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  Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 19, 2015 3:41pm-4:01pm PDT

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former adviser to president obama, who said, quote, she isn't as natural a politician as barack obama or bill clinton, but that's like saying scottie pippen isn't as talented as michael jordan or magic johnson. she's as good or better than just about everyone in the current gop field. isn't this kind of a backhanded compliment? i mean, it seems like even supporters are disappointed in hillary clinton's skills as a campaigner. >> yeah. i think there are a lot of democrats who would say that she is not the best campaigner there is. she never has been. and barack obama was better than she was in 2007 and 2008. there's not a better democratic campaigner in the field -- >> hold it right there. donald trump is just walked out and taking questions from reporters in new hampshire. let's listen. >> -- nabisco.
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so if i were involved with mexico at a high level or the head of mexico, i would be saying the same thing. look, we have to straighten out our country. our country is a mess. and whether it's china or mexico or japan, we have to straighten out our country. i'd be saying the same thing, yes. >> donald, yes or no, do you think american born children of undoumed immigrants should be deported? >> here's the story -- >> yes or no. >> i don't give yes or no. it's not that easy. it's a horrible situation that we've placed ourselves in. we have thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our country, not only taking jobs, but many of them are causing problems beyond belief. and you see that all over. we have to straighten out the problem with illegal immigration. it starts with getting the bad ones, you know the gangs in -- you saw it -- the gangs in
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baltimore. you know that, right? did you see the people? you have illegal immigrants in many cases. in chicago, illegal immigrants. the bad ones are getting out fast. day one. if i win, day one of my presidency, we're getting them out, and we're getting them out fast. over a period of time, we're going to work on numerous things. the first thing is building a wall, which mexico will pay for. okay? we're going to build it. i know how to do it. it's going to be a real wall, not a toy wall, like we have right now that's ten feet tall, and it's a fence. going to have a real wall. and people are going to come into our country, and i want people to come in. i want people of great talent to come in. but i want a lot of people to come in. they have to come in legally. if we don't have them come in legally, we don't have a country. we don't have borders, we don't have a country. they have to come in legally. i want them to come in, they
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have to come in legally. all right, go ahead, david. >> you want to build a wall, and if you build a wall, why worry about -- [ inaudible ] you'll keep illegal immigrants out -- >> there's a very big -- there's a very big question as to the anchor babies. they've been talking about it for years. there's a very big question as to whether or not the 14th amendment actually covers this. we'll find out whether or not it does. changing the 14th amendment would take years and years. the long, drawn-out process. a lot of people think that it is absolutely in terms of anchor babies, that it is not covered. so we'll find out. but look, here's the story, here's what happens. wait a minute, wait, wait, wait. here's what's happening. a woman is going to have a baby. they wait on the border. just before the baby, they come over to the border, they have the baby in the united states. we now take care of that baby,
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social security, medicare, education. give me a break. it doesn't work that way. the parents have to come in legally. now, we'll have to find out what's going to happen from a court standpoint. but many people, many of the great scholars say that anchor babies are not covered. we're going to find out. yes. yes. >> there was a conference today with other candidates here about the federal government's intrusiveness -- [ inaudible ] >> well, i think large portions can be. i'm not a common core person. jeb bush wants common core. i want local education, and i think large groups, and large portions can be shut down, absolutely. i have no question about that. you look at the department of
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education, they've done such a poor job. we're number 25 or 26 or 28 or 32 depending which you look at, in the world. we spend -- the one thing we're number one at, and that's a definite number one. we spend more money per student than any country anywhere in the world. and we're way above number 25 in the world. so we are terrible at education. but we spend far more money than anybody else. the department of education has done a terrible job. i happen to be a person that does not believe in common core. i believe the people of new hampshire, locally, locally, should work mostly on the education. do we allow little pieces? yes. but largely, it should be shut down. i'm very surprised to hear that other of the candidates don't want it touched because that really does surprise me. say it again.
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[ inaudible question ] >> have i gotten under jeb bush's skin? i don't know. i will tell you this. you mentioned the word skin. he said the other day, one of the dumber things i've heard ever in politics, when talking about iraq. that we, the united states, he said, have to show them that we have skin in the game in order to go into iraq. we've lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, and he's talking about we have to show them that we have skin in the game? and every time a shot is fired they run? because there practically is no iraq. an iraq, whatever that is, is being taken over by iran after us spending trillions in lives and warriors, and wounded warriors. for him to say that we have to show them that we have skin in the game is one of the really
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dumb statements. i'd say his other dumb statement is an act of love, that they come here for an act of love. and i would say, between common core, his act of love on immigration, and skin in the game with iraq, that's the third one that we've now added, i don't see how he's electable. and on top of that, he talks about women's health issues and he's against women's health. he then comes back a few hours later and says he misspoke, but he's bad on women's health issues. nobody's going to be better on women's health issues than donald trump. >> you seem to see the world fairly clearly divided as winners and losers. >> no, i don't. at all. i have a much bigger heart than other people and frankly than any of the candidates i've heard so far. >> have you ever failed? >> excuse me? >> have you ever failed?
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>> not often. you want to know the truth, have i failed, not often. >> -- allegedly beating up a hispanic homeless man. >> who was? >> two men were arrested for allegedly beating up a hispanic man, they told cops it was okay because you were right on immigration. are you worried you're inciting violence? >> i don't know anything about death threats or megyn kelly. i haven't heard that. >> there are reports she's been threatened by your supporters. >> i have no idea about that. in all fairness -- excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. take it easy. i have no idea about death threats for megyn kelly. >> what about the brothers? >> i haven't heard about that. i think it would be a shame, but i haven't heard about it. i will say, the people that are following me are very passion e passionate. they love this country. they want this country to be great again and they are passionate. i will say that and everybody
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here has reported it. yes, go ahead. no, go ahead. what do i think about what? [ inaudible ] >> i think heidi klum is a very nice person. go ahead. >> have you heard about the secret deal with iran -- [ inaudible ] >> i think it's crazy. the whole iran deal is the dumbest deal that you can imagine. i think it's going to go down as one of the worst deals in the history of this country, maybe of the world. it is a total and complete catastrophe. you know, it's beyond even talking about. it's hard to believe that people actually -- do we have negotiators? do we have anybody that knows what they're doing? not only the 24 days, which by the way, it's much more than that, because the 24 days to start the talk takes a long time. not only the fact that they still have our prisoners, every single aspect of that deal is incompetent. it shouldn't be approved. even if it's not approved now, they get $150 billion plus,
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plus, and they're going to use that money for terror all over the world. it is one of the great dumb deals of our time. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not surprised. i'm not surprised to hear there are side deals. the white house doesn't know what they're doing. that's been proven, whether it's obamacare with a $5 billion website. the white house truly has no clue what they're doing and the iran deal is a disaster. it's a disaster. it's going to lead to, in my opinion, nuclear proliferation, so many things are going to come out of that for the bad. israel is in big trouble. probably something will happen. i don't know how israel can live with that deal. >> martin o'malley was in las vegas for an event with some of the employees at your hotel,
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trying to get them to unii unionize -- >> i know nothing about him. he's got less than 1%. i did see my building in las vegas. tallest building, i'm very proud of it, most beautiful building. we've won, let me say a nicer word, we've won with the employees. we have employees that love us and have decided not to go union. they love me, they love us. martin o'malley was there to try to get publicity which he desperately needs. and i think he was the one that said that lives don't matter, white lives don't matter. i mean, is he the one that apologized almost in tears because he made a mistake of saying? is that the same martin o'malley that we're talking about? he should be ashamed of himself. but i heard he was in front of one of my buildings to get some
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publicity and i think it was in las vegas. yes? [ inaudible question ] >> no, i would not. i have great respect for ted cruise. he's been very wantive supporti some of my tough stances and he's done well. guys like perry and our senator lindsey graham, he's gotten zero. how do you get zero? but the people that attacked me, now rand paul is going down the tubes and he hit me all of a sudden. he was doing poorly. he hit me, he went down. one of the greatest honors, everybody who attacks me seems to go down. ted cruz and carson who's been really terrific, they have been great. a few of the others have been great. meaning, we all get along. we should get along. but some of them attacked me fairly viciously, and when they attack, you have to attack back.
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who? >> carly? >> she's a very nice woman. she really is. [ all speak at once ] >> go ahead. >> james foley. >> yes, i know his parents very well. [ inaudible ] >> do you spend more time about thinking about isis? >> i would defeat isis and i'm okay with what he said, but i would defeat isis. the whole james foley thing, i was up here a year ago making a speech for joe mcwade and the group in honor of the foley family and i got to know his parents very well. made a contribution to the foundation. james foley was a fantastic young man, and we can't let that
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happen. we can't let that happen. we have to stop it. and we have to stop it fast. and we have to stop it now. i sort of explained that view strongly, and i would cut off big sources of their financing. go ahead. by the way, both at the bank level and at the oil level. go ahead. >> in 2012 -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't think i'm mean-spirited. we have to get back our country. look, our country is going down. we have to get back our country. it's based on laws. these are illegal -- people like to say undocumented because that's politically correct. i don't say that. these people came in illegally. some are excellent, fantastic, wonderful. but they have to go out. they can come back in, but they have to come in legally. we can expedite the process. i think that's fine, i like that. and then you have some really bad ones, the gangs, you got
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gangs roving, hurting people, killing people. you look at what happened to kate in san francisco. so we have to be able to get the bad, we got bad dudes out there. bad ones. and we'll get them out so fast. let me tell you, if i'm president, we'll get them out of here so fast, you're head's gonna spin. >> you said that you have a big heart. and that you're not mean-spirited. are you aware that the term anchor babies, that's an offensive term. >> you mean it's not politically correct and everybody uses it? give me a different term, what would you like me to say? i'll use the word anchor baby. go ahead. >> mr. trump, do you believe that -- [ inaudible ] >> no, not at all. oh, boy, would i be a smart
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person then. [ inaudible ] >> he wasn't wealthy, no. was he wealthy? he let us down. mitt romney let us down. he should have won that election. he failed. he choked. in the end, no different than a golfer that misses a putt on the 18th hole. no different than a man who strikes out a baseball player. he let us down. mitt romney should have won that election, and he didn't. something happened to him. and that's not going to happen to me. [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. i can tell you this, he disappeared at the end. he just disappeared. say what you want about obama, he was on jay leno, he was on letterman, he was on all the shows. i called up, i said why aren't you doing more television? obama's on every show, where are you? he just disappeared. something happened. honestly, i think he choked.
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okay? [ inaudible ] -- when are we going to hear about -- >> i actually saw a doctor, had a physical the other day, and they said, you are really good. you can all hear it, would you like to hear it? i would do that anytime, yeah, very good. [ inaudible ] >> he was 88 years old when he developed it and he died at 94. >> do you have any concerns? >> no. not whatsoever. he was 88. my mother was 88, 89, and she was in amazingly great health. and my father too, was in great health. they lived long lives. yes? >> mr. trump, you said earlier in the press conference you would support women's health. do you think some other candidates are out of touch? >> well, i think jeb bush is totally out of touch on women's health issues, totally. because he said he wasn't going to fund it. he came back after his pollster
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told him, oh, you made a mistake. he came back a few hours later and said he misspoke. but i'll be very, very strong, very powerful on women's health issues. [ inaudible ] >> who do i see as strongest? you know, it changes. the only thing constant is trump. all of them change. on the bottom, they're going up and down like yo-yos. am b but i've been up there are if a long time, and i hope i'm going to be up there for a long time. i read a lot of the phony reports. when donald trump gets tired of doing this -- i'm not going anywhere, folks. i'm not doing this for my health. i'm doing this to make america great again. and "again" is a very important word. i'm not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. got a lot of money. i don't need people funding me. like the other candidates.
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i have people coming up all the time, wanting to give me millions -- $5 million last week i turned down from one man. i said, i don't want your money. i think that resonates with people. i really think it resonates with people. >> one more question, guys. >> excuse me? well, sanctuary cities, it is a disgrace. what happened in san francisco and other places, sanctuary cities should be defunded and gotten rid of. sanctuary cities are a disgrace. go ahead. we'll talk about that. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> well, somebody wrote an article that i was a whiner, that i complained. and i said, you know, he's actually right. i do complain. because our country is in trouble. we're run by people that either are not smart, perhaps they're in incompetent