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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 17, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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donald trump reports for jury duties. >> the executive order gets rescinded. one good thing about -- >> you'll rescind that one too. you will resibd the dream act executive order. >> they have to go. we will work with them. they have to go. tragedy in thailand bangkok kills at least a dozen and
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injures dozen more. a live report from the ground. and as more than 106 fires rage in the united states the u.s. forest service is burning through funding. we'll go live to one of the biggest fires. he continues to defy political expectations but even donald trump can't deny his civic duty. today trump took timeout to report for jury duty here in new york city. providing fodder for a few instagram accounts. moments ago trump was seen leaving the court. he signed a few autographs and seemed to enjoy all of the attention. the same frenzy greeted the donald at the iowa state fair over the week where he gave kids rides in his helicopter but had to skip the crowds butter crowd because the crowds around him were simply too thick.
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lindsey graham about to get on the soap box. and earlier it was scott walker. he told msnbc's casey hunt today he understands what is drawing voters to donald trump. >> and i think it is a protest. they are saying they are sick and tired of politicians saying one thing and then doing something different. i ran for that very reason in 2010 and if you want to be more than just upset with washington, if you want to fix it, i'm the guy best suited to do that. >> and trump appears to be broadening his attack. he said he favors ending automatic citizenship for babies born in the united states. today walker followed suit. >> do you think that birthrate citizenship should be ended. >> harry reed said it is not right for this country. i think that is something -- yeah absolutely going trd. >> we should end. >> to me it is about enforcing the laws in this country. >> joining us from des moines
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iowa, msnbc political correspondent casey hunt. it seems like donald trump has become a bit of the pace setter for the debate on immigration within the gop. o talk to us how broad is the trump effect on the gop race right now particularly on this issue of immigration? >> well i think that in many ways what donald trump is doing is exactly the opposite of what republican party leaders wanted to happen after they lost the 2012 election to obama. they outlined all the ways they were going to broaden the base and appeal to spanish voters. this was not among them. whether or not to deport the children of undocumented immigrants born here in the united states. those are conversations that republicans frankly didn't want to be having. and in iowa mitt romney declared he would veto the dream act and it came back to haunt him in the
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general election. also on the flipside trump's strategist looked and around and say the people who come up to me and say i've never caucused before. what is a caucus. we're doing exactly what republican leaders say they want. we're expanding the base and they are choking on it. they don't like it. i think two different views of how trump's candidacy is pushing the party at this point. >> quite interesting. but let's also talk about the scott walk ore. it seems for him at least this is do or die in iowa. what more is scott walker saying about how he plans to try to tackle trump's lead that seems to be growing? >> well he -- i talked to him a little bit about this when he first walked into the fair this morning. and he said, you know, what, it doesn't count who is at the top in the middle of the race. it only counts who is on top at
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the finish line. and he thinks they will be better off there. there is no doubt he's struggling here in a way he wasn't before. and i think you are seeing allel of outsider candidates collect at the top of the polls. donald trump followed by ben carson. that says something about where the electorate is and sidewalker is going to have to in some ways step it up as we head into the caucus season this year february 1st. i will say the number of times we've had a win ore it have iowa caucus leading in august has been pretty low. but if for whatever reason trump hangs to this big of a chunk of the republican base in a field of 17 candidates that is more than enough to win. >> let's bring in our political panel. gentlemen, thank you both for joining us. governor, you've got donald trump. now scott walker saying they want to end birthright citizenship. let me put this up for you.
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it is a poll from back in 2011. shows 57% of americans oppose changing the constitution on that issue. are democrats right now licking their chops at this development? >> yes, absolutely. i never would have believed that the republican party in 2016 was going to do worse among hispanic voters than mitt romney. but now they are careening on a path to even get less of the hispanic vote than mitt romney. and in key battle ground states that makes it almost impossible for them to win. >> and chairman steele. let me ask you this. i want to play some of the trump's immigration remarks that are getting the most attention. take a listen. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. and when people come in they have to come. >> you are going to split up families. >> no. we have to keep the families together. but they have to go. >> -- >> they have to go. >> what if they no place to go? >> we will work with them. they have to go.
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>> trump is finally getting into the specifics about the immigration policy but are they the specifics that are going to help republicans or are they going to hurt them in 2016? >> i think a lot of that remains to be seen ayman. you cite a poll that is five years old. america's attitudes may be different and more pronounced but then again maybe not. and that is the point of the trump campaign. there is a pulse going on out there. that a lot of the conventional thinkers in washington and around the country don't seem to be tapping into in a way that he is. and so from the gop national standpoint, this is not the conversation they want to have. and it is certainly not the way they want to have it. but trump is forcing the issue. where, now you have got scott walker aligning himself with trump on what will likely be a very much discussed issue about
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potentially changing the constitution to address, you know, the natural citizenship or u.s. citizenship for those who are here illegally. so it is a real interesting dynamic that i'm sure is making a lot of folks in the party very uncomfortable. because right now trump is controlling this debate. >> right about that. let's go back to casey and bring her into this discussion. we're still on the topic of trump here casey. and he was asked how he responds to those who don't see him as the real conservative given his support for universal healthcare previously and also for being pro choice. let me play this sound bite for you. >> some of the criticism on you from conservatives is you are not a real conservative. >> well i think they have a point from years ago. but they also have that same point with ronald reagan who was a democrat absolutely with a liberal bend and ronald reagan became not only a republican but a pretty conservative republican. not the most but a pretty
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conservative republican. >> trump says he is in the model of ronald reagan. how will that go with iowa voters do you think? >> well ayman i think that is actually the central question of donald trump's candidacy at this point. we know now he's survived all of these so called gaffes that could potentially have sunk almost any other candidate in the field. however the one thing you do hear on the ground from activists organizing and other campaigns are questions about whether or not he's committed to being a republican and if there is going to be something that ultimately is his undoing it is this idea that might eventually sink in that not only is he not interested in becoming part of the republican party but that he's not on board with their idealing. and people still especially in iowa still make a distinction between being a member of a party and having values and ideals as a conservative, someone who has a set of values and believes. and while americans and caucus
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goers are frustrated with the system and the party a lot of those core values aren't going to change no matter their frustration with the political system. the question is can the rival campaigns if they have to turn advertising power for example on donald trump, you can't win the caucuses with money alone. but if they can use that to impress upon people that he has held these positions or maybe does to this day it could potentially hurt him. >> trump is weighing in on a big issue in foreign policy and that is talking tough on isis. let's play that sound bite for you. >> you go and knock the hell out of the oil. we take over the oil. which we should have done in the first place. >> ground troops. >> it's okay. >> and this is going to be a touchy suspect i expect. he says boot offense the ground that is okay. the america ready to see american troops back on the ground like syria and iraq.
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>> i any despite the awful beheads we've seen and the visceral reaction many americans have had to that and i think rightly so, i do not think that that is translated into a whole cell move towards putting u.s. troops back on the ground, potentially engaging isis directly whereby they could then capture more u.s. soldiers or capture u.s. soldiers and use them for display purposes. so i think there is a real trepidation on the part of the american public with respect to those moves. you have heard a number of candidates come out in support of the idea as president that that is something they would very much consider. i think the devil will be in the details for a lot of the american people. with exactly what is that mission? how long will it be? what does it mean? what's at stake and how do you execute it in a way that does not put our soldiers in worse harms way than they would already be in? >> and governor rendell. your opinion on another important subject, hillary
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clinton. now reporting that more than 300 e-mails from her serverer being flagged for further classification. how do you think she's handled this issue so far? >> well i think they made a mistake when this first broke they should have turned over the server. because they should have known it was inevitable they were going to turn it over. again, i said this morning we shouldn't pre judge this. the accounts i've seen that said there may be 60 e-mails that might have been classified. but they were in the lower end of the things that really weren't confidential or imperative to national security. let's see where this plays out before we rush to judgment. >> governor rendell, chairman michael steele and casey hunt thank you all for joining us. and we're certainly going to be following this for the days and weeks and months ahead. coming up a deadly bombing in bangkok thailand. we are live with the latest.
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also the death toll rises from the horrific chemical explosion in northern china. now there is a new threat. the potential release of toxic rapidly fatal gas spreading. and donald trump reveals his immigration plan including repealing the protection for dreamers. i'll speak about that policy with an undocumented activist and co-founder of the dream activist coalition, stay with us. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
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eye witnesses describe scenes of utter chaos and panic with body parts on roadways and building windows shattered. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing so far. now to china after last week's explosion in tianjin china. hundreds took to the streets in protest demandi ining compensat for their losses. chinese officials are confirmed 700 tons of deadly chemical sodium cyanide in the building that blew up. one of the explosions was so massive it was the equivalent of 21 tons of tnt detonating. >> the numbers really are stunning. more than 100 dead with ten bodies found just today. while there are still 70 missing, mostly firefighters and several hundred in the hospital. the chemical warehouses which
1:18 pm
blew up last wednesday have not stopped smoldering. five days after the explosion one last point. and now some of the 6,000 displaced are protesting, demanding compensation with reports cyanide has been found in the water and fears that storms could release poisonous hydrogen cyanide into the air. china's communication leaders are promising a full investigation and as a result if regul -- and punishment. after the break more than 100 wild fires are burning out west. we'll get a live report. plus she's joking but hillary clinton shake off questions about her e-mail server? more on the news of flagged e-mails straight ahead. or obses. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it.
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across the western united states. today where dozens of homes have been destroyed and hundreds have been forced to flee. washington state authorities believe roughly 100 homes have been destroyed and thousands still without power. in oregon spread across 137 square miles forcing a dozen communities to evacuate. the devastation is tearing apart budgets as well. the u.s. forest service is spending 100 million a week to contain the fires and next week it will burn through its entire annual budget. joining me now from washington is leanne gregg. can you give us a status update on the fire? and have the rescue workers made any progress today? >> they are hoping they will make some progress today because the conditions are a little bit better. while it is still extremely hot and dry. the humidity is up. that is a good thing, as well as the gusting winds are not
1:23 pm
expected like they were o over the weekend when this fire simply explode. ed. it is moving however to the north and west. it grew about 1,000 acres overnight to more than 56,000 acres and it is heading towards a lot of homes in the area. that is their focus today. from the air six helicopters are flying as well as fixed wing aircraft dropping retardant trying to save those homes. dozens of homes and businesses already destroyed. including the one behind me. in fact the owner of this home told me he and his wife were driving up the road and saw it catch fire and watched the flames shooting from their rooftops. they were able to save a boat and some camping gear but not very much. again t focus is on saving those homes. the national guard is also helping today. they have joined the fire lines. resources are extremely strained because so many major fires are burning in several states,
1:24 pm
including idaho, oregon, california, montana. all with some dangerous situations. officials say nearly every available crew in the nation is committed to one of the fires in the west. again it is expected to remain hot and dry, extremely difficult conditions. we should know by the end of the day when we get an update about how much progress, if any, has been made here. >> let me ask you. as we were mentioning that we're expecting the funding to run dry for some of these efforts by the end of next week. they are spending 100 million a week. do we have a sense of what is going to happen once the u.s. forest service runs out of its annual budget? >> they are still trying to sort that out. they say they may try to find some emergency budget, whatever that means. they will go to different sources for funding. but that really is a huge question. right now they are trying to tap as many different agencies as they can. and to get people in to help with these fires.
1:25 pm
people are coming from alaska. they have asked some to come in from canada. international crews. because they really need the help. the situation is extremely serious. so i'm not sure what they are going to do. >> leanne gregg, thank you for that update. we want to go back to bangkok in the last segment where the bomb explosion killed at least 12. joining us on the phone from bangkok. start by telling us where were you when that bomb went off today? and describe to us what it felt like and the scene immediately afterwards, please. >> reporter: sorry could you repeat that one more time please? >> can you tell us where you were when the bomb went off today? and describe for us what it felt like what scene was like? >> when the bomb went off i was actually at my house which is not too far away. as the few stations away on the public transportation system
1:26 pm
from where the bomb went off. and immediately we started receiving calls from people. we started receiving messages. we were a little bit worried -- >> okay. it seems that we have lost him there. we'll see if we can get him later in the hour. for now, donald trump tells chuck todd undocumented immigrants, quote, have to go. a leading activist for undocumented immigrants responds next. plus "straight outta compton"'s record breaking weekend at the box office. what was it like working with dr. dre and easy-e. stay with us. [ school bell rings ]
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bangkok at least 12 are dead and others injured. and wild fires raging in four western states have forced hundreds of evacuations in eastern washington alone at least 50 homes destroyed and several more remain threatened. back to the new developments today on hillary clinton's e-mails. roughly 300 e-mails on her private server have been flagged by a team of intelligence reviewers. clinton has insisted she never sent or received any e-mails that were marked classified. joining us is pete williams.
1:31 pm
what is the latest? >> the latest on the investigation that we know of is this court filing today from the state department lawyers. this is in a lawsuit and they are trying to keep the court informed about their efforts to comply with a court ordered schedule for releasing e-mails from hillary clinton's private server in response to a freedom of information request. and what the government lawyers say is that they have a separate intelligence team looking at the e-mails and that they have looked at about a fifth of all of the e-mails so far. and this team has recommended that 305 of them be sent back to their respective agencies. five intelligence agencies in all for a closer look to see the if they should be considered classified. this is only about 5% of the remails reviewed. this group was set up in july because intelligence community raised concerned that a
1:32 pm
classified document was in the earlier public release of these e-mails. but it has yet to be determined whether any of these 305 that have now been flagged actually contain classified information, ayman. >> and there is anything legally that can come out of this process? >> well, and not the lawsuit itself. the lawsuit is a foye request but there is a separate investigation now by the justice department about whether classified documents could have been mishandled by being put in a private e-mail system are indeed any e-mail system that wasn't a classified state department system. and potentially if the government concludes that people did so on purpose, put classified information in it, then i suppose they could face some criminal exposure. former secretary clinton has always claimed that she never posted anything knowing it to be classified, that to her knowledge nothing in the system was classified. now the question is should some of these things that were put into her e-mails have been
1:33 pm
classified? should they have not been put in there because they were classified? >> pete williams. thank you very much. joining me now is national political correspondent for the washington post. let's talk about the political implications of this investigation and even this newest development as we were hearing from pete. how is the clinton campaign responding to this? >> nice to be with you today. the clinton campaign has not specifically said anything about this latest development of the referral of 305 e-mails for further checking to see whether they should have been classified. in fact in the main the campaign has tried to say really as little about the specifics of any parts of this case. and has cast it largely as a political vendetta against secretary clinton. she made that point herself very forcefully in the speech she gave to iowa democrats on friday
1:34 pm
night and got a great reception in the room. it went over big. what she basically said was they are out to get me but i'm not going to get down in the mud and sling it back at them. >> and i know you have been speaking to the clinton supporters. what are they telling you? what are they saying amongst themselves about the response to this? >> what concerned democratic supporters of hillary clinton that i and my colleagues talked to last week, what concerns them about the e-mail issue is just whether clinton is actually understanding the depth of this as a potential long-term drag on her campaign. they want to see her fighting back. they like the partisan battling stance that she's taken in response to it. but they are concerned that this is going to stick with her. it is going to hang over her head and that it is unpredictable.
1:35 pm
the fact that her privately held server is now in the hands of the fbi and there is some kind of larger investigation going on is worrisome to people who've been through previous political investigations. they say even if she never did anything wrong, never knowingly did anything wrong, these things can take unpredictable turns. and we don't know where this is going to go and that is worrisome. >> obviously this is a serious matter but this weekend hillary clinton tried to joke about e-mail controversy, if you will. let me play you some of that. >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> so on the surface a funny joke. but what do you make of clinton's strategy here? is it dangerous to joke about while at the peak of the
1:36 pm
controversy? will it work? should she try to laugh it off? >> you heard the response in the room. the joke killed there. it is not doing so well in washington. some people here are very partisan democrats were a bit offended and said come on you can't make a joke about potential national security breech. i don't know. it is of a piece with her larger strategy on this point, which is to cast it in political terms as republicans against her, her against republicans. and to say, look, i'm a survivor, i'm a fighter. i'm going to keep going. i've been knocked down before. i get back up. this won't be the end of me is basically the stance there. and that is -- that joke was part with that strategy. >> let's look actually at the polling. the first time that clinton has dropped below 50%. as we were saying for the first time. a lot of people arguing that clinton's odds have gone down in the general election because of
1:37 pm
this or how the campaign has gone so far. do you think this is true or do you think her struggles are a little overstated? >> well the certainly in the course of talking to democratic supporters of hers last week, heard some concerns about the general election. but not very many. most people who are supporting her now with whom we spoke still think that she's by far the best candidate, that she can and should win the primary. and that her election, general election chances are very good. what they are concerned about is sort of the execution of things now. is the campaign paying attention in the right way to the e-mail scandal. and are they correctly attuned to the threat that bernie sanders poses? not that he would topple her. but that he is tapping into a kind of energy and an anti establishment vibe in the electorate that she is not. >> and thank you very much for
1:38 pm
that analysis. coming up donald trump says all undocumented immigrants simply must go. we'll get reaction. and "straight outta compton"'s record breaking weekend at the box office. why is the nwa bio pick resonating with america? and an announcement from comedian tracie morgan. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome yeah!
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donald trump is getting specific on immigration. in an exclusive interview with nbc's chuck todd trump discussed his core proposals on that subject, including importing all undocumented immigrants currently in the u.s. building a wall along the southern border and making mexico pay for it. ending birthright citizenship for children of immigrants and tripling the number of federal immigration officers. >> what do you do about the dock
1:42 pm
kah order now. where you have this grant for the dream act. the executedive order for the president that is -- >> the executive order get rescinded. >> you will rescind that one too. >> one good thing -- >> you will rescind -- >> you're gonna have to. you have to make a whole new set of standards and when -- >> so you are going to split ip families. >> chuck, no no. we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. . but they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go. >> we will work with them. they have to go. >> joining me now. erica, thank you so much. let met start with getting your early reaction to the general plan trump has proposed which includes deporting all undocumented immigrants living in the united states which as i understand is a number that's currently around 11.3 million people. what is your take. >> i really didn't know if i was
1:43 pm
reading -- if it was a joke or if it was real. i honestly, you know, i have heard so many things coming from a lot of the candidates from the gop. but this is by far the most extreme. and just to hear a lot of the different ideas he has. one it is not doable. you cannot get all of us and round us up and deport us. that's been proven. another thing is really characterizing a lot of our communities as he says. they are here to commit crimes who do all kinds of things. and the reality is polls -- actually studies have said that immigrants commit the less crime than any other group. and he also wants to import dreamers, one that most americans actually support for us to be able to stay here and contribute back to the country. >> so there is obviously something donald trump is saying that is resonating with americans. it is driving his meteoric rise in the polls.
1:44 pm
many americans are obviously concerned about the number of undocumented immigrants in this country. how do you reconcile the two? that he has a message about immigration that is propelling him to the polls but at the same time you are saying his comments are for you at least and your supporters not something that is doable to tackle the immigration issue. >> um-hmm. well the fact that he's appealing to a certain crowd of, you know, of folks who he wants support from. a lot of folks from within new hampshire, iowa, that is what he's going for. the reality is that, you know, in the past we had mitt romney who was basically saying -- he wasn't as extreme but also talking about self deportation. and getting rid of the dream act or at least, you know, if it was to pass he was going to veto it. and what ended up happening is he lost the latino vote. he lost the election and at the end of the day he is going to go through iowa and new hampshire. but he is eventually going to
1:45 pm
need nevada. and many other states that do have the latino vote and which is very important to be able to win the general election. so i don't know how he's gonna -- hopefully i don't think he's going win. like i said before i think it would be a very sad day if he does. but the general election is definitely not going to happen for him to get latinos on his side. >> let's talk about this other subject that he's popped out. that is ending the process of birthright citizenship. take a listen to what he said about it. >> you want to get rid of birthright citizenship. >> you have to get rid of, yes. what they are doing is they are having a baby and all of a sudden nobody knows. >> you believe they are try to do this, they are coming here. >> let me tell you. when we have some good peep. we have a lot of really good people here. they are illegal. they either have a country or not. they go out and we're going to try and bring them back rapidly, the good ones. rapidly. do you know the word expedited?
1:46 pm
>> i do. >> expedited. >> what is your reaction to that to ending birthright citizenship? >> it is very contradicting. i hear him say over and over again he wants to follow the law. he wants everyone to follow the law yet he wants to change the constitution of the united states. you know we have a lot of those voters who are citizens of this country who are sons and daughters of immigrants who, you know, within his plan they would actually not be able to vote or be able to be in this country at all. so it is definitely, you know, like i said, i don't think this is going to get him anywhere. it is just getting the conversation a little more to the right. and what is going to be important here is to see the effect he's going to have on other candidates in the gop and within the democrats. and we're hoping that effect stops as soon as possible. or like i said there is not going to be that support for any other candidates like walker right now that's saying his plan is just like his, like trump's. >> erica, thank you for joining
1:47 pm
us. >> tracie morgan makes a big announcement about his return to television. plus shaken or stirred? did the "new york times" just unwittingly reveal president obama's cocktail of choice? "straight outta compton" goes straight to number one at the box office. we'll talk with a member of the rap group there for n.w.a.'s rise ott top. plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪
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all right guy, want a chance to see beyonce? pearl jam, ed sheeran and cold play live in concert? if you are in new york city you can join msnbc on a snap chat for a chance to win tickets. the snap challenge is already under way. follow us at shiftmsnbc.
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now tracie morgan is returning to saturday night live, folks. the show announcing the comedian who's been recovering from a traumatic brain injury sustained last summer will return to host the show october 17th. during the seven season he was on snl morgan made us all laugh with memorable favorites. >> i'm brian fellow. >> brian i'd like you to meet a friend of mine by the name of bailey. >> hello. >> that bird just talked. >> hey pretty bird. hey pretty bird. who are you? >> i'm brian fellow. >> that bird is a liar. >> i'm brian fellow. >> he's starting to make me mad. he better shut up. >> today morgan sent out this tweet "stoked to be going
1:52 pm
home, #snl." and we can't wait. we know president obama likes to kick back on vacation by hitting the links. but what about his favorite drink? according to the "new york times," his drink of choice is an extra dry grey goose martini. and finally a canadian space firm has been granted a patent for a 12 mile high structure. astronauts would take an elevator to the top and board shuttles that would then launch them into orbit. no word on if it will actually become a reality. a major setback today for college athletes. ruled football players at northwestern university will not be allowed to unionize.
1:53 pm
overturns a previous ruling that would have led to student athletes being played. the prospect of union and non union teams could throw off the competitive balance in football. we had markets closing higher today. the dow gaining about 68. the s&p up 11, the nasdaq finishing 43 points higher. that is it from cnbc first this business worldwide. soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per line. verizon. come home to a better network. plaque psoriasis. moderate to severe
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to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. welcome back everyone. n.w.a. has done it again. this weekend the hip hop bio pick straig pick "straight outta compton" was top pick. the best ever for r rated film as well as the biggest number for a bio pick. chronicles rap legends like dr.
1:57 pm
dre's ground breaking group amid the crack and hip hop epidemic in los angeles. "straight outta compton" is produced by the same parent company as msnbc. >> let us do our job. >> sir stay right there. we're try cog check those bangers and make sure they're clean. >> these are not bangers. these are artists. >> what kind of artists. >> rappers and they are working with me in the studio right now. >> rap is not an art. and who are you? >> i'm the manager. >> joining me is someone who new the members very intimately. front run effort to hip hop group jj fad one of the first groups signed to n.w.a's label. this movie is breaking records. really resonating with americans. why do you think the movie has been such a major hit? >> i think because so much of
1:58 pm
what they were rapping about is happening today with the police brutality and the stereotyping of police against african americans and i think that they were talking about that way back when and to see it happening again now, people are like wow, they knew something early on. so i think that is one of the big draws. >> and i i understand, you know, dr. dre actually produced your first album. what was it you think that made n.w.a. and in particular dr. dre's production style so unique and special? >> i love the way he produced us. he is a perfectionist. and no matter how many takes you have to do he will keep having you do it again and again until he has it perfect or sounding the way he wants it. and that is what made it great working with him. e with love that about him. >> do you think the n.w.a.'s message is still relevant today with all that is happening today in the u.s. >> absolutely. and that is what i touched on in the beginning.
1:59 pm
that is one reason people are going to see it. because they know these things are happening now and it happened to them way back then. it is really relevant right now. >> and let me ask you this finally. there is a lot of praise for the film but some criticism has focused on n.w.a. and some of the band member's treatment of women. how do you feel about that? >> being women and being in the studio with n.w.a. at that time, we weren't offended by it. if you were a b. or an h, you know, if you are that person it is going to offend you. but if you are not they weren't talking to you. the it was never offensive to us. in the studio it was all love. they took care of us like we were their sisters. we were never offended by any of that. that was their reality. >> and have you spoke on the any of the band members since the movie came out? >> no. but i am so so proud of each and every one of them.
2:00 pm
i speak to a couple of them on a regular basis but not after the movie. but i'm so proud of their accomplishment. i'm so proud of this movie. >> great to know. thank you so much wanda for joining us. that's it for me on this hour. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight shake up, a new poll featuring republican contenders has some surprises and a controversial carly fiorina campaign you may not have heard ab. and trophy gate. a pro football players makes his kids return their trophies. the reason ahead. first donald trump arrived at the manhattan courthouse this morning for jury service. >> what will happen if you get picked for jury duty. >> going to be very interesting to see. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i look foar


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