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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 11, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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republican. but i do want to keep that door open in case i don't get treated fairly. today the head of the epa is vowing to do whatever it takes to restore water quality. >> it pains me to no end to see this is happening. but we're working tirelessly to respond. >> and attention in ferguson. new questions about heavily armed members of a controversial group showing up at demonstrations. who are the oathkeepers and why are they there? we're live in ferguson. donald trump is on stage tonight for the first time since the republican debate. and the controversy with megyn kelly. in just a couple of hours trump will headline a republican party dinner out in michigan. a brand new poll finds trump beating even wisconsin governor scott walker.
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and the donald himself says it is jeb bush who needs to apologize to women for his remark questioning the need for funding women's health issues. >> when i talk about health issue, i will take care of women like nobody else can. certainly jeb bush doesn't even know what he's talking about. he admitted that the other day. and believe me, that will be his 47%. >> msnbc's ali vitally is in michigan for the event. she joins us now. good afternoon to you. a lot of anticipation. this it is first appearance by trump since the debate. what are focus anticipating from him tonight? >> folks here are really anticipating the same authenticity they have lovd about him all along. i just walked in a little while ago. there is a big line forms outside. lots of people excited to hear trump speak. i was in atlanta georgia this past weekend at the red state gathering where donald trump was
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disinvited and i heard the same thing on the ground there. they are just really excite despite his p comments to hear more authenticity and someone speaking truth to power so to speak. >> what is the reaction from team trump on the newest poll that still has him on top of the race? >> well that poll that you cited in your lead there, i think they are pretty excited. he said that he is pleased and honored to be leading in that first caux state. and it is going to be an important one. especially when it factors so heavily into scott walker's bigger game plan. >> ali vitali. >> right now clinton is holding a the new hampshire forum. earlier today she called out scott walker on education. take aen listen. >> you take somebody like
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governor walk over wisconsin, who seems to be delighting in slashing the investment in higher education in his state. i am looking forward to debating on these issues. >> and it turns out hillary clinton has a lot of issues she wants to debate. nbc's christen walker has more from new hampshire. >> as the 2016 race heats up secretary clinton is more aggressively going after her republican challengers. we're seeing her take two tactics. on the one hand she's trying to paint all republicans with a trump brush, trying to lump them in with him, essentially saying that they are out of touch when it comes to women's issues, for example. this is something that really rallies her base. of course women voters make up 53% of registered voters. yesterday she also took direct aim at marco rubio. this is another tactic she's taking. really going after the
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challengers who she perceives to be a real threat. of course marco rubio a stand out at the debate. secretary clinton slamming him yesterday for opposing abortion even in cases of rape and incest. take a listen to what she had to say. >> i know it makes great tv. think the guy went way over board. offensive, outrageous, pick your adjective. what marco rubio said has as much an impact as anybody else on that stage where the republican party is today. >> i anticipate you will hear more of this pointed rhetoric when it comes to going after her republican challengers. she's trying to rally parts of the obama coalition that were so key to his victories in 2008 and 2012. women voters and also younger voters. students. that is who she's reaching out to as she unveils her plan to lower college education. a 3$350 billion investment over ten years. secretary clinton leading here in new hampshire. but bernie sanders is nipping at
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her heels. he trails by just skix points. now ferguson where the city remains under a state of emergency tonight. all was quiet today after the night of protest that went into the early mornings hours. though most demonstrations were peaceful, police arrested at least 23 people overnight. there was no looting, no shots fired and no property damage reported. it was the fourth night of protest commemorating the anniversary of shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. joining me is ron allen. we were just talking about it. the streets have been relatively calm today. but there were some aess. are there more protests planned for tonight? >> we think so. we're not sure. people are being a little cagey about all that. so we'll see. it is my expectation there will be a number of people out on the streets. it is unclear whether a lot of the people who came here from out of town and other places for the anniversary events over the
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weekend, whether they are still in ferguson. but there is still a lot of anger and feeling and frustration that is going to put people on the street. so we'll see. the police are certainly going to be out there. the state of emergency is still in effect and basically the message is they are not going to tolerate any violence. there is a feeling a year later that a lot has been invested and people have worked very hard to build bridges and trust and make progress forward. and there is a feeling that a lot of that is at risk now and at jeopardy given that eruption of gunfire and violence a couple of nights ago. nobody expects that to happen again. but you just never know when so many people get together in night and a crowd and a lot of bad blood and resentment. so we wait. every day is a new day here. every night is a new night. and the hope here is of course that this community can and continue to move forward in a peaceful way and solve their proxy. but it is -- most people i think will tell you there is a very long road to go yet.
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>> and today there is a little bit of attention particularly on a group of men armed with assault rifles calling themselves the oathkeepers. they arrived on the scene. they have been around. this isn't the first day they have appeared but you managed to speak with one of them earlier today. let's play some of that. >> i think our message is something that should be able to be heard by members of black lives matter and in the hands of organizations. >> and that message essentially is? >> again, is that you as citizens should be disenfranchised and should be able to speak out and should be able to demand better service from governors and mayors. >> who is this group? and that's been their response to their presence in ferguson? >> the police have said they are unnecessary and ininflammatory and clearly they do not want them here. the laws allow licensed weapon owners to carry open weapons. handguns and military style
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rifles as you saw there. and it looks very od to people who don't live in this part of the country and who are not gun activists and enthusiasts. but that is the law. and there's been commentary that even in a state of emergency that these men, women if there are some, still have the right to carry weapons into this environment, wherever they want. so far there has not been a huge incident as a result of this. they say they are here and they say they have been invited by some organizations and businesses to protect them. they are a citizen's rights group. they criticize the police. they say the police ironically responded too militaristically last year and don't want to see it happen again. but what a strange mix. and the hope of course is that they keep a low profile. and that none of this goes horribly wrong. it is just -- just a quite something to add to the mix of emotion and volatility that is here already. >> ron, thank you very much. and we're going to have a little more about those oath keepers
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later on in the show. so stay tuned. we're also following a developing story out west where a toxic spill in the animus river is devastating parts of colorado and new mexico. >> i can't do my dishes. i can't do my laundry. can't even drink our water. >> makes me cry. it is a huge disaster. i don't know if it's ever going to be right again. >> this spill began during an epa clean up of an abandoned mine last eweek. three billion gallons of waste water dwush gushed into the river turning it orange. john hickenlooper talked about the effects of the disaster on his economy. >> right now the peak time for rafters, for fishing guides. and i think that we are very sensitive to make sure we do everything we can to help those businesses recover and get back. you know, if we can't make them completely whole to the revenues they would have had, we want to
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get them pretty darn close. >> joining me by phone is mayor of durango, colorado. they are the first major community to encounter the spill. mayor, thank you for joining us. you are with colorado's governor today touring the site. can you give us a sense of what crew saw down there? >> yes, the governor was gracious enough to visit hood. he's been here doing sampling and evaluation with the epa. a back-check on them as well as a number of local research groups. we have a lot of people here that know a lot about water quality and so forth. we are a river city. and as you see we were impacts and it was a highly emotional event to see a bright orange river winding through your community just at the peak of tourist season.
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it was nice to have a governor here. he was briefed as were we. there were fish implanted into the river while the plume came through town. sounds a little crazy but the fish actually encountered that bright orange plume. and we had limited mortality. in fact natural mortality of the fish in these cages as administered by our fish and wildlife folks. so that was a really good sign that there wasn't a mass killing of the river. similarly there was a study completed by the mountain studies institute in our community of macro invertebrates that live in what is now the sediment deposits that that bright stuff is what we're probably left with after the water -- after the water is cleared up. and in fact those macro invertebrates were surviving at the healthy rate as well.
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so that combined with the epa data give us confidence that we are returning back to normalcy. >> yeah we are seeing those images right there and obviously very heart wrenching to see that river and wildlife at that point being effected. mayor dean brookie, thank you for joining us. straight ahead, bush gears up for a major policy speech tonight where he's expected to go after hillary clinton. and a white house staffer story who allegedly tried to shoot her boyfriend. and a jets quarterback is out with a broken jaw after getting sucker punched by one of his own teammates in the locker room. all coming up. stay was and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults.
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donald trump is leading another new poll after the debate. and attacking jeb bush for his stumble on women's healthcare
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funding last week. but bush himself has his eyes on another target, that is hillary clinton. tonight in a speech at the reagan library bush will blame clinton to a rise of isis. he will say that premature withdrawal was the fatal error created the void that isis moved in to fill. was secretary of state clint in all of this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge and then joined in claiming credit for success and then stood by as the hard won victory was thrown away. >> barack obama became president and he abandoned iraq. he left. and when he left al qaeda was done for. isis was created because of the void that we left. >> joining me now washington post columnist and gop political strategist. gentlemen, thank you for joining
1:17 pm
us. john, this is a big night and a big speech for jeb bush, but iraq has proved to be a tough topic in the past. he is expected to say rushing away from danger can be every bit as unwise as rushing into to danger and the costs have been grievous. how tricky is it to attack hillary clinton on iraq when it's been a stumbling block for jeb bush? >> and i think he's making the observation that a good offense is the best defense. and with all these candidates they seem to be attacking one another to get on the news and that seems to be the working the best way for all the candidates. for bush i think he has to lay out a clear strategy for getting rid of isis. i think isis is one of those things the american people are concerned about. all the beheadings. all the worry about these crazy terrorists that might be attacking in our backyard. and i think donald trump got on this message, go after isis and i think it's smart politics to
1:18 pm
blame hillary for some of this. because she was heart of the team that abandoned iraq and now we have this crisis in the mideast. >> this poll shows jeb bush is at 7%. and with him way behind donald trump, is it smart for bush to be focusing on clinton rather than on trump? >> well when you focus in on trump you get involved in, you know, sort of the clown car activity that is the trump campaign. it seems to me that governor bush is trying to wage his campaign on issues of substance. and while, you know, going after secretary clinton for what sthe did or didn't do as secretary of state is a good thing in that regard. what he's doing though is reminding people or at least riling up democrats to remind them that were it not for governor bush's brother, president george w. bush, the
1:19 pm
country wouldn't have been involved in iraq. the country would not have sent thousands of troops and spent trillions of dollars fighting a war for more than a decade and that the obama administration which was elected and ran on ending the war in iraq and bringing troops home from afghanistan. and it will remind people that secretary clinton was part of the team that brought people back. i think it would be wiser if governor bush were able to find a way to talk about, you know, taking the fight to isis without reminding potential voters that it was because of his brother that the united states is in this position to begin with. >> and john, can jeb bush afford to ignore donald trump and squairl focus on hillary clinton? or does it make sense to also have his sights on donald trump? >> i agree with jonathan. a, it makes sense to go after isis.
1:20 pm
i agree when you attack trump it becomes very sticky. and he starts attacking you. and then rick perry attacked donald trump and now he's almost out of the race. the assumption is that trump is going to collapse from the candidates. so let him collapse on his own and don't necessarily be the one to try to force it because it might backfire on your own campaign. >> and we're talking about both of these candidates as to whether or not they should attack donald trump. one person squarely focused on trump is rand paul. in new hampshire he had this to say. take a listen. >> if you want to elect someone who says people are bleeding or stupid or pigs, go are right ahead. but i want to fix the country. because someone can stand up and say you are stupid or ugly. does not equate with a vision for the country. >> awful lot of republicans have gone out of their way to smack
1:21 pm
donald trump with a stick. i think that is just foolish. my question is who is right in this? >> from my perspective senator paul is right in this. i think republicans, if they want to, you know, win their nomination and maybe win the presidency, they have to fight on issues. and if they want to do battle with someone who is willing to call people pigs and all sorts of other names, so be it. the reason ted cruz will not criticize donald trump is because ted cruz is also playing the long game of believing that he, ted cruz will be in the race a whole lot longer than donald trump. and he knows that that those donald trump voters will want someplace to go and he's hoping he will be the place for them if and when donald trump implodes. >> and john, finally, today the news that rick perry is running out of cash and is no longer paying his staff. is this the beginning of the end for him? >> i think so. we'll see. he's got some super pac money
1:22 pm
too. although i'm not sure how you are able to transfer that into your actual campaign. look, if you are rick perry you started attacking donald trump because you were desperate to get news and stay in the race. i think rand paul is facing the same problem. his campaign is in big trouble. he's running out of money and the more you attack donald trump it seems the more it is an indication that your own campaign is in serious trouble. >> jonathan and john. thank you both for that insight. straight ahead protesters gather in texas surrounding the death of an unarmed teenager. the teen's father is speaking out. and a white house staffer is on leave after allegedly accusing her boyfriend with cheating and then shooting at him with a gun. and how safe is air travel? a new report sates air traffic controllers are not getting enough sleep. that and more.
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more protests are expected
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in the wake of a deadly police-involved shooting in arlington, texas. police say they have interviewed brad miller, the officer in training, who police say fatally shot 19-year-old christian taylor. the fatal encounter took place friday after taylor was allegedly caught vandalizing cars at the dealership. activists concerned about the shooting held a press conference and pushed for more security video to be released. >> the video we have asked them to release is the video inside the dealership that shows if this officer gave christian taylor the time and opportunity to act or respond to any command that this officer gave him. >> joining us is msnbc's adam reiss live from arlington, texas. what is the latest developments there today? any indication this videotape may be released from inside the
1:27 pm
car dealership? >> as far as we know ayman, there is no videotape inside the dealership. we actually spoke to the general manager, he says there are no cameras. but we are learning from officials here at the police department that we may learn what the officers told investigators. as soon as tomorrow they could come out with those details. also the fbi issuing a statement saying they have full confidence that this police department will conduct a thorough investigation into the shooting. if it rises to a civil rights violation they of course will step in and investigate. we're also hearing from christian taylor's father. he is heartbroken and he says he won't be able to see his son graduate from college. >> i hurt, i cry every day. but this helps me. you know, i go in his room and i talk to him. and i lay if his bed and just talk to him. and i pray with him. he's not gone to me. he's bigger than he was now to
1:28 pm
me. >> now the medical examiner says they will expedite the toxicology and autopsy results because of the high interest in this case. typically that would take about 60 days. in this case they say it could take 30 or less. ayman. >> adam reiss, live from arlington, texas. thank you. coming up. men with assault rifles have appeared on the strees of ferguson. who are they? and why are they there? and a jets quarterback will be out for weeks after being sucker punched by one of his own teammates. that is straight ahead. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out.
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since the republican debate. that is hours from now in michigan. it comes as he finds himself atop another poll today this one out of iowa. the donald leads every republican candidate and note where jeb bush ended up down in seventh place with just 5% support. tonight in california, the former florida governor is planning to train his focus on hillary clinton on a major policy speech. he's expected to blame clinton and the obama administration for the rise of isis. a group of heavily armed men with assault rifles showed up on the streets of ferguson, missouri as protesters demonstrated the fourth night in a row. the men identified themselves as part of the group known as the oathkeepers. a controversial patriot group. one of the oath keepers who identified himself as john said the group was there to protect a journalist from the conspiracy website info wars. although info wars said they did not hire the men. >> we're here with oath keepers
1:33 pm
keeping our friends at info war safe. that is it. we're constitutionalists. we're current and former military, law enforcement, first responders. everything from medical personnel to firefighters. and we are the people that stand in the gap. we are the people that run towards danger instead of running from it. we are the ones that keep y'all safe. >> joining me now from ferguson is photo journalist bradley rayford and senior fellow mark potok. th what do we know about the group and what are their intentions in fergus ferguson. >> the group was formed in 2009, very shortly after brak parack as our first black president. it is a grou heavily in conspiracy theories that surround the patriot movement. they talk about the central
1:34 pm
document as the ten orders we will not obey. and these relate directly to conspiracy theories held by militia groups and so on. they say they will refuse to herd americans into to concentration camps. they will refuse to aid in a national gun confiscation. they will refuse to held foreign troops and on and on. they are a group that's repeatedly kind of thrust itself into these sorts of situations. when there were shots fired at a military recruiting center in chattanooga last month, some oathkeepers went down there and to other installations to quote/unquote protect those installati installations. just as has happened in missouri, they have withbeen as to leave. they are not very well liked. >> you had a chance to talk to these guys last night. what did they say to you?
1:35 pm
how were think interacting with the protesters and the police, who have been a little critical of them who cea's saying their presence inflames the situation. >> i asked why they were there. and they told me they were there to protect the journalists. and i said protect against who? they said against the protesters. a couple minutes later they said they were out there with the protesters. so i said -- right to carry guns and the they told me they had a right do that. but if they were only protecting buildings. i asked was he protecting the building. he said he was not. he's protecting a journalist. so it was not a two-way street for him last night. >> on the oathkeepers' website they declare their objective to quote, go armed at all times and be ready do sudden battle anywhere at any time and with utter recklessness. how seriously are these guys
1:36 pm
taken by authorities? and is there anything the authorities can and should be doing to prevent them from being on the streets with their assault rifles? >> i don't know if they can prevent them. apparently it is open carry state or at least the area so they are allowed to do that. it is worth saying that one alleged oathkeeper member has been sent to prison for 20 years for storing a large amount of bombs. other oathkeepers members have gotten into similar kinds of trouble. you know, and it is probably worth pointing out. when they say they are going to protect a quote, journalist, unquote, from info wars. info wars is a lunatic conspiracy website run by a guy named alex jones, which says things like there are a world of secret fema run concentration camps. that 9/11 and oklahoma city were secretly government jobs and so on. so i don't know about info wars denying they sent journalists there under the protection of
1:37 pm
the oath keepers. but i do know the leader of the oath keepers, stewart rhodes has been many times the proprietor of info wars radio show. >> and bradley, about tonight, is there plans for these guys, for the oath keepers to be back out there tonight? we know these oath keepers that have the permits to display weapons, unless it is done in an angry or threatening manner. but what does that mean to police in ferguson? and are they going to be out there again tonight more importantly. >> the police told me that some reporters that the police are trying to figure the legalities of if in fact being out there with weapons is in fact legal. they are trying to find ways. he actually used the words it is inflammatory for him to be out there. so they are trying to find ways to prevent them from being out there. because the police department doesn't want them out there at all because they feel it is going to create unnecessary tension between the protesters and the police officers themselves already.
1:38 pm
>> and you saw them out there today. are they going to be out there tonight do you think? >> i think they will be. which will cause concern for some of the protesters, talk to some of them earlier. they felt uncomfortable last night. so i think them out there tonight will cause the same feeling. >> thank you gentlemen both for joining us. now to a white house staff replaced on unpaid leave after being arrest forward allegedly shooting a gun at her boyfriend a capitol police officer. a special assistant to president obama and white house legislative affairs liaison has been charged with first and second degree assault and reckless endangerment. joining me from martha's vineyard is nbc news chris jansen. thank you for joining us. what do we know about this incident and what has the white house's reaction been so far? >> she's 37 years old.
1:39 pm
she came to the white house just last year. she had a promising career. she started in 2000 as an intern on capitol hill. rose to be a deputy chief of staff in a congressman's office before coming and getting this title at the white house. but now that career is being threatened by an apparent lover's triangle that suddenly turned violent. >> this is her in happier times. proudly posing in front of air force one. earning more than $126,000 a year. a liaison between the white house and congress. but inside her 3500 square foot suburban maryland home friday morning, something went wrong. at 2:30 a.m. she texted reginald cleveland, inviting him over for sex. after a sexual encounter.
1:40 pm
they allegedly went out the to his car where she took his cell phone and service weapon and demanded the passwords. after she went back to the house and he followed her. she pointed the gun at him, took aim and fired. >> she someday allegedly to the effect of i know how to use this. you showed me how to use it. and when he did not give up the passwords it is alleged she fired a shot in his general direction. at that point he fled the residence. >> when it was over, singletary tried to destroy evidence. for now she's on unpaid leave and the white house has banned her from the white house grounds. >> she's out on $75,000 bail and due back in court on the 2nd.
1:41 pm
they are looking to see whether any regulations were broken by the victim who apparently had that unattended weapon in his car. ayman. >> thank you for that chris. a federal appeals court has turned down former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's latest request for appeal. he was sentenced to two years of federal prison earlier this year. a judge allowed him to remain free on bond while the court considered his appeal. though mcdonnell is expected to appeal to the supreme court, it is unclear if he'll be required to report to prison as the court decides whether to take his case or not. coming up an alarming new report on sleepy air traffic controllers is raising questions today about air travel. and the ntsb releasesis its findings on the fatal crash of the tracie morgan. and a jet quarterback is out with a broken jaw. but it happened in the locker room. that is up next. ole windshield.
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now to some stories popping today. starting with the new york jets soap opera continuing. quarterback geno smith is out is six to ten weeks with a broken jaw. sucker punched by one of his own teammates. he was punched by a second year line backer over what the jets head coach could only describe over a childish matter. the line backer was immediately released by the jets following the incident. let that be a lesson. if it didn't already sound like a movie, smith just posted this to instagram with the words " "i'll be back ". >> and two jumping off the one world trade center were hit with a fine and 250 hours of community service. the relieved pair thanked the
1:46 pm
judge saying we won't be parachuting in new york city anymore. and finally donald trump with the jimmy fallon treatment last night. check this out. >> i know everyone is all up in arms about the comments i made about megyn kelly after last week's gop debate, which by the way i won easily. i was fantastic. the ratings were huge. i was not referring to hormones or menstruation, period. [ laughter ] >> that's when we say nailed it. something tells me we'll be seeing a lot more of that on the tonight show in the next couple of months. here is jane wells with the cnbc market rap. >> the market sucker punched a little after china devalued against the u.s. dollar. the dow dropped 212, s&p down 20. the nasdaq losing 65. sorry about that. that is it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
1:47 pm
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the ntsb blamed a walmart truck driver suffering from fatigue for last years crash that killed tracie morgan. the report finding the driver had been awake for 28 hours at the time of the accident. the board shows animations of the crash including this one from the truck drivers' point of view. but the ntsb also highlighted the failure to use seat belts to the passengers in the limo van carrying morguen and six others. now to an alarming newly released report finding air traffic controllers not getting enough sleep. the report was sitting in files for a few years before its lease. pete williams has more. >> when a commuter airplane
1:51 pm
turned onto the wrong runway in 2006 for takeoff, the air traffic controller failed to notice. the plane crashed killing 49 on board. the government blamed pilot error but noted that the controller had worked all night with only two hours of sleep before his shift. that devastating accident led to a study of controller fatigue done three years ago but not released until today. two out of ten said they made significant mistakes on the job and over half blamed them on fatigue. most said they were getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night. some less than three. safety experts warned that changing work schedules can also be a big factor. >> the backwards rotating shifts where beam apeople are having t up earlier and earlier each day makes it hard or for them to get the sleep they need. >> it's been a chronic problem for controllers. a huge embarrass at washington's
1:52 pm
reagan airport when two commercial planes had to land on their own. >> the tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phone and nobody's answering. so that aircraft went in without control. >> the faa has since required more than one controller on limited late night duty. >> incredible. kyle bailey is an aviation analyst and joins us to break this down. we saw the report, the numbers are pretty interesting. 2 out of 10 and 5 out of 0 say the reason is fatigue. how concerned should we be about the findings of these report? >> i'm not deeply concerned at this point. any commercial airliner has traffic collision avoidance systems which are very complex instruments which alert the pilot to any airplanes in the surrounds. the critical point is takeoff or landing.
1:53 pm
so i'm not overly alarmed at this point. >> when you hear something like in the report the pilot landing innive believe reagan national airport and the tower was unmanned. >> after that point they mandated two controllers in the tower at all times. when that incident happened there was one in the tower cab and there was no alternate controller up there. >> we were hearing also from the former chairwoman there were turn around sometimes. the government requires a nine hour turn-around for people working the shifts. do you think that is enough? give people the rest they need? >> i'd love nine hours of sleep working on this job. but i hope air traffic controllers get more. >> and commute gets longer and longer. some of these guys are commuting one, two hours to work each way. so you have to contribute that as the factor. they are only human beings just like pilots. >> and you have been in the cockpit before. you know what it is like to be doing that landing and how
1:54 pm
dangerous. are you ever concerned about how air traffic controllers and what is going on in those towers? >> it is a very highly professional group. and like i said now, there are back ups. but the critical point is the takeoff and landing at low altitude where there are simultaneous operations being conducted on runways and things like that where it becomes a problem. >> thank you for your insight. when we come back we're live in bertrand michigan where donald trump will hold a campaign event tonight. but you get there and find out it's far from amazing. it's almost like it was too good to be true. that's like when you switch wireless carriers, and find yourself stranded with a frustrating, less reliable connection. if your network isn't working for you... come home to verizon and get 10 gigs for $80 a month plus $15 per line. come home to a better network.
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1:58 pm
you could have that flat tax. or you could leave the system alone, which is probably the simplest at this point. i know exactly what i want to do. i just don't want to announce it yet. >> nbc's ali vitale joins us from michigan. first speech since the debate. what are people saying and what are they expecting to hear from donald tonight? >> well a lot of the folks that i've spoken to outside and it is getting a little louder in here. we've got some acoustic guitar happening behind me. so people are getting in a party mode. they are selling beer and scene of the accident. people are definitely excited. what people outside have told me me are they are looking to hear not the specifics like you just wondered about but really more of his power and authenticity. one voters says what's important is he seems to be saying what everyone wishes they could say but can't.
1:59 pm
and these a frequent refeign we've heard. >> and you were also outside and there were protesters there. you spoke to some of them. what are they telling you? why are they there? what are they protesting? >> there are about 50 to 75 prettiers, ho sis s -- protest. they were out there holding flags and protesting his hateful language and some of the things he said about mexican immigrants earlier on in the campaign and continuously throughout hoyis t your. and a lot of them just don't like the tone. i think it is less about the issues and more about the issues and the tone he's taking. >> let me ask you this quickly. trump comes to michigan under heavy criticism for his rheto c rhetoric. but what about his policies? do we know much about them? or not yet? >> the frequent thing we're hearing around here is it is soon to come. he knows what he wants to do but
2:00 pm
we haven't quite heard it yet. his page is the only web page, donald that doesn't have an issues section on it. i think we're waiting for the specifics but who knows maybe we'll get some tonight. >> that's it for me this hour. michael eric dyson picks up the live coverage nerks. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight, who are the oath keepers? officials in ferguson raise serious questions about members of a heavily armed militia patrolling the streets of ferguson as the fourth night of protest ends with dozens of arrests. and donald trump is riding high at the top of the polls despite his comments on women. and coming up we'll talk --. and bush's war. jeb takes aim at president obama and hillary clinton's record in iraq. and what is his roles his father and big brother played in marching america to


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