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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"msnbc live." breaking developments out of china where the number of killed in a massive warehouse explosion that rocked the northern port of tianjin has climbed to 44. more than 500 people hospitalized and the white house is sending condolences. we have a live update coming up. plus, developing news in the race for 2016. sources tell nbc news vice president joe biden and his aides have been, quote, calling around to discuss the possibility of a presidential run. good to be with you. i'm francis rivera in for thomas roberts. it is iowa state fair time with blue ribbons for republicans dark horse candidate bus none for the party favorites. latest poll shows outsider candidates like donald trump and dr. ben carson as favorites of likely caucus voters with karly fear fiorina now in the top five. wisconsin scott walker's numbers have fallen dramatically in the last month. just a short time ago dr. carson met voters in new hampshire including one who said
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this was the third time shed tried to meet him. >> this is the third time i've been here to meet you. finally getting closer. got a beautiful picture. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thank you have so much. one silver lining for those establishment candidates like walker and bush, two-thirds of likely republican voters say they have not firmly decided whom to support. and meantime, the republican front-runner donald trump just released this inflammatory new video on instagram taking aim at president obama and democratic front-runner hillary clinton. a lot to break down. joining me now jackie, senior politics editor with the "daily beast" and perry bacon, and nbc's kristen welker. we'll talk republicans in a moment. but first, kristen, new report
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on vice president biden's 2016 here. he's on vacation but making some very crucial phone calls. >> that's right, francis. i spoke with a source close to biden who had an extense i phone call with him this week and who tells me biden is calling some of his closest friends and allies while he vacations in south carolina. the tone of the call is not so much asking people if he should run but, rather, that he's thinking about running but, also thinking about his late son beau. beau of course passed away in may after a bat with brain cancer. this source emphasized biden is still grieving his son's death. still there are supporters who are urging biden to run. their key argument is that clinton is showing some vulnerability, which we have seen. and of course, biden, they argue, has spent eight years in the white house which makes him uniquely prepared. the reality is it's getting late and still no formal campaign. second source tells me this will ultimately be a decision that biden makes with his family.
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he's still on track to make that decision by late august or early september. the vice president's official spokesperson tells me there are no updates from their end. this is clearly a story we continue to watch closely. >> absolutely. perry now to you, we saw that new video from donald trump and he's not aprayed of being a flame thrower here. and donald trump has led the outsider surge. on the question of who can change the way washington works donald trump is the big winner in the latest cnn/orc poll. on the question of who best represents your values, outsiders, carson, trump, huckabee, cruise. the question is when it is clear that many of these voters are frustrated with politics and politicians as usual and they kind of want, you know, the spontaneity. is this pat of a summer fling here? what happened? >> i think it's very much a summer fling in the sense that poles in august, august 2011 michele bachmann was leading in some polls, as was herman kaine
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was doing very well back then. those candidates did not go the distan distance. i'm skeptical donald trump can change that dynamic. i still think jeb bush, marco rubio, scott walker, those candidates are not polling well right now. they still have the money. they have the party support. and ultimately donald trump's comments these last few days about megyn kelly, he's comments about president obama back when he was questioning president obama was born in the united states, those comments will matter down the line. voters are not paying much attention right now. >> as history will prove itself outsiders kind of run out of gas. we'll see if that's the case here. jackie, to you. donald trump has been getting away with saying not conservative things like supporting planned parenthood, not abortion but say they do good work out there and good things. he would consider a woman as a vp choice and talked about his issues with women in general. let's listen to that. >> my children are very smart, you know. we know ivanca is smart.
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ivanca came to me the other day. with this whole thing with megyn kelly, in theory it's not a big deal but ivanca said, dad, you love women. you cherish women. she said that. she used the word cherish. she said you respect women, you have so many women working for you. probably more women executives than maleexecutives. she said, dad, you got to let people know how much you adore women and how you will take care of them. >> so any indication that his comments about women have hurt him or is, you know, the word cherish going to take him anywhere as well? >> i think more immediate thing that's hurt him is his comments about planned parenthood. my colleague betsy woodruff wrote a great story about how some of the conservatives in iowa and around the country looked at those comments and were very alarmed by them. that's one thing that most of the republican field, if not all of the republican field, is united on in terms of defunding planned parenthood. i think before we have to worry
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about him in a general election, which of course he needs the bulk of women to win that election, before he even gets there, he's made some evangelical christians, in particular, very cautious of him because of those comments. >> all right. now i want want to turn to rand paul because you look at the comments, too, being star targeted towards rand paul, especially not doing well as far as being an outsider. his key this week has been to attack and even impersonate donald trump. there's that video. here he is yesterday. take a listen. >> you have now people up there who say such profound things as, you're stupid. you're fired. you're a pig. you look terrible. you only have half a brain. and then when you respond with an argument, you're stupid. my favorite is, the reason i tell women they're ugly is because i'm so good looking. everybody knows i'm good looking, right? >> the back and forth muck fest
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has been going there with trump even saying, you know, rand's campaign is a total mess. in fact, they didn't know he had anybody left in his campaign to make commercials. speaking of the commercials just released who hasn't been indicted. so, you know, a little stab there. why hasn't rand paul benefited even more from this outsider surge? >> i think the challenge for rand paul is he just -- he's a libertarian. most republicans are. i think he's doing a dangerous thing right now. rick perry and lindsey graham have already take on trump and they've lived to regret it. their poll numbers went down. i think the smart approach is donald trump is very good at poking fun at people. the smart for rand paul to stop talking about donald trump. you notice jeb bush and marco rubio and walker are not trying to take on trump because trump is a little more clever and a little more media savvy and a little bit more ready to jab than the regular politician is. it's not good to take him on directly this way. >> back to the democratic side, especially with a word that the
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vice president are making those calls. talk about bernie sanders here surging against hillary clinton. is there a staying power there and how is that resonating knowing that his mantra, enough is enough, is actually resonating with voters? >> you know, his populous message is really resonating with a certain part of the democratic field. whether or not -- he's getting huge crowds. but huge crowds don't necessarily vote. we saw that with howard dean. we saw that with ron paul, the last cycle. so it's whether he can get these people to the polls. now, new hampshire is a neighboring state to vermont. so, you know, he will be doing better there. but the iowa numbers are surprising. you have to think that some of the controversies with hillary's e-mail is hurting her and poll after poll we see voters are having trouble trusting her. until she gets that under wraps, it's going to be a problem. >> all right. at least we're seeing him fill seats and venues so far. we'll see how it all plays out. thank you both. appreciate it.
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we're asking you now to weigh in on the outside candidates in our bing pulse question of the day. consider our discussion we just had. the outsiders, do you consider them a summer fling or long-term relationship? do you think they are here to stay or fizzle out quickly? have your voice heard and we will share your responses later on in the hour. now to a popular nightclub in minneapolis closed down after a terrifying ceiling collapse during a concert last night. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> video shows the chaos there inside just after part of the roof collapsed in the middle of a concert. officials say three to four people were hurt. two people were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. witnesses say it appears a pipe may have burst. >> i turned around. and everybody had turned around and we're looking. suddenly you could see these red lights flashing.
10:10 am
and part of the ceiling just, boom, like caved right in. it looked like it was towards the back. >> this is what it looked like after the collapse. you may recognize the venue. in fact, singer prince frequently played at the first avenue in the '80s. and e67b filmed much of his movie "purple rain" there as well. now to breaking news out of iraq where according to the associated press, 67 people have been killed in one of the deadliest single blasts in the city in years this morning. it happened in baghdad's sadr city neighborhood at popular food market just after dawn. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. saying they targeted a gathering place of shiites and promised more attacks. at least 152 people were wounded. i'm joined now by foreign affairs correspondent and retired senior british officer mikey kay who conducted three tours of duty in iraq. mikey, always good to see you here as we break this down. as we start with this, isis and growing in social media, praying
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and asking for more lone wolves attacks and then we're seeing this kind of attack in a crowded market with that many people killed, what does it say about isis and now -- and their approach? >> isis are rampaging all over syria and iraq at the moment. let's stick with iraq. notably in the last couple of weeks we've seen isis attacking irbil and we had an attack from the germans training with the p peshmerga in the up in the country. sadr city, by the way, is no stranger to this violence. it's two mile by two mile enclave to the north of tigris. it is known violence since 2004, primarily with the first cavalry decision of the u.s. in 2004 and in 2006 now al qaeda started starting off suicide bombs, six at once in november killing over 275 people. and now this. but this isn't the deadliest attack isis has conducted in
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recent times. back in june isis conducted a deadly attack up in cabani sound in the northeast of baghdad. over 130 people were killed in that. that was done by effectively an ice cream van ladened with explosi explosive, pulling iraqis thirsty because of the hot weather towards it and it was deadly. >> let's consider this when it comes to isis control and show you this map with isis controlling a third of iraq and neighboring syria here. you see this kind of attack where of obviously predominant shiite neighborhoods here. what is the goal? what are they trying to do? >> if you look at the map, francis, if you look at syria you can see racqa. you've got the euphrates river which goes through to ramadi into bgd and. that is the bit that isis is commanding a the home. it's doing it for a couple of
10:13 am
reasons. it want to secure the line of communications from racqu down through anbar province. the water flows are key here. the you control the water you can control the communities and the population. when we talk about this safe zone that turkey has been talking about recently which is to the north of aleppo, really that safe zone needs to start encapturing the geographic entitiesle louing isis to thrive pr water being one, oil being the other. >> alarming to see the aftermath of that blast. at least 67 killed. we'll see if that numbers rises. >> before we go, on average there are 2,000 people being killed through violence in iraq every month. 2,000. so this is just a symptom of a huge problem that we're seeing in iraq. >> certainly astounding of the power and the movement of isis. mikey kay, thank you very much. still to come, what's next for former president jimmy carter as he battles advanced cancer. plus, three more people come forward to join the list of
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we are back now with breaking news out of china where the death toll due to the massive explosions has now reached 50 and over 700 are injured. this is what it looked like earlier today. at the epicenter of the blast. cars charred. wind shields completely blown out. this is how it happened. all of it caught on cellphone video. the blast lighting up the sky causing the area around to it
10:18 am
shake. some even thought it was a earthquake. and it was so big it could be seen from space. an american living near the explosion described his experience. >> it was really startling. i mean, we do usually have like some really heavy winds here but nothing like that. it was crazy. so again, a lot of people, the first thing a lot of people thought it was was an earthquake. you know, things like that. >> nbc's kelly is following this from london. and, kelly, any indication on what happened, what caused this? >> not just yet, francis. it's about 1:00 a.m. in tianjin now. fires are still burning there. but the firefighters have been told to hold off until chemical experts can figure out exactly what they're dealing with. that's really holding off potentially investigations as well. it now looks like the fire started at this industrial complex just before 11:00 local time last night. then 40 minutes later sparks set off those two massive blasts
10:19 am
that we've seen. 12 firefighters killed. 18 missing. the chinese government isn't saying what the potential cause may have been. state media says they've detained a number of senior management. it's not clear how many, that owned the warehouse where that explosion happened. and the president is promising severe punishment. francis? >> wow, nbc's kelly cobiella, thank you for the update. new reaction on former president carter's announcement that he has cancer. clinton tweeted out, quote, my thoughts and prayers are president carter and rosalyn today wishing him a speedy recovery. the 39th president had a mass removed from his liver on august 3rd saying, quote, the 90-year-old has kept active despite his age continuing his humanitarian efforts, even winning a nobel peace prize in
10:20 am
2002. carter's family has a history of pancreatic cancer. father, sister, and brother all died from it. nbc's hallie jackson has the latest from atlanta. all right. we don't have hallie jackson. joining me now is jonathan, ceo, habitat for humanity. thank you for being with us here and especially talking about the president and how active he's been, especially considering and compared to other former presidents, to teaching sunday school still, releasing his memoir, very active in his carter center, but also with habitat for humanity. tell me, with all that he did how special was that time that the president spent and dedicated to habitat for humanity? >> well, president carter really put habitat for humanity on the map. i'm not sure anybody would have heard of habitat. though president carter didn't start it when he and mrs. carter went to new york in 1984 and started this 31-year wonderful story of spending a week every
10:21 am
year building somewhere in the world. that really brought incredible attention to our work. and i think their example of volunteerism and the passion and energy they brought have inspired countless volunteers all over the world. >> certainly countless considering he started working on projects in 1984. is it even possible to quantify how many homes he's helped build? >> he is directly in the one-week carter projects been able to build almost 4,000 homes. but then much more importantly, the country programs that he helped bring awareness to habitat have helped us build over a million homes, new rehab to repaired homes over habitat's history. i think that never would have been possible without his involvement. >> for these countless of families who now have roofs over their heads because of president carter and habitat for humanity and their work behind it, what are the stories that you hear from help, these years later for
10:22 am
these people to say the first home we may have had is thanks to president carter? >> it's fun. not only have one of the great prif lenls of my life for the last ten years has been to spend a week building with president carter, i've visited some of the sites that he had previously visited and have visited with those homeowners. it's pretty amazing. spoke to a woman in the philippines living in a septic tank, if you can imagine, before habitat came along. president carter helped build her home and she is so proud of that. and it's not just a physical house for her it was a whole new identity, something she never thought possible. and now her children are getting well educate and just launched themselves to a whole new -- different level because of that opportunity. >> i understand that being from the philippines and being there traveling there. i see how that happens and i can see how that can certainly change that family. ceo for habitat for humanity, thank you. appreciate your time and your stories. up next, bad news for drone fans. the government is about to start
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now to a story that is sure to get the attention of those who like to fly drones as a hobby. wednesday afternoon a drone flew right in the path of an emergency helicopter 1,000 feet above the ground in fresno, california. the faa says the number of these incidents have dramatically increased in the last year and it wants to send out a clear message. operating drones around airplanes and helicopters is dangerous and illegal. nbc's willie geist has the story. >> reporter: according to the newly released faa report there have been 650 drone sightings be i pilots as of august 9th of this year. compared to a total of 238 sightings in all of 2014. this summer alone, there have been 138 sightings in june and 137 in july. >> the majority of the drones that are causing the problems
10:27 am
are hobbyist drones. the people that are flying dr e drones professionally like law enforcement and this kind of thing, they go by the rules. but the hobbyists, they don't care. >> reporter: the news comes after a close call on wednesday when a drone almost hit a medical helicopter carrying a patient in fresno, california. >> we almost got hit by a drone, just to let you know. >> it was probably about 15 feet from the actual aircraft. >> reporter: last sunday the pilots of four commercial airplanes reported seeing a drone during a final approach at newark airport. the latest in the series of similar incidents at new york area airports. >> drone reported six miles final 2002, off to the right side. >> clear to land on the right. we will watch for a drone. >> reporter: while firefighters battling this season's historic blazes in the west have had to ground operations several times because of unmanned aircraft. >> we're trying to get this drone thing situated. >> if one of these drones was to go into an engine at a critical period or if one of these drones
10:28 am
were to strike the windshield of an airplane, the results could be catastrophic. >> that was nbc's willie geist reporting chltsz coming up, hillary clinton has turned over her e-mail server to the fbi. what we know about what is and is not on that server and the impact it's having on her campaign. plus -- >> for years, if somebody did bad stuff to me, i couldn't fight back. now i have at real donald trump and i can sort of tweet some bad stuff about them and if people like it it's all over the world. >> donald trump leading yesterday's big pulse question. we're asking you, are outsider candidates a summer fling or long-term relationship? keep voting john hickenlooper is drinking animus river water to prove that it's safe. so is it? we're live in durango when we come back.
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hillary clinton has turned over her e-mail server to the fbi. "the washington post" reporting thor is vir wiz turned over late wednesday night from a private data center in new jersey. this is reportedly an old server devoid of any useful data. hillary clinton's campaign spokesperson jennifer palm democrats iri said, quote, hillary clinton didn't send any classified material over e-mail. meantime, the controversy has become a major talking point for republicans in the 2016 race. >> i mean, what she did is a real problem for her. i don't know frankly that she'll be able to run because it just looks to me that the whole e-mail thing is a very criminal situation and it could cause problems for years to come. >> well, it's drich, drip, drip. i would have thought that her campaign advisers would have said, let's disclose everything.
10:33 am
and it looks like she's hiding the way she's going about this, disclose it. the fbi took it. it's a little bit different than disclosing it. >> hillary probably is not going to come. she will e-mail in her appearances. >> joining me now is host of "andrea mitchell reports," nbc news andrea mitchell. always good to have you here in new york. >> good to be with you, francis. >> let's start with this. kind of good news and bad news. it seems like those are the days that hillary clinton is waking up the past couple of days. in this case, seems like she's far ahead of her opponents in iowa, however she still has the same problem with voters in regards to her question about honesty. we're hearing that time and time again, the trustworthiness and how much of that can she overcome and how much of it is a ding and multiple dings raeally to her political ambitions? >> it's hard to tell at this stage. first of all, we don't know what the e-mail controversy going to turn into. the bad news is that it's not going away any time soon. once you have an fbi investigation and the investigation we should point
10:34 am
out contrary to what donald trump would like to say or has said, it is not a criminal investigation. it is an investigation into how secure that server was and how secure the e-mails were. so it's the system that they're investigating, noncriminally. they're not investigating a person, clinton or any other person as part of this. and we have to wait and see how that evolves. that said, you know, jeb bush said drip, drip, drip, it does continue. and it continues potentially to erode the trust in her. >> all right. so if that's the case, when it comes to the drip, drip, drip, they can try to stop the drip, you know, putting some tape on it, or whatever. when you have jennifer sending out the message to supporters saying don't worry, kind of saying, we got this, we're going to be good, we'll get through it. but at the same time, they're saying if you're going to release the e-mails, why not do that early on, six months ago? and how does that come in to play, especially now? >> she actually turned the
10:35 am
e-mails over to the state department, but the process itself is what's dragging this out because they have to then decide what's classified, what can be released, what can't be released. so there's a whole lot of bureaucracy involved in this. yes, they should have turned things over immediately. you can argue she shouldn't have had a private e-mail system. that's basically the original problem here. once you get into this, it takes forever for all of the agencies to agree or disagree and in this case the inspector general decided that two of those e-mails do contain top secret information. the state department disagrees. they're slugging that one out behind the scenes. >> declassification. >> the main problem is that this is not going away. >> what also may change things in this landscape is joe biden. he's on vacation but making important phone calls trying to feel his way out to a 2016 run. >> i think it's very clear that he would like to run. i think that he would
10:36 am
thinks that he would be a better president than hillary clinton. he thinks that he is qualified, having to run for president though unsuccessfully before, all of he's years in the senate. i don't think he's close to making this decision. it is so wrapped up in the loss of his son who wanted him to run, what the family needs are, the grandchildren, the children. and the fact that it would be very tough to raise the money for a national campaign. >> especially that the point. but make that decision with beau biden in his heart and mind i would imagine, too. >> thank you very much. and you can catch a special "andrea mitchell reports" tomorrow from cuba as the united states opens its embassy there for the first time since reopening official relations with the country so she's here with me now of but on her way off as usual so that will happen tomorrow at noon eastern. developing news out of connecticut where today a court has ruled the state's death penalty unconstitutional. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has details. and pete, with this news coming out how would this come in to play with current death row inmates? >> it applies to them
10:37 am
specifically. it says that they cannot now be executed. the appeal was brought by one of those condemned prisoners who challenged the state's death penal penalty. the legislature voted in 2012 to abolish capital punishment in connecticut but that was forward looking only. applied only to future crimes, not to those already on death row in connecticut. and today the state supreme court ruled 4-3 that the death penalty law was unconstitutional, violating the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. out of step with contemporary values and the court also said there's no indication that the death penalty serves a deterrent effect. for all of those reasons it said there's no practical reason to have it. and it's unconstitutional. it applies to those death row inmates. connecticut was not a heavy user of the death penalty. it had only one execution in the modern era since the death penalty was recodified in all the states in the mid '70s and connecticut is one of 19 states that have abolished capital
10:38 am
punishment. >> how does this work as far as victims of those inmates of the crimes they committed and the families there? i can imagine they won't stay quiet if in hearing this news? >> it means the people involved in the crimes will now be serving life in prison without parole. the governor up there, former prosecutor, who signed this 2012 law none the less said this is a sad day and that the thoughts should be with the victims of the crimes not the inpates. >> all right. nbc justice correspondent pete williams. appreciate the update. thank you very much. developing news on that toxic sludge flowing through rivers now in three states. at this hour the environmental protection agency is giving an update from farmington, new mexico, this is a live look at that update right now as they address the press. of course we'll bring you any developments as they happen. we will monitor it closely. first, a bold move from colorado governor john hickenlooper drinking a gulp of treated water from the animus river to make a point. the river doesn't pose a toxic point to human, the governor
10:39 am
says. nbc's scott cohen is with me here. it looks like a nice beautiful river behind you. is that really the case especially when it comes to state officials and the epa? >> well, it really depends on where you are, what you want to use this river for. as you can see, francis, it looks nice. it looks like a beautiful river. this river is still closed for recreation. you saw governor hickenlooper take a swig of river water late yesterday. we should point out as he did it was treated with iodine to kill off the bacteria. usually not a good idea to drink river water. did make a point they are starting to be able to use it here where we are for drinking water. that's a positive sign. we are about 50 miles or so downstream from where the mine accident was. well up street from the where the epa officials are today. and in new mexico they're actually still bringing in water for irrigation, for feeding livestock and so on. so it's not over yet.
10:40 am
and one of the reasons that this river is still closed, it's a little bit difficult to see but there is sediment on all of the rocks in the river, on the riverbed, and they're concerned that anybody using this for recreation is going to kick up that sediment and reverse the progress they made. this is not over yet, francis. >> certainly not. thank you for the update there. up next, i'll talk to one of the three women who came forward in the last 24 hours to publicly accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. and today new york city has three more that tested positive for the legionnaire's disease. all of them are in the south bronx. a total of 20 sites from tested positive. 12 people have died so far. new york city health officials believe no new diagnoses have been made since august 3rd. we'll be right back.
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10:44 am
over tom brady now has a new target. after a sketch of a patriots quarterback from yesterday's hearing was released, the internet went wild comparing the picture to the character lurch from the 1960s television show "the adams family." look at that closely. that's one comparison. the other is freddy krueger. courtroom sketch artist apologized for her portrayal of brady. critics hammered her for putting brady in an unflattering light. she said, quote, obviously i apologize to tom brady for not making him as good looking as he is. i wonder what giselle thinks. we are seeingen ugly side to a beauty queen. a winner allegedly faked cancer in an elaborate scheme that raised thousands of dollars. now, she may have to trade her gown for a prison jump suit. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> do you have anything to say? >> no. >> reporter: brandy lee, reining ms. pennsylvania u.s.
10:45 am
international like she's never been seen before. instead of her signature sash and crown on the catwalk, now handcuffed during a perp walk after being arrested tuesday. accused of theft by deception and receiving stolen property, according to police, the 23-year-old began telling people she was diagnosed with chronic lympocytic lieukemialeukemia. they got a tip claiming the beauty queen was faking her illness. >> there were inconsistencies such as ms. gate's hair was always there and never falling out, she did not know the name of her doctors and other things like that. >> i am a ten-year cancer patient -- >> reporter: investigators say her scheme was so elaborate she convinced family members to drive her to the hospital for treatment where they would wait in the lobby for hours while she hid elsewhere in the hospital. >> so we began the
10:46 am
investigation. started contacting the various hospitals that she allegedly was receiving treatment. and in speaking with all the locations, it was discovered that she shad never received any type of treatment at any of the locations. >> reporter: the complaint also says fund-raisers were held to help with medical bills. police say the most recent event, bingo for brandi, held in april raised up to $14,000. >> unbelievable. i had been to a couple of the benefits for her and i never would have questioned it. >> reporter: pageant directors said in a statement that effective immediately, she is stripped of her title and required to return her crown and sash upon her release from being detained. >> i'm shocked. i'm sad. i'm worried about her. i mean, i know that there's a lot of people that are angry and i'm angry, too. no one wants to be duped. >> reporter: concerned about outrage over a beauty pageant winner whose behavior was anything but congenial. stephanie gosk, nbc news.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
new developments in the last 24 hours on the sexual assault claims against bill cosby. three new accusers stepped forward at a press conference wednesday. >> over my humiliation. he planned it. even to this day, i am still ashamed that i went into shock.
10:51 am
i wish i'd tried to kick him, but i felt like my heart had stopped. >> we should know cosby has not been charged with a crime. cosby acknowledged in a deposition ten years ago that he obtained drugs he intended to give to women he wanted to have sex with. his attorney said, quote, while i do appreciate the temptation that may exist for some to turn this matter in a public spectacle. lawyers representing clients resolve matters in court, not debates. this is one of those women who came forward yesterday. thank you for being with us so soon after you came out after keeping your secret for so long. let's start with you here. there have been dozens of women who have come out. what was the final push that you needed and got for you to come
10:52 am
forward? >> actually, i'm a teacher today. and two of my students asked me in class what was the worst thing that had ever happened to me when i was in the industry. and i realized that i was ready to come forward and share my information with gloria. >> out of all these stories, out of all of gloria's clients, new york magazine cover. it was your students who said, you know what, now is the time to tell my story? >> you know what, i wrote an op-ed piece in october of last year. i did not like the response of the climate at that time. i didn't want -- i wanted to wait. i knew that i had information that i wanted to share with gloria, i knew that. and it took -- yes, it took two of my students to ask me what was the worst thing that happened. i came home that day and called gloria right away. >> fascinating to hear from
10:53 am
every person's struggle, gloria, the women you represent in their own individual way, what brings them to the point to come to you. you said that these three that you brought out yesterday represent the empty chair on that famous new york magazine cover that we just saw. why is it still so important one after another for these other women to come forward as well? >> it is important. anyone who calls me can expect a confidential conversation with me unless both of us agree, we will make it public, i never will. having said that, so many of the women have decided they want to come forward. they don't want to carry the secret within them anymore. they felt that this empty chair represented a call to them to have their voice, to share what they say is their truth, to join
10:54 am
the other women and try to help mr. cosby to become accountable at least in the court of preponderance opinion. they do wish to have an impact in the court of public opinion. they want accountability from mr. cosby and they don't feel that he's been fully accountable yet. >> we've also ask cosby's team about this. we haven't gotten a response. e den, to you, is it surprising, especially in your case, that the ak conversations and the number of women, you and two others that that hasn't stopped at all or does it surprise you that more haven't come out at this point? >> it is not shocking to me the number of women that have come forward. i don't doubt that there are many more women that will come forwa forward. and there are reasons why -- and as you can see with all of the stories, there are reasons why
10:55 am
people didn't come forward before. it took 39 women to come forward and two of my dear young female students before i was ready to call gloria. hopefully, my being number 48, 49 or 50, someone else will be out there and make a phone call. this -- i'm not shocked at the number. and i don't doubt there will be more. >> will inspire others. i think she's a great role molds for them. >> do you wish you had come out sooner? >> do i? >> uh-huh. >> i came out at the right time. i had information that would help judith's case. >> and she did. and now we challenge bill cosby to come out at the right time. it's not too late mr. cosby. his attorney's response when i challenged her to debate me is ridiculous. i said what i want to do is debate the accusations that will never be a court case.
10:56 am
for her to say she only wants to talk about these in court, she's out there on television, on msnbc, on other outlets, giving ridiculous explanations on mr. cosby. so come on msnbc with me or any other platform and debate these issues. i assure you, when we debate, you're not going to be able to filibuster and you're going to have to be responsive to the questions and not be nonresponsive. >> we extend that information to bill cosby's representative as well to come, at least with these three new accusations. thank you very much. i know you'll be watching when cosby is expected to give that sworn deposition october 9th. thank you. much more on our top stories when we return. including if joe biden will interfere the race for 2014. sources tell msnbc he's calling
10:57 am
around to those close to them. and the explosion in china. dozens killed and hundreds injured. we'll have a live report on the latest. and another explosion in baghdad market kills dozens. we'll have the latest on this fight against isis in our next hour. like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill?
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♪ong: rachel platten "fight song" two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand, three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪
11:00 am
i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. this hour on msnbc, surging ahead. a new poll puts the donald front and center? a critical swing state. >> mr. trump is bullet proof. nothing will affect him. >> can any controversy trump trump? >> also hillary clinton's campaign working to contain a fallout. plus, more today on the server that was turned over to the feds. and then a presidential scandal dating back to the roaring '20s now confirmed. dna proof that warren hardy had
11:01 am
an affair while in office. we are starting with 2016 politics and an exclusive msnbc news report on vice president biden's interest in entering the race. interesting to hear these reports coming while the vice president is on vacation. >> interesting indeed. i spoke with a source close to buy den who had a phone call with him this week. he tells me biden is call lg some of his closest friends and allies. the tone of the call is rather that he's thinking about running but also thinking about his late son bo. bo of course tragically passed away in may after a battle with brain cancer. biden is still very much grieving his son's death. still, there are supporters that are pushing him. their key is this, clin tton is
11:02 am
showing some -- it's getting late and there's still no formal campaign infrastructure in place or starting to take shape. a second source tells me this will ultimately be a decision that biden is going to make with his family by late august or early september. i reached out to the vice president's official spokesperson who tells me there are no updates from that end. we continue to watch this story very closely. >> it's kind of interesting knowing he has his son in mind as he mourns him, but he also may be the incentive. at the same time, he's seeing how hillary clinton is taking a hit in the polls. bernie sanders surging somewhat. this e-mail controversy going nowhere. that has to play in as well. >> i'm told that biden didn't mention the e-mail controversy during this phone call, but of course the issue of
11:03 am
vulnerability came up. i'm also told that it's likely if biden were ultimately to decide to run that it would be because he sees a path to victory. it would be less about secretary clinton and more because he sees a path to victory and because ultimately he wants to protect what he has worked on over the past eight years. it is late and there is no campaign infrastructure that is being put into place. so a lot of people saying probably still less than a 50% chance that this actually happen. >> a lot of those donors have already given to the hillary clinton camp. thank you very much for that. >> thank you, francis. now to the republicans. donald trump goes incendiary on instagram. just a short time ago, trump release add fairly provocative new video linking obama,
11:04 am
terrorism, and the clintons. shows he and his fellow ouder candidates are getting the better of candidates like jeb bush and scott walker. just moments ago, he spoke from illinois where he used vladimir putin as an example of the failures of president obama and hillary clinton. >> no one believes in the old adage that was once said, if you find mush, you push. if you find steel, you stop. under obama and clinton, sadly putin under the last few years has found a whole lot of mush. >> joining me from washington kerry dan. you've been busy today. voters believe that donald trump more than anyone can change washington. also that it's the outsider candidates that best share voter values. what does this tell us about the angry voter kind of tired of
11:05 am
these manufactured, you know, political -- politicians and politics the way it's being played and where scott walker falls in this poll? >> we're a week out from that big first gop primary debate that we were all looking forward to so much. the polling that we've seen so far has seen bumps for candidates like donald trump, still at the top in places like new hampshire and iowa. but also bumps for people like ben carson. carly fiorina has also been rewarded for her performance in that earlier 5:00 p.m. debate last week. ted cruz is also seeing a little bit of a bump in iowa as well. they are running very much as outsiders. ben carson and carly fiorina haven't held elected office before. and ted cruz made his name on trying to throw a monkey wrench
11:06 am
into the washington establishment. people seem to be looking for somebody who can really mix up washington, treat the d.c. establishment a different way. you're seeing this reflected on the democratic side too with the rise of bernie sanders. >> all right. thank you as always. appreciate it. >> thank you. want to bring in christina, the los angeles times. thank you for being with us. back to trump here. he's been able to cleanly sweep us out of the controversy over what he said about fox news' megyn kelly. it seems like his shelf life when it comes to popularity has no expiration date as of right now. is that going to change? >> well, the great thing it's about politics, it always changes. most americans are focused on getting their kids back to
11:07 am
school over the next couple of weeks and they're not as tuned into politics in the ways that you and i are and everyone in washington and sort of the professional political class. what really matters in primaries is human interaction. human being to human being. and that's starting right now at the iowa state fair. we are keeping a close eye, you know, how the candidates interact with the voters there that will be attending caucuses next winter. could donald trump do well with those people? we still have to see. but the debates did shift things a little bit and he's still remaining on top. >> despite what comes out of his mouth, one of the things perplexing to so many is when he gets away with saying things opposed to the conservative orthodox i didn't hear. black to flat taxes, what he said last night on hannity.
11:08 am
>> let me go to specifics on the economy. you want to implement a flat tax. >> no, no. >> i thought you liked the flat tax. >> the problem with the flat tax, it's sort of the same. i actually believe that people as they make more and more money can pay a higher personal, okay? >> why in this case and time after time does trump get the free pass? >> well, i don't think anybody's getting a free pass. we're going to have another debate coming up in about a month here where people are going to be asked on specifics. when it comes to tax policy, they're in congress. they're going to have to work with whoever the next president is if they want to do any sort of reform to the tax system. that is not an easy endeavor. the candidates really have the luxury of talking about what they'd like to see when in reality paul ryan is going to be doing a lot of writing of that. this is something that attracts
11:09 am
voters. they like to hear, oh, somebody says that the rich should pay more. that has been a populous string that has been happening over the last few years. even with the tea party movement. it wasn't about let's make everybody pay no taxes. it was about it's not fair and the fairness of the system. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. speaking of outsider candidates, we want to know what you think. is this just a summer fling or a long-term relationship for them? what kind of split here. 51% of you think it's a long-term relationship. 49% of you say summer fling. keep those votes coming in. now, continuing to follow the breaking news out of iraq. the u.s. is condemning an attack on a popular food market in iraq. the associated press reports 67 people were killed when a truck bomb ripped through the market
11:10 am
in baghdad. isis has claimed responsibility and it is one of the deadliest single blasts in the city in several years. also following breaking news out of china. the death toll has reached 50 with more than 700 people injured. take a look at this destruction left behind. cars charred, their windshields completely blown out. and this is how it all happened. all of it was caught on cell phone video. the blast lighting up the sky even leading to some people to think they were in an earthquake. an american living in the area described his experience. >> all of a sudden there was like a loud -- like a shock wave sound. i looked out and saw the plume of smoke. and of course immediately pictures, videos, terrible
11:11 am
things. people with glass injuries. people on the street around the area on the ground incapacitated. >> nbc's ian williams is live there at the scene in tianjin china. what's the latest on the ground? >> reporter: that explosion was so powerful that of course even the u.s. geological survey recorded it as a seismic event and some people were convinced they were living in the middle of an earthquake until they got outside. just around this area where i am now, there are even people tonight bedding down on the sidewalk because they'd rather be there than in the power blocks facing the continuing fire. many of them have lost windows. the whole facades buildings facing where the explosion happened have been destroyed. the police, the army have core donned off where the fire
11:12 am
continues to rage. beyond it, a thousand firefighters fighting the fire together with 140 fire trucks. they're being impeded. the task is difficult because they don't really know what they're up against. chemicals make for a very volatile fire. and it's still not clear, officials said today, precisely that is in that mix of toxic chemicals and gases that exploded last night. that's worrying for the firefighters and of course for the people who live in this area and worried about the toxic fumes, francis. >> thank you. coming up, jimmy carter's cancer diagnosis. i'll speak with a doctor about the tests and treatments he'll likely undergo. plus, the anna miss river. and big bird strikes a deal. why "sesame street" is moving addresses to hbo.
11:13 am
before we head to break, climatologists are putting out a warning today that a god civil la el nino could be coming to california. it's strengthening into the most powerful el nino on record. the system could bring once in a generation storms to california this winter. the state has been under drought conditions for months. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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11:16 am
today, doctors are trying to figure out treatment options for former president jimmy carter who announced he has advanced cancer. he has a mass removed from his liver august 3rd saying, recent liver surgery revealed that i
11:17 am
have cancer that now is in other parts of my body. along with the rest of america, we are rooting for you. the 90-year-old carter's family has a history of pancreatic family. his father, sisters and brother all died from it. this is the director of transplantation. doctor, appreciate you being here, especially since you can break this down with a model you brought along showing a healthy liver versus an unhealthy one. put this into perspective. >> it's unclear if his liver disease is primary or secondary. there are two types of liver canc cancer, either it originated from the liver where the liver gets sick and you get a cancer. >> there you go. we can see this side -- >> that would be the sick side and here's the tumor. the other way is if there's normal liver and it's secondary
11:18 am
or you get a ma tast cyst and that could have been from a pancreatic cancer. the president used to travel a lot to different countries. he could have contracted a virus and gone onto a primary liver cancer. or his family history is certainly significant. the liver is a filter and he could have gotten pancreatic cancer. >> he wasn't clear when he says that. he says the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. what could that be? >> once the liver is seeded with a cancer, it can go to other places such as the lungs and the bone. so primary liver cancers tend to go to the lungs and the bones. >> talk about the kind of treatment options that are there. we're talking about a very active president here, especially given his anyone. what can be expected?
11:19 am
>> i would think that he wouldn't have any major surgery and he would have treatments directed at the liver and the sites of the disease such as radiation or chemotherapy or another treatment. >> many rooting for him as he goes through this. thank you so much. appreciate the breakdown. still to come, overload, the new study finding some children receive way too much homework. in some cases three times too much. look at this. a real life bambi and thumper. we'll be right back. ffrs [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones]
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11:23 am
on the cover of the "new york daily news" features rex ryan with rex jaw dropper. the jets quarterback could miss six to ten weeks of the season. love it or hate it, it of course is back to school season. millions of kids getting ready for another year of hitting the books, but are the books hitting them a little too hard? nbc's craig melvin has more. >> reporter: back to school means back to homework. according to a new study, kids are receiving more homework than what education experts recommend. in some cases much more. >> kindergarten ders have three times the workload that they're expected to have. and second graders have 2 1/2 times the homework load they're
11:24 am
expected to have. >> reporter: author of "the learning habit" was a contributing editor to the study that a little found that workload increases, so does the stress. >> they're getting work they don't us understand. they're getting work that's really, really stressful. >> reporter: so what are the guidelines for homework? the national education association and the national parent-teacher association recommend a 10-minute rule. ten minutes per night for first graders and ten additional minutes per night thereafter. the study found kin dd der gath ners are getting more than that. >> kids mostly come into school
11:25 am
with a natural excitement and a love of learning. i feel like our jobs in the first years especially is just to foster that. >> reporter: experts say communication with the teacher is key. >> if you feel that your teacher's assigning too much homework, the first stop is with the teacher. your teacher's there as your ally, not an stock l. >> now to breaking news out of baghdad this hour. isis claiming responsibility for a truck bomb that exploded in a busy market. how are they able to strike inside the capital in. plus, the animas river still closed days after a toxic spill. and presidential scandal dating back to the roaring '20s. dna reportedly proof that warren harding did have an affair while
11:26 am
in office. we'll be right back. i'm sorta marge... you're not marge? we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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11:29 am
news. the united states condemning the isis attack in iraq. the associated press says 67 people were killed when a truck bomb ripped through a food market in baghdad. the group says it targeted a gathering place of shiites. following developments from is stan bull is richard angle. >> reporter: baghdad has seen its share of truck bombings, but this one was particularly horrific. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. the truck was driven right into the heart of a fruit and vegetable market, blowing up civilians buying their produce for the day. a terrible death toll with estimates ranging from 60 to other 75 people killed. this is part of the isis
11:30 am
campaign to keep the war between sunnis and shias, persians and arabs going. it is this fight that drives isis, brings in its recruits. it is the fire which keeps isis going and it was burning today in baghdad. isis also now has a new threat and that one coming from turkey. the u.s. announced it has begun at long last, because this is an operation that has been a long time coming, american fighter jets took off from base in southern turkey and attacked isis targets in northern syria. no specifics given, but it is a significant different. before the u.s. had access to bases in southern turkey, american fighter jets had to fly from the persian gulf. flying a thousand miles to reach their targets and a thousand
11:31 am
miles back again. american jets can be over isis targets in just 15 minutes. that's a significant tactical change. >> the diplomatic relationship between the united states and cuba will reach another important milestone tomorrow when the united states flag will be raised for the first time in more than 50 years. the event has been overshadowed by questions about who and who is not invited. in particular, cuban dissidents will not be at the ceremony. we interviewed secretary of state john kerry about this event. >> great seeing you. >> i have to ask you about that sensitive line that the secretary has to walk with the upset cuban descents, also making a stand when it comes to human rights but not alienating the you ban government.
11:32 am
>> on this specific issue, i pressed the secretary by asking him the following. this year, the state department removed cuba from its list of terrorists exporting countries. and sex trade, even though the state department experts wanted cuba to remain on that blackl t blacklist. i asked them, also the united states is now not going to include or invite dissidents into the ceremony that's going to be held tomorrow. my question to the square was, is there anything the united states is not willing to do in order to have relations with the cuban government. here's his answer. >> there are thousands of things we're not willing to do and none of those things that you just mentioned are in fact a reflection of our decision to open diplomatic relations with the cuban government. >> reporter: and francis, the secretary said mostly the
11:33 am
invitation or the not invitation is because of size. he says that the cue -- that the u.s. embassy in cuba simply can't fit that many people. >> you covered a lot of ground also talking to him about the iran nuclear deal. let's listen to that part. >> moreover, there's a preassumption there that iran will come back and negotiate. because the ayatollah will believe they can't negotiate with the administration because they can't deliver. we would lose leverage not just on this. leverage across the board in the world. >> not budging at all there. why such the strong stance? >> because the secretary firmly believes that if the united states congress does not go through and support this agreement, it's essentially going to poison the well for any
11:34 am
future negotiations of any substance with iran. the secretary also says it's not just the united states and iran. it's the united states, russia, china and france. and other countries. it's g plus five and all of those countries want to see this agreement fulfilled. how do you get all of that together? the secretary is adamant that that simply is not going to be possible. the time to criticize the negotiations, he says, was before reaching an agreement. >> all right. always great to see you. thank you very much for that. of course you can catch jose weekdays at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. among those in attendance with secretary kerry tomorrow will be marines who took down the flag there 54 years ago. the state department recorded interviews with a few about taking down the flag. >> that was a touching moment. to see old glory flying the last
11:35 am
time in cuba, you know, that was -- just didn't seem right. just seemed like something was wrong, something was missing. >> the flag was taken down outside the embassy in havana in january of 1961. let's return to politics and the question of outsider candidates who are surging in the polls. we've been asking you what you think. is this a summer fling or a long-term relationship for them? here's our scoreboard. look at those who have voted for the long-term relationship, now it stands at 45%. 55% of you voting think it actually is a summer fling. here we are when it comes to party. seems like right now, not many people are voting. maybe that will be the incentive you need to vote. that's blue for the democrats. keep voting.
11:36 am
>> tales of sex in the white house and allegations of a love child which were never proven until today. one of our most scandal-plagued presidents ever did indeed father a child out of wedlock. joining me is my colleague. love it you're here with us to help break this all down. for those of you and me who didn't study too hard when it comes to american history and the hardy administration, talk to us about how big of a scandal this was at the time given this was not an area of social media. >> well, we say too bad there wasn't a maury povich show. it wouldn't have taken 90 years to figure this one out. the customs were a little different back then. you have a president of the united states. he died relatively young. he was 57 years old. it was a sudden death. this woman was not taken care of in his will.
11:37 am
the child that he fathered with her was not taken care of in the will. she went public a few years later. she had no real means of support for her child. the family refused to acknowledge, wouldn't provide any financial suppose sort. so she wrote a book. she had passages in there about being with harding in a closet in the white house. >> what would head line be? >> the most salacious thing was she gave vivid descriptions of being in a closet in the white house and producing the child with him. >> i like the way you put that. >> family television here. this is in 1928. you think about it. you think about all the other sex scandals we've had. i always tend to look back 50, 100 years ago, certain things weren't said in public. she said everything in public. >> how was that in the confines
11:38 am
of the white house? did staffers know? >> it's one of those things i think -- history januarys have looked at this and generally believe this happened. she tried to get support in the 1930s legally and there was a trial and the congressman from the hometown of warren harding, very protective of harding's reputation, put her on the stand. she had no actual evidence. she didn't think he would die young. she destroyed letters. she had no evidence. this congressman in cross-examination just absolutely obliterated her. he called her a pervert. he called her a degenerate. she wasn't able to win legally 75 years ago. >> but at the time this was happening, if you can compare it to modern day, how this would have been treated, this is -- the public wouldn't have never
11:39 am
known. >> john f. kennedy, we learned stuff after the fact. i guess it would compare a little bit to monica lewinsky and bill clinton. we got a lot of details in the white house, in the oval officest office. that came out in an era of 24-hour cable news and the internet and all of that. the one way she would public size this was to write a book. >> can you imagine the twitter wars in modern day between the family and president harding if this happened now? fascinating to find out about this. thank you very much. you can catch his show weekend mornings right here on msnbc. now to the other stories. did you see this? one of the most recognizable faces in sports turned into an internet meme overnight. the now famous courtroom rendition of tom brady, everything from the guy from the scream, how about that. kind of a similarity.
11:40 am
to e.t., to the italian grandma's botched restoration of a jesus fresco. now to this, you hope to see great plays, but you don't expect to be right snack dab in the middle of one. last night, pops one up, then the cubs first baseman runs into foul territory. he leans in the crowd for that catch. that's the way to do it. and time to beam me up scotty. captain kirk wants to take you where no one has gone before on the first official star trek cruise. william shat ner has signed onto host the trip. other stars will also be aboard. so the cruise sets sail on january 2017. never mind those conventions. this will make your skin
11:41 am
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11:44 am
developing news now on that toxic sludge flowing through rivers now in three states.
11:45 am
last hour, the environmental protection agency gave an update from new mexico. >> i do want to reiterate that eps a here to take responsibility. we are working through these issues. the very good news is that we see that this river is restoring itself. that we see those numbers shifting. that we are working with local communities to make sure that they are looking at the science and making the right decisions on reopening. we will continue to do that. >> meantime, a bold move from colorado governor. drinking a gulp of treated water from the animas river to make a point. the owner of four corners river sports in colorado joins me now. thank you so much for being with us. knowing your business relies so much on those during the summer months, kayaking or rafting. how much has your business been
11:46 am
impacted by this incident? >> it's certainly been a big impact. the rafting portion of the business has been shut down -- just shut down. we're down probably 70% on the retail side. it's a big hit. >> can you make this up at all over the rest of this summer or is this just a total loss as far as where you are now? >> we're in the recreational business. we're used to some level of uncertainty in this business. this is different because we were having our best year ever. so we go from 100 miles per hour to zero all at once. fortunately, our business is retail, other things. there are a lot of businesses in town that are purely rafting. we take out loans in the spring and get into lines of credit and gear up for the season.
11:47 am
normally, if it's a drought, you see it coming. a little different this time. this last month is often the time that companies are making their profit. it's going to hurt. >> it's going to hurt. earlier on msnbc, we talked to some farmers actually in tears. are you pretty optimistic with the epa coming out and saying this is clearing up? especially knowing you're not working with contaminated food down the road. >> yeah. i mean, you know, most of the businesses here will survive. it's a strong community and the community supports the local businesses in a big way. we hope if there's some remediation from the state or federal government that those businesses that need it will be able to participate. i am confident that the river's going to be ultimately okay. we've lived with these heavy metals in the water for a long time. the good news for durango,
11:48 am
rivers tend to carry the problems away. it's just going to become somebody else's problem i think. hopeful hopefully, we do something to clean those mines up once and for all. >> maybe this will be a message for people that have wanted to try kayaking will do so. thanks for the time. coming up, "sesame street" moving its address over to hbo. that's not the only change. we'll have more on that coming up. but first, we have another exciting announcement from our friends at the global poverty project. the list o celebrities on saturday september 26th. hugh jackman, selma hayak, kerry washington and olivia wilde.
11:49 am
they will join the lineup of beyonce, cold play. we'll all lead coverage out of the event. >> you can be there too. it's easy. go to and take action to be entered to win a pair of free tickets. i'll see you in central park on september 26th. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i like pbs. i love big bird. you know, i'm not willing to borrow money in order for my kids to watch big bird without advertisements. >> mitt romney took jabs at big bird during the 2012 election cycle.
11:53 am
big bird and the rest of the "sesame street" gang are moving. where? hbo. they joined a new partnership to make the next five seasons available on hbo's streaming services. they will air new episodes after a nine-month window. financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. you can bet there will be a whole lot of green. kim, always good to see you here. i have to say when i heard about this, i was like wait a second, "game of thrones," true blood, new "sesame street." it kind of felt like it came out of nowhere. >> in some ways it is very unlikely. those are definitely adult content kind of shows. on the other hand, think about
11:54 am
"sesame street" over the years. it is known for celebrity cameos. one of my favorites was hungry games. they always have all of these huge celebrities appearing on "sesame street" over the years. i think this means even more celebrities will get on. you know you've made it if "sesame street" has you do a cameo. there was that katy perry. usher, one direction. so many celebrities have been on "sesame street." i think that will continue. >> talk a little bit about the money, the potential for profits here for both hbo and sesame workshop. how much can be earned here with this deal? >> oh, certainly a lot. i think you mention, the first appear on hbo and then they'll be made available to pbs. they're actually going to produce even more. there will be 35 a year.
11:55 am
you know. tv has changed so much. now you have these -- these clips that will go viral. they'll have shows you can watch on hbo streaming services. i think even more people will be drawn to this. i don't have kids, but i've watched clips of the celebrities appearing on "sesame street." now if it's going to be on hbo, even more people will watch. >> i rarely watched live. on demand is the way to go. two-thirds of kids have watched on demand. when you put that in, they're making that kind of business change and decision of it, but they're also staying true to the core values of why parents love "sesame street." >> yeah, exactly. and why parents also love to watch with their kids. they can see their favorite celebrities showing up and get
11:56 am
the dual meaning of some of the jokes on the show. i think this is a brilliant strategy and taking advantage of all of the new streaming things out there and the availability of that for kids and participen ♪ can you tell me how to get, how to get -- >> hb and o. >> thank you so much for that. >> that was going to wrap up things for today's show. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going on social media. alex whit picks up your coverage. that's next. without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories.
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12:00 pm
we begin with another natural disaste in the making. that toxic sludge spreading through colorado. >> the animas river, in those areas, our water has actually returned back to preincident conditions. so it is a significant step forward. in new mexico, we hope to have some additional test results for the next segment of the river soon. we continue to see good news there. the epa is here to take responsibility. we are working through these issues. the very good news is that we see that this river is restoring itself. that we see those numbers shifting. that we are working with local communities to make sure they are looking at the science and making the right decisions on reopening. what we're doing is an independent analysis as well as an internal epa analysis on what led to this


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