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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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very good. >> didn't know that before today. >> it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around, "the rundown" starts right now. and good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin again with breaking news from wall street. less than a half hour away from the opening bell on the new york stock exchange and in for a major bounce-back after yesterday's stomach churning wild roller coaster ride that saw stocks plummet here at home and around the world. but this morning, the futures are indicating a very strong opening. take a look at the numbers. all up. look at that. now, yesterday, it was a far different story. black monday is what many are calling it. the dow plunges nearly 600 points. the biggest losers, jpmorgan chase and united health, fell more than 5%. big oil companies, chevron and exxonmobil took big hits as well. as oil prices tanked along with the rest of the market. some believe stocks have simply
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gone too long without a meaningful correction. that's wall street lingo for a 10% decline from the highs. other analysts believe stocks need to be corrected and are too expensive for a slow-growing economy. this is all sparked by fears about china's economy and for the second day in a row, stocks there were pummeled. let's bring in "new york times" correspondent and msnbc contributor josh barrow. also, chief international economist and managing director at mesereau financial. josh, let's start with you. while we have about 30-something minutes before the opening bell, what are we expecting and what is the possibility of a strong start about? >> even when the markets close, market futures close all over the world. you can look at how the dow is doing. what we're seeing is it's way up. the s&p 500, there nasdaq, are up. and we have seen markets all over the world. they're down in china, but almost everywhere else, they're up. the french stock market is up
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4.5% today. it's the best day for stocks since 2011. when stocks are being moved by big global effects lie the troubles in china, there markets around the world tend to move in the same direction. the fact it's been such a good day in europe is a good sign it's likely to be a good day in the u.s. >> for the average person who puts money away each paycheck for their 401(k), what does this mean when the market goes so high up and then so low down? >> that's exactly what we should expect, unfortunately. stock markets are inherently volatile. i think that investors in stocks need to be aware that days like yesterday or like today are in the cards and may happen. i think it's correct to say sometimes there are these global events and markets get emotional. they move together, but give more time as today might be a good example, and see the true values will eventually emerge.
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i think there was this emotional wave about china last week, yesterday, and today, probably investors are looking at the economic fundamentals and realizing that some economies are actually not doing as badly as some of the emerging markets, rebound in europe that is improving and so we expect a rebound in the united states that is still on a path of relatively moderate but solid growth. >> and so the fact is yesterday china saw an 8.5% drop in their stock market. today, another drop, and yet why is it different? i know you gave us a broad picture, but take a look at that. china almost 8% down. japan, almost 4% down. hong kong up, but 1% up. so why is it that these numbers are not as concerning as the numbers were yesterday? >> i think people are beginning to digest the fact that we are at a shift in the global economy. for the last several years, most
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of the growth driver were in the east, and china was the major growth engine for the global economy. but i think that economic model is coming to an end of its potential. now we need to shift to a different paradigm and clearly china is struggling on that path. as long as the markets did not catch up with that, i think there was some relictance, but the event of the summer consistently point to the fact there are issues on the political side, on the policy side, on market fundamentals, on economic fundamentals in china. here's the correction. clearly, china needed to make reform, needed to make adjustment. as long as this process is ongoing, we should expect market volatility, which is exactly what we have seen over the last few days. it's a big change for the global economy. the ripple effect that we have
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seen everywhere, but it's especially demanding for china because that's where the transformation must happen. >> and josh, what does this volatility in the market mean for the federal reserve? >> well, so when you look in the interest rates markets, we can see what people in the market think the fed is going to do. the question is when are they going to start raising interest rates. before the markets were implying there's about a 50% chance they're going to raise rates at the next meeting, now it's about 25%. they don't want to be like, oh, if the market falls, they don't raise interest rates. the question is, is this a signal of economic weakness. the fed will take that into account. this has made it somewhat less likely there will be a rate increase. that was never a sure thing at the next meeting and it's not definitely the was it won't happen. >> thank you both for being with me. i want to go to cnbc's susan lee for a quick rundown of what
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we're expecting today. >> hi, yes, jose. encouraging signs from china central bank in the last few hours. they cut interest rates and the amount that banks have set aside in reserves in tandem for the first time so far in the last world market selldown we have seen. this is encouraging because we also saw buying, bargain hunting by investors across the asia pacific. despite the fact shanghai wiped out its gains, you saw hong kong gain. this is how foreign investors buy china. so there is some bargain hunting going on, and the fact they have cut interest rates, cut the reserves, now frees up a lot of money that they hope will probably go into the stock market and maybe also grease the wheels of the chinese economy as well. goldman sachs is telling nee the china model is not broken. they're staying overweight on chinese equities. buy those state-owned enterprises to benefit from
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reforms. also, some encouraging news from a lot of brokers out there. they're saying despite the bad headlines and the fact shanghai composite has fallen below 3,000, they're talking to people looking to get into the market at these levels. there might be bargain hunting tomorrow, especially with it being freed up. pausably a positive session tomorrow and some recovery hopefully from the last few days of selling. >> thank you very much. stock market expected to open in 18 minutes from now. yu you'll see it live here on msnbc. there's also big news in the race for the white house. all indications right now is that vice president joe biden is inching closer toward a run for president. a new report overnight says president obama has given the vice president his blessing to go for it. but the vice president's office is playing down that report, saying it's all speculation. on monday, the white house he heaped praise on the vice president. josh earnest didn't rule out the possibility that president obama
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might make an endorsement in a democratic primary. on the republican side, the rivalry between jeb bush and donald trump is intensifying. a familiar issue that's front and center once again today. nbc's chris jansing is following the bush camp. she's on the u.s./mexico border in texas. good morning. it looks like the gloves are off between these two candidates. >> you've said it. are they ever. we thought this was kind of quieting down. boy, were we wrong. i'm standing at the epicenter of this escalating fight. the border between the u.s. and mexico. jeb bush came to south texas because he wanted to counterpunch all these attacks he's been getting from donald trump on immigration, and to show skeptical republican voters that he can beat the billionaire front-runner. jeb bush in his home state of texas, taking shots at donald trump over his promise to build a beautiful wall. >> you have to have a much deeper strategy than just
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building a fence. >> hours before, trump had already launched a pre-emptive strike. >> bush, by the way, attacked me in a very modest way. he's a low-energy person, so when he attacks, he attacks with low energy. >> trump's trouncing of the gop field in recent polls has pumped bush up. >> this is ruludicrous. >> dismissing questions from spanish speaking language in both languages about his use of a term some immigrants find offensive, anchor babies. >> i think we need to chill out as it relates to the political cretness. >> that soundsa lot like trump and so does this. >> you might want to read my book. >> president obama, secretary kerry, i highly think you should read this book quickly. >> and while bush was meeting with local officials, team trump was posting this 2013 matt lauer interview with bush's mom. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it's a great country, there are a lot of great
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families. there are other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough bushes. >> have you seen the instagram trump put out of your mother when she said we've had enough. >> i don't follow the instagram feed from trump. >> as they touted their differences, hillary clinton put out her own immigration ad, lethally suggesting they're just alike. >> most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. >> now, this morning, nbc news has confirmed that the budge campaign is doing budget cutting. they say it's not about slow fund-raising. they have outraised the entire republican field, but they want to be lean. having said that, all of the republicans are dealing with this reality that donald trump has had more staying power than they anticipated, so this could be a longer, tougher, and more expensive fight than any of them thought. jose. >> chris jansing in texas, thank you very much. great seeing you.
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>> coming up in a couple minutes, we'll be speaking with democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley to get his thoughts on the state of the race and a whole lot more. developing now, the father of the ak-47 carrying suspect in the train in france said his son is not a terrorist. the father of ayoub el khazzani speaking to reporters for the first time since his heavily armed son was tackled by a group of passengers on a train from amsterdam to paris on friday. three of the americans received france's highest honor for their actions. at the same time, french authorities must decide today whether to charge el khazzani with attempting a terror attack or request an extension to continue to hold him in police custody. we're expecting to learn more details about that from the paris prosecutor in about two hoirs. meanwhile, let's go live to paris and nbc. good morning. yesterday, details on the american heroes as well as the suspect, right? >> good morning, jose. yes, i do. the two servicemen, spencer
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stone and alek skarlatos are still in the ramstein u.s. air base in germany. where they received a hero's welcome yesterday. now, stone is also receiving further medical treatment in a medical facility nearby. in particular, they are taking care of his thumb, which was nearly cut off in the altercation with the gunman who slashed stone several times with a box cutter. in the meantime, the third american, anthony sadler, is starting to enjoy the life of a hero and star. last night in paris, he was invited on the red carpet of the opening of "straight out of compton" the american movie here, and we hear at about midday eastern time, he will fly back on a private plane offered by the owner of a sportswear company back to oregon, jose. >> as he should be. flying in a private plane.
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thanks. good to see you in paris. >> just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." state ahead, an interview you don't want to miss. martin o'malley here live to talk about 2016, his campaign, his rivals, and maybe even donald trump. and less than 20 minutes from now, a story the world is watching. the u.s. market reopens after a historic black monday. we'll have live coverage of that as we see mr. o'malley right here on "the rundown." if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal
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while the democratic race for the white house isn't turning out the way some had predicted, this morning new reports pointing toward joe biden possibly launching a bid of his own. his candidacy would no doubt impact the current field of candidates and the general
6:17 am
election as well. with the first democratic debate seven weeks from today, the field still doesn't appear set. with me now for his debut appearance as candidate on "the rundown," 2016 presidential candidate and former two-time governor of maryland, martin o'malley. great seeing you. gr thanks for having me. >> it seems as though the political atmosphere in the united states is so unusual, many say. we're seeing candidates that aren't politicians making an impact. we see other candidates that have vast experience not being able to break through on the campaign trail. tell me what your analysis is of the campaign. >> my sense is the right now as a country, we're going through a fragile and volatile time. the good news is our nation is creating jobs every month now for 65 months in a row. the bad news is 70% of us are earning the same or less than we were 12 years ago. what does that have to do with today's political climate?
6:18 am
when people like donald trump speak in such hate-filled language about other human beings, scapegoat other human beings as he has done with all mexican american immigrants, it gives license to people who are very concerned and very curried and very apprehensive about their own future and their children's future and all of us in the public arena of this presidential campaign need to push back against donald trump and this sort of language. it's not funny. it's not entertaining, and it is unbecoming of the united states of america and the office of president. >> and why do you think, governor, that those terms that donald trump uses have made such an impact? why is it that he continues to grow in popularity and in support among republicans as he uses this language that you say you should push back on? >> well, we've seen other examples of this in history when people feel like their economic
6:19 am
opportunities are declining. when people feel like they're not going to be able to give their children a better future. it becomes a very volatile political climate within which charlatans and unscrupulous so-called leaders can scapegoat other people and say that the reason you're not doing better is because people not like us, people like them, the others, and we've seen this before. and now we're seeing it right now in our own country. look, if donald trump is such a big, tough guy, why is it that he takes -- why is it that he takes on minimum wage workers? why is it that he prevents minimum wage workers from even having labor unions. why does he say such denigrating things about new american immigrants and about women? i don't find anything tough about donald trump at all. in fact, my parents taught us this is not strength. this is weakness when you attack and you scapegoat other people
6:20 am
and talk less of other human beings, as he has done in such hate-filled ways. >> let's talk about some of the issues mr. trump has brought up. one, of course, is immigration. hillary clinton has said that if she is president, she would go further with executive actions than president obama has gone, even though the president insists he has gone as far as he can go. and some of those actions the president took are currently tied up in court. what is your position? how is it that you would deal with immigration and immigration reform? >> well, many weeks ago, and i'm glad secretary clinton has come around to this position, i have said i would make comprehensive immigration reform in the course of this campaign, this campaign which will forge a new consensus, i intend to make it an economic and national security imperative for the united states. and i said many, many weeks ago that i would go further than the president on executive action. we need to protect public safety, but we also need to understand that you make america stronger by keeping families together. not by breaking families up.
6:21 am
that's what i intend to do as president. >> now, if you go further than the president has done, how do you work with a congress that probably may still be in the hands of the republicans? at least the house of representatives and possibly even the senate. how do you due that if you're taking executive actions that go further than the president has done? doesn't that in a way poison the well, as the republicans say, to deal with comprehensiveigegration reform with a legislature? >> if the current crop of republicans in congress were going to be persuaded by heavy-handed enforcement, by deportations without any discernment or any further considerations of the impact of breaking up families, if republicans were going to be persuaded by the numbers of women and children and families that we pen up behind barbed wire and chain link fence, then i think we would have reached that tipping point quite some time ago. what we need to do as a people is forge a new consensus.
6:22 am
if we want wages to go up again in our country, let's get 11 million of our neighbors out of the underground economy and into the full light of an american economy where they can work on the books, make contributions to our country, make their families stronger, and thereby make our country stronger. that's what i intend to do. jose, this is not for me, as i look at this. some sort of constituency issue. check the box. this is something we did for this group of people. this is something we need to do for our country in order to get wages to go up and not down. along with other things like raising the minimum wage, making it easier for people to bargain collectively, and investing in our own country so that we can give our kids more opportunities rather than less. >> and quickly, governor, you make any progress on your desire to see more debates, the dnc is saying they have pretty much got that under control. are you seeing any progress on that? >> i sure am. there are people throughout iowa and new hampshire who are
6:23 am
outraged that the democratic party is trying to act in such an undemocratic way. i think you will see more debates. i plan to go to as many debates as i possibly can. we have now moved from 1% when i got in the race two months ago. now we went to 3%, now we're at 7%. i'm seeing a tremendous desire in our party and in our country for new leadership and an executive who has the ability to get things done. that's what i have to offer. i'm sure the other candidates have good ideas to offer. that's why we need to have more debates rather than less. i mean, what have we come to as a party that we are so poor that we can't afford to have one, more than one debate in iowa and one debate in new hampshire before the primary? it's outrageous and people in our own party aren't going to stand for this sort of meddling and limiting of debate that the dnc is trying to engage in. i should say some in the dnc. i think most members also think this is a really, really bad idea. >> former maryland governor and presidential candidate martin
6:24 am
o'malley, thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much, jose. >> take care. coming up, we're on storm watch with a brand-new tropical storm forming overnight in the atlantic. we'll have the details ahead on "the rundown." stay with me. et new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ ♪
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swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. a new storm in the tropics, witnesses speak out, and sentences a convicting killer. let's zoom through some of today 'other top stories. tropical storm erika forms monday night. tropical storm watches have been posted and more watches may be added soon. erika's forecast to strengthen over the next several days. expected to bring more rain to drought plagued puerto rico. we'll have more information once hurricane hunters fly into the storm later today. >> now an update on a story of bravery we brought you yesterday. we are hearing from the men who stopped to help a louisiana trooper who was shot in the
6:28 am
head. sadly, the veteran trooper died from his injuries. but his suspected shooter behind bars today because of the quick thinking of two men. one of those men is charlie, who told nbc news it felt like to wait for police to arrive as he and a friend handcuffed the suspect to make sure he wouldn't get away. >> the longest ten minutes of our lives. you know, waiting for someone else to get there, seemed like forever. >> he was an iraq veteran and leaves behind a wife and a child. >> now, let's go to wall street. what do you say? let's see if we're about just a couple minutes away from the opening of the stock exchange. we'll be watching all that for you. and it's about to be run, so let's sit and watch this. obviously, choice hotels has smg to do with the opening bell, comfort suites, but we have an economist from florida
6:29 am
international comufuniversity. well known and has a lot of knowledge of the stock market and economics. thank you, professor. >> my pleasure. >> for being with me this morning as we wait for the bell to be rung. what are you going to be looking for? >> i'm seeing how markets react, but i actually think what happened yesterday is good news. >> good news? >> good news. you might not think so. here's why. because everyone knew that the bull market had to end. every bull market ends. we had seven good years. the fear was it was going to end in a big explosion. it's better if it ends a little bit, you know -- >> but professor, let me ask you. thursday, 500-point drop, friday, 500-point drop, yesterday, more than 500-point drop. that's a little bit? >> well, that's substantial, but think, the stock market has doubled since the crisis, so it's been an enormous increase. this may not seem like it's good news, but it probably means the fed is going to keep interest rates low for a while. >> let's see. that's it, the opening.
6:30 am
also with me from the "new york times," josh barrow, back with us. and on the phone, zachary, head of global strategy for investment. thank you, all, thank you for being with me. jose, what are you expecting now, do you expect it to drop? yesterday, at about five minutes into the opening bell, we were down 1,000-plus points. >> i expect it will drop a little bit, but something important happened overnight, china lowered its interest and relaxed the cash banks have to keep on hand. that has reassured chinese markets and the deritative markets. one of the big fears from yesterday has been allayed. >> zachary, we had long conversations yesterday about the impact of china. talk to me about the fact that even though china took a beating today, you see hong kong was up a little bit, and really japan down just a little bit. what does it tell you? >> well, yeah. and u.s. markets are about to open up about 600 points, which is a huge move up.
6:31 am
after a huge move down yesterday. i'm not sure i agree we can say that this has been such an extraordinary bull market or that it's over. yes, it's true. we're up huge from march of 2009, but we're up hardly at all over the past 15 years. it's kind of depends on when you count, right? so i'm not so ready to call an end to anything. all that's clear is we had four days, today being another one, of intense market movement. for a market to open up 600 points one day, down 1,000 the next, on a $15,000 basis is a lot of movement. it's a lot of computers. we talked about that yesterday, but it's a lot of computer programs that are bouncing back and forth right now. and you know, until it's clear it's more than that, it's not. >> zachary, talk to me a little bit. if i am the average person watching this television show that has some money in the stock market through a 401(k), when we hear people like you and all of us talking about the computers
6:32 am
versus humans, we don't necessarily known what you're talking about. what is the role of computers? what do they do and who programs them? >> there are a huge number of computer programs to buy and sell stocks. based on the price action of those stocks, not based on did apple sell more iphones than china, based on did apple go from 110 to 100 in this amount of time, based on what it's trading at. and in an august period, when frankly a lot of people in europe are on vacation, a fair number of people in the united states who manage money are elsewhere. a lot of the volume can be computer programs. they can trade in milliseconds. very hard for you to push a button in a millisecond. and you know, it's very hard to know how much the volume is until upwards of 40% to 50% of all the trades going on right now are done by these computer programs. yes, people obviously, human
6:33 am
beings program these computers, large institutional investors have these programs in place. that's always been a part of the market for the past five, six, seven years. it's just more pronounced in times like this. >> josh, what's the significance of the market using a 48 rule for the second day in a row? what does that mean? >> they use this on days they expect a lot of market volatility. it suspends a rule requiring stock prices be announced at the beginning of the day. the market opened down more than 1,000 points and then moved up. this allows you to get more liquidity into the market at the beginning of the day so you don't have the frictions at the beginning of the day. it's a reflection of the day they expect today could be a day with a lot of villtiolatility. in this case, volatility to the upside, fortunately. but it's something they do when the market is bouncing around. >> there is a difference between the computers and the institutional investors and the
6:34 am
everyday investors. >> the program about trading is significant because the unfortunately reality is professional investors make money off retail investors because retail investors get nervous and follow the herd, so they buy when things are going up and sell when things are going down. like yesterday. so the conventional wisdom on a day like yesterday is stay the course. wait to see what happens. if you had done that yesterday, if you had waited rather than sold, that would probably have been the right thing to do. retail investors don't realize they're at a huge disadvantage in a market that is dominated by technology and professional investors. >> yeah, and let's talk a little bit about china. zachary, we were talking about it just a few seconds ago. but does china have still play a very important impact on what we're going to be doing today, tomorrow, throughout the week? because they did make some changes yesterday. they have over the last two weeks devalued their currency?
6:35 am
>> the airony, i don't know if that's the right word, china, the central bank of china lowered interest rates overnight. it seems to have done a world of good psychologically for all the markets in the world except for china's market. the domestic chinese investors who are the only investors in choin china's market can't -- we can't buy shares on the shanghai stock exchange. >> we can do it through hong kong, though, right? >> right, but it's not a 1 to 1 proxy for china mainland, and the stocks do not move 1 to 1. hong kong was up and shanghai was down 6%, 7%. china central bank announces it's there, basically. a minimal interest rate cut, a way for the banks to say, hey, we're here. hi. so global markets respond well. programs say china low ers rate, we should buy, or people go, oh,
6:36 am
good. i think china is an overemphasized factor on what's going on. these markets have been primed for something. markets do go down. they have to go down in order to go up. it's a basic wisdom, but it's true. and yes, there are concerns about china. those are out there, but they were concerned about china six weeks ago and the markets would go up 1,000 points and down 1,000 points. >> that's a great point to bring up. josh, let's talk a little bit about, fascinating, the relations, the interrelationship there is between the price of i oil, for example, and the stock market. and josh, tell me about why that's significant. >> like a falling oil price is good in that it's cheaper for consumers. but various bad things can cause oil prices to fall, which is if we think there are big bad things happening in the world economy that will make people less able to buy oil because they don't have money, then oil prices will fall. that's what we saw yesterday. oil prices fell in conjunction with stocks all over the world
6:37 am
just because the idea was that there would be less economic growth all over the world and less demand for oil. the rebound today is related to the rebound in stock prices, that maybe the economic picture isn't as bad as traders in world markets were thinking yesterday. the key thing to remember is this movement related to china is not so much about whether china will graow at 5% or 7% net year and therefore whether apple will sell a handful more iphones. it's about whether something truly bad is going to happen that's going to have contagious effects to other markets around the world. what markets are saying today is we were panicking about that yesterday a little more than was necessary. it makes sense related to that that oil would be up a little bit, reflecting that maybe economic growth is going to look a little better around the world. >> professor, the price of oil drops yet we don't see it immediately reflected in our gas pumps. why not, and when will we see the reflection? >> soon enough. the trend is downward. like josh was saying, you would think that was a good think, but it has a dark side, which is that it might be a signal that
6:38 am
there's something wrong. you know, it looks like equity markets, markets where you sell securities, what you're really processing is information, and expectations about the future. and if the price of oil drops too low, that scares a lot of big investors. that's the bad news. it good news is also scares people like janet yellen and the fed. >> jazach, you were going to sa something? >> it's true it does scare them. if you're an oil-producing economy, if you're saudi arabia, venezuela and the price offile craters and you depend on it, that's really bad and you have structural issues. for the rest of the world, if the price of oil is decreasing because of less economic activity, that's probably a bad sign. if it's decreasing because people are using more solar, more efficient cars, because we're not consuming much because we're more efficiently using energy, that's a good thing and does not portend negative economic trend.
6:39 am
>> thank you for being with me. we're going to continue talking about this issue because josh, when we're talking about other economies, and zach, i would like your opinion on this as well. we talk about oil-producing economies like saudi arabia, venezuela, so depends on oil for their economy just going through disastrous times. we also can talk about mexico, for example. ecuador, and why do you think, josh, that the dollar has been so strengthened in latin america recently, and yet at the same time, you see the economy of brazil tumbling, mexico's economy is going through difficult times. what's going on with that? >> yeah, put canada on that list, too. these countries in an in between place. places like saudi arabia where it's an oil economy. the saudis have easy oil to get out of the ground. they're in better shape. iran, venezuela, are in really deep trouble because their economies are so oil-dependent. then you have places like canada and mexico where they do have diverse economies but oil is a
6:40 am
really large sector in that economy. more important than it is in the u.s. economy. and in those places, you're going to have real trouble. canada is having an election right now. unlike in the u.s. where the economy has kept getting better, the sense in canada is things are starting to turn worse. that's because canada has a large oil sector that is imperiled by this. i generally agree with josh. in general, falling oil prices are a good thing. most of us do not work in the oil industry. most are consumers of oil, not producers of it. in the long run, we're better off when oil prices fall. i worry about the quick moves in the oil price because it's not like a whole bunch of people are using solar today who weren't using solar on friday. when the market is moving quickly, it's a sign of prbroad economic movement. >> latin america had really strong stock markets just some time ago. the bottom seems to have come out from the latin american economies. why? do you see that as being a
6:41 am
trend? >> look, you know better than anyone, jose, while we do talk about this as one big mix, it's actually a very different circumstances depending on where you are. i think brazil indicates where they are. they have been very resource-dependent with china buying less iron, ore is oil and a problem. they had a terrible government when it comes to managing this part of their economy. it's good in other ways. venezuela has been a disaster for since hugo chavez and it hasn't done any better since. and mexico, i think, is probably in much better shape. right? in terms of somewhat of a reformist trend that a more diversified economy. a lot of these are too dependent on economies. and in much, the government that used the boom years to invest wisely through the lean years, classic issue, they're now having to make very rapid
6:42 am
changes, as is north dakota. i'm saying if you have been very dependent on a flush moment and that goes away, you better have used that flush moment well to prepare for these times. >> zachary, josh, and professor, please stay with me. we'll take a short break. we're going to continue to keep a close watch on the market. up sharply across the board in irs first couple minutes. plus, huge news in the race for the white house surrounding joe biden. is he about to run? could he land an endorsement from president obama? you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them.
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behold, these are two can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. let's take another quick check on today's massive rally on wall street. up 300 points. the major indices across the board. we'll have much more on that and what's behind the moves. nasdaq up 108 points. s & p up 40. meanwhile, we're following news
6:46 am
of a possible shake-up right now in the presidential race. vice president joe biden seems to be getting closer to throwing his hat in the ring. he reportedly met last night with two of president obama's closest advisers. and white house aides say he's earned the right to take all the time he wants in making the decision. here with me now is nbc senior political editor mark murray and nick confessore. mark, vice president biden is far behind hillary clinton and burnernie sanders even in the ps but he's third. >> sometimes being in second place isn't all that bad as a position. it allows you to catch fire some somebody else falters. there is one problem with always being in second place. it shows you you don't have a natural base or constituency. for joe biden, he has to look and see that progressives seem to be in sanders' camp. hillary clinton will have females. she did a lot of hard work to
6:47 am
consolidate the latino vote. african-american voters might be up for grabs. when you don't have a natural base for support, it makes it much more difficult to win because while being in second place is sometimes good, you want to be able to have -- be people's first choice because those are the people who are going to be committed and help you in a place like the iowa caucuses. >> and nick, recent analysis by cbs shows of president obama's top 769 donors, just 51 have committed to hillary clinton. where is this coming from? and is there a possibility of maybe the vice president tapping into that immediately if he decides to run? >> yes, i'm sure there are people out there who are looking for a candidate. but as mark pointed out, the path for joe biden is unclear. the fact that so many donors are uncommitted are probably more of a factor of it's early in the campaign cycle. obama only got to that number by the end of his campaign. so many donorerize too endowed and the people in now are the
6:48 am
real fire breathers. >> mark, is it early, or is it almost too late to get in and make a serious run at it? >> well, as nick mentioned, there still are a lot of fund-raisers who are out there. we have a very long time. it's going to be five, six months until the iowa, new hampshire contest. another 14 months until the general election. joe biden has to do something very quickly. that is etup some kind of fund-raising committee. if he wants to go to iowa or new hampshire next month, something like that to fire up air force two and take his security apparatus and everyone else with him will cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. he has to be able to pay for that. to be able to be competitive with hillary clinton in addition to bernie sanders, he's going to have to have a fund-raising operation that gets him some $50 million or $100 million. if you want to raise money, you have to do it sooner rather than later. >> mark and nick, thank you very much for beeth with me.
6:49 am
good seeing you both. up next, history at the u.s./mexico border. a new cross-border rail line is opening up. the first in more than a century. i'll have details on that and another check on the dow. let's take a look at the numbers. 330 points up. and looks like it's going up and up and up. is this going to last? we'll talk about that and a whole lot more on "the rundown." stay with me. been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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6:52 am
developing now in texas, preparations are under way for today's ceremony celebrating a new rail crossing between the u.s. and mexico, the first in more than a century. the crossing will run between brownsville, texas and matamoros, mexico. it's supposed to reduce congestion and increase air quality. but like anything else, people
6:53 am
are wondering what or who else will be in the united states. the leading proponent of this project, the congressman is here with me. great to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about this project. 100 years since we've seen something like this between two countries that neighbor each other? >> two weeks ago, local officials from both united states and mexico and i stood and watched trains cross this bridge for the first time. it's the first international rail bridge in over 100 years on the u.s. mexican border. in the context of all the debate over immigration, what it makes you think about is we really need to redirect our focus on these issues. because if you consider the fact that mexico imports about $300 billion in goods every year, it makes you realize what we should be focusing on is enhancing economic development in mexico in addition to addressing the security concerns you and i
6:54 am
previously spoke about. >> let's talk about those security concerns, because how easy is it for someone to get up, under, within those trains and get to the united states? >> well, i have visited with our local cousins and border protection officials, and they are very well prepared to ensure that what comes through that rail bridge are legal goods. and so, you know, we have to be forever vigilant, but i trust that our department of homeland security and other federal officials will be doing everything they can to make sure that what's flowing through that rail line are legal goods. >> and, congressman, let's talk a little about this conversation we've been seeing on a national level started, no doubt, by mr. trump's candidacy about the undocumented and what to do about it and immigration reform. how do you get past just semantics and talk about the reality that there are a lot of people living in this country that we don't know who they are or what their backgrounds are, and on the other hand, there
6:55 am
doesn't seem to be any serious proposal to deal with immigration. >> well, look. you have concerns that come up, for example, like that monster in san francisco who murdered kate steinlee in cold blood. people like that need to be punished and we don't need to be letting people like that in. but by the same token, you can't take that same incident and totally assume that every other undocumented person in this country is of the same mentality. the fact is that a large and overwhelming majority of the undocumented people in this country are contributing to our economy, they're working in hotels, restaurants and construction sites all around this country, and if anybody should know that, it should be mr. trump himself. he's a successful businessman. so what we really need to do is go back to the comprehensive immigration proposals that congressman hava and i introduced. introduce a path to citizenship
6:56 am
for those people contributing to our economy who do good work here, and also set up a system so that people like that person in california aren't able to be in a position where they're going to commit violent acts. >> congressman, thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. coming up on "the rundown," the prep school rape trial resumes. the prosecution could wrap up its case against 19-year-old ow owen lubrie today. we'll take you there live. let's look at the numbers, shall we? almost 280 points. it's the plus sign that really makes a big difference. yesterday at this time we were all going, are we going to get up? is it going to get better? we don't know. but today it's holding a plus. let's hope it stays that way. we'll keep an eye on it together
6:57 am
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we begin the second hour of the run down with more breaking news. i'm jose diaz-balart. good morning to you. let's go to breaking news about numbers and stocks. the numbers on wall street, up 320 points. it's plus 16,000, the dow jones is. stocks have come back, roaring back, after yesterday's massive selloff here at home and across the globe. let me bring in cnbc's dominic chu. a great turnaround from yesterday, man. >> we finished the day at 588 points on the dow yesterday. we've gotten back about 320 of them now. so when you put it in a bigger context over yesterday, remember just after the open we dropped nearly 1100 points and we dropped by a thousand points last week, so this is a very, very strong rally today, there's no doubt about it. however, we are still a far way away from where we were a day
7:01 am
ago and just a week ago, so at least a little tepid toip am i familiar -- optimism coming into the market today. the stocks in the last few days are the ones that posed the biggest comeback. >> what are those stocks that took a beating jumping back up today? >> apple, for instance. at one point yesterday it was at 12 or 13% at the open. up today at 4 or 5% at last check. google, amazon, names that have been hot with investors for some time, they're the ones leading the charge today. you wonder if the momentum will last, but right now the most beaten down stocks are the ones turning up the biggest gains today. >> thank you for being with me. i always appreciate it. let's bring in managing director of southwestern securities and back with me in south florida, law professor at
7:02 am
florida international university. gentlemen, thank you. let's analyze a little bit about this back and forth that we've had. mark, this bounce-back is soothing a lot of investors, but is this something we're going to be seeing in the mid to long-term, these kinds of ups and downs? >> we're seeing a tremendous amount of volatility, jose. the dix was up yesterday, which is a volatility in the markets. i think we're getting a bounce off some lows that frankly the fundamentals of china with the european union and greece, with oil lead me to believe we're in a down trend and we're going to see many more down days before the year is out. >> so, mark, when you look at the future, right, you look at things that you should be kind of focusing in on to see about what patterns we're talking about, you're talking about oil, you're talking about china. what do you see as, for example, in china they've done something yesterday, they devalued their currency two weeks ago. do you not see them being able to control the bleeding in their
7:03 am
own economic reality? >> that would be correct, jose. i do not see them able to stop the bleeding. what they did was lower their interest rates to almost 11, as you said. they devalued their currency not one day but for three days. i think these are acts of desperation, and i think their demand for commodities for oil is going to have a serious impact on the markets this year. >> professor, let's talk to the average person who has some money in the stock market through their 401(k). what should they be worried about or looking at? >> that's a good question, and mark's point about volatility is really important, because most retail investors are growth traders. they don't even understand what volatility is. they have to realize there is a whole class of institutional investors who make money every day, getting in and out of auctions position, and they're the ones making money in
7:04 am
volatility. if you're a retail person, i think it depends where you are in your life cycle. if you're close to retirement, you don't have a lot of time to take a lot of risks. if you're a young person who should be saving, you have some time to take some risks and wait it out. that said, i have a lot more d admiration for our system. i used to work in the fcc in the section that used to analyze stock exchanges, and what we have is no accident. it's years of study, design and improvement. we have a wonderful capitalist section. if you're aware of loss, you should know the stock exchange has a circuit breaker. too much happening too quickly, the markets get stuck. that's a protection we have in our system. we really have a wonderful system, no doubt about it. >> and mark, very quickly, when you see a thousand-point drop and that's not enough to trigger all the alarms, the question is, how low can it go before people or the institution says enough, let's put a hold on it? >> i'd like to comment on the
7:05 am
professor's comment. i think he's generally correct. we had 1200 stocks yesterday in the market. and we're having this incredible volatility. where do i think it's going? i'll give you a number. i think we're going to go down another two to three thousand points from where we are now. i think problems with china are very serious. they're having a hard landing, and that just affects commodities in oil which, of course, leads to deflation, and then i think the new party in greece is going to cause tremendous problems for the european union. so i'm a guy that believes that right now you should get yield, you should be in taxable annuities, america centric and not try to get appreciation at this point. >> gentlemen, thank you both for
7:06 am
being with me. i really appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. meanwhile, it's going to be another busy day on wall street. it's also a busy day on the campaign trail. later this hour, jeb bush will hold a town hall meeting in colorado on monday. he visited the u.s.-mexico border just like donald trump earlier this summer did. it's become an ongoing and public feud. last hour we spoke to democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley who also had some words for the republican front-runner. >> people like donald trump speak in such hate-filled language about other human beings, scapegoat other human beings like he has done with all mexican-american immigrants. it brings license to others who are very worried and very apprehensive about their future and their children's future, and all of us in the public arena of this presidential campaign need to push back against donald trump and this sort of language. >> we'll have much more on the
7:07 am
gop race later. this morning vice president joe biden appears to be edging closer to challenging hillary clinton and mr. o'malley. it would all make for a jolt in what many thought might be a sleepy, democratic primary. nbc's peter alexander is following it all for us. he's at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. airds in the white house have consistently said to the vice president that he's earned the right to take the time he needs to consider a 2016 run. overnight one senior democratic source said he gave biden his blessing at lunch yesterday, to go for it if biden wants to. but sources are speculating they know nothing about. this morning the buzz about a possible biden bid is building. the vice president will supposedly huddle privately with
7:08 am
r are notes on monday, giving rise to the meeting he had on monday. secretary josh ernest says the president respects and honors president clinton. >> there is probably no one in american politics today who has a better understanding of what exactly is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign. >> reporter: later ernest added to the intrigue. >> i wouldn't rule out a possible endorsement to the democratic primary. >> and what does the show look like? they've parted ways on national security. hillary clinton pushed for mora gress sie -- more aggressive actions in syria and libya. clinton pushed forth, but biden said she initially thought it was too big a gamble. >> if they did get into the race together, you could see this become a fine point on
7:09 am
presidential judgment. >> those messages disappear all by themselves. >> reporter: meanwhile republicans aren't letting up on clinton, today releasing this chat-style video, mocking her in the e-mail controversy. still, clinton is not backing down, picking up the pace of the campaign, leaving her hamptons vacation tomorrow for a swing through the midwest. first stop, iowa. >> joe biden talked to two of obama's most trusted advisers last night. two of his fundraisers from 2012 have already committed to donating a bunch of money to the clinton campaign. turning now to new hampshire where court has just begun for the day in the prep school rape trial. lubrie charged with having sex
7:10 am
with a then 15-year-old classmate. he's pled not guilty to all of the charges. gabe gutierrez is in new hampshire. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the defendant is on the stand. all along he's said he never had sex with the accuser, but several of his schoolmates told a different story. today prosecutors could wrap up their case against 19-year-old owen lubrie, but lubrie's classmates saying he did lead them to believe he had sex with her. >> he mainly gave me a smile, but i was left with the impression that they did have sex. >> he basically told me in his words that [ bleep ]. >> what would that mean to you? >> i would assume that means they had sexual relations. >> one whose identity they were
7:11 am
not revealing said lubrie was even more direct. >> there was a private conversation with me and owen where i asked if they had had sex, and he told me they did. >> reporter: lubrie has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and other charges, telling police he never had sex with the girl. one of the nation's most elite boys' schools now under a microscope. they said, current allegations are not indicative of our school. but he told jurors he learned of the spring salute in 2013. >> were you familiar with the practice or what was involved with practicing the senior salute? >> in relatively vague terms, yes. >> prosecutors alleged lubrie had been plotting the encounter with the 15-year-old freshman for months on the list of girls
7:12 am
he must sway. crude messages to his friends do not mego unnoticed. >> reporter: jay carney says his client still plans to testify. that could happen as early as today but probably tomorrow. he could be the only witness the defense calls to the stand, and jose, the entire case could hang on his words. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on it. coming up on this very busy toews morning, new words about the train in france. we're going to get an update on t the. it is up 309 points. the s&p 500 at 41 and the nasdaq
7:13 am
is up at 127. we'll be back with a whole lot more of "the rundown." stay with us. ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. pubut to get from theand yoold way to the new,d. you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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7:16 am
and developing now overseas, the paris prosecutor is expected to outline charges soon against the gun-toting man confronted by a group of passengers, including four americans, on a train late last week. the prosecutors' office will hold a news conference at the top of the hour when we are expecting to learn more about this man, ayub al kazani's background. in the meantime, his father spoke saying his soon was poor but not a terrorist. he attacked people on friday as he emerged from a bathroom with a pistol and a knife. three of those americans received the highest honor on
7:17 am
monday. the fourth was shot and is being treated at the hospital. special agent in charge of the fbi and nypd, don parelli. don, good morning. >> good morning. >> as we wait for the prosecutors in paris, what charges do you expect to be made against this guy? >> there will be attempted murder, things of that sort. i think the investigation is really going to look at who provided assistance to him? here's a guy that was, by all accounts, lifrg on the street, kind of bouncing around from place to place, and yet he turned up with an ak-47 and loaded magazines and other weapons and. how did he come up with this stuff? clearly he had some support, he probably had minimal strange, if any, based on his actions on the train, but i think investigators
7:18 am
will be looking to put that picture together to see who else was involved. >> when you're on a train going to and from, this is a place where you can't even find where an open gun would be from. >> that leads me to believe there were other people involved. the fact he's been on a watch list. he was on a watch list in france and in spain, so he's known to have some ties to terrorist groups and to see what those ties, if they were a big part of what happened in france, i guess we'll find out as the investigation unfolds. >> don, when you saw what happened on this train in france, any thoughts on u.s. and security and the trains in this country? is there something that france or the other countries didn't do or don't do because it's entering europe travel that we should look into doing, or do you do anything? >> i was at penn state this
7:19 am
weekend, if you can believe it. there is the nypd over nernd, there's just thousands of ne neem -- i'm not sure people are ready for that kind of a screening in train travel. so it's a difficult situation to, you know, keep people aware and let intelligence do its work. this just really shows the importance of, if you soo something, say something, and not just while you're if a train station, but if you're in contact with someone who is getting radicalized on the internet or is going down that path to being dangerous, bring it to the attention of law enforcement early. >> then in the case of these
7:20 am
four americans, if you see something, do something. >>. coming up, major instability in latin america. i border crisis. at guatemala, rocked by, we're on storm watch again. this time it's tropical storm erica threatening puerto rico and maybe even florida. that forecast and a whoet lot more on "the rundown." he campus. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
extend to 80 miles an hour at the storm's center. tropical storm erika is helping the drought-suffering island. all islands are suffering from drght, cuba also. the storm hunters will be flying through the storm throughout the day, but can you put the path up for a second? it looks like it will get to category 1 sometime soon. right there, and the con gee ge extended as the day goes on, but category 1 is between florida and cuba possibly by this weekend. we'll keep a close eye on that. developing in latin america, columbia, the interior minister there is calling the situation a humanitarian tragedy, and this is what he's talking about. a border crisis between columbia and venezuela is leaving hundreds of people without their homes. the venezuelan government is
7:25 am
bulldozing people's homes at the border. and in guatemala, the president is suspected of receiving thousands of dollars in bribes while she was president. just part of a corruptions investigation. here to break it down for us in los angeles, julio, good morning. let's start with venezuela and columbia. what's going on at the border, and it's true that venezuela is bulldozing people's homes? >> basically they decided to shut this border and deport hundreds of columbians who are illegally living in venezuela. he blames the illegal immigrants for their rampant crime in the country, for their economic crisis. he believes it is due to the columbians living in venezuela that violence is increasing, and
7:26 am
also he believes that they've been buying goods at a very low price. venezuela is smuggling to kmump ya at a higher price. that's why he decided to do this. the columbian government believes this is a humanitarian crisis. wednesday the two foreign ministers of both countries will discuss the future of this border. >> it's very complicated there in that border area. here to talk about guatemala, what's going on there? >> well, this corruption scandal has been damaging, so basically this commission, backed by the united nations, that wasn't formed in 2006, it wasn't i am grated by national crime to investigate, to discover that importers were paying bribes to tax authority officials. much of that money was going to
7:27 am
high officials in the government. according to the investigation, even to president molina. that's why his government has been suffering, thousands of people going out to the streets to demand their resignation of president molina and the resignation of many other members of his cabinet. >> including the former vice president. imagine that, a vice president actually going to trial. julio, always a pleasure to see you, my friend. you'll be helpful that george bush is to tip off -- jeb bush is about to start a rally in colorado. the stock market, plus 257.
7:28 am
today it's up about 300 points, 260 points. will it stay that way or not? let's keep looking at it for you and we'll take a quick break and be right back on "the rundown." . bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... the signs are everywhere. the lincoln summer invitation is on. get exceptional offers on the luxury small utility mkc, mkz sedan... ♪ the iconic navigator. and get a first look at the entirely new
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they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical it's 31 after the hour. let's take a look at breaking news from wall street. numbers still up. 263 points, the dow and s&p 500 up 35 and the nasdaq is up about 112 points. all in all, so far a pretty good start to the day. oh, how different things were just yesterday and friday and thursday, but cnbc's mandy drury is here with the market rundown. mandy, good morning. >> let's go to tuesday, shall we, jose? as you can see, we have a nice rebound here on the s&p for
7:32 am
about five years. so what happened? a number of things, but the most important overnight is that china came out and did something to try to stabilize their market. whether or not it works is a completely different story, but nevertheless they cut interest rates for the fifth time this year, not that the first four cuts did much, but nevertheless, we're seeing a lot of chinese stocks at the top of the nasdaq list, names like badu. also the u.s. sector, all the big names, it was losing for five days and now it seems like we've got the best day since december. you've got big names like apple leading there. that's huge, jose, because a lot of the names like netflix, amazon, apple, twitter, microsoft, google, i could keep going on, they had a pretty rough start up to today.
7:33 am
yes, we're higher, yes, it is the biggest rally of 2015, or at least it was this morning off the highs. we have not nearly made up for yesterday's losses and don't even know where we're going from here, but today so far a little relief. >> and we can't even talk about thursday's and friday's losses. joining me now, msnbc contribute tore jerry brown, chief adviser for joe biden. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> try to explain this to me because i'm a slow learner. so china, why does it have to have so much weight over what happens here in the united states of america. many talks about the devaluation twice some weeks ago and the interest rates. what does that do? >> first of all, it's the second largest economy in the world, so that tells you something. and it's also responsible for much of the growth in the global economy in recent years.
7:34 am
china was a real growth leader up until a few years ago, posting double digit growth rates. that's fallen by about half, maybe from about 10% to around 5%. you can imagine when such a large economy slows that much, it's going to have repercussions. the stock market is a particularly interesting story there. it's not like our stock market, it's heavily managed by the state, and they really orchestrated a massive bubble in the shanghai index which has now gone through a very big correction. >> why did they do that? >> because their state-run enterprises, automakers and factories, they're owned by the state. they wanted to reduce the debt to equity ratios in these companies. in other words, they wanted the companies to look less leveraged, so they basically
7:35 am
pumped up their gas prices. >> they did that and their bluf has been called. what do we do now? >> i think we're kind of back to the future today, what do they say, turnaround tuesday better than miserable monday? i take what mandy said, she definitely knows her stuff, but a lot of what we're seeing today is just kind of a pullback from the panic of yesterday. i think a broader concern here is that there is just greater uncertainty of this managing editor. i think the big concern is policymakers are not really doing the job we need them to do when it comes to micromanagement. >> jerry, before i let you go, have you had a conversation with the vice president at all? >> i have not talked to him recently. >> like what? >> i talked to him a few months
7:36 am
ago about the economy. there's a lot of talk about him considering? is it too late. >> if you had asked me a couple weeks ago that the probability is very low. but u. i think a lot of it has to do with how the rest of the field looks to him as well as what kind of money he can come up with. >> jerry, if you get a call from him, give me a call. and developing now, jeb bush holding a town hall in colorado. he's speaking to a group of veterans south of denver. ahead of today's ooernt, his campaign is rolling out a list of seven executives. but the headlines today for the bush campaign is the ongoing back and forth with donald
7:37 am
trump. >> trump is hitting bush, who bush now says was referring to asian children ask not latinos and propels a more substantive discussion on immigration. with me is a professor at the university of texas and ken vogle. let's talk about what happened in texas. this whole baby spat is getting messy, and yesterday jeb bush said he wasn't talking about anchor baby latinos, he was actually talking more about the asi asian. >>. and the thing is jeb bush coming to texas is very important,
7:38 am
jose. we can't lose sight of that in the anchor baby talk. first of all, when you come to texas you're signalling that you're serious about forming immigration, coming to a conclusi conclusion. . and he really needs to lockdown that latino, republican vote come march it was very important to jeb bush. as reelection he got 49% of the latino vote. jeb bush needs to cultivate that vote and not alienate it with talk of anchor babies. >> so a new poll shows trump is under water with hispanics, his acceptability is under 51%.
7:39 am
but it just doesn't seem like this kind of discussion is going to help anybody. >> yeah, it's interesting that congresswoman chu called for a more substantive talk about immigration. that's what donald trump is doing, and he keeps getti, jeb getting stumbled by the roadblocks donald trump puts out there. he said he used the term anchor babies because it's the term trump used. he said he only has problems with asians and that just oe fends a larger group of people. >> this is an agenda deemed more favorable to hispanic fz, he
7:40 am
supports a path. and this is an area that is potentially weaker with the base, but a stretch for him going into a general election if he can survive this primary without getting caught up in too many of the sort of rhetorical barbed wire being laid out by donald trump. >> victoria, have you heard about -- for the telemundo audience, i anchor the evening news there, trying to find a term to translate anchor baby into spanish, it's not even a term used in spanish. where does it come from and do people understand? unless you're saying anchor old guy, which would be me, this term anchor babies doesn't -- where did it come from, victoria? >> well, jose, we know from some research that the term arose in reference to anchor children with vietnamese immigrants that came after the vietnam war, so anchor children, and it's some way morphed into anchor babies. but where we really saw it spring into the forefront was
7:41 am
during the 2010 midterm election during the tea party revolution where immigration became a very hot button issue. we saw the terminology there. then it became caudified into some of the bill language in 2010 and 2011. for example, arizona put forward an anchor baby bill that would take away the citizenship of babies who were born in the united states to undocumented parents. and then nationally we know that steve king has been at the forefront of repealing the health care movement and the anchor baby movement. >> you have two now, don't you? >> i have two now. i'm very busy. >> thank you both for being with us. good to see you both. developing now in colorado, the sentencing hearing for convicted movie theater shooter
7:42 am
james holmes is set to move after one day after powerful testimony from the families of the victims. >> all i can think about is my daughter being shot. i had to retire early than i wanted -- i had to retire earlier than i wanted to. in the second year, i just sat at home, could barely get up and off the couch. nothing seemed joyful. >> at least a hundred survivors and witnesses are expected to speak before james holmes is officially sentenced to life in prison without parole after killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in the attack. what are we expecting in court today? >> reporter: good morning, jose.
7:43 am
dozens of people are expected to testify about the impact the crime had on their lives. holmes was already sentenced to life in prison without parole by a jury earlier this month. when they were unable to agree on the death penalty, he automatically got life in prison. that was for the first degree murder charges. this hearing is to deal with the 140 other charges he was convicted of. under the colorado bill of rights, the victims and their family members have an opportunity to talk about the crime and how it's impacted them. it got started off yesterday with christian cowda who talked about the loss of her father. >> i still don't want to believe that he won't be there in the future to hold his grandchildren in his arms, to support his family through the thick and thin of life, or to simply continue living and enjoying each day into old age. >> reporter: it's been interesting what each of the
7:44 am
victims' family members wanted to share. some people expressed anger and some people questioned the judicial system itself and questioned the jury members. the judge sharply defended that judicial system and the jury saying they had an extremely difficult job. there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, and the fact that holmes could now be sentenced to thousands of years more in addition to his life sentence already, they said they can't just throw out those 140 convictions that he has. under law he has to be given punishment for each of those, and that is why this process is happening. the defense will also have a chance to call some witnesses, including james holmes himself. he has refused to testify so far through this trial. jose? >> leanne gregg, thank you very much. up next we're going to meet two women who think bernie sanders, not hillary clinton, is the best candidate for women. we'll be right back on "the
7:45 am
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a little more than a year from now, the united states could have its first female president or not. hillary clinton, long viewed as a front runner among democratic women, is losing some of their support according to some recent polling. where are the women voters going? well, if some women have their way -- well, as the slogan goes, feeling the burn, shift thirg suppo daib shi -- shifting their support to bernie sanders. thanks for being with me, ladies. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. what prompted you to get involved in the sanders campaign, pat? >> well, i'm a recently retired librarian, and i've always been politically minded, used to build community in the library, and now, well, we found out that bernie was running.
7:49 am
we realized that we always want a woman for president, but secretary clinton, we felt, was not the right woman for right now. we felt like bernie sanders is not only good for traditional women issues like equal pay and reproductive rights, he also is very passionate about some things that are good for all humans around the planet, particularly climate change, he wants to overturn citizens united and give the people back the proper representation in our government, and he is for diplomacy over war. war is a last resort. >> jenny, let me ask you, what did it for you? why did you decide to support
7:50 am
bernie sanders? >> i've been a feminist for the last, probably, adult life. he is good for women but i have a lot of friends that want a woman in the white house, and i just don't think this is the right woman. >> why, jenny? >> like pat said, bernie is really good on women's issues. he's always gotten a 100% from planned parenthood, but he goes beyond that. as a mother with a child in the military, it's really important for me to have diplomacy over war. and i just feel like he's much more anti-war than secretary clinton is, and citizens united is really important to me. i've been really involved with
7:51 am
that since it happened, so that was another factor. and i'm an environmentalist, and that was -- >> i don't mean to interrupt. i want to thank you both for being with me. i really appreciate your time and i wanted to really have you explain to us why is it that you've come to your decision, and i very much appreciate your time. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> take care. up next, take a look at this. a competitive eater took down 17 of donald trump's big macs in one hour. he's just smiling away, isn't he? it's believed to be a world record. it's also inspired by five things food record, next. is that a still picture or actual video? it could be either/or!
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
so there's a new big mac in town. competitive eater alan moran is
7:55 am
in the headlines after eating 17 big macs in less than an hour. look at the smile on his face! it's believed to be the new world record bringing us to today's five things food records. number one, adam has some catching up to do. the world record holder of most big macs eaten ever, 16-year-old john gorse. he says despite all that meat, he's perfectly healthy. in 2012, they broke the guinness world record for most pancakes flipped at one time, but not everybody was a winner that day. four would-be flip pers were dropped for dropping their pancakes. a hummus showdown. lebanon created an 11.5-ton tub, setting the record for biggest hummus. it uses two tons of tiini, two
7:56 am
tons of lemon juice and oil. number four, mexico holds the record for the biggest enwhich i laud a ever made with its 2010 creation. it clocked in at 230 feet long and nearly 1.5 tons. that's what the enwhichchilada weighed, not anybody else. the biggest coffee. it held 200,000 espressos. when you talk about 200,000 espressos, that's a normal morning at casa jose. we'll hear from the paris prosecutor live next on "news nation" with tamron hall. see you tomorrow. visibility into your business,
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. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we're starting off with breaking news out of paris. authorities are about to hold a news conference where they are expected to lay out charges against the gunman who was taken down by three american tourists and another passenger on a packed train bound for paris. the gunman, a 26-year-old moroccan, has denied planning an attack saying he intended to commit an armed robbery. this as new details emerge about the french american man who was the first to confront the gunman and was shot in the attack. mark mulligan wrestled the assault rifle from the gunman before being joined by three other americans. the professor remains in the hospital this morning after taking a bullet that punctured his lung and also injured his neck. mugalian's sister talked about her brother. >> it was very overem i


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