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  Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 19, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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>> well, donald trump's beginning his town hall meeting right now, his first as a presidential candidate. let's go live to derry, new hampshire. there he is, donald trump. >> thank you, thank you. wow. you know, and i say it, the silent majority is back. we really are in a position that we haven't been in, in a long time. the people are speaking. it's an amazing thing. it's like a movement. and this is happening. so many other things on friday, i'm going to be in alabama, and there was going to be 500 people, and the room held about 1,000, and they heard that we were there. and within about two minutes, that room wasn't big enough. so they went to a room that held 2,000 people, and they heard that wasn't big enough. and now they went to the
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convention center, and they heard that wasn't big enough. they're going to end up being 30 to 40,000 people in alabama. [ cheers and applause ] >> and new hampshire's been so amazing. i mean, the relationship i've developed with so many people even in the room, has been -- they're incredibly people. somebody said, i left new york and they said what are they like in new hampshire? i said you know what they're like? they're hard-working people that love the country. that's what they're like. [ cheers and applause ] and you know, right down the road -- thank you. right down the road, we have jeb. very small crowd. we have 2,500. you have the best real estate, by the way. there are other rooms, the overflow rooms all over this building, they have closed circuit television. there are people outside with speakers. so i give you credit and to the other folks, i have to say, we
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love you equally as much, but the next time, you got to get here a little bit earlier, right? [ applause ] but, you know, i look at what's wrong with even our party and the other day, and i say it very strongly, i heard that jeb bush, that marco rubio, that governor walker -- >> who? >> that's what they're saying, who? they'll spend a huge amount of money on fighting trump. and i think that's okay. haven't you sort of heard everything already? it's like sort of getting boring. jeb has $114 million. the others have a lot. hillary has 60. i think hillary's in big trouble, by the way, folks. [ cheers and applause ] so i heard the other day that the three of them are going to spend a lot of money on negative ads about me.
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so, i think, you know, you can listen, listen, you're fired! but i just heard it -- i love these rowdy crowds. isn't it great? there's spirit. there's spirit! [ cheers and applause ] you know what, i tell you what, you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street. they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. but i saw that jeb made a statement and i wrote it down, because i couldn't even believe it. we're talking about iraq. okay? now, we're in for $2 trillion, thousands of lives, thousands, great people, great people, wounded warriors who are the best. [ applause ] and we love our wounded warriors. they're great warriors.
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and they're all over. we love them. they're all over. and jeb made the statement about the possibility of going back into iraq. he said, i give you the exact quote -- the iraqis want our help. we don't even know if there is an iraq. every time a bullet's fired, they run. they leave our humvees, they drop the equipment. you know, the enemy has our best equipment. we have the old stuff. so he said, the iraqis want our help. this is after all we've spent. they want to know that we have skin in the game. can you believe it? after years of fighting, unsuccessfully because of the way we fight, i mean, we should -- can you believe, skin in the game? i thought that was incredibly dumb. as dumb as on immigration, an act of love. it's an act of love when they come in. it's an act of love.
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or a belief in common core. and the reason i talk about jeb, he was supposed to do well in new hampshire. he's gone down like a rock. but how does he do well between common core, which he desperate wants? that means your children will be educated by the bureaucrats in washington. i think new hampshire wants to educate their children locally. do we agree with that? [ cheers and applause ] >> so our problem is -- what's that? [ inaudible ] >> oh, my group. these are my people. these are my people. [ cheers and applause ] i don't mind if you shout out. be careful of your language, because you're on about live seven live broadcasts tonight. but you know, the problem we
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have is, we don't, as a country, we don't have victories anymore. when was the last time we had a victory? we make this horrible deal with iran, which is a disgrace. and by the way, could be one of the worst deals, you know, depending on what ultimately happens -- [ applause ] -- it could go down as one of the worst deals in history. because you'll have nuclear proliferation all over the middle east and maybe beyond. you'll see things you've never seen before. you know, not only the 24-day deal, how about this, you have 24 days, but before the clock starts ticking, it's a long process before you get to day one. nobody knows that. >> bring our men home, donald. >> bring them home is right. in many ways. and i'm the first one. if you look at july of 2004, reuters is here, they're all here, they're all over the place, look at these people. they're all over the place.
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but if you look at reuters, july of 2004, you're going to see trump say, and by the way, before i say it, i believe more strongly in the military and military strength than anybody running by a factor of a million. [ cheers and applause ] and in the recent big cnn poll that was just out yesterday, they said, in terms of the economy and jobs, trump is like, forget, so far ahead, many, many times ahead. and i was so happy to see in terms of security and isis, i was way ahead of everybody else. because i think, you know, we all know i'm going to do a good job. i'm taking the jobs back from china, i'm taking the jobs back from japan. i'm taking the jobs back from mexico. you know who's moving to mexico? who likes oreos? does anybody like oreos? we all do, right.
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nabisco is leaving chicago and they're moving a big plant to mexico. i don't like oreos anymore, okay? but seriously, nabisco, there's an american company. ford. i say it all the time with ford. $2.5 billion they're spending on a car plant in mexico. how do we benefit? i went to the warton school of finance. really smart people go there, i will tell you. i'm trying to figure out, who was the person that said it's good for us to have our companies building plants in mexico, where they make cars and they sell them to us and other people, perhaps? how does that help us? and i actually gave them a great idea. you probably heard this, because i've used it a couple of times. we have the illegals drive the
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cars over the border, you save a fortune. is that correct? no tax, no nothing. they come in with no tax. [ applause ] >> and with me, we're not going to let our companies go. we're not going to let them go. we want cars to be made, in all fairness, in america, or even michigan. do we agree? right? that's okay. i mean, we're in new hampshire, but michigan would be fine. we're all happy with that. you'd rather have it in new hampshire, but let's let michigan have some of their factories back for the cars. but they're taking our jobs. and by the way, not just china and japan. i was in los angeles, i saw ships, the biggest ships i've ever seen, with cars. they just keep rolling off, rolling off. you know what we give japan? beef. we give them wheat. it's not quite a good deal.
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they're up here, we're down here. with everybody. i don't blame japan. i don't blame mexico. i don't blame china. and i say it all the time. their leaders are much smarter and sharper and more cunning. you know the word "cunning" is important. but they're more cunning than our leaders. our leaders are babies. but more than anything else, they're politicians, very good, thank you, i love that word. you know, i had to fill out a form. i was at jury duty the other day, did you see it? i was at jury duty and i enjoyed it. it was a great experience, but i had to fill out a form and they said, profession. it was a line. they said, what profession? what's your profession? and i said, i refuse to say i'm a politician. i can't say it. [ cheers and applause ] so if you people don't mind, you know what i did, i put real estate. okay? i couldn't say -- i just
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couldn't say, these politicians, i can't take them. i've dealt with them all my life. i've dealt with them all my life. and just remember, and it's very important, all of this money that i was talking about a little while ago, all of that money comes from my friends. guys that i know. i used to be one of them. i know the system better than anybody. all of that money that's going to hillary and jeb and scott and marco, and all of them, the people that are putting up that money are -- it's like puppets, bing, bing, you saw that. they had it on jimmy fallon, i better not do it, the bing bing, bang bang, boom. i was imitating puppets and i said maybe i shouldn't do that anymore. but it's true. they're totally controlled by special interests, lobbyists and donors. [ cheers and applause ] >> totally.
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and those people, i mean, actually they do like me. those people, they're friends of mine in many cases. some cases, enemies. some of them are terrible people. but i know them. i know them all. i see the hamptons and on fifth avenue and park avenue and all these great locations, they're having parties. well, when a guy gives a million dollars and much more than that, some give much more, but do you think they're talking about like nothing. they're talking turkey. they're talking lots of different things. and with me, i don't need anybody's money. i don't want anybody's money. [ cheers and applause ] now with that being said, i have to say, people are sending in money. one woman sent in $7.24. and you know what, she wrote me a two-page letter and i actually read it. you know, the guys that want to give me a million, who cares, they're not good people. eh, some of them are okay.
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but the woman writes me a beautiful letter, how she wants to she our country, she's 84 years old. another one sent me $17 and $22. and it's really an amazing thing. it's like it's not going to mean much in terms of dollars, but they're investing in the campaign. they're investing with their heart. they're not saying you have to give me an ambassadorship. you have to do something bad for the country. you have to let ford go into mexico. you have to approve the nabisco deal. all of this stuff, it's all deals. it's all deals. and it's not good. thank you. and it's not good. and we got to stop it. we got to stop it. so we're going to take some questions. >> bring it home! >> thank you. we're going to take some questions. so this was a town hall. they call it a town hall. i never saw a town hall with 2,500 people sitting in a theater. but we'll call it a town hall,
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right? [ applause ] but we are going to work really hard. you know, everybody said, he's not going to run. you remember that, right? never gonna run. then they said, eh, but he's never going to file his papers. not the financial papers. i had to sign my life away with one page. it says your signing your life away. they said, he'll never sign that. then i signed that. he announced he's running, we had the event, now he signed the paper. then they did say, he's never going to file his financial documents. because he's probably not as rich as people think, right? so then i filed 90 -- i think it's 98 or 102 pages of financials. and it was much, much bigger than anybody anticipated. actually, i wanted to file the financials. because, you know, i'm sort of a bragger. [ laughter and applause ] >> no, i actually wanted
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people -- yeah, i'm a private company, these people are analyzing. one of them analyzed he's only worth $3 billion. but we haven't been able to look at about 200 of his corporations. so i filed the papers and they were spectacular. and i did a great job. and the reason i tell you that is not to say, i did a great job. it's to say that we need somebody with that mentality to straighten out our country. we can't have -- [ cheers and applause ] we can't have, we just can't have these people that don't know what they're doing on all of these issues. as an example, i called carl icon. he's a great guy. some people won't like him. maybe some people don't think he's a nice person. who cares? do you want a nice person? we got plenty of nice people.
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we got too many nice people. but carl say great businessman. made a fortune. i said, i'd love for you to do me a favor. i want to make the country so strong financially. some people say, it sounds crass. i had one person, i said we're going to make the country rich again, and then we're going to make the country great again. the person said, mr. trump, that sounds so crass. i said what's crass? rich. i said we got to be rich to make it great. we're right now a deader nation. it will go up 21, 22, 24 is the disaster number, you know that. and we need this kind of mentality to make great deals. an example, not financial, but it's the same thinking. the iran deal we all know about it, everybody thinks it's bad. so bad. but take sergeant bergdahl.
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does anybody remember that name? so we get a traitor named bergdahl, a dirty, rotten traitor -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- who by the way, when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him, right? and you don't even hear about it anymore. somebody said the other day, well, he had some psychological problems. you know when the old days -- bing, bong. [ laughter ] when he were strong, when we were strong. so we get bergdahl, a traitor, and they get five of the people that they most wanted anywhere in the world, five killers that are right now back on the battlefield, doing the job. that's the kind of deals we make. that's the kind of deals we make. right? am i right?
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six men died. probably more than that. they probably don't -- and you know the amazing thing, i said, well, you know what, you can't do those trades. those trades are no good to start off with. those trades are no good, you can't do them. but they knew, because the colonel and the general went to see the people that knew bergdahl, they knew he was a traitor before they made the deal. so i say to myself, who would make these deals? who would do it? but that's what we have running our country. we have people -- we have people that are stupid. we have people that do not have our best interest at heart. they do not have our best interest at heart. i mean, how they can allow some of these things to happen is incredible. so we'll talk about it tonight and i have a long -- you know they have a huge problem at laguardia, so i can stay with you people as long as you want. all right? okay?
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>> we've been watching donald trump in new hampshire. he'll be taking questions in just a moment from the audience. we'll get back to it in just a moment. right now, a quick break, and more trump when we get back.
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let's get back to the leader of the republican party and his town hall meeting in new hampshire. he is taking questions from reporters. >> here's my --
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>> i think he does care. >> here's my concern. people say you have a bit of hubris as well. i don't think i'm speaking out of line there. >> that's okay. >> how are you going to get people who are tired of that kind of stuff to -- >> i think we're very opposite people. i think we're opposite. >> but how do you get them to vote for you knowing what that -- >> yeah. it could be that doesn't happen. hey, look. i'm putting myself out there. it takes guts to run for president. it does. >> you know, i've always heard that if you're very successful, you cannot run for political office. and especially you can't run for president. i never really got it. now i get it. i get attacked every day so viciously by the press which is largely dishonest. i have to be honest with you. largely dishonest.
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>> and in all fairness, i've had some incredible, i've met some really talented political reporters but there's a lot of dishonesty going on and purposely going on. but it takes courage to run for president. and i would say this. for the politician that's run, probably not so much. that's what they do. they run, they lose, they run. but for a person to come out of the private sector, especially somebody that really has had great achievement. john mclaughlin, a good guy. he said the other day, he was arguing with one of the people on the panel. he said i don't understand you. he said this is a man of great accomplishment or achievement. why do you think he shouldn't run? i saw it with some of the people when i was on the debate. the polls all that i won the debate. can you believe it? if you listen -- [ applause ] and my questions were slightly harder than everybody else's.
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do we agree? a little bit harder. but you know, i've seen some of the things i've seen in the political circuit. it really does take a certain amount of courage. and when i made that decision, that final decision, i'll tell you. it went right up to the wire. i just took a deep breath and said here we go. ladies and gentlemen, we'll make our country great. i'm running for president and i said, i've done it. i want to make it, i want to do something so special. and you know, as well as i've done in business and all of that, it is so much, this is so much more important, what i'm doing now. just so much more. i'm building buildings and they're wonderful and great. think of this one. i'm building one on pennsylvania avenue right next to the white house, between the white house and congress. the owed post office. okay? it's great. by the way, under budget and ahead of schedule. is that nice? right? it will open far ahead of schedule.
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under budget. it will be one of the great hotels of the world. i love doing that. dorall in ma'am max. that won't even matter if our country falls apart. and our country is falling apart. and i just wanted to do this. and you mentioned wall. i will build the greatest wall that you've ever seen. and i would never do this myself. but i hope it will be so -- actually, it will even look great. i already know what it should look like. you know, the other day, they were saying, i was watching these characters. politicians that are running against me. you can't get mexico to pay for the wall! of course you can. they can't because they never would even think of it. do you know how much mexico is making from the united states? that's peanuts, the wall.
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and then they say, you can't build a wall! it's too big, it doesn't work. well, 3,000 years ago -- right? the great wall of china was built. we would like to have that wall. that wall, nobody gets through. that i can tell you. and that's 13,000 miles. right? and that was done between -- did it take them 500 years in all fairness. a pretty long time. they don't stop. we need tough people to negotiate with the chinese. they don't stop. but the great wall of china was built. 13,000 miles. in mexico they were complaining it doesn't work. they have these walls built. they said people go over these walls with a ladder. do you know how tall the wall is? like this. it is not a wall. it is a little fence. people put up a ladder that they buy at home depot and they jump and that's the end of it.
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i'm talking about a wall. see that ceiling there? higher. did you ever see -- okay. did you ever see the plank for parking garages? as an example. not a big deal. i'm a great builder. what do i best in life, i build. your infrastructure is crumbling. isn't it nice to have a builder? a real builder. so you take pre cast plank. it comes 30 feet long, 40 feet long, 50 feet long. you see the highways where they can span 50, 60 feet, even longer than that, right? and do you a beautiful nice pre cast plank with beautiful everything. just perfect. i want it to be so beautiful. maybe someday they'll call at this time trump wall. maybe. so i have to make sure it's beautiful, right? i'll be very proud of that wall. if they call at this time trump wall, it has to be beautiful. and you put that plank up and you dig your footings.
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and you put that plank up. there's no ladder going over that. if they're having it up there, they're in trouble. there's no way to get down. maybe a rope. and then somebody said, well, they'd build tunnels. you can't build a tunnel. with x-ray equipment, you can see if they build a tunnel. you can try but if you have people -- now, we have to build a wall. we have to get the bad people out. the immigration policy, i've gotten great -- i tell you. what i've gotten tremendous applause for what we submitted yesterday on immigration. tremendous applause. and support. and you know, a lot of the illegals, if you look at chicago with the gangs, you see the gangs. and i have property in chicago. it is a great city in many ways but it is getting really hurt. you look at chicago, you look at baltimore, you look at ferguson. a lot of the gangs and the most
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vicious are the most illegals. first day, they're out of here. those guys are out of here. they're out of here. you know? they talk about guns. i'm a big second amendment person. i believe so strongly. big. but they talk about guns. you look at chicago. do you know that chicago has the toughest gun laws in the united states by far. and people are getting shot with guns all over the place. you need enforcement, you need lots of things. but you also to have get the bad people out. the people that are not supposed to be here, they're here illegally. we're going to get them out so fast and so quick and it won't be like, will you come please? will you come, please? these law enforcement people. i know the guys in chicago. your police commissioner is a great man. they can do it.
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if they're allowed to do it. i know the guys. new york, i know them. they're great. bratton, great. great commissioner. they can all do it. they can all do it. but they have to be allowed to do their job. they have to be allowed to do their job. so we're going to make our country a really wonderful place. when i was criticized the other day by hillary -- and also, the same day with the same word by jeb. same word. they said my tone, my tone. do you know the word tone? isn't nice. they didn't like my tone. they thought it was too strong. and i'm saying to myself, you know? we have crime all over the country.
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we have the borders are, i mean, the southern borders -- >> that's donald trump in his first town hall meeting as presidential candidate. we'll continue with "all in" with chris hayes. >> and he didn't fold and sit down and apologize. i only apologize -- do i apologize when i'm wrong. rush used the word incoming. incoming. you know what that means from these people here. incoming. then it turned out that i was right. and people started to see the violence and the crime. and they saw kate in san francisco, a magnificent person. whose family is a great family. and they saw jamil