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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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successful trip to iowa. you can see him here leaving the courts just a few moments ago. the republican front-runner has released his first policy paper. it's on immigration. here's what heed to nbc's chuck todd about his plan to end birthright citizenship in an exclusive interview on "meet the press". >> you want to get rid of birthright citizenship? >> you have to. they're having a baby and nobody knows the baby is here. you have no choice. let me tell you, when we have some good people, we have some very good people here. a lot of really good people. they're illegal. you either have a country or not. we are going to go out and try and bring them back rapidly, the good ones. >> i understand that. >> in other words, in other words, exme indicted? >> i do. >> expedited. >> trump's plan not only includes ending birthright citizenship but placing stricter limits on illegal immigration and cut federal grants to sanctuary city which are areas that sometimes defy federal
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immigration policy. trump would trip the number of immigration officers and most famously make mexico pay for the wall across the southern border. as trump told chuck todd the policy would mean rescinding president obama's executive order on immigration. >> you'll rescind that one, too? the dream act executive order? >> you have to. we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> you're going to split up family, deport children? >> no, keep the families to the. keep the families to the. >> keep them out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them. they have to go. >> we saw with trump's jury duty, kitaty tur join mess from downtown manhattan. take me through donald trump's day in court. >> not katie couric, i get that a lot. donald trump showed up at 9:09 this morning, nine minutes late. paraded up the steps glad handing with a couple of
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supporter, mostly just greeting the various immediaty outlets that were here saying that he was excited for the day and that his wall would work. when he came out a moment ago for his lunch break, mostly again talking to the people that showed up to cheer him on, a lot of people showed up to cheer him on. even signed a $1 bill at one point. now, the immigration plan that he's propose sd on everybody's minds right now. so far he says he would build that wall with a number of different fees that were raised from visas as well as supporting all undocumented immigrants in this country. the number that we have is 11 million. he says it's up to 30 million undocumented immigrants. if you're going the ask independent policy experts on this they're saying that just deporting that 11 million would cost anywhere between $100 billion and $600 billion. so it's unclear how he's going to pay for that wall and pay for the deportation of all those undocumented immigrants or how he would get it done. we asked him that today but he diplomat answer.
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and said deflecting to a supporter that was cheering him on. francis? >> nbc's katy tur in lower manhattan. thank you very much as always. joining many we now is former minnesota governor and tim pawlenty's president and also "washington post" political reporter karen testimoimulty. start with you, governor. nbc news and estimates of trump and that plan could cost upwards of $200 billion. your gut reaction to the immigration plan. >> well, a few things about the plan. first of all, he's getting more detailed about his ideas and may be more serious about candidate as operations are becoming more serious. number two, there are certain elements of the plan that will be well received amongst conservatives and a broader audience like the wall and law enforcement and the like. a couple parts are not workable. for example, you know, the idea that we're going to visit america's incompetence on immigration enforcement on young
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innocent children, if they've been they're 5, 10, 15 years by throwing them out of the country, that's not workable and that's not going to go over well in the intermediate and long term. >> karen, let me read a statement about trump's plan saying, quote, when donald trump first opened his mouth on immigrants and immigration back in june we said that he is not only a bigot he also does not know what the heck he's talking about. today's plan confirms that. so when you consider those words what happened to the republican autopsy of 2013 and becoming a more inclusive party? >> coming out of the 2012 election, the debacle for republicans that led to that autopsy report, the conversation in washington and within the republican party was not if but when the republican party would support some kind of comprehensive over haul of the immigration laws that included, if not a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million who
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were here illegally. some kind of path to a legal status, it's really extraordinary the degree to which, i think, now it looks like the pressure on the republican candidates is going to be, you know, who can get tougher on illegal immigration in response to this proposal by donald trump because it is resonating with part of the republican base but i think it's a pretty crucial part. >> all right. to you, governor pawlenty, when it comes to the ground covered in this interview with chuck todd they discussed possible government shut down with planned parenthood funding. >> you don't think there should be a government showdown, shutdown over planned parenthood? >> i wouldn't fund it if they have the abortion going on and it's been a bic factor. they say it's 3%. other people say it's 85%. that's a big difference. so i certainly would look into it. >> would you shut down the government over this dispute? >> i would not fund if they're
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doing abortions. >> but as you know there could be a stalemate in congress. is it worth shutting down the government over it? >> it's something i would have to think about, to be honest with you. >> when it comes to the gop it appears to be a skichl among them about where a social issues like abortion will fall and will be prioritized, governor. >> well, if you look at the republican and conservative movement it's a coalition. it's a quilt, if you will, that includes social conservative, economic conservative, libertarians, tea party types, defense hawk, chamber of commerce types, and more. so you can't be a successful nominee or a successful candidate for president unless you can appeal across that spectrum. social conservatives remain important but they're not the only voice. marley if you want to win the general election. the planned parenthood issues are important. don't get me wrong. what planned parenthood has been doing with these fetal body parts is outrageous and they should get a consequence for that but it's one piece of a
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much larger discussion. >> thank you for the time. karen, stay with us. i want to bring you now our bing pulse question of the day, it has to do with donald trump and his appearance on nbc's "meet the press." now on the record with his immigration plan as well as a number of other hot button issues. we're asking you to weigh in at home. after trump's "meet the press" interview do you take him more seriously? the pulse is live and waiting for you to join the conversation. head to and cast your vote. i want to bring you breaking news. nbc news learned the intelligence community has flagged just over 300 more e-mails for further review. the question is whether they contain any information that is classified. clinton's camp has always maintain i'd it's done nothing wrong and there were no classified markings in any of her e-mails. the state department says they have not been able to confirm the findings that two previously reviewed e-mails contained top secret information.
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meantime, "the washington post" is reporting the state department has flagged 60 e-mails containing mostly low level classified information. nbc news has not confirmed that report. hillary clinton has lashed out at her republican critics over the controversy. this weekend she even tried to make a joke about it. >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> nbc news senior political editor mark murray is here with us and karen is back as well. and, mark, we start with you. explain to us the latest story regarding this 305 e-mails. >> the reporting comes from my colleague pete williams. and what has been done is there are 305 e-mails that have been set aside for further review. now, we don't know if they had classified information or what the information actually
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entailed. this is all part of the inspector general review from the intelligence community to kind of go over the e-mails to see if there was classified information or if that information was classified after the fact. and from a political standpoint this is where the whole e-mail story becomes damaging for hillary clinton in that every little development, every little piece of news ends up seeming almost sinister, ends up advancing the story one way or the other. and even the clinton campaign has admitted it's not going to be for a couple more months until they, one, end up getting a clean bill of health from the fbi, and, two, that benghazi committee hearing in late october. >> karen, you actually wrote something, co-wrote something over the weekend about this especially when it comes to democratic jitter, worries over the issues. once again, worried supporters see signs of a bunker mentality in response to bad news about her e-mail server and other controversies. and they see a candidate who seem strangely blinkered to the
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threat posed by a lesser known challenger. this last development here, how big a ken for party leaders? >> the concern is that, you know, hillary clinton has promised that this time around she would be running a very open, accessible campaign. now that we have these questions about the e-mails being raised, it does appear that, first of all, they are trying to dismiss it all as a big political exercise when, in fact, it's hard to say that when we're talking about the fbi and justice department prosecutors. the second thing is that they are relying on sort of legalistic sounding defenses. not that the material wasn't sensitive or, you know, shouldn't have been discussed, but that it wasn't marked classified. that is not really the standard the intelligence committee -- the intelligence community looks at. >> what i bring attention to two ways that this e-mail saga can be viewed as far as two clips
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about the e-mails. the first is from former iowa senator tom harkin saying how this is not a big deal. the second, voters in iowa who told chuck todd it was. listen to both. >> i get around a lot. and people here are not talking about those e-mails. i don't get where this is coming from. >> it does make it seem to me a little bit like she's hiding something. >> you feel like she owes a better explanation? >> absolutely. we're smarter a than that. >> is there a mixed message? >> i think the easiest way to sum this all, francis, too early to tell on the verdict. i kind of in some ways, you can end up having the tom harkin defense saying, you know what, this is a lot like that obama denver debate in 2012 where he obamaed against mitt romney. so much commentary, so much huffing and puffing over a two-week stretch and ultimately it didn't matter all that much. on the other hand, if all of a sudden the fbi doesn't give her
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a clean bill of health, if this turns into a bigger issue, then all of a sudden that is something that is more than just the denver debate for barack obama. i just don't think we yet know. we have two months to go. >> all right. we will see. "the washington post" and nbc news senior political editor. as always, good to hear from you both. thank you. >> thank you. another busy day for several of the 2016 gop presidential hopefuls vying for voters at the iowa state fair. carly fiorina is addressing a fair at the soap box forum right now. it comes after a day of the hewlett-packard exec took another swipe at donald trump. >> it's not clear to me that donald trump is a republican, first of all, based upon his willingness to run a third-party bid and some of the positions that he's taken. >> wisconsin governor scott walker contended with hecklers as he tried to regain momentum in a state that he once led. kelly o'donnell is following them in iowa and joins me now.
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walker there certainly feeling the pressure. so what is this strategy in coming there to the iowa state fair? >> reporter: well, the iowa fair is must do for all of these politicians. but it is important for scott walker, primarily because he has been leading in iowa for a long time. he was born in this state. governs some neighboring state. has a real connection to voters here in terms of the issues that he represents. he's both an establishment figure as a sitting governor. he's got credibility with tea party voters. he can connect with sort of the christian conservatives who are very active in a state like this. so he has got to do well here. you can argue he must win iowa. we were with him through a lot of the kind of scuffle and fun that is the iowa fair. part of it is the color and seeing people and part of it is the throng wrapped around scott walker. he had a big crowd at the soap box was predictable because walker attracts protesters wherever he goes, organize and
10:14 am
bused in from wisconsin. others activists here? iowa, especially in democratic politics. and there was quite a scuffle between supporters of scott walker and critics of walker. not just in a crowd but at the foot of the candidate himself, here's how he handled it. >> again, unintimidated. i am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone else out there. i will fight for the american people over and over and over and over again. you want someone who is tested, i'm right here. >> reporter: and while the idea of tangling with a protester might look like bad news, walker and his advisers tried to turn it into that argument that has been a consistent point for him. this notion that he fights and he's had a winning record in his home state. i've had a chance to talk to him in a few different corners here around the fair. he acknowledges that the effect of donald trump is real. he says he's listening to that
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voter anger. francis? >> kelly o'donnell there in io a iowa. carly fiorina is there as well addressing the audience. coming up, deadly bombs rocks a well-known shrine in the heart of bangkok, thailand. also breaking news. the west engulfed in wildfire fury with fires raging in four western states and evacuations triggered for hundreds of residents. police investigating the stabbing death of morgan freeman's god daughter. the suspect was reportedly standing over her body shouting incantation about xor rich. that is coming up right here on "msnbc live." why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, innovators with great ideas will continue to drive the world forward. as log as they have someone to believe in them.
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bring you now out of bangkok, thailand. at least 12 people are dead and dozens injured after a bomb ripped through a busy intersection in thailand's capital city. surveillance video captured the moment of that blast showing a fireball exploding right in the middle of traffic. it happened during rush hour in an upscale shopping neighborhood not far from one of the city's most important shrines. last hour my colleague luke russert spoke with a journal u.s. who was on the scene shortly after the blast. >> we heard a thunder boom. we thought it was thunder but there was no thunder. i looked out. the skies did look dark, thought there was a storm coming. it was unusual. i thought, if that's a blast, a bomb, it's like what i heard when i was in afghanistan. we couldn't possibly be having something like that happening here. >> nbc's janet is following the developments in london. are the authorities close to determining who is behind this? >> they are not because they're still responding to the scene.
10:20 am
it's after midnight in bangkok. reports of a second active bomber. at least, the search for one. at this hour the scene is sealed off. police numbering in the hundreds are looking for more explosive '. this action was targeting tourists. it happened about 7:00 in the evening local time sneer a popular hindu shrine in a central part of bangkok that someone described as being like the times square of thailand. if you can imagine that. local media now reporting as many as 27 dead with more than 75 injured and, again, it's believed tourists could be among those hurt. however, francis, the u.s. embassy says it does not know of any americans among the casualties. police say it was a motorcycle bomb and some reports indicate it mate have been attached to a y utility pole in front of that shrine. no group is claiming responsibility. >> thank you. search teams are struggling to get to the site where an indonesian passenger plane crashed sunday. wreckage of the plane was found today in a remoment rugged
10:21 am
mountainous area in indonesia. the air service plane was carrying 54 people including 5 children. officials say the plane was carrying almost half a million dollars in cash for remote villages. foreign companies suspended operations around the tianjin port today after last week's deadly chemical explosion. the death toll from the massive blast has risen to 214 and 70 people are missing. authorities continue to sweep the area for dangerous chemicals. hundreds of displaced residents are demanding compcompensation. straight ahead, western wildfires, hundreds flee with just the clothes on their backs. could the weather finally be prime to help this firefight? plus, a society under fire for recruitment video which didn't take long to rack up half a million views before it was taken down. why so many people say this one is way over the top. ♪ ♪
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dozens of structures burned to the ground as wildfires rage out of control with at least four western states today. more than 100 large blazes are raging in california, washington, idaho, and oregon, spreading resources there dangerously thin. firefighters facing a triple threat of extreme heat. severe drought conditions and gusty winds. less than an hour from now we'll get an update from one of the most dangerous fires in eastern washington where homes have been destroyed and evacuations are ongoing. nbc's liane gregg joins me now on the phone from washington where many residents evacuated. liane, are they making any progress on the ground? >> they are. complex fire, it's being called, as you mentioned, is just one of many of those huge wildfires raging across the west. and they say that the good news today is that there's not as much wind. that's been fuelling the flames throughout the weekend. thousands of people do remain
10:26 am
evacuat evacuated. about 75 homes and businesses and other buildings have been destroyed from this fire. but it's moving more into the west and into the path are many more homes. efforts today are try and preserve those homes and keep people and the structures from burning. so they have aircraft in the air. six helicopters along with some fixed wing aircraft, drop retardant. and they also have the national guard members on the ground helping with this blaze. as you mentioned, it's very difficult right now. resources are strained because of so many large fires. but again, helping somewhat today. still some wind that can fan those flames but not as much as over the weekend. it's going to be hot and dry the rest of the week. many more challenges ahead. >> liane gregg, thanks for the update. no damage reported after a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit california's bay area earlier today. it struck at 6:48 a.m. local
10:27 am
time in peiedmont near oakland. from the west to the east, there's no break in the heat expected from the mid atlantic and the northeast. we could see a heat wave before the week is done. donald trump takes iowa by storm but is he a celebrity or have a good chance of winning the hawkeye state? donald trump lays down specifics in his "meet the press" interview so we are asking you, after hearing it are you taking him more seriously a candidate? weigh in to our bing pulse question of the day. will he or won't he? all eyes and joe bidens a the e-mail server controversy gets worse. there are reports that he could consider a one-term run.
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10:31 am
it comes as trump took his campaign back to iowa over the weekend, mingling with voters and giving kids free helicopter rides at the state fair. as acknowledged that every time he makes controversial comments his numbers went up. >> i mean, every time somebody says i made a mistake they do the polls and my numbers go up. when i said mexico is sending i was talking about illegal immigration. the people understood it even though the press didn't want them to. when i talked about jmt, how bad he's treated the veterans because the veterans are treated badly. do a poll, do you like better to the veteran, john mccain or trump and i swamp him in the poll. >> joining me from des moines is political reporter for associated press. hi, tom. thanks for being with us here. as we look at that poll. you've got trump, carson, fiorina, outsiders surging. trump way ahead. what has been his appeal besides telling a kid he's batman in iowa and other candidates when you consider bush, walker, and
10:32 am
kasich, have such a hard time resonating. >> i don't know that they're having a hard time resonating that people like trump are telling people exactly what they want to hear right now. this is the -- this is the open season right now. they're stoking emotions. nd right now obviously republican voters are very dissatisfied with what's going on in washington. so somebody who just with all the freedom that donald trump has to say things are going terribly and i would blow the whole place up, that really gets people going. same thing with dr. carson who tells people exactly what they want to hear. that in iowa has had a history where outsiders can sometimes be appealing early on but then when people get down to voting it becomes a different situation when people get serious. good for donald trump. good for dr. carson. it will be interesting to see if they are where they are in five months. >> well, i'm sure jeb bush is hoping that's not the case. let's turn to him. you're reporting the right to rise super pac which supports
10:33 am
bush will spend $10 million on tv ad time that will focus on the three early voting states beginning next month. what can we expect as far as these ads? what will they look like around will it be enough of a reset for him? >> it's part of their plan that long-time adviser to governor bush mike murphy has put in place. $10 million is the answer to the question that a lot of people have been asking. when is this roughly $100 million cash that he has raised over the course of the first six months going to get spent? it's going to be an introduction largely to governor bush. a lot of people don't know who he is even though he has a famous name and was governor from the very large state, especially people in iowa may not know who he is. >> trying to make that message known. tom beaumont of the associated press, appreciate it. donald trump's exclusive interview with tuck r chuchuck
10:34 am
plenty of headlines. >> let's go foreign affairs. you want to knock the hell out of isis. how? >> i want to take away their wealth. as you know for years i've been saying don't go into iraq. they went into iraq. they destabilized the middle east. big mistake. okay. now we're there. and you have isis. i said this was going to happen. i said iran will take over iraq which is happening. as sure as thur sitting there. isis is take over a lot of oils in certain areas of iraq. i said you take away their wealth. you go and knock the hell out of the oil. take back the oil. we take over the oil, which we should have done in the first place. >> it's going to take ground troops. >> that's okay. >> maybe 25,000. >> circle it. circle it. have so much money. what i would do with the money that we make, which would be tremendous, take care of the soldiers that were killed, the families of the soldiers that were killed, the soldiers, wounded warriors that i see, i love them. and they're walking all over the streets of new york, all over the streets of every city without arm, without leg, and worse than that. i would take care of them. >> so america should take over
10:35 am
the oil fields. shouldn't be given to the iraqis? >> we can give them something but definitely take back pony for our soldiers. we've had soldiers that were decimated so badly hurt. the wounded warriors, and killed, of course. but we've had soldiers that were so badly hurt and killed i want their families to get something. because we got nothing out of that war. we spent $2 trillion, chuck, we had thousands of people killed. wounded warriors all over the place. they got nothing. and they can't even say we had a victory. >> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> i watch your shows. i really see a lot of great -- when you watch your show and the other shows and you have the generals and you have certain people -- >> is there somebody, ago to for you? >> probably there are two. >> every presidential candidate has ago to. >> probably two or three. i like bolton. tough cookie. >> ambassador john bolt snn. >> yes. >> colonel jack jacobs? >> colonel jack jacobs is a good guy. i see him on occasion.
10:36 am
>> that was just part of donald trump's exclusive interview on "meet the press." we're been asking you to weigh in on the bing pulse question. after see that interview to you take him more seriously as a candidate? how are we looking so far? here is your votes. so far 32% of you say yes. 68% of you say no. keep the votes coming. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the hour here. moving to the democratic side of the aisle, if vice president joe biden jumps into the 2016 presidential race he could have a problem when it comes to raising the money he needs to be competitive. according to politico, some of the donors who attended a hillary clinton fund-raiser in martha's vineyard over the weekend don't want biden to jump in. apparently fearing a biden entry could complicate the field. stoking fears of a repeat of the clinton/obama split among supposed potters eight years ago. joining me now the politico's ken. nice to have you with us. let's talk about the sentiment
10:37 am
here from the party's donors. is that a big factor in joe biden's decision to run although he's weighing in so much from his family and with his son in his mind as well. >> i think it is a big factor, francis. i think that is one of the key considerations that some of his closer advisers are right now exploring. that is, they are reaching out to major donors in the democratic party. some who have supported him in the past. some who maybe haven't and feeling them out to see whether there might be support to fund a super pac that would potentially support his candidacy. 4th doesn't really have time to nount mount a traditional wide scale campaign with a huge network of grass roots supporters that would rival anything close to what hillary clinton or bernie sanders have mounted. but as we've seen on the republican side, a few very wealthy donors goes a very long way in today's presidential politics. >> can't be ignored as far as the editorial from charleston's
10:38 am
"the post and courier." how significant is that support coming from a south carolina paper? >> potentially that's where we are in reporting found he would really focus his efforts if he were to enter the race. that is to say he faired forly in iowa last time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have insisted a lot in iowa and fighting it out in new hampshire. the next state up, south carolina could potentially play into some of his appeal with more centris democrats. culturally, reagan democrat type than hillary clinton is. and so south carolina makes a lot of sense for him. so, too, would nevada, interestingly, with its strong union ties. so there is a little bit of a pathway but it's going to be very challenging for him to catch up to what hillary or bernie sanders has. >> the clock is ticking. when would it be too late for joe biden to run? >> i mean, i think we're coming up on it. certainly next month we've heard that he is meeting with folks and probably would come to a decision before the end of the
10:39 am
next month. realistically it can't go too much longer than that anyway. >> as we are watching the clock and the political calendar as well. switching gears. investigators in new york city are trying to figure out what led to the stabbing death of morgan freeman's god daughter who is also his step granddaughter. this weekend lamar davenport stabbed actress adina 16 times in front of her home in new york city on sunday. davenport was screaming biblical verses and perhaps performing an exorcism. heinz was friedman's granddaughter from his first inch what. nbc's beltity nguyen reports. >> this morning new york city police a arrested and charged a suspect with second degree murder in the death of morgan freeman's deposition granddaughter. the actor speaking out and calling the incident tragic and senseless. 33-year-old adina heinz also an actress found ply lying in a street near her home with
10:40 am
multiple stab wounds to her torso. taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. neighbors say they called 911 after they heard screams coming from outside. >> i looked out the window. this person was on the ground. this guy was on top. she screamed again. and i went and called 911. >> reporter: police took 30-year-old lamar davenport into custody at the scene and then transported him for a psychological evaluation and later charged. witnesses say it appears davenport was per forring some sort of exorcism. >> i cast you out, devils, in the name of jesus christ, i cast you out. he was saying that through the whole thing. >> reporter: multiple reports identify davenport as her boyfriend though not confirmed and say the two had just enjoyed dinner with friends hours before. >> oh, have you been here before? >> reporter: heinz, a graduate of nyu's school of the arts shared her grandfather's love of acting appearing in a film with free monday earlier this year. recently returned to new york for a role in upcoming
10:41 am
independent film. in a statement sunday freeman said, the world will never know her art terroristry and talent and how much she had to offer. her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts. thoughts and prayers. may she rest in peace. >> nbc's betty nguyen, thank you very much. still ahead, the amazon expo say ceo jeff rezos pushing back against a new article calling them, a quote, soulless workplace where no fun is had and no laughter heard. also ahead, harrison family values? steelers linebacker james harrison returns participation trophies given to his sons sparking a big reaction online. we'll have more on that coming up. but first, tributes continue to pour in for civil rights leader julian bond died over the weekend. president obama called bond a hero who changed the country for the better. others call him an icon and trail blazer. bond was the long-time head of the naacp and helped established the southern poverty law center and professor, author, and
10:42 am
lawmaker. julian bond was 75 years old. >> we're still being tested by hardships and diversity from the elevation of stand your ground laws to the voting rights act. but today we commit ourselves as we did 50 years ago to greater efforts and grandeur victories. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine
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10:46 am
be bezes is encouraging employees to read the e-mail. mashable is just written about amazon and, seth, as i was read that statement you were chuckling. why the chuckle? >> you know, i think it's unlikely that mr. bezos is not aware of the pervasive as "the new york times" makes it out to be so it does seem like a band-aid or trying to safe face here. >> you're right that he -- in mismemo to amazon staff here. you're not surprised by some of these claims. they're pretty strong claims. >> sure. i think it's important divide the claims in two different categories. relentless work ethic claim, which is pervasive throughout silicon valley. then there are claims about women who have had miscarriage or still born children told to go back and immediately focus on work. i think the latter is far more egregious and surprising. >> the article saying colleagues are pitted against each other and employees crying at these
10:47 am
desks. are these claims are true, what's the incentive? why are these workers staying? >> well, i think what you hear in this article and you hear from people at other tech companies is you're accomplishing great things. people will put themselves through these kind of endeavors in order to accomplish great things. i do think, again, there's a distinction between being told to go back to work after a miscarriage and working around the clock. >> it clips walmart as the most valuable retailer in the country. consumers are amazed by the efficiency of amazon prime, amazon now. you can get something within an hour. is this the payback, the result of that efficiency? >> to some extent, yeah. you see it at apple, google, facebook, and amazon. there is an opportunity to work yourself to the bone in order to create bad -- i do think amazon is unlike these other companies and just how relentless. >> in essence would it be like the war stories that we have and share by working for amazon and that's why we are so successful?
10:48 am
>> i do think maybe they pride themselves on some of these war stories. i do think at the end of the day bezos and others insiders are going to say these are isolated anecdotes. but if you look at bezos said from 1997 on wards they have been trying to build precisely this kind of rigorous hyper efficient relentless culture which would breed this. >> we'll see if that affects them at all with the bottom line in their success. mashable seth, thank you very much. good to see you right here with me. >> thank you. still ahead, university of alabama sorority deletes a recruitment video. more of the video when critics said, quote, were worse for women than donald trump. also ahead, an airbnb horror story. teen claiming locked inside a residence and sexually assaulted. what airbnb is saying today about that site. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
harrison's household no one get astro if i just for showing up. after his sons brought home participation trophies, he posted a picture saying, while i'm very proud of my boys for everything they do and encourage them until the day i die, these trophies will be given back. i'm sorry. i'm not not sorry for believing that everything should be earned and not about to raise two boys to be men believing they're entitled to something just because they tried their best. now to this. one of the men of the signature bandage dresses under fire in an interview patrick says that the women and les byians should stay away from the popular skin tight dresses. it's a favorite among a lot of favorites and said, quote, if you're a committed lesbian and wearing trousers all your life, you don't want to beat a herve
10:53 am
dress. comedian margaret cho is calling for a boycott of the fashion giant. a sorority under fire for this recruitment video which didn't take long to rack up half a million views. it's the chapter of alpha phi. they have recruitment videos with attractive, smiling women seemingly having fun and many say too many people crossed the line in this one. nbc's tamara hall brings us more. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, you can't find this recruiting video on the chapter's website. perhaps because of the growing outcry about the lack of diversity and the way it portrays women. ♪ the controversy was touched off by this opinion piece headline bama sorority video worse for women than donald trump on the author says the video with
10:54 am
the 72 sorority sisters is object if iing standing out in the beauty and bounce categories and the women poster children for detrimental stereotypes and cliches. it caused debate online, too. one calling it pathetic and shameful. college is about education and not parties. i think they're silly but not hurting anyone another wrote. it's the fourth oldest sorority in the country including the first woman treasurer of the united states, late legislators and one of only eight women bishops in the e pass to pal church. we got no response. the controversy doesn't seem to have hurt recruitment week at the university of alabama. according to, the day after the commentary came out, 2,261 women were invited to join
10:55 am
sororities at au, the largest pledge class ever. and in the wake of the controversy, the chapter's facebook, and twitter and tumblr pages have been deleted. at top of the hour, the gop leading donald trump's plan on immigration. i'll talk to a leading voice on undocumented immigrant issues. after donald trump's interview on "meet the press," do you take him more seriously? weigh in at hillary clinton's e-mail problems refuse to go around. 345 documents from the private server need further consideration. a record-breaking box office for "straight outta compton." how much did it take in? cheerif whole. grain. oats.
10:56 am
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. new citracal pearls. dedelicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. this hour on msnbc, justice according to trump? the donald on jury duty. a break from the trial.
10:59 am
>> keep it up! you're the man! >> after a whirlwind weekend stump in iowa, as only trump can stump. >> the reception trump got here not just about celebrity. they believe trump can win iowa. >> i'm leading in the polls. i go on your show. you will get the highest ratings you have had in years. >> catching light nng a bottle. donald trump has lightning like all over the place. >> in four years you will be interviewing me and say, what a great job you've done, president trump. also ahead, breaking news from washington state, an update expected this hour on efforts to fight a wildfire. and developing news here in new york. police make an arrest after morgan freeman's step granddaughter was found stabbed to death in the street. good to be with you. and order in the courtroom. here comes the trump. donald trump goes jury duty here
11:00 am
and after successful tour of the iowa state fair. also, after he released the first policy paper. it's on immigration. it would cut federal grants to sanctuary cities, triples enforcement officers and ends birth right citizenship. on sunday, he explained it all to nbc's chuck todd, including how he'll make mexico pay for a wall. >> they're making a fortune. mexico is doing very well. >> it is not doing great. >> let's see. they'll pay for the wall. they have the money. they're sending drugs and they're taking money out. >> yeah. >> they're making a lot of money. mexico's making a lot of money and i'm a big fan of mexico. i'm a big fan of mexican people. i have thousands of mention con people working for me right now and i have over the years but they have to pay for the wl and we need the wall. do you know that ten years ago hillary and everybody wanted a wall? >> they did. >> too expensive. you know a reason? environmental impact statements. >> i saw that you believe you'll be able to streamline.
11:01 am
>> i'm the best builder in the country. >> at the courthouse in manhattan is allie vai the ali. it is donald trump arriving. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, it is not every day you see a presidential candidate down here at the courthouse serving jury duty. he is here and in typical trump style. he rolled up this morning late by court standards. and he was greeted by a gaggle of reporters, about 50 to 75 of us and also supporting fans and as he came out of the courtroom after service for the morning portion, he was greeted by, again, journalists but more pedestrians, more people stopping to catch a glimpt of donald trump. he walked down the steps in typical fashion, shaking hands, winking, calling out people. one man told him that his immigration plan, do what he's doing and pointed and smiled and said you got it. there's a lot of excitement here at the courthouse for trump and
11:02 am
everywhere he seems to go. i asked him, you played a clip of the interview this weekend and i asked him what he thought about the cost of the immigration plan and did ignore the question and instead choosing to to quus on a pedestrian that was here calling him out for a good job he's doing on immigration and excitement here on the courthouse and an unconventional circumstance. >> is he office hook? does he have to come back? what's next as far as jury duty? >> reporter: it's just today. one of the clerks in the courthouse saying that while jury duties typically two days, because it's august and not so much going on, just one day. so this is after around 4:15, 5:00, first and last day of jury duty and should be good for about six years. >> doing a civil duty. taking a look at this instagram post of donald trump serving the jury duty. how cool to be the guy in purple sitting next to him? we need him on the show and talk to him about that. appreciate it.
11:03 am
thank you very much. appreciate it. trump did more than talk about immigration in his interview with chuck todd which you can watch online by the way. just google "meet the press" and trump explained why he could meet hillary clinton in the general election. that is, he says, if she survives that long. >> i'm the one person that's going to beat her. i think she may not be able to run to be honest because this e-mail thing is a horrible thing. general petraeus's life is destroyed and he did 5% of what she did. assuming she's able to run which would be absolutely to me a miracle at this point, i will -- >> all right. joining me is jeff kauffman, chair of the iowa republican party. jeff, nice to see you here with trump leading in the polls nationally and in iowa. many are calling this defying political gravity. can we sustain this and win iowa? >> i think anything goes at this point. there are so many things that are unique about this caucus cycle in the state. having 17 people, not having our
11:04 am
straw poll that win knows down the field, i think the rules are being written as we speak. donald trump has a strong presence in this state at this particular point. we also have a whole lot of other great candidates out here. it is a fun season primarily because it's unpredictable season. >> rules written as we speak. what can the other candidates do to overtable him? >> well, you know, in iowa typically like the other first of the nation states, retail politics, the chicken dinners, trying to hit all 99 counties, the things have been basic retail politics for a long period of time. i think at point the candidates find out to sustain a poll or go up in the poll, you have to move into that more personalized campaigning. i think that's probably a key. >> let's talk about what it is about donald trump that makes it so appealing. we have heard his outside status.
11:05 am
anti-establishment. just refreshing when he speaks what he thinks. what is that appeal? >> i think it's just that. i think it's bluntness. there seems to be a hunger and what i'm hearing today, in fact, several people i have talked to at this point it is not a partisan hunger, it is a hunger for politicians to lay it on the line. donald trump juxtaposed to a hillary clinton that refuses to even speak to the people here on something that she did in 2007, the contrast is so stark as a republican chair i like it. >> making no apologies along the way in the trump style. jeff kauffman, iowa party republican chair, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> sure. donald trump is a focus of the bing pulse question of the day.
11:06 am
do you take him more seriously? 32% of you say, yes, you do. 68% of you say, no. a little bit of a shift from earlier when, you know, actually it's -- actually stayed the same. 32% of you voted yes earlier. so keep those coming. pulse.mss nbc several candidates are making their way around the iowa state fairgrounds. kelly o'donnell caught up with wisconsin governor walker greeted at the iowa state fair by protesters and kelly asked him how he feels about the latest iowa polls. >> i think in the end that people as i mentioned up here, there's a certain amount of protest to the republican leadership in washington. and i think the more people -- >> reporter: that's new for to go after the republicans here in washington. >> i'm here for the people here and the country.
11:07 am
>> he was speaking on the soap box and was heckled. carly fiorina spoke and afterwards she spoke to the press. nbc's kelly o'donnell asked him for her response to trump's immigration plan. here's part of what she has to say. >> he has part of it right. we should defund sanctuary cities if we won't enforce the law. there's no question that we should have an employer verification system that actually works so we can make it mandatory. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell very busy in iowa today. fiorina's star is rising. national poll puts her in the top ten. and now to breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the intelligence community has flagged hundreds more e-mails for classification review. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. pete, explain the latest news for us here about the 300-plus
11:08 am
e-ma e-mails. >> this is from a assen assessmf team of u.s. intelligence community analysts looking at the e-mails from secretary clinton's private server. they referred about 300 to the agencies for further consultation. this figure comes in a court filing today intended to keep a federal judge informed about the lawsuit. this was the one filed to release the clinton e-mails under the freedom of information act request. they say the intelligence team looked at about one fifth of all the e-mails so far and has recommended that 305 be sent back to their agencies for a closer look to see if they should be considered classified. now, the state department in the filing sails that's only -- that's the state department's word, only 5% of the e-mails reviewed. mid-july the intelligence community raised concerns that a classified document included in an earlier release of part of the clinton e-mails and that's when the other reviewser were added to the process but it's
11:09 am
yet to be determined if any of the 305 e-mails flagged so far actually contain classified information, francis. >> something that the hillary camp will have to deal with. nbc justice correspondent pete williams, thank you very much. spies among us? the white house tells china the secret agents must leave the united states. what we know about the covert operations. race and higher education. new research finds a college degree doesn't equal financial security for minorities. so why does the wealth gap remain? and and an airbnb horror story. an american teen claiming he was locked up and sexually assaulted in spain. how airbnb is responding to the allegations. school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
11:10 am
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11:13 am
now to breaking news out of thailand. at least 12 people killed after a bomb ripped through a busy bangkok intersection near a shrine popular with tourists. video captured the moment of the blast in the middle of rush hour showing a fireball exploding sending people fleeing. nbc's janet shanlian is tracking developments for us in london. what can you tell us as far as the latest? >> we have new information and the death toll is reportedly at 16 people including 3 tourists. the number of injured has risen past 100. police say this was a deliberate act staged outside a hindu tim pl at 7:00 in the evening, the busiest time and they believe it was set off from a motorcycle just outside the well-known erawan shrine and sits among hotels and shopping centers. it is a densely populated area. witnesses close to the explosion
11:14 am
report hearing the blast and then they fell to the ground. they said they saw fire and smoke and they people injured running away and running for help. the explosion so strong it shattered the windows in nearby buildings. police officers and military on the scene. there are unconfirmed reports two other bombs before diffused in the same location. we're told no americans are among the casualties and as for who's behind the blast, at this time no group has taken responsibility but someone from the defense ministry says it was politically motivated to damage the country. back to you. >> many questions still coming to who's responsible. janet shamlian, thank you very much. now developing, the white house warning china about secret agents operating inside the united states. "the new york times" is reporting the obama administration demanding to halt the activity the spies reportedly part of what the chinese government is calling "operation fox hunt."
11:15 am
it is an effort to hunt down chinese fugitives. now more than 100 large wildfires out of control in 9 western states, hundreds of people have been evacuated. firefighters are working around the clock to push back the blazes but resources are dangerously thin and also facing a triple threat of extreme heat, severe draught conditions and gusty winds. joining me from washington state, nbc news krontd leann gregg. are the weather conditions helping the fire crews? >> reporter: it is today. the higher humidity helping with less wind, key over the weekend helped to save the fire off. the complex fire as it's called has grown to 56,000 acres, that's more than a thousand from yesterday. it has destroyed approximately 75 structures including businesses and homes. this is one of them. you can see that at one time this must have had a beautiful
11:16 am
scenic view. i talked with the man that owns this home who said he and his wife were driving up the road and saw it catch fire and he said they witnessed the flames coming out of the roof. they saved a boat and camping gear but not much else. today the efforts on saving more homes as the fire moves to the north and the west. six different helicopters will be in the air along with some planes dropping retardant. that's the effort today, saving the structures and the homes. they're hoping that the weather will help. thousands of people remain evacuated. they're trying to restore power. still, very much work to be done. back the you, francis. >> leanne, were there reports a person may have died in the evacuation? >> reporter: that's right. he was gathering the things, fell and fatally wounded. >> tough situation there, as evacuations continue. hopefully more progress made from the wildfires.
11:17 am
leanne gregg, thank you very much. up next, a horror story. an american tourist claims he was assaulted and the site did nothing to help his mother as she tried to protect him. how airbnb is responding to the allegations. closing the gap, bernie sanders surges. is camp hillary starting to feel the burn? esurance was born online. they have smart online tools, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet,
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11:20 am
♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. jury selection began today in the trial of a former prep school student. the 19-year-old is charged with raping a 15-year-old freshman at the prestigious saipt paul school in new hampshire back in 2014. he's pleaded not guilty to all charges and denied he had sex with the alleged victim according to the associated press. when interviewed by a concord police officer last year, he gave details of a school tradition of the senior salute. and in the affidavit, he described the practice of senior
11:21 am
male students who compete to sleep with as many younger students as possible before graduation. the school released a statement saying in part allegations about our culture are not emblem attic of our school or our values, our rules offer the people that represent our student body, alumni, faculty and staff. opening statements in the trial are expected to begin tomorrow. now, to a disturbing story that may give you pause if you thought about using a popular home sharing site for a next vacation. as "the new york times" first reported a 19-year-old massachusetts man says that he was locked in a room and sexually assaulted by his airbnb host all while his mom getting the frantic texts and couldn't get anyone to help. and now they're speaking out. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren with more. >> reporter: for 19-year-old jacob lopez, the trip to madrid was a nightmare he'll never forget. >> i was telling my mom i need
11:22 am
help, i need help. >> reporter: makaila was in massachusetts getting the son's frantic messages. >> at some point jacob told me she's locked the door and has the key. i can't get out. >> reporter: according to jacob, the airbnb host had him trapped. >> i was in a panic. i was frantically texting my husband who was not home at the time. i was frantically texting him and my brother trying to find out how to call for help. >> reporter: she called airbnb and said they wouldn't tell her where her son was and directing her to call the local dra ma drid police. >> i tried frantdically to call madrid and did get through to the number he gave me it was a recording in spanish which i couldn't understand. that kept ultimately disconnecting me. >> reporter: she said the calls back to airbnb went unanswered
11:23 am
and jacob said he was sexually assaulted. a charge the host denies according to "the new york times." >> it's hard to imagine any human being including the multiple employees i spoke with not being willing to intervene and offer help under those circumstances. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc, airbnb said the weekend this occurred, over 800,000 people stayed on airbnb around the world and 70,000 in spain. but even one incident is one too many. and while no industry has 100% safety record, that's what we strive for adding we are clarifying the policies so the team will always contact law enforcement if we're made aware of an emergency situation. >> why would i stay in -- >> reporter: also an emergency contact to booking and making it easier to share itineraries. travel experts say to make sure you have the local emergency number. >> if you're staying with a host in the same unit, start by
11:24 am
having a chat with that person, well before you arrive. >> reporter: something jacob says he did. >> if i could do it differently, i would just trust my instinct more about little things that don't really check out. >> reporter: a young man and his mother -- >> i don't want to see anyone have to go through the same thing i went through. >> reporter: -- turning their terror into a lesson. >> i'm so proud of you. >> that was nbc's kristen dahlgren. looking at the poll shows sanders closing in on clinton. are you batman? >> i am batman. >> donald trump's iowa charm offensive including helicopter rides for kids. we'll look at the team's plan to take the swing state and asking you after trump's "meet the press" interview, do you take him more seriously? weigh in. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible.
11:25 am
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you are looking at new images of donald trump in new york city today returning for jury duty. he reported this morning to a courthouse in downtown manhattan and just returned moments ago after a short break. we got this instagram post a short time ago of trump inside the courtroom earlier today. the front-runner received a summons to appear but said the campaign didn't receive them. this comes a day after he released a new policy proposal on immigration, the plan has angered the pro-reform movement, in particular his call for ending birth right citizenship and this is what donald trump told nbc's chuck todd in an exclusive interview on "meet the press." >> get rid of birth right citizenship? >> you have to. they're having a baby and then nobody knows. >> you believe -- >> you have no choice. >> they're coming here -- >> when we have some good people, very good people here. we have a lot of really good
11:29 am
people. they're illegal. you have a country or not. >> get rid of -- >> we're going to try to bring them back rapidly. the good ones. you know the word expedited? >> i do. >> expedite it. >> ending birth right citizenship and placing stricter limits on legal immigration and cut federal grants to sanctuary cities areas that sometimes defy federal immigration policy. trump would triple the number of enforcement officers and famously make mexico pay for a wall across the southern border. i'm joined by grace martinez, advocacy yoorcoordinator for un we dream. give me your gut reaction to the immigration plan? >> thank you for having me. when i heard about mr. trump's stances, i just felt dehumanized and hate. what his plan says is a plan of mass deportation, a mass exodus.
11:30 am
deport dreamers like myself. my mother, a cancer survivor and strip the citizenship of my little sisters. >> let's talk more with you about this interview. trump discusses rescinding president obama's executive order. let's play a little bit more of that. >> the executive order gets rescinded. one good thing -- >> you'll rescind that one, too? >> one good thing -- >> you'll rescind -- >> you have to. we have to make a whole new set of standards. and when people come in they have to -- >> split up families? deport children. >> keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> you're going to keep them together out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> they have to go. we'll work with them. >> okay. you'll all have to go. what would this mean for you and other families? >> for america, it meenl that is you would lose teachers from the classroom, lose nurses from
11:31 am
hospitals. and for me and my family, it just means devastation. my sister and i are covered from the victory our movement had and my mom possibly be covered for parents and our parents were already separated. my father deported about seven years ago and that blow was devastating for our family. i can imagine -- now imagine seeing that millions of millions of cases across the country of people being torn apart by this. one thing to say clearly to mr. trump is that this is our home. my mother and i belong to this. he's in the minority. the majority of the american public believe in our right to stay in this country and be able to thrive. >> when you hear him say, i intend to keep families together, how do you take that? >> i mean, i think that's, again, irrational. he wants to keep us together but in deportation buses. >> as far as the republican party, why do you think he has so much support with the stance on immigration? >> yeah, i mean, i think that in
11:32 am
some cases mr. trump has been able to uplift the truth that some -- the fringes of the party sort of have -- hold on to. held on to. but i think it's important to understand that there are some republican candidate that is support him on the 14th amendment but there are some republicans that have remained silent like senator rubio and mr. bush and it's important for us to be able to know where does he stand and where do the people stand on the 14th amendment, whether my sisters have a right to be sit senls of this country. >> for those that say that donald trump is leading the way, his response in laying out this policy on immigration forcing the other members of the gop to lay out theirs, as well, what is your hope with that? >> my hope is that this country has a true leadership from both parties that latinos are looking to democrats and republicans to provide solutions and not
11:33 am
irrational plans that don't have any hearsay in the community and not supported by the broader community. >> he says he can win the latino vote. can he? >> i don't think so. >> thank you for sharing your story with us. >> thank you. donald trump continues the odom nate the headlines and the conversation. we want you to be part of it. asking you to weigh in today. after trump's "meet the press" interview, do you take him seriously? 36% of you say, yes. up a few points from the last time we checked in. 64% of you say, no. pretty much consistent in the last hour. keep the votes coming. you can change your vote as you hear our discussions. bernie sanders continues to ride high with enthusiastic supporters and crowds at the events and he was shown leading hillary clinton in new hampshire n. an interview yesterday, sanders explained why his
11:34 am
campaign is catching on. >> i think we are resonating all over this country and here in iowa because we're talking about issues that are life and death issues to the american people. and that is, the collapse of the american middle class, the massive and grotesque level of income inequality in this country. >> joining me from washington, nbc news political editor carrie dann. bernie sanders a real threat to hillary clinton now? >> he is a threat in that his success is underscoring weaknesses hillary clinton has. supporters of bernie sanders are democrats that like where he is on policy, income inequality, wall street reform and find him to be an authentic politician and he's somebody that doesn't have the problems with honest and trustworthy numbers we see for hillary clinton. recent polling seen sanders having a steady gain over the summer, gaining on hillary clinton. but i think it is also worth
11:35 am
noting it is august. months to go before the nominating contest and voters don't seem to be thinking about electability. that new hampshire poll you mentioned only about 1 in 10 of those polled in that survey said that they would that he was actually going to be the democratic nominee. the question over the next few months is whether hillary clinton makes a case to sanders supporters. i'm going to be the best nominee for the party. >> can he keep it up for those supporters continuing to fill venues? especially with the e-mail controversy not going anywhere. >> well, he's getting big crowds, especially in some of the most liberal parts of the country, places like portland and l.a. massive crowds which is really important to note. but it's also important to look a little bit at the coalition building abilities that sanders has. he's been in recent weeks trying to reach out to, say, african-americans and hispanics to get the message across to them, as well. hillary clinton's numbers with
11:36 am
african-americans, 80% approval ratding for hillary clinton. keeping up the momentum will decide how he can reach a democratic party coalition. >> nbc's carrie dann, thank you. >> thanks. did you see "straight outta co compton" this weekend? it smashed a record in its opening weekend. the film's strong friday opening brought in more than $24 million. and that pot grew to estimated $60 million beating first earnings of "rogue nation." it is produced by universal which shares the same parent company as msnbc. "star wars" fans don't have to imagine what it would be like in a galaxy far, far away. disney imagineers will have attractions in disneyland.
11:37 am
these are the artists' concepts of what each 14-acre park will look like. they'll have two signature attractions and a secret mission on the millennial falcon. julia boorstin joins us with more. how huge is this? culturally, i can imagine it is. but also, huge when it comes to the bank. >> reporter: absolutely really big news for disney fans as well as "star wars" fans. the ceo presented the news on stage on saturday to over 7,000 disney fans and it was just wild applause in response. he called this jaw-dropping. the idea of creating these two lands and he said the largest single land expansions ever and speaks to how much disney is counting on really making the most of its $4 billion acquisition of lucas film buying in 2012. it has the big "star wars" movie
11:38 am
december 18th and counting on it to be a huge fan and, pand the universe. you mentioned those two rides that will be in both of the lands. there will be a canteen to allow fans to feel like they inhabiting this land far, far away. i think there's huge interest, specifically based on the response at d23 and going to be huge for disney, most recently investing a lot in the oversees parks, building a big shanghai park and this investment here in the u.s. to help it better compete with universal spending a lot of money to get a harry potter themed park, both in orlando and also one opening up soon here in california so this really should help disney stay ahead of universal which is key in that competition there. >> spanning generations. the merchandise alone. i'm sure people lining up for the rides and 'tractions in
11:39 am
costume. julia boorstin, thank you very much. still ahead, race and higher education. new research finds a college degree doesn't equal financial security for minorities so why does that wealth gap remain? first a chance to see beyonce, coldplay live? if you're in new york city area, today, you can join msnbc on the snapchat journey through the city for a chance to win tickets to the global citizen festival. just follow us on snapchat. good luck to you. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it!
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you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? search traems are struggling to get to the site where an indonesian passenger plane crashed sunday. wreckage was found in indonesia. the plane was carrying 54 people including 5 children. officials say the plane was also
11:43 am
carrying almost half a million dollars in cash for remote villages. into the air show accident that killed a u.s. army skydiver over the weekend, authorities say 32-year-old cory hood lost consciousness colliding with another skydiver on saturday, then hit a building falling to the ground. he died in the hospital yesterday from his injuries. hood served five tours in iraq and afghanistan and awarded two bronze stars. the other skydiver involved suffered a broken leg. presidential hopeful hillary clinton wants to make college more attainable and affordable and focused her new plan on minorities and those attending historically black colleges but college degrees don't protect the wealth for american africans and hispanics. black and hispanic families headed by someone with a four-year college degree fared worse than families without
11:44 am
degrees in the great recession and the aftermath. is higher education worth the cost? michael eric dyson is a professor at georgetown university and author of "debating race." not crossing paths here in the hallways at 30 rock. >> that's right. >> reading the results of the study, one step forward, 50 steps back, especially considering that higher education should be the equalizing factor. >> that's right. you would think it's a ladder of upward mobility but people find stastis. people tend to put moneying in housing so the wealth is relatively lower than say white or asian brothers and cysters and as a result of that when the housing boom came and then the bust came, a lot of black wealth was bled off. they don't have the buffers between themselves and others. >> we have a chart that shows
11:45 am
the black and hispanic families with more debt as you were just talking about the study points to the housing bubble that devastated the families. whites and asian counterparts on average had more assets in stock and bond markets so what needs to happen? does there need to be a shift when it comes to money management? >> well, a couple of things. yes, but also, you have to think that black and latino people carry more of the weight of the brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles than do, say, white american families. they have a sense of responsibility of those left behind and then the higher they claim, the more debt they incur with a greater pool of people to distribute the resources to. patterns of discrimination that keep them from investing in other places, not in terms of the market, of course, but the housing being saddled with extraordinary rates higher than
11:46 am
the market means and they're bleeding off the wealth and don't have the economic wherewithal to sustain themselves in a crisis. >> i want to ask you before you go civil rights leader julian bond passed away over the weekend, 75 years old. talk about the impact he had with his work and how that will continue even after his death? >> he was an amazing man. a man to -- head of the naacp as chairman for ten to 12 years and then also was a georgia state legislator. knew martin luther king. worked in the trenches. and so his -- and he was a teacher, as well. the career path was wide. his impact was extraordinary. he was one of the first figures in a generation that precipitated and led to 50 years later, black lives matter y.? they didn't believe in top down leadership. they believed everybody were all equal participants along with
11:47 am
robert moses and the movement so they didn't believe in one figure voicing the concerns. that led to the same kind of pattern we see to a degree with black lives matter. >> certainly a lesson that many can consider and take now. long after his death, especially with that movement. >> absolutely. >> and hearing over and over again. mike chae michael, thank you. good to see you today and you host the 5:00 p.m. hour here on msnbc and catch you in the hallways. >> look forward to it. >> thank you. tragedy for actor morgan freeman. step granddaughter found stabbed to get. more on the arrest police made in the case when we come back. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger.
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hey, mr. trump -- >> what's your immigration plan -- >> kind of tough to hear what donald trump saying entering court on the day of jury duty. took a brief break but as he is hounded by the press and the media outside and returning into court you heard some reporters asking him about the executive order and made headlines after that exclusive interview with "meet the press'" chucked to on the immigration policy. a day obligation as far as jury duty for donald trump. now, turning to a really difficult sad story, the man accused of stabbing morgan freeman's step granddaughter and is also his god daughter is charged with murder. he was stabbed to death yesterday morning by a man who they believe was her boyfriend. witnesses say lamar davenport appeared to be performing an exorcism. he was taken to the hospital for
11:52 am
a psychiatric evaluation. freeman said sunday the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer and thanked well wishers for their tremendous outpouring of love and support. melanie bromly is chief correspondent at e news. thank you for being with us. is there anything new you're learning about the relationship between edina heinz and lamar davenpo davenport? >> pieces are still coming together as far as the relationship and we know that they were out to dinner according to friends just hours before this incident happened outside her apartment. people who were at dinner with them describe them at being ecstatic. seemed like they were very happy. as far as how long they were together, there are a couple of pictures going back a couple of months and not sure exactly when they started dating. >> yeah. so many alarming parts to this story and hearing that witnesses
11:53 am
say that lamar davenport was, you know, appeared to be performing an exorcism, this day and age hearing something about that, it's certainly shocking. >> we know that neighbors say that they heard screaming coming outside and also he was reciting a religious verses, using the word jesus and devil at the same time. we also know that when police arrived she had obviously been stabbed in the torso they think 16 times but he was continuing to make that stabbing motion even though she was lying there. so, you know, as far as exactly what was going on, obviously, there was a psychological evaluation but it does seem very unusual. >> many remember heinz and following in her step-grandfather's footsteps as an actor and he was lamenting the world will not be able to see what she had to offer.
11:54 am
tell us about her work. >> she was actually -- she was trained to be an actress and moved to memphis and working with underprivileged youth and just had come back actually to new york. she had a role in an indy production and was very, very excited about it. you know, it's interesting when you look at her blog, she wrote quite a lot about her life and her passions and described herself as quite loud and energetic character and going to be somebody who's very, very much missed. >> talk about the relationship that she had with the step-grandfather, godfather, as well, morgan freeman. how close were they? we are seeing the pictures of the two of them. but as far as their family goes, how close were they? >> they were very close, actually. you know, she was a frequent guest of his on the red carpet. actually, if you look at pictures from the 2005 golden globes, she was there right
11:55 am
beside him. he really talked about that in his statement, how her style will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. they seemed very, very close so he's obviously mourning very, very deeply. >> melanie, thank you very much. we appreciate your time. and now, before we go, and say good-bye, big news today. tracy morgan will return to host "saturday night live" on october 17th, the former cast member not performed publicly since he was seriously injured in a car crash last year, something to look forward to coming to "snl." that wraps up things for today's show. i'll see you back here tomorrow. thanks for watching. until then, keep the conversation going on social media.
11:56 am
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11:59 am
i'm ari melber. when's behind today's deadly bombing? also this hour, the co-author of a blistering "the new york times" expose on working conditions at amazon joins us live. big story this hour, donald trump took a break from his presidential campaign today to do his civic duty. trump pulled up to a federal court in manhattan to report for jury duty. he was randomly called by the city to serve. this is the sixth summons. he skipped out the past five times. trump's advisers explaining that the past summons they say were sent to the wrong address and he won't have to pay a reported $250 fine after showing up today. while jury duties known for long waits and bored crowds, trump tried to turn his arrival into more of a rock star moment hopping out of a black limo. allie vitale is joining the campaign and what did you see
12:00 pm
today? >> reporter: hey, ari. just like you said, a little bit of rock star status. he came a little bit after 9:00, late by court standards. he was supposed to be reporting at 9:00 and then was taken inside through security and up into the holding rooms and a lot of people here, there was a lot of reporters here this morning and then coming out for a lunch break around 1:00, 12:30, there was a lot more pedestrians, a lot more bystanders looking to get a glimpse of donald trump. a lot of them brought dollar bills. another had a sign, a poster saying go trump. a lot of them here so excited that he was here at the courthouse. >> did you get a sense of his mood here? everyone's seen him in the exclusionive interview with chuck todd. this looks like a jovial and excited trump. did you get a sense of how this relates to his


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