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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and killed an unarmed 19-year-old saying the officer used poor judgment and put other officers at risk. we'll have the latest on the investigation. good morning everyone, i'm tamron hall, we begin with developing news. hillary clinton is reversing course, clinton has directed her staff to now turn over her private e-mail server to the justice department. this after saying earlier this year that it would be, or would remain private. but there is new controversy this morning over messages her staff already handed over for review. according to federal officials, despite past denials from clinton that some of the former secretary of state's e-mails did in fact contain classified information. the inspector general for u.s. intelligence agency says at least two of the e-mails should have been classified as top secret. the highest level of u.s.
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intelligence with code words indicating electronic eavesdropping from satellites. it directly contradicts what clinton said earlier this year regarding her e-mails. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> state department officials say they are still determining whether they agree the two e-mails were classified at the time they were sent. and clinton's aid suggest they were labeled after the fact. now these new revelations come as the fbi begins its inquiry into the security of that private server. clinton attorney david kendall has also given the agency two thumb drives containing her e-mails. all of this comes as new poll numbers show she is taking a hit with voters. joining me now, the white house
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correspondent anita, you broke many details in the story, thanks for joining us here. my first question, can it be that both are true, these e-mails were not classified when sent to secretary clinton and were later deemed top secret and why would it take so long timeline wise to verify that information? >> well, i mean, that is what clinton and her campaign is saying. they are saying that they may have been classified, but they weren't classified at the time, and that they were not marked. what's going on now is as they are going through the e-mails, there's doing a classification process. they've done about 40 so far. so they've come up with some classifications. that's why it's taking so long. it's years later that they're getting to look at them and classify them. >> now, as i understand, a spokesperson for the state department's inspector general says they will follow the facts wherever they lead to include former aids, associates as appropriate as mentioned, the attorney, david kendall turning over two thumb drives here. let's talk about how the aids could play in this, or what role
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they could play in the investigation here and what you've been able to uncover. >> sure, well when you look at the e-mails released so far and the state department released about 6,000 pages so far. you see a lot of e-mails to and from aids, three aids all the time. three of her top aids. so those aids are very close to her. there's concern that they might have had accounts on her personal server in new york. at least one aid did. and a house committee has subpoenaed information or e-mails from ten aids. four have turned over. did they use the server and did they use personal e-mail for work for business. >> mark was on morning joe this morning, and his analysis was really intriguing to me, he said politically it's a no-win situation for her. if they recover the personal e-mails, it's almost certain to be the case that someone will find something on there that should have been turned over. and he says however, if its been
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fully deleted and permanently erased, people will say wow, why did she go to lengths to delete e-mails. all factors into some of the new poll numbers, and questions of whether the clintons, hillary clinton specifically, that she is trust worthy. >> right. i mean definitely. the polls are showing. there's new polls out today that people are wondering about her honesty and trust worthiness and it's directly related to the e-mails. i think the clinton campaign was trying yesterday when they said they would turn over the server to sort of, you know, deal with this, the accusations, but to come after months and months. its been dragging out since march. >> there's the other point made that, you know, taking credit for turning over this information, really may also be subject to interpretation because much of this could have been subpoenaed eventually. >> right. and where it's a little bit unclear, she did say that she's voluntarily doing it, remember of course the house committee six months ago asked her to turn over her server. we are not aware of any subpoenas, but yes, the fbi is
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investigating, it's possible they would have gone down that route. >> thank you for your time. greatly appreciate it. a new poll puts hillary clinton in an unexpected spot in new hampshire, second place. she's now trailing bernie sanders by seven points. much more on this later in your first read on politics coming up in a few minutes this morning. now on to the republican side, and some signs this morning that donald trump's support among republican voters is slipping. the new poll from the boston harold and franklin pierce university show trump still holds a five-point lead over jeb bus$lá now similar polls before last week's debate show trump with a much bigger lead at 17 points. the new poll also now shows governor john kasich, senator ted cruz, and carly fiorina surging after the debate. another new poll from the university shows trump's lead in iowa also shrinking since the debate. it's now five points over governor scott walker, prior to the debate, trump was 16-point
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lead. meanti meantime, making his first campaign appearance since last week's debate, donald trump stuck to his tough message on immigration in michigan last night. he got a standing ovation when he demanded that a wall be built along the mexico border, and he had tougher words for jeb bush about recent murders allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants. >> you know, jeb bush, one of my opponents -- [ crowd booing ] he's gone to my friends, many of my friends, and he's raised $114 million. but just remember one thing, they'll make commercials, building him up like he's wonderful, remember, coming in as an illegal is an act of love, remember that line? an act of love. >> and joining me live now in washington post national political reporter, also republican strategist, he's the chairman of the go pack
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organization. thank you so much for joining us as well, karen, thank you. let's start off with trump really focussing in on jeb bush in that speech. even bringing up the line, an act of love, which he mentioned earlier, but it seems he's got his sights set on jeb bush here, what's your take, david? >> donald trump likes to say that he, like ronald reagan switched parties, but mr. trump doesn't seem to agree with ronald reagan that we adhere to the seth commandment, which is not to speak ill of another republican. >> none of them do. they've attacked him. there has gone out the window, specifically the battle that seems to be the undercurrent where trump is now laser-focussed on jeb bush here. despite jeb bush not doing well in the polls. >> not surprising. the two of them in most polls are number one and number two. clearly donald trump sees jeb bush as his biggest factor right
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now in getting the nomination. so not surprising that they're going to talk about their differences somewhat. >> but in such a personal way here, we know what donald trump has said in the past and ian tweeted out about this issue regarding immigration and why this is perceived to hit close to jeb bush's home. >> that is mr. trump's style. it's what has, gets him lots of attention, it's certainly what gets him lots of news coverage which helps keep him right now at the top of the polls, but tamron, let's keep in mind, polls right now are not particularly indicative of who the nominee is going to be. rudy giuliani and fred thompson led in 2007 at this point, and let me also add that president obama was down 22 points to hillary at this point. so while polls are interesting to watch and polls are interesting to report on, they're not good indicators of who the nominee's going to be. >> we've made that point over and over. we know that this force, this hurricane of donald trump continues to suck up all of the
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attention, but he is now being pushed more on policy and the direction he'd like this country to go specifically. in the past he's answered with trust me, multiple times, and now he's told the new york times that when you're dealing, and that's what i am, i'm a dealer, you go in with a certain flexibility, you sort of wheel and deal. that seems to be part of his policy strategy right now. but he did make very pointed comments on fox news about planned parenthood. let me play what he said. >> let's say there's two planned parenthoods in a way. you have it as an abortion clinic, now that's actually a fairly small part of what they do, but it's a brutal part, and i'm totally against it, and i wouldn't do that. they also, however, servicewomen. we have to help women. a lot of women are helped. we have to look at the positives also for planned parenthood. >> will this comment upset some conservatives? >> oh, it already has.
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it already has. and a number of the anti-abortion groups have already come out to criticize that comment. to your earlier point where donald trump is saying, you know, essentially that, you know, he sees everything as a deal. the fact is that governments is not just about deals. it's about proposals and ideas. and yes, there is going to be more pressure for droump come out with, you know, specific, concrete, and, you know, practical proposals that sound like there are things that he could implement. but in these attacks on jeb bush, basically, you know, what has fueled his rise is a lot of anger at the republican establishment. and there is no better way to remind people of their anger at the republican establishment than to just mention the name bush because that, you know, it embodies it.
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so he's, this is, he's still positioning himself, and i think in these latest speeches is sort of trying to remind people why they were excited by the idea that trump candidacy in the first place. >> what's interesting is while when you have the focus group out of new hampshire and people said well he's wealthy, but i still believe he's one of us, yesterday he was, i believe, the only candidate that brought up the issue in china and devaluing its currency and the impact that could have on businesses. i thought, you know, he takes a lot of heat for not having necessarily specific answers or what some might deem as not the smartest answers on certain things, but that currency issue which we'll discuss later is something, karen, that will perk up ears. it's going to potentially affect 401ks, gas prices, and other things here. >> i think in donald trump's case, he uses it also more as a sort of emotional -- zblb fear factor. >> it's the chinese. >> absolutely agree with that, but also i'm just before we leave, david, as i understand, you had a chance to speak with
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john kasich after last week's debate as we pointed out, he's seen some movement, some surge in new hampshire, climbing up to third place in the new boston harold franklin pierce university poll just one point behind jeb bush. is this what you expected after speaking with him following the debate? >> john kasich's approach is clearly going to be, i want to present my ideas to people, i want to talk about the benefits and the positive outcomes that my ideas are going to get for people, and let's see if they want to buy what i am working to do for america. and see if they want what i'm trying to present for america. there is plenty of negative in the political discourse, and john kasich is clearly going to follow a path of talking about his ideas and staying focussed on what he wants to do for america to get the nomination. >> but will he eventually have to take some stabs, some jabs at donald trump to balance out yes that positive message of trying to present at his rally when he
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was running with some of the fire it seems is needed to get this attention early on. >> there's no shortage of people willing to show the policy differences between our candidates, and no indications right now that kasich feels the need to take so many punches at fellow conservatives. >> thank you both for your time. we greatly appreciate it. karen thank you. now to more developing news, the head of the environmental protection agency will visit the that toxic mine spn colorado today, exactly one week after epa workers accidentally released three million gallons of contaminated water in the animas river. epa administrator gina mccarthy will travel to the colorado down the stream from the mine breach and tomorrow, farmington, new mexico, that is the leading edge of the polluted water which the epa says is dissipating. but there are still concerns that the water could soon reach lake powell, that's a popular
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tourist destination on the utah-arizona boarder that sees about three million visitors a year. at a news conference yesterday, mccarthy apologized for the spill, and said the epa is taking full responsibility for the clean-up. >> this is a tragic issue. and this is a tragic incident. i am absolutely, daeply sorry that this -- deeply sorry that this ever happened, but i want to make sure that we react positively and in a way that's credible and we move this forward. my message to folks that are angry, we're working as hard as we can, and we know this is a difficult situation and we're taking it as seriously as we can. we have folks working around the clock. >> nbc's scott cone is in durango, colorado. they're taking it as seriously as they can. this is the first visit there, they don't know thousand happened, and have not been able to fully address that yes, this is moving downstream, but a lot of this toxins are settling into the ground.
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>> reporter: right, that's a big issue, tamron. as you can see the animas river looks pretty clear, at least the most visible signs of the spill that mustard-colored water is gone. dissipa dissipated, but what we don't know is the sediment that's on the river bed, on the river banks, and gina mccarthy will be here, the epa administrator, to show that concern that she talked abouted in washington yesterday -- talked about in washington yesterday. that show of concern may be the least of her worries. attorneys general from three of the affected states, colorado, utah, arizona, are meeting to plot their next course of action as this continues, and the president of the navajo nation telling nbc news that this, this spill, two-thirds of it runs through reservation lands, and it actually has affected their way of life from farming to water supply, even the collection of herbs by navajo medicine people. the navajo nation, he said plans to sue the epa saying they knew this was a possibility, and that this site should have been
8:16 am
designated, and it points to the tens of thousands of abandoned mines throughout the west. all of them leaching water, this is what the epa was trying to get under control with the gold king mine and it went awry, perhaps now, the navajo nation has its way, this will finally be declared the site which would free up billions of dollars for clean-up. also developing now, isis claims it has beheaded another hostage. of a crow way shan man in egypt last month. according to flash point intelligence, isis posted what it says is a photo of the hostages decapitated body on social media. the 30-year-old man was working as a geoscientist in cairo when he was kidnapped. if confirmed, this would mark the first killing of a foreign hostage in egypt since isis established a branch last year. also developing, u.s. navy black hawk helicopter crashed on
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a supply ship off the coast of okinawa, japan. injuring seven of the 17 on board. they were conducting a training mission at the time. the cause of that accident is still under investigation. meanwhile, coming up, why police in ferguson hope this new surveillance video will diffuse tensions in that city. also ahead -- >> i have decided to terminate officer miller's employment with the arlington police department for exercising poor judgment. >> arlington police fire the officer who killed an unarmed 19-year-old. will it though now lead to criminal charges? a live report is next. and wall street and world markets are reacting to china's surprise decision to devalue its currency for the second day in a row. coming up, how it could reduce things like gas prices, but also, cut into your savings. join our conversation online, you can find the team at news nation on twitter and find me on facebook, twitter, instagram, we'll be right back. what do a nascar® driver...
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welcome back. the atmosphere in ferguson, missouri, much calm they are morning after a night of relatively small demonstrations. no arrests were made. earlier in the evening, st. louis county police released surveillance video, this video shows the moment 18-year-old tyrone harris pulled a gun from his waistband before he was shot before an officer sunday night. the shooting threatened to reignite tensions following the anniversary of michael brown's death. police say they released the video ginn to them by a local business to counter claims by witnesses that the man was unarmed. harris remains hospitalized in critical condition. he's facing ten felony counts including assault on law enforcement. there's fallout over the police shooting of an unarmed college football player in
8:22 am
texas. the police chief fired the officer who shot 19-year-old christian taylor while responding to a burglary call early friday morning. in a statement to reporters, yesterday chief will johnson said the now former officer, 49-year-old brad miller was let go from quote, exercising poor judgment. he also said once the investigation is over, it will be submitted to a grand jury. >> based on the preponderance of evidence available to me and the facts revealed by the investigative team, i have decided to terminate officer miller's employment with the arlington police department for exercising poor judgment. >> miller told investigators he feared for his safety and thought he would be overpowered by taylor. the arlington police union is standing behind miller saying chief johnson acknowledged that the suspect refused to surrender and chose to instead advance on a uniformed officer, chief johnson acknowledged that the investigation is incomplete. every officer, every employee, every american has a right to be
8:23 am
free from a rush to judgment without the facts. msnbc adam reese joins me from arlington. imeline and what more did chief johnson detail regarding what happened in that dealership that they deemed it enough to fire the officer? >> reporter: sure, tamron. he says that the investigation is far from complete. they are still looking into that timeline and what happened inside. remember, there were no cameras inside the showroom to show that confrontation. once they get all the evidence, they will turn it over to the district attorney, he will give it to the grand jury. now officer miller has been fired, but he also could face criminal charges in this case, in addition, the fbi is still looking into this for potential civil rights violations, tamron. >> adam reese, thank you very much. we'll have the latest on this ongoing investigation out of texas, thank you, adam. inmates claim they were tortured at a new york prison after two inmates broke free. live report for you on this one, next. out security.
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this morning, the state of new york is responding to a new york times investigation stemming from june's frantic search for the two's dated murderers. according to the reports, dozens of inmates say they were abused by security officers trying to find out how david sweat and richard matt escaped. nbc's craig melvin joins us, obviously the irony here is it wasn't the inmates that helped them get out. >> according to this new information from the new york times, inmates claim that within hours after june's prison break, they were beaten, they were choked, they were slammed against walls by guards in a frantic search for information. the new york times calls it a campaign of retribution. following the three-week man hunt for richard matt and david sweat, the times reports prison guards boused decide toens of
8:28 am
inmates while looking for information about the escape. the times quoting two inmates who worked in the prison tailor shop, one says a guard tied a plastic bag around his neck, tightening it until he passed out. the other inmate who supervised the tailor shop says correction's officials put him in solitary confinement for three weeks and threw out most of his belongings, including his family photographs and his wedding ring. following the escape, more than 60 prisoners filed complaints with the prison's legal services, an organization that helps indejt prisons. >> the amount of claims lately and the descriptions that we're hearing about the tensions within the prisons and in particular in clinton, it's very concerning. >> the prison came under fire following the escape, some saying the relationship between prisoners and prison workers was too friendly. prison tailor shop worker joyce mitchell pled guilty to charges of aiding the fugitives. now, the new york department of
8:29 am
corrections says the abuse allegations have been under investigation for several weeks, and have also been referred to the state inspector general, adding any findings of misconduct or abuse against inmates will be punished to the full extent of the law. but according to to the times, one inmate says after being beaten during an interrogation, he was pressured to sign a report stating, quote, i was not assaulted. left with no other choice, he wrote, i signed. >> if what they say is true, if things did happen that they say, why? and why was it handled this way? >> cassidy also told us that many of the prisoners making claims of abuse feel they are being blamed for what happened. he also added it's important for prisoners to have a voice and the ability to file grievances. the fact that some may have been denied that right is a major concern. tamron. >> all right, craig melvin, thank you very much. well coming up, a new poll from new hampshire shows bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton for the first time.
8:30 am
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we are back with your first read on politics this morning. bernie sanders now leads hillary clinton in new hampshire. that according to a new poll out. jeb bush uses his first major foreign policy speech to blame the former secretary of state for the rise of isis. and clinton meets with black lives matter activists after a campaign event in new hampshire. we'll tell you what she had to say about that meeting. joining us, deputy political editor, thanks for joining us. let's talk about this new poll that shows bernie sanders of the field movement continues as they
8:34 am
like to call it on social media. >> this is a new poll from franklin pierce and the boston harold showing that bernie sanders is at 44% compared to hillary clinton's 37%. this is the first time in public polling we've seen sanders surge much over hillary clinton. the same poll surveyed new hampshire democrats in march and found bernie sanders at just 8%. clearly a huge swing in bernie sanders' favor. only 11% of the democrats who were surveyed said they think that bernie sanders will be the nominee, 65% say they think hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. it raises the question of are these supporters lodging a protest vote, and how does hillary clinton convince those folks it's really important for you to support me to be the nominee? >> and listen, was it last week that the report came out that joe biden was considering, perhaps, jumping into the race based on the conversation he had with his son before he lost his son? with this opening in this protest vote and some of these
8:35 am
dynamics happening with the e-mail server, you have to wonder how soon will we hear yay or nay from vice president biden here? >> i think with hillary clinton's e-mail woes being in the headlines yet again, and it seems to be an assurance that this is going to continue to be a drip until she testifies on capitol hill about this issue and beyond, it's going to raise questions that are going to be more mainstream democrats who say bernie sanders is not the guy, but maybe hillary clinton isn't either and remains to be seen what the vice president is going to do. >> interesting strategy from jeb bush regarding the rise of isis and what he blames on the obama administration and then secretary of state hillary clinton. let's play a little bit of the speech he had last night at ronald reagan presidential library. >> isis grew while the united states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the threat. and where was the secretary of state? where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? in all of her record-setting travels, she stopped by iraq exactly once. >> so now we have the developing
8:36 am
news today, kerry, of isis carrying out another beheading of an individual croatian man, 30-year-old who was there in egypt working. and politico put it this way, jeb bush's attack on hillary clinton could backfire. it exposes the former florida governor to real political risk by drawing attention to the iraq war, his brother's defining legacy and a subject he struggled to reconnect on with just three months to go. here, this is very treacherous territory for jeb bush. what do you think was the strategy here? >> it's clear what he's trying to do is define the iraq war in terms of the end of it and blame the rise of isis very clearly on secretary of state hillary clinton and the obama administration for withdrawing from iraq and allowing there to be a void that promoted the rise of isis. now of course every time jeb bush and iraq appear in a headline together or in media coverage together, ho how are you talking about the end of the war, but not talking about the beginning of the war and the policies of your brother, former
8:37 am
president george w. bush, in promoting that war? so that's the risk for jeb bush. >> how does he answer that question? that is posed to him, you're not his strategist, but let's look here. he's asked the question, how do you speed to the end of the book and not the beginning or the middle? >> and this is a question that jeb bush will have to answer with great clarity, and we saw several months ago he was not able to, took him four or five tries to get his answer right. even when he was asked in that debate late last week, his answer was not quite as crystal clear as i'm sure a lot of republican strategist would have liked to see it. it's a question he's going to keep on getting and answer with greater clarity than in the past. >> another question that at least the candidates on the democratic side will keep getting, certainly is where they stand with the black lives matter movement yesterday, hillary clinton had an event as i understand, activists had planned to make their presence known similar to what they did with bernie sanders, but they were not able to get into the room, they were taken over to an
8:38 am
overflow room and then later met with hillary clinton. what do we know about this meeting? >> well, we know that they were in an overflow room, hillary clinton went and exchanged questions with them. we seen some images actually of that meeting and the group in question has said they're going to release some video of that meeting as well. this is something that hillary clinton is going to have to answer for just like bernie sanders. that's a their ty we've seen with bernie sanders, both the huge crowd sizes, but also the frequent disruptions from those who say that he's not addressing these issues in the right way. hillary clinton has gone out of her way in recent weeks to talk about this issue, say that black lives matter, mention the names of the victims that these groups are so eager to have talked about in public discourse, but she is going to have to continue addressing this and, you know, in this case it didn't happen in the eyes of cameras, down the line, it's very, very probable that these act vitzs are going to end up on camera confronting hillary clinton. >> and its been noted that the event where this turned into the fire storm for bernie sanders and martin o'malley, they were there to take the heat, but
8:39 am
hillary clinton was not. and some are saying again, that you have bernie sanders certainly trying to get in front of this and reconcile with the members of the black lives matter of those who support them, but in the end, he was at the event, he showed up. >> right. and that's going to be a criticism of hillary clinton. look, you can't shut people out of events, you need to take the questions head on. i'm sure in the future we'll see her address these issues. >> thank you. coming up, a day after getting his jaw broken, geno smith of the jets posts a selfie saying, i'll be back. what happened in that locker room? we have the latest on the word from the jets, it is one of the stories we're updates around the news nation. but first, there's a lot going on this morning and here are things you should know. mexico is banning free baby formula at hospitals in an effort to encourage breastfeeding. only one in six mothers in mexico breastfeed exclusively during the first six months, one of the lowest rates in latin
8:40 am
america. formula is still available for purchase and at doctor's requests. president obama wrote a letter to the editor for the new york times magazine responding to an august 2nd cover story about efforts to dismantle the voting rights act of 1965. the president called the article inspiring and calls on congress to restore the act saying our state leaders and legislature must make it easier, not harder for more americans to have their voices heard. alabama state senator has turned to crowd funding to raise money for the state's government. state senator paul sanford says that instead of raising taxes, people should send in money to the go fund me website. and request where it goes. sop far the page has got $1,000. a bid shy of the $300 million goal. stephen colbert announced on twitter that jeb bush will appear on the late night show in september tweeting, my first gop
8:41 am
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8:44 am
we are back with a look at the top stories that the news nation is following for you this morning. hillary clinton has directed her staff to turn over her private e-mail server to the justice department. that as federal officials say two of the e-mails she already provided should have been classified as top secret. the highest level of u.s. intelligence. though her aids suggested e-mails were not classified at the time they were sent. the head of the epa is visiting colorado's con tan named animas -- contaminated animas river today after there was a toxic spill last week. arlington, texas, police chief fired the officer responsible for shooting an unarmed college football player at a texas car dealership.
8:45 am
former officer brad miller says he feared for his safety, the police chief said he exercised poor judgment. well your 401k may be taking a big hit today. the dow is down, let's see it, 225 points there. all of this after china unexpectedly devalued its currency yesterday. then further devalued it again today. we are joined live now of the host of the nationally syndicated market score board report on radio, ron, this donald trump press conference yesterday was a mixed bag of a lot of things, but he did bring up the long-term implications and the problem of this devaluing of currency from china. >> yeah, i'm not sure i'd line up with trump on the long-term implications of being disastrous to the united states, china has done this before, tamron this time around though, it's more indicative of china's rapidly weakening economy. their exports fell 8% last month. their economy is shrinking i think more rapidly than people realize. this looks to be more of an act
8:46 am
of desperation to stimulate export sales, although it is impacting american multinationals, at least the stock market terms right now. it's having an effect. this is a bigger china problem an u.s. problem. >> you're seeing headlines, help us understand, gas prices could go down, but take a hit with your 401k, explain that. >> if the dollar strengthens by the currency, oil is priced in dollars nap makes oil that much cheaper. and we saw oil prices fall to a six-year low of under $43 a barrel, gasoline prices have already fallen 11 cents in the last two weeks. a stronger dollar will push down kmad i did prices, particularly oil, a weaker stock market will affect your 401k. now having said that, the market is only down 3 or 4%, some of the high-flying stocks are down more, but right now we haven't reached correction territory, it's a bit of nervousness. >> what about those who question whether the fed could postpone
8:47 am
interest on that? >> i changed midmind, the feds less than 50% less likely to raise in september. this can cause turbulence in overseas economies. if the dollar strengthens, it's the same thing as the fed rai raising rates. it cuts profits for those who sell overseas, cuts into our trade balances, so yeah, the fed may have to take this into account when they meet in september to decide whether or not to decide raising interest rates which recently they indicated they would, but there seems to be officials back pedaling a little bit on that 6÷ >> always a pleasure, thank you so much for joining us. coming up, one of kim kardashian's instagram ads is under fire from the fda. what she's saying about her postbody morning sickness drug the feds call misleading. start, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day.
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punch that broke new york jets quarterback geno smith's jaw. tops our look at stories around the news nation today. this one is crazy. the fight between a backup linebacker and smith was reportedly all over $600 that geno smith owed to the guy for a plane ticket. the linebacker was released by the team, fired after the incident. smith had surgery yesterday and is out now six to ten weeks. incredible. he also tweeted out a picture of himself after this incident. roger goodell and tom brady are in federal court right now for a judge-ordered settlement conference to try and resolve their differences over deflategate. the judge hopes the two sides can find common ground before leveling out a decision. and california officials have deployed 96 million shade balls, yes, they are called shade balls into the los angeles reservoir in an effort to conserve water in the drought-stricken region. the 4-inch balls prevent evaporation and algae growth in the reservoir and are a cheaper alternative to tarps and melts
8:52 am
covering. well, kim kardashian is in the center of a dispute between the federal government and a drug company. the fda is issuing a stern warning after kardashian shared this picture with her 42 million pictures last month. it was a paid promotion for a morning sickness drug called diclegis. the description, she raved about it saying it's been studied and there are no increased risks to the baby. but now the fda is telling the drug company behind it, quote, the social media post is false or misleading in that it presents efficiency claims for diclegis but fails to contain any risk information. let's talk about it with political health care reporter, jennifer habercorn who's in washington, d.c. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> we see these celebrity endorsements all the time from diet pills, sleep aids and now with this morning sickness promotion with kim kardashian
8:53 am
and you do often wonder if the fda is watching. >> oh, they are. they are keeping up with the kardashians even at the fda it seems. you know, if kim had just done this out of the goodness of her heart and said there's this drug out there i really like and she's not being paid for it, she wouldn't have been in any trouble. because the company is paying her to be a spokesperson and she's not telling the whole story in her instagram post and facebook post and the twitter feed, that's when the company gets in trouble. >> so what are the concerns associated with this drug? there are a lot of women who suffer from morning sickness and they are looking for something healthy that will help them. >> it's the things that you see often with any kind of drug advertisement on tv. there are side effects if you're allergic to some of the ingredien ingredients, there's drowsiness, things like that. it doesn't appear it's any different than any other drug. when you see a commercial, they list all the good things about it and then they always have that long warning about all the side effects. drugs that you shouldn't interact it with and things like that. in this instagram post, it didn't have those warnings and
8:54 am
that's what the fda is concerned about. >> the drug manufacturer says we will take quick action in responding to the fda's letter and immediately and effectively address any issues. does that just mean they will now put the list of potential side effects and then kim kardashian or whomever else will be able to hold that bottle? >> well, they're going to have to reach the same audience that kim kardashian did, which is millions of people. it seems like kim would have to post a similar post on her social media or the company would have to figure out how to reach that same audience with the same warnings. >> she wrote omg, have you heard about this? as you guys know my #morningsickness has been pretty bad so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed diclegis. i felt a lot better and more importantly it's been studied and there's no risk to the baby. do we know the ingredients of this drug? >> you know, there's a lot of ingredients in the drug. i'm not sure -- i'm not a
8:55 am
scientist, i don't know how they interact and what the concerns of the fda are, but i know with any drug that is fda approved, there's interactions that consumers need to be aware about and ask their doctor about if they're going to use it. >> jennifer, thank you for joining us. a great pleasure having you on with us. >> thanks for having me. now to today's news nation gut check. the "boston herald" headline is there's a new poll out showing senator bernie sanders, now leading hillary clinton for the nirs time in new hampshire. the polls show sanders with a seven-point lead among democratic voters. so what does your gut tell you, do you think senator sanders will take the lead in a few more polls coming out very soon? that does it for this edition of "news nation." thanks for joining us for the hour. we'll be right back here tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. up next, "andrea mitchell reports. " looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
trouble. bernie sanders is not only drawing huge crowds, he's now beating hillary clinton in new hampshire in a new poll. even as clinton agrees to turn over her server to the fbi and the inspector general says at least two of her e-mails contain top secret information, despite her past claims to the contrary. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> whenever you self-select documents and your own attorney determines what's public record and what's private, i have a concern. >> trumping the gop, as jeb bush attacks hillary clinton over iraq. donald trump is attacking everyone. >> these stiffs, these politicians, they're stiffs. you know what a stiff is? a stiff is a person, these wealthy people in the front row, you know what a stiff is? a stiff is a person you will not hire. >> and gold rush, the river of yellow from that abandoned colorado mine is now flowing toward new mexico as colorado's governor demands answers from
9:00 am
the epa today. >> we are from that school that we trust, but trust but verify. >> we'll talk to the governor of colorado this hour right here on "andrea mitchell reports." and good day, everyone, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. hillary clinton giving in to pressure to turn over her server, has told her aides to hand everything to the fbi. long-time clinton lawyer, david kendall, is also turning over two thumb drives containing clinton e-mails. this comes after clinton repeatedly said she would not turn over the server and said none of those e-mails were classified. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. th


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