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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 12, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> she wasn't supposed to see the gallies but my daughter left them out and she wrote all over the book, crossed things out and lies, not true. ugly faces. yes, it was a good day. all right, that does it for us. if it's way too early it's time for "morning joe" but now it's time for "the rundown." have a great day, everybody. good morning, first on the rundown this morning, hillary clinton directed her staff to turn her private e-mail server over to the fbi. this as the inspector general says some of the e-mails were classified top secret. state department says they have seen the e-mails in question but are still determining whether they agree those e-mails were indeed classified at the time they were sent. clinton herself has repeatedly denied that any information in her e-mails was classified. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does this mean for clinton? >> to be determined, i think,
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remember at this point the fbi's job here is to decide whether classified information was mishandled. that is what its assignment is from these inspectors general. it's not investigating people. this isn't a criminal investigation. the first thing for the fbi is to get its arms around, what was on that server. of course, she has said she erased the material. they'll see if they can recover anything on it. she said she put copies of materials on these thumb drives that she gave to her lawyer and he turned that over to the fbi. at this point they are trying to get their arms of the universe of what was on her server. >> are they going to look to determine if they can get those deleted e-mails? she insists that those deleted e-mails had nothing to do with any official business. >> that will be something they will look at. they want to know entire what was on the server and there's a question if they can get anything off of material. there's deleting material and deleting material. on your own computer if you delete a file, the stuff is still there, it's the little
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index cards that help the computer find it are gone. an experienced forensic folks can still recover it. if you wipe it clean, it's not there. the fbi will see if they can recover anything. >> the big question is, was that material labeled top secret or classified when mrs. clinton received those e-mails? >> she said no, she has said the material that was sent to her never had any markings on it. the intelligence community's position is that doesn't matter. information is classified doesn't matter what can it comes in. it's the contents that matter and information is classified and comes from a classified source. they are saying that shouldn't have been in her system. the state department says that material argued about now, that now the ig says was top secret, had been an unclassified state department e-mail systems for a while. there's something of a disconnect between state and intel community and because it's classified, we can't see it. >> pete williams, thank you, good to see you in person.
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normally there's that whole distance thing. >> right. >> nothing personal? >> i hope not. >> we'll have more on this story throughout our show. hillary clinton is facing attacks on several fronts on the campaign trail. in a speech last night at the reagan library in california, jeb bush laid out his own foreign policy vision, even as he decimated president obama's. >> who can seriously argue that america and our friends are safer today than in 2009? when the president and secretary clinton, the storied team of rivals, took office, so eager to be the history makers, they failed to be the peace makers. >> donald trump in his first major event since last week's debate also attacked on foreign policy. >> jeb and hillary on the same day, they said donald trump has too strong a tone. too strong. we have heads being chopped off
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because they are christian in the middle east. we have borders where people are being killed, the world is cracking up and they are worried about my tone. >> msnbc's kasie hunt is in simi valley, california. good morning. this is -- >> good morning. >> this is jeb bush's big moment on foreign policy. how did it go over? >> reporter: he gave a sweeping speech on foreign policy here at the ronald reagan presidential library, a way to elevate something especially in the republican party. i think for bush, it's a little bit of a risky strategy, right, taking on hillary clinton on iraq. this is something that obviously was an issue for her in 2008, but she ultimately did say that she was wrong to vote for the war and bush's brother is the person who ultimately decided to invade. clinton's campaign in a prebuttal said they are attempting to rewrite history, the bush campaign, in blaming president obama and by extension
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hillary clinton, his secretary of state, for the rise of isis. bush got into some specifics about what he would do to try toe fight isis, including giving some of our troops that are in the region a little more leeway in what they are allowed to do. he lgs says we need to remove syrian president al assad from power. at this point, hjose, he needs o show that he is willing to be aggressive in taking on hillary clinton and in his own campaign. with donald trump sitting atop these polls it's been a challenge for bush to get back into the headlines. at this point it's possible his campaign has just decided it's worth the risk. >> let's turn over to the democratic side for a moment, the boston herald has a new poll showing bernie sanders leading hillary clinton in new hampshire by 7 points. what do you make of this? >> reporter: well, jose, it's certainly a warning flag for the clinton campaign and i think it's one that's going to cause
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yet another set of ripples, concerns, a few weeks ago we had vice president joe biden talking to his supporters and confident about jumping into the race and anything along these lines that starts conversations like that over again. the reality is that bernie sanders touched a nerve with the progressive wing of the democratic party. he's drawing crowds in the thousands at this point. so have to think this is causing some irritation inside the brooklyn headquarters, jose. >> 6:06 local time in the morning for us, thanks. >> reporter: beautiful morning in simi valley. >> it is indeed. developing now a u.s. military helicopter has crash landed ost coast of japan injuring 17 people. jim miklaszewski joins us with the latest. >> the u.s. military says this cobra helicopter -- army
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blackhawk helicopter made a hard landing on a u.s. navy supply ship. but let's take a look at the video. if you look at the video, this is more than a hard landing. it's clear that the there must have been some kind of mechanical difficulty because if you look at where the pilot landed this plane or this helicopter, it's not on any helipad, it's at the bow of the ship amidst cargo. this was an emergency crash landing of some kind. 17 people were injured and air lifted back to shore where they are receiving medical treatment. nobody said to be in critical condition as far as we understand it. kudos to the pilot here. you look at that area on the ship, it's very tight space for him to try to land a helicopter. the rot ors are knocked off almost immediately when it runs into some of the cargo there.
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so rather than see where the crew members would have been at more risk, he was able to maneuver the helicopter apparently under some kind of mechanical problem and land if relatively safely. the helicopter didn't survive but all seven on board did. >> pretty amazing. thank you so much. we're following new developments in deflategate. here's a live shot outside manhattan federal court where tom brady and nfl commissioner goodell will meet privately with a judge before making his first court appearance. he's appealing his four-game suspension afs it was ruled the quarterback was in on the extreme to deflate footballs ahead of last year's afc championship game. brady denies it and judge urging both sides to reach an agreement out of court. let's bring in contributor, mike barnicle. >> glad to be here. >> let's start about this spectacle as a first discussion
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point. the star quarterback facing off before a judge. >> it's hard to believe it's gone on longer than an nfl season. it's gone on now for seven or eight months. both sides probably want it ended. the interesting development, you just pointed it out, that a federal court now has both sides to appear before him personally twice. yesterday and this morning prior to the onset of official proceedings and that's kinds of different because a federal court, federal judge he especia, both sides will get behind closes doors an idea of how strong their case is and what's going to happen if they go forward without an agreement. so the judge is clearly pressing for an agreement. >> i thinking what's the most logical outcome? >> logic went out the door according to both sides a long time ago. takes mine ir infraction of the rules, did not affect the integrity of the game at all. there's no real culpability that
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has been pinpointed to tom brady himself. they don't have a single shred of evidence that said tom brady called the person to deflate the footballs. don't have it. we're going to find out how ludicrous this is. >> let's talk about another quarterback, the jets geno smith sidelined for the next two to six weeks after getting sucker punched by a teammate in the face. >> that is such a new york jets story. >> 700 bucks or something. >> $600 plane fare, that what we've been told. it could only happen to the new york jets, a star crossed entity in the nfl, always something happens with the new york jets and of course several lame jokes going on around about what happened to geno smith yesterday. some saying that you know, he tried to punch back but that the punch was intercepted as so many of his passes were in the past. >> mike, thanks for being with me. it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll have an update on
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today's court appearance coming up in the next hour. but developing out west, the epa administrator set to visit the river area in colorado amid signs of progress one week after a mine waste spill turned the river orange. look at the before and after. sent dangerous chemicals hundreds of miles into state waters. the epa, the agency task with protecting the environment accidentally unleashed 3 million gallons of polluted waste water. the agency saying those pollutants are dissipating but they admit they don't know the long term impact. the toxic spill is moving downstream almost passing through towns in colorado and new mexico and heading towards lake powell in utah. scott, this is scary stuff. >> reporter: it was certainly scary to look at. you can see that the looks cles
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sedment on the banks and three attorneys general will be visiting various parts of the spill area today. colorado, new mexico, and utah as they look to see what the issues are and as you said, jena mccarthy will be in the area as well. so the most visible effects of the spill seem to be dissipating but they have to look beyond that. meantime, the river still closed to recreation and water use still restricted and farmers and ranchers are concerned about contamination and having water brought in. so this is not over yet by any means, jose. >> thank you very much. just a couple of minutes i'll be speaking with christine todd whitman, former head of the epa to get her take on this. that's coming up on the rundown. we're just get started on this
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edition. we'll take you to havana, cuba, where the flag will be raised over the u.s. embassy about 48 hours from now. just as a new report indicates that cuban dissidents will not be invited to the event. plus, the texas police officer accused of killing an unarmed robbery suspect is fired. we'll have the latest on the case out of arlington and new wildfire in northern california grows to more than 14,000 acres. we'll tell you about the new concern for firefighters fighting the flames next on "the rundown." do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month
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we continue to follow developments out west where officials say the animas an and san juan rivers are starting to clear up after a spill polluted rivers and moving across the entire west. here's the site where the breach occurred. epa is working around the clock to contain the breach that it caused at the gold king mine. >> i think we all would want to move as quickly as humanly possible. that's what epa demands of anyone in our situation. i'm absolutely deeply sorry that this ever happened but i want to make sure that we react positively and in a way that's credible and move this forward. >> joining me is christine todd whitman. thank you for being with me this morning. >> my pleasure. >> the epa is facing tough
6:30 am
questions and could be slammed by a lawsuit from the governor of new mexico. does this surprise you? >> it's the last thing in the world epa wanted to see happen. it's not what their people are all about or what they do. particularly at this time when epa is a target of many on capitol hill, it gives them something to go after the agency on even though this kind of thing can happen. we've seen these things happen before and who knows who is the responsible party. was that retaining wall properly put in place, all of these questions to be answered over time, right now the real concern is to clean up that river. >> yeah, i mean people impacted by the spill are upset the epa didn't warn them about the breach since it occurred and they found it through the media 24 hours later. how do you handle communications with the public and how do you try to avoid this in the future. >> what you try to do is give the public as much information as you really have.
6:31 am
as you have found in so many cases, the first information you get is not always exactly right but the thing you have to balance is, you want to get out to the public as quickly as possible, be as up front and open and transparent as possible. but you want to have the facts. sometimes the facts you don't have all of the facts right away. you have to get over that a little bit and say to the people, look, this is bad. this is something we caused. i think they did that quickly from what i can understand. it's a question of how they notified people and who got notified. it's amazing how much information you can put out and people will say, i didn't hear it, even though it was in the press, on the news. there are a lot of questions still that need to be answered but again, as you point out, the important thing is to clean up the river because not only do you have people who depend on that for their livelihood and river rafting trips and tourists that are there, but -- and people who use it for drinking water and cleaning, those kind of things, but you also have the
6:32 am
eek koelg and animals, what's the sediment going to be like. there's a lot of arsenic in the old mines. there's a lot of work to be done. >> initially the reports were it's kind of a small spill and there was no alarm really given initially. when you see the amount of orange that is throughout the river, i mean, this has to have a long term effect. this is not a small thing. take a look at just the size of these things. this cannot be but have some long-term effect on wildlife and on the environment. >> clearly it's going to have an effect. there's no question about that. what you have to look for is how soon will the sediment settle and will it be integrated into what's already there that songs you don't disturbance it won't be leaking as it were. you have to be super cautious and let it set.
6:33 am
it's hard to now clean up sediment, you don't know what you're cleaning up. they have a lot of work to do to analyze exactly what they are dealing with and what the best way is to decontaminate. you have to dewater, a lot of things that do into decontamination, when you have to pull up sediment, you have to know where you're going to put it and how do you get the water out of it. there are a whole lot of questions and things that need to be answered over the long term. >> christine todd whitman, we appreciate your time. thank you. >> relative calm returned to the streets of ferguson after a consecutive night of protests marking a year since the shooting death of michael brown. demonstrators gathered along the main street of the city and for the most part of the scene was calm. some officers reported rocks being thrown at hem but no one was injured. st. louis police released surveillance video to what they say is harris taking a hand gun from his waist band. he was shot by police and
6:34 am
remains hospitalized in critical condition this morning. he's been charged with ten felony counts. a local business gave the video to police and they released it to counterclaims of harris that he did not have a gun. wesley, good seeing you. >> reporter: good to see you as well, jose. >> relative calm after another night of protests. what's the sense this morning? >> reporter: it seems as if this round of confrontations may have begun to blow over and we may see the state of emergency lifted. there were demonstrators on the street as many nights in ferguson, as national media gets on our planes and go else with, a lot of activists and people who traveled for the anniversary begin to leave and go back to their homes and their jobs, it seems as if things are at least beginning to calm down in the streets here. >> you've been covering the story since the beginning and one year ago you were arrested, covering the protest. you were just issued a court
6:35 am
summons. >> issued a court summons -- not yesterday, the day prior, yep. >> what's the situation? what are they asking? what are you facing? >> so essentially they are charging myself and ryan riley, the reporter with whom i was arrested, with trespassing and interfering with the police officer. these are charges stemming from our august 13th, 2014 arrest or detention in the mcdonald's where we were working. they were asked to evacuate and they aren't happy with the speed which with evacuated. this comes a year after this alleged offense. we've maintained from the beginning we weren't breaking any laws. it's a little per plexing that now a year later this is something that the st. louis county would want to dredge back up. >> the latest article you co-wrote entitled around st. louis bloodshed rises in the year since michael brown was killed. you talk about the ferguson effect. what is that? >> it's this idea, this question debate happening currently among
6:36 am
criminalologists, currently a rise in violent crime in greater st. louis, as is the case in many major metropolitans across the country. we're seeing a spike in violent crime. it's nothing like the 80s and 90s but it is a spike. there's a debate here currently about what impact the unrest here may have had on that or if violent criminals are taking advantage of the fact that the distrust between police and law enforcements has been highlighted. there is currently an increase in violent crime in st. louis. it seems premature and some ways inappropriate to directly link that to protests pro se, they are happening concurrently and highlighting the communication between the police and communities here. >> wesley lowery, thanks for being with us this morning. >> any time. >> and now to the impact of u.s. immigration policy on business. the arizona bordertown is the largest port of entry between u.s. and mexico.
6:37 am
there is a report that some small businesses are struggling. >> reporter: with his retail store located just steps away from the border crossing, braker's has thrived by offering american products you can't find on the other side to mexican nationals. federal regulations and enforcement reduced that traffic from mexico. >> in 2007 we had 7.5 million crossing the border, 99% of that was happening downtown. last year the fiscal numbers was under 3 million. >> i'm joined by j.j. ren berg, about to kick off the tenth season. thanks for being with me. >> it's great to see you. it was really interesting and sad in some ways. there were a lot of great things but in part of the piece you just saw, these companies, while physically in the u.s. were economically in mexico.
6:38 am
when your potential customer base drops by more than half, it's really scary and hard for these small businesses. >> and what is that drop more than half due to? >> if you're a small business, suddenly you don't have customers. it was interesting at bracker's, it's a department store but also at the checkout they had brochures for the century pass, get their customers coming from mexico to sign up for this, a fast pass to get across the border. and that was one example of someone who's having a hard time and struggling and trying to figure things out. we also really optimistically spoke to some companies who have changed their business model because of the tightened borders. >> we've got different customer base now. i think that's what's really keeping us going. >> reporter: he now offers hard to get mexican products to the hispanic american customers living here. >> wefl a lot of customers that come in just for this.
6:39 am
you know, grab a throw it in the pan and it's done. >> reporter: the result? today he and his sons opened three new locations to meet the demand. you talked about what does it do when you lose your customer base, that was the market and they basically change their business model. they are going after different kinds of customers. >> interesting j.j. ramberg, thanks for being with me. you can see her entire report this morning at 7:30 a.m. as quts your business" kicks off its tenth season here on msnbc. up next, hillary clinton's e-mail fallout if top secret e-mails were indeed found on her server, what does that do to her presidential run? first, an enormous dust storm moving through parts of arizona. this is amazing video. this is a time lapse that shows the haboob as it's called, moving across the airport in phoenix. it brought heavy rain and high
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because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. developing now on wall street, another rough morning min ugts into trading. we're down 171 points following a sell-off in european and asian markets, in response to china's currency devaluation having issues across the globe. we'll talk about how it's affecting us later in the show. back to the controversy around hillary clinton's e-mails and the damage that may already have been done to her presidential agen aspirations, found on a server that clinton has told her staff to turn over to the fbi. a democratic strategist and executive editor and republican strategy and served as adviser to john mccain, friends of both of mine. >> good to see you. >> jimmy, let's start with you.
6:44 am
is this another issue of a self- -- of a gunshot wound you do to yourself or too much and people are saying, i get it there was an issue. it's not going to have major repercussions. >> you're talking about the e-mails, right? look, i don't think most people care. secondly, i think her turning the server over to the department of justice is a good idea. let them go through it. thirdly, most importantly of the tens and thousands of e-mails two of them may have been -- may have been top secret. may have been is the key. and so if that's the case, then if in fact, we found that that information was out in the public realm, then i have -- my gut tells me the department of justice will take care of that matter. she's turned them all over and given them thumb drives and given them the server. what more can she possibly do? her last name is clinton. nothing. the reason being because her last name is clinton. >> the reason being it's bad judgment she demonstrated from
6:45 am
the get-go. she erased 33,000 e-mails and said take my word for it they are personal and totally irrelevant. we'll wait and see. this goes to a question of of course this has been leaking little by little about things that should have been, might have been classified top secret and so forth. it goes to judgment. it goes to judgment as to whether this should be the person we elect president of the united states for this reason. why is she even having a personal server in the first place in her home when there could have been compromised? it goes to judgment. in addition to that, which is a critical point on this, why is she waiting now to turn the server over? why dent didn't she do this from the beginning? i do think people think she's hiding something. >> jeb bush had a private e-mail server and colin powell had a private e-mail --
6:46 am
>> didn't have a server in his home. >> we have none of his e-mails from the entire time he is secretary of state. >> it became a national security issue, classified documents and scott walker -- jeb bush. >> this is the typical pattern, the rules don't apply to us. >> the rules apply to the clintons -- >> let me ask you something. >> there's a double standard. >> let's talk about someone who has been surging, which is bernie sanders. he has been surging. is it in part due to this scandal? >> i think partly because of that because people -- there is clinton -- i will admit there is a certain perception or certain amount of clinton fatigue, there always is going to be, although bill clinton is the most popular politician in america right now. we should not forget that. they are a team. secondly, think bernie sanders is out there saying things people want to hear. that's fine. the problem with bernie sanders and i like him, he's a very good politician for the state of
6:47 am
vermont. i don't know that bernie sanders is necessarily electable nationwide. and more importantly, bernie sanders is not -- he's out -- he's not doing very -- he's not doing very well when it comes to the black lives matter movement. i know he put out a fantastic plan on the issue of racial injustice. >> it's amazing bernie sanders is 7 points ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. >> one poll. >> in any poll that's an amazing development. >> why? >> an unknown senator, largely in the united states, obviously i agree with jimmy -- i didn't interrupt you. let me tell you a couple of things about this. first of all, i agree with jimmy, obviously this credibility issue is having a serious impact. that's why in part he's rising. i agree on that. beyond that, she's a lousy candidate with a bad message.
6:48 am
there's another important poll, four republicans, two could be likely nominees are ahead of her in iowa. a key swing state that has gone largely democratic in the last five years. there is not a clinton fatigue, there is a perception in america, especially with her that the rules don't apply to us. >> jimmy, is there -- is it important that a candidate be a good candidate on the stump? because quite frankly, if you say that hillary clinton isn't a good candidate, there are a whole slew on the republican side that are also poor candidates. >> george bush was a horrible candidate and he won twice so no. >> you don't think so? >> no, i think people have to think you can govern and run the country. most think hillary clinton can run the country. >> she's a lousy candidate and her numbers always decline when she announces for anything. this is the beginning. bernie sanders is ahead of her in polls -- >> one poll.
6:49 am
>> we'll see how those polls continue to -- >> who would have thought that, jose, six weeks ago he would be ahead in any poll? >> who would have thought the people are ahead and people that are behind are behind six weeks ago on any -- >> i'm sure we're a year out from the elections. >> thank you both. after the great, i'm going to talk with cuban american poet who has been chosen to write and read a poem at the reopening of the american embassy in havana on friday. take a look at this incredible under water video. this is a giant shark. look at the size of humans and the size of the shark. they are saying it's 20-feet long. the clim was just released and look at that. hello, you have a cage, i can eat it and you will not notice anything. i'm so big that i can eat a cage and use it as a toothpick.
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learning new details about the historic u.s. flag-raising ceremony at the u.s. embassy in havana, cuba are under way. first the associated press reports that the obama administration does not plan to invite dissidents to the ceremony. instead, he is set to meet with act visst later in the day. also a poet richard blanco has been selected to participate in the ceremony. redez>> narrator:ing the intersection as an embassy. for citing his poet one today for president obama in 2013, and richard blanco joins me now from
6:54 am
miami, good to see you. >> good to be here. how are you? >> good, thanks. tell me about friday, what does it mean to you? >> you can't imagine, it's one of the most emotional and complex poems i've ever had to write. it seems like so much of what all my writing has been about leading up to this very moment about sort of the negotiation of cultural identities and what not, but it just seems so surreal still, but it's incredible honor to be part of the, this historic moment and to be thinking about, you know, what this means for the future, and the relation -- this is really, in some sense, just the beginning. it's just sort of the dawn of new things to come. >> and tell me, when you're writing, what are you thinking about? what's in your heart and in your memory as you write this? >> well, you know, i've always felt like my heart has always been split between, between two, between two, two countries, two
6:55 am
heritages, two loyalties. and so the poem is in a way sort of someone reconciling that part of me personally, what i hope the poem does as well is bring us to another place of reconciliation, an emotional place of reconciliation, a place of perhaps healing and not necessarily that, you know, i see this moment more as a moment of emotional truth, truce. where we're agreeing to perhaps talk and have another kind of conversation. i don't see this sort of, you know, we've had to pick one side or the other or the idea that it's, that it's about one thing or the other, but rather, it's just listen, this moment where we actually get to start sort of mending in some way. >> richard, this was a 17th consecutive sunday that pro democracy activists have been beaten and arrested in havana. do you think that you will include those voices, those aspirations, those people that are beaten and silenced? will you be speaking their voices as well.
6:56 am
>> well, the poem has to be a little bit shorter than that from what i was told, but the idea is really, as all ours does is get down to the core of humanity. and really, able for us to, on both sides of the 90 miles to recognize our humanity to effect change in that sense and support each other in that sense. really bring faces and voices and names to what sometimes becomes abstract issues. and that's the power of poetry and art. and in that way, in that way i hope that the poem and this moment sort of begins to, as a catalyst for changes to come, certainly. >> richard blanco, great to see you, thanks for being with me. >> great to be here. coming up, jeb bush gives a major foreign policy address at the reagan library in california. i'll be speaking with former rnc chair about bush's position among the 2016 hopefuls. plus could this be the end
6:57 am
of a deflategate scandal? tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell privately meet with a judge before the first court appearance. we've got that coverage for you next on the rundown. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro... when you go this summer, go to the new and when you stay twice get a free $50 gift card. book now at no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus...
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welcome back to the second hour of the rundown, coming from washington, d.c. where we begin with politics. hillary clinton is turning her server to the fbi. the inspector general's office said some e-mails were classified top secret. they have seen the e-mails in question but are determining whether they were indeed classified at the time they were sent. clinton herself has repeatedly denied that any information in her e-mails was classified. meanwhile in california, presidential candidate jeb bush gave a first major foreign policy speech of his campaign last night at the reagan library. and while donald trump held his first event since last week's controversial debate, he didn't share much on his own foreign policy leanings.
7:01 am
n msnbc's casey hunt is in california. >> what could be better than beautiful california this morning? >> looks perfect. the sun wasn't out, it's coming out now. let's ask you about the clinton e-mails. how's that going to play out on the campaign trail? >> well jose, i think this is overall part of the drip, drip, drip on this e-mail story. this is something they have resisted putting out the server, releasing the e-mails, and instead of having this story that we talked about in dallas several months ago, it's something that keeps continuing to dog her as we head into the potential primary of voting, potentially dragging all the way through the fall. and at this point, on background officials will say that this chalk it up to a difference between the intelligence community and the state department and how they talk about these e-mails, the reality is, this is just more food for republicans to chew over as they
7:02 am
look to criticize hillary, jose. >> and as you are at the reagan library, jeb bush was there yesterday, what do we know more about jeb bush's foreign policy that we didn't know before? >> well, he did get into some specifics of what he wants to do to fight isis, among those things, giving people who are already in the region our troops more leeway in the techniques and things that they're allowed to do and use as they try to fight isis. he says we need to remove president bashar al assad from power in syria. but on the whole, this was about him going after president obama and hillary clinton by extension over isis. it is ultimately what led to the chaos in the region and led to the rise of isis. the hillary clinton campaign says that's an attempt to rewrite history, it is a tricky subject for bush to be weighing into because his brother is the one who invaded iraq in the
7:03 am
first place, jose. >> thank you very much. for more on jeb bush, i'd like to bring in former florida governor mel martinez. good to see you. >> hey, good morning, jose. >> let's start with bush's big foreign policy speech last night, always trying to distance himself from his brother, there he was calling for more american troops in iraq, what's going on? >> well, i think the closer parallel was actually ronald reagan, he talked about strength and clarity of purpose, and that's a stark difference from where we are today with president obama and hillary clinton's foreign policy. clarity of purpose, a plan on how to defeat isis and the strength in order to carry not only that out, but other threats. it's a plan with clarity with distinguishes himself from frankly a lot of the noise of the portfolio campaign. and it gives the american people an idea of where he would take the country in foreign policy. >> he was tough on the obama administration's handling isis. >> well, first of all you have
7:04 am
to distinguish yourself of where you're going to go. you know, i think only the criticism of secretary clinton during her time in office and president obama, but he also set out a very clear plan. here we have a president who for now more than a year has been completely adrift against this very great threat to our country. he hasn't got a plan, he admits to not having a strategy. jeb bush set out a strategy yesterday, clear, cut strategy with steps that clearly go through how we need to get there. obviously strengthening in the military, but also removing assad and strengthening the moderate forces in that region, understanding that isis now controls a territory the size of indiana. just a theoretical threat, this is a real threat. and so, i think that jeb bush laid out a vision, not only for the middle east, but how to strengthen america's place in the world. >> bush is heading to iowa tomorrow, always an important campaign stop for candidates, new polling shows he's still way
7:05 am
behind donald trump there, why do you think that is? >> well, look, i think it's early in the campaign. i think frankly, i'm no more capable of explaining the trump phenomena than anybody else, it is that. i truly believe that as time goes on, a major foreign policy speech like jeb bush gave is the kind of thing that we need to see happening an candidates begin to define themselves. and frankly, give the country an idea of what they would be like as president. that's what he needs to do with the people of iowa, he'll come and come often and try to knock on doors and let people know him better. and frankly, i just have known governor bush for a long time, if people get to know him, they'll respond better. i think a work in progress and much work to be done ahead. >> he was, some say, he stumbled or he was not very strong in the debate last week. is jeb bush a, someone who can energize crowds and get people to understand how he feels in a
7:06 am
direct and clear way? >> oh, i don't think there's any question about that. i think this campaign is very early. i think things are just getting rolling. and i think governor bush will put himself well. aye seen him do it. i've seen him wade into crowds of bilingual crowds, something we don't talk a lot about yet in this campaign, but it'll have a tremendous impact, particularly as you look to the general election. who can actually unite this country, galvanize support behind the republican ticket. i believe jeb bush in the end will be the clear front runner, not only within the party, but ultimately to win the prize, to become the next president. and that's what ultimately we're about. >> former senator mel martinez, it's a pleasure, sir. >> thank you, jose. new video in just]a=w momen ago, star patriots quarterback tom brady arriving in a manhattan federal courthouse. there you see him. it's his first court appearance for the appeal of his four-game suspension. roger goodell alsok;p arrived minutes ago.
7:07 am
the two will meet privately with a judge before, and there you see him arriving, before the hearing begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. congressional critics against the cuba policy are criticizing the white house saying that cuban dissidents will not be invited to the u.s. flag rising on friday. here's what congresswoman lleyton said just moments ago. >> what the administration, what secretary as doing the bidding of the administration is doing is sending a message to the dissidents that they form no role in this new relationship between the united states and cuba. that they are forgotten. they are discarded. >> kris, good morning. >> good morning. >> what more do we know about the politics surrounding friday's event? >> well, we know that this is a difficult situation for the white house, right? because there have been a number of nebraskas of congress who
7:08 am
have travelled to cuba since this essential detente has been announced. and they have chosen not to meet generally with any dissidents because then of the threat that cuban officials would not meet with them, and that's the same concern that we see with this event coming up in just a couple of days. so, there is, there is word that there will be, they hope some sort of compromise, that compromise would potentially involve those dissidents who have said very publicly that they have not been invited to this ceremony. they would, indeed, not go, but later john kerry would meet with them privately. there would be a flag-raising ceremony so there's some sort of inclusion, but all of this, sf it plays out the way it looks like it is going to, jose, obviously spotter for 2016, marco rubio has already sent a letter to secretary kerry naming some of the dissidents he believes should be invited, so this isn't over yet, jose. >> interesting. so if in the past and the recent
7:09 am
past officials have decided not to meet with dissidents in cuba because the cuban government would not then possibly meet with them, does that mean that the cuban government is, essentially has a final say on who goes and who doesn't go to this event on friday? inside u.s. territory, inside the u.s. embassy in cuba? >> well, obviously the white house wouldn't want to have it be interpreted that way, the way they would look at is they are trying to sort of please as much as they can both sides, not make this more than they would like it to be. they don't want to make it anymore controversial, but as you well point out, they can't really walk away from that. since 1961, i mean, the u.s. has depended on these dissidents, has been very close to these dissidents, this policy has been worked through all these years with the voice of those dissidents, it puts them in an
7:10 am
awkward position. >> thanks for being with me this morning. >> you too. another development from arlington, texas, where a rookie police officer has been fired and facing a criminal investigation for fatally shooting a young unarmed suspect at a local car dealership. >> this is an extremely tragic case. our community is hurting. family is hurting. our department is certainly hurting. and quite frankly, our nation is hurting. >> let's get the latest from adam reese outside police headquarters in arlington, texas, good morning. >> good morning, jose, that chief says it was a series of bad decisions, bad judgment on the part of his officers as they responded to the burglary call at the car dealership. that led to christian taylor's death. most importantly, and most troubling for him was the fact that officer miller went inside to the car dealership by himself, and didn't notify his partner. i want to read to you a statement from the police union, chief johnson acknowledged that
7:11 am
the suspect refused to surrender and chose to instead advance on uniformed officer, the arlington municipal patrolman's association says right to be judged fairly and completely on facts instead of a snapshot developed in only days. investigations take time and as chief johnson acknowledged, this investigation is not close to being concluded. i want to point out that there was never any physical interaction between officer miller and christian taylor. the report said they were seven top ten feet apart, but officer miller said he feared for his life. he thought he was the only police officer inside the showroom. now this goes to the grand jury in addition to being fired, he could face criminal charges, jose. >> msnbc's adam reese. lots ahead, live from washington, d.c. breaking news on another beheading. and the president may be on vacation, but there's no end on the iran nuclear deal. who's trying to persuade congress now.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
i want to go back to breaking news out of egypt, isis has beheaded another hostage. a man from croatia who was kidnapped last month. i want to bring in our terror analyst, flash point global partners who first reported this news. he joins me from by phone. what can you tell us? >> hi, jose. today, august 12th, isis factioned a north sinai in egypt released a statement claiming credit for the deheading the hostage, who many people know right now, he was for the cgg, french company, of course, you know, the group threatened on august 5th it would behead the
7:16 am
man if the egyptian government does not release a muslim female prisoners. of course the egyptian government did not seem to respond, and today seemed to be his fateful day. the group allegedly captured him on july 22nd, and on the 5th, the group released a video shows the man pleading for his life. and of course, it didn't seem to ricochet the egyptian government. >> in the past, some of european governments or other governments have been willing to negotiate with terrorists and try to get their people out. it seems as though in this case, it didn't work. or we don't know what the crow way shan government did or did not do. >> yeah, it didn't seem that isis was negotiating for money to release him. it was very adamant to release female prisoners, it has tried this tactic before, and most governments did not respond. of course when it comes to ransom, the group has, you know,
7:17 am
garned millions of dollars after negotiating with european governments. but in this case, they seem to have wanted to negotiate directly with the egyptian government and not the croatia government. >> the three dozen retired generals and admirals released an open week backing the deal and urging congress to vote for it. days after top scientists sent a letter to the president saying, the same thing. nevertheless, some in congress, most notably democratic senator chuck schumer says the deal is not good enough. >> i believe we have a better option with no agreement because i think we can, if we work hard at it the, it's difficult, admittedly, diplomacy pass is difficult, but get the allies back to the table. >> when i hear a senator or congressman stand up and say, well, we should get a better deal. let's stop and we'll negotiate and get a better deal.
7:18 am
that is not going to happen. there isn't a quote, better deal to be gotten. >> joining me now, steve clemons, washington editor at large, it's a pleasure to see you. >> thanks, jose. >> let's talk about this because senator schumer is saying maybe if we say no to this one, we can get everybody back together and get a better deal. how possible is that? >> well, to give senator schumer credit, the french have come out now and then and said a better deal was possible, but that's not true today. you had a 15-0 vote in the u.n. security council, you have everyone on board, and two of the most difficult nations for us in the world are china and russia, both of whom are supportive, and both could immediately provide a very, very big back door on any attempt to try and continue a sanctions regime. so, i feel for chuck schumer, he's in a vice on this one, i understand why, but it is simply not true that you can go back to the negotiating table and think that american power is somehow a
7:19 am
constant, and doesn't fall off after walking away from the arrangement. >> during the process -- >> once there's a deal, you can't restart things. >> that's right. and i think one of the things that we've known at the various stages we went through with iran, and we were failing, theed a mrgts is fairly transparent about what was on the table particularly after the april agreement. and anyone that looked at the april agreement and was surprised at how far iran had moved, at that point, should have weighed in. chuck schumer should have weighed in and said, is that enough or is that enough? clearly details were still there to be negotiated. but you saw the outlines and the administration held iran to that deal and came forward. so, that is going to be impossible to regenerate again. it's just not something that we've ever seen in the international system and it's not going to be possible. >> aren't sanctions -- >> even if chuck schumer were
7:20 am
the president of the united states, we could not get a better deal. >> aren't sanctions the key reason why iran is willing to go into any negotiations, and aren't the sanctions strengthened by the united states? in other words, did it not iran go to the negotiating table with d plus five because of american mostly? >> absolutely. they went in part not only because of american sanctions, but america's ability to convince the entire world to play along. and to create an inability to run iranian dollars through any banks and financial institutions -- >> can't they do that in the future? >> they can. they'll find ways. the notion is can't we just regen that up -- >> starting unilaterally. >> there are efforts to begin looking at ways that institutions blaming the united states as opposed to iran, could circumvent that financial network and give iran a back door. it always comes to a part no matter how you look unfortunately. >> thanks so much. always a pleasure. up next, another rough morning on wall street, let's go
7:21 am
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7:24 am
developments from wall street, stocks are taking a beating on this first hour of trading on continued concerns about china's currency. mary, good morning, what's happening? >> good morning, jose, as you mentioned, another down day on wall street as china continues to weaken its currency move reflecting the chinese government's efforts to make the country's goods more competitive on a global stable. its raised ire and some have been critical of china' efforts. right now the dow is at session lows off about 260 points. s&p following suit, down 30 and the nasdaq down more than 80 points as we speak. the chinese government and the wan is with the economy.
7:25 am
industrial output in china rose less than expected. now concerns about the growth in china continued away on the oil markets as well as the country is the second largest consumer of the commodity behind the u.s. this is the lowest levels in six years yesterday, actually today, crude oil is getting a little bit of a bid and it's slightly higher, up $43 and change, this after mixed forecasts on demand coming from a number of different energy agencies today. well, here at home, macy's reporting weak second quarter results, slowest tourist spending and those west coast port delays in the wake of disappointing results, macy's is cutting its sales forecast for the full year. even as concerns grow about the slower growth in china, the retailer is looking to gain a foothold in the country's massive retail market there. macy's says it's going to start selling its merchandise in the country this year through chinese's online retailing giant. certainly china having a lot of influence today, back to you. >> mary thompson, thank you very much. and i want to show you this
7:26 am
video, it's a truck driver who lost control of his big rig on i-75 in florida and crashed, spilling beer cans all over the highway. police say the driver was distracted by his dog, the truck carrying budweiser beer went on to the shoulder and crashed into the guardrail. no injuries, but traffic was affected for several hours. and you know what my concern is, i don't know. this worries you, florida highway, open beer cans, drunk alligators. be careful. seriously. alligators can be nasty, drunk as skunk alligators, i don't to want go there. coming up, small signs of progress in the environmental vast out west. one weak after a colorado river was turned orange. new developments in deflategate. tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell arriving minutes ago for their first appearance before a judge. brady appealing his four-game suspension. the deflategate scandal, we're life at court after a quick
7:27 am
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7:30 am
we're following new developments on deflategate. right now, new england patriots quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell are meeting behind closed doors with a federal judge in manhattan. they both arrived in the past half hour. brady is appealing his four-game suspension for his allegedly involvement in deflategate footballs ahead of last year's championship game. its been quite the spectacle this morning. check these guys out, deflated football hats, or maybe real footballs deflated as they waited for brady to arrive. we are joined from lower manhattan, what are we expecting today? >> yeah, jose, right now as we speak, goodell, the commissioner of the nfl, tom brady, the patriot's quarterback, and members of the nfl player's association are meeting in the robing room here at federal court. they are giving judge richard berman a status update of their
7:31 am
attempts to try and negotiate a settlement in this case. ever since tom brady took this case to federal court, the judge has been very insisting that the two sides try to come together to some sort of agreement, some sort of settlement that would prevent this from going to trial. it's known that brady's representatives tried to talk this out some time last week, but its believed that the two sides are very far apart. as you remember, the nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended brady for the first four games of this upcoming nfl season. brady testified at his appeal hearing before the commissioner under oath, nearly 50 times that he had no knowledge and did not direct any sort of effort for patriot's team employees to intentionally let air out of the footballs before the patriots afc championship game in january. so, if the nfl is looking for brady to admit some sort of wrong doing as part of a settlement, it appears that
7:32 am
brady is not willing to accept that type of settlement. so, it appears the two sides are far apart. now, over the next half hour as the judge and the parties discuss this, if it is clear that they have not reached a settlement at 11:00, and just about a half hour from now, they are going to open court where the judge will actually question the party's in front of the public and media. some people may be able to read tea leaves depending on his questions. now the judge is not going to determine any facts in this case. the facts are laid out, both sides have stipulated to the fact that they are true. what berman will decide if this ultimately goes to court is whether the nfl fairly applied what's called article 46 of the collective bargaining agreement, which governs how the nfl pa interacts with the nfl. jose. >> chris palone, thank you very much. developing out west, the epa administrator is visiting areas
7:33 am
of the waste spill one week after the agency accidentally unleashed millions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the colorado river. picture you're looking at is at the gold king mine in silverton. if i believes now say polluted waters along the animas and san juan rivers are clearing up, but toxic spill is expanding, now making its way downstream hundreds of miles to the source. utah, and may take decades before we know the full impact. joining me now is a conservation analys analysis. >> good morning, jose. >> talk to me about this, there must be long-term concerns, right? >> yeah, look, what we do know is this, when the water was tested, mercury was ten times higher, beryllium, 33 times higher, and it's just awful, the san juan flows into the colorado, the colorado goes into lake powell, lake powell feeds
7:34 am
water to las vegas, tucson, phoenix, san diego, and los angeles, and some of that water, jose, goes to the central valley, that's the bread basket of united states, every night, vegetables, fruits, nuts, 50% of them on everybody's dinner plate, grown in america, comes from our central valley california. this toxicity is awful. >> let me ske you, reese, when there are oil spills, there are ways to kind of like skim it and chemicals that can break it down. this has to be more difficult than an oil spill in many ways. >> absolutely. and also, the viewers need to understand, the epa actually initiated this accidentally, and nothing was put in place. the navajo nation is, will be taking them to court as well as i'm sure new mexico, utah, and colorado. it's not acceptable.
7:35 am
there's also, there's also thousands of mines across the west, jose. and we need something in place because this, this could happen again. >> yeah, but none of the mines had any problem until something was done by, you know, who knows what will the epa was trying to do there. here i am worried about, reese, i'm worried about the fish. and i'm worried about all of the wildlife that depends on that river and can't go to the market and get bottled water things to survive. what about the fish? what about the sea life and the affects it can have on them? >> awful, awful. and as a matter of fact, everything, because that water is the life blood of our planet. it's fresh. and so everything that this toxicity, which is hugely high in arsenic, 800 times, is its, it will be poisoned. including people. >> reese, thank you. it's a pleasure to always see you, man, thanks for being with me. from the toxic rivers to a drying river in california.
7:36 am
the drought is so bad that eight miles of the guadalupe river in san jose, bone dry now. much of the wildlife that once thrived around the river, has either left or died. new report in the new york times revealing stunning accusations from inmates at the correctional facility in new york state where those two convicted killers escaped from in june. we are joined with the latest details on that. craig, good morning, what does the report say? >> good morning to you, according to that new york times report, the new information rather from the new information from the times, inmates at the correctional institution claim that within hours after june's prison break, they were beaten, choked, and slammed against the wall for information. the new york times calls it a campaign of retribution. following the three-week man hunt for richard matt and david
7:37 am
sweat, the times reports prison guards from clinton correctional abused dozens while looking for information about the escape. the times quoting two inmates who worked in the tailor shop, a guard tied a plastic bag tightening it until he passed out. the other inmate who supervised the tailor shop says correction officials put him in confinement and threw out most of his belongings, including his family photographs and his wedding ring. following the escape, more than 60 prisoners filed complaints with the prison's legal services, an organization that helps prisoners. >> the amount of clants that we have received lately and the descriptions that we're hearing about the tensions within the prisons and particularly in clinton, it's very concerning. >> the prison came under fire following the escape, some saying the relationship between prisoners and prison workers was too friendly. former prison tailor shop worker
7:38 am
joyce mitchell pled guilty of aiding the fugitives. now the new york department of corrections has the abuse allegations have been under investigation for several weeks, and have also been referred to the state inspector general, adding any findings of misconduct or abuse against inmates will be punished to the full extent of the law. but according to to the times, one inmate says after being beaten during an interrogation, he was pressured to sign a report stating quote, i was not assaulted, left with no other choice he wrote, i signed. >> if what they say is true, if things did happen, that they say, why? why it was handled this way? >> cassidy also told us that many of the prisoners minting claims of abuse feel they are being blamed for what happened. he added, it's important for prisoners to have a voice, and the ability to file grievances he said the fact that some may have been denied that right is the a concern. we should also know that so far, the only people accuse of wrong doing are the corrections officers. none of the inmates have been
7:39 am
charged, jose. >> craig melvin in new york, thank you very much. the governor of california is taking a stand against the worry of -- word some find offensive. jerry brown signed a bill to remove the word alien from the california labor code to describe foreign-born workers. the word is considered derogatory with negative connotations. joining me now is an associate professor. he's written extensively on immigration policy. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> what's your reaction to the governor's decision to have the word2v> removed? >> well, this bill is one of many bills that california has passed. this is something that me and my colleague have called the california package, and this is something that's built up over time. so this removing of the word alien from the labor code is part of a much larger array of laws that california has passed in the last decade or so that have really advanced what we view in terms of immigration
7:40 am
policy in this country. >> and what are some of the array of those laws and what impact have they had? >> california was one of the first state that passed in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants. that's had a huge effect. we've had millions, two and a half to three millions immigrants in california, many of them are very talented, especially if you look at undocumented youth that have gone through the high school system, and in-state tuition was one of the first pieces of legislation that made it through that made it possible for these kids to go on to college. now, you have driver's license for undocumented immigrants of california, it's not just from those who benefit from the program, but undocumented immigrants more generally, and finally a major piece of legislation that passed a couple of years ago was to give people who have professional degrees the ability to practice their professions, like being engineers, being doctors, being lawyers and the like.
7:41 am
>> some will say that this is really rewarding people who broke the law, and that that's not where the law should be focussed. what do you say to that? >> well, in many ways what california is doing, it looks like it's done with waiting for federal immigration reform. we had attempts, most notably in 2006 and 2007 that didn't pan out. there was a major push in 2013 again, it fell short because of political dynamics in washington. what california is doing now is just going ahead and doing whatever it can constitutionally within its powers to move on as it were and to take advantage of the millions of people in the state that have something to offer. >> thank you very much for being with me, appreciate your time. >> great, thank you. up next, abortion once again a major issue in the presidential race, but the is fight against planned parenthood gone good or bad for the gop? we're going to look at how women's issues are playing out for trump, bush, and the rest of
7:42 am
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7:46 am
things properly and good and good for women. and i would look at that. and i'd look at other aspects also, but we have to take care of women. we have to absolutely take care of women. the abortion aspect of planned parenthood should not absolutely should not be funded. >> thank you both for being with me. doesn't sound like when you listen to donald trump, he's far different than some of the other republicans as far as funding planned parenthood for the aspects of, you know, that we've seen on the controversial videos. >> yeah, this is where things get strange with donald trump. at the very beginning, about a week ago, he sounded exactly the same as the other republicans. he was saying we need to defund planned parenthood, we have to have a shutdown, so be it. now you start asking followup questions and often you get interesting answers on policy. and in this case, it's that donald trump thinks maybe there are some aspects of planned parenthood that should be funded, just not abortion. here's the trouble though.
7:47 am
>> federal money season not going to abortions. >> exactly. this is the democratic position. planned parenthood has praised trump saying he's the one on our side. they're arguing of course, you can give us the money, it'll go to other things. republicans arguing no, it goes to the same group. >> what he's doing is exposing some of the other problems that other republicans have for a general election audience. like jeb bush saying that jeb bush's comments recently were akin to mitt romney's 47%, that makes jeb bush look terrible, if he is -- >> and that's trump saying that. >> that's trump saying it. he's even a bigger problem for the republican party in exposing all of their issues, but trying to sort of be in the middle here. >> and it seems though yeah, you don't need democrats to be criticizing the candidates, trump is doing a good job of it. >> absolutely, this is one of the reasons republicans who aren't trump fans have a big problem with it. he devotes so much more energy to attacking rifle republicans
7:48 am
than he does rival democrats and hillary clinton in particular, and one of the issues is that he tends to attack them in ways that they will be attacked in the general election. when he is going after jeb bush, oh, he's not conservative enough on this one issue that only republican primary voters care about, no, he's saying your brother led us into a terrible disastrous war in rooirk and you should apologize for it. that's the line you're going to hear in the general election and it's not something republicans are comfortable with. >> is this on the other hand giving people like jeb bush to fine tune their defense to some of these issues before they get to the general? whoever the person is that gets to the general? >> well, you'd hope so, given jeb bush's speech last night. he had to give some specifics, and that is how -- >> it was specifics. >> it was a specific speech and that's how he is trying to differentiate himself from donald trump right now. as we keep talking about donald trump not having specifics, it's jeb bush going out there every time, saying look, i am a policy heavyweight, and here's what i
7:49 am
have to say about this. now on that speech last night, he did offer with regards to syria, but he's walking a fine line because he really didn't expose any of the problems of the bush administration with regard to the iraq war, and he really needs to do that if anybody is going to take him seriously on those issues. >> is it not time to talk about the future. when you're talking about foreign policy, shouldn't be what you would do going forward, if you went, about isis, about syria, about iraq, about iran, isn't it important that all candidates talk specifics about the future as well? >> absolutely. and of course, candidates also have some flexibility on this. you'll hear jeb bush and others often say of course i'll consult with my advisors, see the situation on the ground when i get there, the intelligence briefings and so forth, but in this case, it's so hard not to talk about the past because how we got there is indicative of a fundamental world view that really differentiates the candidates. it's one of the reasons we have
7:50 am
a president barack obama now because he made an attack on the iraq war central to his campaign, not just on a specific tactical level, but on an idea that this iraq war represented how he was different on the most basic level and how he viewed foreign policy. >> one of the other things jeb bush is talking about is that he wants to reduce the size of the federal government by 10% over the next five years if he's president. well, a huge reason why the federal government is so bloated and expanded so much is because of george w. bush. i agree what you're saying, he has to talk about the future and he did lay out a specific policy he wants in reducing the size of the federal government, but he has to say why he has to do that. and it's his brother's fault. >> and the campaign is just beginning. and these are questions that all candidates are going to have to be clear on. and i think we'll see, if not we'll continue asking these questions. all right. thanks both for being with me this morning, appreciate it. ups
7:51 am
black plastic balls floating on the surface of the city's reservoir. it's in an effort to conserve water. they block sunlight from hitting the water which could save hundreds of millions of gallons of water from evaporating every year. we'll show you more california inventions, next in today's five things blackballs. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements.
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california as we know the birthplace of the modern movie industry and now of shade balls. we mentioned those blackballs are the states latest solution to the year-end drought. balls throw shade in a good way, blocking the sun from hitting lakes and reservoirs. we have them to thank for other invengs. the five thing california dream and number one popsicles. created by accident. in san francisco in 1905 when frank left a fruit drink out on his kitchen count we are a
7:55 am
stirrer in it. number two, might be watching one of these things right now, apple computer. the famous story goes, founded in a garage in 1975 public done well since then, i understand. blue jeans, number three, levi strauss, copatented the pants in 1873 at the height of the gold rush. waist overalls were marketed when who needed work pants. the wave, first full stadium wave took place at the oakland coliseum in '81 during a game between the a's. it was all part of his routine. and number five, the martinis, actually called them martinez after the city of martinez in the bay area back in 1860s. people would report at the hotel before they took the ferry over to martinez. and from martinez, it became the
7:56 am
martini. and that wraps up the rundown on msnbc, thank you for the privilege of your time. tom brady and roger goodell are inside a manhattan federal courthouse, the first appearance in the deflategate appeal. keep it right here for breaking developments on that. news nation with tam ran hall is up next, i'll see you tomorrow. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha!
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no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. developing now on news nation, classified e-mails after months of resisting. hillary clinton agrees to turn over her personal e-mail server to the fbi. this as the inspector general says at least two of the e-mails were classified, a claim clinton disputes. plus, water worries. today for the first time the epa administrator will visit the site of that toxic spill in colorado that started a week ago. also today, results from water quality tests will be released. and fired. police in arlington, texas, terminate the officer who shot
8:00 am
and killed an unarmed 19-year-old saying the officer used poor judgment and put other officers at risk. we'll have the latest on the investigation. good morning everyone, i'm tamron hall, we begin with developing news. hillary clinton is reversing course, clinton has directed her staff to now turn over her private e-mail server to the justice department. this after saying earlier this year that it would be, or would remain private. but there is new controversy this morning over messages her staff already handed over for review. according to federal officials, despite past denials from clinton that some of the former secretary of state's e-mails did in fact contain classified information. the inspector general for u.s. intelligence agency says at least two of the e-mails should have been classified as top secret. the highest l


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