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  All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 20, 2015 12:01am-12:06am PDT

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so many people. the other night, the woman, a 66-year-old veteran, raped, sodomized, brutally killed by an illegal immigrant. we've got to stop that. we've got to bring back our country. take it back. okay. yes, ma'am. go ahead. >> right here, mr. trump. >> go. young man. >> hello, mr. trump. >> hi. >> my name is caden. i wanted to know if being president is so hard, why do you want to be president? >> that might be the best question i get all night. great question. so if being president is so hard, why do i want to be president? because i love this country and i know that i can make it great again. i know it.
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for you. you know? and really for you, these folks, they've seen it. but it is for you and people your age. because when they get to be our age, if we keep going the way we're going, it will be a very unattractive picture. yes, sir. go ahead. >> i was coming today and i went on your website to see some of your policy positions. theon thing there is immigration reform. i was wondering, can you speak to any of your other plans or policies? >> did i a big policy on immigration and i think most people certainly like it. it seems it has been very popular. we're going to be doing a lot of policy positions. his and i mean it. when i want a deal, i don't sit down and say, well, let's see. i'll give 14 points. i think the press -- are you a member of the press?
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i actually think the press wants the so-called policy positions more than the people, if you want to know the truth. when i sit down and i really enjoy it and i really feel we've hit something special with the immigration policy positions, very formally done, done with a lot of people, including senator sessions, a terrific guy, a terrific guy. and, you know, when i do transactions. i've made a lot of great deals. i don't sit down and say i'll mark down 14. the first thing i'll do is call somebody. next thing i'll do is get on an airplane. it doesn't work that way. you go in and you get it. dorell in miami, i heard it might be available. i went down and scooped it up before anybody knew what was going. on does that make sense? when you do 14 points, the second point may change.
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and it may be much better than the second point you put down on the policy position. that will throw off the rest of the points. but they'll throw it off for the better. i'm doing the policy positions and i'm doing tax payments. i want to put h & r block out of business. it is too complicated. but when it comes to policy, i'm going to give you wonderful policy positions. i want to tell you, the great people, and this is including politicians of which there are very few, very few. but because they're only good at one thing. that's getting reelected. that's all they care about if you ask me. it is really true. are there any politicians in the room? if so, i'm not talking about you. i'm talking to everyone else. if you look at policy positions, we're going to be putting out some very good ones. you need flexibility. if you don't have flexibility, you're not going to make the great ones. i mean flexibility in the proper
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way. as an example, i could give you policy on dealing with china. china is killing us. china has taken so much of our wealth. they've taken our jobs, they've taken our businesses, they've taken our manufacturing, the land? let me think about that one. the way they're going, they'll have it pretty soon. but china has taken so much from us. then think about it. we have rebuilt china. somebody said to me, and i said that's a harsh segment. it is the greatest theft in the history of the united states. i have great respect for china. and their leaders. and hey, look, the largest bank in the world is from china. they're a tenant in one of my buildings. i love china. i think it is great. but we don't have the people who know what they're doing. so we have lost, you can't just go say -- you go in.
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>> donald trump in new hampshire right now at a town hall riffing on china, one of four or five rif that's we hear on a regular basis at these campaign events, earlier did a press availability. jeb bush is nine miles away down the road in new hampshire. donald trump speaking as he let the crowd know to about 800 or 900 people. jeb bush talking to about 200 people. donald trump making sure to needle bush over that saying the audience at the bush event