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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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paying to have sex with minors. >> call this what it is. this is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> showdown in new hampshire tonight. donald trump and jeb bush hold duelling town halls miles from each other. and one of those is already trash talking. and were you one of the 17 million who participated in the ice bucket challenge to raise money for als? good news, it turns out the fundraising push led to scientific breakthroughs. i'll speak with a researcher and the mom who started the challenge for her son. all right. well we are just a couple of hours away from tonight's town hall showdown in new hampshire. 6:30 eastern is the appointed hour for republican front runner donald trump's very first town hall since entering a few months ago. in the same time slot new hampshire voters will gather for a rival town hall featuring the man many thought would be
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leading the race at this time, jeb bush. the duelling town halls are just mile ace part and already the trash talking has begun. trump tells the "wall street journal" of the town hall timing. quote, beside bush draws so poorly i figured it would be a good time to draw a crowd. no shortage of gop candidates with nearly half the field gathered in the gran it state. but as it has been most of the summer, donald trump is dominating the 2016 discussion. a new poll finds trump closing in on hillary clinton within six points of her in a hypothetical general election match up. that is a significant narrowing from a yawning 24 point gap that was scheduled -- that was recorded back in june. whether that is the effect of clinton e-mail questions, doubts about jeb bush or simply growing support for trump, there is no doubt that trump is defying political gravity as we await his first town hall. joining us now from the trump event site in dairy, new
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hampshire. n nbc's kate tur. what are people expecting there at the town hall. >> define political gravity. that is a good way to describe it. want to get back to that. but as for expectations for tonight, about 1800 people expected to show up to this trump rally. as for the bush rally, only expected to be about a few hundred. that's what he's been drawing so far when he's come up. when trump has been up here he's been able to draw thousands to many of his larger scale rallies. this is a town hall. heel be taking questions and we expect him to talk about immigration. he's been hitting jeb bush on every chance he's been able to. weak on immigration, weaken women's issues, weak on the military. meanwhile bush has been trying to avoid talking about trump altogether and referring to the big political personalities in the room but he hasn't been quite successful at that. because he's asked multiple
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times to react to trump comments. he was even forced to react monday to trump's immigration plan saying it wasn't realistic. so certainly not an accident that they are going to be talking at the same time. trump scheduled this a little while ago actually but didn't confirm it until after he was confirm that he was not going to be picked for a jury but it is not ab accident he chose to be here in new hampshire at the same time as jeb bush a few miles away. here is the parallel i wanted to make. you and i both spent time in london. the populous right wing party out there did really well in the last election, defying expectations. people were making joex about him and the party. they were against immigration. they wrote them off as people who would not do well but they did surprisingly well. and that is the same thing i think is happening here with donald trump. people were quick to write him off. but he is resonating with quite a few people. yes the election is a long way away. but certainly lessons to be learned from what happened in
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the last u.k. election at least. >> with trump winning all of the polls how serious are people in new hampshire taking him at this stage? >> leading the polls as of now. and people in new hampshire are taking him seriously but they are open minded. they wanted to know what his policy stances are. they want to hear more details from him. but remember the people that come out here to these events are die hard politicals. they are not the majority of people that end up going and voting in the primary. so there is a long way to go. those o that vote are reading nurps, there is a lot to be learned so far. they are dealing with the rest of tear lives. the people showing up that these rallies is a small segment of people that show up to vote when the primary comes around in a few months. >> thank you very much. for more i want to bring in our panel now. thank you for joining us.
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obviously the polls showing donald trump leading and perhaps even more surprisingly this poll that shows him within six points of hillary clinton in a hypothetical general election match up. is this the moment where donald trump now is being taken seriously? not only as the gop front runner but also on the national stage against the -- >> well he should be taken seriously at this point given as you said that he's been defying political gravity. and i think the hillary camp is taking this seriously that he's getting so close within striking distance to her campaign. but looking at new hampshire, i think it was very smart of donald trump to schedule this town hall as a match up with jeb bush. i think he's looking for a smack down. i keep describing him as the jesse ventura of politics. and as your reporter was saying, new hampshire voters, they are very -- they are notorious and famous for wanting politicians to address them directly. to campaign to each and every person to try to win their vote. >> and amy was just referencing the clinton campaign and that
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they should be taking this seriously. do you as well see that at this stage the clinton campaign should be worried about how much donald trump has been able to narrow that gap? and we're still months away from any actual voting but should they be at least concerned? >> i've always been wone to believe that when it is early out you can't make definitive conclusions. there are signs you can glean from and adjust your strategy based on your campaign. so i do think former senator clinton should be looking at some of these trends and i don't think she should be worried so much about donald trump as she should be about her support within the party. i think she needs to be focusing on creating greater energy within the democratic party, particularly amongst the base. there is a dynamic in marketing we call the band wagon effect. and donald trump is a master marketer. he understands that the more crowds you get, the more crowds you get next time. hillary clinton needs to not negate or not discount that dynamic and she needs on the creating her own band wagon
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effect. >> and let's talk about an issue that's become a dominate topic, birthright citizenship. it is scott walker who agreed with trump on ending birthright citizenship. he had this to say. walker is making a concerted effort to go after trump supporters. is that a smart long-term strategy? or a short-term play for scott walker do you think? >> i think that is tricky. and other gop candidates are trying to negotiate that. that donald trump is staking out what i regard as an extreme position. on immigration. and you have already seen marco rubio and jeb bush pushing back on that. but in terms of the republican primary, it could potentially be appealing to some of those hard core voters that will turn out as this being their number one issue. people are driven as one issue voters. but if you look at the republican history back in 2008 with john mccain, again in 2012 with mitt romney, it turned out that the gop electorate in the primary ended up nominating the candidate who is actually
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moderate on immigration and supported comprehensive immigration reform. >> and tara, former trump adviser was on nbc earl year today. and we're going to play a sound bite. he's saying trump's position on immigration is why he is so far the front runner in the gop party. take a listen to this first. >> if the courts overruled hymn he still benefits politically from laying out a tough position he believes in. one of the reasons trump is being propelled is the popularity of this position in iowa, in new hampshire, in south carolina. >> so do you think that all of this is going to favor the democrats in the general election? >> absolutely. if the democrats capitalize on it effectively. that is the key, you have to capitalize effectively. but i never thought i'd be agreeing with roger stone but today is the day. i this i he's 100% right. i would say there is a xenophobic streak in the republican party bigger than most republicans would like to admit.
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if you look at former majority leader eric kanter, the powerful congressman, this is the issue that took him out. this is the issue that took him out with a war chest of money, with name recognition that knocked him out of that district. and donald trump, if he's not anything, he understands marketing and what -- how to connect to people. what connects to people. what moves them emotionally. that is what marketing is all about. and he capitalized on this issue because it is working. >> but you can also look at the fact that republicans nominated and elected george w. bush who was moderate on immigration. >> the parties changed. >> well -- >> it's changed. >> -- i mentioned mitt romney in 2012. but i think there is anothering an toll this. which is a fox news poll that came out right before that debate in cleveland that found among gop primary voters the number one aspect they were looking for was strong leader. above ideology. even above being able to beat the democratic opponent. so when donald trump stakes out this position it may not be the
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position per se but the fact that he is strong on it and as you heard your report reporting that he keeps attacking jeb bush for being weak. >> one of the issues that's come out this birthright citizenship is whether or not it is even something that can be changed because it is in the constitution. can he change it. >> very unlikely. >> yesterday he was on fox news. he talked about that. we're going to play that sound bite where he says it may not necessarily even require changing because he was arguing that the law was perhaps ambiguous about that specific type of birthright citizenship. >> i think you are wrong about the 14th amendment and frankly the whole thing with anchor babies and the concept, i don't think you are right about that. >> -- if you are born here you are an american. period. period. >> but there are many lawyers, many lawyers are saying that is not the way it is in terms of this. >> how do you think that argument is going to go over with the gop? >> it is a non starter. if you look at the united states
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senate. you had your gang of eight. lindsey graham certainly is considered a hawk and right wing on many issues. he certainly doesn't agree on this. there have been republicans that have tried to get this passed and failed. it would have to be a constitutional amendment that would hurdle so high. i think this is pandering on the part of trump. >> and he's choosing the pander because it works. you don't pander on issues you don't think are going to be effective. he knows this works. he understands the fear factor and the role it plays in the republican party and he's tapped into it very effectively. >> thank you for joining us. so coming up, former subway vokes person jared fogel will plead guilty to charges of child porn and sex with minors. and hillary clinton questions about her e-mail server. >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. and the challenge that took
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the nation by storm. it's led to break throughs. one of researchers and the mother who started the challenge are both going join us watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence.
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now to that bomb shell admission from former subway pitchman gerald fogel. mores announcing he'll police department guilty to multiple charges against him, handling child pornography and crossing state lines to have sex with a minor. >> a celebrity who has access, power and resources to do anything we wanted in the world but he chose to utilize that to cajo cajole, to convince and even to take advantage of children. >> the allegations involved at least 14 minors. one claims she was paid for sex on at least three occasions when she was just 16 years old.
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fogel allegedly asked her for help finding other underage girls saying the younger the better according to the documents. fogel will serve between 5 and 12 inform years in jail under the deal. walk us through the plea deal that was reached. >> the plea deal so far as we know it is mr. fogel is now facing between 5 and 12 years in prison. his lawyer came out on the steps of the courthouse behind me and said that mr. fogel does expect to go to prison for these crimes, of which he had pleaded guilty. now what is interesting is that the district attorney's office said that when they raided jared fogel's home about a month ago -- and these are my words. but they essentially found a treasure trove of information in those -- in that house in the form of cell phones, tablets,
1:17 pm
computers, discs, chips. all sorts of things. thousands of videos for example were found in there. and essentially they were saying that it was actually becoming difficult for law enforcement to actually go through because the way technology is today there is so much on the street out there, so much that is available that it took them a long ip time to go through all of this in order to -- in order to make these charges and in order to make the charges stick, ed. what is also interesting is that the fact that the district attorney's office has also said that many of the people -- children -- in these videos may have been taped without their knowledge. hidden cameras for example were used. and that many people were perhaps finding out for the first time that they were actually involved in some of this activity. >> kevin k you give us more of a sense of what the indictment says in terms of how long was this going on for? >> well the indictment says it's been going on for five years. and that is a long time.
1:18 pm
of course subway has now washed its hands of jared fogel. but in that period of time he also took trips to new york is one of the locations that was alleged in this -- in the indictment, where he had sex with a minor there. and he has pled guilty to that as well. so this has been going on for some time. he has been doing it in conjunction with others. others who also face charges at this time. and at this point in time what we don't know is that when the actual sentencing is going to take place and as i mentioned earlier ayman, it could be anywhere from 5 to 12 years in prison. in the meantime fogel's family has come out and also disassociated itself from his action. his wife is filing for divorce. and jared has now announced that he is going to try to make some form of restitution to the tune of about $100,000 per victim or
1:19 pm
1.4 million dollars. >> live from indianapolis. thank you. for more i want to bring in veteran prosecutor paul henderson. what do you make of this plea deal that was struck today? >> what's unique about the plea deal is this is a defendant with means. and so with that means comes a big fine. and so what's unique about it is that these victims are each going to receive about $100,000 each from this case. and that typically doesn't happen in a case like this. now, what is interesting also in this case as we were talking about it before is that they found a treasure trove of illegal activity and illegal stuff on his computer. you know there is a high volume, you know. it is illegal to possess, to distribute to receive or even produce child pornography. so as prosecutors and investigators are going through all of this, all of those images
1:20 pm
that are depicted represent victims as well. but it is groundbreaking. and somewhat novel to have a defendant like this that is able to pay a big fine thlike this tt can be distributed to the victims that are associated with this case. that is somewhat ground breaking. >> i was actually struck by the shear size of the investigation. the investigators reviewed about 150,000 text messages. and nearly 50,000 photos. is that even normal in an investigation of this magnitude over five years? >> it is. and when you are talking about child pornography, you are talking about individuals that typically have a hoard or a stash of images and documents and information associated with their illegal activities. and so in a case like this that's gone on and has spanned so many years, it is not uncommon to have that voluminous
1:21 pm
trove of illegal acts and illegal documents that exist somewhere, typically spread amongst cell phones or ipads or computers that are locked away somewhere in individual houses. >> and obviously jared was somebody -- i mean, he rose to fame because of what he was doing for subway. subway now has suspended fogel back in early july. they just released a tweet saying we no longer have a relationship with jared and have no further comment. what does this mean for the subway franchise and the brand? >> well i don't think it's surprising that they have disassociated themselves with him. i think what is going to be interesting is how far they are going to be able to distance themselves moving forward. so i think it will be very difficult moving forward for you to see digital images, let's say online of his face associated with their brand. those are things that are going
1:22 pm
to have to come down immediately. i would imagine ret retroactively try and go back and pull of the of the images that showed jared in association with a subway store or sandwich. they don't want anything to do with this moving forward. >> paul henderson, thank you very much for joining us. now to developments in oscar pistorius's release from prison. two days before he was set to walk out the count are ice department of justice has put his release on hold. they have sent the pistorius case back to the parole board. his release was scheduled for this upcoming friday. he's currently serving a five year sentence for the murder of his girlfriend. coming p the alleged rape at one of the country's most prestigious boarding schools. and later the man hunt in
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ie. testimony has just wrapped up for the day in the st. paul school rape child. the alleged victim took the stand for a second day and the defense began their cross-examination of her. the accuser shared details about the night she claims she was sexual assaulted on school grounds. when asked how she felt aftershe said quote i was feeling violate and it feet -- i felt like i had no control. i felt like i couldn't say no. owin owin labrie has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. what has been the feeling today. >> ayman, frankly it's been an
1:27 pm
uncomfortable day. and tomorrow we're due for what will probably be yet another uncomfortable day. it is no doubt even harder for her and her family. members of her family are in court and they are watching as she describes what are basically the intimate details of what she says happened that night. in may of 2014 only two days before the defendant owin labrie graduated from st. pauls here in concord. the two of them she says climbed the steps of a math and science building, took in a view of the academic quad. went inside a ceilinged area, began kissing and removing clothing and she says he became too assertive and forced himself on her. the prosecution or rather the defense i should say during cross-examination questioned the accuser about an e-mail exchange that occurred after the alleged event in which the two went on for some time talking about what had transpired between them.
1:28 pm
the defense attorney is wondering why it is that the accuser told labrie before the event that she would only agree to do it if it was their little secret. he was asking why it is that she would ask that if in fact -- if in fact she would later -- why it is rather that she'd later -- later had a problem with what occurred if she originally asked they keep it secret. the defense says this e-mail exchange shows she was a willing participate. in the meantime the prosecution says that all of this occurred as part of an element of the school culture, whereby graduating seniors try to have sexual conquests with underclassmen before they leave. the school says none of this is emblematic of the school's culture and value. and the defendant has pled not guilty to all charges. his attorney says he's expected to testify later in the trial.
1:29 pm
>> thank you for that update. now to the nfl showdown inside a federal courtroom between tom brady and the roger goodell. neither attended today's deflategate hearing but judge richard berman ordered both men to appear at the next one scheduled for august 31st. berman also employed the two sides to reach a settlement calling it a logical and rational option. if they avail to do so the judge says he will issue a ruling by september 4th, six days before the patriots host the pittsburgh steelers in the nfl's season-opening game. coming uphill clint's e-mail controversy, new questions from clinton allies on how she's handling it. plus the navy takes a huge step forward for gender equality. well teal you what they announced. and we all remember the ice bucket chance for als last summer. now we're hearing what it's done for medical research. a great story and it's coming up it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long...
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we're back with stories making head lines today. jared fogel the former subway pitchman has agreed to plead guilty to sex charges. allegations involve at least 14 minor, one of whom was paid to engage in sexual acts. fogel attorney says he will seek treatment and pay out retribution to the victims. oscar pistorius wusi was sue released today. the release decision was made prematurely and officials have sent the case back to the parole board. and donald trump and the jeb bush are both in new hampshire tonight holding town halls miles apart from each other. the fallout continues over hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. a new poll finds a majority of american, 56% believe clinton
1:34 pm
did something wrong while 39% believe she did nothing wrong. it comes as the fbi is investigating the server and sources tell nbc they are optimistic they are going to be able to recover at least some of the erased data. it also follows app occasionally tense back and forth in nevada yesterday. >> the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted. number one, first and foremost. whether it was a personal account or a government account, i did not send classified material and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified. >> you tried to wipe the whole server. >> i'm not -- i have no idea. that is why we turned it over. >> you were in charge of it. you were the official in charge did you wipe the server? >> what like with a cloth or something? >>ion how it works. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. finding fault with the
1:35 pm
campaign's response, noting long time allies are increasingly worried she's falling back on her tendency to mount a legalistic defense that only encouraging perceptions she has something to hide. some clinton allies aren't happy with the way this has been handled. what was your reaction to hillary's press conference yesterday how that went down in the campaign's response over the course of the past 24 hours? >> well the main takeaway that i got from the press conference is that this is an inherently difficult, tricky, problematic terrain for her to be on. it is a complicated issue. it doesn't have a good succinct explanation. and the fact of the matter there was a clear miss step by clinton herself to set up this private e-mail system is it in the first place. so until they get beyond the original sin of doing that, they are really not going to get over there politically. >> clinton has now made light of
1:36 pm
the e-mail issue twice. she first talked about the disappearing snap chat messages in iowa and yesterday at that press conference she also cracked another joke about wiping the server clean with a cloth when she was asked. is that the bestway to convince her voters? is she doing this out of confidence or do you think this is miss guided? >> yob if it's misguided or not. humor can work as the dismissal mechanism but in this case i think the is stakes are a bit too high for it to work. in the end i think it comes back to this. five months ago they had a choice. they could have given the server over. said here is everything. you make your judgments. or they could have held on to it. and they decided to hold on to it. and of course now it is being turned over anyway. what we've witnessed is a series of missteps and miscalculations i'm sure people in the campaign would love to do over and now they are forced to have to rely on humor i guess in instead. >> let me play this sound bite
1:37 pm
from james carville. this is what he said on air today. >> it is always goes on in -- this goes on and on. it is never going to stop. you know these people -- we don't like hillary. it is just mostly, you know, stupid media people talking, other stupid media peopling making stuff up and spinning themselves up on stuff that is not going to amount to a hill of beans. >> do you think his dismissal of the controversy as the narrative driven by the media is plausible? >> i'm a little too biased, right, to assess that. i think there probably is a little element of truth that. we are in the dog days of august. we're trying to gin up -- sorry, get interested in a campaign that on the democratic side at least has not been very interesting because of her status and polling leads. but on the flipside these are serious issues. as a reporter, you know, you do
1:38 pm
not like this notion of lack of transparency, as someone who handled classified information you wonder whether she's given easier standards to live by than people who don't have her politic political stature. so there are serious issues here. even though i will grant james carville that there is some element to it that we are hyperfocused on this. >> and never one to not make head lines, trump today called clinton's e-mails issues, quote, watergate on steroids. your reaction to that, sam. >> [ laughter ] i don't know. i don't know if there was a overt cover up to bug the rnc, you know, to rig an election. i'm just not quite sure that that is where we are yet. bob woodward did say there were elements of the nixon tapes that, you know, he witnessed here and he's certainly an authority on this. it is to be determined but i don't think we're at that stage yet where it is watergate on
1:39 pm
steroids. >> coming up, man hunt in bangkok. is this the face of the bangkok bomber? police release a new sketch of the man suspected in the attack as the popular tourist spot reopens to the public. plus another first for the u.s. military. the navy now says it will open elite seal teams to women. and the donald took part in the ice bucket channel. did you? there is reason to give yourself a pat on the back if you did. every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans, or worry about a thing. and i fixed it right away... ...with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. really?! being there whenever you need us... that's another safelite advantage. safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> one of the city's most important shrines. flowers weighed down by tributes. fast run out of places to put them. hasty repairs. the main bomb crater has now been filled in but the mangled fence behind still shows the impact of that explosion. a man hunt is now under way. but still no information as to the whereabouts of the man the place believe to be the bomber. the youngster in a yellow tee shirt captured on that security camera video released last night. the police say they doubt he was acting alone. he was probably part of a network. the security here today is tight but reasonably low key. the authorities aim to give the impression of a return to normality. but this is a city on edge. a tense place and likely to
1:44 pm
remain as long as the bomber is at large. ian williams nbc bangkok. >> now to a horrible story from the historical syrian city of pal mare ra. a new renowned archaeologist was beheaded. he was reported to have been held nearly a month before his death. after he was captured in may al assad spench much of its time trying to protect syrian ruins from isis. the associated press reports iran will be able to use its own experts to inspect it's nuclear facility. this secret deal with the united nations international atomic energy agency allows teheran to employ own inspections agents and equipment. a statement from the obama administration said in part as the administration has said before including in classified briefs for both chambers of congress we are confident in the technical plans for
1:45 pm
investigating the former program. jeb bush tweeted this out. the iran deal is a farce. nuclear inspections of the state sponsors of the terrorism can't work on the honor system. and ed royce, international inspections should be done by international inspectors, period. coming up. news of another major mile stone for the u.s. military. the navy is taking a page from the army to allow women into the elite seal team force. and all of those buckets. all of that ice, the challenge that took the internet by storm is being credited with a major breakthrough. we'll talk wbt the mother who helped lead the campaign. ♪
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we now know the names of the two women about to make history as the first female soldiers to ever graduate from the army's elite ranger school. captain christen guys are and the shay javier have spent the last 120 days enduring the
1:49 pm
training. they will graduate friday along with 94 male counterparts. meanwhile the navy announced plans to open its elite seal teams to women who can pass the training. a time line for the policy change has not yet been revealed. now to other stories popping today. check out this bear in northern vancouver, taking a dip in this canadian couple's backyard pool. and after that switched over to the hot tub and really kicking back and relaxing. also about how this zoologist lamenting the absence of whales when all of a sudden this happened. >> they are mosting of their lives under water out of sight. you know they are here. we just jolly well can't find them. there -- [ laughter ] oh look. there is one. >> talk about perfect timing. that is what e call perfect timing in the business.
1:50 pm
and finally bad lip reading is out with his latest take on the gop debate and it is hilarious. >> what was your favorite childhood snack. >> i wanted -- you know i just wanted regular potatoes but guess what, so did other people. >> i wanted it the most. >> we could just go out and collect a dead swan. and then, i will drink a sorority's goldfish. >> carson. >> ah. >> what are you working on. >> a puzzle -- oh oh i don't know how to do this actually. >> we can move on. you are not missing any play time. >> if only debates could be like this. it would be so much more int enterta entertaining. ayman, not a very entertaining day on wall street. markets finishing lower after a chop day with the dow. 162 points down and s&p down 17 and the nasdaq closing with a loss of 40
1:51 pm
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do not think it is presidential for me to be splashed with ice water. so i'm simply going to write you a check. >> that check is from me. i don't want to ruin my hair style. >> it was the viral sensation that had everyone from presidents to athletes, even ceos taking the als ice bucket challenge. the videos were viewed more than 10 billion times on facebook last year and the campaign raised over 100 million dollars to fight lou gehrigs diseases. now it is paying off. scientists announced a major breakthrough in als research. research they say couldn't have happened without the money raised. joining me now is the mom credited with kicking off the ice bucket challenge. nancy's son pete was diagnosed
1:55 pm
with als in 2012. i'm also joined by one of the researchers involved in that study. nancy, i want to begin with you and get your reaction to this great news that has come out. >> oh it is overwhelming. we knew the state the day my son was diagnosed that the researchers were underfunded. the disease was underfunded, underheard of and wasn't included. and that is what really ignited us to raise awareness. so that we knew the awareness would lead to funding so that these researchers could speed up their process. >> and nancy, tell us to our viewers how did all of this start? and more importantly did you ever think that it would become such hit? >> well, in our dreams. six hours after my 27-year-old son was diagnosed with this disease he said a vision. he said we were going to change the world. we were going to move the
1:56 pm
trajectory. his mental toughness in documenting his journey was what -- was the catalyst for all of this. the fact that he said i'm going document everything that happens to me. in three short years my son who was a division one baseball player went from hitting home runs all around boston to today he's completely paralyzed. he's on a feeng tube. he can't speak. he can't swallow. and he can't breathe on his own nim anymore. so we knew our story was compelling and relatable. but we also knew that we had to get it out there so that people really understood. because you know what ayman, i go back to the moment i was told he was diagnosed. i was one of the worst culprits. i had haefrd of als and lou gehrig. but really i did not know the horrific and unbelievable journey that this puts its patients through.
1:57 pm
with a 3 to 5 year prognosis with no treatment and no cure. >> nancy, talk to us about how you are, you know, through your own personal experience what you have done with als, how are you opening other people, other nam, other moms coping through what you went through? >> well i think first of all we're talking about als. als wasn't in the public consciousness. we know that there is only 30,000 americans living with the disease at one time. but the stat is every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with this disease. every 90 minutes someone dies from this disease. so the greatest things that i've heard since the ice bucket challenge in the last year is that when people are being diagnosed with it now, they know there is a community. they know that there are people that are out there. the families and the supporters of other patients are working towards keeping the funding coming so these researchers can
1:58 pm
get a treatment and cure. you know, in our disease time is the enemy. so the faster we can get treatments, researchers getting these things from the bench to the patient is of most importance. >> i'd like to bring jonathan into the discussion. at the time there was a lot of discussion b about whether the money was going to be used. there were questions about whether this was just the fad of the moment on the internet but you are on the front lines fighting for a cure. explain to us how the money raised from this specific challenge helped you with your research and led to this breakthrough. >> right, well you see our work has been going on for, you know, quite some time now. and it wasn't until the ice bucket challenge money came in that we really accelerated it in the past year or so. and, you know, from that ice bucket challenge we received the funds to break -- make this breakthrough in science. now, the ice bucket money challenge is also funding the pre clinical work going on right
1:59 pm
now as we speak to bring this into a therapeutic cure and develop bio markers for the disease. it's been exceptionally helpful. >> i tried to wrap my head around the science. maybe you can explain why is it to hard to cure als? and maybe what is it about this particular breakthrough that's been so beneficial to your research? >> i'd be glad to. in about 97% of als patients we've known a protein called tdp-43 teams to leave the nucleus of a cell. the nucleus of a cell is where all of your dna is held and you can think of it as like a library. what tdp-43 does is acts o as this special librarian that makes sure every single book and instructional manual that you have in your cell doesn't include random nonsense pages. and that really messes up the cell when tdp-43 doesn't
2:00 pm
function properly. we've finally figured this out and it is amazingly treatable possible. >> amazing breakthrough. and thank you doctor and your team for all the work. and nancy, thank you. good luck to you and thank you for all your work. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight it is a duel. jeb bush and donald trump are hosting rival town hauls in new hampshire. this as trump tops bush in a state where both bushes, father and brother, won during their presidential campaigns. plus can donald trump actually beat hillary clinton in the general election? a new poll may be giving the clinton camp something else to worry about. and wild fires attack the west. military is being brought in to help. and. first, donald trump is getting up close and personal. he'll hold a town hall just 20 miles from jeb bush'


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