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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 14, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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gap. we'll get to the democrats in a moment because just a short time ago jeb bush attempted to do what front runner donald trump is expected to do tomorrow, wow the crowd in iowa. bush received a few applause lines on his stances on the iran deal and fixing washington. however, it's his problems answering the legacy of his brother on iraq that return to plague him today. >> the iraqis want our help. they want to know that we have skin in the game that we're committed to this. >> 2011! >> excuse me? >> we had to get out in 2011. >> we didn't have to get out in 2011. >> your brother signed the deal. >> it could have been modify and that was the expectation. everybody in iraq and everybody in washington knew that this deal could have been expanded. and now what we need to do -- >> a bad deal sclal. >> now we need to do something else. >> joining me now is kasie hunt in des moines, iowa. kristen welker in washington and ron reagan, son of the late president ronald reagan.
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kasie hunt at the iowa state fair. kasie, want to get to bush's performance here. you had a chance to talk to him where you specifically asked him about being an outsider. >> that's right, francis. i had a chance to talk to governor bush about whether or not he was the kind of outsider candidate that are leading the polls right now. donald trump, ben carson, both people never been in washington before. bush has spent the past couple of hours at the pair. we just saw him walk by us on his way out of here. he's been very accessible to voters and reporters. i also got a chance to ask him how the lessons of his father's campaign here in iowa apply to him. >> he had a great organization. caucus state, so it requires slow, steady build-up of people that want to not just vote for you but commit to you, to recruit people to come spend two hours on a monday evening on february 1st in iowa. >> so he was talking about this. remember, he's pretty far back
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in the polls. there are a lot of questions about whether or not he can gain the kind of attraction in iowa that it patly his father and brother did. he went on to say that he's pretty confident in the organization that he is building here but at this point we're not seeing evidence of it yet in the poll, francis. >> well, talk about his soap box speech there in iowa. we heard several questions about iraq and bush's family. we know notice past he's stumbled when asked about his family. how is he handling his brother's legacy today? >> well, francis, this is a question that you can see gets under his skin a little bit. it's a question he's asked over and over and over again. sometimes by reporters. but frankly, more often by voters and the people that he encounters on the campaign trail. and he's having to figure out how to handle it. i think one of the things we learned today, you know, iowa voters are known to be very engaged. especially on the issues. and you heard him challenged on several issue related questions as he compared to his brother. i thought one question in particular on social security was pretty interesting. he was asked if he supported his
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brother's plan to privatize social security. bush said, no, i'm not supporting my brother's plan now. it was fine at the time. i think it gives you a sense of what he has to overcome. there are a lot of people who do know his last name but at this point that's all they know about him and it's pretty clear there's still a memory of his brother here. so he talks a lot about how he has to campaign joyfully, show his own heart is the phrase he uses. but it's pretty clear to me after today that he has ways to go before voters really start to see him as separate from his family. >> msnbc's kasie hunt at the iowa state fair. we'll check back in with you later on and talk about iowa state fair food. time now to bring in nbc white house correspondent kristen welker following all the developments with vice president biden and former vice president gore. thanks for being with us here. social media blew up and lit up with a buzzfeed report saying that gore is now expressing interest, know that broad term, expressing interest, what
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exactly does that mean as far as the level of interest? >> well, look, francis, i spoke to democrat who is very plugged in, familiar with the thinking of former vice president gore who says there's really no substance to these discussions. his spokesperson knocking it down pretty firmly. mcmann nis saying this, quote, there's no truth to it. he's laser focus and solving the climate crisis. what is also true is that you have democrats, gore supporters, who are starting to talk about the possibility of a gore run, who are batting that idea around. and the reason is because a lot of democrats are getting jittery about secretary hillary clinton's chances in a general election. they're concerned this e-mail issue is making her vulnerable, that this could be a drip, drip, drip that really weakens her in a general election. so they're looking at their other options. they're also looking at some of the poll numbers. of course we had that poll earlier this week in new hampshire which showed bernie sanders taking the lead over clinton. so that's why you're seeing some of these types of conversations
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emerge. at this point i think it's really just buzz. i spoke with the clinton campaign spokesperson earlier today, look, this is what a campaign is. you have up, you have downs. and the challenge is moving beyond that. i think you can expect to see this clinton campaign more aggressively try and turn the page in the coming weeks and in the coming months and also try to more aggressively explain why they are going to argue, secretary clinton hasn't done anything wrong. francis? >> certainly something that we saw even after yesterday with your sources telling you about vice president biden and his interest in the race while he is on vacation in south carolina making those calls. how have -- has that advanced, if at all? >> well, look, i think biden is more seriously considering it. i spoke with someone who got a phone call from biden. one of his closest allies. they talked for a substantial amount of time. the nature of that call was not so much vice president biden asking whether he should run but more saying, look, he's considering it. this is something that he is
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thinking about doing. at the same time, francis, he was very clear about the fact that he still very much mourning the lost of his son beau. that is we whatting on him. he us didn't know if he's going to be able to move beyond that. there are a lot of democrats who are pushing biten to run. they want him to run. they think this is his time to run. he's been in the white house for nearly eight years after all. the big challenge for vice president biden is that, one, it's late to get into the race. and, two, where does he fit in to this race? secretary clinton is largely running on president obama's platform. you have bernie sanders casting himself as the progressive candidate. where does vice president biden fit into that? that's going to be a challenge moving forward. this is a decision he's going to make with his family. he's on tract to make it likely by the end of this month at the earliest. >> and no one more anxious to hear about that than donald trump who is, according to bright bart, you know, they're basically reporting that donald trump expects to face vice
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president joe biden in the general election. as you can see there, interesting to see how that will play out. but if you look ahead with consideration aside and say these two men, al gore, vice president joe biden, decide they're going to enter, what a hill they have to climb considering it late in the game when it comes to staffing, money. a lot of that already going to hillary clinton. that's also something they've got to consider heavily. >> absolutely. this is a big debate right now in washington because, remember francis, they're also current party leader and former party leader. they would be able to likely amass a campaign infrastructure and get some big donors pretty quickly. but what they're lacking is a strategy and a plan. and again, where they would fit in to this conversation and that just might be the bigger challenge. one source telling me vice president biden is not going to get into this race if he doesn't think he can do it 110%. >> all right. a lot to consider. kristen welker, thank you for
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joining me. coming up later on at 1:30 eastern time i will be speaking with william pierce, a representative from the drft biden campaign. are they essentially a presidential exploratory committee now for the vice president? we'll ask him that. all of this brings us to our bing pulse question of the day asking you should al gore jump into the 2016 presidential race or is it just a little too late? we want to hear your thoughts. the pulse is now live. logon to weigh in and we'll bring you your responses later in the show. time now to bring in msnbc political analyst, author, and radio host and son of a late president ron reagan. ron, always good to see you and get your perspective as we're talking about here. talking about al gore and joe biden, what's your sense about these reports? do you think they will just stay there, reports? >> well, i think in the case of al gore, yes. i don't see that he's going to get into the race here. if he were planning to run for president he probably would have then his hat in much earlier and probably we would be doing it to be what we sometimes refer to as
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an issue candidate. in other words, the climate, the environment, he would be using a presidential run to simply put his name out there, put his profile out there a little more prominently and raise this issue. joe biden though, there is a possibility, as we've heard, of course he suffered this terrible tragedy with the loss of his son, beau biden, who reportedly urged his father to run for president. but the question that you have to ask and it's already been raised here, how does a joe biden presidential run fit into the dynamic between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? because that's the real race right now in the democratic -- in the democratic field. i can't -- i can't expect that joe biden getting into the race would do anything but hurt hillary clinton's chances. i mean, he's going to pull votes from her, not from bernie sanders. bernie sapders people are not going to go running to joe biden any more than they are to hillary clinton, frankly. >> sure. but also, consider there what it says about the party satisfaction or lack of when
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hillary clinton is a candidate. you read between the lines and say, might pull some of the voters away from her but as a party overall was saying. >> well, hillary clinton has always flirted with high negatives. she's been around for a long time. people bring up issues like the e-mails and there is a steady drip, drip. the bigger problem for hillary clinton is the perception on the part of the republican that she's not an authentic candidate. we've talked through a number of election cycles here about the public's desire for authenticity in a candidate. and hillary clinton, rightly or wrongly, depending how you look at it, suffers from that perception. she polls in focus groups her opinion on things, she's not somebody who is really ideologically committed to certain policies. bernie sanders, on the other hand, you cannot argue he's not authentic. he's been aing the same thing for years and years and years. and that's why big crowds are responding to him. >> the question of
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trustworthiness when it comes to hillary clinton, especially in the polls over and over again. the latest numbers out of iowa. taking a look at this landslide for the so-called outsider candidates. trump on top. dr. ben carson behind him. trump building up his team in iowa. spending the money, staffing up. then the next republican debate will be your father's presidential library on september 16th. so what do you think your dad would make of the fact that trump is blowing away the rest of this field and has been hanging on as long as he has on so many have said that that trump bubble is just bound to burst? >> well, that's the conventional wisdom. i frankly thought it would have burst after the first debate but it didn't. it seems that nothing -- no outrageous statement that he can make, no -- no revelation of how little he actually knows about policy, seems to deter that 25% or so of the republican party that likes him. they like the fact that he seems
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confident, he says things that, you know, he's going to have a terrific health care plan, which frankly sounds a lot like obamacare although i'm sure he would put his own name on it like a hotel or can a sin no. >> knowing the entertainer that your father was before he stepped into politic, would he be entertained by what's happening with the gop right now? >> no, i don't think he would be entertained. it is amusing on certain levels. but not if you're a republican. i mean, it's amusing for democrats maybe but, no, i think my father would be deeply disturbed that somebody as shallow and donald trump was managing to lead the race there. and he would find it very curious. he would not recognize that the republican party that he sees today. >> i would love to hear what old ronald reagan would have to say about this race right now. ron reagan, son of the former president as always. thank you very much. good to hear from you. former president george w. bush has a new reason to smile, his daughter jenna bush hager
10:13 am
delivered her second child in new york yesterday. and from the looks of it, grand parts couldn't be prouder. poppy louise hager is named after her great grandfather, president h.w. bush anything named poppy as a child. president obama and president castro made a courageous decision to stop being the prisoners of history. >> up next, we're live in havana, cuba, where today the american flag is flying above the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years. also live in china as fears set in about dangerous chemicals in the air after that deadly warehouse explosion. a stunning story of survival. new study reveals how much damage it does to kids when mom and dad work night, weekends, and long ors. check, check, check in my house hold. some parents are definitely going to want to hear this. ♪
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♪ you're watching an historic moment of diplomacy earlier today in cuba. live pictures now of the stars and stripes flying at the u.s. embassy in havana. something that hasn't happened in 54 years. representing a cold war era thaw between the two countries. although it marked a major milestone the diplomatic move doesn't come without controversy. marco rubio criticized the deal during a foreign policy address this morning. >> the deal with cuba threatens america's moral standing in our helms steer and around the world. it brings legitimacy to a state sponsor of terror and further empowers an ally of china and russia that sits just 90 miles from our shores.
10:18 am
>> former florida governor jeb bush run for president said this, secretary of state john kerry's visit to havana is a birthday present for fidel castro. a symbol of the obama administration's acquiescence to his ruthless legacy. john kerry seen walking away from a conference praised this new era. >> we are each confident in our intentions, confident in the contacts that we have made and pleased with the friendships that we have begun to forge. and we certain that the time is now to reach out to one another as two peoples who are no longer enemy or rivals but neighbors. time to unfurl our flags, raise them up, and let the world know that we wish each other well. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in havana, cuba. gabe, we are monitoring secretary kerry's live news conference. tell us more about this historic day, what many at one point would have considered an
10:19 am
impossible day. >> yeah, that's exactly right, francis. truly historic day. the u.s. flag flying right behind me. incredible sight. secretary kerry made a call for unprecedented change here on the island saying that the people of cuba would best be served by a genuine democracy. he did so as this flag was hoisted, as you mentioned, for the first time in 54 years. the first time that a u.s. secretary of state has visited cuba in 70 years. he was joined at that ceremony by three marines who actually lowered that flag back in 1961. that's when the u.s. severed the diplomatic ties with cuba. today's ceremony was broadcast live on state-run tv and radio. many people throughout the country were glued to their tvs. and they were also several hundred people out here, here outside the embassy. here's what some of them had to say. >> we feel that it's giving the island hope and opportunity, that they haven't had for a very, very long time.
10:20 am
the youth here are very, very hungry. they're very excited about opportunity. it feels like for the first time this year so many things have changed. >> it's like equivalent to me and perspective of being like the berlin wall falling down. this is huge. >> some 89,000 americans have visited this island so far this year. that's up 54% over last year. even though the trade embargo is still in place and there are still many travel restrictions in place, and there are still many deep differences between these two countries but today secretary kerry said that the u.s. no longer looks at cuba as an enemy or rifle but as a neighbor. francis? >> nbc's gabe gutierrez live in havana, cuba. when we come back, incredible story of survival. out of china's devastated portity of tianjin where the rub is still smoldering and the air could be toxic. and have isis fighters secured a stockpile of chemical weapons? those details still ahead ore
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here on msnbc. but first, breaking news here in new york. waiting a news conference in staten island from mayor bill belanlg joe after an hour's long standoff with an alleged gang member. live look at that scene. law enforcement officials say u.s. marshals attempted to serve a warrant this morning. that is taped video there on your right. a live look at podium as we await that news conference on the left. when a suspect started to fire earlier and shot a responding firefighter in the leg. it is not immediately clear of anyone else is in the house. we'll bring you updates on this story as we get them. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling.
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10:25 am
for more than 31 hours was pulled to safety. but at least 56 people were killed in the still unexplained warehouse explosions. more now from nbc's ian williams in tianjin, china. >> at least one piece of good news today, a 19-year-old firefighter pulled out alive. now, nobody expected that. at the same time, a team of bio chemical specialists have arrived while officials admitting they don't really know precisely what deadly toxins they're dealing with. the fire raged on this morning, thick black smoke billowing into the tianjin sky. hundreds of firefighters are battling the inferno. today pulling out alive one of their couple leagues treated in a nearby hospital, more than 20 firefighters died in the blast and 13 are still missing. officials say firefighters themselves may have triggered the blasts by hosing water on an initial fire in a warehouse containing the volatile chemical calcium carbide. that triggered the first blast which moments later sparked the
10:26 am
second bigger explosion. as other chemicals caught fire, captured in this cellphone video, shot by americans and van bur ran. he continued to film until it became too terrifying. >> let's go. let's go down. >> reporter: he told me he thought they were going to die. >> there twhuz monumental. i thought it was a nuclear bomb going off in my face. >> reporter: officials have tried to reassure nervous residents that pollution levels are normal while admitting they don't really know what toxins are in the air. they told people to move out of apartment blocks near the blast site and into shelters. local hospitals have been overwhelmed. the police are now cordoned off the blast area which now resembles a post apocalyptic wasteland. a clock frozen in time marking the deadly moment this city will never forget. this is a city in shock after the explosion but also one in fear as residents look at this smoke and wonder precisely what
10:27 am
it is they're breathing. ian williams, nbc news, tianjin. still ahead, should vice president joe biden throw his hat into the ring for 2016? i'll talk to someone who says yes. william pierce from the draft biden campaign. we want you to keep weighing in on our bing question of the day. should al gore make another run for the presidency? keep your votes coming. plus, two states, one republican front-runner signs that donald trump's campaign is about to get more serious. the biggest basketball star in the world proving his a king in more ways than one. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married.
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will he or won't he? people in democratic circles are still trying to figure out if vice president joe biden will jump into the race for president. "new york times" reporting today while on vacation in south carolina biden had an hour long
10:31 am
conversation with dick, the former chairman of the state's democratic party who also wants him to get in. according to the paper, meanwhile, the "times" reporting the draft biden movement is entering a new phase. join meg now is william pierce, executive director of draft biden. william, thanks for your time on this friday. and i want to ask you, as you have this group here, would you categorize your organization essentially as acting as an exploratory for the vice president? >> francis, i just see there's been a lot of momentum not only in the past 24 to 48 hours, in the past few weeks as well. it's just very encouraging. >> well, is there any restlessness on your part that the clock is ticking and you consider the latest poll in iowa as the vice president just getting 13% of likely caucus voters. you know, so on your part is there a sense of, okay, we need to come to a decision when it comes to the vice president? >> well, francis, we've been doing this since march. just organizing and right now we have over 190,000 people who came out and signed our petition
10:32 am
on our website, it looks like this is coming really soon. recently we had senior adviser to beau biden who joined our team. dick who you just mentioned has come onboard with us as a major donor as well. it's very encouraging that all the work that what started in the living room in march is now an actual movement and it looks like he will run. >> that's something, again, you know, that he's having very close discussions with his family. i'm sure you're considering the pros and cons and one of the cons being how he's getting into this so late in the game. you've got hillary clinton who, you know, having such strong organization, even the money for it, too. so i'm sure that's a reality for you. >> i don't think it's -- i don't think that is. we've been laying the groundwork since march. basically there's hundreds of volunteers ready to go. you've got the political allies ready to go. you have financial ready to go. as soon as the vice president comes out and says i'm in, i'm ready to go, we'll be ready to go as well. >> how do you take quotes like
10:33 am
this from former south carolina governor jim hodges who gave this quote to "the new york times" about biden's prospects me says there is a genuine fondness for the vice president but i don't think there's a yearning for him to get in the race. if that's his case how do you argue against that and where is that support coming from? >> that's one person. that's one person's take. what i've been seeing since march is hundreds of thousands of volunteers getting ready to go. our phone has been rapging off the hook. everyone is ready to go. if you lock at the polls and support is there for the vice president. the if you look at the numbers it's there right now. basically we will not be having this talk right now if there was not a movement. >> william pierce for the draft biden campaign. appreciate your time. thank you. is it about to be the year 2000 all over again but another bush/gore showdown. we've been asking you to weigh in on the another vice president considering a second run for the white house. al gore, remember george w. bush's jeb was governor of florida when that state denied him the presidency in 2000.
10:34 am
so what do you think? should al gore jump into the 2016 presidential race? take a look at your responses and our bing pulse question of the day and our scoreboard. wow, close or split. 54% of you say yes, 46% of you say no. keep voting and we'll update the votes. developing right now, donald trump taking his gop front-runner campaign to new hampshire. he is set to speak at a rally hours from now at a high school in hampton. it comes as trump's campaign is looking to bolster his leading candidate status by building an on the ground operation in the key early voting state of iowa. according to the des moines register, he has opened his first campaign office in west des moines. and this blue bus with his name in big bold letters has been rolling through the state drawing doz eveens of gawkers. katy tur is live at the site of trump's rally tonight. katy, trump is leading only
10:35 am
making 16 stops, far less than the other candidates like christie or fiorina who have made 60 or more. so what's the strategy? >> well, if you notice those other candidates that you mentioned, carly fiorina and chris christie are much lower in the polls. jeb bush, for instance, who has done better in the polls so far here and there has only made 25 stops here. so even though donald trump has only made 16 stops he's been doing a lot of media appearances and he's been getting his message out there. he's been getting his face out there. so he is very familiar to the voters up here in new hampshire. still, those smaller campaign stops the other candidates are making are much more typical for what it's like here in new hampshire. the one-on-one get to know you allow the voters here to really ask you about policies, ask you what you think, what you're going to do, get to know you some more, and that's when new hampshire voters are like. they want to be able to drill their potential candidates on the issues before they make a decision. they're independent minded. trump hasn't done that. instead he comes into these
10:36 am
highly produced events. it's much more like a celebrity showing. when we've been to his events, we've been to a few of them so far, they're oftentimes hundreds of people if not thousands of people and you get sort of like a rock concert atmosphere. the one we were just at in michigan there were people standing on the floor of this arena drinking tall cans of beer and eating kettle corn and cheering wildly for him, even chapting his name, so he's getting this sort of celebrity appearance out here or on the campaign trail. and that's some of what we expect to see tonight. >> is that something that the trump campaign is expecting for tomorrow in iowa, he will be attending the iowa state fair. he's not speaking on a soap box like other candidates as well. we've seen him on a stage or behind a podium. last month the paper called on him to drop out of the race. and he barred reporters from covering his events. so is that what he's hoping to do, get the one-on-one at the risk of, i guess, i don't know if you call it a risk, the chances of getting heckled as
10:37 am
many candidates sometimes do in iowa at the state fair there? >> i think he has been heckled at events. he quickly brushes that stuff off. he almost doesn't see it. he has blinders on to the people supporting him. you're going to see him move through the aoh what state fair with a golf cart and walking through the crowd. he's going to do meet and greets with people but they're not going to be that long. we are told though they h will visit the butter cow. there's excitement for that. it's unclear if he's -- if you're wanting to see him eat a corn dog, his campaign says there's no way in heck that's going to happen. >> fried butter is huge at the state fair. it will be interesting to see the contrast with him there and hillary clinton, too, and how they go about it. nbc's katy tur, thank you very much. don't forget to watch "meet the press" on sunday, moderator chuck todd will have a face to face interview with donald
10:38 am
trump. as we talked about the fried butter, fried oreoa. right now the biggest thing in iowa is the state fair. the presidential candidate is speaking on the soap box, one of the biggest draws, talking about the food here as the main attracti attraction. hold on to your waist bands because msnbc's kasie hunt got a taste for herself. >> reporter: more than 75 foods on a stick at the iowa state fair. most of them are fried. fried peanut butter and jelly or corn dog. what you can't get a is a calorie count. ♪ you guys know how many corn dogs you sell in a day? >> i'll have to kill you to tell you that. >> fresh fried apple pie. apple pie, what could be more american. >> exactly. >> put come sugar on it. chili kraut hot dogs. funnel cake is a staple. deep fried dill pickles. cajun cheese on a stick. >> this is american cheese but we got hot pepperjack and
10:39 am
mozzarella. >> what now? i put this in here? >> yeah. ic is it in there. >> right in there? >> yep. >> here you go. >> there you go. come back later and we'll put you to work. >> she needs to try that fried butter. that will be next on her assignment. that is msnbc's kasie hunt reporting. turning to an historic diplomatic breakthrough. live pictures of the american flag flying over the u.s. embassy in cuba. the cold war era tension between washington and havana have officially thawed after more than 50 years. moments ago secretary of state john kerry spoke from cuba saying his meeting with leaders there today marked historic cooperation. kerry said the next big step will likely be a lifting of the embargo against cuba. >> it's our hope that over the next days we will be able to layout a road map whereby steps are taken and make it possible for us to move to the next level. >> and from cuba to little
10:40 am
havana in miami, people are reacting today to the diplomatic breakthrough. nbc's mark potter is live in havana. you've lived in miami for many, many years. you talked to me earlier somebody saying if they told you about today and that flag being raised they could have been killed. how has this attitude shifted in just the last year since the announcement that u.s. and cuba would re-establish the ties? >> i think we've seen the combination of something that's been happening over years, recent years. that is the opinions in miami are becoming divided on the issues of cuba. even in the cuban-american community which traditionally has been opposed to any sort of relations with the cuban government. over time and again since the announcement on december 17th that there would be a political opening, there has been a shift. there's been a more nuanced view expressed in this community. many people still hold firm to the old view that we should not
10:41 am
have relations with cuba, that it helps the cuban government, not the united states. but you're hearing more and more voices, seeing more editorial, seeing more polls suggest that there is a new view, a widening view that maybe it's time to try something else. today we're at the versai rest flant little havana which is traditionally a place where cuban-americans comes when a political everybody occurs. an interesting thing happened today. very few people showed up president at most, i counted 18 protesters here railing against the actions in cuba today. if this had been 15 years ago at the time of the controversy over elian gonzalez, the young boy who came here in a raft, you would have had hundreds of people here, maybe a thousand people. there are a couple little fistfights here today between two or three people. that would have been between a larger number of people long ago. things very dramatically have changed. there's a -- i counted them.
10:42 am
there are six protesters here now. you know, the whole town has changed. the cuban community has changed. cubans don't live in little havana anymore. that's for tourists and central americans. they're spread out through the community. they're all in the businesses. they express themselves differently. there's been a shift in a lot of things in miami including fact we're not seeing the big protests here like we used to. >> nbc's mark potter for us there. one of my favorite places in miami, for the cuban iced coffee. thank you. up next, al qaeda versus isis. osama bin laden's son sends a chilling message calling for attacks on the west. is the crown prince of terror looking to stage an al qaeda comeback? and could this be the year of the monster el nino? after a record drought californians are brace for what could be the wettest weather system in almost 20 years.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
in 2009 iraq was fragile but secure. it was mission was accomplished in a way that there was security there and it was because of the heroic efforts of the men and women in the united states military that it was so. >> jeb bush's choice of words, throwbecome to the day when he's brother then president bush declared mission accomplished in iraq. today isis launched a chemical attack on kurdish fighters earlier this week. early signs pointing to the use of mustard gas. nbc's richard engel is live in istanbul with more. what does this report say about the growing threat of isis and the use of this kind of gas? >> well, it is a very ominous development, in fact. two u.s. officials and intelligence official, a white house official, have said that they believe that isis used mustard gas in iraq and syria on at least two occasions in recent weeks. they're not saying very much
10:47 am
about first attack which previously had not been reported and are giving very few details about the second attack. that one allegedly took place on wednesday in northern iraq. it was an attack against kurdish fighters. we have spoken to a senior kurdish official. he said that the attack took place when isis fighters or projectile, i should say, launched from an isis-held area landed among kurdish fighters. once that projectile exploded, several of the kurdish fighters were -- they had difficulty breathing and they had burns on their skin. it's been described as a minor incident. people -- there were no fatalities reported. but it is a -- it is a sign that this group, isis, if it can get chemical weapons, and it appeared according to u.s. officials, that it has, it will use them. >> concerning to see that's a direction they will take now. i want to ask you about the son
10:48 am
of osama bin laden who released an audio message to talked about strategies for global jihad encouraging lone wolf attacks in the west. no mention though of isis. how does that come in to play as far as its relevance? >> well, it's interesting to see al qaeda introducing amsa bin laden. he is not a well-known fig purpose it's the first time we've heard from him, officially associated with al qaeda. al qaeda suffered a lot of losses recently. it's been overshadowed by isis. the current leader of al qaeda, the man who succeeded osama bin laden, is not terribly charismatic, egyptian, former doctor, and he's been seen as something of a failure. so what it seems to be is al qaeda trying to play on the bin laden legacy, saying the tradition continues, that hamza bin laden will take up the mantel and carry on al qaeda in his father's name. i think it's more of a
10:49 am
reflection of the rivalry between isis and al qaeda than anything else. >> nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel reporting there from istanbul. we appreciate it. thank you. up next, with more parents on erratic work schedule, startling new study finds it's having a big impact on their kids. but first, do you want a chance to see beyonce, pearl jam, ed sheeran, and coldplay, all one stage live? if you're in new york city and in the area on monday, august 17th, you can join msnbc on a snapchat journey through the city for a chance to win tickets to the global citizen festival. to play first, follow us on snapchat on shiftmsnbc for full rules and all the details. good luck to you all.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
if you're looking for sports heros to be role models for kids, lebron james just set the standard and raised the bar.
10:53 am
the 11-time nba all-star announced his foundation is teaming up with the university of akron to send students from his hometown to college free of charge. he talked about it in an interview. >> we have 1100 kids in our program. if i can put 1100 kids into college free, i have done something great to give back. >> students will have to complete james' i promise program. it mean meeting test scores and volunteering. the olympic medalist plagued with injuries in the past is announcing a setback. she's headed home to colorado after fracturing her ankle in new zealand. she told fans it's a small fracture. she's headed to the united states for treatment. and you can add this to the long list of working parents can worry about here. a new study just heaping on the
10:54 am
guilt. here's joe fryer. >> i want a high five. >> reporter: like any mom, renee wonders how much her work live impacts her family life. she's a nurse with a schedule that rarely stays the same. >> it puts a toll on my relationships at home because ooichl so tired. >> reporter: a new study by the economic policy group focuses on the children of parents with irregular work schedules. those are schedules that vary weekly, with shifts that rotate and hours that fall mostly outside of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for toddlers with mothers who work those schedules, the language and problem-solving skills may suffer and teens are more likely to be depressed, engaging in smoking and drinking when their parents work nights. >> what is the big headline out of this study? >> parents need to have regular schedules. children need to be read to before bed time. they need high-quality early childhood experiences.
10:55 am
>> reporter: the group found 17% of the u.s. work force has an unstable schedule. as a nurse, she works a lot of overnight hours and weekend shifts. she's returning to work after taking time off to spend with her baby girl. >> it duds worry me. i want my children to be successful in life. i want them to be great at communicating with other people. >> reporter: it's a topic gaining attention, when it comes to low-wage workers at restaurants and retail stores. earlier this year, the attorney general of new york sent a letter to 13 major retailers asking about the use of on-call shifts, which can be canceled in little notice. just last week, abercrombie & fitch said it will eliminate that practice. >> we know there are parents that have irregular work hours. if they're consistent and predictable, does that make a difference? >> yes. it makes a huge difference. it allows a child to know if mom
10:56 am
or dad aren't home, they will be. >> reporter: there's a growing discussion about giving families more stability by giving their schedules more stability. joe fryer, nbc news. los angeles. next hour, the speculation on former vice president al gore's possible return to the political ring. should he get into the 2016 race? weigh in at new reports on the e-mails of hillary clinton. one of the two possibly deemed top secret referenced a uts drone operation. and what about tourism to cuba? what americans need to know. gnat's straight ahead. multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness, lift sagging, diminish the look of dark spots, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪
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10:59 am
this hour on msnbc, democrats hang on to your seats. rumors that al gore is considering a 2016 run. and efforts to draft joe biden are getting a lot more serious.
11:00 am
plus, history made in havana. the american flag once again flying at the u.s. embassy in cuba. >> the time has come for us to move in a more promising direction. >> but not everyone is happy about this new diplomatic frontier. i'll get reaction from a cuban-born american citizen. and, safe for kids? the fda approves oxycontin for kids as young as 11. what do parents need to know? welcome to the weekend. almost weekend. sit friday. happy friday to you. i'm frances rivera in for thomas robert. we start with a name from the political past. al gore. you remember him. he suddenly vaulted into today's headlines after this buzz feed article. people close to gore are talking about a possible 2016 run. that story comes as speculation still hangs around a biden candidacy. whether that speculation has substance or is merely the august heat talking.
11:01 am
constant talk about a new democratic name to take on hillary clinton returns the focus to her perceived enthusiasm gap. for instance, jeb bush saying this. as republicans and democrats descend on the hawk eye state for the state fair. >> when you have the presumptive front runner dominating and then losing to bernie sanders in new hampshire and the race tightening in other places, i'm sure people like joe biden and al gore are seriously considering it. >> joining me at the top of the hour kelly o'donnell, from washington, christine welker. and perry bacon. and senior political correspondent perry bacon and roger steiner. we got the talk. how much substance is there to back it up? >> i think the buzz about al gore considering a presidential run is just that. buzz. i spoke with a fairly plugged in
11:02 am
democrat who is familiar with the thinking of al gore who said there's no substance here. and al gore's spokes person knocked it down firmly. saying quote there's no truth to it. he's laser-focused on solving the climate crisis. you have some democrats, including those who support al gore, starting to have these conversations. the reason is, a lot of democrats are getting jittery about secretary hillary clinton's chances in a general election. they think this e-mail story is a drip, drip, drip. that is making her vulnerable. and so that's why you're seeing some of these conversations emerge. i spoke with one of clinton's aides earlier today who said look, this is a campaign. this is what happens in campaigns. you go up, you go down. having said that, i think you'll see the clinton camp take a more aggressive approach to trying to turn the page on this issue. they'll try to do a better job of getting out in front of this
11:03 am
issue. and this weekend, at the iowa state fair, secretary clinton will try to do that herself talking about her plans to low the price of a college education. >> following the buzz with joe biden, your sources yesterday, saying that he's making calls around. donald trump told a conservative allen brightbart today that he expects to face vice president biden in the general election. what more are we hearing about that? >> i think when it comes to vice president biden, he's more seriously considering it. i spoke to a source who says they got a phone call from vice president biden. this is one of his closest allies. they had a very substantial, substantive conversation. the nature was vice president biding calling to say, i'm considering a run. however, i'm also deeply mourning the loss of my son, beau. tragically passing away in may after losing a battle with brain
11:04 am
cancer. i think the vice president is torn. he knows it's late. one of the challenges is, where does he fit into the conversation? secretary clinton is already largely running on president obama's platform. bernie sanders running on a progressive platform. where does biden fit in? one source saying he's not going to do it if he doesn't think he can do it 110%. i anticipate we'll get a decision sometime at the end of this month at the earliest. but probably next month. >> you have the two lanes of traffic. on full speed. see if he can merge his way in. thank you, kristin. >> thank you. >> want to bring in roger simon. one example from someone at the wall street journal, we'll know hillary clinton is in trouble when the mondale and dukakis speculation starts. when you hear about the gore speculation, what you to
11:05 am
believer it says about hillary clinton's candidacy, knowing the troubles with e-mails and how she's slipped in some polls? >> it you know -- it's because the air is going out of the balloon. it's not exhausted yet. but, the campaign reflects the candidate. and the campaign seems to be joyless, it seems not to have much vision. i don't think hillary clinton though she has many skills and many good qualities, i don't think she likes to campaign. i think the campaign reflects that. and i think the democratic party is very, very worried that she may be the nominee but not a particularly strong nominee. >> that's why we're seeing these possible option b, option c, al gore, joe biden. i want to ask you about joe biden, considering what "the new york times" says, a once bare-bones draft biden muft has
11:06 am
entered a more aggressive phase. they're contacting democratic insirds. we heard from officials saying they're waiting for the go-ahead. they're ready to point. how difficult of a reality will bit to set up? with so much momentum already in that sense from hillary clinton and bernie sanders? >> i don't think that would be the barrier to vice president biden's running. i think he could put together the staff quickly. >> what would be the barrier? >> his will to do it. i coverered him in 1988. he was the man to beat. i covered him in 2008, when he was low in the pack. he ran the same way. all out, on the stump, you know, go get 'em. he loves to campaign. >> what would be his barrier then? >> i think he'll only do it if he truly believes hillary clinton is not going to win the
11:07 am
nomination. or be a good candidate. or if she's not going to be a good general election candidate. that she cannot defeat the republican. in that case, i think he would see it as duty. i don't think he's there yet. >> i wish we had more time to talk about jeb bush there in iowa. thank you, roger simon. >> thank you. >> we've been asking you to weigh in on the other vice president possibly considering a second run. should he jump into the race? your responses to our bing pulse question of the day and how we're looking at the scoreboard since the top of the hour 1:00 eastern time. there we go. 40% of you say yes. 60% say no. out of the 40%, that's down. i think that was up to at least 54% at one point when he first started. keep the votes coming. to the republican side. all eyes on jeb bush today who spoke in iowa.
11:08 am
he took time to speak with kelly o'donnell about the race and in particular, hillary clinton. kelly joins me from des moines. good to see you. what did bush have to say? >> reporter: well, jeb bush had a lot of things to say. part of his day has been meeting and greeting with voters. taking time. spent several hours here in the high humidity and hot sun talking about his issues and his candidacy. when we got a little time with him one on one, i did pose some questions about what the impact of the hillary clinton serve r issue is with respect to her candidacy. he's how he described it to us. >> more people are living in poverty. like this is like a re-repeat on the 1990s again. i think she needs to come clean. mrs. clinton seems not to be able to have integrity and to tell the truth. if she's not done anything
11:09 am
wrong, just be honest about it and show. she had a duty to be a high-level secretary of state. high-level official. she had a duty to protect the information. >> reporter: failed in that duty? >> completely. >> reporter: and jeb bush talked about the fact that an investigation is under way and we have to see where that goes. when given the opportunity to talk about hillary clinton and what this means in terms of her candidacy, you heard it there. very tough. challenging her on integrity. we talked about his candidacy and some of his challenges because so many voters are angry in america. it's seen in the polling that puts trump up top. he said he's not trying to appeal to those voters' angst. he's trying to present a hopeful image. he was doing it hand shake by hand shake today. >> doing it with heckler there is, too. asking him about his brother, too, and iraq. heckling is the inevitable at
11:10 am
the state fair. also, donald trump has been hitting jeb bush nonstop. any concern about bush and his camp about donald trump? >> reporter: it's a mix. there were hecklers. there was the opportunity for voters to ask questions. there were questions about his president's time in office. bush took those on saying he's in a tough place in ter of his advisers and so forth because any great minds in the republican party likely worked for the two most recent presidents of the republican party, his father, his brother. when it comes to trump, they're trying not take on trump head on by name. though talking about this idea, bush saying he doesn't want to be a grievance candidate. he wants to present a more hopeful, expanding idea. that is subtle in going against trump. frances? >> we'll see when trump hits the state fair tomorrow. kelly o'donnell, thank you. the clinton e-mail story won't go away.
11:11 am
a new story from if associated press said two e-mails deemed top secret include a discussion of drone operations. clinton's people maintained she's done nothing wrong. and the state department is trying to determine whether the intelligence officials are correct about the classification of those e-mails based on the time when they were september. joining me from washington, perry bacon. as i bruised you, maybe the third time now. i want to break this down. what is it saying as far as the drone talk? >> we don't really know if these e-mails were classified or not. there was some talk of a mention of a drone strike in some of the e-mails. the inspector generals are looking into whether the e-mails should be classified or unclassified. that determination has not been made yet. the e-mail controversy is not ending anytime soon. the e-mails and the biden and gore stories are related in that
11:12 am
if somehow hillary clinton is under a lot of controversy, they'll make it easier for a gore or a biden or a john kerry, somebody like that to run. probably in her place. but we're far from that right now. in fact, the polls show hillary clinton is really -- has really strong approval among democrats still. >> we'll see how she tackles that and the e-mail controversy at the iowa state fair tomorrow. perry bacon, thank you very much. >> thank you. breaking news overseas. a many rescued more than 30 hours after that massive explosion in china. plus, why there's now fear that the air around the explosion site is not safe to breathe. and the american flag flying once again outside the u.s. embassy in havana. we'll look at the tensions that remain. and then the godzilla el nino. i'll speak with an expert about the monster system that could bring a once in a generation storm to california. we'll be right back.
11:13 am
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a chinese firefighter trapped for more than 31 hours after the massic explosion earlier this week has been rescued against all odds. search and rescue teams found the 19-year-old this morning. he has burns on his face, an injured leg and is being treated for smoke inhalation. the explosion in the port city of tianjin killed over 50 people and injured over 700. there are growing fears over possible toxic fumes in the air. [ cheers and applause ] and you're watching an historic moment of diplomacy earlier today in cuba. now live pictures of the stars
11:17 am
and stripes flying at the u.s. embassy in havana. something that hasn't happened in 54 years. representing a cold war era thaw between the two countries. though fidel castro doesn't seem ready to embrace this, he wrote this week, tus owes cuba quote many millions of dollars in damages over the 50-year trade embargo. joining me from little havana, guillermo martinez. a cuban-born american citizen. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i want to ask you about this open letter that you wrote in "the sun sentinel" to secretary of state john kerry that read -- you do not have what it takes to do honor to the many secretaries of state who have preceded you that defended the principles this country standing for in the face of enemy representatives. what principles do you think he's not defending here specifically? >> very simple. let's look at what's happening
11:18 am
today. what happened in cuba in addition to the official ceremony is a cube ban-american poet talked and read a poem. not one wrd about the tens of thousands of cubans who have died trying to seek freedom in the united states. at the same point kerry is talking, the cuban thugs from the government are taking a black cuban leaddy and taking her away because she's daring to protest because they wouldn't let her go near the embassy. cuban lives matter. the same thing that we say american, black lives matter. well, frances, cuban lives matter. >> let me ask you this. the secretary made clear during his words in his address in the ceremony of the stance on human rights. you look at this when it comes to the independent source of reporting, human rights abuses inside of cuba, shows that that number is declining. when you hear that, do you
11:19 am
believe it? >> uh, i hear the opposite. and i hear the opposite from america's watch. i hear the opposite from human rights watch. i hear the opposite. according to everything i hear, the number of dissidents arrested, beaten up, and jailed in cuba has doubled since december 17th of last year. it's absolutely shameful what is going on. >> talk to me about the controversy. of course that historic day in this raising of the american flag, too, but mixed feels, especially with the cuban dissidents not invited. "the washington post" blasted it as well saying it was lame. a government to government event. secretary kerry addressing those dissidents in a separate event. if you had to choose something good about this, would you be able to find anything in the positive sense? >> i don't find anything possibly good because what cuba is seeking is a lifting of the trade embargo. so that they can -- they can
11:20 am
just say that they will not be able to pay and the american citizens will wind up paying for them. if they don't -- if they do not -- if cuba does not pay. you talk about the editorial of "the washington post." i have here. and they're not -- it's very simple. "the washington post" says you do a government to government official ceremony in public and then you meet with the dissidents in private. napt's a disgrace. i repeat it. thousands of cubans have fled. there was a poll done in cuba recently. an actual poll done in cuba recently. a vast majority of the cubans under 35 just want to leave the island. this is after the december 17th announcement. >> something from the secretary of state mentioning we're not going to forget the past but certainly marking a new era in this new beginnings. guillermo martinez from miami's little halve van that. appreciate your time. >> thank you. they're calling it two
11:21 am
names, god zilla and bruce lee. whatever you choose, it's not good. the once in a generation storm that could be coming to california. plus, a groundhog's lucky day. the officers rushing to the scene with that critter's rescue. it does end well. before break, wonder what the president jams out to on his ear buds? you don't have to think about anymore. the president has created two play lists for spotify. one for the daytime, one for the evening. if you want to pretend like you're partying with him on the dance floor, some of you will hear ain't too proud to beg and push your love, girl. by j.t., justin timberlake. a nice mix.
11:22 am
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. tragedy strikes an amumt park in ohio.
11:25 am
45-year-old james young just fin ired riding the raptor roller coaster on thursday when he entered a restricted area to look for a cell phone he dropped during the ride. as he was searching, he was struck and killed by the roller coaster. the park bills itselfs a the roller coaster capital of the world. it says its thoughts and prayers go out to the family. conditions primed for an elevated threat of wildfires in california this weekend. already 16 separate wildfires burning throughout the state and an estimated 12,000 firefighters on the front lines of the fires. fire officials are warning anyone outside this weekend camping or barbecuing, make sure to be careful. meantime, activity just off california's coast has forecasters predicting monster storms for the drought-stricken state. these images of the el nino, also known as bruce lee or godzilla come from nasa's jet
11:26 am
propulsion laboratory. the system could bring once in a generation storms to california this winter. adam sobel is a professor at columbia university. for those of us that need the refresher, what is el nino? >> a natural and temporary shift in the earth's climate. where the tropical pacific on the east side near south america, relatively cool normally becomes warmer. that causes the winds to shift and it causes the rainfall to shift from the west pacific where it normally is to the east. that disrupts the circulation of the atmosphere on the large scale. >> once in a generation storms may hit california. knowing how they've been suffering from the droughts. wouldn't that help them with the storms coming in here? or is there a negative to that? >> it's likely to be helpful. an el nino is normally reflected
11:27 am
in more rainfall in southern california. that's likely to happen. the thing we don't know is how much it will help the drought because the drought is most severe in central-northern california. that's where the reservoirs are that are fed by snow. the strongest chances for heavy rain are southern california. >> this year's significant and strengthening. you have the godzilla, bruce lee. any reason for alarm? >> so, el ninos have a lot of impacts on the climate and the weather around the world. they tend to cause more hur dmans the pacific. we have seen that this year, though most of the strong ones have been at sea. they tend to suppress them in the atlantic. a quiet hurricane season here. heavier rain across the southern tier of the united states. it may be worse for the drought in the pacific northwest. though we can't be sure of that. >> and hopefully, we'll see more good than not. helping with those drought conditions. they need help so badly.
11:28 am
adam sobel, thank you for the breakdown. >> thank you. live free or tump. the donald makes a grant state stop. and then gore take two. rumors that al gore is considering a 2016 run. and we're asking today's bing pulse, should al gore jump in the 2016 race? weigh in at and connecticut reverses the death penalty, sparing 11 men on death row, including the two who brutally murdered a mother and their daughters in their own home. their family's reaction. and i'll speak with an attorney for one of the killers coming up. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling.
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gop front-runner donald trump is headed to new hampshire. he's set to speak at rally just hours from now at a high school in hampton. tonight's rally comes as there are more sign his campaign is trying to build a more robust
11:32 am
organization in the key erarly voting states of iowa. he's opened his first campaign iowa there and this bus with his name on the slogan also traveling throughout the state. all of this one day after nbc announces trump will not return to "celebrity apprentice." katy, nothing is conventional about his campaign. what's the strategy? will his message change or the way he gives it change at all? >> reporter: i don't think his message is going the change. i think his message is consistent that message is make america great again. as for the details of that message, the policy issues, he has not gotten into that. we know that associates have briefed him on policy and urged him to take more detailed stances on job creation and the economy. so far, he's only talked about it in very broad general terms. even though he complained during
11:33 am
the debate he wanted to be asked specifics on policies. reporters have followed up. he hasn't gone into it. he keep skirting the issues. here in new hampshire, that's something the voters i've been speaking with want to hear more of. they're very into asking their candidates and pushing them on where they stand on the issues. that's why you see so many people come in and do smaller eviden events here, so they can do one on ones. trump has not done that. he's been here about 16 times. they've been generally much bigger events. we have yet to see how that will play in the long run for new hampshire. he's getting big turnouts. he has a base of followers. it's unclear how many want to come out because donald trump is here and there's the celebrity factor. >> sure. bringing that tomorrow to iowa and the state fair there. you know, this gazillionaire in
11:34 am
the state fair. his message won't be on a soap box because of his feud with if des moines register. is it going to be one on one with some of these affairgoers, too. it will be interesting to see him in that setting. >> reporter: it will be definitely interesting. one of the brilliant things he's been able to do is portray himself as a working class billionaire. he lives on the top of a gold tower. he traveled by private jet or meant. he has nothing of a normal life. but he's been able to connect with voters by speaking plainly and sounding like them. he's the cool guy two became rich and now won't stop talking about how cool it is to be rich. people like that. they aspire to be him. you won't see him be traditional tomorrow in iowa. he as no aim to be like the other candidates. you won't see him on the soap box where "the des moines register" sets up. he'll probably interact with the crowd. when he's made public
11:35 am
appearanc appearances, they've been controlled. i don't think you'll see a lot of it. if he has hecklers, he has the ability to put blinders on and see the good out of things. when he's landed at events with a lot of hecklers or half and half, he's proclaimed everybody was so happy to see him. in reality, that's not necessarily the case. part of his campaign is this exaggeration. this embellishing of the truth. this making him look grander than he is. he's been very successful at it so far. >> likely, he'll have the back at yas ready tomorrow. >> reporter: he's quick-witted. >> he is. thank you very much. the democratic presidential candidates are also in iowa this weekend. four candidates will attend tonight's wig ding fund-raiser. a big boost for hillary clinton in the state. she received a key endorsement from former iowa senator tom harken. msnbc's jam tim is in clear lake, iowa.
11:36 am
how important is this event ahead of hillary clinton's visit? >> reporter: it's a pretty big event. we're about six hours out. we have people taking on a chant-off. o'malley's been here. the organizers. you can hear hillary's people are loud. they're stirring it up. it's a big deal. this comes at a pivotal point in the campaign. sanders is surging in the polls. people think there's an opportunity for another can candidate to rise here besides hillary. it will be great to see tonight. >> you know what? if you could grab one of those supporters. what were they just chanting? what do we want? was it hillary clinton? could you make out what they were saying? >> reporter: we're hearing a lot of iowa, i-o-w-a, hillary all
11:37 am
the way. chanting name. i believe in hillary a lot. o'malley, they chant the whole name. it's hard on the apostifropheap. >> are they cheering at cars? >> reporter: i'm sorry. i almost can't hear you. >> they cheer and then they stop. probably when cars or crowds come by. >> reporter: when the cars come by, they try tone gauge the voters. >> msnbc's jane timm. thank you. to unprecedented changes already under way for american visitors to cuba this summer. more travel onkss to the island than we have seen in decades. the trade embargo is in place. as the icy relationship between the u.s. and cuba begins to thaw, americans will soon have a new option for their caribbean vacation. joining me from havana is gabe gutierrez. good to see you, gabe. interesting how this might really be a breakthrough as far
11:38 am
as tourism with air b and b getting in on it, and carnival cruise lines as well. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, frances. still a lot of questions up in the air. the u.s. trade embargo is still in place. travel restixs in place. despite that, more americans are visiting the island. that number is up 54% so far this year. it's long been the forbidden isla island. virtually off-limits to american tourists. >> it was important to see it before it changed. more importantly, to show it to my kids. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines is planning the first cultural exchange trips next year pending final approval. >> we won't have broadway. not a casino. we believe there is a real market for this type of experience. >> reporter: to accommodate more visitors, cuba is sprucing up the port of havana. this market crowded with
11:39 am
entrepreneurs. >> america coming. more money. >> reporter: for the first time in decades, yachts will be docking in cuba with high-end u.s. travelers on board. >> the phone hasn't stopped ringing. a sense of adventure. >> reporter: the short-term rental website air b and b launched in cuba in april. >> it's been like a crazy revolution. >> reporter: this woman and her husband rent out rooms in their renovated havana home. >> we feel flattered. everyone wants to come to see our country. it's great. >> reporter: and even though the u.s. flag is now flying behind me, there's still many challenges that remain. that family we spoke to, frances, says finding supplies is difficult. reliable internet for business owners and tourists is a long way off. >> shows you progress that still need tos to happen there.
11:40 am
thank you very much. other stories that caught our eye. did you see this? tom brady's four-game suspension might have been up in the air. that didn't stop him from participating in the preseason game last night. star quarterbacks don't play too much in preseason games. the decision to play brady is seen as the team's vocal defense of the star who is appealing the four-game regular season suspension. the white house usually gets it right when it comes to social media. twitter was all twitter mocking their attempt to use the straight outta compton meme. others just couldn't deal. campus police at lehigh university rescued a poor ground hog whose head was stuck in the can. but that is jenna bush haguer's new baby.
11:41 am
now getting to that video. body cam video shows the officer pulling the critter right auoutf the metal trap. now to the new bush baby. a hager baby. it's a girl. a big congratulations to jenna hager and her husband, henry. they welcomed a new baby girl yesterday, poppy louise. she's named after her great-grand father, george push. there they are with h grandparents. and big sister, mila. it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair. pollen. more work. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue.
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11:44 am
11 men on connecticut's death row will have their lives spared. the state supreme court ruled it would be unconsistent tug nal to execute them. among the 11, these two men. almost ten years ago, steven hays and joshua komisarjevsky
11:45 am
broke into the home of a prominent doctor and his wife. dr. william pettitte was beaten and bound in the basement. his wife and two daughters were murdered. the mother and youngest daughter just 13 raped during the course of the crime. dr. petit sproek out about the death penalty. jennifer hawke petit's sister also reacting. >> decided these two men should get the death penalty. to have it just taken away. it makes you wonder why we spend all that time in the court systems. >> joining me now on the phone is connecticut public defender thomas ullman. he represented steven hays, one of the two men convicted in the murders of the petit women. mr. ullman, thank you for your
11:46 am
time. you fought for his innocence. lost the fight. what was your first reaction to hearing hays' life was spared? >> i was thrilled and relieved. we never contested his innocence. and guilt in the case. we really contested the death penalty and always our motive was to get a life sentence. millions of dollars later and years later, we finally have a decision from the connecticut supreme court. >> you say you're thrilled. and millions of dollars later. no consolation to the family. who we heard from jennifer petit's sister who said when you torture and rain them, their children, douse them with gasoline, burn them alive, is there not something hat should be worse? what are your thoughts when you consider the family who must feel like once again here they are again -- >> i don't think that family's victims should be led down the road to believe that the death penalty is a valid penal option.
11:47 am
and for years, we have had arbitrary and capricious judgments regarding these cases. just recently, compare the boston marathon death sentence with colorado. and the aurora, life sentence without the possibility of parole. you have the cases around the country. we have many other horrible crimes. this is not the most horrible. there are other horrible crimes and people serving life sentences for them as well. racism comes into play. all kinds of different issues regarding the criminal justice system. i'm glad it's done with. we have moved on from a barbaric procedure in account accountconw live in a more enlightened and civilized state. >> your client mentioned wanting to die. accepting the death penalty. have you spoken to stephen hays?
11:48 am
>> i speak to him a lot. i'm away on vacation. i just got word of this yesterday where i'm located. and have redad a lot about it. i'm sure i'll visit him when i come back to connecticut. >> what can you imagine knowing he may have accepted the death sentence? knowing they would accept it, wanted to die for those crimes. >> i don't think it's a call of the victims and i don't think it's a call of the defendant. the death penalty is something that society, at least in connecticut, has decided both in the legislature and at the supreme court does not comport with community standards of -- and so -- i don't think the -- the court ruling says it no longer comporting with standards of decency? >> i think it's a done deal in connecticut. we've been fighting many of us have -- not just myself.
11:49 am
many of us within the state both public defenders and private criminal defense lawyers. thank you. >> as you put this to bed, certainly not the case for the petit family, knowing this turn of what they saw as justice is now taking a turn from this ruling. thomas ullmann appreciate the time. >> no problem. still to come. safe for kids? the fda approves oxycontin for kids as young as 11. and a local baker cannot deny same-sex couples service because of religious beliefs. jack reynolds decilined to makea cake back in 2012 but did offer to sell them other baked goods. lawyer said the client didn't discriminate saying that creating the cake va litted his
11:50 am
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11:53 am
the powerful painkiller oxycontin has been approved for limits use by children as young as 11 years old. the fda made the announcement yesterday. the agency is putting strict limits on its use for children. among the restriks, children have to first show they can tolerate the drug by taking a very small dose. joining me from new orleans is dr. cory hebert, a professor at the lsu science center. we consider this a powerful o p opoid. what is the level of comfort that doctors should have or feel when prescribing this to young patients? >> well, we know that the united states we have a huge problem with abuse of medicine. we also know that in the united states we historically
11:54 am
undertreat people with chronic pain. that's especially for children. not a lot of med since we use for pain for children, especially children with cancer that have a lot of trauma or have serious surgeries, we don't have a lot of data to support using the med since that adults can use. so the -- several studies have been done to show that these medicines are needed. they do very well. we want doctors to understand that we need to treat our children that have chronic ill witness the appropriate medicine. >> you want doctors to understand. help me as a parent and other parents to understand. highly addictive. tightly regulated. very popular with addicts and pill-pushers here. you're talking about that with kids, addiction and overdose, what do parents need to know before allowing a child to start and accept that they might have to take some oxycontin?
11:55 am
>> not every child can take it. you must be able to tolerate 20 million graha milligrams of oxycodone in a 24-hour period. some kids have serious issues. >> i want you to factor in the condition of approval here. the fda is requiring the company to do a follow-up study to track injury, error, overdose situations. the study is not due until 2019. you have the leeway and oh, what if they find out, oh, somebody did overdose. sounds like there's a level of expe expermentation here. does it benefit kids? does it outweigh the good? >> this drug that's approved is a good thing for kids.
11:56 am
what happens is that over time, we have looked at all the adult studies. the way that children and adults metabolize the drug is close to the same dhithing. if it's safe in adults, we've been extrapolating the data to know that it's good for kids. you do not want your chronically-ill child to be in pain. this is a long-lasting men sid. it's a good medicine so children can be out of pain, especially when they have trauma or cancer. >> i'm sure you can understand the hesitance for parents. dr. corey hebert, as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. have a great friday. a great weekend. you deserved it. keep the conversation going. craig melvin picks up coverage next.
11:57 am
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good weekend helping us to clear animal shelters from coast to coast. it comes at an appropriate time. these are the dog days of summer. we'll have your weather straight ahead. our big story this hour, the donald. donald trump storming into the granite state tonight. in new hampshire while his opponents are climbing on to a soap box at the iowa state fair. and an old school democrat may be considering emerging from his locked box. wait, what? al gore? going to run for president? again? we take a few minutes to chew on that. we'll start with mr. trump who remains the undisputed republican front-runner. he has rally scheduled for later tonight. and we mean rally. bernie sanders-type stuff. let head there now. get right to it with nbc's katy tur. how big are we talking? >> reporter: a few hundred people.


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