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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 18, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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agreement and if called upon would vote to override a veto. >> another strike against the president and he is reportedly lobbying democrats for more votes during his vacation. the math still favors the president here. he needs to find 13 more votes basically from his own party while republicans trying to build a super majority of 67 to stop the agreement. and that is why even gop majority leader mcconnell is conceding the deal has, quote, a great likelihood of success. now, for more on the ground, we are joined by nbc's luke russert in washington. they offer favor diplomacy over more hawkish alternatives. what are you hearing? >> i think you're right, ari. i think what mitch mcconnell said there is probably right, as well. if for this deal to be stopped in its tracks you'd roughly need about 25% of congressional democrats to abandon the obama
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administration and john kerry. and while that's certainly possible, it is not easily attainable. looking at the real numbers. 67 in the senate. 290 in the house. what we have said all along is that we'll know a lot more about this once we sort of see the amount of pressure that's put on congressional securities running in ads and looking at the media focused on it's been donald trump and other stories of the gop presidential primaries. so i would argue that a lot of what people thought about two weeks ago was going to be the focus of just democrats getting hammered regarding the iran deal not come to fruition so i think where you're standing right now, if you're president obama in martha's vineyard, look in the house. 290. nancy pelosi. never loses a big vote amongst her own people and chuck schumer people said will be the first to fall. chuck schumer's opposition, i'm
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hearing some folks saying he came out so early is he knew the president had the votes and he was not going to tip the scales and felt comfortable doing it. so that's, in fact, the case. see where they are. they're cautiously optimistic heading to the early september vote, ari. >> that's a weird wrinkle. chuck schumer with power going against the president and as you were decoding for us, that might be a sign of progress or at least safety from the white house perspective. luke, thanks as always for your reporting. >> take care. and that is the political count. for more on the foreign policy and the potentially historic agreement we turn to a prominent democrat backing the deal. former senator rich ear luger worked with president obama on nuclear nonproliferation. he helped dismantle wmd. he leads the lugar center and honor to have you. >> thank you very much. >> why do you think even with the skepticism that exists towards the regime in iran you
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have concluded this is a good deal? why? >> this is the best opportunity we have to delay and potentially to stop an iran nuclear situation. this is a deal that calls for iran to get rid of 98% of its highly enriched rue y eed urani thirds of all of its centrifuges, to get rid all of its 5% to 20% enriched uranium and to do all of this by march. before any sanctions are lifted. now, for the moment, every country in the world voted at the u.n. in favor of this treaty. it has the backing, of course, of russia and china, germany and great britain and france parties with us and they're sticking with us on the sanctions so along as we're with the deal. now, if we were to back out of the deal, there is no assurance
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whatsoever their sanctions would continue. nor is there any possibility in my judgment that the iranians would proceed to get rid of all of their material. >> right. i mean, that's the argument that when you put aside the rhetoric and the bluster, not completing this deal would actually in a way be soft on iran and you explored some of that in your comments about chuck schumer's opposition. i want to read from that. we were discussing how he's breaking with the president. you say if washington walks away from hard-fought, multilateral agreement its depend bltd would likely be doubted for decades. teheran would be the winner of this u.s. rejection because it would achieve its major objective. as you have explained, senator, that's partly because of the multilateral dimension of the sanctions. when senator schumer say otherwise, are they sort of discounting the fact that it takes a lot of different countries to get done?
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>> i'm afraid that they are because they forget we would be there alone. the sanctions would not be reimposed by the rest of the world 0 if iran get it is freedom of its money, which everybody is talking about, we are left really then with tough possibilities. namely, military action or the suppression of military action on the part of those who might want to go after the iranians and this is a very brutal situation at this point. we'd better understand and thus far we have the rest of the world with us. we have a situation by march all this stuff by and large gets cleared out. and then it stays that way for a better part of 15 years. now after 15-year point, why perhaps we'll need a new treaty or maybe iran will be a different kind of country. in any event, that's a long stretch of reasonable safety. >> you mentioned the idea of one
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of the other alternatives is military option and something the president is blunt about lately. let's play some of that. >> congressional rejection of this deal leaves any u.s. administration that is absolutely committed to preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon with one option. another war in the middle east. i say this not to be provocative. i'm stating a fact. so let's not mince words. the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. maybe not tomorrow. maybe not three months from now. but soon. >> do you think, a, that is basically correct, and b, from your long experience in the senate, do you think that's an effective way for the president to try to bring along more sup
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snort. >> i think it was effective on the part of the president and i admire the president really for spending the time and effort that's going to be required, literally, to lobby one by one at this point, members of the house because this is crucial for our nation. it's not just simply one of many potential diplomatic victories for the president. on this one rides peace in the middle east. rides security for israel. or for the saudis or for others for that matter who are in harm's way. we are not a country that wants to reenter a war with a country the size of iran. but let's be very frank about it. of the facts of life are that if iran proceeds and they proceeded quite a ways now, and develops nuclear warheads to put on missiles they're in a position of havoc not only in the middle east but likewise harm on the united states of america.
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>> when you look across some of the republican opposition and obviously we're heading into an election year do you think a lot of it is simply that there is intense partisan opposition to this president and that a republican president who struck the same deal which you offered boxes iran in uses sanctions to get tough on iran in a sense would have more support from the gop to do essentially the same thing? >> i don't want to demean the opinions of any of my colleagues. they really must wrestle with their consciouses on this sort of situation. i think this is as many observed a time of extreme partisanship and extremely partisanship in a dangerous world just doesn't work very well. and it really is going to be very important i believe for many republicans to join with many democrats in support of this treaty because we're going the need to have those votes as things proceed. things may not go altogether smoothly.
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and over the course of time we're going to need to have in the foreign relations committee a situation in which as i work with joe biden or john kerry, we said a 9-4 vote is not good enough. we need a face to the world of the united support for our country. >> and while we have you near, senator, i want to ask you about the ongoing conflict of isis and an issue you have given thought to. is the united states doing everything it can short of the ground operations that most americans oppose at this point? or, in your estimation, is there more the u.s. diplomatically, militarily or otherwise to constraint a lawless turf or an isis state area in the middle east which people feel is untenable in the long term for us? >> i trust the administration is with the joint chiefs of staff composing a comprehensive plan that has not appeared as yet. but it would have many facets
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because of the complexities involved, including training, and including intelligence and including the use of our air power and our sea power. and maybe other forces. as the case may be. so i'll not try to second guess where that's headed but for the moment we do not have a satisfactory posture with regard to isis. even though there are some days in which we do well. but we also have a problem in iraq, for example, of almost the division of three countries that's often talked about in which the shiites and the sunnis and the kurds simply are not working together and their country's future is at stake. >> former senator richard lugar, former chairman of the foreign affairs committee, thank you for your time. >> thank you, sir. >> we'll ask clair mccaskill what she plan to do on the deal. later this hour. hillary clinton on the trail
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controversy of e-mail isn't going away. they're receiving over 300 e-mails to see if they received classify intel. she is not the target of any inquiry and the state department says there's no indication she had class if ied materials of tn e-mail. clinton saying there's no way she did. monica, our producers just listening in. you know, always fun to see on the ground there and apparently playing taylor swift's "shake it off" there waiting for hillary clinton to come out. maybe that's what they're trying to do with the e-mail issues. >> reporter: that's right, ari. clinton herself said she never sent or received any e-mail that was marked classified. but of course, the campaign knows that this is an issue that's not going away any time soon. clinton has tried to make light about it and even joke about it. she made a joke about her snapchat account over the weekend saying she loves it because the messages, quote,
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disappear all by themselves. i think we will see clinton here at the town hall in vegas trying to pivot to the policy points and specific policy issues like college affordability and i think the issue of immigration is sure to come up here in nevada and see her try to kind of try to focus on that and not the e-mail issue. these are the staunch supporters so they're not going to be necessarily bringing up the e-mail question. they're asking her about other points and i think that's something that the campaign likes to point out. >> absolutely. we also have a new look backstage at clinton campaigning. she recently met with organizers for the black alives matter movement and they released a videos of that encounter. >> i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws. you change allocation of resources. you are not going to change every heart but at the end of the day we can do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more
12:17 pm
opportunities for people who deserve to have them to live up to their own god-given potential. >> you know, you see clinton there. that exchange looks more candid and intense than many of the scripted moments on the trail. i know you were there for that event. what is her campaign saying? did they achieve what they wanted in that meeting? >> reporter: the campaign is pretty pleased with the meeting in that they're happy that voters and supporters can see what hillary clinton is like in these more candid moments. they felt that she was very blunt and straightforward in her answers and as you saw the exchange does become heated at times and quite tense. so i think they actually like that people can get this behind the scenes look at it. you know, the campaign also wants to point out this was not the first time that clinton met or had conversations with black lives matter activists. throughout the campaign they have been having conference calls and making sure that this is a topic that has been important to them.
12:18 pm
they also have pointed out the campaign said that they're not surprised if more activists are going to show up on the trail. we have obviously seen activists disrupt bernie sanders' events. he is here in vegas today and then also here at the event last week of jeb bush confronted with ques about racial injustice and racism by some of those supporters who referenced the black lives matter movement and so it's not an issue going away any time soon but the campaign is happy to be continuing the conversation. >> all right. monica, thanks for your reporting. we turn to howard howard, you're a veteran of these things and candidates can't turn things around on citizens in the way they sometimes can against the press or other sort of elites for lack of a better term. what did you make of that exchange and what struck me is one of hillary clinton's more
12:19 pm
passionate moments on the trail thus far. >> yeah. i would say if she could arrange a video like that every day it would be good. it would certainly be good in the democratic primaries and certainly good to show that she's listening not only to people who talk about black lives matter, very important topic, but that she's speaking to younger people. that she is got her aer to the ground. that she's listening and she's listening carefully. so i thought politically that was just great for her. i know that some of the black lives matter people wanted her to say more, they wanted her to take more personal responsibility for what had happened back during the clinton administration and what happened in terms of incarceration and other policies when she was secretary of state and in the obama administration. she didn't go where they wanted to on that but in terms of saying she gets it, i thought she did very well. >> in arguing with them, she showed a type of respect. i mean, i watched the whole video. >> me, the.
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>> but she is arguing about how does power concede and make changes and what do you want to do? in her view, no surprise, being a lawyer and long-time government person she is, she says you have to change the system. that's a back and forth that suggests respect for them and then we had some of the activists on air. i want to play a little bit from them and then get your response. let's listen. >> what we were looking for from secretary clinton was a personal reflection on her responsibility for being part of the cause of this problem that we have today in mass incarceration. her response really targeting on policy wasn't sufficient for us. >> hillary clinton has a unique responsibility in the role in mass incarceration. the die vestment we saw from the urban housing from hud, they divested $17 billion and then invested $19 billion in prison
12:21 pm
construction. like that happened under the clinton administration. and so what we'd like to see is an intentionality in how she deals with that. >> and so, sort of a conversation continues. what do you think of the response, howard? >> well, i think they have a point. and hillary's point is times have changed. we are dealing with a different set of circumstances and let's, you know, ari, i covered the clinton campaign and i remember that bill clinton was certainly willing to take note of what was then a sort of law and order theme still running in the country from the '80s and into the early '90s and bill clinton was running as a rather more conservative southern democrat pro-business, pro-death penalty. and people don't remember probably but he had one of his signature moments in the '92 campaign when he confronted and argued with a woman who was a sort of precursor of the black lives movement whose nickname
12:22 pm
was sister soldya and the clinton campaign then advertised that as a moment of strength for bill clinton in rejecting and that person's plea at the time. this is 20 years -- you know, this is many years later. a different circumstance. i think hillary clinton probably well advised to continue down this path and talk more about it because that's what people want to hear. and in f that's a route into her talking about what she thinks and feels as opposed to listing a bunch of talking points and carefully calibrated boring policy proposals, i think that's all to the good for her. >> you make a great point and that contrast is striking. "straight outta compton" opened this weekend. the way they used to pick on of -- here it's going the other direction. people involved this wanting to push the issues up to politicians and in both parties
12:23 pm
reckoning with it. i also want to get your thoughts on scott walker says he has an alternative to obamacare, a different approach than stridently negative trying to put something out there. does that work? >> well, maybe it works if he thinks he's going to be the nominee down the road but i think if he think that is that's a middle of the road half a loaf proposal i think he's wrong. our expert at "the huffington post" is jeff young who knows more about obamacare and health care than i think anybody and his analysis is that scott walker's proposal will cost less but it will also do much less. it won't extend -- it won't expand medicaid. it will take medicaid and give it to the states in a way you can't predict in lesser amounts. and it would get rid of the subsidies for most people who are required under the law to get health care.
12:24 pm
so to have health insurance and it would create at the same problem we're trying to solve and i don't think it's red meat enough for where the republican primaries are headed. i mean, they want people to say on day one i'm getting rid of the whole darn thing and scott walker won't win that argument. >> all right. howard fineman, as always, thanks for your time. >> thank you, ari. up next, are you taking a guilt trip sna sn that's a pun. tom costello with a report on what some are calling airline shaming after the break. but first, the markets aren't exactly flying high. that's a second pun. keep it live right here on msnbc live. pass pass that whether times are good or bad, innovators with great ideas will continue to drive the world forward. as log as they have someone to believe in them. for more than two centuries we've helped progress makers turn their ideas into reality.
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. if you have been to the airport lately, you have probably seen the irony in the term friendly skies. nowhere to put your overhead bags, little leg room. you can avoid it if your cash flow is nonstop. now a passenger rights group
12:28 pm
wants to end the habit they're calling airline shaming. nbc's tom kos lcostello on this >> have been times have you been last to seat and then if you felt embarrassed sitting in the caboose, some airlines are betting you'd pay to avoid feeling the same way again. if it feels like you're being nickelled and dimed every time you buy an airline ticket, you're not alone. >> i think it's getting more expensive. >> i go with the cheapest one to buy. >> reporter: now some passenger rights advocates have a name for an airline markets practice. they call it upselling. reels in customers with promises of low faerls and encouraging them to pay for extras that add up quickly. and they claim delta is among the airlines taking it to a new low. by warning passengers who are about to buy a basic economy seat that they will be the last
12:29 pm
to board and last for overhead bin space unless they choose to upgrade. critics charge they're shaming its customers into paying more. >> airlines trying to upsell you all kinds of things. pay for your bag, pay for extra leg room on your seat. and the way to do it is to shame you to then pay more for anything extra. >> reporter: the costs add up quickly. earlier boarding, a better seat, extra leg room, checked bags can add hundreds more to an airline ticket but a spokesman tells nbc news the company is only providing pricing transparency to the customers. we don't want anyone to select something they ultimately did not want to purchase. but consumer advocates say that only goes so far since they don't disclose additional fees up front. >> where delta says they're transparent about what we're not going to get, they're not transparent about how much it costs us. >> reporter: even ultra low cost carriers encourage customers to pile on the extras.
12:30 pm
sometimes using almost passive aggressive language. not interested in joining the $9 fare club? you will have to click the button that says no, i don't want to save. for many passengers, every flight seems to get just a little more expensive. >> spirit airlines tells nbc news when we sell these fares on our website, we are very transparent about what these very low fares provide and what they don't. our bare faerls aour customers to purchase tickets so they can have more money to spend if when they reach the final destinations. i think a lot of people would say, isn't this what you would want from the airlines? to be completely and open and transparent and say, if you're going to choose the cheapest seat in the back of the plane, just beware you may not have the leg room you like or the bin space. these critics say, no, they're trying to shame you into spending more money. ari? >> yeah. i'll a big carry-on guy. it hits close to home.
12:31 pm
thank you as always. >> all right. you bet. now to a small town trial gaining national attention, a serious case, a 19-year-old graduate of an elite boarding school accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at the school. prosecutors allege it's part of a sick game and tradition. what can you tell us? >> reporter: ari, good afternoon. the defendant or rather the accuser in the case, a woman who was 15 at the time of the alleged crime, has just taken the stand. she is being questioned by the prosecution. and is being taken through her background and the narrative of her life and how it is that she got to st. paul's school in nearby here in concord. and what her life was like here. because of her age, we're not showing her, her image is not being shown and we're not taking the feed from the court. prior, the jurors were visiting the campus where they looked at
12:32 pm
the scene of the alleged room, the roof or the top area of a math and science building and after that they visited an interview room inside the local police department here. in the absence or prior to the testimony from the accuser in this case, much of this case was hinging on the culture of the school. this morning we heard opening arguments from the prosecution and the defense, both of which made reference to the culture at the school but in different ways, ari. the prosecution framed the case as a case of a garage waiting senior who was taking part in a tradition that was essentially predatory, that he reached out to the defendant seeking intercourse or seeking some kind of sexual encounter with her and he was agrezive and though she resisted he took advantage of
12:33 pm
her. the defense, ari, saying this the senior salute does not necessarily -- that's the name of the tradition, the senior salute, does not necessarily need to involve sexual contact, that it can involve hand holding and kissing and a story of two high schoolers, ari. >> yeah. that so-called tradition's a big key issue in the trial. we should also mention we're not identifying the name of that alleged rape victim because of the circumstances there surrounding the incident in that opening case. jamie, thank you for your time today. we turn to an update on that terror in thailand. a second explosion. think of the version of america's times square. tons of people and business. plenty now of rattled nerves. ian williams on the scene for us. ian? >> reporter: hi, ari. a manhunt is under way tonight in the thigh capital for a suspect who was filmed by security cameras at the erawan
12:34 pm
shrine minutes before that bomb exploded monday evening causing the carnage. this person, a man in a yellow t-shirt, seen on the video coming into the erawan shrine with the heavy backpack. he sits down, removes the backpack, stands up and then another surveillance camera shows him leaving without the backpa backpack. security sources say believe the bomb was detonated from an area very close to where he left that backpack and very keen to speak to this man and a big search is under way tonight to try and locate him. at the same time today, we saw a second blast. this one much smaller thankfully and without causing any casualties. what appears to have happened is a small explosive device thrown from a bridge over the river, the big river that runs through this city. towards a pier which services water taxis running up and down the river.
12:35 pm
it missed the pier, landed in the water and exploded in the water. splashing the commuters rather than injuring any of them. it was a small device. the deputy police chief said it was a similar sort of device as was used yesterday and trying to make the link, trying to establish a connection between the two. in the meantime, they've urged the people of bangkok to be vigilant, cautious in the hours and days ahead. and certainly, for now, the man in the yellow t-shirt remains the best suspect. >> thank you for that reporting. now the tragedy out west, the military called in to battle these huge wildfires. it's the first time that's happened actually in more than a decade. one of the biggest plblazes burning in a lakeside community of washington. leanne gregg is there. is there progress? >> reporter: there is. officials say they're optimistic
12:36 pm
guardedly at containment. they're dropping retardant and continuing to try to build the containment lines. doing back burning to try to increase the buffer from the fire. but still, 2,600 people under evacuation orders and the fire has grown to close to 64,000 acres. and it continues to march forward. there's especially concern about between 4 and 7 miles to a town of manson and of course a lot of structures in that town. so far in the region, 40 homes have been confirmed to destroyed and that count will go up as they're able to get in and the smoke clears and they can do the full count. you mentioned the military coming in. the active duty. they'll undergo training tomorrow and then dispersed to various fires burning in the west to help out, an indication of how dangerous this fire season is in so many different states. so the temperatures today are a lot hotter than yesterday.
12:37 pm
and also the humidity is not as high and the winds also could pick up this afternoon, all concerns that fire officials are wondering about and keeping their fingers crossed as they continue the fight. ari? >> leanne, thank you for that report. plenty more to come. any minute the fda could give a green light to the so-called female viagra. also, taxing times for the irs. the agency's admitting many americans hacked, more than the first estimate. and this hour, we'll ask one of the undecided democrats in the senate if she will get on board with president obama's nuclear deal with iran. this is msnbc live. what do a nascar® driver...
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12:41 pm
courses in the world. it does not guarantee assignment to the elite. rescue workers found the black box of a passenger plane that crashed over the weekend killing all 54 people on board. specialized search teams battled weather and terrain to reach that wreckage. and the so-called female viagra pill could receive fda approval as early as today. flibanserin stimulates hormones in some women's brains. the fda rejected the drug twice because of side effects. and to our developing news story right now, it is some alarming news if you paid taxes. it turns out that the number of people hit in that irs hack earlier this year is actually three times the agency's initial assessment. it's 334,000 people. now, a small percentage of the american population to be sure but little consolation to anyone when's found the identity compromised.
12:42 pm
the irs saying it's begun notifying people. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams looking into how this happened and what steps the feds taking in the aftermath. pete? >> well, this involved an irs online application called get transcripts. a transcript is basically a line by line summary of your previous tax returns and if you weren't very careful about keeping the records you could go online or you could mail in but in this case the online thing is the issue. you could go in and get past returns. what the irs says is that people were using information they got elsewhere, people's names, addresses, social security numbers, histories, and then going online using that information to get clearance into the system to get other people's tax transcripts and then they used that information to file requests for phony returns and that was the scam. so the irs now says as it's done
12:43 pm
more auditing and determined it's three times the amount they thought in may. the online system is still unusable. it's offline. it is blocked. so that is the issue. and as you say, if you're one of the people it's a large number. looked at another way, it's 1 1,000th of all taxpayers. >> thank you for your reporting. now we the urn to former executive director at the fbi, president of crowd strike services, shawn crowley. this is not like the employee hack and seems like the government is constantly behind her. >> not that important unless you're one of the 300,000 people
12:44 pm
whose return hacked and lost money or lost your personal information. in this case, ari, the government is given the responsibility to protect the information. we as taxpayers, as citizens, often required to provide sensitive information into government agencies. we have an expectation and we should demand that that information is protected in a way that keeps us secure. >> there's identity theft, personal prooifty and then the larger conversation of whether anything you do online is secure. john oliver making jokes about this. let's play that and then get your serious response. >> listen. if you really want to blackmail americans, you are going about this wrong. dpoent bother hacking into government files. get the browsing histories and we'll turn traitor instantly. you can have the social security numbers but there is no one on earth not betray their country
12:45 pm
to find out that the last five google searches is what country are dragons in, nip slip, sexiest cats, troubleshoot and uncontrollable tart cancer question mark. you want leverage, china? that's where you'll find it. >> the idea there being there's a lot of things people do online they want private. is it fair game whether people say, look, all this stuff is going to be vulnerable, live with it? >> it's tongue in cheek but it's a concern that anything you do electronically is potentially intercepted by somebody and needs to be an expectation of privacy. we use technology to enhance our lives, there has to be some reasonable belief that some of the things we do are going to be maintained in a secure type of way. there are things that people can do to help protect themselves like getting the credit frozen through the credit reporting agencies, certainly monitoring their transactions to see if
12:46 pm
there's any type of behavior occurring. but honestly, the people we are giving the responsibility to hold our data, we have to hold them accountable to keep it secure. the government has a big role to play here. >> then on the government's side, we have to support the recruitment and the personnel, something we have talked about before and i was reading recently, the special agent in charge of cyber in new york going back to the private sector. the government's going to be competitive with technology companies, sure pay a lot more. shawn henry, thank you as always. >> thank you. up next, within on oone on influential democrat. we'll explain. stay with us.
12:47 pm
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it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! senator mccaskill. i want to start with a question out there for a lot of senate democrats. what do you think of this iranian nuclear deal. will you support it. >> well i'm busy doing homework right now. and by that i mean what will be the world situation if we walk away from this deal. this isn't about this deal or the status quo. and while this deal has serious problems, the world is united behind it. and i want to know if the countries that hold the iranian money now, will they keep that
12:51 pm
money away from iran if we walk away. so i'm in the process of talking to india, japan, south korea, japan, china and finding out if they will continue to respect the unilateral sanctions that are put on by the united states outside of the multilateral sanctions put on by the security council. >> so you are essentially researching what walking away would look like. meaning you are considering going against it. >> well ab -- well i think that is my job, is to consider what the alternative is. this isn't, is this deal perfect? this is this deal or what? and i'm trying to figure out what the or what is and what whether or not it makes israeli more vulnerable or whether it makes our country in a situation which is more dangerous. >> want to turn to your book which is why we invited you on. a lot of people sharing the
12:52 pm
behind the scenes fooj you share. a lot had to do as you write with this ad. let's look. >> todd ackin. he could completely eliminate the departments of the security and energy. and akin alone says president obama is a complete menace to our civilization. >> you write that you were hoping to help him by attacking him. what do you mean? >> well i knew that in the base of the republican party there were things that todd akin had said that really resonated and he didn't have enough money. on the other hand i knew those same things he said would disqualify him with a wide swath of missouri voters. so it was a two for. and i said this is claire mccaskill. i approve this message. todd akin is too conservative for missouri. that's why we called it the dog
12:53 pm
whistle whistle ad. it helped todd win the primaries but also gained the process making sure he could not win in november. although he exceeded our expectations in terms of what he ended up saying after he was this nominee. >> he was in many people's accounts a political and policy mess. as you account in the book mitt romney himself was asking todd to get out of the race you also write how your early support of president obama was not matched with any sort of political loyalty when you were running in this race. why was that an important story for you to impart? and what would say some young person who looks up to you as someone wh's been successful in government and politics, what were you trying to impart in that story in the book.
12:54 pm
>> i want particularly young women to realize they can own their own ambition. be strategic, aggressive and lean forward and most importantly maneuver around obstacles. i understood why the president wasn't campaigning in missouri. because it was such that he had little likelihood of winning missouri. so he wanted to put his resources in states where he had a likelihood of prevailing. so i understood but it was personally difficult. and i thought it was important to tell that story so that young women could realize you could navigate even around personal disappointments. >> you also write about your work on different reforms to deal with military sexual assault and the military. that is a story and issue that continues to stay in the news but you had criticism for political people and people in the media who wanted to make that a fight between you and other women senators. tell us about that. >> well, we had a long list of reforms that we worked on together. senator christian jillibrand.
12:55 pm
and others and all of those got in fact put into the law. it was an amazing reform of how the criminal justice system works within the military on behalf of victims. but there was one issue we disagreed on. and the media wanted to focus on that because it was too democratic women that had an honest policy disagreement. and it was very frustrating to me because everyone got distracted covering the fight between two women and overlooked all of the work we had done together. and you think as you write in the book that would have been covered differently if it wasn't two women senators? >> i believe it would have. i believe it would have. >> and let me ask you lastly on policy, what is your metric on success? how do you know any of this will help? >> there are two measures we're looking for. one, are incidents going down? in terms of how many sexual assaults there are. and two, is reporting going up?
12:56 pm
and how do the victims feel about how the command is treating them? and in the report that was delivered to the white house last december we got very good news. incidents are down. reporting is up. and over 80% of the victims said they believe the commanders treated them with respect and were understanding to the situation they were in. so that is real progress. we've got more work to do on retaliation and kirsten and i are working together to get after that problem. but we have made real progress. but we can't give up. we have to keep watching. >> such a vital issue. and look forward to speaking with you about it again. we've been talking to senator claire mccaskiccaskill. the book is plenty lady like. that is it for our show this hour. this is msnbc live.
12:57 pm
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the latest example, should birthright citizenship be repealed. >> it is about enforcing the laws in this country. >> this is a constitutional protected right. >> and a man hunt in bangkok. a second bomb was detonated today thrown from a bridge. the bombing suspect who authorities say appears on surveillance video remains at large. also hillary clinton split with president obama on a key issue


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