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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 24, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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shutdown. we certainly would like to see congress take the long overdue step and we certainly believe as we have for quite some time that a longer term increased investment in transportation infrastructure would be good for the economy, actually laying a foundation for the long-term strength of the u.s. economy. so there certainly is -- you know, while we can continue to be confident about the longer term trends when it comes to the u.s. economy, we would like to see congress take the kind of common sense steps that would build on that momentum that the u.s. economy continues to enjoy. >> okay. >> jeff. >> josh, following up on that, china's president xi is coming to the white house in september. does this automatically become a top agenda item for that summit
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or that meeting? >> well, jeff, the economic relationship between united states and china has long been a priority for our two countries. that's certainly been true while president obama has been in office. i think previous u.s. presidents would say the same thing. that relationship has only become more important as we've seen china's economy grow and the importance of that relationship manifests itself in a variety of ways. it includes intellectual property rights. certainly there will be continued discussion about chinese efforts to move toward a more market determined exchange rate for their currency. it also raises some questions about the concerns that we've expressed in the past about china's behavior in cyberspace and that there are samples of
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cyber espionage that have had economic consequences for our relationship. so these are all kinds of things that have remained high on the agenda whenever president obama has sat down with his chinese counter part and i'm confident that will be true when president obama has the opportunity to welcome president xi to the white house next month. >> has he been briefed on the market volatility and is he having any discussions either now with his counter parts in china or other officials? >> i'm not aware of any -- the president's not made any calls to chinese officials about this, but the president as a matter of course is updated on developments in the economy and he has been even while on vacation. >> does the white house feel that it will have in effect on the fed's decision about rate this fall? >> i don't want to speculate on the decision that ultimately is the responsibility of the fell low independent federal reserve but i would tell you that federal reserve is obviously closely paying attention to this
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and broader economic moves but any conclusion they reach would be tlirs and i wouldn't speculate on it. >> one last question. do you have any reaction between south korea and north korea to reduce tensions? >> jeff, i heard they had resolved or at least completed their talks shortly before i walked out here, and it's penlding a longer term or a more formal announcement from the two sides in terms of what they've agreed upon. so we'll with hold any reaction until they have an opportunity to make their announcement and then we can follow up with you on that, okay? paul. >> josh, talking about china, there are a lot of market analysts who think that chinese estimates of its economic growth which have fallen from about 10% down to about 7% now, world bank and imf now say that china is going to slow to about 4% over the next couple of years.despite that there are a lot of analysts who say that the chinese
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figure's growth can't be trusted, they're cooking the books and such. is that a view that the administration in any way -- how trustworthy do you think these chinese growth figures are? >> my colleagues aet the treasury department can give you a more sophisticated assessment. this is certainly an issue that's been raised publicly in a variety of ways. there are financial consequences for your how reliable the data by the chinese government turnses out to actually be. one of the cases we have made to the chinese government is that a more transparent economy is one that will benefit not just the chinese economy but the global economy, and we certainly hear from business leaders in the united states that are interested in doing business in china that a more transparent business environmental would make them more likely to do business there. we obviously welcome and want to
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advocate for u.s. businesses that are looking to grow overseas because ultimately that creates a good economic opportunity here in the united states. but ultimately these are the kinds of decisions that chinese officials have to make and the message they hear consistently from the obama administration is one that is focused -- a lot of which is focused on the need for china to continue to pursue financial reform and to move rapidly toward a more market determined exchange rate system, but certainly improving transparency into their economy is something that we believe would be good for the global economy and also, you know, good for the economy in china as well. >> just as a quick follow-up, there's a report that china is in ternly talking about transparency, they have an internal force, army, whatever you want to call it, of about 2 million government workers who do nothing but monitor their own
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people's online opportunistic. as you know, social media is hard to access and such. does that tell you that the administration -- or the chinese government is confident to monitor or a fearful one? what's the view of the administration? >> well, paul, we've long made the case that human rights is at the top of the agenda whenever the president is meeting with his chinese counterpart, including when the president travelled to china raised significant concerns about the chinese government respects respect for the basic human rights including access to information and freedom of expression. and that is a -- that is a concern that president obama will continue to raise with his counterpart, okay? john. >> josh, do you throw adraw any conclusions on what's going on about the possibility that the u.s. government could encounter
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or run into a recession any time in the next year or so? >> as i mentioned earlier, i'm not in the business of prognosticating erie on the business or the economy, but taking a look at the long-term u.s. economy are an indication of the strength of the u.s. economy right now. just on economic growth, people can feel confident. at the same time, there's more that congress can and should do, but to build on some of this momentum that the u.s. economy has built up and that the resiliency that it's demonstrated and we're hopeful when congress returns from their recess they'll focus on passing it on time, that they'll reassess it. it's already a couple months overdue and we can hopefully get congress to actually finally take anxious on an increasing
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long term investment in infrastructure. okay? john. >> josh, would you say the fundamentals of the economy are strong? >> that certainly is a phrase that's been used by others in different settings. i think that there is no doubt that the u.s. economy is far stronger now than it was in 2008. and there are a variety of ways to measure that. one way that i would measure that is to take look at the impact of wall street reform legislation, that now we know that u.s. banks have reduced their leverage and have added more than $600 billion in capital since 2009. some of that as it related to new requirements under wall street reform, that means that the banks are less relying on unstable short-term funding and that they're better able to understand volatility within the financial markets. one of the things that's been a part of wall street reform is the annual stress tests. that's another reason we can
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have more. >> picking up on your answer to john's question, you mentioned what congress can and what they -- what not do. is there a danger that if congress fails to act on a budget on the debt creeling, which is coming up as well, on infrastructure, that congress's action or inaction on those fronts could put us into a recessi recession? >> well, there is no doubt that congress's failing to react is going have negative consequences for the u.s. economy. particularly at this time when we're seeing so much volatility in economies all around the globe, it seems like a bad time for an unforced error. now, i would acknowledge that we've seen a lot of unforced errors from congress over the last several years, and in spite of those unforced errors, we have been able to build up some momentum behind the economy. i think what we would like to
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see is see congress take action and build on that momentum as opposed to take steps or not take steps as the case may be to undermine that. >> just a couple of quick questions on the other quick topic you like. so a quick read out from the president's lunch with vice president bide snn. >> when i walked out, it was still ongoing. >> still ongoing? >> i have not gotten an early read out of their lunch. >> we got an early read that the vice president came back having met with elizabeth warren. how would the president deal with if his vice president decides to run? you have a current vice president and a former secretary of state? >> there's not an "if." that's what everybody wants to find out, what decision the vice president is going to make. the president has indicated his view that the decision that he made, i guess, seven years ago
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now to add joe bide on the the ticket to his running mate was the smartest decision he ever made in politics, so i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president's aptitude for the top job. >> so i assume the president would support vice president bide finance he would run? this is better obviously than the secretary of state he chose. you said it was the best decision he'd made. >> yeah. it was. i think what -- i the president had spoke at quite some length about the appreciation, respect, and admin rare hegs has for the service of secretary clinton, particularly in her four years as secretary of state. >> just on his best decision. >> again, i think all of you in your coverage of some of the president's comments about hillary clinton have noted how warm those comments were. i'll just say that the vice president is somebody who has already run for president twice.
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he's been on a national ticket through two election cycles now both in 2008 and in the re-election of 2012. so i think you could make the case there is probably no one in american politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign. that means that he's going to collect all of the information he needs to make a decision. he's indicated that he would make a decision and announce a decision before the end of the summer. so those of us who enjoy the summertime, i think would assume that that means he's got another month or so here to think about this and announce a decision. >> the last thing. would the president remain neutral? i mean will you say right now the president will or will not endorse somebody before the primary is over? >> i've been asked this once before. i have indicate thad the president does plan to vote in the illinois primary and that
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ultimately it will be democratic voters who are responsible for choosing the democratic nominee. but i wouldn't speculate at this point about whether or not the president would offer his endorsement. >> he could say endorse joe biden or endorse hillary clinton? >> i wouldn't rule out an endorsement. >> or bernie sanders. >> or bernie san zers. i wouldn't rule it out. i am confident he support the nominee in the major. >> thank you. >> do you think the president will -- >> i haven't had an expensive conversation with him about this and i'm not privy to conversations that take place between the president and vice president like presumably the one that's going on right now, but, no, i would not describe the president as torn
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principally because this is an internal question somebody has to make and the president has spoken about the -- about his own decision to run for president and how that was -- that required a lot of consultation and consideration particularly when it came to the impact on his family and i know that those considerations weigh heavily on vice president biden as well. obviously these are decisions these individuals have to make for themselves. look, as i mentioned to john, i think the president's view about vice president biden's performance as vice president of the united states should give you a sense of the president's belief in his anty attitude for to top job. >> you said a moment ago nobody else has an understanding what it takes to mount a national campaign. what do you think it should inform the president of? that it's too late? >> no, i think what it does is
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he is someone who understands exactly what he should know to make this decision and so it's not as if he needs to ask himself a bunch of questions with which he is unfamiliar. i think rather he will be able to conduct this process and have the conversations he needs to have in order to make the best decision. >> will it be healthy to have the vice president of the democratic party in the race? >> haven't asked the president that question. presumably you'll have the opportunity to do that at some point. i this i with the -- i think what the president would say is the candidates will ultimately have to make up their own mind about whether or not they want to run. >> the last question, at least from me, part of this derives from a sense expressed by some democrats privately, some pundits publicly and some donors not so privately that hillary
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clinton is in trouble, that the e-mail situation has caused her campaign to stall and it's a serious ongoing issue as far as her trust and possible legal consequences. what do you and this white house think about the e-mail controversy itself and ought to be the source of all this consternation? >> i think what i would observe is it is august of 2015 and the election is not until november of 2016. and certainly somebody who worked on president obama's campaign in 2007 and 2008 will recall pretty vividly august of 2007. i think it's fair to say there was not a ton of confidence in t the likelihood that then senator barack obama would be elected the president of the united states. so i think what i would do is
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warn people against drawing conclusions at such an early stage. >> so democrats are unduly overraut. >> there are plenty of observers in the process and they can reach whatever conclusions they would like. i think i would say it's rather early in the process and certainly if you want to consider president obama's presidential campaign there will dangers with it assuming the outcome of the race 15 months in advance. >> we asked you what iran would have to disclose as far as its military applications of its nuclear program. the "associated press" last week published what others observed to be a side agreement that was a secret indicating they would be able to inspect it itself, collect soil samples itself, and
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be the only interloper -- >> we've been listening to the white house press secretary josh earnest as well as fielding questions about politics concerning whether or not joe bide season going to formally announce he's going to enter the race and we heard him talking about the fact that the president and vice president have an ongoing lunch. right now he's not privy to the details of that discussion, but the big contingency here is if the president were to throw his hat into the ring, what does that mean for the president's support of his former secretary some of state hillary clinton. josh earnest there kind of backed himself into a corner and we saw that exploited by jonathan karl when he said picking joe biden for the ticket was the best decision the president has ever made which then made earnest backpedal a little bit about his choice for the president picking secretary
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of state hillary clinton for that post in his cabinet which was an interesting comment but we'll all wait patiently to sew if joe biden makes that decision to throw his hat in the ring. he went this weekend to see senator elizabeth warren. we'll wait for that. we want to cover your money. it's been a manic money where we saw the market plummet down a thousand point bus we're seeing a strength of our economy bounce back and with that we want to go back to tom costello, cnbc courtney rail and cnbc ron. courtney, let me start with you. is it right to say this is a manic monday rather than a black monday? >> that's a good word. manic is a good word. black is scary. now we're only down about 150
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points. say only. i know 150 still sounds like a lot, but trust me from what we have gone through,ite knowset that bad at all. i think it shows the resiliency of the u.s. investor. yes, we were very scare. there was a lot of fear because of what we saw on friday with with the selloff. that was exacerbated. some markets down 8.5%. we saw that selloff. then we had some investors who thought, look, this is a buying opportunity. the u.s. is the best game in town, i'm going to get in there and i. going to make some purchases. buy some stocks when they're low, that's guest place to buy and now we've seen the market tick back up. >> it is interesting, tom, as courtney mentioned, the volatility of the other markets around the globe but the strength of the u.s. markets bouncing back and hearing josh earnest talk about what that means especially for the congress and federal budget. >> listen. you've got an unemployment rate
10:21 am
in this country of 5.5%. yes, it's possible there's a higher one. it's remarkably good especially given where we've been. the growth rate is somewhere around 2.3%, 2.5%. that's relatively norm amount. not too hot, not too hold as you look at the goldilocks scenario. there really is no other game in town that's offering the kind of stand that the united states offers. and while china was hot, keep in mind it's now come down 40% from its high in terms of the stockmarket performance and ads arizona we said in the last hour, the trouble -- and you saw the illusions to this and the questions to josh earnest. it's very difficult to get a real sense of what's real and what not's real because there's a widespread perception that the chinese authorities have cooked the books are have not been completely honest with the
10:22 am
number of issues and transparency and you saw in the markets two weeks ago trying to essentially depress their currency if you will or allow for a weaker currency, which is not something you normally want to see in transparent opening functioning capital markets. so when you talk about how healthy is the u.s. market and the economy, rather, all the indications are that the company is pretty healthy and this pull back on wall street is a healthy, kind of what you call a correction and a healthy performance after the big run-up we had. >> speaking of that, stand by. i do want to talk with you about china and president xi coming in september. frances? >> a lot of this can be pretty complicated. let's put it in perspective this way. a correction, it may sound like something's getting fixed on wall street, but it's actually words used to zrieg a trigger
10:23 am
for financial losses some of what exactly is a market correction? it is a stock or bond market ind index. technically it must be 10%. a true one is high than that. so why do corrections eve happen? >> well, all those stockmarkets never move. at some point the value will change to better or worse and that could lead to overbuying which could indicate a profit. the selling pressure drives the prices down. you're asking this e question. how long do questions last? generally two months or las and theyest when a price of a stock or bond bombs out. that create as bulk burst like in 2,000. the last one was nearly four earring ago. so is the correct good for the
10:24 am
market. many say it is a necessary evil. they can prevent a huge selloff or a bubble burst. so, thomas, it is believe that corrections are just stuck. some short-term investors means a buying opportunity. with all of this we're asking you the big concern. are you concerned about today's big dive? you can post it. you don't have to answer yes or know. yo can answer in between. >> i'm not going to look at it. >> you're not supposed to. don't even look at it. >> let's check in with cnbc's mark insana. let's get into the deeper issue about global economy.
10:25 am
is china an honest broker when it comes to their currency and when it comes to playing on a business stage with them globally? >> i say the answer to that is very doubtful thomas with respect to not only the official economic estimates that we get about gdp growth. some economists who actually do much more digging think that chai no may be growing 3% or 4%. it's something they haven't experienced in a long time. their market has crashed from its recent high of june 12. if it happened here, we would call it crash and with respect to its manipulation of the currency, allowing it to be de valle used, that was more desperation. their exports fell 8%. their imports fell. that economy is growing weaker.
10:26 am
they were trying to spur export activity to halt their slide and they did that with can currency known as the yuan. clearly it touched off a wash of currency. it caused a lot of problems. >> it really has been fascinating to watch a roller-coaster ride for everybody along. cnbc's ron insana, tom costello and courtney. >> receiving france's highest civilia iaian award. when we come back, a passenger who took pictures that went viral. still ahead york u heard from the white house about this. vice president joe biden holding a high stakes meeting with
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welcome back, everybody. the three americans who foiled a possible massacre are honored in france. spencer stone, alek skarlatos, and anthony sadler. all were given the highest honor. the three men tackled the heavily armed suspect. they were struggling with him as he tried to fire off from an automatic weapon on friday. they say that they used their fists and then a choke hold until the suspect became unconscious. >> i'm honored to have a son like alek, and his friends are fantastic guys. they grew up together, and i love them all. they really -- they committed a selfless act of bravery, and, you know, it's for the greater
10:31 am
good. i'm humbled and honored that i'm related to my son. >> nbc's claudio is covering the story in paris. what do you hear on the shooter? >> they received praises from around the world. it is the highest honor. now they're not -- today we learned they were not the only americans who at least attempted to stop the gunman. today we were told that there was another american on board that train. his name is mark mugalia. he's a 51-year-old man from virginia who's been living in france where he works as a professor at the prestigious university. he was one of the first passengers who tried to stop the gunman when he saw him emerging
10:32 am
from the toilet, from the back of the train with the ak-47 on his hands. a french banker tried to stop him first and mugalia tried to help him out but he was shot in the neck either by the ak-47 or the gun. now, mugalia, he's recovering from his wounds in a hospital, and today his wife was at the president at palace to receive the prestigious honor on his behalf. they say with their bravery all of them prevented carnage or what would have been a bloodbath. >> reporter: on friday night man decided to terrorize a train. he had enough weapons and a mission to bring on massive
10:33 am
carnage but for your intervention. you took risks including that of your own life. >> reporter: now we're learning more information about the attacker as well. ayoub el khazzani, the 26-year-old moroccan. the train got to a stop. now, the man continues to say that he did not want to carry out a terrorist attack. he just wanted to rob the passengers on the train. and he found the bag full of ammunition in a park in brussels. >> that was claudio reporting for us in paris. claudio, thank you for us here on set at 30 rock. we're looking at christina, being a passenger on the train next to where this attack happened. christina, how are you doing? this with us a traumatic experience, your first european
10:34 am
adventure. how are you doing right now? >> i'm a bit overwhelmed. you know, being overwhelm with the whole incident. and as soon as the incident was over, we weren't even on a train or in the police station and i was already being spoken to by french news within the gymnasium we were all being held in until we figured out what we were going to do next. >> what was your reaction. what did you think once you recognized what happened? >> first we heard the gunshot. we all heard it. i was sitting in seat 51 on car 12 and we heard the gunshot and everybody dove under their seats. so we dove under the seats. i had the tray table over my head and i had my -- i grabbed my cell phone and i had that in my hand as well and i was -- i put my hands over my head as well and kind of just curled up
10:35 am
as small as i could curl up into a ball because i wasn't sure what was going to happen next. >> when you think about it now and you go back to being curled up in that moment because you witnessed the injured man. you saw him bleeding. >> yes, yes, i did. >> you had to be completely petrified, again, this being your first trip to europe and you were at this point traveling by yourself. >> right. at this point i was be myself. i had been with my friend. we were in italy and amsterdam and he parted ways and for him to go to berlin and myself to paris. was so excited and happy to be on a train because i thought it would be relaxing and wonderful. but it turned out to be incredibly frightening. yes, i did see the man that got shot in the neck. he had a bloody duffel bag that he was carrieding. i believe what i think happened is he was running into car 12
10:36 am
maybe to run away from the assail land and he dropped his bloody bag onto the seat that was across from me and i saw him collapse to the floor and it was one of the scariest moment os mief life especially after just hearing gunshots. >> we see these three young americans now getting high effort award. >> which they certainly deserve it. >> what would you say to spencer, alek, and anthony if you saw them in person? >> i actually really wish i could see them in person because i would shake their hands and give them huge hugs and tell them thank you for saving my life because i truly feel like they saved my life and many others. >> when we talk with the lawyers who have details about the alidged shooter and they found this bag and it was a robbery gone wrong door you believe any of that? >> honestly i don't. in the moments where everything was happening, the first thought in my mind was is this a terrorist attack and perhaps
10:37 am
that's because of the lens i come from. i'm a u.s. citizen, 9/11, things that have been happening in our world and maybe it hit close to home that. s we one of my first homes. is the whole train going to get shot up. i felt that. >> does this change your perspective of traveling alone or anything about returning to europe in the near future? >> i've about been asked that by friends and family and i've been thinking about that. to be honest, is it frightening? it might be a little scary for me to travel alone in the future, yes, but i feel that overall i cannot live my life in fear and i need to continue traveling and doing things that i like to do and i absolutely loved europe. beautiful. so beautiful over there. and although this put a huge damper on my trip, i'm lucky to be alive today. >> well we do hope that you get a chance to meet the men. >> i would love that. >> who saved your life and you get to shake their hand.
10:38 am
we're so glad you're okay and we appreciate you coming in to talk to u and tell your story. >> thank you. we move to the breaking news coming out of seoul where talks have ended and a deal has been reached. we're expecting a statement soon. ian williams is live on the phone. he joins us from south korea. what was the deal? what was the compromise? >> reporter: hi, thomas. we got the details a few minutes ago from the national security director. it does seem to be quite remarkable. what he said is they have regret over the land mine that, of course, led to the south beginning those propaganda broadcasts again. he said in exchange the south will stop all loud speaker broadcasts as of noon tomorrow. he also said they would continue with dial log aogue and negotia
10:39 am
soon and that the north will lift its quasi state of war. they also said they would move toward setting up more meetings with reunions of separated families. on paper this would seem a great barack through after what, 43 hours of talks over the weekend an again today but i guess the health warning is i can't remember north korea having ever express read gret about anything, and it will be intriguing to see what the north's take is on this when they no doubt make their own statement tomorrow. but certainly what has been achieved or appears to have been achieved is they have diffused what was a pretty explosive situation and certainly one of the most serious crises we even seen in korean relations in
10:40 am
years, toms. we'll await the report. ian williams, thank you. we appreciate coming up, the qu about the vice president presidential 2016 run. with heard a short time ago the pr and vice president were still having lunch concerning a possible presidential run. and we see a shift where the market has dropped down to a negative 15. now we've watched an early selloff of a thousand points. it's bounced back a bit but it's a manic day on wall street. we'll cover that after this. moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine® total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family.
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10:44 am
was down by 215. the wild fluctuations we've been watching, press secretary josh earnest was asked about the selloff and he used the headline. >> i think taking a look at some of these longer term trends of the u.s. economy are an indication of the strength of the u.s. economy right now and whether you talk creation of jobs or economic growth, people can feel -- can feel confident. at the same time there's more that congress can and should do to build on some of this momentum that the u.s. economy has built up and on the resilience of this economy as demonstrated. >> all right. so the gop front-runner donald trump, he tweeted earlier this month, quote, markets are crashing all caused by poor planning allowing china to dictate the agenda. this could get very messy. vote trump. all right.
10:45 am
so all hour long we've been getting your take on the stockmarket and i want to get the take of frances. frances, what do we get? we're flat out asking how worried people are. look. this drops one point to 19%. 81% said the jitters don't seem to be too bad. how are you voting overall when it comes to the extent. you know what? not too many people chiming in but we invite you do that as the big pulse question of the day is how worried are you. keep the comments coming to >> i think the big headline, though, is at open this morning dropping a thousand points. now we're seeing a rebound. as courtney said, we're seeing a manic monday. >> the bengals would love that.
10:46 am
>> yes, the bengals would love it. we're starting better than we had. frances, thanks. it's been a busy day at the white house. moments ago praes secretary josh earnest weighed in on the speculation of vice president joe biden and whether he would enter the 2016 race. >> i think the president's review about the vice president's performance as the vice president of the united states should give you a sense of the president's belief in his aptitude for the top job. >> so as you might have heard already, biden had a widely publicized weekend with senator elizabeth warren, a favorite in democratic circles and also sources tell "the wall street journal" bide season interested in the run but knows this late it's a hurdle. some democrats feel secretary clinton has done while she served at the state department. this wechted on "meet the press"
10:47 am
jerry brown compared the controversy to battling a vampire. >> it's almost like a vampire. she's going to have to find a stake and put it right through the heart of these e-mails in some way. >> stake through the hart. nbc's carey dan joins us now. explain when we use an analogy like that, you know, vampire and stake through the heart. clinton has to deal with that, but if joe biden is seeing this as a stall in the clinton campaign, is there enough time for joe biden to make an entry into the 2016 race? >> well, joe biden is going to face a lot of structural issues if he decides to get into the race. for starters, endorsements. hillary clinton has locked down two-thirds of it. that's a big deal. the other thing is money. joe biden would have to assemble $50 million to $100 million to mount this run. it's something he hasn't begun.
10:48 am
remember, joe biden isn't like a candidate who can fly coach to western iowa or new hampshire. he would be traveling in air force 2 with a big security footprint. that's a very expensive proposition and he would have to raise that money. the big question for joe biden right now is whether there's space for a democratic electorate for him right now it's big question whether he could occupy that same space as bernie sanders is occupying right now or as a space as a potential successor to barack obama that hillary clinton is occupying right now. in between those it's very unclear if there's a significant portion that says i'm looking at hillary clinton, i'm looking at bernie sanders, but joe biden is my guy. >> yeah, the biggest endorsement yet to come is from president obama if he were to throw his hat into the ring. and we know the lunch goes on between the two men right now. carrie dann, thank you very
10:49 am
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10:52 am
three days after revealing he started a treatment for cancer in his brain, president jimmy carter taught sunday school in the hometown this weekend and hundreds lined up to be the first to see the 39th president teach. >> yeah. it was worth the wait. he delivered a message of love and faith drawing people around the world to this church in plains, georgia. >> i would say that just being able to admit you might be mistaken and the other person might be right is a very important aspect of christianity and it's an important aspect of love, as well. >> and this was a 689th time he taught sunday school and told the people there at church he has plans to teach as long as he
10:53 am
is able and showing a sense of hum humor. hasn't lost any of that at all. >> heartwarming. so glad to see him there because no what political party you fall with and hear of a president that might be ill, great to see the resilience and dedication. now to a story, francis, a lot of people talking. we have a meteorologist in philadelphia fighting back after some viewers criticized her for being on air while pregnant. >> we have more on the empowering response to body shamers and how she is aspiring moms everywhere to love the baby bumps. >> reporter: in philadelphia -- >> not quite as warm as it was yesterday. >> reporter: -- the forecast for mean and snarky. >> one particular comment that really, really hurt, that was one when a woman basically said i look like a sausage in casing. >> reporter: the meteorologist telling her cbs station the type of comments she's been getting. >> earlier this week, comes this
10:54 am
other comment that said sticking my pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting. >> reporter: that was too much so the mom to be penned what she calls a manifesto dedicated to other moms out there, moms reading this while theired to lerls play on the swing sets, moms whose kids long since gone off to college, you're beautiful. she goes on, i will gladly gain 50 pounds and suffer sleepless, uncomfortable nights if it means upping my chances to deliver two healthy baby girls and for those of you who think that's disgusting, remember a woman went there you the very very same thing to bring you into the world. the post went viral and instead of criticism, support flooded in from around the world. and picture after picture of women who are pregnant and proud. it certainly is not the first time a pregnant woman had to endure criticism of her weight.
10:55 am
who could forget all the talk of jessica simpson? she answered, i wasn't going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life. a pregnant kim kardashian all over the tabloids in the first pregnancy and lashled out saying shame on you. i'm not perfect but i will never conform to your skinny standards. >> that was kristen dahlgren. the meteorologist is due mid to late september and as she pointed out, will it's do hope she has two beautiful, healthy baby girls. carrying twins. >> more reason to hug the bump because two precious ones in there. >> how rude. you know? for people to write in and be mean. >> you know what? if they have the security of their computer screens and key boards and not said face to face, some people say mean stuff as we know. >> as we do know. our very best to her, a great story and a great example for moms throughout. we'll have much more on the top stories. we're following the volatility
10:56 am
of the markets down. down by 1,000 points earlier and then watching this bounce back in this territory of negative 300 roughly. how that turmoil is affecting your money and the three americans that thwarted the potential shooting on a deadly in france last week. receiving the country's highest awards. after a meeting we liz beth warren over the weekend is vice president biden closer to run for the white house in 2016? thomas will talk to the former head of the dnc, ed rendell. that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night, it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat. now, two things that are exactly the same, have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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10:59 am
hi, everybody. great to be with you. i'm thomas roberts. what is really been a manic monday on wall street. and global volatility, as well. it all started for the domestic markets moments after the opening bell and the dow jones plunged more than 1,000. here's where we stand as things are looking right now at negative 347. so we've been bouncing back and forth over the last hour in the
11:00 am
negative 200 to 350 territory and moving back and forth and pretty consistent, at least in the last hour where we had the white house press secretary josh earnest pressed about the volatile markets and used it as an opportunity to hit on congress. >> there's no doubt that congress failing to act in a responsible way to pass a budget and reverse sequester will have negative consequences for the u.s. economy. and particularly, at this time when we're seeing so much volatility in economies all around the globe. seems like a bad time for an unforced error. >> joining me cnbc's courtney ragan, rick newman and jonathan allen, chief political correspondent for vox. courtney, about this, we have been watching this roller coaster day on wall street with the biggest dip coming at the opening bell so what's it say that the market is able to
11:01 am
rebound to the point we see it at now? >> we have always said that the u.s. market is resilient and i think we proved that today. thoroughly. so in the beginning of the day when the market opened, it was down multiple hundred of points. started open about 300 and quickly dropped to the dow down about 1,089 at session lows an we sa you that hold on to the markets for at least 10, 15 minutes so that was panic selling more or less and then perhaps panic buying, folks kind of coming in saying this is as low as it goes. i'll buy when stock prices are low and helped to push prices back higher. the stock market and the subsequent prices and then europe closed at about 11:30 eastern time, that also helped the united states gain a little bit of footing because overnight we saw china's markets fall as much as 8.5%. we saw european markets fall 4% to 5% and started to take the
11:02 am
queues from them and they took their queues from us when we dropped 531 on friday so it does seem like we're resilient. but that final hour of trade we'll watch because a lot can change. >> all right. we'll ask you to keep us posted and talking with rick newman of yahoo! finance and you wrote an article of giving five rins to stay calm watching the ripples of the market. you say it's nothing like the '08 crash and the u.s. economy looks good. the fed can step in if things are too bad and bargains materialize. let's talk about the fed steps in potentially mid-september if at all. >> the expectation is the fed is going to raise interest rates and tightening monitoetary poli. can't cut rates anymore. there are other things the fed can do. it can go back to the big program of quantitative easing.
11:03 am
the fed does not want to do that. i don't think they're going to react real strongly to a few days of volatility in markets. if there is more dire such as possible global recession starting, we can expect the fed to ease rather than tighten. they could. >> if there is that issue of the global recession, then everybody that's worried about the effects of their 401(k) for the long haul, what does it mean? >> sit tight and don't look at your numbers maybe. keep in mind the u.s. economy, it's not going gang busters but going pretty well and honestly most of the rest of the world is not doing as well as the united states and for the time being it's the rest of the world driving markets. that's not necessarily going to be what happens later into the fall and the end of the year and hearing people saying it's setting for a great pop in the markets. nobody really knows but there is a fair amount of optimism that things are going pretty well here in the united states. >> we have courtney reporting on
11:04 am
the fact of the day open with a panic selling and then there are those out there seeing it as an opportunity. >> you're seeing some really good companies such as apple, disney being beaten down for the last month and some people are saying i'm not going to be able to buy this stock this cheap. so bargain hunters are out there. you know, you're seeing word on wall street, looking, looking for the lows, looking to buy the dip. nobody ever knows exactly when the opportunity is right but again when that's what people are talking about, a deal out of this, that's the animal spirits at work. >> this is the opportunity they have been waiting for. rick newman, great to see you. thank you so much. we have been asking how worried are you about today's market dive r. you very concerned, not worried at all or somewhere in between? it's the bing pulse question of the day. this is what you have been saying. 84% are slightly concerned. and only 16% are moderately concerned. you can go to
11:05 am
and cast your vote there for responses later in the show. and as we have been talking about the ripple effect of the markets and the rebound as we're watching as we amp toward the closing bell, we have the 1,000-collapse in the first few minutes of trading enough to cause donald trump to warn of impending doom to the followers on instagram and twitter. take a look at what he had to say. >> i'm telling everybody china's taking the jobs, the money. be careful. they'll bring us down. you have to know what you're doing. we have nobody that has a clue. >> let's bring in jonathan allen of vox. good to have you with me. and is this a one-day event for 2016 campaigns or do they need to start seriously wondering about the economy and that becoming a bigger issue, especially talking about china and the president visiting in september? >> i think generally speaking you have got sort of protectionist spirit moving
11:06 am
through both parties right now. you see that with sanders on the democratic side, trump on the republican side. and stories like this where you have problems going on in china's economy, filtering over to the american economy, the american stock market, possibly people seeing the retirement accounts dipping in ways they wouldn't like. i think you have to be ready for that as a candidate and counter that argument and get into the details a little bit because a lot of times it is a narrative out there. the economy's going poorly in china. tied to china. our economy is going down. on a larger scale question, you know, i think generally speaking if the economy looks bad, if the stock market looks bad, that is well for the party out of power. obviously we are looking at one day of this right now and we will have to see how the market rebounds or if it does at all. >> yeah. as you talk about the party out of power using it to their advantage and potentially a little bit of scare tactics here, chris christie was attacking the president over today's market news. i want to play it for everybody.
11:07 am
take a listen. >> what's happened is because this president run up more debt than any president in american history, that debt has been given to us in large measure by the chinese and so now as the chinese markets tend to have a correction which they're doing right now, it's going to have a greater effect. >> so, can anybody in the republican side get mileage out of today's news? donald trump on instagram with a video message seems to get a lot of action. >> yeah. as you heard donald trump was more concise than governor christie and people have more faith in donald trump's ability to read markets than governor christie seeing the state's bond ratings downgraded repeatedly. not sure he's the best expert on that. yeah. i think there's opportunity here. i think it's sanders and trump who benefit from the overall narrative. even if they're glossing over some of the details. you know, one of the thing this is they'll also argue is people making money off of this, you know, when they see the spikes
11:08 am
and the drops in the market are those who already have a lot of money and if you're sort of an average investor, got a 401(k) account or some other money in the retirement, probably not making the snap decisions like this is the lowest i'll ever be able to buy apple now. so they will be able to talk about the rigged game, as well. jonathan, as always, thank you. >> take care. straight ahead, jeb bush visiting the u.s.-mexico border in the next hour. what's the presidential candidate hope to accomplish? we'll take you live there to texas next. i'll put my cards on the table here? i'm not going to be in a position of confirming individual meetings that the vice president -- well, i think you are asking me to confirm his meeting with senator warren. i'm not denying that that occurred. i'm just telling you i'm in a position.
11:09 am
>> won't deny it. won't confirm it either. white house on vice president biden and the weekend visit with senator warren. is biden ready to launch a 2016 run? also ahead -- >> my family was more important to methane anything and if i could have spared them what has happened in the last 24 hours i would do it. >> all right. so some high profile names revealed in the data dumps from the ashley madison website and now others saying that they're being blackmailed over the cheating website. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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11:12 am
jeb bush in the border city of mccowan, texas.
11:13 am
the visit a month after donald trump visited the border in laredo. trump took a shot at bush on fox news. >> i think it's great he is going to the border because i think he'll now find out it's not an act of love. she said people crossing are crossing as an act of love. which came back to haunt him. it's rough, tough stuff. >> joining me from texas is nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing. what are they looking to for with this interaction? seems jeb bush is following the coattails of donald trump in a state they should own? >> reporter: it's interesting to see if he takes a shot back and seen more aggressive jeb bush and he also wants to draw these very real contrasts, of course,
11:14 am
one is in policy. you know what donald trump wants. he wants to build a big, beautiful wall and deport 11 million people and then let the good ones back in. a plan that most republicans including jeb bush among those who are running scoff that saying it's imprat call and too expensive. jeb bush will say he has written a book on immigration. he has a six-point plan and stands behind birthright citizenship. something donald trump would like to get rid of. but i think in addition, you just hear a real difference in tone between the two of them, right? and jeb bush believes that he will eventually come out as the one who looks presidential, sounds presidential and has the experience. he's going to take questions from the media so it should be an interesting afternoon, thomas. >> chris, it is a dichotomy of tone and attitude of the two contenders but it's 85% hispanic there in texas. how's the bush camp using or
11:15 am
referring to trump's use of the phrase anchor baby? >> reporter: well, you know he used it himself and he said in context it didn't matter. the folks i talked to this morning don't seem too concerned about it either. what is really interesting is the way that they view donald trump and that is that they give him credit for sort of pushing back against what they see is the washington establishment and then not being beholden to anybody because he doesn't have to ask for money. doesn't necessarily mean and some said specifically they don't think he has a plan pushed, for example, specifics of immigration plan, he's not able to come up with the details. he says it's about management. that kind of thing. but for jeb bush, again, he sees that as a potential opening. it is interesting to me that here in the south of texas which last year was ground zero for the beginning of this expanded immigration debate, i believedn't find anybody too upset about the use by jeb bush
11:16 am
of the term anchor babies an enthose that said to me that they find it offensive, thomas. >> reporting for us in mcawe len, texas, thank you. now the left in the democratic side of the race and the white house today was peppered with more questions about the potential presidential run by the veep, joe biden. this after a weekend meeting of the vice president and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, a popular figure and helping to fuel the speculation are hillary clinton's ongoing e-mails and the server troubles questions about her use of that private server while secretary of state pushed down the numbers on the issue of trust with americans. however, the white house says today there is still a lot of race to go. in fact, white house press secretary said the clinton talk reminds him of then senator barack obama's campaign eight years ago. >> i think there's fair to say there was not a ton of
11:17 am
confidence in the likelihood that then senator barack obama would be elected the next president of the united states. so, i think what i would do is warn people against drawing conclusions at such an early stage. >> all right. so don't draw conclusions too soon. joining me from philadelphia is former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and governor rendell is a nbc news political analyst and a former dnc chair, as well. so, sir, it is great the see you and i want to get your gut sense because you know him of what joe biden wants to do. do you think that he really does have an interest of throwing his hat in the ring? >> i think he wants to run if the party needs him. i don't think he wants to be divisive or a spoiler. right now he'd be coming in as a spoiler. if something happens to secretary clinton where this significantly worsens, he could come in at that point as the
11:18 am
person saving the party and become the nominee. but interestingly, thomas, if you look at the polls that were taken in four battleground states, pennsylvania, ohio, florida and north carolina, last weekend, last week, despite the wave of good feeling and sympathy that the vice president's been riding, ever since the horrible death of beau biden and the way the family conducted themselves, joe is third in all of those polls behind hillary, behind bernie sanders and it's not even close in florida 52 hillary, 17 bernie sanders, 14 joe biden. in pennsylvania, it's 45 hillary. and the vice president is in the teens behind bernie sanders and hillary. so right now, if i were the biden campaign and i were advising the vice president, and i'm not, but if i were, i'd say, stay out of it. wait and see if it gets significantly worse and if it
11:19 am
does maybe then you come in as the person to save the party and save the party's chances in '16 but if it stays as it is where democrats seem to be sticking with hillary generally, i would stay out. >> meanwhile, i know you say it's a wait and see kind of perspective here, but the way it's been handled so far for hillary clinton and the classified e-mails, private e-mail server, certain democrats not happy about the way she and the camp responded to the e-mails particularly joking about it. do you think there's merit to the criticism of clinton receiving and to your point maybe the party needs someone like joe bide snn. >> there's merit. the campaign did not do a good job. the joke of the secretary made was tone deaf. why they thought this was a time to joke about this is beyond me. but again, remember, these campaign missteps early on, do you remember, thomas, in 2007
11:20 am
before the 2008 election, the mccain campaign collapsed and people wrote off senator mccain and yet by the end of march he was the republican nominee? so i think hillary clinton has a great deal of strength embedded of rank and file democrats and right now i think it would be premature to as the press secretary said there's a lot of campaign to go. i would wait and see if i were the vice president to see if it's spiraling out of control. right now, particularly if none of those e-mails turn out to have been marked classified at the time, i think that this is going to be something that's going to play itself out a little bit. it's up to hillary, no question, it's hurting her. >> just hypothetically, could biden beat clinton? >> in a race right now? no. >> no? >> those polls are very instructive. again, with all of the good feeling that joe invengendered,
11:21 am
with hillary's problems, she's ahead in florida. that's not even a competitive race. >> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, sir, as always, good to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. the americans who stopped a gunman on board a european train bound for paris awarded in france now for their bravery. we'll take you to that country where they received france's highest honor today. also ahead, we'll did back to today's breaking news on wall street. we're watching the markets very closely. as this fluctuation of negative territory continues. after rebounding from this early morning massive selloff and in today's bing pulse we're asking how worried you are about the market dive. weigh in now. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration
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11:25 am
what you saw is you saw the actions of three brave and quick thinking americans who took some bold steps to avert what could have been a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> that was white house press secretary josh earnest minutes ago talking about those three americans and one britain who foiled a potential massacre aboard a high-speed train in france and they have been honored for their heroic action. u.s. airman spencer stone, alek scarlatos and their friend anthony sadler each received france's highest honor, the legion of honor. scarlatos' father telling tamron hall how proud he is to be related to his son. >> i grew up with a sense of justice and righteousness and i think he believes in fairness and he's for the underdog. i think the people on the train were underdogs because they had
11:26 am
no weapon. they committed a selfless act of bravery. and, you know, it's for the greater good and they risked their own lives doing it. and like i said, i'm humbled and honored that i'm related to my son. >> a proud dad right there. and then in the last hour i spoke to a witness of that bravery. christina coons was a passenger on the train and she described exactly what she saw. >> the first thought in my mind was, is this a terrorist attack? that's perhaps the lens i come from. i'm a united states citizen. 9/11. you know? things that have been happening in, you know, in our world. and maybe it kind of hit close to home and that was one of my first thoughts is the whole train going to get shot up? i wish i could see them in person to shake their hands and give them hugs and thank you for saving my life because i truly
11:27 am
feel like they saved my life and many others. >> joining me now on the phone from paris, nbc's claudio lalanio. we have video of them arriving in germany for additional medical care. talk about the medical care there and how extraordinary it is for france to give the legion of honor to non-french citizens. >> reporter: well, thomas, france is still receiving some pretty bad wounds from the assailant and cut him several times with a box cutter. the worse wounds, most serious wounds on his finger which was almost chopped off but fortunately was reattached here and then needed some furtherer medical attention. of course, that in germany and then cut and bruises all over his head and neck and we can
11:28 am
see, as well. on pictures and the footage of him. now, we just received a press release from the ramstein air base saying they received a heroic welcome as you would expect for heroic welcome that he was -- they received, as well, here in france this morning when they received the french legion of honor directly from the french president hollande. it is the highest honor anybody could possibly receive here in france and it is difficult for french nationals to receive it let alone foreigners and need to do an extraordinary act and what's more extraordinary than what these guys have done? >> it is tremendous. and these are tree very brave young men that helped she wart the potential for something completely awful on that train. thank you. straight ahead, we have the good, we have got the bad and the ugly. that's all happening on wall street. it really has been a roller coaster today.
11:29 am
coming up, i'll speak with jared bernstein. also ahead, new fallout over the ashley madison hacking. some users claiming they're now the victims of blackmail. ashley madison being a site for those that are married. to cheat on their spouses and find willing partners. we'll be right back.
11:30 am
11:31 am
♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack,
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11:33 am
talks, marathon talks, over the weekend between top officials from north and south. under this deal, the north has expressed regret for a land mine incident that badly injured two south korean soldiers. they have also said they'll step back from this quasi state of war which was declared by kim jong-un late last week. and then the south said they'll cease their propaganda broadcasts from these banks of loudspeakers which the north threatened to take out, to target, if they didn't stop. at the same time, the two sides have committed themselves to further dialogue and also possibly to discussions about family reunions. now, the question is, of course, whether this is durable.pragmat. both sides seem to have recognized they were moving to the brink. this was an incredibly dangerous situation and they do appear to
11:34 am
have successfully diffused it but what remains to be seen whether it leads to anything further through this commitment of dialogue or whether having diffused this initial situation will go back to sort of rhetoric in usual in a few day's time and certainly this is an achievement. certainly we have stepped back from the brink. we have stepped away from what looked like an incredibly dangerous situation over the weekend. we have stepped back from potential military confrontation. we do have a deal, thomas. >> that is the big question, though. the durability of this. we'll wait to see how it all unfolds. ian williams in seoul for us, thank you. want to go back to breaking news coverage covering since the start of the opening bell on what's become this roller coaster manic monday on wall street. here's where things stand right now with the dow down by 392 points. and it comes just hours after this massive selloff that happened at the beginning of the
11:35 am
trading day when the dow plummeted more than 1,000 points making today's intraday swing on the dow the biggest ever. meanwhile, take a look at where the other markets stand as we show what this all means in a global volatility and domestic volatility. joining me is jared bernstein, former chief economist and economic policy adviser to vice president joe biden. so really, that is two for one having you here because i'm going to talk to you about joe biden and also about the markets and starting with the markets. >> two of my favorite topics. >> let's start with what is the cause, jared, behind all of this today. why wake up on a monday morning and see the mania? >> china. the proximate cause is china. the chinese stock market is falling consistently. and remember, their market opens before ours and tumbled big time this morning and everyone knew it was a tough opening. i would say added to the china problem was the fact that over the weekend many investors, many
11:36 am
market actors expected the chinese government to intervene as is their want. they're interventionist economy. in fact, one of the reasons chinese markets fell so quickly is because they were highly overvalued in part because of that intervention. anyway, the chinese authorities did not intervene over the weekend and set off that huge selloff that opened the day. >> talking about the overall health of the u.s. economy and the rebound able to witness what's that say a to you about the strength or the wherewithal of our current state in 2015? >> well, implicit in your question is a very important thing. i think two really important things for listeners to think about today. one is that the stock market is not the real economy. okay? so the u.s. economy continues to truck along, we're posting decent growth rates. the job market is tightening up. i don't think that the stock market selloff today changes that at all. i do think there are some longer
11:37 am
term issues to discuss. second thing is don't sell into a correction. i mean, i have seen tons of investment advise saying don't sell, don't sell. i agree with that. we have already seen a bounceback making up half of the losses we opened this morning. >> we've seen panic buying and selling. we know we have got the lunch launch that's taking place potentially between the president and the vice president talking about whether or not he would throw his hat into the ring for 2016. do you think joe biden will do it? >> i'm sorry to tell you i do not know. i can tell you this if you asked me a few weeks ago i would have said that the probability is extremely low. you know, low single digits. that probability has gone up quite a bit. i think and i wrote about this in a piece in "the washington post" i think that the kind of thought process says as hillary clinton stumbles, there seems to be more of a path for the vice
11:38 am
president because on many policy issues i think they're quite close about now. at least as far as many of us can tell. on the other hand, look, hillary clinton, she had a bad august but that happens and the election is far off an the numbers still very strong, including an important number which is money raised so i think the probability of the vice president to run is low and higher than used to be. >> all right. great to see you, sir. thank you. >> thank you. we turn to the latest on the situation with the ashley madison hack and the information dumped that outed some 39 million alleged users of the marital cheating website. the canadian based company halving $500,000 for information leading to the arrest of the group that hacked the site. police also say the hack triggered a spinoff of extortion crimes and at least two unconfirmed suicides. it also issued this warning to the hacking group.
11:39 am
>> impact i want to make it very clear to you. your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. we are now doing a serious investigation inviting all of our partnerships from around the world to assist us in investigations. >> the website said to be cooperating with the investigation. deon the extortions according to the business insider, some users received blackmail demands asking for money in exchange for the blackmailer's silence. turning to tragic breaking news. louisiana state trooper shot over the weekend in a routine traffic stop has died. trooper steven rin cent responding to a report of a suspected drunk driver sunday afternoon when the shooting occurred. motorists wrestled the gun from the suspect and tried to help the trooper while they waited for authorities to arrive. now in about 20 moneys, 3:00 p.m. eastern time, louisiana
11:40 am
state police will hold a news conference about a separate homicide investigation that may have a connection to the suspect. stephanie gosk has more on how this all unfolded. >> reporter: this morning, police investigating a traffic stop in louisiana sunday gone wrong after a 13-year state trooper shot by a man on the side of the road. according to police, trooper steven vincent was responding to reports of an erratic driver in a pickup truck. vincent found it in a ditch and when the driver reportedly got out of the car, opening fire with a sawed off shotgun hitting vincent in the head. >> i watched the tape a few minutes later. i watched that truck door came open and i saw a shotgun blast. this guy was carrying a sawed off something. shotgun wasn't to do anything else but hurt somebody. kill somebody. i watched kevin walk from the pickup truck over to the trooper talking to him asking him if
11:41 am
he's alive. you can hear him breathing in there. and tell him, boy, you're lucky. you're lucky. you're going to die soon. >> reporter: the suspect later identified at 54-year-old kevin daigle. other drivers pulled over. using the police radio to call authorities, the men tackling the suspect to the ground. >> incredible good samaritan civilian riding by. wrestled away from him and as he's there, some other people stopped. they got him on the ground and they used my trooper, used his handcuffs and handcuffed the guy. >> so stephanie gosk reporting there. the suspect police say will be rebooked on a charge of first-degree murder of a police officer. the trooper leaves behind a wife and a 9-year-old son. we have developing news out of boston today and police held a press conference of a thwarted attack of a pokemon convention over the weekend. police say that the two armed men were arrested after making
11:42 am
violent threats online to convention goers via a pokemon chat room. police apprehended the individuals when they attempted to register. a shotgun and an assault rifle, several rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife were found in the suspects' car according to police. we'll be back with more after this. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. two of the american heroes who prevented a possible massacre on a european train are in germany. these are new pictures of spencer stone and alek scarlatos at ramstein a short time ago for additional medical care and learning more about the suspect, my colleague francis back with that part of the story. >> quick thinking prevented this from being much worse. here's what we know about the suspect, 26 years old. he is moroccan and lived in europe for several years. he century spent time in
11:46 am
brussels according to belgium officials and he was known to authorities. law enforcement in france were flagged because of his connections to radical islamist movements. the former lawyer says that khazzani homeless after the i.d. and documents stolen and same lawyer says in the last six months he traveled to spain, belgium, austria, germany and france. but denies traveling to turkey or syria. his former lawyer told a french newspaper he was extremely surprised to see the actions aboard the train blown out of proportions in his words and only wanted to rob the passengers. the lawyer says he denies any terrorist intent and calls this situation, quote, laughable. he claims that he had found the rifle and gun he used in the attack in a suitcase in a park near the brussels train station where he used to sleep, also according to his former lawyer. and his father is also speaking out telling "the daily
11:47 am
telegraph" in spain his boy wso a good boy and interested in football. >> as francis gave us a breakdown there, the suspect said he wanted only to rob the train. however, he's been reportedly tagged and flagged as an islamic extremist. and coming on that train loaded for bear. with a box cutter, with clips to reload that weapon. do you believe that story? he was only on there to rob the train. >> it's certainly ominous in the context of the beach massacre, the man that was beheaded in the south of france at the gas factory. you look at the islamic state managing to infect small components of the islamic -- the muslim community. then it's hard to sort of understand this wouldn't have been anything else but another
11:48 am
tunisian beach massacre. i would argue worse because the shooting in a contained tube on a speeding train and hard for people to flee that type of environment. he had an ak-47, a very powerful assault rifle, a handgun and a knife and at least four cartridges, magazines rather, full of bullets so had those individuals not intercepted that person i'm fairly confident that this would have been a situation worse than tunisian beach massacre and also it's a situation which we are now all of us responsible for preventing in some way or another. we have all got a part to play in this new world order. mabel not apprehended but eyes, ears, reporting suspicious people and packages. that's the way it works now. >> see something, say something. talk about the americans described the encounter and then able to jump into action. take a look. >> sure.
11:49 am
>> he had what looked to be an ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed or wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon. and alek said, let's go. ran down. tackled him. we hit the ground. alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a choke hold. >> they describe how they keep punching at the shooter and able to then subdue him make him unconscious through a choke hold. but they recognized the fact that this guy didn't really know what he was doing in terms of, you know, operating that weapon and they used their gut instincts to say let's go. let's take this guy out. >> yeah. >> but what's that say about trying to figure out whether or not that this is someone who had any training or loan wolf aspirations of being tied to isis or islamic extremism? >> a gentleman said you can
11:50 am
stand up and die or do something and die. that was the risk assessment. they have to do something or it's going wrong very, very quickly. it's not everyone in the military is trained in unarmed combat. they used -- kind of a sense of duty. i spent 20 years in the military. you have a sense of well being, a sense to serve the country and almost sort of, you know, a heightened want to protect people and i think that's what they did and what we saw prevented something pretty catastrophic so, you know, hats off to them and awarded the legion of honor and absolutely right and proper. >> yeah. and hard to come by for french citizens let alone american ones. i think you are absolutely right about the fact to prevent a horrific situation and they're truly heroes. continuing to follow the story and the well being two of them now ramstein. michael kay, thank you. next, the white house
11:51 am
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there certainly is, you know, while we can continue to be confident about the longer terms when it comes to the u.s. economy, we would like to see congress take the kind of common sense steps that would build on that momentum that the u.s. economy continues to enjoy. >> so the momentum we're watching right now is the stock market fluctuating back and forth in negative territory around 550. at the top of the show, 1:00 today, we were in around 330 negative territory. opening today around negative 1,100. so this is a manic monday for the stock market and this is the president's first day back from
11:55 am
vacation and expected to depart in a few minutes headed to las vegas for the national clean energy summit and joining me from the white house is nbc's jim miklaszewski. josh earnest all talk today, was asked about the potential joe biden 2016 run. those responses making news, as well. i think the bigger news is watching as we're speaking the dow plummeting 580 now. >> reporter: well, yes, it is. it was addressed by josh earnest again repeating that the overall u.s. economy remains strong despite the current turmoil in u.s. and foreign markets. you know, every president and every white house tries to avoid getting involved in its own party's democratic in this case presidential primaries but josh earnest today was pushed if not dragged into that discussion when questions were raised and we hear the presidential helicopter leaving right now on
11:56 am
the way to las vegas for an event there this afternoon but today josh earnest asked specifically about joe biden's apparent intent anyway to enter the presidential primaries. josh earnest repeated and confirmed that the president considers the political decision the best that the president ever made in the career. he refused, however, to criticize hillary clinton even though he did so recently about some of the decisions that were made at the state department during her tenure there. so it's almost impossible to avoid politics. but josh earnest did the best job he could to keep the president out of that. >> he certainly did. we know that the vice president and the president had a launch today and waiting to see details emerge. jim miklaszewski from the white house, thank you, sir. that wraps up today's show.
11:57 am
stay tuned because ari melber picks up coverage next right here on msnbc. stay tuned. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked? american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here.
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so hurry in and get crackin' good afternoon. it is a dramatic monday on wall street. we are an hour away from closing bell and anything can happen. i'm ari melber here. we're covering the final hour from all angles. right now the dow down 600 points with 1 hour to the close. the nasdaq and s&p are also way down. wall street started the selloff right at the open crashing nearly 1,000 points this morning. the reason for the panic -- china. their stock market continued rapid decline today hosting one of the biggest one-day percentage losses since back in 2007. fears of a china slowdownturning into a recession caused the dow to fall 1,500 over three days. we're tracking the ups and downs with ragan courtney. where do the markets stand right now with an hour to closing bel


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