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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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our bing pulse question for you today, could he end up running as the antitrump? have your voice heard. the pulse is live. meanwhile, it's the battle of the barbs between donald trump and jeb bush. the former florida governor calling trump's immigration plan unrealistic while the jop front-runner slams bush for bringing asians into the anchor baby controversy. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. great to have you with me. i do start with a developing news from wall street. boy, what a difference 24 hours can make. dow jones soaring at the opening bell and gaining over 350 points. holding on to it at this hour. now, on the right side of your screen look at where things stand right now. and all of this comes after a really wild ride yesterday when the dow plunged more than 1,000 points in the first six minutes after the opening bell. meantime, asian markets, they plunged again today, down 7%. they're still not able to shrug off the it,ers overseas. can we of here at home?
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josh is joining us now life at home to talk about that. explain the comeback. why are we seeing a ro be ing i tuesday? >> thomas, certainly a snapback on wall street. you look at the major averages as you pointed out, the dow enjoy that strong triple-digit move. put that in context as well for your viewers though, thomas. the dow, we also just saw the worst three-day point drop in history. you know, my colleague, bob pisani at cnbc, bob was saying yesterday with that 1100-point drop was one of the strangest in his career. so what we're seeing today, remember the source of the concern has been this slowdown in chinese economy and now you have seen those chinese poli policymakers take action. cutting lending rates, providing liquidity, supporting their economy. really their own version of qe. now, whether that works for their economy, we wait and see. but investors certainly more
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optimistic. you look at those chinese stock. talk about names like alibaba,, bidou, china's google. big moves today. talking moves of 7%, 8%, thomas. >> josh lipton, thanks so much. joining me now, josh barrel, "new york times" domestic correspondent. josh, let's pick up with the other josh just left off on the issues with china. a lot of fear coming from their market. >> yeah. >> the depression that we're seeing from there. what can we do to insulate ourselves here at home from feel that ripple effect? >> yeah, well, i mean, the interesting the thing eve wean in the market today is stocks were down in china, up everywhere else in the world. not just the u.s. stocks stronger in asia and europe. that's a reflection of the fact that people weren't sure how much to panic about what's wrong in china. the question is china is not whether china is in recession. it's a question of is it growing like 7% or 5% or 2%.
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we have economic links to them. that can't be avoided. presidential candidates talk about this as we can pull back from china. we're always going to be connected. it's a question of the we sell a handful fewer iphones in china, that's okay. can they set off an economic crisis that ripples through asia. >> are they reflecting accurately how their country is growing or are they trying to pull the wool over everybody else's eyes. this is where we get into a little snafu. donald trump last night repeatedly talked about china many times and what he would do with them about negotiating with them at the table. on fox he was asked about china's president visiting the u.s. next month, specifically whether or not donald trump would three a state dinner for his chinese counterpart if trump were elected. >> get him a mcdonald's hamburger and say we've got to get down to work because you can't continue to deval. we'll give him a steak dinner and he's sucked all of our jobs and he's sucked the money right out of our country.
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>> u.s. companies do it. they're doing it. so you would be confrontational with the chinese? saying, look, i'm not giving you a dinner. here's a big mac, really, is that what you're going to do? >> i would give him a double -- probably a double-sized big mac. >> double-sized big mac. >> yeah. >> super size him. so at least he's got that going for him at a state dinner. does h reflect the way -- i mean, donald trump, you know, and the way he wants to deal with china. it's really not going to be diplomacy -- >> cancelling a state den we're the president of china will not do anybody any good right now. this discussion is funny because there are genuine areas of economic competition between the united states and china. over the last decade or more china has, in fact, manipulated currency in a way thats a made them overly competitive in exports. made their products cheap. made it expensive for american companies to sell into china. that has been on ongoing problem but a problem that is a few years in the past. right now china's economy is weak. not artificially weakening the
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currency. their currency is stronger than it should be which means if they were not manipulating it, it would fall and make exports cheeker. right now it's not a question of who can win the u.s. or china. right now what the rest of the world wants is a win for china because if the chinese economy keeps growing strongly china will cause fewer problems economically for the rest of the world. this is not one of the questions about who should get the piece of the pie, us or china. right now we really need to work cooperatively together. it would be a terrible time to do something like cancel a state dinner. >> on the plus side, josh, great to see you. politically the big question today is will vice president joe biden run in 2016? now, this political question started to swirl in d.c. yesterday after the president had a lunch with the vp. but perhaps more importantly, does his family want to endure the pain of another national
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campaign. it underlie lines the toll any campaign would have a family still reeling from the loss of a son. msnbc's alex seitz-wald is in washington, d.c. with this store prip ry. alex, they bring up another reason why a run at this moment in time would certainly be i can difficult for joe biden, his extended family. as we look at the tea leaves here and the indications from josh earnest and what he had to say yesterday, the president and his lunch, the meeting with elizabeth warren, what does this all unfolding to be? >> yeah, thomas. well, definitely looks more real to me this time than it has in the past. we've had several rounds of media speculation about joe biden getting in and i've made calls to senior people who have in the past have been convinced he would take a look and ultimately pass. this time around some of the same people are telling me this could be different. his allies are reaching out to terrible saf staffers in case he
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makes the decision. he's been talking to donors. they will meet with superdelegates this friday. no decision has been made yet. he's still weighing his options. he said he will wait until the end of the summer. that could mean the end of september. it's definitely looking like he's taking a much closer look at this than he had been previously. i think too many reason for that, one, the death of his son beau who reportedly said he wanted his father to run and the weakness of hillary clinton who is not and inevitable as we once thought she might be. >> let's talk about that because we're just getting word, alex. two of hillary clinton's top aides will sit for interviews before the house benghazi select committee coming up next week. aides confirm to nbc news that the fact that this will happen. so are those the kind of headlines that could push vice president joe biden to jump into the race thinking that maybe clinton's campaign is too damaged and he would have better success? >> definitely not a vote of confidence in hillary clinton's campaign that joe biden is
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taking a closer look at running. just moments ago, suffolk university poll came out of iowa voters that showed her still very strongly ahead of the field and still crushing joe biden and not made a decision. 52% of iowa democrats said they thought this e-mail scandal or controver trtroversy could be a. that's democrats. this general air of cloud hanging over her is damaging and a distraction and part of what's led biden to get in. huge challenges for him. fund-raising would be a big challenge. never been a big fund-raiser. he's run twice before in the past and failed to get the domination. clinton has sucked up so much oxygen, so many staffers, support, it would be hard for him to find any path to the nomination. that's all going in to his decision now along with, of course frk his familys has always been his closest political advisers and extremely important in his life. >> msnbc's alex seitz-wald. as you were talking about
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oxygen there, alex, we talk about who is taking up oxygen on the right, donald trump. he's heading back to iowa today. jeb bush is having to defend himself against his latest comments about anchor babies. bush was in colorado today. there he hit trump for his immigration plan as being impractical. however, bush getting criticism for his own and what he said monday about anchor babies all on the texas border. original use of the controversial term last week did not refer to latinos per se, rather asians. take a listen. >> when i was talking about was specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts and, frankly, it's more related to asian people coming in to our country and having children in that organized efforts, taking advantage of a noble concept with the birth right citizenship. >> the head of the congressional asian caucus, congresswoman judy chu says in a statement the term anchor baby is offensive. regardless of whether bush meant
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latinos or asians and trump hit bush for the comment via twitter, quote, in a clumsy move to get out of anchor baby's dilemma where he signed that he would not use that term and now uses it, he blamed asians. this morning here's how bush defended himself. >> talking about a very narrow casted system of fraud where people are bringing children -- bringing pregnant women in to have babies to get birth right citizenship. >> so nbc's katy tur is in iowa. can you explain a little bit how bush is untangling what he meant here and the reaction to it? >> i mean, he's trying to untangle himself. you can almost hear democratic leaders laughing behind closed doors after all of these gasps by saying that it was asian women that were more of the problem instead of hispanics or latinos. it doesn't make it much better. the outrage online was swift. people saying they just can't believe the democratic -- the republican party in this campaign in particular can be so
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tone deaf. i mean, asians were one of the major voting blocs that republicans were supposed to be going for this season. that and latinos. and for bush to come out and say that it's really an asian problem more than hispanic problem hurts him much more than it's helping him. it's frankly hurting the republican party when they're trying to get out there and widen their base of support to people in other ethnic groups. >> so, katy, as we talk about donald trump, i'm looking at the stuff you've been putting in hot about how there is a new spark between the fight of megyn kelly and donald trump reignited by trump. what's going on? >> so megyn kelly came back from the vacation and returned to her voe and donald trump tweeted that he liked "the kelly file" better without megyn kelly and once again called her a bimbo. the hosts had been condemning him for this saying that he's gone too far, it's enough, let it go. the debate was two weeks ago at this point. he needs to move on. now, roger ales is getting into
10:12 am
the middle of it calling his tweets disturbing and unacceptable. now, trump had said that he had a conversation with roger ales and believed fox news was going, to quote, treat him fairly from now on. not sure how this is going to fall into place. but it's just another example of donald trump trying to get more attention. he's been commenting on this stock market plunge but that's not necessarily getting him to the front of the newscast, the top of the shows. by going out and attacking megyn kelly again, reigniting an old fight. he's going to be forced -- people are going to be forced to talk about him earlier in the shows. his name will be out there again. he's going to be in iowa here tonight. this is going to be a question. he's going to make headlines. waiting for him to get himself out there, keep himself in the news on what would otherwise be a day where he was not the main story. thomas? >> i guess serving a big mac to the president of china was not enough to do it. katy tur, great to see you. i want to check in with francis rivera watching the pulse for today. and this has to do with whether
10:13 am
or not joe biden is maybe an anecdote to donald trump? >> after hearing from katy tur and how donald trump is keeping his name out there, staying in the headlines, the attention on him, many are watching vice president joe biden. so we are asking you, is vice president biden the antitrump? look how this has changed in the past minute just as i was speaking. 68% of our viewers are saying, yes, that is the case. joe biden is the anti-trump. 31% saying no. again, this changing as we speak. so certainly a lot of you out there are having your thoughts about this and we invite you to weigh in, continuously and if those change at all, in our next two hours, keep those votes coming. once again, this is shifting, the nos going down. the yes, sir yeses going up. breaking news after the break. police raiding two homes in brussels as french prosecutors make a major announcement about that foiled train attack.
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so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back. we have breaking news out of paris to report. french authorities open an official terror investigation into the attempted train attack over the weekend. the suspect, 26-year-old ayoub el khazzani, charged with attempted murder of a terrorist nature. the french prosecutor on this case claims el khazzani watched a youtube combat video on a cellphone while on that train just prior to the attack. he also says the attack was
10:18 am
premeditated and targeted and called el khazzani's claim he was only attempting a robbery, a false one. join meg now from paris, nbc's claudio. how does classify this as terror classification alter the investigation moving forward? >> yes, the investigators also specified that they brought three charges against the 28 erldia moroccan. it is attempting murder of a terrorist nature, weapons. now they reveal a lot of details about both the attack and the attackers during the a press conference. about the attack, well, we knew that el khazzani, the gunman, boarded that train bound for paris in brussels. we knew he came out of that toilet shirtless with an ak-47. what we didn't know is he specifically chosen target that train for some republican. when he went to the station the
10:19 am
ticket sales office was offered two earlier trains but he said, no, i want to buy first class ticket that costs at $150 for that particular train and we don't know why. we learned about the weapons he was carrying. he was carrying an akm machine gun you, he was carrying nine cartridges of rounds. 270 bullets in it. a hammer, a box cutter, and of course all that could have caused what the prosecutors said it was carnage if it wasn't for the three americans who stopped him in the end. the attacker, we heard we the tails he traveled from istanbul where they believe he carried on trying to entering at least syria and getting contact possibly with the islamic state and then returned to france in 2015. and the next thing we know he was onboard that train, possibly, according to investigator, trying to cause -- carry out a terrorist attack. thomas? >> claudio, thank you very much. we have this breaking news to report out of pennsylvania.
10:20 am
a brand new chopper pictures from affiliate wcau over the chester county courthouse. there are reports of a shooting there. right now we don't know many we the tails but we do know there was one victim and police now say the incident is over. again, these are aerials coming in from our philadelphia affiliate. we're going to work on more details and keep you updated as we learn more. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did.
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the racing world is mourning following the death of indycar driver justin wilson. wilson passed away late last night in injuries from a racetrack following an accident that happened at pocono raceway on sunday. wilson's brother tweed, can't even begin to describe the loss i feel right now. he was my brother, my best friend, my role model and mentor. he was my champion. dario fran chetity tweeted, rest
10:24 am
in peace, justin. it was a real privilege to know you and call you a friend. justin wilson was 37 years old. developing news right now. the accused rapest at the center of a case rocking an elite prep sdmool new hampshire could be taking the stand today. 19-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping a girl who was is a at the time of last year's alleged attack at st. paul's school. labrie has pleaded not guilty to all charges. earlier today in court, the defense challenged a concord police detective on her methods of investigation. >> you're the one who brought up the subject in trying to get owen to come upstairs and meet with you without his mother. that was your goal, wasn't it? please, that was your goal, wasn't it? >> he made the decision -- >> just admit that was your goal. >> i object. >> this follows dramatic testimony yesterday from a friend of owen labrie. >> what did he say to you?
10:25 am
>> i was congratulating him on graduating. and it came up that he had had sex with [ bleep ] a previous night. >> what is it exactly that you remember him saying to you? >> he told me that he had sex with [ bleep ]. >> labrie is previously denied having sex with the accuser whose identity we are not disclosing. msnbc's jamie is following the trial from concord for us. >> well, thomas, court is resuming now after a lunch break and jurors are hearing from the very last of the prosecution's witnesses. they're hearing from an expert police witness and after that another we're expected to hear from another expert police witness. and then the prosecution is expected to rest its case. as you said, earlier today, tense moments. the lead detective in the case pressed be i the defense attorney as to why she invited labrie to give his interview with police without his mother on hand.
10:26 am
and defense attorney also questioned her on why she had brought a second detective to the meeting and why she made her initial attempt to contact labrie by driving up to his house unannounced, this house that he share with his mother in vermont, unannounced an in the words of the defense attorney, surprising him there. the defense attorney clearly trying to discredit what's already on the record. labrie had given an interview a year ago to police about the details of what happened that night but, of course, he said he did not have sex with that girl and, as you said, there was testimony from friends yesterday that, in fact, he had. so what's left? the next big event in the case will be labrie himself testifying. he's expected to testify, his attorney says that he will and his testimony will be crucial because he's going to have to resolve this discrepancy. he will likely insist that he did not have sex with this girl and he has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. meantime, this has cast the
10:27 am
school, itself, in an uncomfortable light. the school has said in a statement the allegations about our culture are not emblematic of our school or value, rules, or the people who represent our student body, alumni, faculty or staff. thomas? >> jamie, thanks so much. we bring in now ann bremer, trial attorney and legal analyst not affiliated with this case but is certainly following it. explain to all of us, when you look at this, how damaging is that testimony we've been seeing from all of labrie's friends that confirm at least from labrie's side of things he had sex with the accuser? >> it's just devastating because these are his friends and they're coming in to court and damning him with what haes had to say orally with him by saying i had sex with her, i knew she was underage, but this is also in writing, text, e-mail, facebook messages. they're coming forward and saying, he may say in this trial i didn't have sex with her, i think divine inspiration said
10:28 am
stopped him. what he said back when to the people he trusted. that's going to hurt him. >> meanwhile, as we see the prosecution wrapping up their case odd and the expectation that labrie could take the stand in his own defense, do you think that that could be the only saving grace of how this young man could try to discredit his friends as not being accurate in the statements that they're trying to describe in the court? >> well, he could either do that or say he was bragging or boasting at the senior salute, you know. exactly. like what guys do when they're in prep school, i guess, you know, with power, privilegprivid justice. remember the kennedy smith trial, accuser took the stand and did well and acquitted. we have to wait and see how he does in terms of whether he can say she never said no, i didn't know what her age was, but, you know what, i didn't have sex with her anyway because i'm completely 110% not guilty. he was headed for harvard.
10:29 am
this is a very promising young man who may do -- be polished and convincing. we'll have to see. >> this is an elite prep school, considered part of the batch that sends everybody off to the ivy league. so we -- >> ivy leagues. >> so we know that a lot of people will be interested to see if labrie does take a stand. great to see you. thanks for your time. >> great to see you. coming up next, less than three hours before the closing bell. we're looking at positive territory for the new york stock exchange, u.s. market rebounding today after monday's dramatic dive is the fear factor gone at least for now? we'll look at that. plus, the immigration debate rages on between donald trump and jeb bush. are both candidates backing themselves into a corner? and then when we come back, more results from the big pulse question. is joe biden the anti-trump answer for the 2016 case? the pulse is live.
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jeb bush just waited further into the political quicksand over illegal immigration. he defend we his use of the anchor babies but in trying to make good with the latino community he managed to offend another. >> -- for the clin top caton cad others. what i was talking about is the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts and, frankly, it's more related to asian people, coming into our country, having children, in that organized efforts, taking advantage of a noble concept which is birth right citizenship. i support the 14th amendment. nothing about what i said should be viewed as derogatory towards immigrants at all. this is all how politics play. i think we need to step back and chill out as the political correctness, you have to be scolded every time you say
10:34 am
something. >> we're going the chill out on this. speaking with us now, congresswoman judy chu, first chinese-american woman to be elected and the chair of the asian-pacific american caucus. congresswoman, great to have you with me. your first reaction to what jeb bush is saying. he, again, said over and over these organized effort, and i think what he was talking about and i'm sure you're aware of this, the fact fa there was a federal investigation earlier this year, went after business necessary california that they catered to wealthy chinese women interested in having their children born here to get a u.s. passport. >> well, the term anchor babies is a derogatory one commonly used to refer to the children of undocumented immigrants. but jeb bush made the situation even worse when he said, well, really he meant asian immigrants and not hispanic immigrants. and we take great offense to this. this is stereo typical. this is offensive. and we believe that jeb bush owes the asian community an apology. >> it doesn't seem like it's
10:35 am
going to be getting one though because he doubled down there talking about letting everybody chim o chill out over this in the political correctness issue of the moment. do you think he would reconsider? is that something that you're going to push for? >> we are going to continue to raise this. he clearly just shrugged it off. and that makes me wonder whether he would just shrug off the contributions of asian immigrants in this country. immigrants are what america is all about. and yet he disparages them with these terms. >> meanwhile, bush being at least from the right, having the highest favorability rating among hispanic voter, however, asian-americans are on track to be the largest growing electorate. do you think he has shot himself in the foot with those comments, especially if he doesn't, as you say, clarify with some type of apology? >> i think he has to have some clarification and the best thing would be an apology. after all, there are millions of
10:36 am
asian-americans in this country who are here legitimately, who contribute to this country, and yet he has just with a wave of a hand basically stereotyped them as anchor babies. >> meanwhile, you have a unique perspective coming in to this just from a personal standpoint, coming from a family of immigrants, living in a state that does have a large immigrant population. why do you think republicans are getting the issue so wrong and the tone on immigration so wrong, but it seems to resonate with a certain base of voters? >> it is so disturbing to me that the republican presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to see who can be more anti-immigrant than the other. you know, it is really easy to blame a group of people, a group of people that they may perceive as different than themselves. but it is hard to build bridges, to build unity in this country, and to make this country a
10:37 am
better place that reflects all the people who live in it. so i do think it's very much a political thing. >> we will continue to follow this story. california congresswoman judy chu, thank you for your time. >> thank you. with all these speculations surrounding whether or not joe biden is going to be jumping into the race for 2016 we've been asking you in our bing pulse question of the day, could biden end up running as the anti-trump? so let's look at how you have been casting your votes. now, take a look at this. 68% of you say yes. 32% of you say no. and the pulse is live so go on over,, weigh in. we're going have more of your responses on this coming up during the next two hours. switching gears now to a frat at old dominion university suspended after a controversial prank apparently sexually suggestive banners like these hung from an off campus house. nbc's jacob briscone has this story. >> welcome signs at american
10:38 am
colleges are not unusual at this time of year but many find these banners at old dominion university down rights offensive, asking parents to drop off their freshman daughters for a good time, adding, go ahead and drop off mom, too. at ohio state university banners proclaim one off campus house a daughter day care, adding, dads, we'll take it from here. >> we're not trying to, you know, cause any havoc or anything or stir up any trouble. we're just trying to have a good time. >> seems kind of condescending to say they're going to be the baby sitters as if we need someone to watch over us. >> reporter: social media erupted with responses like, that odu frats proved that college does not make all boys smarter. the president of old dominion university says, there is zero tolerance on this campus for sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> the actions taken by a few individuals this week certainly do not represent the position of the university. >> reporter: the sigma nu national fraternities suspended the local chapter calling the banners derogatory and
10:39 am
demeaning. after the back to school prank that failed to make anyone feel welcome. nbc news. so when we come back, we're going to take a look at how the markets are rebounding for today as we see right here. positive territory up by 242 points. this after that manic monday we lived through yesterday. what it all means for your bank account and also still ahead, new york city takes on topless women at the cross roads of the world. why the city has declared war on bare-breasted women in times square. but you know what? the naked cowboy, he's okay. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money.
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10:43 am
the 1100-point plunge that we witnessed at the opening bell yesterday morning. so where does this roller coaster ride stack up historically? my colleague france si rivera is here with a look at that. francis? >> looking at this and one of the biggest dow drops ever. let's break it all down. monday marked the eighth largest daily point loss for the dow plunging 5 1/2%. but if you remember a lot of you certainly will, you can't forget it. doozy, black monday. october 19th, 1987. the dow wiped out 22% of the value. nbc's tom brokaw called eight day of carnage on the trading floor. >> a day that will be in bold print in history becomes when the stock market went into a free-fall, losing more in one day than it did on black tuesday in 1929. and while conditions are much stronger now than they were then, today's precipitous plunge struck fears in the hearts of pocket books and even wall
10:44 am
street veterans. >> then fast forward a little bit more than ten years after that. october 15th, 2008, the dow plunged almost 800 points in that day. this happened less than a month after the bush administration laid out a half trillion dollar bailout and then just two months later after that during already rough year the national bureau of economic research officially declared the united states was in a recession. and here's a report from nbc. >> after a rare week of gains a massive sell-off today spread by a late admission that the economy has been in recession since last december. >> again, that report coming to us from cnbc on that day. and, thomas, you know, we just broke down a few of the biggest dow drops in history. but consider these along with a very long list of the other ones that happens. but these certainly the big sgles memorable dates indeed. we'll continue to watch as this week unfolds. i want to bring in drew harwald
10:45 am
for the "washington post." good to have you with us. as you look at the faces of the people on the floor of the stock exchange yesterday, clearly they were concerned about this. what does this mean for the average american with investments in the market and that they're in it for the long haul? >> the long haul investor is watching the 401(k) on the website will be thinking that something like yesterday is really scary. but this is a time to sort of take a breath, step away from that website and realize these gains, as we saw today, could potentially come back as quickly as, you know, one day later. so for the long haul investor who has shares in fundamentally good companies, this may be something that will be a blip in history. >> so what is the bigger concern here? is it more economic or is it psychological impact? >> i think it's a little bit of both. yesterday was panic at some moments. some people said it seemed like a flash crash lmts because it was a feeling that, you know, china slowdown was way more dramatic than people expected. so people started to tradeoff in
10:46 am
record waves. today we sort of see people taking a breath and looking at some of these companies that look like bargains like apple and google and feeling like, hey, you know, i might be able to buy a share of that at a time when i can get a deal. that's a big part of it. feeling that consumers are more confident in the country now is going to do really good things to get people back in the market and buying shares. >> when we look at this from a global point of view, china cutting interest rates, what does it mean to us here? >> you know, it means that the chinese government is willing to take big moves to spur their economy again. the worry for people is that the central bank over in the world's second largest economy is ineffective and doesn't really know how to stem the tide there. that move -- and another move with their banks and others that might be, you know, on the horizon are confidence boosters effectively. they're intended to tell people that, you know, the economy is not going to fall into the ocean
10:47 am
any time soon. it just needs some potential tweaks and hopefully, you know, china will be instituting those soon. >> would you be buyer right now? >> you know, i never know. i don't have a christal ball but yesterday it seemed like there were stocks that had gone down for no reason of their own, stocks that were, you know, strong companies like these apples and googles who have a lot of fundamental goods in them. and so today we saw people moving on that same exact reasoning. >> yes. and hopefully we will continue to watch these markets on the plus side of things. drew, thank you, sir. when we come back, i'm going to talk to one of the women who says that they were kicked off of a napa valley wine train for laughing while black. >> the passenger who was closest to us on the far end leaned forward to us and said, this is not a bar. and i think we all kind of said, yes, it is, there's the bar
10:48 am
right there. >> all right. so we'll have that guest, plus we've got an explanation from the napa wine train exec who wants to be heard. ahead in the next hour, the black lives movement turns attention to violence against trans women. hing, listerine® total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty...
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10:51 am
you have probably seen this on your facebook feed because it's sparked a big debate about tipping in restaurants. a waitress got a tip of lol on a bill of $100-plus bill. that was there instead of the tip. >> two sides of the story. the customers claim that they left that tip after waiting an hour for their food and the server who's working the way through college took to facebook to defend herself posting this saying, quote, even though they did wait an hour to eat, they remained satisfied with filled
10:52 am
drinks and proper notice that the kitchen was a bit busier than normal. >> so hundreds online defended her saying tipping 20% should be mandatory and others see it up to customers to decide. i remember being a busboy and a waiter. it is tough. >> it is tough and maybe not 18%, not just lol. there's a middle ground. >> that's just mean. talk about customer service some more. >> especially this story here. it is getting buzz for a buzzkill to a group of wine connoisseurs. 11 african-american women of a book club led off a california wine train to waiting police officers on saturday. >> so look at the video here. the women say they were having a good time on the train until one guest nearby complained that they were all being a little too loud. the women claim it was racially motivated, spawning the laughing while black hash tag and a huge social media backlash.
10:53 am
>> we reached out to the napa valley wine train and they said it was wrong in the handling of this issue. we accept full responsibility for the failures and for the chain of event this is led to this regrettable treatment of our guests. >> all right. so joining us now is lisa renee johnson and one us courted off the train and of the book club. >> and has the facebook page about this experience. what happened? you were there for a good time. wine tasting. when did everything start to change? >> everything started to change immediately. i mean, we were barely seated on the train before our traumatization began. we were immediately approached and she said that we were going to have to tone down the noise level because we were being offensive to other patrons in the car. >> just to specify, this all sort of -- laughter. telling jokes, funny things.
10:54 am
that's a natural thing people do when they're together. >> absolutely thing that is we do together. i mean, we made a reservation with them. not like we just popped in with that size of a group. we communicated we were coming there to discuss a book. i just think that we, you know, our anticipation of this wonderful experience interrupted immediately before the train began to roll. >> you didn't have any drinks? >> not yet. we didn't have any drinks yet. nothing. actually, four members of the group don't drink at all. >> as we get this, we read, francis did, read part of what the ceo from the company said. and we know that he's spoken to you directly. in this apology, released today, he also says i appreciate your recommendation of the staff i believe among the best could use diversity and sensitivity training. i plan to participate myself. he's refunding the cost of the trip to you and your book club
10:55 am
and he said that you can bring a party for 50 guests, take over the entire train. do you accept the apology and will you be doing that? >> no. we don't accept the apology and won't be doing that. in the course of our conversation with -- anthony because i can't -- anthony. he was communicating to me, you know, he was apologizing and during the course of that apology he said to me, it is troubling for us to be painted in the media to be something that we are not. and i had to kind of take that in a moment because i said, that's exactly what you did to us was paint a picture of us in the media of something that we are not. you know? i just think they acted hastily. he's come out today and said, you know, we were 100% wrong but we already knew that but that does not negate from the fact that we went through that experience. >> sure. >> i feel like everybody wants to tell us they apologized to you, get over it.
10:56 am
i'm here to tell you it's etched in my dna until i leave this earth. i will never forget my first and last experience on the napa wine train. >> you live facebook'd it. it's documented there on facebook. "the new york times" picked this up. huffington post, "washington post," too, saying you won't accept the apology. what do you hope comes out of it? >> people are asking us, what is it that you want. to be realistic, you know, maybe it's unrealistic but what we wanted was for something like this to never happen to us in the first place and what we're promising to make sure of is it doesn't happen to anyone that locks like us. >> lisa renee johnson, we're sorry about that experience that you had and we wish you and the book club nothing but the best. >> thank you very much for having us. we appreciate you. all right. straight ahead, donald trump versus everyone? the war of words heating up between 2016 heavyweights donald trump and jeb bush.
10:57 am
plus, the trump fox news battle got a lot more interesting. we'll have that story for you. markets are on a rebound, up 267, 69, 71 and counting. we have suggestions of how you can take advantage of this market madness. and new technology that some police departments are putting in use to put an end to chase scenes like this. details coming up in our next hour. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. i've got a nice long life ahead.
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11:00 am
hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. great to have you with me. we start this hour with donald trump. headed off to iowa for a big rally tonight but he're fs firi off at jeb bush and firing at fox news. jeb bush in hot water again over the use of the controversial term anchor baby last week and monday he said he wasn't referring to latinos, he was referring to, quote, asians.
11:01 am
take a listen. >> what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts and frankly it's more related to asian people coming into our country, having children, in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept with birthright citizenship. >> trump had a field day with that comment. he tweeted the following, quote, and talking about the anchor babies comment dilemma that bush found himself in. in a clumsy move to get out of his anchor babies dilemma, he blamed asians. also this, asians are offended that jeb said anchor babies applies them as a way to be more politically correct to hispanics. a mess. today bush defended the comments at an event in colorado. >> i was talking about a very narrow casted system of fraud where people are bringing
11:02 am
pregnant women in to have babies to get birthright citizenship. i appreciate the comment but i'm 62 years old. when i was 17 years old, i fell in love with my wife and it is hard for me to get lectured to by anybody about the poll tibl s politics of immigration. >> we have msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt on location in iowa. let's start with the back and forth we're witnessing of trump and fox news. we thought that this was a squashed beef. how's this reinvigorated? >> reporter: right, thomas. we thought it was behind us but a new feud erupting as trump again criticizes me beg s megyn. this is part of the statement. donald trump surprise and unprovoked attack on kelly during her show last night is an unacceptable as it is disturbing. kelly representing the very best
11:03 am
of american journalist and all of us at fox news channel reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise. donald trump rarely apologizes although in this case he should. calling for apology and got the opposite from trump firing back with this statement to nbc and others. i totally disagree with the fox statement. i do not kelly is a quality journalist. i think her questioning of me despite all of the polls saying i won the debate, was very unfair. hopefully in the future i will be proven wrong and she'll be able to elevate her standards to level of professionalism that a network such as fox deserves. megyn kelly asked that question that framed only comments that donald trump made about women over the years, he joked that he only ever said that about rosie o'donnell and then, of course, objected to the questions. kelly let the matter drop on her show after the weekend had
11:04 am
passed by. and trump had tweeted positive things about fox news and roger ales and seems that detente is pretty broken. >> do you think we'll see more of this sparking tonight? the back and forth between these two? because, again, we thought the beef was squashed and they agreed to disagree about certain things. why reinvigorate it through twitter? that's what trump did. >> reporter: he, you know, trump has shown no interest in backing down and one thing he's good at is staying in the media bloodstream and the news cycle and that is way for him to get back into it. even if, the media is more focused on jeb bush and the comments he's been making or on other kand kates, joe biden story ing fringed on the dominance of the story over the course of the last couple of days and puts him back at the forefront in that regard.
11:05 am
but, you know, thomas, i think we are going to expect to hear media avail with trump today and i don't think it would be -- i think it would be very out of character for him to back away from the criticism of bush or apparently now fox news. >> no. very interesting as we see playground fights of lighting hair on fire and watching the rally tonight an see what happens. great to see you. thanks. turning to the foiled attack on a paris-bound train. nbc news learns that anthony adler with his parents left paris for the u.s. sadler as you see him right there at the red carpet event last night in the city of lights and a short time ago a french prosecutor says that khazzani watched a jihadi video just before launching that attack and urged the violent attacks. the phone found in a bag left on the train. a formal investigation has been opened. meanwhile, here in the u.s., the city of sacramento is planning a
11:06 am
parade and a hero's welcome for the three americans who helped thwart that attack. joining me now from paris is nbc news correspondent claudio lalagna. tell us about sadler's return after attending the red carpet event last night. >> reporter: thomas, a source in the u.s. embassy here in paris told nbc news that anthony sadler and his family left paris this morning at 11:00 a.m. that's about -- this time, local time, that's about eight hours ago. we don't have confirmation but that's what we believe will get confirmation if we get it. meantime, of course, french prosecution has formally opened an investigation into that attack and has charged khazzani of -- with attempted murder of a terrorist nature, possession of weapons and participation of a -- in a terrorist organization. now we learn a lot more details
11:07 am
about that particular attack, we learn about weapons that he brought with him on the particular train. he had an assault gun. that's assault rifle. akm with nine cartridges for a total of 270 rounds. he had a hammer, bottle full of gasoline, 9-millimeter pistol. that was enough, of course, to cause what prosecutors say could have been a carnage, verifiable carnage, if the three americans didn't act to swiftly and courageously. we learned more about the attack attacker, as well. he intentionally, they believe that his version of events to rob the train is pure fantasy. thomas? >> claudio, thank you. we move on to developing news on a huge turnaround tuesday on wall street. take a look at this as we see the dow jones in green territory and we're looking at a plus side of 224 points right now. the fluctuation going back and forth in the territory.
11:08 am
recovering of what we lost yesterday. now that 24 hours of what we watched yesterday, the volatile day on the markets when the market opened plunging more than 1,000 points and things going well here we have the asian markets, they plunged again. the main stock index in shanghai falling more than 7% but in a prove to prop up the world's second largest economy, china's central bank cut the interest rate for the second time in nine months. joining me is josh lipton . let's talk about that. why are we seeing the rebound today and then negative territory for them? >> yeah. so, thomas, we should point out, listen. the market's moving high. the dow is well off session highs. you had seen a move and up more than 400 points. now you can see trimming those gains. to your point, it is the move by chinese policymakers moving in and cutting lending rates, providing liquidity, trying to
11:09 am
support the market and improving the investor sentiment and did get some economic data today, thomas. you saw housing data strengthen. consumer confidence strength. in terms of individual movers, watching apple today. remember, apple is under pressure in part because of the concerns about china. 25% of the company's sales coming from china and ceo tim cook did reach out to my colleague at cnbc jim cramer saying business is strong and you can see apple moving higher today, thomas. >> we see a course correction. can we take confidence in that, josh, that we'll be watching this, something here to stay? >> well, you know, you talk to traders, thomas. they're certainly saying after the move you saw in the market which was so quick, so steep, so fast you would expect some bounce today. at the same point, the same traders tell you you don't expect it to be worked out in one day, one trading session and
11:10 am
volume not what it was yesterday or friday. perhaps indicating some lack of conviction there by traders and investors so we wait and watch, thomas. back to you. >> cnbc's josh lipton, thanks so much. joining me now, susan oaks with the new american foundation. great to see you. the average person out there with the 401(k), how does the volatility affect them going the long haul? >> so for most people, if you have a long-term view, looking at the retirement fund, looking at a college fund, you basically want to ignore what's happening. it is very dramatic, very interesting to watch for us in the news. but for most people, this isn't going to really affect you on a day-to-day. probably worth checking in with the financial adviser and making sure that the portfolio is balanced the way you want it to but even talking earlier in the hour about the drop that we saw in 1987, right? 22% we lost on the dow in 1997. even then, it was only 15 months
11:11 am
until we were back at the pre-crash highs. so these do come back fairly quickly. >> would you advise investors to watch the global news? >> absolutely. you always look at the financial markets and then the underlying actual real economy. and the -- they tend to move in tandem but not always and in this case people investors in particular looking and saying this doesn't feel like what's happening in the u.s. economy because u.s. economy as josh was saying feels fairly strong. sturdy. we are doing okay. now, on the global scale, i would not say that's the case. china, they took good moves today and still struggling. they're seeing a slowdown in the economy. they got some manufacturing numbers week that didn't look so good. that's part of what spurred the economy and other markets like brazil, russia also struggling and want to make sure we are not pulled down with everybody. >> we seem insulated a bit
11:12 am
because we can bounce back from yesterday but what would you say to people seeing this as an opportunity to invest in stock that is might be otherwise out of reach? >> i can be a opportunity. you want to be careful. some big blue chip names in the u.s. like apple that josh was talking about, they have exposure to countries around the globe. china, brazil. right? so you want to be a little bit careful about the traditional blue chip names because some of their international exposure could be troubles for them. >> that's exposure, vulnerability? >> yes. exactly. >> so that while we think about the grand scale of that, that also opens them up to the potential for big loss? >> it could. it could. when we think about domestically, some of the domestic companies are performing fairly well. again, we have got the prospect of a federal reserve raising rates sometime this fall. people thought it would be in september. i think that's looking like it's closer to december, possibly even next year.
11:13 am
again, they're looking at the different economic indicators and not getting ahead of this. >> susan, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. straight ahead, are democrats ready for warren now ready for biden? i'm going to speak with an iowa dem who was urging elizabeth warren to run about joe biden's potential da candidacy next. is the veep the anti-trump? weigh in at wait this all means for hillary clinton and the campaign for presidency. >>' also ahead, developments in the prep school rape trial. more on that plus the big question, will the accused take the stand next? one burns on my! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
now to democratic politics and vice president joe biden. progressive members of the party taking a greater interest in biden's past and what kind of president he might be if he would run. this weekend, he dined with senator elizabeth warren, an icon in progressive circles. her endorsement would go a long way to help the late-entry candidate like the veep but politico reporting today that the people that wanted senator warren herself to run may not warm up to biden as a candidate. joining me now from iowa, joe columbo, he signed a letter in may urging warren to run. first question to you is, would you be interested to see biden enter the race? would he do it for you? >> absolutely. i'd love to see biden in the race. more people involved, the broader the narrative becomes and the more that, you know, attention is put on the democratic politics.
11:18 am
>> meanwhile, you didn't have success with urging elizabeth warren to run. speculation is that joe biden might be going after elizabeth warren to be on his ticket. would that satisfy you and progressives who find her worthy of being part of the oval office and the administration? >> you know, i don't think that that would do it. it would definitely be, you know, not politics as usual for, you know, joe biden to come out with, you know, a warren as a vice president or something like that. so early in the game. it would be quite odd to see him jump into the game this late. this would be his third time around to run. he knows how to do it and that you got to start a little bit earli earlier. this is approaching too late in the season. >> too late in the season. does that mean at the end of the day that progressives can support hillary clinton as much as they would have for an elizabeth warren?
11:19 am
>> you know, i don't think that -- you know, if joe biden jumps in the race, he would have support here in iowa. there are people that liked him back in 2007 when he ran. and, you know, it would really work out well for him i'm sure. would, you know, warren supporters necessarily go for joe biden? i don't believe so. i think people that urged warren to get into the race kind of gotten behind other candidates, lot of them joined with bernie sanders campaign and that machine and behind other candidates. i don't think that they would change at this point. >> as we stand right now for what's going on in iowa, talk about, john, who's going to fare the best getting out of august eninto the fall. it looks as if hillary clinton has the solid lead. whether or not joe biden throws his hat in the ring or not. >> absolutely. i think hillary clinton definitely, she started off right here and learned from mistakes in the 2007, you know, and the type of campaign she ran
11:20 am
back then wasn't what we liked to see here in iowa. she is running a different campaign here now. doing a lot better job but, you know, martin o'malley and bernie sanders have great games going on right now. i could see both being successful here in the state. >> john colombo, franklin county, iowa, thank you for your time. >> thank you. all right. so we have been asking you today is joe biden the anti-donald trump? and let's take a lock at how you're reacting to our question today. 44% of you say, yes. 56% say, no. so dramatically different than the last time we checked here. keep voting. the pulse is live. more responses coming up. straight ahead, how bare is too bare? manhattan's mayor wants topless women out of times square.
11:21 am
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11:25 am
display themselves that way. they have a constitutional right. it is not my choice. the pictures of the cash being exchanged in hands, this is not simply a matter of individuals expressing themselves. there's something else we can and will enforce on. >> joining me is reporter for tin-tin wins here in new york city. julia, this is great to have you with me. this is eye catching headlines for sure. the mayor has a multi-agency task force. we have the women and the costumed characters doing this. it is not illegal. so what will a task force be able to cultivate as an antidote to this behavior? >> well, as the mayor mentioned, they're looking at this as a business and probably protocols that some of the costume characters and the topless women have to follow as a business making money and a whole different way to look at the subject matter. and otherwise, they have first
11:26 am
constitutional rights of protections. they have civil liberties protections. that is sort of let's say tying the hands of regular enforcement. >> so when we -- these are blurred out. these are women that are in times square -- >> right. >> feathers, costumes, body paint on their bodies. >> right. >> wearing thongs. and they're taking pictures and accepting tips of people. this is also competing with, say, elmo, spider-man, others wandering around doing the same thing. >> same thing. some of them are being very aggressive and i think that's the turnoff. some of them will wait around and ask for people to come to them for photograph. those following people, interrupting people, there's arrests and somebody complains and what the police commissioner told me when we broke the story last week was that people feel that they don't want --
11:27 am
especially the tourists don't want to go through the time and effort of filing the paper work and going to court to complain so that's the way they want to get around it is by dealing with it as a business. >> meanwhile, we have the naked cowboy playing a guitar. >> right. >> how's this different? not being sexist looking at the story saying women shouldn't be doing this but we have the naked cowboy? >> i think the naked cowboy's mo. i don't know if it's a sexist issue. he stands on a corner and he has his cup or his, you know, papers there and people throw the money in there. he's not overtly going to somebody to say, hi, you want to take a picture with me? people goes go and pose with him and he plays along and an icon there for yearings. >> we'll see if the women become new icons or times square is ripped apart. julia, great to have you here. thank you so much. >> thank you. straight ahead, will joe biden run or not? isn't that good or bad news for
11:28 am
hillary clinton? i'm going to speak with clinton campaign spokesperson karen finney coming up. black lives matter organizers rally for transgender women. abfest. abfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin' you do all this research on the gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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11:31 am
so questions about joe biden and 2016 are rampant. yesterday during the white house press briefing it was the extended comments by the press secretary that reignited speculation as "the washington post's" dan balls noted, josh earnest comments not apresh bring different of president obama saying before about his vice president and in the august heat and a decision due within weeks it seems everything is now a tea leaf to be read. take a listen. >> the president has indicated his view that the decision that he made i guess seven years ago now to add joe bide on the the ticket as his running mate was a
11:32 am
smartest decision he had ever made in politics and i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president biden's aptitude for the top job. >> so i assume that means the president would support vice president biden if he were to run? this is a better decision than the secretary of state he chose so -- >> well -- >> you said it was his best decision he had made. >> it was, it was. >> joining me on set, karen finney, spokesperson for the clinton campaign. great to see you in person. >> great to see you. >> that happened yesterday live during this show. really painted josh earnest into a corner and one he was willing to stay in as jonathan karl pressed him about the hillary clinton question. what's the clinton camp's response and does that concern you given the fact that josh earnest said that the president would be willing to endorse during the democratic primary? >> a couple of things. you know, first of all, as i think secretary clinton has said and i know i personally have
11:33 am
said, i'm a huge fan of the vice president's. shows a lot of respect, a lot of love for him. i wouldn't expect that the president's press secretary would say that he thought it was a bad decision to make -- to name him his vice president. so i mean, i guess we feel about this the way we have for a couple of weeks as the rumors have been flying around as you indicated. and that is that the vice president deserves based on respect, based on, you know, his tenure as vice president and a senator before that, he deserve it is time and space to make this decision. it is a very personal decision. we have seen reports of different things he may or may not be weighing. it is a family decision. i think we'll wait and see what he does and i have to tell you, thomas, the bottom line is we can't let ourselves be distracted by is this person going to get in or that person going to get in? our focus and i think your previous guest pointed this out. we have done a good job in iowa. that's what we have to stay focused on is running our race and making sure that in places like iowa we are doing the best i don't know that we can.
11:34 am
>> okay. so you don't want the distractions but they do exist whether or not it's joe biden to run or continues to be controversy surrounding hillary clinton's e-mails while he was secretary of state. what's classified, secret, when's not. when you talk about these distractions, we have "the daily beast" speculating that joe biden's entry in the race could make it hard for hillary clinton where there is an issue of trust for some people as the e-mail controversy continues. >> well, you know, it is interesting. i don't think we know what impact having vice president biden in the race would have. if you go to, for example,, hillary with biden in the race, hillary's still leading very substantially by i think 30 points or so, so i don't think we yet know and i think it's to be expected that as people, as the rumors come and we hear they may or may not enter or they enter the race, i think you see a shift. so again, i don't think we can
11:35 am
predict what implication that's going to have but let's say this about hillary clinton. and that is, i am confident by, that by election day, people will know she is the best person to and that they can trust her to take care of the issues they care about and their families and that's what this campaign is all about. tough get out there. you have to make your argument. you have to say why you are the better candidate and we have over a year to do that and that is what this process is about. >> talking about the trust issue, just getting this, you know, information now. we have got clinton aides to testify before the benghazi committee about what they knew, what they forwarded to the secretary of state. >> yeah. >> through her private server. >> yeah. go ahead, sorry. >> and this is going to continue to draw down and drag the campaign as you say into distractions opposed to staying on message. we'll continue to ask you about the e-mails and tishs that is are going to come to light about
11:36 am
this as it mounts. there are more than 63 classified or e-mails through that server. >> number one, you know, our strategy has been we will continue to answer questions. hillary's answering questions. we have pages of answers to various questions available on our website. we'll continue to do that. she's going to go before the committee on the 22nd. that process, you know, that's one of those things we can't change that. we'll just continue to ensure that we're doing everything we can on that front. on the other front, part of what we have to do is make sure that the facts are out there and one thing to mention about the e-mails an enthis whole classified, unclassified, secret sort of information. one of those e-mails as it turns out we actually know about because it was leaked, we believe, by the gaudy committee and what you have there is an e-mail that the state department determined was unclassified that was forwarded to secretary clinton in 2011, that the gaudy
11:37 am
committee now has that information on their unsecure servers, by the way, which the ig now says, that's classified. well then, you have the gaudy committee leaking that information, making it public to "the new york times." we don't see it as classified. the state department doesn't. but if we go under the idea of implications of that, then the xhilt tee and the members of congress have done what they're accusing hillary clinton of doing of wrongdoing when she didn't know because it was not marked classified. they didn't -- wasn't marked classified when they had it. >> congress is held to a different standard and the servers. >> are you saying -- >> you can't equate it to secretary of state and cabinet-level members dealing with intelligence secrets. >> but i do talking about a benghazi select committee dealing with classified information, national secrets,
11:38 am
national security. if the concern is more broadly about how classified information is handled, we should have that concern no matter where it is. i certainly think it opens very serious questions about how it is that the committee and why it is the committee, we have seen a number of leaks out of that committee, the committee actually -- we wouldn't know about that e-mail potentially if they did not leak it to "the new york times" in april of 2015. that's quite reckless. >> talking about where the testimony is going to go from here, we have the aides. how's hillary clinton preparing to testify? >> you know, this -- i think you will see what you saw the last couple of times that she has testified before the committees is she will answer all of their questions. she has said she is going to stay there as long as they would like and, you know, take all the questions. so, you know, she is preparing in the way she would for any sort of thing like this. that is, answering the questions. and i think what you're going to see, look, i think actually when
11:39 am
hillary testifies americans are going to see this is a woman who has great command of the facts. this is someone who takes her -- took her responsibility in terms of the secrets of this country and national security and classified information very seriously. and there's going to be a lot of misinformation that muddied the waters on this and she'll make it clear ler to people what's separating fact from fiction. >> speaking of fact, i want to get on the record with senior staff at the u.s. embassy of japan and caroline kennedy with personal e-mail accounts for official business. this is according to an internal watchdog report that came out today. >> sure. >> did contain sensitive information so as we get here, this is a bigger issue that has to deal with many more people than, say, the former secretary of state. >> that is the broader point which is, if our concern is truly how is this information handled, if it's classified or not marked classified or even
11:40 am
marked unclassified and someone decides five years later it should have been classified, that should be a broader concern because you have information going across the government and that's our concern then let's talk about that but let's not just put it all on hillary clinton but have the conversation. >> feathers to the wind. can't get them back. great to see you. >> great to see you. the new technology that could change how police go after bad guys. innocent people injured in the crashes. hurktss even killed when the suspects run from the cops and now there's a high-tech tool that could be a game changer. police shoot gps tracker at the suspect's car and then they break away. but does it really work? national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here to show us. >> reporter: police are right on my tail. i see them. cops are about to make their secret move.
11:41 am
suddenly, they peel off. no officers in sight. the suspect thinking he got away. and the rest of us? avoiding this. high-speed police chases ending in disaster. this suspect in arizona speeding through a busy intersection. crashing into several cars. and in california, this suspect nearly missing bystanders after crashing into a sidewalk cafe. more than 300 people killed. thousands injured every year. in police chases. but now, police departments across the country are starting to use a new high-tech tool. this palm-sized gps tracker called star chase. how does it work? >> this is a gps tracker. it is shot from the front grill of a deputy's police car out of herement sticks to the suspect's vehicle and tracking it in realtime. >> reporter: no chase needed? >> no chase needed. >> reporter: i'm going to drive in the car playing the suspect and the police officers are going to chase me and shoot that
11:42 am
gps tracker on me to see if they can find me. right away, these two officers are trying to pull me over. >> i got one refusing to stop. >> reporter: i try to get away but not before they tag me. >> vehicle tag. >> reporter: they stopped chasing me. if they shot the tracker on the car, i have no idea. i didn't feel anything. i didn't see anything. meanwhile, the officers are now pulled over sitting on the side of the road tracking my every move on their laptops. >> the vehicle westbound. >> reporter: i drive down winding roads. making several turns. remember, the officers have no idea where i am or where i'm going. not even my own producer knows. i finally stop in this neighborhood. let's get out out car here. you can see the dead end of a suburban street. no one here. no one up there. just me and the car. the question is, will the cops come barrelling down that road and find me? we'll wait here and see. >> probably about two miles
11:43 am
away. enof this subdivision. the vehicle has stopped. let's go get him. >> reporter: within minutes, they find me. wow. look at this. and they have me. how long did it take you? >> probably three minutes. >> reporter: if i were a real suspect, you would have me. >> absolutely. >> reporter: no dangerous police chase. >> no. nobody got hurt on our side and the general public is safe, as well. >> reporter: you have your man. >> he is in custody. we got him. >> jeff rossen hiding out. the company that makes the star chase say it is technology can save lives and already in place in more than 20 police departments are florida to arizona to texas saying more is to come this year. we're back after this. ♪ mother nature can turn in an instant; don't turn back. introducing the new 2016 ford explorer.
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covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. the sigma nu fraternity is suspended after banners hung from an off campus houses went viral yesterday. take a look for yourself. that's not the right picture. let's go to the banner pictures. the banners are hanging from the
11:47 am
off campus house -- okay. all right. so that is not the right story. yeah. so let's go on to the story that we've been following from the prep school in new hampshire. the accuser rapist at the center of the case could take the stand today. that's him, owen labrie. he's accused of raping a girl. labrie pleaded not guilty to all the charges and earlier in the day pretty tense exchange 069 defense and the concord police detective julie curtain and questioning methods. take a look. >> you convinced him that he should meet with you without his mother? >> owen made his own decision. >> did you convince him? >> owen made his own decision. >> did he come up with that, that recommendation? >> he came up with the answer to it. >> you have a one who brought up
11:48 am
the subject in trying to get owen to come upstairs and meet with you without his mother. that was your goal. wasn't it? >> i told him to think about it. >> detective, please. >> joining me now in studio, ari melber. what do you make of the exchange heard there between the defense and the detective there? obviously the defense trying to do a good job of taking her methods down. >> that's important because the defendant spoke at length to police prior to any charges filed. offered a lot of testimony essentially that is admissible about what happened between him and this minor. and so what you see, the defense counsel there doing is trying to basically poke some holes, present some doubt, present the idea that maybe there was some sort of coercion involved in the testimony, the statements he did make initially to police which all but acknowledged, thomas, there was at least some kind of
11:49 am
interaction. he said it was not intercourse but an interaction. >> if we talk about the case progressing, the testimony we have had from earlier today, this friend of owen labrie testifying about a conversation that these two young men had and talking exactly about the sexual situation between labrie and the alleged victim. take a listen. >> what did he say to you? >> i was congratulating him on graduating and it came up that he had had sex with [ bleep ], a previous night. >> what is it exactly that you remember him saying to you? >> he told me that he had sex with [ bleep ]. >> sorry. we are not disclosing the information about the young woman involved this. >> right. >> how do you think the defense will try to counter act the narrative of friends of labrie saying he told me about it? >> what the defense has to do in this kind of case is really narrow the jury's attention to exactly what happened in this evening in question and try to clear out a lot of the other stuff.
11:50 am
so what you will see sometimes and the defense hasn't started much of the argument or examining -- excuse me, or bringing witness of the defendant forward. but what you will see often is an argument of what people said before and after or said to their friends doesn't always go to the truth, to the voracity of what transpired. indeed, a lot of jurors relate to that. especially young people, high schoolers talking about sex, some people might be examine itting it, acting like they did more than they did and others people more circumspect and say less than what they did. the defense has to say pay attention to the accuser and the defendant and argue that the defendant's version of events is clear and say kids talk about all kinds of stuff. that may not tell you what happened. >> hopefully we'll see labrie himself. >> that's going to be interesting testimony. >> ari melber hosting the next hour, see you in a little while. >> thank you. update on breaking news in pennsylvania. a suspect involved in a shooting
11:51 am
incident at the chester county courthouse outside of philly today. tried to jump the white house fence in march. curtis smith wielding a knife ran into the justice center this morning. smith fatally shot on site. an officer is treated for injuries. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger.
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11:54 am
today the black lives matter movement is holding rallies in five cities to stand against violence of transgender women and the group highlighting statistics that paint an ugly picture that captured national headlines. according to, since january 19 transwomen have been murdered, 13 black and as much as 80% of trans people face harassment day in and day out. today the movement aims to raise awareness and joining me is erin lang, a member of black lives matter. explain why these women face more violence and harassment
11:55 am
than other minorities. >> i feel like black women in general face more violence in this country so black trans people don't get like any -- black trans women are -- oh my god. i'm so sorry. black trans women are -- >> they're more prone to violence? >> because black women don't matter in this country to begin with and then trans people don't matter in this country so when you add them together, like, no one knows what to do with us. >> if you think about the goals of today and the attention trying to gain by this, what is the goal? what is the hope of the movement? >> well, really, this is a call to action. today, we're like trending on facebook. people are really, like, excited about today but the point of today is to continue to support and stand in solidarity of black trans women and the movement isn't over. not by a long shot. but today, like, we have rallied and we have planned and
11:56 am
organized so we could really have this conversation. and, like, a forum like this to try to help black trans women survive in the society. >> it's startling statistics when you think about it we as much as 80% of transgender people facing harassment day in and day out and a lot of women to be done and we appreciate your time and attention to this. thank you. >> thank you. that wraps up things for today's show. see you back here tomorrow. ari melber picks up coverage here next. is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. those hot dogs look good.
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or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. what a difference a day makes. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. i'm ari melber. with one hour to the closing bell, the dow making one of the largest rallies of the year up about 300 points right now. that is quite different from just 24 hours ago as we started here on monday. >> goorvd afternoon. right now, the dow down 600 points with an hour to close.
12:00 pm
nasdaq and s&p also way down. >> different ballpark now. today it is green across the board. the dow erasing 300 points out of the gate. a dramatic turnaround from the last three trading days. it was all on worries over that potential slowdown in china's economy. now china's stock market plum meted another 7% today after an 8% plunge yesterday. in an effort to stop the bleeding, china's central bank lowered the amount of reserves the banks must hold and lowered the interest rate. now we'll get right to it with cnbc's sharon epperson. here on wall street, a complete reversal. what market are we looking at today? >> well, we are looking at all of the major averages and if you took money out, you will be upset considering the fact we have seen quite a bounce today. we are looking at the dow, though, and the s&p


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