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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 17, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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outlets reporting that more than a dozen were killed. it happened at a busy shrine intersection of the city. thai officials say at least two bombs were found at the site of the scene. several foreigners are among the dead as the shrine is a popular tourist destination. the u.s. embassy in bangkok is investigating, but it's not known at this point whether any americans were involved. again accide again, following breaking news out of thailand when dozens were injured after a bomb blast in downtown bangkok today. details are still coming in, but this happened apparently at a shrine at a busy intersection of the city. you see the scene playing out right now, a number of people milling about in the area. it also looks like a portion of that is roped off, but we're hoping to get some new developments or new details on this breaking news and we'll continue to follow that for you here on "news nation."
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turning to politics and the new developments there. republican front-runner donald trump made a high-profile appearance a couple hours ago. not a campaign event but at a courthouse here in new york where he reported for jury duty. in fact, you can see the crush of media and bystanders as trump made his way from his limo to the courthouse in manhattan. all of this coming a day after he offered his policy proposals, taking a hard line approach on illegal immigration. in a six-page policy paper issued yesterday, trump said he would deport all undocumented immigrants from the u.s., reverse a law that grants american citizenship to any child born in the u.s. and rescind president obama's executive orders on immigration. >> the executive order gets rescinded. one good thing about -- >> you'll rescind that one, too? you'll rescind the dream act? >> we have to make a whole new set of standards, and when people come in --
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>> you want to separate families? >> chuck, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but you'll send them all out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. they have to go. either we have a country or we don't have a country. >> in his policies, trump also says mexico should pay for a border wall, and says until they do, among other things he would increase fees on all temporary visas issued to mexican ceos and diplomats, increase fees on all border crossing cards and increase fees at ports of entry to the u.s. from mexico. >> they have the money. they will pay for the wall. they're sending drugs and they're taking money out. they're making a lot of money. mexico is making a lot of money. i'm a big fan of mexico. i'm a huge fan of the mexican people. i have thousands of mexican people working for me right now and have over the years. but they have to pay for the wall. and we need the wall. do you know that ten years ago, hillary and everybody wanted a
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wall and then they said, oh, it's too expensive. you're one of the reasons of the environmental impact statements. >> you believe you'll be able to streamline that? >> i'm the best builder in the country. >> trump also said he would triple the number of immigration officers, enforcement officers and the cities that will cooperate in federal round-ups. among all of that, the first national poll since the republican debate shows trump maintaining that double digit lead over his gop rivals. he's in jury duty. he's part of the pool there. it's incredible timing, to say the least, katie. now you have the spectacle of iowa, and now back on his home turf, another spectacle of cameras and news press following donald trump. >> it's like going full circus in many ways. it doesn't matter if it's new hampshire, the iowa state fair,
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an appearance at jury duty, he has this crush of press around him. he'll do these 20, 30-minute press avails where he'll talk to a number of reporters, answer questions. he doesn't skimp on the questions, yet when you leave these rallies, you still see a number of reporters and cameras crush him as he goes out trying to get another word or two from him. i think it's because he is so unpredictable. you never know what he's going to say, and you always want to have a microphone in there in case somebody else is getting him saying something that could be potentially very controversial. but here he came out of his limousine right here. usually he travels in an suv, but this time he was in a limousine, and walked up these stairs almost glad-handing, if you will, with reporters, answering questions, saying he felt fine. saying that the wall would work, then stopping at the top of the stairs and waving, almost like he's the presumptive nominee already. we are getting some details on his immigration policy, as you said, a little meat on the bones that people have been asking for. unclear, though, what the reaction will be as of now for
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the details for those policies. right now nbc news is crunching numbers to find out how much money you could potentially get from all those proposals he put out there and whether or not that would be enough to pay for a wall. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. we'll talk more about the trump campaign, but we do want to get you caught up on what's happening on the democratic side. hillary clinton is preparing for her next scheduled town hall appearance. that's in las vegas tomorrow. over the weekend she appeared at the iowa state fair where some say she was actually upstage bid trump, and as katie described it, the circus that has been following him, including offering kids a helicopter ride. meantime, hillary clinton joked about her ongoing e-mail controversy. >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it. i love it.
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those messages disappear all by themselves. >> well, the washington times reports as many as 60 e-mails have been flagged so far for possible classified information. and in the new fox news poll, 58% say the former secretary of state knowingly lied when she said there was no classified information in her e-mail. 33% say there is probably another explanation, 54% say the country's national security was put at risk by her use of that server. nbc political correspondent casey hunt joins us live from the iowa state fair where hillary clinton campaigned over the weekend. we have a little cover of donald trump at the white house. i'm curious how you would describe the reaction in the clinton camp to all the trump fanfare and whether or not they were prepared, truly, for that. >> reporter: well, tamron, i think that, honestly, how do you prepare yourself for donald trump? i was in the middle of those
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crowds all day on saturday, and clinton's campaign, look, she had a huge crowd of admirers there. she's a global celebrity in her own right, and there were many people here at the fair who were just absolutely thrilled to see her. but she was, at a certain point, literally overshadowed by that trump helicopter that flew over top of her. i honestly think that it's not the worst thing in the world considering the difficulty they're having right now with this e-mail issue. it's not the worst thing in the world from the campaign's perspective to have a distraction going on. we're certainly spending plenty of time covering her e-mail issues, but the bottom line is if trump wasn't in this race, there would be more time to devote to it. if you compare how trump and clinton were treated at the fair to scott walker who arrived here just a few minutes ago, he snuck in the back way, went right to the soapbox. he did have a couple
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well-wishers come up to him, but nothing like what we experienced on saturday. he's dropped a little bit in those polls since death baithe . he had been on top here in iowa. i asked him what's been happening since donald trump has risen in those polls. >> there is a sentiment of frustration with washington and the leadership there, and i think it's a protest. they're saying they're sick and tired of politicians saying one thing and doing something different. i think the bottom line is people see i ran for that very reason in 2010, and if you want to be more than just upset with washington, if you want to fix it, i'm the guy best suited to do it. >> now, walker's campaign will say he's running a strategy that's much wider than just iowa. they will say they don't call iowa a must win. they say they're looking to southern states, for example, the so-called sec primary on march 1st. but the reality is if walker doesn't do well here in iowa or really underperforms expectations, it could be a real challenge for him to break out of a 17-candidate field and
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continue strong into new hampshire and south carolina, tamron. >> all right, casey, thank you very much. let me bring in our "news nation" political panel for you. heather, let's just start where casey left off. scott walker sneaking in or coming through the back to head to the soapbox. when have we known a presidential candidate who wants to arrive at a big event like the iowa state fair in a back way? that seems so strange to me. has he just been caught off guard by the trump phenomenon? >> certainly a monday appearance is not as strategic as the weekend when all the action was there, trump, his helicopter. he's really dominating a lot of the discussion right now, and i think that poll that came out today, the fox news poll, was really interested in that trump is still the favorite. his negatives are high, but he's
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still the favorite, and walker has gone down a few notches. >> ben carson was on fox news yesterday. he was asked about the republican voters, those who are engaged right now in this notion of the non-politician really winning the summer. let me play what ben carson said. >> well, i think people are starting to recognize that the same old-same old is going to take us to the same place. and, you know, we're sort of at a precipice right now. are we going to continue down this road leading to a very bad place, or are we going to try to make a change? i think they're also looking at the lives of people who have had very significant accomplishments. >> i've watched that interview a couple times, and dr. carson is speaking in a broadway, people looking at where we're going, we're on the precipice of something. now you have donald trump talking specifics. it's going to be huge, trust me, and now he's on the down low about what he would do with
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immigration. the first question i ask, how is this possible? how is this man ever going to keep this promise? as a candidate, and let's say he goes on to get the nomination, to deport, what is it, 11, 14 million people? >> which is relatively the size of the population of ohio. not only that, these 11 million people, about 62% of them have been here more than ten years, so you're talking about people with very deep ties to their community. it's very practical, i would say, at best and inhumane at worst. you have to figure how to pay for this. there is a conservative group that's estimated if we were to deport all the undocumented people who are here, it would cost between 400 and 600 billion and would take like 20 years. these are very impractical solutions, also where he says he wants to revise the constitution and uphold the law on birthright citizenship. >> he talked about mexico and, really, in a sense, tariffs and
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taxes and taking wages, which we're not clear which wages he was referring to as far as the wages that are being brought in through illegal immigration and people being exploited in the workplace, and i'm curious, how long can trump go on without focusing in on businesses that exploit illegal immigrants in this country? hotel industry, the restaurant industry, industries that he's a part of, quite honestly, and he's not brought out these businesses who bring in these people and exploit their work. >> right, the e-verify section of that six-page policy issued sunday was very brief. we know that he has depended on immigrant labor for his own business prospects, so there's issues there. but yeah, i think this was a start, so we have six pages from donald trump after these more bombastic statements from him, but the other candidates will be responding to him. he's going to have to offer more
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specifics, including business and his business dealings. and i think that will happen soon. >> how delicate of a balance at least in the primary is it for them to respond? we saw what happened to rick perry in the past, we've seen what happened to jeb bush when they offer up a softer, less hard line response to immigration. >> i asked his campaign manager yesterday about budget and specifics, how much is this going to cost, and they said basically the policy is the policy, and anyone who wants to attack it, they're attacking the front runner who has the most aggressive solid immigration plan. at this point, i don't think they're really ready to get into the weeds, but this is the first step so we'll have to see. >> i think that's the problem of all the other candidates. by him staking out these positions, they're all going to have to answer. well, do you support mass deportations? that puts him again in the conundrum of being in the conservative base and the latinos may be further down in the election. for better or worse, trump is
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serving all these candidates saying where he stands, and do they engage with him? because if they disagree with him, he's going to fire back and call them a loseer ar and go on about his rhetoric. >> the list goes on and on, but i do want to take our audience to the breaking news we've been following since the top of the hour. at least three people are dead and a dozen injured after a bomb blast in downtown bangkok, thailand today. joining me on the phone is global coast contributor. what can you tell us you're seeing on the scene? >> reporter: the number injured has gone up to about eight people injured, so we might expect that to rise, that's not clear yet, but it does seem to be something that could get worse over time.
8:15 am
from where we're standing, we can see the firefighters here. so we can see where the bombing happened and on the ground. but since then, we've been looking further back, because they're wondering if there are more bombs. two more bombs were found and the search area has been widened by about another area. >> can you describe specifically the scene where this bomb or bombs went off? we're hearing it's a popular tourist area. many foreigners would gather and kind of learn about the city in that area. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's a very popular area. it's not just popular among
8:16 am
tourists, it's also popular among the locals. that's because you pass a very famous shrine in bangkok, and very few people need it. people come to bangkok from all over the world to go shopping there, so it's both commercial -- two commercial and cultural areas. we're hearing that people are asking for language interpreters and they're also asking for foreign language interpreters because a lot of those injured are foreigners. they're especially looking for
8:17 am
chinese chinese law enforcement. >> can you tell us whether there is heightened security or a possible attack of some sort in this tourist area? >> they came out of nowhere. i don't think anyone has the feeling there might be something else. howev however, the threat of the bomb blast would be two malls. in the past, the target were political areas. there was a protest a few years ago. there have been attacks on one
8:18 am
of these malls. so there is the feeling that this affects all areas, but at the moment we don't know. >> on the ground for us in bangkok, thailand. again, as many as 12 possibly killed in this deadly bomb attack. we're working to verify that number, but we do know dozens injured in this blast. we'll keep you up to date on breaking news coming out of bangkok, thailand. meanwhile, the investigation of her step-granddaughter. she was stabbed to death near her home. what witnesses say happened there. the ceo of amazon defending his company following a blistering report in the "new york times." a back-stabbing article that leaves employees in tears. why critics say delta airlines are shaming passengers into spending more money. this morning's response from delta. and you can join our
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morgan freeman's family is trying to figure out what led to the stabbing death of his step-granddaughter this weekend. police say 33-year-old adina hines was killed yesterday morning by a man they believe to be her boyfriend. witnesses say he appeared to be performing some kind of exorcism. nbc's betty nguyen has the latest. >> reporter: this morning new york city police have arrest and had charged a suspect with second-degree murder in the death of morgan freeman's
8:23 am
step-granddaughter, the actor speaking out and calling the incident tragic and senseless. 33-year-old adina hines, who is also an actress, was found lying in the street near her home early sunday with multiple stab wounds to her torso. she was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. neighbors said they called 911 after they heard screams coming from outside. >> i looked out the window. this person was on the ground. this guy was on top. she screamed again, and i went and called 911. >> reporter: police took 33-year-old lamar davenport into custody at the scene and then transported him to a medical center for psychological evaluation where he was later charged. witnesses say it appears that davenport was appearing some type of exorcism. >> i cast you out, devils. in the name of jesus christ, i cast you out. he was saying that over and over. >> it's said it was hines' boyfriend, though it hasn't been confirmed, and the two were
8:24 am
enjoying dinner with friends just hours before. hines is a graduate of the school of the arts and shared her grandfather's love of acting and appeared in a film earlier this year. she had recently returned to new york for a role in an upcoming independent film. in a statement sunday, freeman said, the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts. thoughts and prayers. may she rest in peace. >> that was nbc's betty nguyen. davenport is still being held this morning for evaluation. developing now, more than 100 large wildfires are burning out of control in nine western states. one fire left dozens of homes in ruins. we'll have a live report next. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services -
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to burn across the west. firefighters are working around the clock, and resources are spreading thin with fires raging now in at least eight states. in california, some 14,000 firefighters are battling more than 19 fires across that state, including a massive one that's burning in the angeles national forest. in oregon, a massive fire has burned across 137 square miles, and in washington, the national guard is being mobilized to help fight several fires in that state, including six burning in a popular resort area between spokane and seattle. nbc's lee ann gregg joins us now from the town of chelan, washington where many of the residents have evacuated. we can see the smoke behind you, lei lee ann. >> reporter: this thick smoke is in the air. some 1,000 residents were told to evacuate. there is a steady air mass, and the reason that's good is
8:29 am
because some of the air mass has fueled the flames over the weekend. the temperature will remain hot, and it's extremely dry. that's one of the problems. so far more than 75 homes, businesses and other structures have been destroyed, including this apple processing plant behind me where 800 people are employed. those people now facing unemployment at the beginning of this very busy apple season. the flames have been fast growing. they're moving to the north and to the west. there are many homes still in that area, so fire information officers tell me today they're going to have four heavy helicopters in the air, including a blackhawk, two light helicopters, along with some fixed wing aircraft to drop retardant. national guard members will also be on the fire lines today. there is a lot of competition for resources since there are so many major fires across the west right now. in idaho, for example, a fire has burned at least 50 homes and 75 buildings. in oregon, another fire has
8:30 am
destroyed more than 25 homes. officials say that is expected to grow, and you mentioned some of the others in california, in montana. again today in this area, they will try and save homes and businesses, but again, it's also going to be hot and extremely dangerous, and there will be some wet, although nalthough noe past few days. an air show accident killed a sky diver over the accident. a member of the golden knights parachute team lost consciousness. you see in this video he collided with another sky diver on saturday. he then hit a building as he fell to the ground. he died in a hospital yesterday from his injuries. he did five tours in iraq and afghanistan and was awarded two bronze stars. the other sky diver involved in
8:31 am
the accident suffered a broken leg. coming up, weather is hampering efforts to reach a plane crash in the indonesian mountains, 54 people on board. this as we learn the cargo the plane was carrying. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." jeb bush's superpac is buying the first of tv ads in the early voting states as he struggles to rise in the polls. it's part of this morning's first read in politics. business? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a busine have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:35 am
the wa"washington post" calls t endorsement, quote, a head turner. and donald trump hasn't picked up a single endorsement from anyone, but he is starting to lay out his plans. with us is senior editor mark murray. we start with the scene in new york, donald trump afrriving fo jury duty. we have that video with the crush of media surrounding him. he said i see immigration plan is a big deal, but some fans are talking about what he said to chuck regarding isis, where he gets his military advice or where he learns about military strategy. i want to play a little bit of that exchange. >> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. i really see a lot of great -- you know, when you watch your show and all the other shows and you have the generals and you have certain people you like. >> is there someone you go to?
8:36 am
every presidential candidate has a go-to. >> probably there are two or three. i like bolton. i think he's a tough cookie and knows what he's talking about. >> you mean ambassador bolton? and colonel jack jacobs? >> jack jacobs is a good guy and i see him on occasion. >> he watches the shows there. will we spee see more scrutiny the immigration to the military trump says he would be able to assemble. >> on that particular exchange, what was so interesting is that donald trump truly just seems to be winging it on some of these questions. who do you get your military advice from? well, the folks i see on msnbc and the folks talking about foreign policy, ambassador bolton and john jacobs. it will be interesting to see other questions he's getting and whether that wears very well. one fascinating thing about
8:37 am
donald trump is he so far has defied political gravity. when people think, aha, here's where he'll start to sink in it is po-- the polls. he hasn't yet. you wonder whether iowa, new hampshire republican voters will continue putting their lot in donald trump. >> the superpac of jeb bush, $10 million, and i wonder if you think they'll start to build up jeb bush or tear down donald trump. >> you'll probably see them do both, although early on in presidential contests, you usually have your nice and introductory ardds. i wouldn't be surprised if this is where the jeb bash superpac goes. we haven't yet seen the tv ad and what they'll be doing. but just like hillary clinton's recent ad in iowa and new hampshire, of course, tamron, you are right. i think as we get closer to
8:38 am
november, december and january, a lot of that $100 million that jeb bush has in that superpac will be spent on hitting other candidat candidates. which ones we don't know yet, but that's normally just how these things work. >> you think also -- i know we have the formula of how things usually work, but it seems this time around, everything is turned on its head with the entry of donald trump. to your point, normal candidates would have fallen with things like the mccain comment to the dust-up with meighan kelly saying he would deport every single person in this country without talking about the costa loan that would potentially cost americans here. so might we see things turn a different direction, and really, jeb bush and others try to come out stronger in some of these ad buys? >> yeah, and again, i think it's going to be important which strategy they decide to take. i was kind of telling you that your normal tried and true path, you have your nice stuff early on, then the heavy attack ads
8:39 am
later. who knows. but, again, i think the most fascinating thing is that jeb bush is going to -- his superpac will start dipping into all this money, and this is one of the advantages that jeb bush does have in this race. >> these ads coming out in september. kasich describing a head-turning endorsement from the governor of alabama. >> of course, tamron, i do think endorsements do help get a sense of where the party and the partyie letparty elites are going. this helps kasich's message that, hey, there needs to be a republican governor in the white house. you see a fellow governor making that claim for him, and of course he's not the only one. john kasich is not the only one making this argument. jeb bush is the former florida governor, scott walker the current wisconsin governor, of course, chris christie the current new york city governor all making that gubernatorial managerial argument.
8:40 am
coming up, we have developing news out of iowa. governor scott walker apparently just heckled at the iowa state fair there. we have that exchange and we'll play it for you. casey hunt is on the ground there. not a good day for him regarding his back and forth. the ceo of amazon is responding to an expose about working conditions there from former employees. they claim they worked 80-hour work weeks. it's a brutal competition, and even workers have been reduced to tears. plus the new fallout this morning over one sorority's recruitment video. one writer is criticizing the lack of diversity and how the women have chosen to portray themselves. we'll play the video for you, coming up. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house. ♪
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8:44 am
casey hunt was there and captured a little bit of the incident. >> i am not intimidated by you four or anyone out there. [ cheers and applause ] [ inaudible ] >> on >>. >> it's a little hard to hear, but according to our casey hunt, this was a confrontation between the governor and a person on behalf of unions. we know the bad blood and history involving unions in the state of wisconsin and governor walker. casey noted earlier in the hour that the governor kind of came through the back entrance of the iowa state fair, a very different entrance than we saw with donald trump and some of the other candidates earlier in the weekend. so right now governor walker is on the soapbox interrupted by someone upset with his handling of unions.
8:45 am
we'll continue to follow the developments in the back and forth. pretty fiery moment there from governor walker. meanwhile, this morning the founder and ceo of amazon, jeff bazos, is firing back against a scathing "new york times" article that describes his company as a, quote, bruising workplace. the article published over the weekend was based on interviews with over 100 current and former amazon employees. some complained of working 80 hours a week while others suggested women were penalized for having children. the writers jodi canter and david straightfield described them as the company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white collar. they said, you walk out of a conference room and you'll see a grown man cover his face. every person that worked there i saw cry at their desk. quote, i was so a addicted to wanting to be successful there.
8:46 am
for those of us who went to work there, it was like a drug that we could get self-worth from. in a memo, the staff this morning, bazo encourages the straf staff to read the article but says it doesn't describe the amazon i know or the employees i work with every day. lance, thank you so much for joining us this morning. my colleagues at the "today" show noted it was the most read article on the "new york times" website. people are fascinated with amazon, part as consumers, this new way of life where we get everything, and how this works. we're getting a glimpse of how the employees say they've been treated. >> amazon is such an important company. it's big or bigger than walmart as far as retailers go and touches all our lives. it's sort of a giant company that's in start-up mode forever and runs with that kind of metabolism. i'm actually not surprised at some of the things i read in the article. working 80-hour weeks. if you've ever worked in a
8:47 am
start-up or been around that start-up culture, that's what people do if they're going for the brass ring. >> but it's not a start-up. >> it isn't, but it's permeated cultural society in the past ten years. but the thing that concerns me most in reading the article were the areas where there seemed to be a total lack of empathy for families, for illness, and that is what amazon spoke directly to in the article, and they said we got rid of this right away, and bazo spoke to the memo in the article, because i don't think he's going to apologize for working people hard, but taking into account family needs, he says, come on, of course we do that. >> especially when you look at these new frontier companies, the idea of not supporting families, it seems quite stunning because these are counter-intuitive. these aren't people going into the old school factories where you walk in at 7:00 in the morning and you don't come back out until 5:00.
8:48 am
this was supposed to be the new order of how businesses succeed and treat their employees with respect. >> don't forget somebody from amazon who named himself wrote a very long take-down article on linked in and did mention within the article that the company has changed. yeah, it was probably pushing people to the burnout stage, but it has kind of come around. i've actually been to the amazon campus. i have to say, did not see anybody standing in hallways crying, met a lot of happy people, also met a lot of intense people, and we also know that jeff beezos is not easy on partners. not just competitors, but partners. i imagine there is a grain of truth in many of these things, but it's not supportable for them to say they don't support families. >> among the criticism in the article, it included the fact that there are zero women in the company's leadership. it says on one of the company's web sites, there is only one woman listed as top officers, shelly waite, principle account
8:49 am
officer. i know you mentioned the employee that came out and defended it, but that was also an executive. he wrote, i'm not going to stand idly by as a misinformed piece of journalism slanders my company. else married and he is an executive. >> yes, and all the tech industry in the last 18 months have woken up. we're getting diversity reports on a regular basis. apple just put one out. they're getting better but they're not better. they're all putting women and people of color on stage, and they're doing that proactively now to say, look, we're getting on board. amazon seems to be leading from behind right now on the back of the pack right there. >> jeff beezos is now saying to his staff they can reach out to him directly and he has zero tolerance for this. at least, that's what he's saying in defense of his company. >> i think he had to smartly get out in front of it and talk to it immediately saying, we do have empathy.
8:50 am
i wouldn't want to work at that kind of company. that's what he said. next, shamed into spending more, a rights group says delta airlines is shaming travelers into buying expensive upgrades. want bladder leak undet moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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. time now for the "newsnation" gut check. an airline passengers rights group is calling out delta air lines saying it is shaming passengers to spend more money on expensive upgrades. they point to a travel writers tweet last week showing that when you choose a basic economy fare on delta a page comes up warning you that if you buy the cheap flight you will face several restrictions including being last to board, last to access overhead bin space, and last to get a seat assignment. the writers website skip calls it hate selling when companies show how they hate their customers by bombarding them with extra charges. joining me is gary left, author of" the view from the wing
8:54 am
blog." good to see you. thanks for joining us. what's your take on this. is this, as they refer to it, hate selling? >> well, tamron, thanks so much. it's good to talk to you again. i think the thing to understand about delta offering upsells when you're buying a ticket is it's very limited number of routes. they offer a basic economy fare. what happened is that spirit airlines and other airlines that are deep, deep discounters that often a lot less with their normal seat, these are the airlines that may charge you to bring on a carry-on bag larger than fits underneath your seat in front of you, that will charge you to check in if you don't check in online before you get to the airport. delta's competing against those airlines on certain routes. and they've decided they have to compete on price. so they're going to offer some fares that are much lower than they used to charge but on those fares, they're not going to offer you all of the same benefits. they still offer you more than most of tse discounters do. but, you know, but during the
8:55 am
process that they have to so do is make sure customers understand they're getting something different. the worse thing is that mismatched expectation to think you get what you usually get when you're flying delta on these particular routes and fares. >> so the airlines though in general made $38 billion last year in these extra fees from oversized luggage, last-minute tickets, increased leg room, according to an annual report. this blogger that went on the tear said the term hate selling came out t frustration of being hit with all sinds of kur charges. over aggressive upselby airline sites, specifically, with the most passive aggressive descriptions overlay i've ever seen. to being bombarded with buy now or else false sense of urgency prompts online booking sites. there you are. you're booking your ticket. you think it's $200 and then you see all of these things that would whip you up into a panic if you're not necessarily a savvy traveler. >> travel is very complicated. there's no question that offering these discount fares
8:56 am
that offer lesser viss on the same planes and from the same airline makes it even more complicated. but that's also why it's important to make sure that customers understand what they're getting in the booking process. so i actually applaud delta for making it 100% clear and customers know and don't by mistake buy something that is different than what they want. in this case they really are offering fares that are lower than before. now, we have discounters like spirit airlines to thank for that. but when are competing with the d discounters that offer less they say, okay, we have to offer less, too, and we have to educate our consumers at the same time. >> appreciate you joining us. delta said they offer a variety of seats and products and their goal is to ensure that as part of the transaction customers have the specifics they need. what does your gut tell you? do you agree with the critics that they are shaming travelers into buying upgraded tickets? go to to vote. up next, luke russert is
8:57 am
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for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," reporting for duty. donald trump arrives for jury duty in new york city after telling chuck todd in iowa he's more than just must see tv. >> are we all a part of a show? i mean, there is something -- >> no. >> you know some of the criticism, we all feel like -- are we on a reality show? >> no, this is the real deal. well, hillary clinton looks for some comic relief on her e-mailer is vir c er ier i er e >> you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. and fire storm. more than 100


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