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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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we haven't quite heard it yet. his page is the only web page, donald that doesn't have an issues section on it. i think we're waiting for the specifics but who knows maybe we'll get some tonight. >> that's it for me this hour. michael eric dyson picks up the live coverage nerks. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight, who are the oath keepers? officials in ferguson raise serious questions about members of a heavily armed militia patrolling the streets of ferguson as the fourth night of protest ends with dozens of arrests. and donald trump is riding high at the top of the polls despite his comments on women. and coming up we'll talk --. and bush's war. jeb takes aim at president obama and hillary clinton's record in iraq. and what is his roles his father and big brother played in marching america to war. but first ferguson remains in a
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state of emergency at this hour. protests are ongoing in the area but the violence of sunday night's gunfire is absent. police arrested over 80 monday night and early this morning. members of the oath keepers, a right-wing organization walked the streets carrying personal firearms on monday night. protesters called their presence a double standard. >> can you imagine a black man coming down here looking like you walking this way? think what would happen? what do you think might happen? he wouldn't be left alone like you are. >> nbc's dave wagner has more on the fall out. >> business as usual on streets of ferguson, two days after police shot an 18-year-old man. last night demonstrators came face to face with police in riot gear. passionate but relatively peaceful. against the wishes of law enforcement, heavily armed members of the controversial oath keepers patriot group
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joined the crowd pledging to defend the constitution against all enemies. >> we're just americans trying to keep our fellow man safe. >> some of this community see a double standard. one year after the shooting of michael brown, mistrust of police remains an issue. >> as we look back one year later it has made positive change but we still have a long way to go. >> police say the critically wounded suspect in sunday's shooting shot at them first. his father has been told a very different version of events. >> from what i'm hearing he was running for his life and they opened fire on him. >> question, concerns and calls for change in a community still reeling from a turbulent and tragic year. >> that was dave wagner reporting on ferguson, missouri. and today's st. louis county, police are receiving their own round of criticism. two journalists have been charged with trespassing and interfering with police. the washington post called the charges outrageous.
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the two journalists were detained in a mcdonald's by police last august while covering the unrest in ferguson. st. louis county had until thursday to bring charges. video released today shows an encounter between police and reilly on monday night. he say answer officer tried to grab him and snatch him away and snatch his press badge as well. i want to bring in my panel. you were at demonstrations over the last few days, how was the interaction between the protesters and the police been since then? >> protesters remain a strong community and the protests have matured in a positive and productive way since last august. the police remain provocative. last night they maced people. they arrested a whole group of people in a sweep they thought there was a gun present and today they acknowledge there was no gun present. there are signs of overpolicing
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still present and they remain really aggressive with protesters. >> pastor, how should police respond to these demonstrations? we've seen the presence of a militia down there drawing sharp contrast to the treatment of those protesters. how should they handle the demonstrations? >> well of course we want to honor policemen who put their lives in harm's way. but when there are peaceful protests the most important i think is to step out of the way to protect property and people but to allow the protests to remain peaceful. we learned so much with last year from ferguson that even the protesters are coming out in a much more peaceful manner. i think it is exacerbated when the police will come after the protesters, but then you have these armed citizens of this patriot group who are walking the streets in full military gear armed even more than police officers. that is where the real problem is, mike. >> right, exactly right pastor. deray, you were recently identified as the professional
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protester known to law enforcement in a homeland security document. what is the respondent for the police department monitoring your twitter account. >> there is a long tradition of the government being engaged in surveillance of civil rights activists and i'm sure i'm not the only person in the movement for whom that is true. status quo didn't become this by happenstance. people are working on it. and long history of civil rights work has always been key to tampering any sort of social change. >> in light of that brief history that deray gave, think about the oath keepers against that backdrop. one of the oath keepers member gave a critique of the black lives matter. he said the movement is missing eloquen eloquence. listen. >> having a spokesperson that is eloquent, expressing y'all's views and being heard. and there'd be no better time than now. we have a mulato president.
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>> a mulato president. pastor wesley, what is your response to his reasoning. >> absolutely ludicrous. first when you have people under frustration and oppression i think it is absurd to judge them by the eloquence and grammatical correctness. this is a frustrated people and a frustrating time in american life and i think people like the oath keepers ought to really listen up to the voices of protest and frustration coming out of black community. besides that you do have educated and eloquent african americans who are on the front lines and speaking. yourself, deray, other approachers across the nation. so this man obviously is not listening to the voices that are being lifted up. >> i suspect that is absolutely true and by the way eloquently stated. deray, what is your reaction to the journalist receiving summons from the st. louis county
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police. >> the st. louis county police continually remind us they don't know how to police. and we just haven't seen it. going after these reporters when it is clear that the officers were not in the right is just a sign of them trying to flex their muscle with people. the same provocation they do to protesters. you think about last night is they arrested people for standing in the street that they had already blocked off. there was no traffic that could be stopped. they just want to cause conflict. >> right. pastor wesley, answer the question opposed to one of the oelt keepers member. that is to say if there were black people down there or other minority people armed to the hilt, to the teeth with guns fully displayed, what do you think the response would be? >> we already know what the response would be. we've seen the police shoot and arrest for those who are simply marching peacefully let alone with anything in their hands. but now arm us and see the threat and the fear that arise across american society. that would not be tolerated in any environment for black people
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to take the streets armed like that. but for their protest to go the way it did with these who are carrying their guns and they are not arrested, they are not told to remove off the scene, i think that really is a huge double standard there that is only going to become worse as these peace keepers continue to march alongside peaceful protesters. >> absolutely. deray, a couple of things. first of all, give us a sense of the role of social media in ongoing protests of the black lives matter movement and what is next down there in ferguson. >> we always face issues of a racial in blackness and that means the story is never told or told by everybody by us. and with social media we literally became unerased. with social media we got to reclaim the story and tell the truth about the violence we were feeling from the police and it remains a powerful organizing tool for us as well. and to the last question that
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you asked the other guest, remember police in st. louis county have weaponized blackness. it doesn't even take a rifle to mobilize the police. our black skin is enough to frighten the state so much they will hurt us and kill us. the st. louis police have killed eight people since august, paralyzed one and another in critical condition now. i think the next phase of the movement will be focused on solutions. we've convinced people in showing them this is a nationwide issue and the next phase will be showing people how to end it. >> pastor wesley, you are the pastor of a huge mega church. tell us what the responsibility of ministers on the front lines and in their pulpits should be to the conflagration and the controversy and the movement that we see going down in ferguson? >> i think a couple of things. one, is to keep it in the forefront of our parishioners mind through sermon, teaching and especially our prayer life.
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many of us may not be able to descend upon ferguson but as a people of faith we believe in the collective power of prayer. and making sure our people don't lose sight of what's happening. beyond that there are some of us who double up as civil rights activists. as social advocates for justice. so myself, some of our social media team, our social justice team, other preachers can desend into those areas and march with the people and to be prayerful and the presence and that eloquent voice our brother was looking to hear so he sees a different portrait of african americans to see we are peaceful and educated and we will continue to speak and march until there is justice in this land. >> in riglight of that, do you think a radical generation of a younger generation of millennial and a bit older has gone into effect because of ferguson and other events like this have that sfred across the nation.
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>> protest is confrontation, it's destruction, it is the end of silence. and on the streets of ferguson last fall people became woke. people woke up and people refused to be silent anymore. people from all across the country came here and found their voice and they have done that all across the country as a result. i'm hopeful for the power of protest to create space for solutions to emerge. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you sfloo. next donald trump and fox news make nice. we'll talk about his track record with women in his campaign. and coming up. a white house aid goes into that gun slinging frenzy after accusing her boyfriend you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors?
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. donald trump's campaign for president of the united states is not just great for america. it is great for late night
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television. >> stephen colbert is weeks away from taking the reigns as the host of the late show. he has gop candidate jeb bush lined up as the guest on the first show. and the comedian hopes the donald will still be in the headlines whins his show first starts. every night before i go to bed i light a candle and pray that he stays in the race. and i also pray that nobody puts that candle anywhere near his hair. he told the television critics association i want to do jokes on donald trump soed badly and i have no venue. so right now i'm just dry trumping. we'll leave the definition of that term up to your imagination. we'll be right back.
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>> donald trump made his return to fox news this morning. they seemed to have a patched things up after days of attacks from trump following thursday's debate. roger ailes assured trump they will continue to cover the campaign with fairness and balance. fox host megyn kelly discussed the dust up during her show but would not apologize for doing her job as the debate moderator. >> apparently mr. trump thought the question i asked was unfair and felt i was attacking him. i felt he was asked a tough by fair question. we agreed to disagree. mr. trump diddi interviewed ove the weekend that have attacked me personally. i've decided not to respond. trump will not apologize and i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. >> joining me now is former contestant on the apprentice. thank you for coming on.
2:17 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> does its seem the two sides have been smoothed over here? things are going pretty well in the aftermath of the brew ha ha of the donald's response to me begin kelly. >> can i just tell you donald trump forgives but he will never forget. it might be over now but believe me he'll keep in mind what happened at that debate. >> give yours take on it. because many people looking at the television screen that night thought yeah it is aggressive but appropriately so because you are running for the united states of america. so was kelly doing her job or were her we inappropriate for debate setting. >> i thought she squandered an opportunity to ask questions that people were interested in knowing. instead she asked about name calling. i really believe it is the lowest form of journalism not to
2:18 pm
ask a policy question but going picking through his past. i if i went through your past and looked at all the things you said and add a big old broad brush that you maus must hate all guys. it was very personal and i did not think that the question was very necessary. >> do you think then by asking the other questions about women because it wasn't simply he was calling names but it was about -- it went to show his state of mind towards women. and the argument could be how do you get at then his disposition towards women which has been quite public and therefore quite nasty. do you think it is fair game because he's a public figure and some of the things he's cede have been public. >> of course. he's an entertainer. and a you have celebrity feuds and in this case rosie o'donnell said something for personal about his family. he was defending his family. but to say he doesn't like rosie
2:19 pm
o'donnell so he doesn't like all women, he has an issue with women is ridiculous. >> is trump's temperament a liability? >> are we seriously talking about about temperament? have you ever met dick cheney or others? he's always been a professional. he's always been bold about where he stands. and we need a bold leader. i have to say to you. when people start asking temperament. it is a tricky question. that is a trick question you saw in the last cycle. donald trump has a cool head. he's able to negotiate and he's a tough negotiator and i think that is something that will be an asset if he becomes the republican nominee. >> do you think he's going to begin to finally answer specifically detailed questions about policy? right now of course it is working for him. he's at the top of most polls. even heading into the iowa. so obviously it is working for him. but when it comes down to the brass tax and knuckles, is he
2:20 pm
going to be able to specify and articulate details about poms policies that make a difference, not just a broad-based emotional response to them? >> absolutely. he is going to have to really show where he stands on very key issues. and i know for a fact that his campaign is hiring some of the best policy analysts out there. and he's going to be able to hone his message. but there are a lot of campaigns that haven't done that. i went to jindal's website and bush's website. i didn't see very clear positions on policies. a lot of the campaigns are trying to really hammer things out. even kasich's website was still lacking in details of policy issues. so trump is right there trying to work out the very key positions specifically as they go into this september debate. >> what about african american people and their response to donald trump? because his participation in the brew ha ha around president obama was seen as not only
2:21 pm
unprincipled in terms of the assault but a vicious personal attack upon the head of the united states government that really rang very troubling for so many people. what is your response to that? >> i have to tell you, you know, you invited me on here to talk about trump and i'm here really as the friend to talk about his character. s there are some aspects of his policies and positions that i certainly don't agree with. and he's going to have to really respond to that. and african americans want to know where do you stand on issues that are going to help our community? and we've got issues with the police brutality and making sure we have fair wage. and if he can't speak to that those voters will never support him. but he seems confident. and i have to tell you, i rick. i've begen getting phone calls from a lot of african americans who have said they are tired of the democratic party taking them
2:22 pm
for granted and they are looking at t other alternatives. >> do you think this is a good thing for a bad thing for our political system? >> you know michael, i decided to run for school board here in l.a. and i'm going to tell you people asked a lot of questions about whether a celebrity should be on the school board. i'm going the tell you, this isn't the first time we've had a entertainer run for office of this land. look at ronald reagan. >> there you go again. >> ronald reagan was a great example of how you can actually transform from being an e entertainer to a very good politician. arnold schwarzenegger. i could go on. donald trump will use his relationships to his advantage. the apprentice, we were in your living rooms every night for weeks on end and people think they know you intimately. and they feel like they can support you and trust you. >> all right.
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2:27 pm
year, a liaison between the white house and congress. but inside her 3500 square foot suburban maryland home early friday morning something allegedly went very wrong. according to arrest documents, at 2:30 singletary described as wearing a leopard dress texted an officer inviting him over for sex. she began questioning him about an another female he was dating. she went out to his car and took his two cell phones and service weapon and demanded the passwords. after she ran back to the house and he followed her investigators said she pointing the gun at him, took aim and fired. >> she said something allegedly to the effect of i know how to use this. you showed me how to use it. and when he did not give up the passwords it is alleged she fired a shot in his general direction. he was in fear for his life and
2:28 pm
at that point he fled the resident. >> when it was over singletary reportedly tried to destroy evidence wiping down the gun with a towel. for now the administration has her on unpaid leave and has banned her from the white house grounds. >> nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansen joins me from martha's vineyard where the president is vacationing. what it is white house's reaction to all this? it must be tense and embarrassing. >> they certainly didn't want to be dealing with. this they have their hands full with things like the iran nuclear deal. so they put out a pretty brief statementing saying what we just mentioned that she had been put on unpaid leave. basically banned from the white house. any of us who go in and out on the white house on a regular basis have a security clearance and what is called a hard pass to get in and out. she won't be able to use that anymore.
2:29 pm
in fact she was in jail and out now on $75,000 bail. but this is a personal tragic story as well. she is someone who worked her way up from being an intern on capitol hill and a deputy chief of staff and a well known congressman's office before getting this job as the special assistant to the president. somebody who has withbeen a lia between congress and the white house. and now of course as you might imagine that career is threatened. >> absolutely vulnerable. how much jail time could she face if she's convicted? >> you know, i actually don't know the answer to that? these are three felonies, however. and when i spoke to the folks in the state attorney's office and you saw the public information officer, the communications officer, interviewed there. he actually said they were going to kind of dig deep into this whole case beginning on monday. because she does not go back to court until september 2nd. so the details how this will end
2:30 pm
up aren't clear right now. but clearly these are extremely serious charges. and i should also mention a secondary investigation going on. the victim who had apparently his own service gun in his car unsecured, according to this police report is being looked at by capitol hill police to see if he violated any regulations here. i guess if there is one piece of good news out of this it is that no one was hurt. >> absolutely. chris janising, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stocks end sharply lower. the dow falls 212 after china devalued its own currency.
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we're following breaking developments out of ferguson, missouri where moments ago the st. louis police department released new surveillance video that show what they say is 18-year-old tyrone harris, jr. pulling a gun on police sunday night. the video was released to dispute claims from some eye witnesses that harris was not
2:35 pm
armed when he was shot by police. joining me now former fbi profiler clint van zandt. >> caller: hello. >> given the arguments about whether this young man possessed a gun, does this clarify he did pull a gun? >> i think this is still going to be the question. i think it suggests he may have a weapon. realize of course that family members were suggesting he did not. and then the continuing question of course is going to be where did the weapon come from? did somebody give it to him? did he already have it? did he pull a gun to defend himself? or was he in fact somebody who initiated. so i think it supports the question investigation. >> the timing of these kind of statements and videos by the police. why are they releasing it now? >> well i think the police right
2:36 pm
now realize that ferguson is a potential problem area. they don't want another michael brown incident to take place. if in fact they have some evidence that will support their position. when you look at this, it appears that the young man does in fact have a weapon in his left hand. should that be the case, i think that if the public views that and sees that, at least they are going to have to concede the fact that he had a weapon. the question again, where did the weapon come from? when was the weapon drawn? who shot at whom? is that all still has to be answered but at least it gives the public and family and others cause to consider the police position that he was firing shots also. >> yeah, what's interesting of course is that when we see the concentration of the oath keepers down there with men in full regalia and armed to the teeth causing no kind of
2:37 pm
consternation. i mean, there is some disgruntlement but no physical interaction. does that at least serve as the background as to why certain people are skeptical about the use of force with african american youth and versus the kind of clean and safe treatment accorded to those oath keepers? >> well i think the challenge is always going to be the public, those of us in the media, etc. we don't want to see law enforcement have to escalate. we don't want to see armored vehicles and heavy weapons and helmets and riot gear and things like that. i mean t whole purpose by and large of law enforcement is to come into a situation, stabilize it. make sure everybody is safe. and then get out of there and let you and i continue on with our life again. here of course there was criticism last year that law enforcement didn't do enough, that they allowed buildings to be burned and they allowed violence to take place. so here i think you have law
2:38 pm
enforcement. you have the community trying to walk a very fine line. how do we -- how do we go about with positive public protest? how do we give the community a chance to say we don't believe that everything that could be done has been done in this community in the past 365 days and yet still meet the needs of shop holders and the public to feel safe and not see acts of violence too. >> it is always a very fine line, a fine act that has to take place. unfortunately law enforcement feel they have to air on the side of being on the worst case scenario instead of as always dealing with the best case. matt's gotten used to the funk in his man-cave.
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plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. really?! being there whenever you need us... that's another safelite advantage. safelite repair, safelite replace. bernie sanders has suddenly become the biggest draw in the campaign trail. his campaign says more than 27,000 in los angeles showed up to see him on monday. about 15,000 showed up in seattle on saturday.
2:41 pm
business bigge his biggest crowd was about 28,000 sunday in portland, oregon. he's packing venues and winning big endorsements. national friends united and friends of the earth both backed him this year. i'm joined now by my panel. michelle, what do these big crowds mean? is bernie sanders beyond a rock star a real political threat to the fortunes of the hillary clinton? >> i think he has definitely tapped into the nervousness that a lot of people feel with hillary clinton. you know, there is a question of "is clinton actually a move forward?" or is it taking us back to the nineties? and there is a question of how is she in touch with populous anger out there. i just got back from iowa talking to democratic voters there and bernie's appeal is this gut level he feels my suffering and wants to shake
2:42 pm
things up. so his call for a political revolution more than any policy has a lot of people excited and shows how nervous they are about clinton. >> ruth, you are the editor of a magazine called "the progressive." bernie sanders seems to be the standard bear are fif -- bearer for the progressive movement today. -- to determine who will be the next president of the united states of america? >> well i think bernie's chances are slim because we have a system that's really based largely on money. but what he's doing is showing that a lot of people are fed up with that. and it was interesting to listen to him answer a question from a reporter on this subject. like do you think you really have a chance? gayle collins wrote a sneering editorial demanding that he answer this and admit he doesn't have a chance. and hiss answer is look, yeah this is a real question for someone like me but it is a real question for the voters and the
2:43 pm
entire american public do. have we have a chance to really have a democracy and talk about issues that everybody knows are true and yet mainstream candidates in both parties refuse to acknowledge. namely wall street's interests and the interests of others are not aligned. and flat lining wages and people can't sends kids to college and a tremendous inequality. and bernie says all this stuff. it is a little depressing. it is not that it's so charismatic and. it's that he's finally saying people know to be true and it resonates tremendously with people. >> maybe he's the antidonald in that regard. so michelle if this were any other candidate would we be talking about the crowd size the way he seems to be drawing a huge throng of people. >> well we are talking about like this 74-year-old guy who socialist from vermont. i mean he's this quirky
2:44 pm
character like howard biel out of network. i'm mad. i'm not going to take it anymore. so it is fascinating to see this cranky uncle pull all of these people to these huge events. i think ruth is right that this is the longest of long shots but it does show that people are kind of worried and they want something more than they are getting. >> well, ruth, if this is indeed a long shot, what is the threat of bernie sanders' presence here to hillary clinton? and how does it push her? does it push her further left? does it make her take on issues that ordinarily might not be addressed because of his presence? >> i think bernie sanders role is to say to hillary clinton, if -- you know, if you are for deals like nafta, what good does that do the american worker? if you are funded by wall street and a huge fund of hedge fund managers how can you say you represent the interests of
2:45 pm
ordinary people. and i think will it push her to take positions as she did in 2008 when pushed that are somewhat more left. more importantly it is existential. are we going to have candidates that represent people or not? and is it worth having somebody out there who says what a lot of people believe which is that we need a society that focuses on the interests of the 90%. and that is a really important thing he's doing and i think the building of that progressive movement is significant no matter what the outcome in the primaries. and the wrestling he's doing right now with the black lives matter movement. the little bit of trouble he's had and his very deep response to that is profound. because if we have a progressive movement populated by white people that joins forces with the black lives matter is a significant political force and it's exciting. >> i was going to ask both of you about that. do you think his response has been not only appropriate? but he came out the next day after his latest challenge with a detailed agenda about racial inequity and justice in this nation. so in that sense even though it is uncomfortable to see him
2:46 pm
challenged and not able to speak, it seems that the outcome has been a rather positive one. and he's resolved an edifying and i think productive fashion. what do you think about that? >> i think that is actually what they are kind of aiming for. the leaders of the movement have said they are not trying to cause him particular trouble but he is a progressive voice and they want their issues looked at. and in order to do that they have to be a little disruptive. and, you know, bernie's campaign in general has to take into consideration that vermont is very well known as the very white state and his supporters have overwhelmingly thus far been the white section of the democratic party. so he needs to expand his appeal. and i think that he's taking this very seriously. >> all right. >> i agree. i think he's taking it very seriously. >> okay. michelle and ruth, thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thanks. still to come, los angeles gets the ball rolling on water conservation. we are the details next. if you have moderate to severe
2:47 pm
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2:50 pm
and pulling it off on this scale took a lot of -- balls. coming up jeb bush blames president obama and hillary clinton in a speech in the reagan library. is america ready for bush part three?
2:51 pm
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a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. on my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage war. it seems every time a bush is in the white house, the united states is at war. the next bush who wants to be president is being very critical of president obama's withdrawal from iraq. he's looping hillary clinton into his attack as well. jeb bush is scheduled to speak at ron reagan national library tonight. according to excerpts of his speech released by his campaign jeb will say isis grew while the united states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the threat. where was secretary of state clinton in all of this?
2:55 pm
like the president himself, she had opposed the surge, then joined in claiming credit for its success, then stood by as that hard-won victory was thrown away. i'm joined now by jess mcintosh, a spokesperson for emily's list and ron christie, former assistant to president george w. bush and columnist for the daily beast. ron, given this family's legacy in iraq, is this really where jeb bush wants to have a foreign policy debate? >> good evening, doc, yeah, it is. i think unfortunately this administration has never called terrorism what it is. we're waging war with islamic jihadists that are trying to kill us. the president won't say that. secretary of state wouldn't say that. i think as we try to draw differences between the candidates who want to be the 45th president of the united states, i think governor bush is very wise to look at the foreign policy of this administration and draw distinctions of how he would lead versus how they've led. >> jess, in light of what brother christie just indicated there, jeb bush called the withdraw from iraq a date which
2:56 pm
his own brother george w. bush set a fatal mistake that created the basis for isis to grow. how does he rebut those kinds of climbs in light of what mr. christie has just indicated? >> it seems very odd for jeb to focus on the withdrawal from iraq, the beginning of the withdrawal from iraq which was a date set by his brother. it was even odder for him to make this the focal point of his campaign right now. he floundered in the debate, he hasn't been able to recover from missteps about american workers needing to work harder. turning to foreign policy, i think most americans remember the bush doctrine very well. they remember the years that we had under bush. they remember the cowboy diplomacy, and they're not looking at all for a return back to that. so i'm curious to see where, if at any place, jeb distances himself from his brother's policies. the last time he was asked about it, he said even know -- even if
2:57 pm
he knew then what we know now, he still would have invaded iraq which is no position that anyone in the republican holds right now. this is a curious place for him to be going if he's trying to draw support and attention. >> given the analysis that jess has just offered, it does seem strange in light of his what some would argue flip-flopping on this issue and the weighted history he brings to bear upon this in the shadow of his brother and father and unable to escape that. this strategy of being critical of clinton's record is a way to deflect the criticism from bush's own record and the weight that he carries? >> no. you're talking about someone who was a strong executive in florida, a strong leader, someone who was the commander in chief of the florida folks who are in the reserves. to use the analogy he needs to get out of the shadow of his brother or father, then we might as well say we should never elect hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states because she's going to we
2:58 pm
chasing interns around the oval office like her husband did. the logic of that is ridiculous. jeb has a record. he'll run on his record. he's looking at the failures of this current administration. the failure to stem isis and the failure to get a strong allies to kill jihadists. >> jeb bush plans to go after hillary clinton for only going to iraq once dpuring her time a secretary of state. is that a legitimate or even a fair criticism? >> i think a bush standing on stage and saying that iraq is the problem of president obama and hillary clinton is going to be just as laughable to the audience who cease sees it toni it is to us right now. 19 of 21 of jeb's foreign policy advisers also belonged to his brother and his father. the idea that this is somehow a way to get out of their shadow and be his own man might require
2:59 pm
finding another family's rolodex to consult some advice. he's getting it from exactly the same people. if he wants to differentiate himself, if he wants to say that some of what w did was wrong and this is how he would be different, those are fair questions to ask a presidential candidate. so far he hasn't done any of that. he's simply turned his brother's failures around on to the president and to hillary clinton in a political ploy to give his campaign a little boost because he's been lagging so badly. america will see through that. >> 20 seconds left, ron christie, what's your response? >> george w. bush won the war in iraq, the strategy worked. the administration with secretary clinton blew it. >> no one in a million years is going to believe that. >> everyone believe that because it's the absolute truth, jess. >> well, you were in the white house and i was protesting as a college student, so we're coming at it from different perspectives. but a lot of americans are with
3:00 pm
me. >> thank you for your time tonight and that vigorous debate. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> i'm michael eric dyson. "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. tonight on "politics nation," donald trump live and on the campaign trail. he talks to reporters this hour for the first time since the debate and his feud with fox news. also, bernie sanders takes california by storm. jeb bush tries to rewrite history on iraq, and dr. king as you've never heard him before. a new version of his "i have a dream" speech from the year before the march on washington. welcome to "politics nation." donald trump is due to talk to reporters within the hour. the first time he's met with the


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