one thing i see as interesting, even more so than the megyn kelly back and forth is how the debate started off when fox news asked everyone, if anyone here is considering to run beyond the republican party, raise your hand. donald trump raised his hand. we see the flirtation with running as a third-party candidate alive. you know, we're not going to know for the next couple months whether he's going to break apart and do it, but that to me was the most interesting take
6:48 am
home from the debate. will we see policy substance later on? maybe, maybe not, but he's perting it out there. >> speaking of that, we're scheduled to get policy specifics from the campaign possibly as early as this week. how much do you think that's going to change the tone of not just the trump campaign, but the entire republican field, when there's still many times a muddling through, what if he says something else along the way? >> right, clearly, the establishment wib the gop is trying to use this moment to kind of strangle trump here. and say, okay, look, he's had his fun. we've all enjoyed ourselves. this has been entertaining. but now it's time to move on. but the question is whether they can convince the 20 to 30-plus percent of the primary voters who are telling pollsters they like him that it's time to move on. has the republican establishment given that third of the base enough to kind of feel like,
6:49 am
okay, we're satisfied? because this is kind of an outburst of anger. >> quickly. >> saying trump is -- >> very quickly because i have to go, do you think people want to move on? that 20% to 30%, are they ready to move on or do they love the show, if that's what they're calling it? >> they like the show. it makes for good tv. let's call it that. you know, we're still so far away from the election, so we have time to let things play out. >> all right, victoria and ryan, to both of you. thank you very much. wish we had more time. >> thank you. well, if the weather is good in your area, you might want to keep your eyes on the skies tonight. we'll talk to an astronomer about when and where is the time to watch the meteor shower. first, a peak at some never before seen photos of charles and diana's royal wedding that are about to go to the auction block. candid, behind the scenes moments kept out of the public eye and captured by the only l relative allowed to take informal photos.
6:50 am
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6:54 am
is that the case? >> that's exactly right. during the evening sky during the media shower, bright line of the moon washes away the contrast of the sky. the sky is not all that dark this year the moon rises very, very early in the morning, just before sunrise. what that means is that all night long the sky is dark and the meteors will be more easily seen against a dark sky background. so, it's a good thing that the moon is in the phase it's in this year. >> i know it depends where you live, east coast, west coast, rural/city area here. what's the best way in time to get the full impact of this light show? >> the best is midnight to sunrise. although any time you go outside in the evening after dark you'll
6:55 am
be able to see some of the perseid meteors. to get yourself to a place where the sky is clear but also dark. if you live in a center city environment you're going to have the greatest challenge to see meteors and you'll only see the brightest ones. fortunately, the perseid shower does have very bright members. if you want the best view go some place where the sky is dark. often you go to a place that's dark and that's good. >> midnight and sunrise. you're in philly so that's east coast time, right, to clarify? >> that's right but that's good for west coast, too, midnight to sunrise. >> that's why i've never seen t i am always getting my z's during that time, derrick. especially suince the moon won' compete with it, maybe -- >> state of emergency in effect in ferguson, missouri after
6:56 am
another night of protests and more than 100 arrests. incredible video out of colorado springs. will flash flood turn that road into a river washing cars right down the street. more rain on the way there. we'll have much more on this at the top of the hour right here on msnbc. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats.
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so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. good morning. i'm frances rivera, in for jose diaz-balart, the second hour of "the rundown." we're follow iing ferguson, missouri, right now. state of emergency is currently in effect after more than 100 arrests yesterday. >> get off the roadway! failure to obey will lead to arrests. >> marking the one-year anniversary of the shooting
7:00 am
death of michael brown. one man is critically injured and charged with ten felonies after exchanging fire with police sunday night. let's go to amanda sequga. >> reporter:s it quiet right now but police made arrests. this comes after the county police -- excuse me, county executive steve stanger issued a state of emergency and tasked the police chief to oversee all of emergency operations. just as he was making this announcement, police were making some 56 arrests in the heart of st. louis where protesters were storming the steps of the federal courthouse there. they were demanding answers and more accountability from the department of justice to come forward and demand more on police accountability and police violence.
7:01 am
there were many high-profile activists who were arrested yesterday, including dr. cornell west and many prominent activists within the black lives matter movement. later on in the daypro testers linked arms and created a chain here. it was a day of civil disobedience, peaceful actions across the region, dubbed as the moral monday protest. >> police in riot gear there one year later and scuffling with the protesters. talk about this 18-year-old man in the hospital after exchanging gunfire with police last night. last check he was still in critical condition. is he still? >> last we heard he was in critical condition in the hospital. he does face ten counts of weapons charges and assault on police officers. and the police say that they are still looking for additional gunmen who were engaging in the
7:02 am
gunfight on sunday night. there was a barrage of gunfire, saying 40 to 50 gunshots rang out. they're still carrying on with that investigation. >> in recent days and a year ago a rot of the tension grows at nightfall. talk about this new concern with the controversial group arriving in ferguson as well and how they're gauging it, if any kind of curfew will need to be set. >> reporter: it's interesting. there was an armed militia that came out very late last night. they had camo on. they had full assault rifles. they were part of the oath keepers organization, a very controversial organization, very anti-government and many are former law enforcement officials and military veterans who really want to kind of be vigilantes of some sort. the police chief said the militia was unnecessary sbun called for. they did not support this. but the question right now is whether or not the police department is looking into how
7:03 am
lawful their presence is. missouri has an open carry policy. whether or not they were using their presence in a threatening manner, i think they're looking into that today. >> interesting to see that group grow as many officials are saying the people causing trouble are the instigators looking to cause trouble versus the demonstrators there. amanda sakuma, thank you very much. >> thank you. i want to bring in a st. louis native active in the community. liz thank you for being with us here. >> thank you. >> you're seeing everything that's happened the past 48 hours there in st. louis and in ferguson. police in armored riot gear as well as the scuffle that's been going on, state of emergency. when everybody speaks of a progress a year later after the death of michael brown, this is the scene we're seeing now. >> well, it should be a reminder to people that the reason that people went to the streets, the reason why there were protests a
7:04 am
year ago, people were seeking justice for mike brown. and one year later, there have been 1,000 killings by police. police have killed 1,000 americans. those are military numbers. >> right. >> when people went to the streets they were seeking justice. one year later, little has changed to address the justice for michael brown. we have a police department that is not reflective of the community one year later. we have employees of the police department that were fired for using racist language and hired in other communities. we have -- i went to the library in ferguson. this is anecdotal. 90% of the people using the library were african-americans, 100% of the people working at the library were white.
7:05 am
things have not changed. that's why you're seeing what you're seeing in the streets right now. >> part of st. louis county, been very visible since the shooting death and the time in between, sir. thank you for being with us, maria. when you hear of what liz was talking about, when you see areas in the community where it hasn't changed, knowing that this has been a year later. but then we also see changes when it comes to city leadership and the people who have been let go and replaced over the past few years. what needs to happen to bridge that divide? >> well, first of all, it starts with our governor, who needs to draw more attention to deadly force. our legislative branch did nothing this year. in fact, we were only able to pass the municipal court reform. that should have been done years before. that's a no brainer. every single day, i'm having to deal with my constituents who are depressed, who are willing to commit suicide because they have no hope right now.
7:06 am
there's a young man by the name of dante who said he is in fear of his life to go home because he thinks a police officer is going to track him down at home and he will lose his life. every day i hear these stories of people who feel as though they have no hope whatsoever. so, what is going to have to change, one, is that people in government are going to have to take us seriously. you can't just say, we hope and pray for the sbeem say we're going to make sure that everything is okay without backing that up with substance. there are a lot of people talking about the conditions. there are a lot of people talking about other things as well. the fact remains until people every day feel as though there is a government that is responding to their individual needs, citizen injustices are going to continue, whether it's social, whether it's environmental or economic. we still experience violence every single day from our government. >> liz, very quickly -- we don't
7:07 am
have too much time. let's talk a little bit about that. when you hear that, that the residents and community of ferguson are not taken seriously, do you think it's because the media is there, it's in the spotlight and headlines during the shooting of michael brown and days to follow? and now it's picking up movement but nothing is being done since that time? would you agree with that sentiment? >> again, people went to the streets to get justice for mike brown. the people did not ask for the urban league to be given money to build a new building. they wanted justice. the justice has not been reflective. it's kind of like what's going on with the bernie sanders issue. when the black lives matter people protest the bernie sanders event you have white progressives that say, come on. he was there with martin luther king back in 1950 something. that's not enough. you're not hearing us. you're not getting us. you're not understanding that
7:08 am
the issues are bigger and more important and they have not been addressed in 2015. >> much more to reflect on, especially a year later there in ferguson, missouri. to both of you, liz brown and maria, thank you so much. >> thank you for the time. >> thank you, frances. >> sure. as the feud simmers with fox news, trump suggested anchor megyn kelly was hormonal during the gop debate and he made the rounds this morning saying he is the best candidate for female voters. >> i've always been good to women and there will nobody be better to women as a president because i'll take care -- when i talk about health issues, i will take care of women like nobody else can. certainly jeb bush doesn't even know what he's talking about. he admitted that the other day. >> nbc's kristen welker is on the campaign trail in new hampshire. good to see you there. so donald trump trying to move on. can he do that? is it going to be difficult for
7:09 am
him to do that? >> reporter: frances, that is the big question. as you pointed out, he will be campaigning in michigan today. he will be trying to turn a page. polls show he is still the republican front-runner. in addition to the scandal that you just talked about, we also know that there has been internal strife within his campaign. former top adviser roger stone saying he quit the trump campaign because there were too many controversies, too many distractions from what he thought were trump's core messages. he appeared on the "today" show and msnbc to talk about that decision and encouraged trump to get back on message. you have republican strategists deeply concerned that all of these controversies could be distracting from the other republican candidates and could be hurting the party's out reach with core voting groups like women, for example. so, donald trump certainly will try to turn the page today. of course, his controversial comments continue to dominate the conversation on the campaign trail, frances. >> with hillary clinton also can
7:10 am
chiming in, the republican race impacting her as well. now she calls trump's remarks overboard, offensive, outrageous. i was like, wait a second. there's that photo of you guys at his wedding with melania. >> she did address that. she said she wanted to attend trump's wedding because she thought it would be entertaining but now that he's a candidate she finds it more troubling. hillary clinton wasted no time jumping on this controversy. this is a chance for her to rally the base, reach out to women voters. as you say, she called trump's comments offensive, outrageous. she also used the comments to try to lump all the republican field in with trump, saying quite frankly they are out of touch when it comes to female voters. she singled out marco rubio, really interesting. she went after him. he recently reiterated he is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest. she said that is more dangerous
7:11 am
than the comments trump has been making. rubio fired back, saying he will be laying out some of what he called her more radical policies when it comes to things like abortion. it's an indication that she sees marco rubio a real threat to her possibly as well as other candidates like jeb bush and scott walker. a campaign official say they also see donald trump as a viable candidate. that's why you're hearing her respond to these controversial comments he has been making. >> her own side of the aisle, kristen, there's the sanders effect here. you're at a location where hillary clinton will be holding an event on her affordable college plan. bernie sanders already unveiled his financial college plan and a lot of support among the young voters as we've seen. he is filling these halls by the tens of thousands. will clinton go after that demographic knowing how strong
7:12 am
bernie sanders momentum is? >> reporter: she is certainly going to try to, frances. that will be key to her winning states like new hampshire where, by the way, according to a recent poll, bernie sanders is trailing her here by just six points. her supporters call it feeling the burn. they say that he appeals to their further left sensibilities. he has gone after her, by the way, planned portfolio to make college more affordable saying he has the right vision for that, that she's actually not far enough to the left on that when it comes to making college more affordable. she mapped out a plan that would call for investing $350 billion over the next ten years and includes highlights like assuring students lower rates on their loans and also free community college for four years. near some of what we've heard from president obama but the big question here, is it realistic? in order to get this done, it requires some legislative
7:13 am
action, requires scaling back some tax breaks. we know that some republicans are on board with that. certainly not all of them. we have a lot of republicans coming out yesterday saying, look, this is the same thing as increasing taxes. will she be able to get this done legislatively? that's a big question. i am told she will be touting that today here at this event that she's going to hold at this community college here in claremont and make sharp distinctions with her republican rivals when it comes to their policies. frances? >> kristen welker covering a lot of ground, wet ground with the rain behind you. >> indeed. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, frances. happening now in washington, ntsb is needing to determine the cause of last year's fatal crash when a walmart truck hit a limousine. one of the five limo passengers was killed and four others seriously injured, including actor tracy morgan. we'll continue to monitor that meeting. more demonstrations planned protesting the shooting of christian taylor, 19-year-old
7:14 am
unarmed college student shot in arlington, texas. reports of car vandalism. live next on "the rundown." ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack,
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7:17 am
new developments from arlington, texas, to bring you in the investigation of a deadly police shooting for the young unarmed college student. for the third night in a row, demonstrations are planned to protest the death of christian taylor. the 19-year-old was shot and killed by a rookie police officer responding to reports taylor was vandalizing a car at an arlington dealership. let's get the latest from msnbc's adam riese. hearing this morning from christian taylor's family, his
7:18 am
father. >> that's right, frances. good morning. his father, adrian taylor, completely heart broken over this. he says he likes to go into his son's room, look around, think about all the great memories they had, all the great times they shared together. >> this helps me. i go in his room and talk to him and lay in his bed and talk to him and i pray with him. he's not gone to me. he's bigger than he was now to me. >> both officers involved in the shooting have given formal statements and have been interviewed here by investigators. we could learn what they have to say possibly as early as today. the fbi was asked to assist in this investigation. they put out a statement saying they have full -- they believe that the arlington police department will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation, should this rise to a civil rights investigation. they will step in and
7:19 am
investigate that. frances? >> these demonstrations and protests planned so far have been peaceful, appear to be? >> yeah. there will be another one today, france frances. >> msnbc's adam reiss, appreciate the update. thank you. probable cause of a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike that seriously injured actor/comedian tracy morgan and killed one of his friends, comedian james mcnair. investigators just released this animation of the accident. it happened last june when a wall mark truck slammed into the back of the limo van carrying morgan and several of his friends, ultimately involving six vehicles and 21 people. the walmart truck driver had been awake for 28 hours when the crash happened. some of the passengers involved in the crash were not wearing seatbelts and the limo van
7:20 am
morgan was rydering in was customized, limiting availability of emergency exits. charged with death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. morgan and two friends injured in the crash settled a lawsuit against walmart in may for an undisclosed amount. up next, check on wall street under pressure in the opening hour thanks to a currency move in china. the dow is up 150 points. plus a major announcement for one of the most powerful tech companies in the world. we'll tell you about google alphabet. have you heard about alphabet? we'll fill you in when "the rundown" comes right back. te cl. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪
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7:24 am
stock exchange. the tech giant announcing a creation of a new parent company called the alphabet. >> they're calling it alpha-bet sort of saying alpha, one of those growth, steady growth means that we talk about on wall street and one of the reasons they're doing this is they've gotten knocked a bit over the past couple of years because they spend an awful lot of moni and hire an awful lot of people to do the moon shot products, like the self driving car. they want to be able to sort of free that up, make that separate and then have the core google business, the search business, youtube and all of that be part of google inc. that will make it easier for wall street to say, okay, let's look at your real profitable business and we'll look at the rest of this separately. >> interesting. for us at home in our portfolio,
7:25 am
do we dive into this? it's interesting to break down the alpha-bet but as far as a general investor how excited should i be? >> as a general investor it will give you a bit more clarity. you'll be able to see how much youtube, for example, which is a big driver these days, contributes to profits. one thing it's likely to do is put more pressure on them to have to look at now what are you going to do with youtube? everybody tries to monotize by getting some kind of subscription model radio or video. will they do that or continue to leave it a free platform with advertising? >> bertha coombs, thank you for the breakdown. a new wildfire in california, an historic discovery time to zoom through the days top stories. residents in california are evacuating their homes after a new wildfire erupted near another massive fire that's been burning for weeks. so-called jerusalem fire grew to
7:26 am
5,000 acres in less than 24 hours nochlt homes have been destroyed so far. it's burning 00 mi100 miles nor san francisco days after they started to get a handle on the rocky fire. investigating the causes of both fires. more than 10,000 firefighters are battling 18 fires across california. take a look at this video from colorado springs. rain pounding the area, causing major flash floods. so intense it turned that road, especially the rivers and swept those cars away. you can see that one car pushing the other one in front of it downstream or down the road. there's hail covering the front yard of that home. they issued flood warnings and advised people to head to higher ground. unexploded world war ii bomb forced evacuations in east london yesterday. the 500-pound bomb was found at
7:27 am
a building site, prompting families to spend the night in a school hall. police warned it could affect the morning rush hour. still to come environmental nightmare, epa releasing 3 million gallons of mine water in a colorado river. damage could take years to clean up. we'll bring you details. stepped-up air strikes in the syrian border but they're not targeting isis. jim miklaszewski is ahead with those details right here on "the rundown." do you like the passaaadd?
7:28 am
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♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. separatists -- violence underscoring deepening domestic conflict that could complicate america's alliance with turkey and could distract the mission that the united states wants
7:31 am
turkey to focus on, the fight with isis. jim miklaszewski, thanks for being here to break it all down. you said it could hardly get messier. although it seems like it is now. >> absolutely, it is, frances. those other shifting battle lines and battlefields will get much more dynamic over the next couple of days. six f-16s are to begin their air strikes against isis targets in that region of western syria along the turkish border, which has been a very contested battleground for any number of elements there, including al qaeda related militants, al qaeda, obviously isis. which has made turkey very
7:32 am
nervous. we expect air strikes to begin in a few days. there was a development overnight, actually, in the past couple of days in which turkey warned those forces al nussra, the al qaeda related forces, that if they didn't withdraw turkey would launch attacks. al nussra withdrew except now isis has now filled that gap. it's an ever-changing battlefield. and as confusing as ever. the only positive to all of this -- the biggest positive is that turkey is now getting directly involved in the fight. they haven't been involved in any of those kinds of military operations involving iraq and, yes, syria, for the past 45, 50 years.
7:33 am
in a positive fashion, the u.s. hopes. but there's no telling. cards have yet to be laid out on the table. >> isis finding the opportunity to benefit them, i can imagine. jim miklaszewski, as always, thanks for the breakdown. >> you bet. growing disaster out west. in a few hours, the governor of colorado is expected to speak at a news conference about the mine waste spill polluting the water. a toxic river in colorado is making its way downstream. nearly one week after a massive kem spill, 3500 times higher than normal and cutting off the drinking supply for thousands in at least two states. epa has been scrambling to contain the millions of gallons of mine waste after the agency tasked with protecting the environment accidentally unleashed the spill during a cleanup. colorado and new mexico are declaring stretches of the animas and san juan rivers
7:34 am
disaster areas. joining me now on the phone is kelly pherson. can you update us on what's going on as it's going downstream and people are getting more alarmed as it's getting closer to contaminating their water? >> thanks for having me, frances. s it-- it is already in san juan, headed toward lake powell, recreation area. not pumped water from the river since saturday and so they are just hauling water to the storage tanks, clean water, drinking water to the citizens of san juan county and other areas of their water system. >> how will this impact them -- you talk about them hauling water. i can imagine some residents there so concerned -- are they going out of the way to conserve water? is that the option for them now
7:35 am
too? >> that's the message that they're being told to conserve and, obviously, not long showers. these are -- this water sk haisg hauled by tankers. you can't haul a bunch of water. they have to conserve as much water as they can. >> has it gone so far as many of the people and residents going to the grocery stores and emptying out the shelves and getting as much water as they can? >> this is very rural utah. there's not really grocery store there is. they don't have a lot of water to be buying at stores right now either. so, if anything, they have to drive a few hours to walmarts or anything like that to get water. so, san juan county did take 7,000-gallon tanker down there and filled as much water containers that they might have at their homes to help with their water situation.
7:36 am
again, they're hauling water to keep the water systems operating. >> and those are the options now. what about long term issues that may come down the road for residents there very quickly? >> yeah. we're still trying to learn what the long-term effects of this -- the ph levels are okay right now. >> okay. >> the issue is the metals. the iron, zinc that would settle on the river bottom and continually come up. >> certainly. >> that testing will need to be done long term. >> all right. kelly pehrson from san juan county, utah, thank you so much for helping us understand the situation there. >> thank you. now to bernie sanders. starting the day riding a wave of a rally with thousands of people chanting "feel the burn" in los angeles. vermont senator's second biggest ral lift campaign season so far. his campaign says 27,500 people showed up last night. only a few hundred short of the 28,000, it says, turned out to
7:37 am
see him in portland over the weekend. los angeles times political reporter curtis lee was there and joins me now. give us a sense of the crowd last night and why people are showing up in such huge numbers for bernie sanders. in a week along, by some estimates, topping 100,000. you've got younger voters to older voters. >> it was loud in there here in los angeles last night to see bernie sanders. young, old, black, white. everyone. a lot of people turning out. it was strange to see in august 2015 that type of crowd, that size of a crowd this early in the election cycle to see a candidate. maybe you see that in the fall of the election year but people are coming out in droves to see bernie sanders deliver this populist message, raising the federal minimum wage, tuition-free college, reforming the criminal justice system and immigration reform. these are all bread and butter democratic issues that are really appealing to democratic based voters who might be
7:38 am
looking to an alternative as hillary clinton as the front-runner. >> sure. gray hippies and young hipsteres some are describing them as, chanting "feel the burn." 185,000. talk about the significance of that and how that gives him more credibility or does it take away from his outsider image? >> well, he certainly is looking for union support. he got that yesterday with national nurses united. teachers association last month, hillary clinton received labor support. obviously when you're looking for a base democratic voters you're looking for that union support. he netted that yesterday. that's something that the campaign really touted. >> los angeles times political reporter curtis lee, thank you very much. many are feeling the bern,
7:39 am
b-e-r-n. >> thank you. addressed the back and forth with anchor megyn kelly, saying in essence the hatchet has been buried but is also separating himself from fellow republican candidates, trump suggesting he would leave some partial federal funding for planned parenthood, major departure from congress quunal republicans who want all money yanked from the organization while the government agrees with practices of harvesting -- >> i would look at the good aspects of it. we have to take care of women. we absolutely have to take care of women. the abortion aspect of planned parenthood should absolutely not be funded. >> joining me now, senior
7:40 am
politics editor for the daily beast. starting with you, jackie. donald trump says he's for abortions in certain cases, consider leaving some funds for planned parenthood as we just heard. does this sound like the candidate leading the polls for the republican primary here? >> you're going to hear his opponents start to talk about this more and more and more. as he continues to hold this lead. one of the arguments you hear from republicans is that donald trump is not a republican. he is an opportunist, filling voids of the more angered parts of the base. you have to imagine this will come back to bite him. maybe sooner than the next debate but certainly in the next debate. >> let's talk about marco rubio and how he comes into play, wants no exceptions for abortions. adrian to you now, how big of a problem is that going to be when it comes to general election candidate and knowing that the
7:41 am
block of female voters that are so crucial in this race? >> you saw the other day marco rubio. i think he won the debate the other night. he was making a clear argument that he is sort of implicit jab at jeb bush, jeb can't beat hillary. he believes he can beat hillary. while there were tough questions he seemed to be okay with that. the abortion question seemed to trip him up a bit and seemed to be taking the position that only 22 million americans support. that could be a problem in the general election with hillary clinton that want to make this about men and women's issues. >> hillary clinton had a say about it. major candidates, much younger man, senator from florida says no exceptions for rape and incest. that is as offensive and troubling as a comment you can hear from a major candidate. so trump's language may be colorful and offensive but thinking and attitude toward women much the same, delivered
7:42 am
in a different package. as you're expecting her in new hampshire there some time soon, ann. how is this new war on women narrative, if that's what it's going to be called, play into hillary's hands? >> certainly the republican debate played into her hands in terms of being able to say democrats are more on the side of women than republicans are. that is the argument that they started making heavily during the debate and have continued since. donald trump factor can be a bit of a distraction. you saw hillary yesterday trying to change the subject. she was asked repeatedly at an event in new hampshire about donald trump to the exclusion of the college of affordability issue and also to the exclusion of the other democratic candidates. she kept trying to turn the conversation away from trump and on to the full spectrum of the republican candidate. she kept saying in different ways, look what the rest of them
7:43 am
are saying. it was as troubling and as offensive as what donald trump said. and she seemed to take particular aim and perhaps have particular concerns about rubio. >> also know that based on tonight, hillary clinton may be watching jeb bush and what he has to say, jackie. is he giving pretty significant foreign policy speech at the reagan library in california tonight. what does he have to do to excite voters, to show that he's there, knowing also he may be taking those swipes at hillary on a rock and isis as well? >> republican voters want to see hillary hit hard. so, jeb bush is going to have to give a speech that seems to -- he is going to tie her with some of the president's policies. and they want to see him aggressively go after her, frankly. so we'll see if he does that. >> adrian, very quickly, when you come in there, scott walker
7:44 am
and trouble for swrjeb bush wha needs to happen, with the trouble with the core voters he has been having? >> with latino voters he has gone very much to the right in the primary. he has flip flopped on his support to path to citizenship and that could hurt him in the general election if he were to face hillary clinton. >> a lot to watch. thank you for helping us break it all down. buzz feed reporter adrian, jackie and ann, thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, top hackers are out in the open in las vegas. we'll take to you the defcon super hackers of the world. e to. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. it has been just 24 hours since the pentagon's e-mail
7:48 am
system went back up after a massive hack that affected 4,000 employees. it was down for two weeks and just the latest. the hacking community is, for many reasons, often a secretive one. but the biggest players assembled at a conference in las vegas, out in the open. rare access to be amongst the hackers here. if you're a hacker, you have darkened shades, blackened shades, hiding in there, anonymous handle name. these guys are in sin city, having their convention. >> you think of them in basements rierkts? >> yeah. >> operating in the shadows. these are the people that scare us most. i haven't been able to use my phone since i got back. i'm joking. many of these hackers aren't criminals. they go to these krchs to help with cyber security. think about that, too. to protect us we need these guys to crack the codes so they can beat their colleagues, other
7:49 am
hackers. rare access at this conference. boy did i get a lesson about how quick we can all be hacked. welcome to the def con hacking convention in las vegas. what have you hacked? >> refrigerator. >> home security devices. >> home security? >> yep. >> baby monitors? >> you've hacked into baby monitors? >> yes. >> some of the world's best hackers all in this hotel all at the same time, showing off. in fact, right now this guy is hacking my rental car. you can see the doors of the car are locked up. it is locked up tight. you can hit a button here. >> sure. we can hit this, this. >> i see, it's already popped. you don't have the keys? >> i don't have the keys. >> how much does that device cost? >> about $32 in parts. >> are you worried criminals can get this? >> i believe criminals have been using this for years. >> many hackers aren't criminals. >> we built an app that kills robo calls on your phone once
7:50 am
and for all. >> companies are here, too, hiring hackers for cyber security jobs. >> all together they're trying to figure out how it all works, what we can actually do with the technology. >> the frightening reality is we're all vulnerable. especially on open wi-fi networks and say you should never use one. hackers set up free wi-fis as a way to gain access to your information. >> i hacked into your phone looking at your g mail. >> you're looking at my g mail? >> yeah. >> i don't even have that up here. what's the last e-mail i sent? >> something to josh davis, hey, still shooting the story. >> i haven't even sent that e-mail yet. it's in my drafts. >> g mail saves drafts every few seconds. >> and it still goes here? >> yeah. anything you send to the server. >> you plug in the usb that comes with it and dump all the codes out. >> hacker fun in the desert sun. what happens when he they retreat back into the shadows? jeff rossen, nbc news, las vegas. >> how about that, right? we all learn a lesson here.
7:51 am
do not use open wi-fi networks, the number one way that hackers get your personal information. if we went into times square and i set up a free wi-fi, i'll have people get on it. >> i do it all the time. >> you'll end up paying money in the end. they'll get everything you're doing on your screen they can watch. i've done other stories where i've worked with hackers and we've done it in a coffee shop. you would be shocked by the information you can get. >> hacker informants doing it for the good, what they know. >> how about the guy who hack mied rental car? >> he needs to be our best friend. >> i know. >> you need to go back to the conference. they have it every year, be their bff. >> seriously. we're all protected here. >> we need to be. always enlightened to hear about that stuff. my phone can get hacked, too. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. goog sbl all its various smaller technology entities will soon be known as one company called alphabet.
7:52 am
the move reflects the sprawling interest that go way beyond web business, health care and even self-driving cars. it seems there is no stopping google. we'll have more on this in our five things. google it. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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7:55 am
google is making a splash on wall street with shares surging after announcing a restructuring plan helping the silicon valley tech giant be a leader in innovation, bringing us to today's five things. google it. to number one, search engine king. we have to start here. in 1996, google founder larry page unveiled their idea inny paper at stanford titled the anatomy of a high-scale search engine. with more than a billion visitors each month. number two, budget virtual
7:56 am
reality. google cardboard to start your smart phone into a virtual reality viewer. on the pricier side, number three, google glass. high-tech specs sold for a limited time for $1,500, prototype allowed them to take pictures and take phone calls. google has stopped producing glass but remains committed to that project. goog sl test driving a car designed to detect objects as far away as two football fields. they've soft driven more than a million miles. number five, fountain of youth, working on a product to slow the aging process, also testing a smart contact lens that can help diabetics measure glucose in their tears. how cool is that? big google innovations, google it. that wraps up "the rundown" here on msnbc. i'm frances rivera in for jose
7:57 am
diaz-balart. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
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right now on "news nation," donald trump now claims he's friends with fox, days after feuding with the network after questions he was asked that he deemed offensive. hundreds of protesters clashed with officers and police could set a curfew tonight. i'll speak with one of the people arrested this week. colorado's governor is expected to visit the area contaminated by a toxic chemical spill that turn this had river orange. it's now been six days. i'll talk live with one of the people who needs this water for crops and home businesses.


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