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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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down more than 500 points. we'll have more in a few minutes. breaking news out of europe, a shooting on a high speed train this afternoon. three are wounded, two seriously after a gunman opened fire traveling from amsterdam to paris. shortly after the shooting the antiterrorism shooting is investigating near arras france. about 150 miles north of paris. we cannot confirm if this is a picture of the suspect but authorities say the suspect was apprehended. joined now live from london, what more can you tell us about this incident. >> well we are just hearing from u.s. military official ayman that apparently some of those who have been injured are u.s. nationals. now that is not clear how many. it looks as if three people have been injured. two seriously wounded on board
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this train. one woman on board describing seeing someone injured in the neck, bloodied, falling on to a chair, hearing gunshots. there are reports that the man involved had a kalashnikov and knives as well. so what kind of attack this was, what the plan was is yet to be determined. we're waiting for the french interior ministry to hold a news conference. but it does look as if this train was on the move. the train company now saying that it has stopped, that the suspect has been apprehended, had been arrested. and that nobody has been killed. and that all of the passengers now are safe. >> keir, do we know anything more about the identity of the suspect? >> we don't know anything that's been confirmed. there are some reports he is 26 and moroccan. but that is not confirmed. as far as i'm aware at this stage. so we wait to hear more from the french authorities and the big question will be what kind of
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attack was being planned here. because it does look as if this person was prevented from carrying out an attack. was pulled down in some way or other. that the details are still really sketchy as you can imagine because this happened a few hours ago. but it sounds as if there could have been something far worse happen had some people not intervened. >> we have both traveled across europe a lot. talk to us about the security conditions usually at railroads and train stations across europe. would it have been uncommon for someone to get through security and get on a train with the kind of weapons that you have been describing? >> carrying a the kalashnikov, that is a relatively substantial weapon to be carrying. so there may well be ke questions about how someone can get on the train like that. but it isn't that dissimilar to any railroad transportation across the u.s. in the end passengers are getting on to trains in a hurry. that they aren't all checked in
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the same way as they are for flights. so, you know, it is possible that somebody could get on a train carrying these kind of weapons. >> and we understand the french president has been notified of the incident. is there anything more that we have learned so far about the investigation in terms of any possible links to terrorist groups or any motivation at this stage? >> not that we -- not that we are aware. i am hearing some suggestion that the french interior ministry says this could be an attack of a terrorist character. i've just been handed a note to say that's what the french interior ministerer is saying now. so plainly, the details that the french authorities are getting are suggesting that this could have been a planned attack of a terrorist nature. and i'm also ayman, just to let
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you know being told now, that one injured american did in fact help subdue the suspect when that person appears to have been trying to carry out this attack. so some suggestion that one of those injured, who is an american, helped to subdue the suspect in what appears as if it could have been a planned attack. and if that is the case, the plan may well have been much more serious than what played out on this train. >> a developing story for us. breaking news out of paris. thank you very much following all of that development from london. we'll have more throughout the course of the hour. we're also following breaking developments in the fight against isis. the white house now confirming today the second in command of the militant group was killed in a u.s. air strike on tuesday. officials said that -- while traveling in that vehicle near
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the iraqi city of mosul was killed. for more on what his death will mean for isis we're joined on the phone. evan, thank you for joining us. let's start with the verification in particular of the killing of this individual. how do we know he's been killed this time from your sources. >> we don't really know. we're relying at this time on the statement from the white house. there have been two previous report of this guy being killed in november and then again in february. obviously if the white house now feels confident enough to issue a statement about this particular drone strike, one feels like there must be some evidence. but to be perfectly honest to you, there hasn't been really much talk of what is going on yet in any of the places isis usually chats online. they haven't yet responded to either of the previous claims about his being killed. so we're going to have to see if they say something this time. he certainly -- you know, if his death is confirmed, you know,
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he's an important player. he is somebody once an lieutenant conditional. larpt joined al qaeda in iraq. i don't think it is going to be the end of the isis but it would be a significant victory if it's confirmed. again it is not the end of isis and we have to be careful about remembering that killing individual leaders of these organizations rarely you see a major long-term impact in terms of their viability. >> all right, evan. thank you for that update. back to the breaking news story on wall street where markets plunged for a second straight day. joining me is mary thompson. obviously the numbers are going down. what happened today to cause this massive selloff? >> the same story we've heard throughout the week. which turned out to be the worst week for dow, s&p and nasdaq since 2011.
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there are concerns about global growth slowing in large part because of the weakness out of china. the recent economic data certainly not good coming out of the world's second largest economy. and of course china just devalued its currency, raising expectations or concerns that the government is trying to effort away to reignite the economy which has been a growth engine for the world economy. today the dow jones closing down over 500. still settling but looks like a decline of 531. the biggest one day point decline since 2011 and importantly the dow is now in what we call correction territory. meaning it is more than 10% below its closing -- it's recent closing high. so that will be a concern to investors when they come back into work on monday. it will be something they will be focusing on. a big selloff, again a
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continuation of concerns of slowing global growth putting pressure on the markets. >> and the movers and shakers today. what have been some of the biggest companies that have seen their percentage points knocked off by a few. >> i think a one the number of people are going to be talking about is apple. down 21% from recent high and that puts it into the bear market territory. that is one of the stocks people are going to be talking about. today within the s&p 500 deere was the biggest decliner. tech in general was hard hit today. the nasdaq was down significantly. it is in correction territory as well along with the dow jones industrial average. so investors taking money off the table in what has been one of the better performing sectors this year. >> not only the stock market. we also understand oil has been hitting record lows. some as allow as under $40 a barrel. the significance of that on what happens happening in the global market? >> multiyear lows. not record lows for oil. we want to make sure that is
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clear. dropping under $40 a barrel. settling a little above. but it is driven by demand and supply essentially to make it easier. the concern is are that while there is a lot of supply on the market there may not be as much demand as well as the kpi slows. so while you have producers like saudi arabia and the u.s. continuing to pump supply out there, the markets are very well-supplied. it is not being met with the same demand anticipated. so that is putting pressure on prices. some see that purely as reflection of the global demand. it is more a supply story. it could have a, sr. linie i sio put more money in the pockets of the consumers and companies to spend elsewhere. it is something a number of people are looking for. >> and also this week there is a lot of uncertainty about possible speculation once the minutes of the federal reserve meetings came out that perhaps come september there is going to be an interest rate hike. could see today's stock market plunge have any effect on other
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trends across the economy? >> well, i think the stock market is more of a reflection of trends as opposed to an indicator. although some people say it is a forward-thinking indicator. if you are talking specifically about interest rates, the fed has been signaling for some time it is going to raise interest rates probably in the not too distant future. what is happening on wall street, there tends to be a guessing game as to when this will actually happen. when you see data to suggest the fed delays the rate hike, the market tends to rally. what we've seen again are the concerns about global growth kind of overwhelming expectations of a interest rate hike here in the u.s. and also overwhelming expectations of the optimism the rate hike may not happen because typically the markets would react positively to that. it seems that this week again what we saw is the overall concern became more about global growth than higher interest rates here in the u.s. >> and we know a lot of people are going to be watching this very closely thinking what should they be doing. is this another average friday
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in august when things tend to be a little slower? or is this going to be a new norm for a lot of folks out there? and should take appropriate measures. >> well it is very difficult to say. as you mention during the summer things tend to be choppy because volumes are lighter. that wasn't the case today. volume was pretty heavy suggesting there were a number of participants in the selloff today. any retail investor out there should take a long-term view. they should go back review their portfolio. >> see if thr tlings they want to lighten up on or if there are things hay want to buy. they also want to list the concerns they have. are they expecting a slow increase to u.s. interest rates, something that could possibly negatively affect the economy and how that in turn would affect their portfolio. in short it might be a good time to call fdown financial advisor and review. >> thank you for the update on that breaking news today. joining me now on the phone is
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cnbc senior analyst. i want your take on what happened today. give us a sense of the reasons behind this sudden plunge on wall street. >> it's been building for a while and there are several factors that have combined to effect the u.s. the biggest concern is that we're seeing a rather rapid slow down in global growth. and that is the result of china slowing down its manufacturing data that were out last night showed that manufacturing activity in the world's second biggest economy to be the slowest in 77 months. so their market has come down over 30% since its high on july 12th. hong kong is down 20%. japan a four month low as of last night and we had a global selloff in stocks that took 3% of european stock market as well. the concern about slowing global growth and renewed concern about deflation or falling prices as oil slipped below $40 a barrel
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for a time today. we're seeing raw materials prices which are economically sensitive hit multiyear lows. all raising concerns about the prospect for a global recession. and as mary just suggested also the backdrop about the possibility of the fed raising rates as early as september. >> we also heard mary say this is a correction of sorts because it is getting down to about the 10%. but my curiosity is more about, is this the new norm? is this where the stock market should be and that what we had seen in the past is perhaps overconfidence of consumers and investors? >> well having kind of done this for 31 years, this is the old norm. now if you go back to the first crash -- and this is not by any stretch of the imagination a crash here in the united states was 1987, in october. the dow fell 508 points. that was 23% o decline. today a 530 point decline is a
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3% drop. that is within the range of expectations when you have gone as long as we have without a 10% correction. there are stocks that are down more than that. computer chip stocks are down 20%. some stocks are down that much in other sectors of the market. but in some respects it is healthy that markets pull back. in other respects it is concerning because this is happening around the world simultaneously. we're seeing interest rates fall. we're seeing currencies lose value. and it does raise the specter of a global economic problem, not centered in the u.s. more likely centered in places likes china, russia, brazil. >> thank you very much. coming up is north korea and south korea heading for a war? tensions reaching a highest point in years. we'll tell you why the north is claiming a south korean loud speaker like this one represents an open act of war. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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welcome back everyone. now to politics. and the stage is set for a massive donald trump rally in mobil alabama. the trump campaign says 424,0 424,000 -- 42,000 are kmexpecte to attend. >> that was the only thing that could hold it. and it's become like a happening. it's become an event and a real happening. >> and this event comes as trump and jeb bush have been ramping up their political attacks this week. today that fight continued on twitter. trump saying jeb bush signed e memo not to use the term anchor babies offensive. now he wants to use it because i use it. stay true to yourself.
1:19 pm
that prompted bush to fire back saying his massive inconsistencies aside. donald trump's immigration plan is not conservative and does not reflect our nation's values. bush delivered a speech today and while he didn't directly attack trump his message was clear. >> talking is fine. it is good to have a hardy debate but we now need leadership to fix these things. talking a great but doing matters more. you should demand competency. it is not all idea oloology. we are going to win as conservatives if we solve things for everybody. >> for more on tonight's big trump rally, nbc news joins us live from inside the stadium. thank you for joining us. give us a sense of the atmosphere there. what are we expecting to hear from trump? and more importantly the race so far, are people already showing up? and what are they expecting to hear from him as i asked?
1:20 pm
>> yeah people are definitely already starting to show up. we're still a few hours away from the start time. but there are about 150, 200 outside lining up when i last checked. and that is saying something because there is ominous clouds above me right now. and it's been hot and sticky all day. so the people are raring to go but also very die hard fans for trump. a lot were saying to me that he likes the idea that he wants to be able to help other countries but they have to help us back. he was saying they like the point where he wants mexico to pay for building the wall on the southern bored. and the they said no matter a there is nothing he can say and nothing anyone can say about him that would not make him not want to vote. and some even saying they would vote for him as the third party candidate as well. what you are saying and what they are hearing is they like his straight talk.
1:21 pm
and the more he talks in an unfiltered way the more people are feeling his vibe. and he's resonating with him and i think that is what you are getting the physical impact of that is crowds like this. is 42,000 some-odd people theoretically showing up to support him and hear what he has to say. and i think that message is really a branding dream. because people know what to expect from him. and they know they love his straight talk rhetoric and that is what they are hoping to hear tonight. in terms of the substance a lot of that is tbd but no one seems to care much. >> for more former white house aid and gop strategist. susan, the low number 36,000, the high number could be as many as 42,000. regardless it is a huge crowd. is this going to be a turning point in the campaign not only for trump but the republican field? >> it is a game changer. no one saw -- none of the other 16 people running could together
1:22 pm
get a crowd of 30,000 people. >> what does that say about the other 16? >> well it does go to his celebrity. it does go to people want to see him. they want to hear him. they do like his straightforwardness. but they do like the celebrity too. and now it leaks like trump has his own name of a show. it is like trump, morning noon and night. and he's thrilled about that and he's going to go forward and i think really change the dynamics. >> do you think they are going to see the celebrity or the politics here? >> a little bit of both. they want to see the celebrity and they want to see if this can become a politics. and the reason this is such a big game changer is how it effects the other candidates, especially jeb bush. >> and we heard today donald trump tweeted out. a wild time in alabama tonight. finally the silent majority is back. again a similar question to you, keith.
1:23 pm
the people turning out, are they turning out expecting to hear policy and solutions? or are they part of this because of the celebrity factor and the excitement and the energy about seeing somebody as characterizematic and dynamic as trump? >> i think a little both. they believe in the message i think a lot of people who are going to listen to donald trump. but at the same time you can't separate the celebrity from the politician. he is a celebrity and he is a politics. i think the real trouble is for jeb bush. donald trump is drawing tens of thousands of people at his rallies and jeb bush is a guy who's been around the political scene for decades. shows how much trouble he has as a candidate and the race ahead. >> now this feud that's come to the surface between bush and trump. here is a quote from mike murphy.
1:24 pm
he told the washington post that trump is frankly other people's problem. we'd be happy to have a two-way race with trump in the end and we have ever confidence that governor bush would beat him. murphy says trump is not a problem for bush. although by all indications he is the front runner. >> the problem it is causing is that since jeb has been looking kind of tired and a little dull, which has changed drastically in the last 24 hours. he has more pep in his step now which is really important for him. even though it has caused some controversy. but jeb bush's numbers are going -- his percentage, his people are going to other candidates. he's not losing to donald trump. donald trump is staying at 24, 26%. bush is losing, and other folks who are running are gaining those points. kasich, fiorina. those folks are picking up support from jeb bush. that is where he's hurting. so he has to solidify his support and not lose anymore. >> we're talking about other candidates. i want to play a sound bite from
1:25 pm
ted cruz who has some out and said he's happy trump has stayed in the race or is in the race. >> i think it is terrific that donald trump is in the race. because of donald trump all of the folks in the media are talking about illegal immigration. a second benefit of his being in the race is the attention it is drawing. 24 million people watched that first debate. most of the other candidates, their numbers either stay constant or went down. our national support doubled. >> so it seems that he is benefitting from the trump surge, even though they are competing for the same voters. how do you explain that rationale? what is the strategy behind ted cruz. >> that is political spin for lack of a better way to explain it. his numbers are going down, ted cruz and going down largely because donald trump has overshadowed him. donald trump is such a looming figure in the political race that he's diminished the
1:26 pm
significance of people like cruz and others who really wanted to get that same kind of crowd, the tea party crowd, the angry electorate crowd out there that donald trump is tapping into. every day trump gets that it takes away from the other candidates to reach those voters. the problem going forward is as we move into the later stages of the campaign, these candidates want to pick up that support because they think trump is going to collapse. there is no evidence of that. he's still the leading candidate and i don't see any indication of that changing in the near future. >> hedging his bet. >> absolutely. it won't probably change for at least a couple of months and now all of the campaigns are readjusting how they were going to deal with them because they sthougt they weren't going to have to. >> thank you very much for joining us and we'll be following it again in the weeks and months ahead. we're following breaking developments on several fronts this hour. is north korea going to war with south korea. the latest on that. also breaking overseas, two americans are being credited
1:27 pm
with disarming a gunman who opened fire on a train between paris and amsterdam. at least three injured. more on that as well. and we'll go back to wall street after the dow plungd 530 points. ♪ed 530 points. ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points. (kevin) wow, this is great. (commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together-
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provocations from the north. nbc has more from along the demilitarized zone? this is one of the shelters. it is a pretty heavy bombproof door. now after the exchange of artillery last night, about 60 in local villages were ordered here. around 40 staying overnight. some managed to return home today but they have been told to come back here with tensions rising this evening across the border area. >> north korea sits just over the hills behind me. there are lots of reasons why this is a pretty scary border area. but what is most rattled kim jong-un, eleven vast installations of loud speakers which over the last few days have begun broadcasting propaganda into the north. he doesn't like that. he's called that an act of war. the reason the south restarted this propaganda operation after a break of 11 years is a mine attack which badly injured two south korean soldiers just a few
1:32 pm
days ago. kim jong-un doesn't like it that is what led to the firing of shells into the south yesterday to which the south replied. we're now close to the southern edge of the demilitarized zone. this sign warning against going any further. south korea is used to blood curdling threats from the north. they pretty much take them in stride. in the past when there have been attacks the south has been reluctant to hit back. what changed this week is when rockets came from the north thursday, seoul hit back forcefully with a big barrage of its own and they have made clear that this weekend if there is any provocation from the north they will again hit back and they will hit back hard. ian williams, nbc news, near the dmz. >> and for more i want to bring in my panel. thank you for joining us. we are talking about the deadline. it is in a couple of hours, 4:00
1:33 pm
a.m. eastern. how serious is this threat? >> i think kim jong-un, the ruler of north korea has got to do something. he's blocked himself into a very small corner. you know he's got a lot of problems with his generals. he's executed two four-star generals in the last several months and there is a real problem now between him and the military. he doesn't have that much room for maneuver. he's said he is going to do something. it is going to be military. i have to take him at his word. >> we heard the reason behind this is a loud speaker. that may be strange for some of us here to hear that is a reason or provocation of war. but how serious is this? is that really at the heart of the issue here? >> i think at the heart of the issue are the problems in pyongyang. he has not consolidated control after he took over from his dad in september 2011. nonetheless the loud speakers have always irritated the kim regime. especially now because you have north korean soldiers defecting
1:34 pm
across the dmz. that is why may placed the mines there which incidentally injured the south korean soldiers. i think they were placed there to stop the north koreans from going south. >> i want to play a sound bite from the state department person. here is what he had to say. >> they like to say they are ready for action tonight if it's needed and that is the kind of readiness posture we want to preserve there on the korean peninsula because it is unstable because of the actions of the north. so they are ready to go at a moments notice. obviously nobody wants it to come too that. >> he's talking about u.s. troops stationed in south korea that they are ready to go at a moments notice. it is very difficult to predict but what is the u.s. involvement in a situation that north korea and south korea actually go to war. >> obviously we are going to be involved in a war ourselves. we have a treaty obligation to protect south korea and that is why we have those 28,500 solders
1:35 pm
who are ready to fight tonight, which is the phrase in the military. i don't think it is going to be a large scale invasion across the dmz but you could see north korean inspired attacks on seoul, for instance. things not directly tributable back to north korea immediately. and that do you have destabilization effect across. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back, and your knees, 24/7.
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another eye witness photo shows a man on the ground outside the station. we cannot confirm if this is the suspect but authorities say the suspect was apprehended and the situation is now under control. now the iran deal and today democratic congressman gerry nebler became the first jewish congressman to support it. saying all of the options available to the united states including the military option will remain available. but there is still deep opposition on both sides of the
1:40 pm
aisle. senator bob menendez joined chuck schumer this year announcing his view against the deal. joining me now from the minnesota 5th district. and washington editor at large at the atlantic, steve clemens. congressman, i'll begin with you, sir. according to a new poll, 56% of americans now say they think congress should reject the deal with iran and that is up from 52% less than a month ago. is the president doing a poor job selling the deal? or is it the other side doing a better job kwints convincing the american public not to accept. >> it if the other side trashes the deal non stop that is going to have an effect on public opinion. but the fact of the matter is this diplomatic opportunity to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon, fore stalls the possibility of war is the right direction to go in. and if you are a leader and you ran to represent the people and
1:41 pm
do what's right by the american people you are not going to be checking out the public opinion polls on your opinion. i want to commend gerry nadler, he did the right thing today and this needs to be supported. >> the majority of americans oppose the deal. with we expecting congress to reflect that or go against what districts are telling them do which is oppose this deal. >> people cannot make a vote based on a public opinion poll. public opinion polls go up and they go down. members of congress have had classified briefingbriefings. it is our job 24/7 to focus on the issues. and i just don't describe to the school of thought that you should make a vote based on public opinion polls. you get elected every two years. if you are elected people have trusted you to do the best you can and make the best decision for the district you go in. so a daily poll that fluctuates from week toe week should not be the thing people are paying the
1:42 pm
closest attention to. it ought to be them and their staff and the experts they talk to and does this deal push off the possibility of iran getting any kind of nuclear weapon capability for 15 years? yes it does. does it reduce the nuclear stockpile? yes it does. does it make -- are there intrusive inspections? absolutely there are. so the fact is this is the right thing. because if you were to ask americans the other questions are you prepared to send your children to fight war in iran they would say no. but i'm convinced if we reject this deal we'll face that prospect which is not something i look forward and i don't think the american people do either. >> how big a role do you think president obama's personal overtures have played in winning over democrats? and keep in mind that some key democratings as we mentioned chuck schumer and senator menendez have both rejected the deal. >> well i think the president is putting a lot of behind the
1:43 pm
scenes time into this. he had a 25 minute call with steve israel who came out against the deal. he did a personal letter to gerry nabler who came out in favor. we know the president is working this. the article he just published an op ed that appeared in 30 papers in the united states. linked in the new jersey star ledger to the white house release as both a comment to menendez in a way but also coy y book booker, senator booker has not come out and expressed his concern. whether we're missing i think and the president, i understand why, is trying to appeal intellectually to a americans to create a foil for them. so they understand what the really hard core consequences of not going forward this w this deal are. what is not happening is reaching the emotions of americans and that is what a lot of those who are obfuscating this deal, who are misdescribing it and trying to ratchet up a
1:44 pm
different set of concerns have been playing a different kind of ball. i frankly admire president obama and what he and his team have done on this deal. i'm frustrated he hasn't gone directly to the states like delaware, new jersey and others where there have been key democrats who remain on the fence and who have not come out. that piece of this is the lbj piece that is missing. >> and steve, i want your take on this. this is an ad that was running. and we also have over two dozen former jewish leaders running this full page ad in the "new york times." when it comes to iran's nuclear capability, this deal is the best option. obviously we follow a lot of the israeli media. it is a robust debate in that country. are we seeing shift within the jewish community here in the united states? >> not a shift. what we're seeing is a jewish community that is not monolithic either in israel nor here. i often say the debate in tel
1:45 pm
aviv is far greater about their interest than it is in the "new york times" than we see here in this country. a very distinguished former national intelligence official in israel but in the united states you have jewish leaders emerging and jewish americans in support of the deal. you had it there and we do a great disservice to the american jewish community by treating them as the monolith that exists only behind netanyahu's vision for israel. it is a much richer tapestry of perspective in both countries than we've been seeing. and that is beginning to emerge. >> and congressman, very quickly, the president veto, this is from nancy pelosi. the president's veto could be sustained if this vote were held today. is she right? >> i think. so -- helped lead a letter where we got 150 people to support the president.
1:46 pm
and if everybody who signed the letter sticks wh what they already said they believe we will be able to defeat any effort to stop the deal. so i think that we are going -- i think nancy pelosi, who was a great counter of votes by the way, is right again. >> 151 signers and every vote counts. >> right. >> thank you both for joining us. till ahead an update from cnbc as the major selloff on wall street sent the dow plunging more than 530 points today. and firefighters will now fly to the west coast to help fight the devastating wild fires. what do a nascar® driver...
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australia and new zealand firefighters will be making their way across the pacific ocean to offer their help in the u.s. do authorities think these volunteers coming from overseas and here internally from the u.s. will be able to make a dent in the fire's growth. >> they certainly do because many people, multiple people have been call furg more help saying they are desperately in need of more manpower and equipment. which is why they are reaching out. as far as whether it will make a dent that is still unknown how much. a lot depends in addition to the weather, the conditions that are unknown. they do say that the volunteers also will help because they will free up some of the lower technical jobs, for example. the heavy equipment. people can do that and free up the firefighters to go to the more challenging firefighting. so all of these things combined they hope will help.
1:51 pm
they say every little bit helps in this challenging situation, which continues. today, for example, more extreme fire behavior in this area with the winds. >> thank you very much for that update. next back to wall street after the dow plunged 530 points. stay was. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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we want to go back to wall street now where the dow jones plunged over 530 points. joining me is cnbc's hampton pearson. break it down for us, what happened today? >> well there is at least two major moving parts to what happened today. once again we had more bad economic news out of china. this time it was remitt erelate to a slow down in manufacturing.
1:55 pm
that has been on top of news over the last couple of weeks. essentially them manipulating their currency and their markets. what that has now escalated into where china is concerned is concerns about a global economic sloweden. the other major moving piece, crude oil fell below $40 a barrel for the first times since the economic slow down. that is also a major factor impacting global markets. also august is traditionally a time of a slow down and/or beginning of the correction in the markets. the end result what we had today, you know, where it is essentially an awful week with the dow pummelling and closing 530 points just today. the s&p off 64, the nasdaq losing 171 points and we'll see what happens next week. >> hampden, thanks for that cnbc market wrap update. following breaking developments overseas. at least three wounded when a
1:56 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. we'ring follow -- we're following breaking developments in the fight against isis. the second in command was killed on tuesday. officials say hajji mutazz was killed. and a shooting on a paris-bound train. french authorities are investigating the incident near arras, france. we can't cfirm if this photo is of the suspect but authorities say the suspect was apprehended and the situation is now you should control. that does it for me this hour.
2:00 pm
michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. >> i'm michael eric dyson. lots of news to get to this friday. the market had its worst kay in four years. we'll have a live report in a few minutes. but first, donald trump is all set to host a mega rally in alabama in mobil. his campaign says they are expecting 36,000 to attend in mobile. if the turnouts are true it could be the largest event of the season. for more our report in mobile ahead of the rally. >> hey michael, how are you? >> good to see you. is the trump campaign still expecting a big crowd tonight, 36,000 and up? >> yeah. definitely up. the latest estimates i've gotten from


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